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68th YEAR.
vol.oik ?;h
M M 111.It 101
No Lapse in News
! ?
IT.-D. Only Richmond Paper
W ilh 7-Day A. P. Service
Reports Reach Washington
That Dash Is Planned by
Prussian Chiefs.
Most Modern Sea Fighters Now
Mobilized Near the
Danger Zone.
j in ns aki-: ski-iking two pouts
I < alais and Dunkirk Are liclicved ?<?
lie Objectives in "Present
Terrible Drive.
WASHINGTON. A i? r; 1 13.?The G <? r -
Ji menace againut the channel porta
St ?? cri :?>:.? .'.co recognized and pro
! at,-;i n:-t by the allied war lords
va! isposltions. in wlili.li United
fit.ttef v<- ? ?.?.?!- of eve:/ class have a
J'?f share. were taken weeks bt
' ine openlr.g of German spring
< ? r.? !ve. These <! ^positions, it is con
f I' i.'.y asserted In o!Ji. ;al circles here,
v M more t!.an > ffset a-.y po.-sibb- CJ?*r
' i;>; jre of these port?
A* istant !?> r*tary of Nuvj
!'.'/? ??ve!t to-day admitted that report.14
r' ;>arat. n ? for a ally from Ki'-l
had ri-a hed the N'avy Department
from many sources previous to tho
I at: cf the i ? rt fron Geneva
t.' mornlns.
"'it co.."-'. Wf do i.it ' w he v,,<c|
"Whether these reports are genuine or
v- !' ? ' : they . ,v.- t :: put ou: de
li('??:.itely l'>r ? me G- rnian jiurpose to
C- i i\ e "
I o? n!ght'v reports, indicating that
th. IJrit: h ar?? . tkii.g their st.n l a:.d
t' at th<* ' an alvan ?? ha.-* 1 ? en
??' rrd. vr f r- ? ? ? . |. r, i t?. ii.
C ti e ; o' b.l ;y <>f a G'imai naval
H 1-" ? itved that the sally
r- -? ?? b?- T! .1 !<? a part ..f t... .r
ii .j-i efToi t .. p: ?;-. r h- .annel
1 ' ?
J' ' i 't. -\ an : iva! o:'i -r '
V . . a cer * a ir. a *r.- * ? ' giro '? ? ? J;e
menace t-? t;i<- 'inr.ri'M p.irt as a
m<-an? of enticing the German high
' ''?r; ' a 'and-up light The
r^ lit of .' j''. a light would he d<
c t>vi -- .v ,n;!;14tj is tlie naval
f wh: ; ? all ???. ould brine to
h -an i at <>:t that many
na\.i. ? IJ. 1 .eve .? would t. ?t
only wipe out the .-...vital elements of
f - O. r: an navy, hu; uo-iM pl.-?> : i ii
havoc >vIth h< ;- subinarint? and other
a-ixikary na\ai am , lo n.al.o pos.
a :i I' -1 . . ,. f -j,.
:iat ? ' ricrtnan power
?*. * % ? a
A >1 I II If \ N M( M \ >| I; \ |- | s
III: \ l?\ I lilt III I, I; ( |,\?.||
announ eni'-nt l.y s- e c r e t a r v
1 'ante"? re.-ently that A si,.-nca n ; uhiria
rines have crossed Atlantic makes
it possible to say without violation of
ce?8ori?hi|i that tho i.nited States is
imw pow. rfuliv r> : rc . nt? -1 ;:i ti;f>
ov < as iiav.tl ar- t sii:ps --f ev* r*.
kind from tho lat. t sup* r-Drcad
nought" ??> -h.> t ni"i|. rn uf suhma
r ". arirl : -. lima rino v-cr;j
: !ie <d?je-*iv. of t!i? il'iman drive in
t!." A rn i "ii; - re.- r?-gi ? i 1 now g. :i
??rally rcr .^nizeij t > the port." <?(
?'.r.a:s ami Diutkirl:. The (jcrrnans are
rpc-'d ' i he wit.'un : -.v ft; ty-six niiU.
of Uunk.r'r. and forty mil--.- of (,'alais.
