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!M)0 Boys Turned Over to Proba
tion Officers I Vw Were lOver
in Sunday Schools.
?lis Sunday School (Convention
"WrerKln^ Crew" Is Needed Jo
Save Hoys and <?irls of Virginia.
Convention Klcets Officers.
Willi the exception of an address by
>v. ijoorgo \v. Crnbtree, the j?r?? -
am oT yesterday dosing til'.' con
litio 11 of the Virginia Sunday School
!So<:iatiryi in ihc First Baptist;
lurch was carried out to I It ?? nioi'i
inute detail. Mr. Orabtree wired t>i??
nvention of his unavoidable deten
>n and expressed regrets in not bring
ile to l>e present. State Supcrint<mi
nt of Charities and <Corrections J. T.
ustiri spoke briefly in his stead.
The meeting opened promptly at ???.'JO
dock yesterday inornins with the ,
gistrnr's report, which showed tJnit
1 delegates were attending from out
town and forty counties were r**r?'
nted. Owing t'? the severe weather
e attendance or the city d!d not come
? to expectations. Resolutions were j
esented and adopted tendering
anks to the church, the Presbyterian
>m:nittee of Publication. Boy Spoil's j
id other?1 who had assisted in malting
e convention the success it was.
u:nr;i: sippoht to
root) ('t)XSKIl VATIO N
One of the features of tlie morning
salon was the address of 10. H.
?ooks. on the necessity of food con
rvation, and aroused his hearers to
:eh a pitch that he was requested to
>rw*rd the following telegrams to
'ashington, the lirst to President
'llcon end the second to Food Ad-i
inirtrator Herbert iloovrr:
**We are whole-henrtedly with you
our country's great struggle. We
edge ourselves to produve and con
?rve food. We respetiftilly petition
>u to use your rtifluence to stop the
?e of all food material In the making
' all alcoholic beverages."
"We are squarely behind you in the
hole program of food conservation
id especially for the saving of wheat
These message* were sent by Mr.
rooks on behalf of the convention
Rev. W. TO. Tlud?-on. of Staunton,
lolie for some time on "Achieving
?irpe Things." lie emphasized th*
ccessit;. of giving every one ,-i the
indav S.-hool something drt'v.ite to
i and If results. ner<* -mail the
otlhie shoal j tie four'l oil! ? 1 lh'
?;nei|y * pp. i e.|.
witiioi r hi:i.h.ioi s ^t.tt \ if i;"
Superintendent Ma. tin. of th.> State
oard of ?'haiities and ' *orr?-:'t ion,;.
tiled attention to the I r t tli.it out
f nr. almshouse n th" State, ixty
i jrco were never visiu 1 : > in it ' ? '
?id no religiour cxer' i rs wer? at any
:ne held within th? : wa n. d*~
lorable situation w.. - th" immediate
? uU of (onriidei ah' >i ? :u>?ioti by
arious in'? tnbf r 1". Matin 11 "
?Ktid i:i this conn' lion thai th"
II."lie., had I'd ?:.?? Iig;>? for : -
st a b 1 ish ui? the juv?-:nle out t '?
ii'*. ?at.sti ; v. I'.ld f homing t h a'
f <? boys turned omt t" the proba
ou oilier very f' w h.t<l mit had any
o .at ion v. 11h a Sunday ? h' "l. ' \
re.-king crew," he ; 11? I ' hould be
rfc"an:r.ed and vent ou'. to savu ,'jur
o-.r hoys at.-I K.!lv"
I'.ev. <"'e, j] V. Cook. ? Charlottes
;? up. .Ue .. t i -The H"tne f'"pnrttnent
Iclplng," saying that good homes
on! ) he ma it,* .t iiied with i' a i < : .
lit flit the greatest ?? would
e performed !? V a full ? o-operation of
iie home 11 li tV' . h . h. I'our in
ormal coii feren.r s of department
.?ork'rs were, h'ld s'tnul; aneou .;y f ? ? I -
nving I'*r. ' 'on addr<" -. The home
epurttnent was londucied by Iter,
lolin I.ee Allison, of Alexandria.
The afternoon session was devoted
o conferences and tho consideration
f business matters. Oflleers of the
.ssoclation were elected a.s follows:
0. Ij. Carruthcrs, of the University
f Virginia, president; !>r. R. Miller
f Harrisonburg, viee-presldc-nt; 1.. U.
tpencer. of Richmond, re-electod seore
ary; M. K. Church, of Fairfax, re
lecteil a member of the international
ommlssion, with Frank T. Crump al
ernate member.
T. C. I.?1 g g s. of Kiehrr.ond, was elect
d general secretary of the department
f Arid workers by the executive com
nittee; Miss Catherine i J roll, of Hern
Ion. elementary superintendent; Mrs.
?\ T. Isreal and Frank T. Isreal, of
Fairfax, respectively secondary and
dult superintendents; Mrs. I". M.
