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roclety here !?? much Interested In
\ announcement that lliu ??le?s Club
m the University of Vlrulnut will
y In Richmond Thursday evening at
; Academy of Music for '!?? benMll
the War Relief Association. Miss
,bei Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
?*<1 W. Scott, Is chairman of the ev< nt.
Istcd hy tins hoard of th<' assocl
lon. and the ticket committee iu
|(l<'ti Misses Margaret llerndoii. F.IIen
Mlace, Katherlne Vulentlric. Marifa
I'da'ts and Mary Austin Campbell,
most attractive program lias baon
hinged hy Hie ?;!???* Club. r?nd a ntini
!? ol ho.v parth": will le riven for
event. The Alumni Association, the
nger society set and friends of the
> will he much in evidence at the
11 cor i. The list of patronesses Hi
des Home of the licsl-known women
Richmond, :ind the concert will be
brilliant society event.
?Irs. tieorge I?. Wlckham. who has
mi spending some time with rei
ves. has retained to her apartment
"SOI West lirai'c Street Mrs. Wick -
n hits ;is her guest for sevei al weeks
-is Jessie Watt, of 'J'hoinasville, <_}?.
Ilie Woiunn's ( lub.
V large audience will fill the auili
iuni of the Woman's Club this af
noon :it t o'< lock to hear It. it.
lumirirdt. the noted lecturer. scien
ll ami explorer, speak 0:1 "The I.atest
loni the Heavens." .Mr Itaur.'.gardt
a brilliant and distinguished spcak
JI?? is i>f Knglish and Swedish cx
ctlon. having boen born in Liverpool
li educated in Sweden, and 5s an ex
Iislve traveler and explorer. His lec
-e promises to be be one of the trout
erecting of the spring pea?oil.
Members are asked to note that the
tiir" will start promptly at 4 o'eloek,
inmitliiKo Hull to lie llrllilaiit Kvrnt.
ison of ilie year, and the speaker
only in .Richmond for a very brief
lostesses for the usual Informal re
ition following include: Mrs. Haul
wit, Mrs. W. S. Cordon, Mrs. Jarnes
sen, Mrs. Robert Ronnold*. Mrs.
rbert Jackson, Mrs. I.ewis J.arus,
.s. Samuel Hudd. Mrs. Archer Jones,
is Kmma Sampson and Mi? s Alice
drs. John (">. Munce Is chairman of
? afternoon. Mil the lecture will h
istrated with beautiful lantern
?Vednesday aft?rnooi the cltib will
fertain in honor of the traired nur.-ey
Richmond nt a musical tea. Miss
rolino Ilollad.iy Is chair -t:n ..f the
niuu fin jrr- Tin!! to he Itrllllanl Kvrnf.
?'mart society will l?e out in force to
lend the Camouflage ball to be given
the Jefferson auditorium Saturd iy
I'nlng f..r the beiietlt of :)>.? Work
Iris' Club and ih< \mcr <-ati f:iti? 1 for
pnrh wounded. All sort- of novel at
' tlons and special if :i! jr'1*. h.ive
1*n arranged. !>? > artooms*-- and
I n V >th?-r f.i ;nat itr booth; ?mr?u
gci! of c'Mjrsc. are l-'rench books to
Isold by Mrs Gordon Smith arid Mrs.
|r.im M .-?] !: h. assi.-tej h> Miss Mar
?>? ;ri lier Joan of At.- costume. These
>k- are oniclal war pictures Fortunes
I': he told, and t !?e ? v< .. c |ir??r? ? t >
be th? largest .,',<1 laos: l.rill,.iii
:h?-rtt;g of R. hmontl's sniar'. i-?t !or
|\ddi: l"l.a I !'..t rone ?
?Mr, ' ,r.k- ' I
Mi '-:'M
I. I. ?.!,
? Tin
?J \
l.jl ?
I*" "1^1 i '
irnetUr ICnleriTifnrunit.
nlng ..f tahlf ,i,x u
?n I': 1 -J
, ' ,1,x u ? h ' t.g?
t be \\ ? n.n ?? i -1 u j,
i i \ i r.. r i g. at v 1 , o I *
in: i
tl?e ri.? v*.? -.Ik. '.I. ? :?> Mi> Nnrma:.
