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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, April 16, 1918, Image 1

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68th YEAR.
xi miii;it too
French and Italian Ambas
sadors and Secretary Lan
sing Among Speakers.
Count di Cellerc Praises War
Time Efforts of American
ItritMi Military Allnclir Tells W'liy
It I- Thai i'rnnrc Is
I ii?*<iii<iuci'ahle.
H} A t ? r,r lut-vl t'rr ? * !
WASHINGTON. April 1The spirit
with v.l.i i' t!.' worm n of America
>re Hupport inK the wa? i the ?. pirit
that ill v.-in for tliiji country ami
t tie a! ||r: r ? j ? r*. ejitati \ .'f of tin An"i -
ai. a:.'! ?r o 1 s? :i eovrninents ii?
Iif .ii.prs to-night ,r>i'l th'' t'.v:.
? rith ??oii|jr? <?(" tli?' National .Society
'?( I'.uj|;ir i r: si.< Aaieri an K- . olu
t !?>>!
Addi'.- v. ore delivered 1'V Secre
tary I.a* .ri-,. ? ? 1-"r? ? i. li ami Italian
nilci' tad": ?; ii.f I: ? 1 jz ?. 11 ? and S? roian
>'?:!? and >??! >r <1 [?! - ?in a t !<? : ? pre
?'ritaiiv < > the 111.? I'r- ? i?l?'nt W;l
.-on. v. ho v. i..'i t(.< program for a
? v a ? f. ronl ?.? iicI hi"? < :i
C-'n ':.? fit.
Jul-:; ? ' .1 u ? ?r iii'l tl.e French . in
i'.f . ,i i'>r. dr<-.\ j. r-at upphiu: e when
in tlie I '.ui ^' ??{ In pc ''li ho > ?!.
gratulated the American covcrnircnt
! ?r retiioi irig fr. -?: ::i fro* ' of the
War i ? ', ? ? : ' ? t ? ? i. ?.f 1 *: -
?rti- 'n- 'Ire,ir -?:> .,< tic- ?icrman
1 * m i r?? r?>r
of c ?! i In i. ? ili.-: i;i '?(!
We 111 vi f . ,? ? . . ?. .
p.l--; ' U .V lt'< I1..T i-.M> * ??u n d -
? .1 ) V t ? I ? . ... ..ml . ii..r .
< i- .' ' .? .1 tin* !>;? ?.{!?
I ? ? ? ? ?? t.1 1 T riIte
' ? ? 1 ?? ? ? \< i ? if. 11 i .? '.i; It -
? ? - 'I ' !.? I ? ;? I ? ?? 11,. : i ; . f rj 1
.-trili: .. ! i u.'It : .In; . tliiit n:ar.\
<li t h'-'.I i? pr? ? 111a11v' ><f ti,r
f: ? I.at i.f t! ? < 1 : , I. . 1 . iM I .
a ? ii. :;<'il reiur> l..?n.- my ?-:<!?! "tn.:
? "in .??ii ??pit i* i r.? I . :i . . 'i . . j .? u : |.
'In W J- t ' -g ? ? I: ? 1 li >,d : I t
?W I ?! ? !: ? .'I 111 !?!??< ??! - :-t a I: <?<! lil -
??f 1'rari ? ami 1 :? 1 j: i'; m. thr"'n;'i '!;>>
1 * ? ? I ?.!???? r.d "f I'll' a ??I ?!
I ? I KK' 1 !. I a ir < ?,' ? f !??
' i''' < *?? 11?-r?? Italian ami.. ad i .
i ' !?' War < ? f f < * l t - ..if A ri.' t -
? eri it. lar'iit; that in it i
? ??Hit ?? lli? t. ? 'i<u will 1 ? c r; i :a * ? i
l' ? i \a ? pP Italian \l?itn<*> . w ! ? ?
i ? i ;? 1 1 t < ? i iM i . m a. t
i< r< ? ngitB' >i a. t i . y ; ri ;n ?i. i it i'>n "r
ho. pit i! w rl
Major-. ,1 ,i |. ; i.;, |iia: r sil
itarv at'aoln ..f ?1:?? Critlnh r-nil.aj-v.