More iinp'-rti:.' at .Mtrv:li? they
a " ? hut a ? ? i' \ i: .!? ? from I la ze -
b rouCn.. wlicta t i. ? principal Dunkirk
and Cala rail Ii:i<s: join and run
dr>\\ii through I'ol,. Amiens. D- au
vaia and Paris. The northern dri\i- ha:
tiiur brought th< Ociinan: eloper to
tin.; \ital line >?( communication than
<! ?! tho ilrive on \micns.
lr is th... in t!i< < p.nion of Washing
ton expert:, that brought forth tJe:i
eral llaig's inspiring ?rdi>r to "stand."
The stand made by the L'.ritish before
Amiens give- conndeiiee to observers
h-'re that they can repeat tho trick in
1 landers*.
1 int with the Teuton forces so close
to the channel ports, it is confidently
expected that the German high fee as
licet may be lured to : ? a. The advan
tage of a big German naval demonstra
tion .*:i the rear of II.tig's hard-pressed
men Is not neglected. It Is rccognlzed
that the commander of the German gum*
in the Straits of Dover might well shat
ter even the splendid morale of the
bnrd-lighting Scots and D.incashires
and west county troops that have been
slicking to their posts .so gallantly in
1 landers.
oniriiil* ApptMil lo Administrator fJur
ftrlil for Distribution Asmclc*
tu I'rcvrnl (.'riMlti,
IXDIANAPOMS. IN*P.. April 13?l>c
elarlnc that the prr-lnt coal produc
tion in the United States is far below
the nation*;' lowest possible estimated ,
requirements. the international execu
tive hoard of the United Mine Workers
of Anie-Iea. In a teles rani to Federal
Kucl Administrator 'iarlield, urged the
immediate stabilization of prices and
distributing agencies lo prevent a re
currence of tiie crisis of 1917.
The telegram declares that mines in
(he States n! Iowa. Oklahoma. Mis
souri, Kansas. Colorado, Wyoming. !
Montana and We?t Virginia are work- ;
ing less than half time, and that many
large producing mines are actually
shul down. Miners are leaving places
where the car shortage shows no signs
of Improvement, the committee siatet,
anil adds, "if this exodus nf miners, to
other lines of employment is per
mitted to continue full ear supply and
most sat'sfaotory distributing facili
ties provided later will be destined to
The Shades of Our
Forefathers Speak.
The innrljrril l.liii-nln inld of thf
oilillrri nnd nnilort, "Do they not
linu' llir linrdrat time of Ittf Who
ahnll ?|ii n 11 nhrn (hey do not t Ood
lilrn* Ihr mildlrra and aentnen mid
nil of thrlr brave commander*."
"The nnmr American, iihleli br
longi to 7011 In yoiir notional ru -
parity, mu*t nltvn 1 x exalt thr
J11M pride of patriotism," deelared
tieorge W nulling ton.
And illicit llir f-'ather of Our
Con 11 try na* Inld to ml, Hfrc
?tpokt'ii (lif?r word*, ivblrli should
nntr die: "Though Wa*hlngton la
denil, Jehoiali lliea, American*:
'I'IiIh t.od iilio mixed \\ oshlnRli.n
anil naif you liberty riarta from
you tlic duty of I'hrriahlnR It tilth
n real according to knon ledge. In
nil peril* of your eomitrj, remetn
ber W a * h I ug ton. The freedom of
reanon nnd of right liun lieen handed
do? n In .1011 i,u the point of the
hero'* a?ord. t.unrd uilli lenera
(I ?i 11 the onereil triiAt."
The *plrll of W a* li Ini; ton nnd l.ln
coln muat Innplre our deed* If ?e nre
10 preaerir the unllon to future gen
eration*. The hour ha* ntrurk! The
llun muat he hnlted and the iturld
made n decent plarr to llic In.
lour help I* nought, and your obli
gation. for thr present, ea*y to ful
fill. I nlei* you do help nun, then
Inter your ohllgntIon* ulll Inrrenne
manifold. The lioyn nhu liaie "gone
over" inuxt lir fed and clothed and
*iipplleil 11 llli n mm 11 nl t Ion. I.lberty
bond* aupply their needa.
