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IhemtiHvea Ami had ho men
tRken pr).son< r.
(jltt-IXt II THOlll'S ril.llT
f ' run: in hilkims
1 French troops are lighting a lire in
tpc' cit> of Kbobns. set by Gorman
>4}etls. The cit\ has been under fre
quent honibnr?lme?nt durlnp the last
tbW hpi'Iij, Iterlin decliiinn the shell
ing was In rpprJs.il for the shilling
German dugouts in l.min by the
l*r> n h attUler> The < ffort t<< cj)nt..l
t|?o tlaiiM s 1 - pr o. i t 111ir under heavy
.-Jh-11 lire.
J J'arls suff. (it ..???.! rv if Irs of twen" -
tk.\ persons killed and seventy-two In
jured in I'rlilay night's air raid The
tjt-rman it* i '1 on lint'and f.iusci the
death of flve person* a:.J the Injury
<?f tifteen
ifiti:\t ii M\u>: utvANrr:
i\ i?it'"ii.i.i:>->?titr.i. Micron
I r?v A-e-r>' l?trd Pre** 1
' 1'ABIS. April J:: I'n n.-h troops :n
i|n attack t- -day northwest of orvilles
jjtu. l made an ?dv.ince of several hun
ijr.'d meters aioni; a front of nhout
thVQ-thirds of a ;i 1 e. according to the
Y> tr <>llice announcement to-night- \
tjerman attach the Noyon fti"i'r
repulsed w: th heavy loss< - to
J The test rea-ls
i There were artillery duel- .it Na
tions points north of Mor.tdidier,
notably in the rejion o' Canitgny and
I 'Tn the NoV '-i fci'iur special storni
!t g troop.-, w ' ? launched an attack
(Lcainst cur p"s-tiojis. were o.iucht lin
er' our ; re I ?? fore being able to reach
our Sin* - :. i - f.Vr-'.l .i sanguinary
} "On April !" our ;iirplar,?-s displayed
|vc;ii :> ' \ it :? al g th*- whole front,
jiart ic.ilarly In tho region- of the
Pontine and the i"':se Out pursuit ma
jhfne. carried out more than 3"0
forties and fought 1-0 encasements.
Eight enemy airplanes were brought
Juvn; : w'C n t >-t hr- e others fell within
fheir own lines seriously damaged.
Five enemy -i ptive balloons were set
frn fire; iive ",.!.cr? pierced by bullets,
jvere ob' ce-! :? drop precipitately to
{h<* earth.
' "Our bo:rb:r.B machines likewise
carried out demonstrations. In the day
!>f April 1- and th" night of April
2-1T. a total of ?'Or. kilos of projec
tiles was dropped in the course of
jhese expeditions, in which Italian ma
chines took par;."
\< I III NT oje I'lfdlTINT.
? Htini.lN (\.y 11'?rdon>. April 13.?The
4r.irl.il s\ cm from general head
dtmrtfr* to-d.i: sa; s
"On the battle field of the Lvs our
attacks again*? Kngi'.sh division, which
^.?ol b en broup 1".t up as <|ui<*Kly a<? pos
sible lti !]'.???'?:? ars aMi by r;illwsi.vs
aiaile . i -i; r, v ??
J "l-'roin the hoiphts of Messines we
pushed f ?-w.i'd .u ross lljo Steenbeek
Sliver, and re.i h? ? tl.- eastern border
.jf Wtilver1
J 'On t e battle r'r.? n: < ri both sides
?|f the fommo liv.< artillery duels eon
:,:n(ie in man;, se. ..t -. l^ocal advances
<>f our ' ' : ? ry on M th sides of tli
tuee ll-v- r r? ;il:- 1 *l:e bringing in
?|f i-i'i pr:one-? !?>,.. -h and Ilnclish
j ''Betu'-T. :? ?? M uro and tho Mo
?4?Hi* r< c ? ? ? ~ ;..t o':.merits p?n"
5 rated the F r ei anl America
r?nrho? in : to-.U prisoners. In tin
^ucressfn I counter, i". ok# th" e:,crn.
jtifTere-t h'-avv '
|iltrrisn mm i: ?.r.it'm\^
rito.M m.i m: i i.i.ivi
! I. \ u-.- 1' ?