?.? ?Til::.. : ? ? I'.ri.. war *.v. ? . < '
!':??? v. ? ? i t . . ?: v i:. ; - if
t i:? v. r, 'I' l l in i|. "\\ . it 11|/. ; a '
ln.it ' .? \. l.y 1'r. .i .- v , .'in-! a 1 a>
Mill 1 ? ?: I : . 1 ? i ? rahl.
I Ii'! i V. ri11. ? ? oil v.-:; ? jori ::
"t cat :"!?!? from the \\o:ii<ii
? ?' i'jni !'. thi w .-n i.f America,
'i i: ?le ?*art!< : il? Mari lilenne, the
I'a-lcian r: in i.-'t er. ; at?l he iv in a pr;v
? (.?? ?' position !?? tlm current "f
:?..thy. the i1 ?????. ? : ,.? <*ro?.tt> " ?*
I ?- y : <? forth ! r< vi the I ;lite?) ;?>'tt ? ?
I t-> tip' war-strlckcii people of his na
! ;?i< : . n?!
Si. I.ioubomir Miclmilovitch. the Sier*
| iilan minister, said his poople, with
I -hrir co-nationalf i"roat:' :*.nd Slovens.
! ?? ltvinp tlirouRh the . m:?- <?\perl ?
? 11 ? that A in. 111 :i went t h roup h dur
ing it i:sli* f r independence.
.HiU.'ltM Will ( nui'uf'l Mrl*^ \gainnt
S.iImhii* Hefore I.ornl
Option Klrrllnn.
HVi: \CU.Si:. N. Y . April If. Hilly
iMlny and 1 i : < \ a n c ??! is' ic j arty a r -
i v i >1 ho-.' t>>-nii:lil from tli." ?'l?i<-:tj4??
?\-.a! 1 ???inlii't llif lii.tl <1 r: vc
? c.iinst In-ior.' (in iwn-.lty lo
?a! f-i.fi1 i ? I.'i'ti. *t I?? I f !ioi<l t t-inor
..w a nd Wednesday. The ??v..!;'" oil- |
(inught is hoir.-A lot! by Chnrics Wlridlc,
? I < ,'lii'air". Me Sunday's archenemy.
I' .'?!<! 1 i11:i i v Mil(ioi ?? -vere tal.oti
If. pi-, t < * ? t t V ?? Hilly Sunday party, as
nuii'ti's i f possible nuts wore rife. !?' 1 y
inj: sij-i.'i "rons of poli e wore formed
: ml ! evi-r.il hundred firemen were!
j-v. u ii i'l - special officers to quel! !
111.- expected rifits wills Jir?- hose. j
\iistrinn Mmpcnir Snys t nnnon In (lie
l\ci Will Viimirr I'Icnienrrnn's
Aci'iisn t ion.
[ !<v A.-om i:ite<l I'rff.'. |
r.ASi;i., KWITZKIILAND, April 1r..?|
? "itipfior Charles of Austria has sunt j
?"*>.? following t- 1. gram to Kmperor
trj |lii:iiii' of ?i.riiiany, according to nd-!
. ves from Vienna:
'?( ".emencoau's accuj-at ions against mo j
?<r.. .-?<? low that I have no int?n*.ion
..-.igcr to discuss this affair with
France. My cannon in the west is our
last reply.
"In faithful friendship.
(Signed) "CI IA HI, ICS."
City of Wilmington I.est.
fli.v .\ssin hiii'il Pro^r". |
Xi;W Yiilils, April 15.?The Amcrl
ean steamship which was burned off
llio const of Nova Scotia Saturday
night was identified here to-day as
the City of Wilmington, formerly the
Harbor T.lne's freighter ("amino. She
was a vessel of n.300 tons gross, and
wns on a voyage from a Southern port
for Franco with a cargo of cotton
and flour.