Ilnie jou bought your bondf
Truftlt* Director of Southern I'arifii
Named Chairman by Cam
era! Mc.\doo.
Action Will Hi* Taken Soon to
C'halite Homing anil Sailing Sched
ules, Several Ileitis .Assigned to
Carry Cotton Northward.
H A^oiiat- ! rr?-? 1
WASH I NG TON*. April 13.?To assist
management of the coastwise i tea m -
ship companies taken over to-day by
the railroad administration, Dircctor
Ccncrai McAdoo ordered the creation of '
a oristwt.se bteumship advi.-ory coin
tn:t tee, w.'.h l.'u is J. Spcnce. of New
Yor-., trafllo director t tli? Southern
l ;i :i , a?: 1 hiirm.tti.
Mr. Sp' ii-jc will appoint other inetn
).f-: nf thr- .ommitt?. ft r:i 1 fll ?er? of
th? follow: u onipatut ?".yd'-. Mal
l"ry, M'-ti h.iT.t_" .ind Miners, Ocean,
'?id I ???million, .-'ou'li. rn I'a-iri.: and
Southern. The cotmnittec will <.<?
P'-:-.i!e wii't the marine section o! the
railroad admin:, tratior.': d:\klon of
t: ansportatlon.
Action v M h- taken : ??!i tf> ??hang''
'he routing and sailing schedules c*f
it.any voa:-twis? v-.-ch- A number
will h? .1. ,pn> -1 to carrying .'"ii'iii
If..:;-. South Atlantic and 1 luif port:, to
New Ktiiilatid ana "th'-r.-. !?? tlic coal
carrying trad- between Hampton Koads
anil New Kngland.
1 >ircctor * General McAdoo to-day
specified in ;< formal ord?.r that all
oilicer.-- and empl'iyi-'s of the Clyde,
Mallory, Merchants' nnd Miners' an I
.Southern steamship lines which parsed
u!i<l> r government control to-day
should continue their present duties,
anshould not re.-ign without adequate
l ot :ce.
Net Income. Iloiieicr, Una About t?ne
1 'ourili of That In Feh
runry, 1017.
I Hy Associated I're.-' 1
WASHINGTON, April 13.?Railroads
in February recovered soniewltat from
the record delict of earnings in Jan
uary. but net income was only about
one-fourth of that in February last
year. Interstate Commerce Commission
tabulations to-day for 117 of the 196
leading roads showed operating income
of sr.,212,000, as compared with
03T>.000 for the tame roads in February,
1917. Eastern roads had a dellcit,
however. <?( $.1,869,000, as compared
with positive earnings of $6,0Ct,000 last
Kevcnues for the in roads wore
51 tTC.034.<">00 ,and expenses $151,520,000.
making net revenue 514.5H.000. From
this was deducted $8,114,000 ordinary
Western roads earned $4,020,000 net.
as compared with $10,231,000 last year.
Southern roads showed $7,0?ij,000 net
earnings, only slightly under $7,820,
000 of the same month last year.
In January American railroads lost
more than ?2,000.000.
* ? 31. ('. A. \\ orkrm Following Amer
ican Soldier* Into I'lcnrdy
Untile Field.
(By Assoeiateil Press. 1
NEW YORK, April 13.?Cable ad- |
vices from Paris, received by the war ,
work council of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association here to-night, says i
that 250 association workers arc ac
companying the American troops to ;
tho Picardy battle front, making up
wards of 50o of these noncomhatants j
at present In the zone of shell fire.
Five Y. M. C. A. buildings have been (
taken by tho Germans in tho pros-!
ent offensive and two others have been j
demolished by shells, according to tho j
cablegram. During tho retirement of
the British, the message said, the Y. M. j
j C. A. trucks were used as emergency j
ambularicc3 for the wounded. '
Subscriptions Reported by 30
Per Cent of Banks To
tal $12,900,700.
Bankers Estimate First Week's
Drive Here Placed Bonds Ag
gregating S3.000.000.