! .ON1" 'N', \pr.i K - T .c -,er:nar.
V er? drive . :t f Ve : v. r ?
f he !: p sh : h: : ?: :.t- ..- ^ ?
th- report fr< , !?'. 1
i {headquarter- to-night. Four attack.
RKa?:. ? ?? - ? ? ? ^ ? ;th- :is
?or a nr '
War Brings the Need
Of More*^lute
in the Home
hi can.ps ai:(i in 'lu- homos
tli< \nif-ri' -:i t : ;ir,?
! < r.f. im tho inr'lnora <"* of
uood ir.iiric and tlie* de
mand !<t N- w l-Misniis is
Jaxini: : li- ? apa?'i;v 01 th<*
; Kdi- >1! lali Tamrios to ?
; linii'. Now is the best
' im<? to SMcuro your now
: Diamond Disc-.
; '"all and !n-ar it play tho
K. d isfi n K - - < ? rea i ion s
hmlikf any ? :h?-r pho
; . afvarajdi t
I C. B. HAYNKS &&>
? # rv.O ?. *J A 7 t I w ^ u
pirug i; !e. in forcing his way Into thet
village. This morning ho was vigor*
, cusly counterattacked by our troops
and <1 r I von out. leaving a tuinilifi- of,
prisoners, including a battalion com-;
mander. In our hands
"An attack attempted by the enemy
south of Alcteron was successfully
driven back. ami four attacks launched
gainst our positions southeast of Bail
ioul w?>re beaten off.
"Heavy casual! b-t- were inflicted on
rite enen y In 'these s< veral unsuccessful
"Tills* afternoon another hostile at
tack in strength has developed between
the Meter*: 11-I'-eofiuc Kiver. southwest of
Met< ren. and Wulverghcin. Severe
i: g h t i n g has taken place ott the whole
vf this front.
"On other part?' of the British front
the day passed without any incident of
llltlTlSH HEPl't.Si: \TTACKJ*
w hst or .111:11% 11.1.r.
I By A?- v .ate.i I'rfsii I
U>XDON. April 15.?The Germans
made an attack last night west of
Merville. on the northern battle front,
and were repulsed, the War * Mlice an- 1
The British advanced their line
slightly in the neighborhood of Kestu- j
bert and took a few prisoners.
The statement fellows.
Heavy tlghtinu developed yesterday'
evening in the neighborhoo'l of Nvtive
Kg I i so and Wiilvergliem and at a late
hoar last night was still continuing.
We advanced our lines slightly in the
neighborhood of Kestubcrt and secured
1 f. \\ prison- rs.
' l!;irlv 1 ti the night a strong hostile
attack, preceded l>y a heavy bombard
ment. was launched against our posi
.s east -'f U'con. The enemy sue
ceded in entering our lines at certain
Pi'itits. but was driven out again by
t counterattack. ar.?l a second a tar-a
attempted by 1he enemy later In tlif
night i:i the same locality \* as suc
cessfully beaten off. During ho early
part of the night the enemy also at
tacked west of Mervillo and was re
pulsed. 0:1 the remainder of the
northern battle front the situatlo nis
".Sharp local fighting took place
yesterday south of the Somme. in the
neighborhood of Hangard, and posi
tions into which the enemy had ?orced
his way were regained by counter
attacks delivered by British and
French troops. North th> S >11.-1*
the enemy's artillery has loev. ni.-re
L'r. the Somme battle fror.t ? e- ' re
village of Hangard and the aJJ ;.t..ng
cemetery have been regained tr -:i
lb* Germans
ITM'Af'Kv ON llltmsn HIf;TIT
wivi; B.\Biti:\ op uiM i.rs
I Assoc: i!?i| I'r"s.