Buy Your Bond
Without Delay!
Montr, ooiuitry anil rl vlti/.-il Ion arc
milium in }uu for protrrtion from
tin* ilrmdril Hun \?;ir machine.
I.lkrn Nr in ymir oily n.HkliiK > nil
lo tulikcrilir to thr third l.ilirrtr
l<i:in to-tlti.t, that it iiiii j- rulsr iii
nllnlmrnl. ^iiunrr or l:ilrr j on nrr
Kolnx lo plnrr y our Miibitrript Ion
with your liunlt, hut you nrr nnkrd
not to drln; tlint tin I v. Tin* mionrr
you nrt, Ju?t ?o in II rli Icn?i nork
nillkt thrrr l?r ilonr liy tlir ??? in p::ls n
noikFM, and thry nlll hmr morr
time in nlili'h to k?? ?ftrr I lion c
"ho will not dn their duty unlmn
thry nrr proddi'd on.
Yoti nrr not Koinjr lo lir found
Mfintlnt;! Ilrrr's one tip: think how
you'd Irrl to l?r cniiKlit ilr.ni wltli
*i ii t n l.lhrrt.v lionil in your r^l.-ili*
\%lirn your \tlll went (o prolintr!
-No amount of rpltnpliy would wlpr
thr ntain ofT your lomhMtonr thin,
nt 11 timr of mi t tonal *trr%? n nil
prril. you wrrr trlrd mill found
MuntltiK. Any individual m|i>i fail*
to rrtpond now (o thr country'* .-nil
forfrlIh nil right* and I'lnimn to hr
ratlrd an American.
l-*?*ry hank and truit rntnpnny
l'-l? plrdRrd to thr enirrnmrnt Hi
r\rry f.ii ilily to iirip you hr!p win
Hir ?nr. (in tn-dny and fulfill your
iililiun t ion.
I hr Kninrr hntrth n cheerful Klvrr;
?.? hut your hood and make hlin
^hiirr! t
% on hold wilhin jour powrr hi* fair,
"II* not a time, lo hr\ltntr.
St. Louis District Has Ali*ea<l> Sub
srrilied \linust Half of Its fjuota
of si;?i,ono.o(Mi.
Miiunt Anylr, Drrj:., Willi Popula
tion IM> IVr < 'flit uf W'liirh 1*
<?t*rinnn ??r Austrian-Horn, Haix's
Mure Than Its Share.
W'A.-l! J\v;-|.i.V. April ! A t.r,tal .f
OH.vyo in :-t;bvcrlpt ii r to thi tl . r
l.it.trty loan \v;i:j announ'-r ?) to-nigM
I ;? 'i.i- Tr?a.ur.. Department. It. :
!? i: re-port fro:;i hanks ami tr.i ?
?' trili- i". r!i von of thr i|?>ral re
?? 11: -11 .. -1 ?- up to tlir i'Iim' of liu>i
t.<?. >.nt ir-i.t\ ? ^ nt. ami i.< an tn
re.i?.< of > H V1 M'O'i Iivrr tl;e t'jta!
.p to l-"r ill ,i > Iv- Tji-i r'.ili^i-ript ions
'? tT' tti. r v 11M tiji- minimum ?iuoia.v of
? ;? ' )>. .i r i a foliou
t?;M- ? -iit'M'rl|itt<>n. Quol<i
* V ? i i J'. ?
t'lit .?!.?'? . . 1 11,1)94,000 455,000,000
H ? i ?! i.or ?
i* ? ?i l ii ml ? MH"
l,?iu <r.?? i? ? ? i . ?' an .......
i' i i hi i 4 v " 4 'i'i "
Sin KfuiiciM'O .... ..4.; ,.M. i it 0,009.000
K i- i *it*. . . , i ..? ii : 's> ii.i i .