* 'ompieiint; 'i1" r i f' lap of it1-' four
weeks' ?1 ri\ c J??r- tj,? ? ale of liberty
loan bund. . li : i '\ii.t under the
wire > estet<lay u itl , total subscrip
t Ion ??st.:i at*") i ?. , : ? or one
tliir<l of it - apii rt ? . iM the third
loan Tliis ? .i'- a . inr.dv l.y b:iik
ers in i lose i? ? . li \v ? ii the campaign,
and ?ns <l<- lar?-il : I,. conservative
figure. Sub j j. t;... . f.ir entered
have been 'M.ure'l. \ ?::? main, by th?
women's commit it?. together with u
number of larg'> ' ubscriptions from
Featuring tl.? iiay'.?? activity yester
day ivas the announcement that a cit
izen of Kichmond had .subscribed to
J2J/0.000 of bonds. The committee de
clined to rnak" public the name of the
Individual. *.:? ?!.rouu-h u hich ba::k the
subscription was placed It was also
announced that the Fnderwood Type
writer Company, of New York, had
s lbsci !bt*d ??600.(<'<?'. of w hich flO.OOO
win be placed through Hlchmond
banks. There were a number of other
?: mall -ubscripti n-? entered by rh
banks duri.-.g the day.
lieport: i-ec-ived by the Federal Re
serve Hank of F2ichmo:id showed an
ever-Increasing activity throughout the
Fifth !Jistrict. and a steady Increase
i:i the total >>f .subscript ..-ns placed
Banks are now reporting more r-p
ularly. and a greater numliT of in
-titutlons a:-? advi-injf the icserv.
l ank of the progress bejj r- made in
he drlv? I." t J <? triiddle of this w ? ??!<
ofheia Is of the l.ank believe t'at the
daily icp.-.rt : > -t rn will he . omplct'
ly established. ;.nd the r>su11s of the
<ampaign can be watched and s-udi-d
fr< --i day to day
itr.i'oitTs -mm im hi-:.\?k
TIIIMM lilldl T I'll"! II Ills |-|(I( T
Sub cription: iri the district, accord
ing to figures tabulated late y?stcr
daj b> the reserve bunn, had climbed
to i!;.'??;??,(00. with only of th<
l.PM financial institution- in the dis
trict le-.ortlnu. Siiu-e the plan of mak
ing daily reports, however, i? just be
ginning to be inaugurated it ii
lloved by bankers that future report?
will i. more complete.
?fvernor 'teorg- .1 Seay announced
last night the subscriptions reported
to the close of business yesterdav a.?
follow S:
in i.ier Report- Huh
St'tt? inc. scribed.
.Maryland j0) $ l\ n.?n.>
Hi-', of ?"olumbia. u r.7 S.'.'4v 7.1ft
West Virginia ... ^ <. ? ?cri?.-,n
Virginia 4j m ? ::i-o
?V<Tth e'arolina .. i '..s> :?.e,()0
South Carolina .. < ] _? j.-.j :.l ^.7.',0
rotals . *i? r*?*** -? *"i
I '.anker
t! i a : tiie ;? ri i,
script ions already ent-rcd in the Fifth
I'istrict will mat'-riall increase t!ii>
total. They j> .jtit cut that several
days must elapse from the time sub
scriptions are placed before they aro
reported to t!i<- reserve bank. They
must first he rep-rt-l, in some in
stances, to th<- .entral committee c.f
the State, and then tiled with Rich
mond. All bank-. however, have
been asked t? # m.tk'* daily reports di
rectly to th.? reserve bank, but fr-.m
two to thr' e days are required for
transit. Subscriptions Friday nignt
totaled JP.oOf'.fiO.m-l Thtir.-day night.
Throughout the district there is the
greatest activity. Committees are
working ns they liave never worked
before, and the people, by means of
ma.s.s--mertings and prominent speak
ers. have been brought to realize the
responsibility that rests upon their
shoulders In many sections the cam
r':tig:' -i:is! beginning to gain mo
(Continued on sixth I'age.)'
President Alderman and Ambas
sador Gerard Speak ? Mes
sage Comes From Alumni.