'ounslll, of Kichmond, home depart
nent superintendent; and Or. K. B.
irooka. of Randolph-Macon Woman's
,'ollege, I^ynchburs, teacher training
The next annual convention will he
leld !n Court Street Methodist Church.
..ynchburg. February UC to "S, Incki
ive. The convention came to a con
?hision by an address by ev. a.
Vaite. of Chicago, whose subject was
'As Others See Vs."
(, \V. Webb Snlilrln I'rh IIi-sp 1o I..
t'hrntivood?Water \Vnrl%n Mm
Want More Money.
Iv. W. Webb, who was awarded the
contract for the removal of -5,0m)
?ubic yards of sand from tho oily pit
>n Lester Street, by tho Administra
tive Hoard on Wednesday, appeared
Yesterday before tho board with the
?eouesi that lie be authorized to irank
er tho contract to l.u: L. Cheatwood.
Jpon motion of Mr. Heck the proposal
,vas approved, it being understood that
lie terms of the original contract
?vere to bo observed, and tho chairman
>f tho board" was authorized to sign
he necessary contract, which calls for
reimbursement to the city at the rate
j( as c?nts per cubic yard.
Thomas S. Wheelwright, president
>f the Virginia Railway anil I'ower
,'ompany, notified the board in re
sponse to its recent letter, inquiring
tiito the delay in repairing the tracks
uid roadbed in Rrookland I'arl; 11.?111? ? -
vard, that tho necossary repairs hid
been made l>y the railway several days
ago. and City Kngineer Rolling was di
rected to examine the roadway at this
point t<? determine if the work had
been done in a satisfactory manner.
Taking up the matter of paving tho
'iinimproved sections of sidewalks on
both sides of Mulberry Street, between
Monument Avenue and the ? Roulevard,
the City Engineer was directed to ad
vertise for bills for this work, same
to be returnable on April in. it is im
portant that this stretch of highway
should be put in first class condition,
for upon the completion of the. now
terminal, it will form one of the main
arteries leading to the station.
An additional petition for an In
crease In wages was received by the I
hoard from tho employees of tho set
tling basin, and the inspectors and
messengers of the Water Department,'
and was referred to the Finance Com- !
mittco for consideration.
Startling Hun
Plots Revealed
Describes Establishment of Sub
marine Post-O/Jices First
in Swedish Waters.
lt.'0|))rlglit, ISIS, liy the International
News llureu-.i. lni'J
'In this Installment of h ?? r Loiilcsslnit
? ho t'ouiitvHH tells iii the <iermuii plot*
to Ocslmy .Scandinavian idnpplni;
<>??. inv i" Um nlnkl'^: of many audi >iilp>
with nai'BK'n cvirtually foi tuo uoe o.
till "Katlioi lantl," a plan had to he de
xl-rd to Jtotect .-till i v 1th hU' li ur
Suv.t she loll:* how it v.ai dvnej
I soon became export in running tho
boat, and greedily seized every oppor
tunity ? ?.?' practicing the inn iiiigemtnl
? if it.
Within cr.e week after my meeting
the old .-'?.v<-?lifi> captain and ltis wife
I had become as one of the family.
l'.\rr\ ti.ty, regularly, wc went (u sen,
a i?d during each trip I won Id stand on
tlio deck. in; hands on tho wheel as
though 1 was one of tiic members of
tho captain's family.
During these frequent voyages out
to i-ra wc would meet, many little naval
patrol boats, that con-Uaiitly sailed up
and down the coast. Finally, at I ha
end of about ten days, I was well
Known t> these young Swedish s?>a
m?n as an intimate friend of the
Wohlsund couple, and ihey all knew
thi! captain.
At last it was tiino for Herr nicker
to a<~t. A it had been arranged, one
day Herr Iticlcer brought a message to
Captain Wi.'iilstind thai it was the wish
oi < < urit liernstorfT thai he should
ir.e"t him at his hotel, as lie, the count,
had a very important proposal to make
to hini. Ii'rrr Hkker skillfully con
voyed tho idea to the captain that
'-'ou nt J-JernKtorff's purpose in asking
for the. interview was to make arrange
ments for the sale of liis two small
'?'nips to our country. Of course, tins
interview was asked just at the time
when tiie old captain, his wife and I
were about to start on our us:;al trip
to sea.
Dressed for the occasion when i ap
peared as usual at the wharf, I found
Captain Wohlsund and h,.t wife jn a
great state of excitement. "What am
I to fin. counters? |fj3 Kxceilency.
Count Hernstorff, wishes to Fee me at
once at his hotel, what shall we do?"
"Vou cannot refuse to meet the
count, you must go at once to h!a
hotel." I said excitedly.
I would not listen to his entreaties
? o postpone our cruise for a few hours.
No, I would take the boat, and, proud
of her sex, his wife insisted that I
<ou!d manage the boat as well as the
captain. I.IMfn wc would not to post
poning our trip.
At the last moment Herr riick?r and
iii-? charmingly beautiful daughter ap
peared on the ppot. a rid insisted that
th'-v should accompany us on otir trip.