II , . i i i ; . ? ? '.
I. ' in I 1 ..?>'? ? ' ? ?< ! .
A t! .i ? ? t 1.4; ,?0? 10."01 1 '?
I-*: r ?-t r<'ji-i?t>: from tt" M i ri c r- .* j! is
? Sift; i ?. w h^rr tlir hollinr, carnpaifn
1.ir?< ri to-<! .y, \* ill l o anriotinooil ' o.
? .'?rrov . Ir.it.al ri'turn-' tlirrc,
I'ver, :irr nio- t '?nruurr.KinfT.
'I'l r ? I .ii u is ill:-; riot to-'lny r.ialn
t.il.'H 'l it-' Kail in pi rrcntase of : '.ili
r.*ir:o:i- ol.iaini'1. It alrraily has 44
!?* - -.t Tlir Rfafr major ty (.f ne
-u'i -cript ions lia\t? c-i>r:.r Trcm iJulivi?l
- all Statrs 1 nolu?|ril In
th.r St. F.nttiv district, with a total, i r.
? Itisivo ..f thr i-ity, fif JI2,llf.,l"ft.
Tao. Wash., went o\'i*r t!:?> top
Patunlay nicht, it^- committor wired to
day. without a single subscription from
a hark. One out of every fixe per
son? in thr city hought a hoitfl. a:nl
.it midnight Saturday the oltj-'s ijuota
\va> overstihs.Tibeu 1'*""? per cent.
Mount Angle. Oreg.. with a popula
tion of which per rvut are German
anil Aiistrian-born. w;ip atmther North
west town that won th<- honor Pa;
to-d:i> by ovcr5ubscril?ing' lt= quota.
I)nmn;rr nt Mintioir l'lnn( ICntininlcri
ill .? I Willi II In 7 r
Mill 11.mi tic.
I Hy Asv la * ?<! IT'.- I
TORONTO, Apjril 1-?Klre which
l?roJ<i- out l:*tc last nijr 1?t on the load
ing platform of I'm- llarrb Abattoir
Plant .it the L'nion .-'tcckyards.
Toronto, at C o'clock thi- morning wan
still burning. The ilama?<- at that hour
was estimated at $ I.<>0^,000.
Tho rooling-rooms. with meats and
other foortstlift's, stored in them. valued
at about SL\"00,000. wrro threatened.
Tlioiiftnnri* nl PriiKiir Participate Ifi
(ironl A nti-tiermnu Urinous! rn
lion. Horliit Hears*.
I My Associated Press. 1
AMSTKFIMAM, April IS.?Thousands
of persons gathered in the streets of
Prague, capital of Itoliemia, on Satur
day, denounced the Hermans and
cheered the entente and President Wil
son. says a. dispatch from that city to
the l.okal An/.oiger. of lterlin.
Vo Definite tftmirnncp n* to Time of
\\ i t li ilrn t\ ii I of 'I'roop.s from
\ Iniihimtok,
I ISy /tsiiociatod Pr .? 1
lX>NDON. April 15.?Lord Robert
Cecil, minister of JUockade, answering
a question in the House of Commons
to-day, said:
"No assurance iias been given that!
the I'ritish and Japanese troops will be!
withdrawn from Vladivostok as soon as
order is restored, but it is hoped that
the incident will soon Ins closed."
Aviator Meclintiiciiiti Killed.
NKW YORK, April 15.?Max Bessler, '
mechanician for Lieutenant Joseph i
Stehlin. of the Lafayette escudrille, was '
instantly killed at Sheepsliead Hay to
day. Hess.lor was testing the mechanism
[when the propeller started to revolve,
hurling him to death.
Committee Expresses Alarm ai
Overconfidence on Part of
Women's Committee Is Doing
Splendid Work; Others Not
Up to Expectations.