Head of College Praises Those
Youths Who Stick to
:.?i to The Times-Dispat.h.]
rHA!{|?OTT?:SVILLE. V.V., April 13.
I- our:tier's flay observed to-day
at the I riiv-r-ity <.f Virginia. addresses
being ?1 olivered by Jamos W. Gerard,
former ambassador to 0?rniati.v, and
1'resiclent Alderman. Mr. 'lerard spoke
;nterestingly of r; development < on
the- western front, while I >r. Alderman
rouns'|.-(l tlx? stud'-lit body as to the
duty of the hour. lie said.
"We have lost from out1 roils 4.">0
of our students. J-otne of tlie depart
ments are quite shot to pieces. .Vcar
2.000 of our alumni are in the nation's
service. These men, younc and r.Id.
have gone to war. Home of them have
already paid the pricc of freedom with
their blood. Others are- to-day in the
battle line in Flanders. Still others '
await the call. My first thought at
this hour Is of them. I take off my hat
to them and salute their young courage
and their brave resolution. .May <Jod
spare their lives, if it be His will, and
if they can Keep their lives and yet do
their duty. One thing is sure in death
or in life. They are >n the way of
winning eternal glory anil the ever
lasting g-.itittide of all generations.
1 have the impulse to : ay a word in
praise >{ tiie youth who are here t<>
<Uy. and v. ho h ive .-ta.v-d here, biding
'h- - tirt.e and making :*eady for their
task. The year, considered academical
ly, ha.- been fairly uneventful in mere
happenings, but deeply eventful in the
imponderable things that eount. It has
been a t-1 of the coiiraite ami faith
and calmness and high earnestness of
these young men. and those who sit
before nie have j-i-.od that test better.
I think, than some of us older ones
who have unduly chafed and fretted in
irit I believe that it is at present
the duty of every boy in the high
sejiools tc make ev?ry possible sacri
fice to remain in the high schools until
graduation, and that every one who
graduates should try to go on to rol
leqe. unless a spe Mai need for youths
of hi.- age is developed in the military
service of the nation. I beg to sug
gest. too. that the vacation period
should not. in this summer of awful
de. . oris, be given over to mere pleas
ure and recreation, but that every
youngs te- keeping i,.< heart and
spirits fresh and tinbrcken by normal
life and play, should besides seek to do
something, to render some definite ser
vice ,,{ labor that will contribute to
wards the great common end.
im:i?c i:i?tiox comks
"I believe that you will agree with
me that out of the suffering and anx
iety and apprehension of these tragi
days thai has issued n .subtle power
o see with greater clearness our coun
try as it shall be when it shall deliver
its unlimited and unstinted force to
the righteous settlement of this war.
I have long believed that this war was
going to temper and fuse America like
steel that has been through tire. Cer
tainly my eyes seem to behold a higher
morale mounting in the nation, a bet
ter organized national mind, a more
inflexible will, a more intelligent pur
pose and procedure, a nobler and
sterner impatience with snarling
treason and whining pacifism, a de
termination to fight and kill the ene
mies of mankind, a swifter response to
the call of our brothers "over there'-?
men w ho have endured all privations
for our sakes. These glorious French
men and Itruishers ?never again shall
1 see one without thinking of him as a
brother, nor shall I ever again see his
flag without thinking of it as the sym
bol of eternal brotherhood and unity.
The warrior's heart i* at last beating
in this republic, as the nation begins i
to realize that its legions constitute
the last reserves of freedom in this
"May 1 ask. finally, what can this |
(Continued on Page Four.) '
Richmond's Prosperity Again Mirrored
in Times-Dispatch Advertising Gains
Comparative Statement for March Advertising Issued by
DeLisser Brothers, Expert Newspaper Accountants, New York:
TIMES-DISPATCH?March, I91S 102,038 agate lines
March, 1017 15-1,052 agate lines
37,3S(> lines GAIN
The next Richmond newspaper printed a total of 470,S81 agate lines.
21,157 lines LESS than the total carried by The Times-Dispatch for this
month, and LOST 13,490 lines over its own record of one year ago.