The ambitious wife of the captain was
certainly overjoyed to have such com
l,\}?> I'KHVONAI. \ IS1T TO
I :ia!l never forget the Joy of Die
<1..;. when iiiy desire was fulfilled to
persona; ly vi.-it our submarine post
Once r.ul of the harbor it wa^ pep.
fee' ty proper that llerr Kicker's daugh
" ; h'- i!d be nv< vooie by !:ea?Ickness,
J-'he had to be taken to the .small, \ery
small, cabin, and who else would be
with her but th? captain's wife. Ilerr
Kicker tool. skillful care of that phase
'f the affair. II" saw to it that Frau
Welllstind did t) uy i(j the cabin. And
meanwhile i mot threr patrol boats
w ? -i <ttii.fr- -abit'-tl pir gallantly and
.??hou; cil "bravo."-.' a ml I : ailed directly
to where mjr buoy w a.- located.
Twm day) '.a:cr ;t was arranged that
? 'aptain Wohlsund should transfer his
ownership of the boat to me, yet him
:.'-'.f retaining t!ie license. I explained
;o him that utiles'; the nominal owner
shir1 remained- with him. I could not
tu:se freely out of the harbor, and
how 1 loved to go away out to sea.
W \N !?:?> t A I. TO It KA I,
\ !< TO It V 1'OIt CEBMAXV
From that time on I visited regu
larly our submarine post-otllce with the
messages to our brave F-bcat com
manders. who knew how to secretiy
com** out of the water and obtain the
!'->t r.f ships and how each one was to
be treated.
Twice a day I would go to sea; r.nce
with my message and another time
with either the proud old captain or
Ills wife as my Ruest, to still convey
the idea that the boat really belonged
to them, and that I was only a friend.
Straight out to sea I would head my
iik tor-boat, running at top speed, si
that a great cloud of white foam would
hit the boat and ine as I made
for my post-office. And how happy I
felt ::i the sure expectation of being
received once more at the Foreign Of
fi c in the manner to \vhi*h I was ac
customed in former days, before my
failure in Mexico.
Once when 1 reached my post-office
I sighted a bobbing periscope. Quickly
I deposited my precious information,
and as quickly put about for port
again. The marvelous speed of the
motor-boat prevented anybody who
might have noted my coming and go
ing from realizing how far out to sea
I bad been. My post-office service for
F-boafs was splendidly initiated.
From that time forward t was able
to manage a service of news at least
once a day. The results were suf
ficient to justify ih* elaborate means
1 had adopted, llerr flicker even told
me that immediate steps would be
taken to introduce this submarine
post-office system to other Scandinavian
countries, and he even dreamed of its
further Introduction in .South Ameri
can countries, as many of the South
American neutrals were supplying our
enemies with food and other materials.
Friendly ships henceforward ran the
gantlet r>f our F-boats safely, wliii.
those laden Willi enemy commodities
met the destruction they so richly de
Count Hernstorff shared with me the
commendation of a grateful govern
ment; and I felt that I had regained
all the ground in llie service which I
had lost in that unfortunate affair in
(Tn l?e Continued To-Morrow.)
The "?'ome-back" man wns really
never down-and-out. His weakened
condition lucause of overwork, lack of
exercise, improver eating and living
demands stimulation to satisfy the cry
for a health-giving appetite and the re
freshing sleep essential to strength.
OOI.D MFPAI, Haarlem Oil Capsules,
the National Hfcmedy of Holland, will
do the work. They tiro wontlerful.
Three <>f these capsules each day will
put a man on his feet before lie knows
it; whether his trouble comes from uric
acid poisoning, the kidneys, gravel or
stone in the bladder, stomach derange
ment or other ailments that befall Hie
over-zealous American. Don't waU un
til you lire entirely down-and-out, but
take I hem to-day. Your druggist will
gladly refund your money if they do
not help you. Accept no substitutes.
Look for t lie name (SOLD MIC DAL on
every box. three sizes. They are the
pure, original, imported Jlaarlem Oil
Poguc Co I'ay $52 Per Ton for Wlint
lias Hern (?oiitK to
Chairman HirsrliberR Intimates New
Plan Will KOcel Saving (?> (Jit.v oT
l-'rom SSO.OOO |o Si on,<)<)() Per
Anitiiin?Provides Dally Removal.
? . i
A contract for ' th-; disposition of
IIn,hnu?i:d's garbage. wiiSvh promises to
net Hi'1 dty a saving of $100,000^ lias
been entered into by the .Ndmin'st^ative
I'.o.-tni u itii Charles .1 I'? ?Ji*iof IMr
Fningham. Ala.. idcntilieii v. r.h the Ala
iMina division of tli I'linois' Kduc.t
lional ai)'I Co-Operat; v t'nion of
A mer.ca.