FIlAN'iR. April 1? l'urther attacks on
the British right wing between ?;i\ .
ohy and Kobeeq, on l.a Basseo
yesterday wholly failed. Two attempt*
Brimful cf
Helpful News
PAGES 1 AM) 5.
intnle late in the afternoon r> eapturoj
l.oi-oii wore repulsed. Tho Mrltish also j
t-oiintoriUtaokod around tJivenchy ?tid
took an import:iii( to-rmati |m" I. Tho
tothtinc to-day ?.>vldont!> is Intendod ,
to uivc the ?:nririiins an opportunity!
of g??ttinj? around tin- Hrpisli positions
in tho Ypri's .salient. winch .nil is
strone'.y held.
Xeuve !?" 1 ?* wan tlio >rcnc of a
liaml-to-liaml i>tru?Kl(' whioli ro>-ulte'l
in the <:<-rtuans t:? itni};' ' f?' thobl
in tlio \ lllapi1, I>111 enemy frontal at
tacks .-?? 'In- Mf-. inos rhino w?-r? beat
<11 op
1'v a i iiint<T.i(!ark. 111? I'.t'tlsh ami
Kt ??noil sou 111 if t lie llivor So'iitno ves.
toi'laj :? itortioon rocapitm ?! Ilnncinl
which the Cormans ,i:nl strongly f rti
liril. Tin- entente all: a forces also
look tlio ni|?" adjoining tho villapro.
which v. as t"'111 of maoliitio nun*-'. Sotnn
prisoners w?ro takm.
rmsT a >ii:iti?- \ v im<i<om:k
i:s? \im:s i-ho>i i;i:it n \\\
111 v Asxoriat. .1 I
I 'A I! IS. April in. Tho tirst \n>er|oan
pi i so in r to escape from ? ???f*,ii.iti>*. : . vs
tin- Temps. lias roa<he.| \, Su it
rivi: i\11.i.i-:11 i\ aiu
II A I I) ON I ' I. \ \ l>
liOXPOV. April 13.? Five persons
wort* killed anil (Iftrcii others injund
in tin- ? '?titiian air t a i < I last nitrl'.'.
"!'? Knul ml. .u oortlinu to an otlioial a
lioUii'Miioiit made to-da> Tlio ui
ti? 'inccmoui 11 mis
"Knur airships participated in In^t
n lis lit "s '.? Ml Two of t li oin pp not ra t ? >1
a few miles inland. < if tlio other
two. ono r. .i -li" ! t !io Mi.Han i a"
otlio: nearly reached tlio nor:' n ? i
< oast T . raiders wero t r.i \ ?* 111 u i?
a trr i' height. a ml showed no incli
nation to attempt to pem;::i; de
fended areas.
?'Most of Hip bombs wore dropped
in open oniitry, and apart fro::. th.*
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demolition of four Iiouhi'k at one plucc. ?
the damage ho far reported ?s Incosi
alterable. Particulars of the casual
ties will he publishoil la tor."
>i\\\ iiitrrisii soi.t>n:its
ahk on miv?in?;
LONDON, April 13 Itritish casutil
ties reported in the course of the week
ending to-day totaled Vin:? officers ail I
hum!, divided its follows: Killed <>r
died of wounds: Ollicers, .171'. men,
1.101. Wound)*)! or missing. ??Hi<?**
l.;?>*>*. men. I.7GS'.
The casualties reported in tl?o last
week are more than twice the num
ber reported in the preceding ueHs.
I'or several weeks the total ISritish
casualties have l>een running between
:{.o :0 and 4.000, u>e Killed, wounded
and missing In the ^reat battles that
have been going on In France not yet
having !>een tabulated
to i<:staiii.imi
a <;it i:ati:h kim.ami
r.nxnox, April IS.?(iermany has
attreod t<? 'he establishment of t
greater Finland. including the I'etro
urad-Murman lailwav to the Arctic,
acnrdlnt; t>> Swedl.-h press reports for
warded mi an Kxchange T?dct;raph dis
patcli from ) 'openhagen. In th?? event
that 'iermany win." on (be western
front, the dispatch says, slie will begin
.i new war against knssla. co-operat
ing with the Finns.