THE TIMES-DISPATCH was not only the only Richmond newspaper to
show a gain over March. 1017. but it also led all others in many important
advertising classifications, as shown in the following tabulation from the
DeLisser report.
Amusements and Theaters 4.112 lines more than any other paper
Automobiles and Accessories 23,009 lines more than any other paper
Classified 10,SS3 lines more than any other paper
Financial 10,385 lines more than any other paper
Hotels and Resorts 1,734 lines more than any other paper
Jewelry and Silverware 2,203 lines more than any other paper
Musical Instruments 791 lines more than any other paper
Tobacco 1,488 lines more than any other paper
WOMEN'S WEAR 12,578 lines more than any other paper
ALL OTHER CLASSIFICATIONS .... 29,208 lines more than any other paper
Military Expert Sizes Up the Week's
Battling in European War Theater
WASHINGTON. April 13. ? The
following ofllclnl nnm mur.T of tile
battle of I'landrrn i\n? Issued to
ulRlit by General .1. I). McLachlnii,
military attache nt the British eni
??No striking de? e Inpments In the
battle of A r inent ieres are Indicated
hy to-ilay'* news. It mny. there
fore, be of Interest to attempt a
summary of the tlrst d,ir< of the
lint t lr.
" I* thiugs stand. the Gorman*
lia^e scored, lint not no heaxlly
as they would have liked to linve
(lone. They hnve tvnn no decisive
\lctory, and eni'li hour thnt their
advance h delayed makes It less
likely thnt they will. They are In
n position not very different from
that which tliey occupied at the end
of the first, and what may he called
mobile. stage of the preceding bat
tle for Amiens.
"By their drlie nt Amiens, the
liermam hoped to seporute the
nrltlxh from the French army.
Their uttack between the \ pres
t'omlnes Cunul and I.a llnvse Is as
clearly meant to divide the flrltlsh
army, roll it up and penetrate to
the const of the lOnclbli ( lianncl.
??Ill the battle for Amiens their
attack wan stopped npon the north
ern portion of the line between
Arras and Albert. In the present
battle their northern flank, while
bending buck the British line, has
slmllnrly failed In Its object.
?'To understand what thla menns
It Is necessnry to use a mnp. It
will then be notlee?l thnt the
country between Wytcclinctc and
I.a Flassee bnck to Ilarcbruuck la in
the nature of a shallow basin sur
rounded by high ground. Into this
bnsln the German* have penetrated
to u maximum depth of about ten
miles and on a front of nlioiit llf
teen miles between IMoegstcert
wood and l,a Ilassec. but they liutr
failed to force the llriIKh from the
hills stretching west from Wyt
scliaete. and nt the south end of
their nttnek hn\e been held on the
line of Festuberl, (?ivrnchy and
lliillucli, and hn\c thus been kept
from licthunc. which was tliclr im
mediate objective in that rcclon.
These two failures lcn\e them, de
spite all their Kiilns in the center.
In nn uncomfortably nnrrow salient,
dominated by higher ground in the
hnnds of the llrltlsh.
"The Ilrltish are, In fact, in a
strong position to meet further at
tacks, which arc bonnd to come.
Their own and French re-enforce
ments nre reaching them, anil be
hind them they have the line of
hills running from AVytschnctc, on
the line of Ivcmmel, Sclicrpenherg,
Mont Kokerccle. Kruystrete, St.
Sylvestre to C'nssel.
'?The main thing about the situa
tion ns it stnnds to-ilay Is that by
fulling to lirenU through between
Vpreii -t.'omines and \\ ytschnete
and tlins pnsli the llrltlsh front the
ridge running west townril tassel,
the Germans lind themselves in au
awkwardly nnrrow snllcnt.
??For thnt reason. If for no other,
the battle Is bound to continue with
greater ferocity ns Field Marshal
Hnlg warned the Ilrltish nrmy in his
spccinl order, published in to-dny's
new spa per*."
Man Said to Have Accused Police
incii Is Arrested at. His S^all
in I-'irst .Market.
hi: charges a "Krame-ip"
Sa.v> Arrest Is Attempt to "Railroad
Him to .Jail for Crookedness of
Others"?Denies Making Aliened
(,'liarges Against Policemen.