In accordance with tterms of the
contract, which holds joikI :'or the nc.\r
t?.i? years, Chairman :in ilirschberg
ut*-r| out that, in ?.?]<] ><ui ig the re
reipts from the ??:?!<? of the garbage
ut the i at" of J- jier ton, an additional
eavint; of *"9.000 sho'iid i?sult to the
lkv's credit from the abolition of the
two municipal Incinerators. As it is
animated that the t?>t-il amount of gar
collected annually is approximate
ly 10.000 ton", the total saving to th??
city is intimated by the board at 5100,
Another benefit that will be derived
from this art alignment -a ill be that the
garbage will l>e <T?llccted daily through*
i ut tlie city, as stipulated In the terms
of the contra't. This work will be done,
a:* heretofore, by the etnp'o;. ees of the
<ity Street-Cleaning I^epartment, but
v.iil obviate Hie long hauls, it. having
been arranged that warehouses for tho
Kceptlon of the refuse shall he erected
at point* outside the corporate limits,
and upon delivery to these points. th?
location of which h r no', as ye> been
<1 ?termincd. tiie cost and responsibility
??; the municipality cease:*.
In addition to executing a bond of
i 10,000 r-r the performance tho con
trait, Mr. I'oguc lias agreed to accept
the decisions of Richmond's Chief
Health Oflicer as linal, and it is tinder
stood that the warehouses for the re
ception of thf garbage will be .-jni'ary
in every detail.
>1 r 11 mid Million* Minrmcn) In Hp Pre
sented Tn-Mclil nl Srvrnlh
Street t hristlnn Cliun h.
Tn.nicht h* 7 o'clock, in tli? annex
of tTie Seventh Stro?t Christian Cnur-h.
sin irnport.1 nt <-onfet r-nce will ,!?<? held
by several h'imlr<"l members o f the
s. \ Christian of Itirhmoti'l. in
the interest <">! the fmergency fund of
th?? men and millions movement of
this hrotherhood. This? conference i
pr? paratory to a "special drivn" to be
undertaken next week by these
churches. in connection with the
ehurche? of th? entire State, in an ef
fort to reach the port! of Sifi.Oft",
? l i'h has been allotted to the Virginia
IhSCtpl'S of Christ.
This emergency fund has h^-en mad"
ne.-e. sary by war conditions. The m!*-"
pionary activities of the church. ^
w-'.l *?< t ri ed'jiationai i list iUl: ton.-*,
w ill reituire t'nn> pif; to the amount
of }'J,Of".,000 >"* forthcoming within t'ie
next few months. in order that their
work be u"t impaired nor curtailed.
The whole situation was fully di
cus?ed by prominent members of the
"men and millions." team." at ?:t ai!
dav conference, held i-t this city f>:i
last Friday, .ind which was attended
by over 1 0 ministers arid layr.te? from
the churches of Virginia liiid North
? 'a rnllna.
All the districts of Virginia lia\0 al
ready lieen thoroughly organized for
this special effort. In addition to the
? ay churches, the Jtichmond i;-:ri>-?.
includes seventeen other adjacent town
and rural churches. In charge of the
work is a headquarters' committee,
composed of the following members,
viz: lie vs. H. 1?. C. Maclachlan. John
A. Tate, J. O. lieisabeck and George
\\". Kemper, and l!eorgc .S. Crenshaw.
T. A. Cary, J. H. Abrahams, .Mrs. W.
1.. Syd nor and .Miss Estelle Shuokle
10rd. This committee lias op'.-ned of
fices in the annex of the Seventh
Street Church, where literature is be
ing sent out, and plans for next week's
drive perfected.
Tito conference to-nisiu will he en
tirely informal in < haracter. All the
canvassers will be "lirroJ up" and given
instructions. Supper will be served all
i 11 attendance, and a large delegation
is expected from each of tne six Rich
mond churches.
( oriiick Mnrnlinll Seriously Injured liy
llriiad nnil Main Street
Cornick Marshall, twelve years old.
of H-"i West Main Street, was struck
>esterday afternoon by a liroad and
Main Street car and badly hurt. l!r
was treated by the ambulance and
taken to (!race Hospital, lie suffered a
broken jawbone and severe bruises on
his face and body.
C. U. Cull ens worth, of StM North
Tw< -my-tirst Street, was arrested yes
terday on a charge lodged against him
l.-y the Virginia Railway and Power
Company. Cullensworth is charged with
diverting the current of the company
and using it for his own interest with
intent to defraud the company.
Ale ? It. Dearborn, charged with
stialing 5$<j0 in currency front the
I'ryphytol Products Company. was
brought back to this city yesterday by
De t ecti ve -Se rg ea n t Dulty.
William Mason, charged with secur
ing S-l.Nl from George F.hmig with in
tent to defraud, was brought back to
this city yesterday by Detective Her
It's Easy?If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to fee!
voting ? to do this you must watch your
liver and bowels ? there's no need of
having a sallow complexion ? dark rings
under your eyes ? pimples ? a bilious
look in your face ? dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety
per cent of all sickness comes from in
active bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act on
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substi
tute for calomel, are gentle in their action
yet always effective. They bring about
that exuberance of spirit, that natural
buoyancy which should be enjoyed by |
everyone, by toning up the liver and clear-'
ing the system of impurities.