11 .tad Mrs. Sa.nuel I' l.uv. re tiirec
of tlie entertainment, and a tiiovt
? r>.-:.rig pt 'gram !.-. l.ciriR arranged
|lldren'? I'linrj Mali.
"he ji? i:? '? o>!;.< Hll.i I'i'.? rd wil"
e their p.-.ng fancy ball <>n the
ru>'f April 19 in the auditorium
the Worn ? n' tM'ib. This: ball is al
.vs o:.the most attr;: live ai.il
?asing events of the .season. Cjuaint
ituines will be worn by the children
attendance and many novel features
11 be llltr-.d'.l.-ed
ignKenient A nnoiincrd.
Mr. and .Mis. It. \V Jennings, of
ottsvllle. announce the engagement
their dHUghter. hynda, to Mayuartl
wis Wood. The marriage will take
I'v-c early in May.
I from Ilnll.
What promises to be one of ihr
>st popular henetH dan????. affairs of
e season the bail to I.o giv n Sat
day eveniiiR !"<>r 11?< Kichrnond i.'h.ip
i- of the Amertcaii Iteil i'rt).-^ Spe
il music hiis been obtained tor the
caslon. Indications ure that the :if.
lr will b- l!b<r.'i'ly patronized for
? furt lieratii ? of a worthy cauee. Hate
s' will be from S:3n o'clock until riud
ghi. The ball will be hehl in the
uer." Armory.
the Art f'luli.
The usual lecture of th? Richmond
?t I'iub will be held as usual Tnes
y afternoon at \ :S0 o'clock. All
?*tnbcrs are urged to he present.
iclire I'arlj*.
Ari attractive eu.-iire party wiil be
veti at Si. Mary's Hall. Kourth and
trsiiall Streeis, this evening at *:::>?
?lock. Fifty prizes will lie awarded.
<1 also a door prize. Mrs. I >. K. Har
- and Mrs. ISonriini will be hostesses
the evening.
.?irrince Announced.
Mr. and Mr,. II. I. Jol-un. oT P.011
rove Avenue, announce tiie marriage
| their s.-ter. May l:. Franklin, to
|eiitcnant T. ?">'<'rmnor. Three Hun
ed ami Nineteenth Infaiitry. Camp
?o. 1 ,ieai etui tit and Mr- O'Connor will
L.-nd h ? furlough with his parent-' in
'est <>range. X. J.
IN AMI ill T (IK TO\V\.
Mr?. P. Morrill Kcmiss arrived in
iehmond mm Saturday to bo the guest
' rPlriMvfs here.
Miss Marin Adkinn is the truest of
i<> Mi' I.iiii' in New York t'ity for
.stay >>f several works-.
Mrs. .1. )!. Mosliy lias returned to
irhniond. after a visit of six weeks
> |?r. and Mrs. Cary Crayson in '\Vash
Mrs. !??. A. Saunders. .lr., Itli'bnrd
Hinders and Miss Mary Hall Saunders
avc closed tlicir town house, 001 West
rank Mil Street, and are established
t "den Coe," their country place on
if James Itiver. for the spring
ion! hs.
Ilenr.v Hralnard Fuller, of Cleveland.
>hlo, has recently been the truest of
,r. and Mrs. N'orrls I-'uIKm* Mtinger at
Travelers' Hest." Chesterfield County.
Mrs. A. S. Reynolds, formerly Miss
lieu Virginia Thompson, has returned
!*otn New VorU. and is spending some
Inie. with her parents on Kloyd Ave
ue, while her hushand. I'Cnsign A. S.
:eynolds. has resumed his duties.
Mrs. Charles Kacho and Mrs. Coorge
rfiwson have returned to Itichtnond,
fter a visit to New Vork, Philadelphia
nd Atlantic City.
won K.VS MKtoi l r.s.
The meeting of In the Service of tho
Clng Circle of King's Daughters,
ailed for this afternoon, has l>een in
eflnltoly postponed.
:rs. Sam Cohen's Monday Morning
Pathetic Figures
./ (Copyright, 1'JlS, by W'hwlfr Kyn>ll< ut?, Inc.?
Mk.Jones Whose famiuY are
away HAS BEEN rushing OUT before
DRESSING to grab the morning
paper with the war news
but this morning THE ?
front DOOR buew
Red f.'ross Class will meet to-day at
in o'clock at the headquarters. A full
attendance ir? desired.