The limelight which lias played
around the person of Hon Jacobs, a
butcher, having a stall in the Kirst
Market, sine' he was arrester! follow
ing: a tight in a Broarl Street poolroom
about two weekr ago. took a new twist
about G o'clock last nigh? when Cap
tain C. A. Sherry, of the Kirst l'ollee
District anrl ivtcctive Louis l3ertuoc|
arrested him at his stall, alleging that
he had sold ardent spirits within th?
thirty days last past. Jacobs gave bail
ir- the sum <>f ?:;00 for his appearance
to answer the charge. There is no
allegation of a recent sale.
A search warrant was also executed
on the home of Jacobs, at 1S14 Hast
Uroad Street, but no liquor was found.
It was said by the police that they
had seized two cases of liquor from a
man to whom they allege Jacobs sold
It. This evidence. Captain Sherry said
last night, is in safe keeping at the
Kirst I'ollcc Station, having been stored
in his oflice. and will be offered in the
prosecution of Jacobs.
At present Jacobs, and 11. 1,. Price,
of it. 1*\ D. No 3. are. under ball to
answer on April 3f> charges of felony
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Flames Wreck State Hospital for the
Insane at Norman,
Ok I a.
Victims Wore Hoys and Men From
Si\tern to Thirty-Six Years of
Ape?Many Violently Insane Snfc
1} Removed.
I H\ As?oeiated I'rfsf ^
NORMAN. OKIjA.. April in?Thirty
three bodies. charred beyond recogni
tion. have been reoovorod to-night froifi
the ruins of the buildini; which housed
ward No. It at the State Hospital for
the Insane here, which \v;u swept by
! tire early to-day. The total list of
it ussing to-night stood at thirty-seven,
one name having been added to the
list late to-day after i.ireful reckoning
by authorities.
The victims of the flames were boys
and men from sixteen to thirty-six
years of ago.
I ) Three buildings, all of them frame,
were destroyed. The property loss and
damaged Is estimated to-night at
During the tire 10-* patient-, In.'hid
ing e jpiitv-eight violently insane ne
groes and thirty helpless negroes, were
removed safely, although the violent
negroes in most Instances fought their
rescuers. Sixty employees of th? hos
pital. including many women nurses
risked their lives to enter burning
buildings and carry out crippled pa
According to best information obtain
? able to-night, the lire started irons de
fective electric wiring in a linen closet
Pr. I>. \V. Uriflin. superintendent, de
clared to-night that ho hoped the list
of missing would be lowered by find
ing patients who escaped from the
grounds during the. excitement.
.More Tlinii I.OOO Communities IIn\r
Xotv Honor KIiiks In
WASHINGTON. April 13.?Overop
| timisni. which has prompted workers
In many communities to suspend op
! eratlons after reaching their quota, or
to slacken their efforts, appeared to
! day to officials as a serious menace to
1 tho success of the third liberty loan.
t This condition was evident In scores
of reports to headquarters.
Official reports <rf subscriptions tip to
j last night, representing one week of
I canvassing, gave a total <>f $."73.4.">l,6f>0
I for the entire country, including the
j Minneapolis Federal reserve district,
1 where the campaign will open Mon
' day. This is $121,707,000 more than was
j reported last night.
| By districts, subscriptions are ns fol
lows: New York, $231,300,000; Chicago.
' J83.812.000; Uoston. $53,G8t5,700; St.
i Loul*. $ 17.013,100; Cleveland, $12,318,
000; I'hlladelphia, I39.C27.000; San I?'ran?
Cisco. $23,80S,300; Dallas. $19,025,950;
| Kansas City, $13,501,200; Richmond,
, $9,307,550; Atlanta. $3,536,800
It was estimated to-night that more
thnn 1,000 communities have passed
tho goals set for them by district
; committees and have won honor flags. i
LOUISVILLfc. KY? April 13.-Henry I
Watterson, editor of the Louisville
Courier-Journal, is ill here at tho
Henry AVntleraon 111
Enemy Battalions Push For
ward From Messines to
Wulverghcm Outskirts.