You will know Dr. Edwards* Olive Tab
lets by their olive color. 10c and 25c pet i
box. All druggists. i
The Weather
11'u.'itUlivil l>? t. S. Mcnlhrr Kurrau.)
( I'nJrrnl Sunimrr Time l/aed.)
F-'orerimt: \ Iralnln
-l-'nlr nnd unrmrr
rlday. prriTilril liy
rii In on llir constt
SntorUny lilr, >rnrnt
rr In nuuthrnat por
\orlh Carollnn?
? ?fnrmllj fair FrU
'liiy nnil Sntnrda.T
"lowly rNInK 11* m ?
pcrnt tirr.
I.oral Tem|irrj?tarr.
1 noon t^inpfraiiiiT
P. >1. temperature
S !'. M. temperature
Maximum temperature to > I'. M.
M in 1111 iiiii temperature to x p. M.
Mean temperature ..
Normal iftnpcratiii^
I >?? fi 'icnry iti temperature ve.,tei
I ?< fh-iency in t em perutut sim
January I
latent Knlnfnll.
Kainfall last twelve hours
Itaiufall last twenty-four hours
Kxcens in rainfall since March 1
I ixcos in rainfall since January
i ?.'<)
i. 15
I.ornl Oh?frvitlonx nt H P. >1.
Temperature. U'J: humidity. ?.i; wind,
northeast; velocity, 1 0 utiles; weather,
Place. N
Asheviile . . .
Atlanta ....
Atlantic City
Buffalo ....
t ,'liicapo ....
Denver ....
.1 nek.son ville
Kansas t'ity
Mont gomery
New Orleans
New York ...
NorfolU ....
OK luhoina . .
Pittsburgh .
St. ^.ouls . ? ?
San rran?is?:
Savannah . .
Wash in st "n
Wyth*ville ?
? N Mll'Oll
T-?m perat u
1\ M. High.
. 4 t if,
. 4') 4"
r.t .%
I .?> w
4 8
3 i
3 4
4 0
4 _?
. \Ve;j t her.
Ita in
Cain *
I 'loud v
i "loudy
< 'loudy
?'lea r
< "lear
' "loudy
l.'lea t'
i 'loudy
P. cloudy
1 'loudy
I', cloudy
I*, cloudy
S u n
Al.UA \ \r.
.Npri! TJ. IMS.
11 it: H TIDE;
Morn ins 7:51
Kvenins S
l.yrle Itlll In Drnnini; < nrd.
The I.yrlr bill for the latfr half of
:he \ve. k should pro\ <? a drawing card,
for it Is one of the if<-st collections of
act-- that lias come into the portals of
that theater for ;? ions, lone while. i?f
courr". the K^nTal high caliber of tiie
performance.'-- had exception.-, or. rather.
; i exception, but the average ?>f four
passable acts out of live f.- an '-.\cep
ttonal on ? for any vaudeville :-how that
I.as yet visited Richmond.
Picking from the four good acts and
the one medioccr attempt at creating
amusement, the I'ountcMS Nardine <<?r
Susan Tompkins, a*- she so kindly con
sented to christen herself last night?
?aathe mainstay of the whole per
formance. When every tribute to her
playing is considered none can equal
the fact that a representative l.yric
aud.ein-e sat spellbound throughout hrr
performance. Perhaps when the com
ing comer: artiste (for her playing
merits the prediction that she will be
came one i completes her career and
look'- back on her former triumphs, she
ill not put last the fact that a Rich*
tnond vaudeville audience tendered her
four curtain calls.
In contrast to this excellent act ther*
appeared one Prank O'Brien. who was
heralded on the bills as a ?'famous
tramp comedian." l.et us be charitable
and draw the veil over his wok at
tempt so that the objectionable fea
tures might be hidden from view. We
would respectfully suggest that Rich
mond has materially changed sim e the
"famous tramp comedian" last visited
ii (if he ever visited It at all) and that
t'.ie city no longer relishes so much
as it did fifteen minutes of vulgarity
on a stretch.
The three remaining acts on the bill,
which may well lie considered as be
longing to the best of their kind, are
the performance of "The I.ittlc
johns," who are clever jugglers; "The
Village Tinkers." which was uproar
iously received last night, and a well
written and well-executed skit. "The
Rising Generation," in which the per
formers are children, and talented chil
dren at that.
'?Hnve a Henri.**
"Have a Heart," musical comedy <1 *
luxe, which scored in New York last
winter is coming to the Academy Mon
day night. It is the offering; of Henry
W. Saviisc. an'] that is guarantee of
the highest quality, for whatever lie
stages, whether musical or dramatic,
is with artistic . understanding and
lavish liberality. "Have a Heart" is
by those immensely popular producers
of musical comedy *Juy Kolton, f. (.1.
Wodehouse and Jfronie Kern. They
have not yet failed io turn out <d
herent stories, snappy quips, lilting
Ilronil at Jefferson.