Despite two trcmcn'i'iu: nja ??s-incet*
ir.gs in tlio < 'it; Auditorium last \v<"'k.
unusually ?*ffect i ?? w ? oy forty-one
women's organizat the city, who
alone have otit i . >1 it.' ripti'.ns ag
gregating rnor<- t j .i ? ' J ?? ???.<'?? ? a:>'l
great activity on the -art ?>t r-.au>'
w orkers, it he it:' ? l.-i iiii.-li*
in financial <'ir ?!?? ' .? l:i 1 is:i?? .<! '
making slow progr' ? in the third
drive lor the sale of !.:?.? ? ?loan \ ? d<.
S ihneript iorifiltered hy the variju
hanks were t.ih'ilat<<I ???? tin lit t
time, hut v. not li>.1
Ilankern declared that overconfidence,
agui; t whi<h they 1 ?. d f ? ? ? j p I ? t s::n-e
the open t.ir of the tlri' ? more than
one w i r-k ago had '? ? ?-1 a" ? >1 det I in' -
ally l-er?- The total of Mibs-mpti-ms
entered jo far ?? not announced. but
word that the aggregaf wa? less tha'i
had been ? r-timated wont forth ?|til?*tly
To awaV'-it tli*- ? .mi p.'iign worker?.
l>IIOI>ltI>'? Ml I' \ It MA UK
itiicn vr.m
Pii'.'hmon'i wa: pllott'-d *'?.,000 cjn
th: is-.ue. There is no dotiht that the
total will he raised, hut 'he progr"':s
b?- ng made f? slow. In :,nan<-ial rjr
< '??? it wa? declared 11;:? t tin* campaign
1 nl lagged; that ti:<- people l.;nl been
work'-d tip by tli*- mass-r etitiv;s, hit
had r. ? ? t enter' >1 their jh~-r;j? t h-v-.
The drive will l>e started with far
greater c-irnt stness from to-da\ and
worker.- are < oai-dent that they ran
raise the city allotment in i short
time. The> have been awakened t ?
tlii1 realization ? t the. great work t|.;.t
h<- done, at: I <!'?.? ?? ?i'ii- kly.
Only one d- -mot. -: rat ;..n lia- . "M ir
r.i! t'-.J th:s week to break the >n? ? t
.?'iy of ??ontinuous wori on the put
? f the worker . and hef> r- th? \< ????V
closes the committee h- lieves that
llichmond vill 1 >? v..11 ? \ tne road
to success.
The wornei <-'.mtritt" }??.- arranged
a machine-ptin nemom-traiion for to
morrow afternoon in the ?'a;itol
.-'jiian to show the p. o;>j.- how tliif
implement of \v;;? i- Msed. a.d wh>
t ho purchaj e of I "ii(l? ?? nr- ???.--.irj
to furnish ammunition for tin- o.n
rhinos Une fi<- :? I'utpp l.fr
with t won! y-??!?>o )1|< .t':<i . ? 11 r? fl . r.r.
wti! give tl <" d f ;r..!. t ra t ? n from to
7 o'clock
r IT* III \ IU? N I)X
Hill NlNKINt. 1*1 Ml
>11 .IT
? lull -
<1 it in
scribed |
loan through it> sitiki; k f'.i-<1
mi? i<?n? rs. This ae'ion ? t.i
a :-pe?-i.i 1 ?r!<- .-? t; ji ^ ,,( t) .
ors, held in t ti?? office of ?'it> \
Ceorgc S <'ren.-haw. Tin -???..?? ^ rind
of Hi*- city now total ? 5 i '?:.! f .?? ;
will be increased 1 .? an addit i??na)
$200,000 ''ii July i. Tlii! coiriinission
ers decided yesterday t :? ari'inse.
meats for t)to j? 11r< I.... . . : tin- bond.
to hi11 deli vered I ll 1 > !. .-;r.c<? Iili-l
for tlii- pijjpi ? would r t Ije avail
able be for e til at tSr.if
Subscription* jrj the Fifth I ?.-1j-i ? t.