St. John's Circle of King'? Daughters
will meet this afternoon at 4 o'clock
at the V. W. C. A. Several important
snattTs will come up for discussion,
revision of the constitution and by
laws, and final arrangements for the
sale of liberty bonds. A committee from
the circle will have charge of the. two
booths in the post-office on Tuesday.
Mrs. S. I'. L'oxvardin and Mrs. Arthur
Mann will have charge of the booths.
The general board of the Sheltering
Arms Free Hospital will me"! at. the
hospital this morning at 11 o'clock.
Tli" regular meeting of the Ray of
Sunshine Circle of King's Daughters
?a ill be held tlii* afternoon .it tli*
u.-iul h-Hir, < o'clock, at the residence
of the vice-leader. Mr.1. Irvin 11. Wll
'.'20 North Thirty-second Street.
The City Mission will meet this morn
r t .?t 11 o'clock at the. Associated
? ' .ir i>!llt e District visitors are
. ? v? .1 to .it tend
The Woman's Society of Grove Are
I'- t.-t Church will rri"ct th.s af
t Mi'iuii ,i ::o o'clock.
<"ir? No I ?'f this society will iTif?t
;d-i; afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the
Mr- Isaac Diggs, 1108 Floyd
A venue
\\ I .. i:i s Missionary Society of
r M< : i ! .-? Church will hold It:-:
inert ..k tliis .ifterno< l)
?i: I ? *i v-!"ck : tin- church.
a:; '' k> women in Richmond are
-i??-d : ? .w 10*. West Grace Street
. i i' w.i. ? n. wuh Mis. Welling
t iti Tab* r
l nlred Stale* Official War Picture*.
A :-tory of the war?what the Cana
dians Australians and British have
Sotiu through already, and what our
hwji boys are now facing?will he the
feature of the program at the Academy
of Music to-night and Tuesday and at
the matinee Tuesday, when Sergeant
I... Shannon Corrnack, formerly of the
Fifth Canadian Field Artillery Brigade,
an 1 lattery assigned to duty with the
staff of General Sir Julian Byng on
the western front, will lecture in con
junction with the first showing of the
official Cnited States government mo
tion pictures, entitled, "America at
War. Over There and Over Here."
Sergeant Cormack is a Brooklyn. N.
V., hoy. who went to Canada at the
outbreak of the war in lf>14 and en
listed in the Canadian artillery. lie
had previously been in the New York
State National Guard, and his experi
ence there stood him in good stead
when it came to the Job of fighting
a very real enemy instead of an
imaginary one. He went through the
campaigns at Ypres, Sommo and Arras,
and was twice wounded. Sergeant
Cormack speaks very highly of (he
morale of the allied irunps on the
western front, and the wonderful con
fidence that the men have in their offi
cers and in the knowledge that sooner
or later the Il'jns will be crushed.
"Never yet have 1 seen a British
officer ask his men to do anything that
he would fear to do himself," Sergeant
Cormack says, "and in most cases the
officers undertake enterprises that they
would not ask their men to do. With
the allied officers it is always 'Come
on' when the boys are going over the
lop, and it is the young second lieu
tenant who Is to be found at the head
of his men encouraging them and lead
ing them on. while with the Germans
the officers are always found behind
their men ordering them to 'Go on."'
The Johnny I.. Jonrn Shotm.
With preliminary arrangements per
fected. and committees of the Golden
Seal checked up on details, everything
is in readiness for the. arrival of the
Johnny .1. Jones exposition shows. The
special train will be deloured to the old
baseball park on West I'.road Street,
where the unloading process will be
effected at an early hour this morning.
Scores of men, with many horses, as
sisted by the elephants, make the work
of unloading an easy matter. Instead
of a barren field the circus grounds at
West Broad Street and the Boulevard
will be "a city white."
The grand opening will take place at
7:.'!?> o'clock to-night. The various at
tractions will throw open their doors,
and there will be ushed in a week of
jivons, jolly, jubilant, clean amuse
Spring Yiirielle* nl I.yrle.