Vou can really Iloover
ize wiili a Direct Action,
because ihey are real gas
savers through their meth
od of direct application of
the gas flame to the oven
without intervening walls
to obstruct the heat, which
saves you the gas usually
wasted in other stoves get
ting the oven to the right
temperature to do the bak
lyrics nil fnaKnat ing melodies. Ono '
SCC!IC i-liows the linger,e ion of :?
department store and suggests lilmy,
tluffy disclosures tha; are no! ha<d 0:1
the eyes ami have a certain educa
tional value. Another depicts a fash- ?
ionabie summer hotel at Uuleport, It.
I. The company i'i one of more Mian
half a hundred people embracing a
real Savage beauty chorus and a com
plete orchestra.
Spenk* on Importance of llome (inrdrn
Ing llrfore Hqunl Suffrage
"The tragedy of all times is ineffi
ciency." said Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins.;
yesterday afternoon at suffrage head
quarters. introducing the speaker, (
?> ntl 1. therefore, take great pleasure
in presenting; to you the woman who)
believed in preparedness to the extent
rir knowing how to garden long before
war was declared?Mrs. Malvern Pat
t ci ? ?in is elticient."
"I am also glad to recognize in this
audience." said Mrs. Patterson. '"i-'O
many of iny garden friends of last
year, who were so helpful in the work
at that time. I.ast year people had to
be educated lip to the need for garden
ing: this year they realize not only:
the need for gardening, but that they
?must be their own gardeners. And, as
man labor on the farms is becoming
le:'? and less obtainable, the farmers
aie realizing that their crops must be
harvested by women, and they are
evincing great interest in the Wo
man's Land Army of America."
Mrs. Patterson, who is chairman for
the State ot Virginia, for the Woman'*
I.and A.rmy of America, then explained
most interestingly the ljn<l army
movement, which was lirst established
by our allies, and which v.ss inau
gurated last summer in the l.'nited
States by land army units of colle^-j
girls, who spent their vacations by
working in relays for the farmers
in Virginia, the girls of Randolph
Macon folb.gc have been the tir.-t to
volunteer their services this year, ar.rt
it is expec'.ed that other local college
units will soon be formed. The stu
dents of Wcstharnpton College have
the m?tter under consideration, and
Mrs. Patterson experts to unfold the
p>an to tlieni in the near future. Mem
bers of t'ne Kqual Suffrage l.eague of
Richmond who heard Mrs. r?t>r.?<'n
yesterday afternoon feel t'.iat the
se 'ret of food production lays in prop
erly feeding the plants themselves, and
they are also encouraged by the knowl
edge that tho Virginia farmers' crops
will not suffer if he avails himself "f
the assistance of the Woman's 1.3nd
Arn y of America.
Iloslm House named.
News has Jus? been received in Rich
mond of the hurnvg of the V. W. < \ A
hostess house at i.'atnp 'Jreene, r'har
lotte, N. The house was totally de
stroyed by fire Sunday night, afrer
having been open about six weeks
Colds. foueha, (.'roup nnd < ntnrrh
Hflirifii in 'I'mo Minute*.
1* your threat sore?
Rreathe HvomM.
Have ji.ii catarrh?
Rreathe liyomei.
Have you h cough?
Rreathe Myomei.
Have you a cold?
Rreathe Myonici.
liyomei is the. one treatment for all
nose, ihroat and lung trouble*. It
does not contain any cocaine or nior
nhine and all that is necessary is to
breathe it through the little pocket
inhaler that comes with each outfit.
A complete outfit costs but little at.
druggists everywhere and at Tragi's
Drug c V, and liyomei is guaranteed
to banish catarrh, coup, coughs, colds,
sore ihroat and bronchitis or money
back. A liyomei inhaler lasts a life
time and extra bottles of liyomei can
be. obtained from druggists.?Adv.
Atlantic Coast Line
Tliv Standard Kuilrnad of (lie South.
KFKKCTIVl'< APK1L 9. 1018.
Kor norltla ana Soutb: & :.o A. M. tad
t:li P. 41.. 1 -:??> A. M.
Kor Norfolk: S:oi A. M., 9:00 A. M., 3 01
P. M.. iiiaii P. M.
KOlt K. W. r.y.. West: 3:2o A. M?
3:u0 P. 41.. s:3u P- Al.
for Ptlcrfcburc: 12:45 A. 41.. C:03 A. 11.
I :L'u A. 41.. & :00 A. M.. 9:20 A. 41.. 3:00 P.
Al.. M:0u P. M.. 13 :4 j P. 41.. b:6j P. Al
?:15 P. 41.. 8:35 P. M.
1'or Uoldsboro ana Kayeuevllie: *4:0?
P. M.
Trains arrive Richmond daily: ?i:oo A M.
10. JO A. M.. :: Ji A. M? S :40 A. 41., 11:10
A. A!.. *2:10 P. 41. ?1:50 P. A!., 6:oi P. A1
6:44 1*. 41.. 7.45 P. Al., S:15 P. .M.