according to r? j r: - received yi-st*-r
'iav by tin 1 *?-<:?-r:> I llvsorw i::ink of
liiehm >n<l coi',' ? i-'' crow. Iv.st
'?arl report f financial ii?:-1 i? ?j t '?????:
showed a K'i:i; I subscription;: ff
Sunday ??{ vitli Vir
ginia leading '!i> district ;i rub <-rij?
tions so fai fiif ivc!. ,\ greater per
centage ff banks are also report ing.
the to'al yesterday being out of
I.5M instituti' in the Fifth l>is
t riot.
si-:*v issi i:s vii.i iiks
<;o\ornr.r <;.orge j. Sea; announced
rlie following figures ia.-t night. show
insr .?tj i?. riptions- reported yesterday:
\<>. H* ?rt ? Sul
.'? if H.ii l, ? , ^ .. rit.f.i
M l' > ..I!..! . 7 . I . J , 1 -t|.
I' ? ,.f < ? !. >!70:i
We.-I Virgiui i I ;.. t.77i I *
\ ii cim.t l?? I t I.I.. 0?
v.,fill I'.tr ma li.i ?? pi. '/?r.o
South I'.irnl i rt ll. 1 .. . |i
Totalr I :i:? t ?s? | tK."77.7".0
l!?*l?irted Satur-I. ? I _. 7?? .
? * ? t J l.0,?
?lii\ i: in KiriiMiiM)
r.DI.INS IN I-*. \|( M'.ST
'Iti'- drive fur > ?.ibscripl ions in lii -h
inoilil w.i* begun ri I'arin- I y?-ste rda\
b;. 1 "m o loral ??fits -?i itt?.*??. Speaker-' d -
liveroil . hort talk.-" at the theaters,
anil p!a'.-= voi'i- being made by which
etr.;do> ee.s <?( all indu.-trial plants in
the <".ty \\ill be reached during llie
ne.\; ump we el. . Members of the cmn
inittee expressed satisfaction at their
meeting yesterday afternoon over the
proxie s beiiiR made here, but urged
i. very one to greater endeavor.
Kinployees i:i the administration de
partment of the I'hesapeake and I'o
tnmac Tilephone Company were ad
dri^-t-d yesterday morning by William
II. Adams in the Chamber of C >m ?
tneree. Tiie meeting was extremely en
thusiastic, and many subscriptions ate
expected to result from the gather
ing. Je.--.se C. l>uke and .Mayor Meorge
Ainslie, speaking at the afternoon and
evening performances, respeetiv%ly, at
the l.yrle Theater, were well received
by'the audiences, and the committee
believes their work will bring results.
I ?r. I.V H. Anderson will make a short
talk at the afternoon performance a",
this theater to-day, while Alvin M.
Smith promises his audience a rare
treat. lie will fting a patriotic ap
peal?"What are you doing to help the'
boys?"?at botn performances to-night.
A short talk was also delivered from
the stage of the Academy of Music
last lught, and will he repeated Fri
day, when that theater plays again.
The local committee issued a request
yesterday afternoon that every one
(Continued on Third i'age.)
Indications Arc That He Is the
"Goat" of Charles's.Pcacc
Publication of Emperor's Views
on Alsace-Lorraine Made Sac
rifice Necessary.
AMSTKKI?A M. April 15. ??*ount
? 'zfrti.n. Austro - Hungarian Fore .51
Minister, a'-cordinji to a dispat'ii ft>m
Vienna, has resigned.
Ii:nperor i'harbs accepted t>??r ? z
nation. ami entrusted Count i'z-th -i
.villi the .of.duct of foreiB siii.i'i" I -
; i 1 his uecessor i-7- appointed.