The nawalinn form of musical ex
travaganza, which differs widely from
the American and Kuropean idea of
that style, of entertainment, will be
one of the most Interesting features of
the new bill at the Lyric to-day. The
one company of native actors, singers
and dancers, appearing in the enter
tainment in America is the Royal Ha
waiian Troupe, which has been engaged
for the first half of the week by Man
ager Rex. At the head of the band
of Sandwich Islanders Is Moke Kalwa,
the champion hula dancer of the world,
while the musical nnmhers are di
rected by Major Kealakai, a protege
uf the late King David lvalakaua and
Queen Lilloukani. The stage setting
represents a Hawaiian ? garden, beau
tiful anrJ plcturr-sr; ;e, and ?' 11 the cos
tumes are exact duplicates of the garb
of the Hawaiian troubadours. Other
interesting features of the new show
include I'atricola and Myer, who have
a erea\ comedy and dancelng act en
titled "The Girl and the Dancing fool." |
Then th<-ro is Britt Wood and the Han
ion Broth?rs. With the new vaudeville
bill therf will 1 ? tiie usual high-grade
motiori-pii'tur* ->.1 :b.':s.
"The liny * of ?{!?.'*
I'nder I; i ? ? of San-.!- <;rotto.
1 ho Day.- ?>' which ha- been
presented ;i ? tit?* 'irays Armory for
the pas; w.rori, w. . be continued to
night and to-morrow night. Larue
crowds are at;, .ling the pcrform
the d;?n:i y being especially,
popular. Tli'- \\ > ?? ru scenes are well
depi't'-d. a ad "tubers of th? ?; r^t t t ? >
have been much complimented on til"
prcsentat ion.
.% iitoinoliilr llrhcri Will Me Trained
for Army "ii-ri Irr a!
I liorl??l 1e*% lllr.
'?MARl.OTTKSVII.I.l-:, VA . April 7.?
Following i lie action of the board of
visitors of the university Friday night
authorizing the committee to make all
ary *rrang"tnents for tin pro
i<o-.i) 1'iited Stale.- Arrny school for
? tii drivers to be established at the
utiiver- ty a io al lutnber company yo.
?*-1morning began the work of la> -
ing foundations for the buildings. un
der ? tntracl to complete thcrn by May
in ? .???!? ! to be in readiness for the
:.e\\ drafted men who are to become
11 '!? k driv ers.
The plans call f?>r the erection of
\ ? :i buildings. Accommodations are
: . be i' ;,ib: for CO" men. seven officers
and about forty instructors for field
and shop work. Three standard <|Uar
?era.aster's barracks, with acrommoila
(.on for 20<.' men each, are to be erected
'it tlie old athletic* field opposite "Mon
ticello." l'.ach i^ to have its own mess
hall and standard lavatory. There will
also be a garage and machine shop for
the instruction of the men in shop
work A dining-room will also be erect
?d. Thirty new fierce-Arrow. Packard
iid White trucks are to be purchased
arid fifteen chasses for experimental
.1 D. Newcomh, profe.-sor of civil eri
clneerinc. is to have ch tree of the
-?chool. Fifteen men will he chosen
from the engineering department of
ihe university for instructors in shop
work and twenty-five road instructors
from the college at large.
A special course will be starte<l for
rhe instructors at once, and it Is ex
pected that the government school will
be opened pronip;'.y May 1 I'harles
1 lancock, profes.-or ??;' me.hanirul en
gineering. will lie tlie superintendent
>f the machine and shop work, arid
Forrest Hyde. Jr. will be in charge
>f road instruct ior.
The school is to be run from May 1
to November l. three months being de
voted to shop work and three months
to road work. Three sections of men.
numbering Cat) each, will be handled
between the dates named.
t'rohlliif ion llntlle Opened in Mnnicoin
er?, A III., by Former Secretary
of Stnlr.
MONTOOMKKY. AI.A., April 7.?Wil
liam .leaning.- I'.ryan. former Secretary
?>f State and the most prominent advo- [
eate of nation-wide prohibition In the
United States, began a tour of Ala
bama to-day. delivering a series of ad
dresses in favor of the Federal Pro
hibition Constitutional Amendment.
The hardest light that has ever been
waged between the prohibitionists and
the antiprohibitionists of Alabama is
being staged. The prohibitionists aro
making a clean-cut issue. It is purely
prohibition with them.
The ant(prohibitionlsts are advanc
ing arguments contending that "it is
dangerous to tamper with the f.'on
stitut io::." and that "it is not right
that one State should attempt to say
what any other State, should do." Mr.