?I-xcept Sunday. tnuuuay only.
Time of arrival anil utpartu'* and coa
necii!/i?? nut cuara?ite?d
Seaboard Air Line Railway Comoany
Trains Icj'o dully: 9 A. 41., Norllna
lo'-al I:U' 1'. M . .Sleepers Atlanta and
.la-k*0li\lllc; 9:40 P. Al.. AtNnta-ftirmlnK
liatzi special: 11:40 P. Al.. sleepers Jack
sonville. 2:42 A. M. Trains arrive 6:r>0
A. M.. 1:1"' A. Al., a:45 P. Al., ?:30 p. 41..
;iA. 4f.
Norfolk & Western Railway
Leave llyrd Street Station. ilichmoiid.
KOH NOHl-'OLk : *6:05 A. At.. *9:1111 a. Al,
?3:t>0 H. Al.. *5:5a P. M.
?9 A. 41.. *3:00 P. At.. ?S:35 P. M.
Arrive jlloli.'iiouii ttom Nortolk: ?11.14
A. 41.. 'C.45 P. 41. Kroni the West: *7:3i
A. Al.. tl:10 P. 41. *1:50 P. Al., ?S:15 P. 41.
?Ltal'y. IDal'.v except Sunday. 'Sunday.
Ofn<-g- ?n* K Mull. SI. Phone Mad. 4S7.
Richmsfld, Fredericksburg & Potomac R. R.
T? aid freia lTanhinctea aa4 hejea4-Dally.
I.eaTA It:cn:noiu1
* 6.00 AM i 10 20 AM
AttM4AM 112.30 I'M
? 8.Via AM * H.00 PM
Arrive Klcliniouil
t K.OO Ail <? 9.06 PM
*1-2.66 PM ? H.25 PAl
16.20 PM ? 11.75 PM
8 .V) AM I x.10 P.M I i>.00 PM 41?..V) Xl.
Hiciiinoiui-W ucliiiiglun Locai, Lv.fi.1U PM
week days: M.Io PM, Kuiidays; Ar. (11.45 AM
daily. I'reclerickibure Aocoru. week days, I,v.
>4.la 1*41; Ar.jK.lo AM. Ashland Arcom. week
days, Lv.i7.30 A M, t>.30 I'M; Ar.?6.30 AM,5.30 PM
AKIb> ticket and baggage offWt not op-i
for litis train. * Maiu (St. .Sta.
i Byrd Si. Ml*. slopping at Klba). i Klba SI*
Richmond & Petersburg
Electric Railway
Lenre Klclimoiul. I.turn Petersburg.
$5:10 A.M. :i
7 A.M. 5 P. M.
* A. Al. tS:4."i l>.
?9 A. M. ?? P. M.
10 A.M. 7 P.M.
11 A.M. x P. >1.
?I'i M. "0 P.M.
I I'. M. 10 P. 41.
?J P. M. 11 P. >1
?3 P. M. * Pi P. 41
?:?.-? A. M. ?4 :3f. P.M.
+7:30 A. M. oP. 41.
?7:35 A.M. M..15 P. M.
K::i.-?A. 41. t; :03 P.M.
0:35 A. 41. 7 ::<.*? P. M.
lo::ir? A. 41. H.35 P. 41.
11 A. 41. 9:85 P. M.
I P. 41. ? 10:10 P. 41.
1 ::!.*? P. 41. 11:40 P. .M.
P. M. I'2:15 A.M.
?liRggate. +I.ln, d. <:Week Only.
('in , LiVvHIe A- Weal., ? 1 :,'.n p., p
Alain Line Local, J.">:lo p.
.lainr.s Itlver Line. 10:00 a., |5:15 p.
Newport \f??,
Nik.. Old Point. *S. J0 a., *IJ:00 n., *4:00 p.
Newport News, ixical, * ?:o? a., 'a: L> j>.
I'roiri Mk. Newport
Newt". Old Point, ? 11:10 a., *1:40 p., *6:40 p.
New port N., i.O' a I. *9:5.'? a., .4:0;> p. Krom
West: '3:10 a.. p. Local:', }10:15 a.,
?7:&"> p. Jam"* Itlver. ;S:^5 a., *0:10 p.
?L?any. t Kxi ?-pi Suit'lay.
Old DominionLine
l.eavu AilvUiiiuuii toot Oi Ami Stleat,
daily. 7.C'? P. Al. Cunnn'.wtis witn Maiu Lin*
Steamer, leaving Norfolk lor Now Yori?
dally tut pi atinuay 7:00 P. M. Cixinoctloni
also n>?ile by N. & W. Ky.. 8:u0 p. M.. and
U. & '>. lty. at 4:0o P. 41. uaily except buo
rta>. Nik-tit line aleanter^ stop at Clare*
mou'. on aienal arid aie mtt bv puolic cou>
Ve^1Su*lNlA NAVIOATION CO- .lain**
Klver by daylight for Norfolk. Old Point,
Newport News and all .lames Itiver land
ins*: Monday Wednefday and Friday at
t .00 A. M. Fralrhl received for all Janaa?
tUvar Foiata. "
Unnrtcrl.v Meeting \|i|irovf> Amrnd
nirnl.t in llv-l.mvs?New
( onini i l tcr on Trnlllc.