Desperate Fighting Continues
Northeast and Southeast
of Bailleul.
\mrrirans ,\i<l in Repelling Another
Prussian Attack in Sorter
Northwest of Ton I.
1 : ench troops hav'1 mad** nn advance,
several hundred meters on a front
>>! .'ibout two th.rds of a mile north
v. of nrvllle-S?orel. \ German at
ta? U in tho Xoyon soctor was ropollctl
with hoa.v y lossos to 'thc onoiny.
In the heavy lighting in Flanders the
Iiriti?-It have succeeded in driving' the
(firmans on: of Xeuve Fglise, which
village they hail entered Friday night.
Field Marshal Haig's forces held ilrmly.
Respite determined enemy assaults
MiiitliPiisl ot Haill'til. where the enemy
is trying hard to widen tlie point of
its .salient into the British positions.
The litest Herman report of the
fighting iri this area says that the
troops of Von llindenburg have pushed
forward from Mcsslnca to the outskirts
of Wulverghem.
dhivi: south of i.vs nivEn
Stiffening British resistance lja^
checked the ricrmau drive southward'
from the I.ys toward Bcthune and west
ward from MerviUe toward Uazebrouck
r.enr the Belgian border. The enemy
pressure Is continuing with great
weight toward the north, and desper
ate battling is in progress along the
line running southwest from Messinos
to the south of Bailleul.
The whole Ypres salient and the con
tinued safety of the channel ports are
pointed to by observers abroad as at
stak^ in the ftghting now under way.
Uazebrouck and Bailleul, important
railway centers, are vital feeding points
tor Messines ridge and the Ypres posi
tion in general.
So far as Uazebrouck is concerned,
the Germans have been held for the
time, :it least, on the edge of the forest
of Nieppo. west ut MerviUe, ami soma
Ave miles away from their objective.
The. Germans have been battering
away at the British line hero since
they captured MerviUe on Wednesday
night, but have advanced only a few
hundred yards, being stopped short of
the forest which is about a mile and
a half beyond MerviUe.
1 .in le additional light was thrown
by Saturday's dispatches upon the situ
ation around Bailleul, to which the
Germans had worked very close in
Friday's lighting. It was revealed;,
however, ?.hat tht> enemy was attacK'
itig heavily to the northeast of Bail
leul. between it and Messines. The
British are. on comparatively high
ground here, an I the reports did not
indicate that tne Germans were mak
ing much progress.
On the southerly side of the wedge,
which, the Ocrr.ians have driven in be
tween I.a Bassee and Armentieres. the"**
British resistance was notably stiff.
Bethure has beer, threatened by the
push In thin direction. The enemy
twioo attacked Locon, on this line,
about three miles north of Bethune,
!>ut eack timt> was repulsed, the second
time more easily than the first. The
British also held firmly around
Givenchy. on their rigrhr tlank, and ad -
v.meed their line by rapturing an im
portant German post in this region. ?
There was an improvement also In
the allied positions on the Somme bat
tle front. The Germans had gained a
footing in Ilangard-en-Santerre, south
east of Amiens, in an attack on Friday,
but a combined drive by the British
and French during the night at the
point where their lines join, on the
IIIvor Iaiee, near Ilangard, restored the
situation, putting the French again in
eomple'e possession of the v illage.
Meanwhile, the American forces arc
contributing notably to the mainton-*
n nee of the line on sectors of the
French front to the southeast. Tho
men in the sector northwest of Toy1,
added to their laurels last nisht by
repelling. In conjunction with the
French, another German attack on th*
positions in Bruie wood, in the forest
of Apremont, east of St. Mrhlel .A'
counterattack was launched, and th*
Germans were thrown out <>f tha posi
tion at a point where they had gained
a footing
Details of the repulse of Friday's two
attacks upon the Americans In thin
sector show that during ;h? fighting,
which lasted virtually til day, the
American troop* inflicted heavy casu
alties on the enemy and took thlrty
tix prisoners. They suffered few caa'J-v

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