Japan, ii is add)'d, will receive Si
beria if she joins in the 'iirmiiii
Finnish alliance.
l'HO\ i \ < I A i. i ?i \ru.
11 KM A \ I>*? III:? III.MTION
AMSTKl:l>.\ M, .\|?ril 1" The Ksihon-!
inn provincial council at Iteval, nc
(Mrding to the Iterliner Tngeblatt. has
resolved t<> request the derman gov
eminent t<? reeosnir.o the state of 1??
thoiila. The council ilfclilcil also to,
^:rlvl' for the closest political and
eeonomie union with (lei-many.
\ I .A I > I \ 0>T0lv asskmiii.y
imiotksts 'laoiM's ianiiim;
T?>l\Y<>. AVt'H I ?At a meeting ?
Monday of the \ "iadivostoK iiiiiubipal
assembly and council of labor ? Iio
n;t!i's and soldiers, a resolution wan
adopted protest lug against tin* land*
int: of Japanese marines. U'vodinj; to
sp*>i:il iiIspatclies received here. The
protect Was made on the ground that
tlie a< tion of Japan was not Justisied
by the murder*, which the resolution
declares oceiir in the most advaneed
oo tin t ries.
Colonel Krnnk Kl.r In <'omiiin nit.
\TtiANTA. OA.. April 1". Colonel I
Krani; I?. lily, former commander of!
the ('imp tlordoii military polic.\ to
day was appointed in commi'iul the j
Three Hundred and Twenty-seventh ;
Infantry Keghnent to (ill the vacancy i
caused by the death of Colonel W* 11 - j
It.tin li. Sun.lions, who wits found dead
in hl^ headquarters yesterdav with a
bullet wound in Ills head A brnrd
<>f inquiry was appointed??:arl.v to day
In ve.>-t igate the death ot t.'olinei
Si 11.011"
\rre*t Mnn in I'nmp l.rirne.
< IIAKIX?TT|:;. y r April I"..?
Charged with acting In a must Icious
manner by photographing1. surveying
and mapiiing public highwio s in tli
general vicinity of Camp fJreene. near
here, l,ee Mclntyre wns arrested to
day an 1 released on bond of after
hearing before a magistrate. .Mcln
tyre admitted he h:id sent a Chieugo
tlrin maps and plctutes lie mid.. lie
h;*d expensive engineering instnimentr.
cameras mid other equipment and art
iiitomohiie, which be gave int.. rur
tody n ?> ills bond for his i i pea r.':.ee at
t ll e rnmtv eourt
.Mtihnmmrdann unii Aaayrlnit I li rl*tInnM
( ln?l> oh Tiirco-I'rrfeiitii
Front I?t.
I llv Aiixui lalil I'rct-f. I
TArtlMZ. I'KIISIA. Frldaj. April 12.?
I' ^litlnjc is stU1 Roitit? on l>rtw ecu the
Vohammednn tribes ami th?- Aw*yrinii
CliriKtlatiK In tlio district west of t
Turco-lVrslan frontier. Mar Shimon,
tin- head of the Assyrian Church. has
Im'cii slain. liussl.iu troops have been
<< ini?lvtely withdrawn tr??in this s?'c
t ion.
Sever" famine condition* prevail in
the reslon ?vest of L?akc Urumlah, in
cluding the cities of Urutniah. Sain as
and Pilrnon. The condition of the roatls
and of the country generally rendcr-i
transportation dlcfllult.
More Shinvrr* I'romlneil.
WASIIINCT* i.V April 13.- Showers
the llrKt of the week, with normal tem
perature. warmer by the middle of
PltOKIT by others' experience and
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