Bryan will answer these arguments and
advance arguments in favor of the Fed
eral Amendment. His tour will take
him Into all the principal cities of tl^e ,
Ureelve* ISIimv on Ilend.
C W. Selph, of T.2J Xorth Twenty
first Street, was found at the corner of
Twenty-third and Venable Streets, at 1 I
o'clock Sunday morning, and later told j
police officers that he had been struck
by a white man. whose name he re
fused to divulge. The Virginia Hos
pital ambulance was called and he was
taken home. He had received a heavy
lilow on the head and his nose was,
badly smashed.
Bicycle mul I'nr Collide.
.lames A. McKinley, of i!t?06 Fast |
Franklin Street, was arrested last night ?
!>y officers from the Second Station on
the char go of reckless driving. The |
irrest followed the striking of Samuel :
Di/.. of -100 West Broad Street, who was 1
riding a bicycle at Brook Avenue and ?
IJroad Streets when the automobile and |
bicycle collided. The condition of Diz,
ivho was taken lo St. Duke's Hospital,1
was not serious.t I
The Truth About
Life in Germany
Escapcd War Prisoner Tells of
Ejfccts of British Bloc^adc
on Food Supply.
(Kiti'iipnl Prisoner of Wur.)
(All rights rcmrvKl I?y T. II. Ulckinfton)
Prlvsite Dl? klnson, .1 #chnol-lMch'r l>y
crofc?Hlon, uinl ble*s?il with the cl!t of
K.en aii'l arcurate observation, ? ???.onx-'4
t<? Appleby. Westmoreland, llrltain.
whore hi* father l< polite sup?rhit. n
?lent. While <011 lined III III" Kaiser'*
realm. the author, nkinc to itik ability
to speak German and French fluent I . ,
acted as Interpreter, nnil a? n result
hail many opportunities of i'oiiv?rnuis
not only with Herman military ofllciuW,
but atao with civilians In vanoUH walks
of life.
Truly, the psychology of the Teuton
is about the only comical factor with '
which h?; is endowed. His sense of
riKht and wrong i< grotesque In the
extreme. Hut briefly, there are innum
erable thing's that are lit and proper
when done by a German?and by a
Herman only. Deeds of a similar char
acter performed by men of another
race?if tuey affect the welfare of
Krltz?arc. lie will seriously inform
you. crimes of the blackest type.
Kurt Brieger. a farmer for whom I
worked f>?r a time in Wcsthpalia, was
:t typical Hun In this respect. I got
fairly well acquainted wltn Brieger.
who. despite his nationality, ?va.. not .it
II a bad sort. He would talk quite
freely to me ,i!).~iit tnc war, tin.l some
?f !.i.' view.' F-HUtOed strann-: to niv
L'ri'.ish ears.
One day. when the Zeppelin raids
were at their ! ' inht, Brlegcr came to
!7ie with a garish story about the ilf
t-truct-.on of l.oi-oon an 1 several of the
leading provincial cities. Thousand* of
?11 izc: ?. h?? declared. had been sla n.
jind great conllagrations had destroyed
ii|u;Kf 1.ill .? -jt buildings.
"That's what we do to your country
for trying to starve us," he cried ex
ult i n g 1 y.
Speaking in German, I told him I did
not believe the Zeppa were capable of
rioins so much damage, and that scarce
ly a week elapsed in Munster without
the prisoners of war being assurod
that London had ceased to exist.
"I Brant you. Brieger." I added, "that
nothing would please the German peo
ple more than to know they had razed
London to the ground; and I am equally
sure that no tears would be shed in the
Fatherland, although all London's citi
zens. numbering nearly <!.ii00.00n. went
down to death beneath its ruins. But
why can't you be honest. Brieger?"
' What do von ?t> en fi *?'? nii?rii?l ??.?
"Just tins. You know as well as 1 do
that even had there been no blockade
of li'Tnuny your military leaders would
have cm ployed these Zeppelins just
the same."
"No. no, never:" .shouted Briefer.
"We could never have thought of doing
such a thing. We are clean lighters.
We have heen forced to use the Jiep
l>elins to bring the Britishers to their
-"npes Anyway, all of your towns are
fortified, and the employment of our
lirships is legitimate warfare."
m.i. i?kpi:m)s on wikim-:
"l?ook here. Bi legcr," I replied. "I
im going to ask you one question?one
1 have put to a lot of your countrymen
?and I ?? ant a straight answer as be
tween max. and man."