At the quarterly meeting of the
Chamber of Commprcc in the audi
torium of the .letYerson Hotel last night
an amendment to the constitution and
by-laws of the chamber was adopted
i ombinintv the four committees known
as inlaii'l trade, outward trade, express
service and postal and teieerraph, into
ji single committee. designated as a
traffic committee. The number of
committeemen was made fifteen.
A resolution was offered and approved
at the annual meeting to make this
change at the n^xt meeting of the
chamber, as it. required action at two
separate meetings before becoming ef
Final action on an amendment to
el.minat? several useless committees
which rarely meet and have few duties
ti, perform will b? made at the next
ir.eetini: of the chamber. This amend
ment provides for retaining the follow
ing committees and abolishing th>Hc not
named: advisory council, aprlculture
and immigration. advert l?m;. banfen
and currency, business enterprise*. con?
ventions. executive, health and sanita
tion. improvement of James Iliver. in
surance. jobbers. legislation, manu
facturers, member.'', municipal affairs,
retailers, streets, roads ami parks. and
traffic. This amendment was approved
last night and will receive tinal con
sideration at the next meeting of th
Other matters of Importance wer-*
held over until a later date because o!
the small number of members prcs- rr
owing to the severe weather. One of
these proposes to change the annua!
fee to a minimum of for cach mem
Askn nnnincs* Br Hcitrictril.
WASHINGTON. April 11.?The aup
gestion that private-wire houses which
handle grain futures restrict their
business to legitimate customers aii !
eliminate minor speculation was mad
to grain exchanges to-day by Food
Administrator Hoover. The recommen
dation wps made in a letter, in which
Mr. Hoover replied t" a notitication by
the exchanges of self-imposed rentri'.
tions for June and July trading.
t//lal/urner tf3rot/w
Forty Bed Spreads at Extreme
Reductions; Prices Range From
98c to $2.79
This collection represents orlds and ends taken from regular
stork and some that show slight, handling from display, but
are otherwise perfect.
Fifty Crochet Bed
64x50 in size: durable quality
? sprrially priced.
At $1.00
The Famous
Kenwood Sheet
Soft finished cotton and extra
heavy, 81x00,
At $1.39
This Common Sense Medical
Adviser contains 1,000 pages, 200
prescriptions, wood cuts, halt
tones and colored plates, and is
bound in cloth.
This popular -work contains in
formation for the young and old,
male and female, single and mar
ried, not heretofore published for
the non-professional reader. Mr.:,
akd Women are many times
tempted to ask their family physi
cians questions on delicate mat
ters, but are deterred from so do
ing by their sense of modesty.
This work answers just such
questions so fully and plainly as
to leave no one in doubt.
Anatomy, Physiology, Hygien-,
The Human Temperaments, The,
Origin and Transmission of Life,
The Brain and Mind, are treated
in an original and comprehensive
manner, in harmony witli the
latest scientific discoveries.
The chapter on Nursing the
Sick, a subject on which everyone
should be informed, is alone worth
many times the price of ?he book.
The subject of Marriage, in its relation to the Welfare of Societj*, the Perpetu
ation of the Species, and Incompatibility of Temperaments, is thoroughly dis
cussed. A chapter on l"ir_.t Aid !o the injured, accidents and emergencies.
The sufcjccts of Impediments to Marriage, Hygiene of the Organs, and the
diseases that ariie from improper*living, should be read by all. It is a false
modesty, productive 01 untold misery, that keeps such important information from
the young. Even.* married couple and all who contemplate marriage should own
'.his complete book oi life.
This book formerly told for $1.50.
For a limited time?while they last, this book can he obtained for 50 cents at
i'ijc prominent <ir.;g r.iores in town, or write Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. V.
j Printing
may be "just printing"?or it may be "dog
gone" good ADVERTISING. It just de
pends upon the amount of skill and effort
that goes into it. With the experience we
have?and the facilities of our big plant,
we KNOW we can produce PROFITABLE
printing for YOU. Proofs for the askin'.
Virginia Stationery CoInc.
01ft East Main Street, :: :: Richmond, Va.
$7.30?.\ si;t?$7.30
(?old Killings $1.00 Cp
Silver Fillings $1.00 I'p
<iolcl Crowns $.">.00, $0.00
We Practice: Dentistry That
HOURS: Daily, S to 8; Sunday,
O to I.
Reliable Dental Work by.' Ex
perienced Dentists.
We endeavor to save your
teeth, and do not extract unless
necessary. We also do our work
quickly and accurately, thus
enablins you to reduce the
number of visits and save time
and money.
027 Knst Rrond Street (Next Door United Cigar Store).
Reference: Rroad Street Rank.

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