"You shall have it." said F.rieger.
"Would your Kaiser find his advisers
not have blockaded Britain with the
li'-finan fleet if it had been powerful
enough for the Job at the outbreak of
the war?"
The German hesitated for a few mo
ments and th< n. remarked, "I am sure
that our Kaiser would never have tried
'.o starve the women and children of
LSrita i n."
"Your armien besieged Paris away
t?ack in the seventies," I reminded him.
"All! but that was different," cried
And that, my friends, is the method
?)( their reasoning in Germany. Herr
Krieger could not explain wherein the
liflVrence lay. He was confident. how
ever. that it had been perfectly right
tnd proper for the Germans to besiege
he capital of France, and that it was
ihsolutely disgraceful on the part or
the British to blockade his country.
While 1 was at Dtisseldorf. in KM 7. a
Jerman sentry used the very same ex
pression?"Ah! but that was different."
He had been cursing the British be
cause of an aerial raid made on a Ger
man town near the border.
"The British devils with their bomb"
leveled a whole street of houses, and
several women anil children were
foully murdered." he angri'y exclaimed.
"They are barbarians, anil our soldiers
should show them no mercy."
"You cannot have forgotten how the
Germans started this bombing of
towns." I said "What about London,
where hundreds of women and children
have been killed by the Zeppelins ami
the Got has?"
"Ah! hut that was different," replied
the sentry, and I was so disgusted with
the response that I turned my back to
him and walked away. fine cannot
hope to convince people of that type
by mere talk.
hoi.i.a\i> i.om; iii:i.im:i>
TO KHKP I I* Kftoll SI P|"l,\
I'ntil the month of December. I!'la,
I repeat, foodstuffs were plentiful in
the Fatherland, and this happy condi
tion of affairs was to some appreciable
extent due to the importations from
llolla nd.
1 Know that tremendous quantities
of goods came into the country from
Holland, because for weeks on end I
was employed at the railway station
in Munster helping to unload trainloads
of butter, margarine, cheese, eggs,
onions, etc., t te. Hundreds of my fel
low prisoners labored with me. tl.e
wages paid us being at the. rate of t;
cents per flay.
This remuneration was doled out in
the form i f canteen money, and c'ould
only be expended in the canteens at the
prison camp. It was made, of tin. and
was not negotiable outside the camp.
Butter was then selling at 10 cents
per pound, which for many of the pris
oners was really a prohibitive price.
The dllliculty. however, was skillfully
overcome in many instances, and not
all the butter that, arrived from Hol
land reached its proper destination.
Quite a number of secret tea parties
were held tip at the camp, and the
Dutch production was profusely in evi
dence on the war bread.
Probably the most convincing demon
stration <>f the healthiness of the Hun
larder at (his period was the action of
the authorities in presenting each of
the 8.000 prisoners at .Minister with a
pound of honey, a pound of biscuits, a
packet of tobacco, and a few apples.
These formed the only presents we ever
received from the Germans, with the
exception of kicks, bayonets, and other
"kultured" forms of abuse.
In the spring of 131C the fat folks
i?f Munster commenced lo wear a wor
ried look. The butchers' shops were
not so well stocked as they had prev
iously been, and both the quantity and
the quality displayed pitiful signs of
deterioration- And prices soared sky
ward In u manner which produced dis
quietude in the minds of the thrifty
(To Bo Continued To-.Morrow.)
.M<'<?riiKrr? In Not (Inn li it m, I'liKlnml.
I'rrfcr t<? llo 'I'lini InMrail of
Milking l)vll\ITll'H,
LONDON./April -Failure to deliver
letters ami telegrams having occasion
ed (;r;ivo inconvenience in Nottingham
tut fly. the authorities ciUHed special
investigations to be made. and those
led to throe telegraph hoys being
brought before tiie magistrates charged
with destroying messages, j
?'?ne lad admitted that he kept a
telegram and threw it on the fire when
In; not home, and the others admitted
tearing the wires up. The excuse
put forward in each case was a desire
to avoid walking long distance.
Suit Over 1'n.tli Mood.
I? YNCHISURC. VA., April 7.?Suit of
S'. Adams against Major S. \V. Mar
tin. clerk of the Federal District Court
here, to recover $300 in a magistrate'**
court lins been moved by certiorari to
the Federal Court at Danville. Adam?
was cash bondsman for William Dun
bar In a recent case, and the clerk
pave Dunbar a check for the deposit on
Adams's order to Dunbar, who secured
the money and is now missing. Adams
is seeking to recover the 5300 from
Clerk Martin.
Mr*. Mnry \. Morton.
Mrs. Mary A. Morton died yesterday
morning at 7:30 o'clock at the resi
dence of her son-in-law. 1*. H. Williams.
1 South First Street. Mrs. Morton had
been in since January .'{, at which time
her Son. Joseph W. Morton, died. Since
that time Mrs. Morton's decline was
She was the wife of th? late Peter
A. Morton, who was a well-known
painter, and a resident of Church llill.
Mrs. Morton was a member of the
Trinity Methodist Church. She Is sur
vived by one daughter. Mrs. I*. P. Wil
liams. and two brothers, .1. II. Mettert,
and C. C. Mettert. also one sister. Miss
1* Dee Mettert.
Funeral service* will be held this
afternoon at 3 o'clock from the resi
dence, 1 South First Street.
. Andrew B. Wlennrnnn.
Andrew B. Wlesraann, flfty-nino
years old, died yesterday morning at
his residence, 317 West Marshall Street,
at 3 o'clock. Me Is survived by his
wife and four children: Mamie, Irene
10.. Bertha, Andrew B.t Jr., and Claude
Wiesmann. The funeral will be con
ducted from Sacred Heart Cathedral
to-morrow morning at li o'clock.
M r?. Pnttle I'rlee I.yell.
Mrs. f'attie Price I.yell, widow of
? Swynii A. I.yell, died at Stuart Circle
Hospital yesterday morning at 0:3"
o'clock, after a month's illness. She
is survived by four children. Mrs.
'Jeorge \. Tower. Miss Anne flwynn
I.yell. Miss Pattie Stewart Dyell and
Ferdinand Price !,yeli. Funeral ser
vices will bo conducted from i Irare
Kpiscopal Church to-mortow morning
at 11 o'clock.
Mikr Hose.
Mike Pose, fifty-three years old. died
yesterday afternoon at. 15:30 o'clock at
his residence. 10.* West Clay Street. He
is survived by six children. Fannie,
Reuben. Dora, liyman, Fam and Abra
ham. Funeral services will be held this
afternoon at 1 o'clock from his late
Iter. Dr. 'William Morrison.
WI.VCIIKSTFIt. V.\ , April 7.?Jlev.
D:\ William Morrison, a distinguished
missionary of the Southern Presby
terian Church, to the I'nniro, died in
Africa on March H after a long period
of ill health, according to advices re
ceived here last evening. Dr. Morri
son. who was a native of Rockingham
County. Va., had been for more than
twenty years connected with the mis
sion established at I.uebo by Dnpsley
and S.heppard. In recent years Dr.
Morrison had been engaged in trans
latin^' the I'.ihle Into African dialects
lie had previously prepared many text
books in the native tongue, which wero
printed at Duebo and used extensively
in the schools. Dr. Morrison and Dr
Sheppard were tried on false charges
l?v :'ae iielgian government some years
ago. but were acquitted. Dr. Morri
son's wife died in ll'IO.
John It. Turner.
WAKKF.NTON. VA.. April 7.?John
1:. Turner, clerk of the Circuit Court
of Fauquier County for more than
thirty years, died at his home here
last nifiht. aged eighty years. The
deceased is survived by his widow,
two sons and two daughter*?Judge
l-M ward S Turner. of Warrenlon;
Hugh Turner, of Newport News; Mrs.
Nellie Turner \nderson. of Charleston,
S. ?*.. atui Mrs. W. II. l.ewis, of Rector
Black and White Ointment Kc
inoves Freckles, Tan, Wrin
kles, Heals Itisings,
Humps and Blem
Blenrlie* lliirk or Snllotv Skin, llnkini;
II Soft, Kltir, llriplif. Il> .11 nil, l!J?e.
Apply I !Iark ami Wliitii tiintmeul (for
white or colored folks) as directed on
packai(c, to face, neck, arms or hands.
Tliis bleaches daj'k, sallow or blotchy
skin, clearing the skin of risings,
bumps, pimples, blackheads, wrinkles,
tan or freckles?Klvin^ you a clear, soft,
fair, light, bright complexion. Black
and White Ointment is exquisitely per
fumed? is soft, but not .sticky, and Is
superior to all other skin wltileners,
as it heals as well as blenches. Sold
?:i a money hack guarantee, only 2f?c
(stamps or coin) sent by mail, or If
you send $1 for four boxes of Black
and White Ointment, a "f>c cake of
Black and White Soap included free.
Address Plough Chemical Co.. I>ept. 81'.
Memphis, Tenn.
Agent* >inke an Kiuy Ijfvlng
representing us. Apply for territory
and special deal. Black and White
Ointment sold everywhere.?Adv.
Karnes Safe & Vault Ci.
1210 tOiiMt Mnln .Street.
Hold. II. Burst**, Prop, nltd Alar.
First National Bank
/V//V7>y SM/AT
CAPITAL &.SURPLUS. $3,000,000
The Pioneers
in the
Third liberty Loan
AVE you decided to invest in the Third Lib
JLJ- erty Loan?
We congratulate you.
We congratulate you bocausc of your decisive
ness of character as demonstrated in having thus
promptly made up your mind.
The man or woman who makes a decision
promptly (not hastily) and then promptly puts
that decision into execution is a far greater
asset to his city and to society at large than one
who, like our Mexican neighbor across the
border, is forever consigning the execution of
a task to some nebulous future, "manana,"
All great enterprises, from the discovering
of America to the working out of a successful
business career, are. in process, the sum total
of doing many small things without delay.
Doing and not delaying is a fine habit.
Developing it, one finds that prompt decision
and dispatch of decisions constantly stimulate
the will, fitting the character for constantly
bigger things.
Your ability to decide promptIv to buv bonds
of the T111RD LIBERTY LOAN is an ability for
which you should be thankful.
Having decided, your execution of your deci
sion?to-day?will mark you as possessed of
traits which either have carried or will carry
you far toward success.
T. 4-S-l
Clear your skin113
Make your face
a business asset
That skin-trouble may he more than
a source of buffering and embarrassment
? it may lie holding you back in the
business world, keeping you out of a
better job for which a good appearance
is required. Why "take a chance" when
Ointment heals skin-eruptions so easily ?
Sample free. Dept. 4-K, Kelt not, Uillimorf, Met.
Full Particulars on Application to
II. I.. M A M)K VIL,I,K?
1-0 Itruinlwiiy. Xctv York.
A Good Room with Bath
at 2.00 to 3.00 Per Day
Is Hard to Find,
But the F.ditor of this Paper will
tell you "You can get
them" at the
Hotel Gregorian
35th Street,
Bet. 5th Ave. and Broadway.
Homelike. Modern, Fireproof. Cen
tral, near Theatres and Shops.
Bent of Foods at Fair Prices.
Writ? for Booklet to
For head or throat
Catarih try the
vapor treatrrent
linn. 407
(lau. 40&
Sales Service
Richmond Motor Co., Inc.
Tenth mil ItroiiU *itreet?.
Montague Mfg. Co.
8. W. Corner Tenth ; -id Main *l?,
I STOIll: A\l> ttri'lfK i lVI'I IIKi,
There Are
No Secrets
About Galeski Glasses.
Some of our patrons think
that because Galeski
('.lasses are superior, there
must be some process in
(heir making not generally
The answer is easy. The
best materials and machin
ery are used with great
care by men whose skill
and good judgment are
born of long experience.
That is why Galeski
Glasses are
Main and
8ia Sts.
223 E.
Eroad St
>:aMra.aafWT>-*zaLixnzrirjz^-r~s: nr.ttriFKseMKSs
is Worth While
lu Black and White,
For Dancing.
Albert Stein
Fifth and Broad Streets.
ui ri,i:.\ rnir.i.ics* cookkks,
Hakes. Cook s anil Roasts Brown,
SI0.50 ? $29.00
ftiltt Kuxl ISrond.
J^EsflEHECB 3 K a'KT.Z*
i R II IS Mast Hroad. H
No mat for what is nrlver- kl
Used clscwht'it!, it's cheapcr nj
here. ?
n b
Li 25~ D S3 E5 B! B Q~ ? OTBTBIB I
urpnse ator
IIS E. Broad Street,

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