Tit*' recent publ; ation b> the Freti-h
government of tip* futile appeal sen'
? it by K:np?-ror <"narie.", of Au-'r.a
ll'iiiKary. ;n M.it h, 1917. .Mi l t!i. ef
forts of t hi- Kf peror arid the A'.i tro
liariRariaii For? tifti ?'fli :? to cxpia.n
tii:. let v r t>> the *ati: Hi tlon of ?.ier
ii miiv and the ?Jer:nan Knipcror prob
able. wore the inovi potent, inllueticc
?1 briimwiK about, the resignation of
Count 1 '/orniti.
Si nee h< ?a tcl Foreign Mit:
on 1'ecembei Jt. 1910. in sue
e .'ion to Huron H ir.an, ?'ount <'/.ernin
has ben very .ft iv. in attempting to
bring about pea e. and the inod< rate
tone of h.s .speeches ha- been in .-harp
-ontrast with that ??{ tii" <;?-rinaii
? hanc Dories atid F>r?-ign Seer- tarie.s.
Ilywrver. h - part i>.ition 1:1 the
for'e?l pea ? ui>on 111:i.i ?-? well a *
? ..it upon Houmania. did not show that,
ii!.- actions k?-pt .-tip with h.s wori-.
??!(.?.i>m:d i:\iii\m.i:
1 ik vii-:ws with ,\mi-: 1111 \
"In the *'p? . 1 '? ?.ffet:siv.-" oi' th<- pris
on*. >1 >r. '"ount ? 'z?-rti:i, in tin A us
? .1:. H- hsrath, on .lanu.-.:y - V s ? j. ?
(,-? :< 1 .i: 1 ? X' hanse of \ -ws Ih i'.vi 1 n
A 1 -'" .1 - II j r. g a r> and ?i? ?? 1 ? 111 ?-< I Stare?,
lie a .ii"'li >'d a. o that \u.-tria based
??1 11 * K itiationa w.th liu.-s.ia on the
poli> y >.f ti" annexation.- or irnlem
but there always was some
do-ibt whethr;- 1*:;; pa'illst 111aIi^ll vers
w ? ? ?? honest, ot wcr? inspired by lt-r
l:n In an ?-ffort to brit g- about a split
among the entente allies.
1'ount <'zernin. on Apr:! I. in an ad
ilrrs- ,i > Vienna. d> lared that l're
? r <'.'??rneif <>au had .-'light p?.a*e ne
u- ?? ?r i-with Austria. Tlv Fret. ii
r-.-ni. i replied that <'<ojiit '"aertiin
! The l-'ren h and Austrian Korean
' >!' ? thi'n .s?-u?,d stat?"*?n?-: 11 rxplatn
ik the unofficial negotiations in
S vv , t.t'.crlalid.
Marly '..1 ? \\ <^ek the French ko\t:i
nn-nt d-? iared t: t Ktnpc-ror ?*harl?-s
and ?'??'Jti1 1'zfi -i tioth had said that
t'ie claim i'rin t > A lsacc-I?or
raine w a- jus- Tli.s bi ousht a de
nial from Ktn :??- ror ?'ha rUin th^ f.-rm
<?{ a -rrr;? 1:1 Ihnp*Tio- \\'illi;-*n.
\v :.o:ii lit- ?? .!? .1 ? 1 hi- loyalty t-> tin
? J?-1 Jii:? 11 ?-ail ,-iikI d?oi>-d t'rti In
iiad said Fi ? r. ?? w .1 jur t i :i. 1 i: 1 v.ant
iriii A l.-a - I.ki i a 1 in- returned.
This immcdlat'iy brought from tl^e
Fr?H' Vi govf-r." 11. rit t >?.- publication of
1 le(t<-r fr-'"':n Kmpfror ?'li;.rb-- to his
brother-in-law. I'rin. > \tii-. ..f Hour
bon, whi.-ii ws ant.'Kraphed, and
w.itt'li the Km per- -r asked l'o- i.-i\?-n to
I're.siih-nt 1' .,:i. ar.-. 1:1 tlie letter the
i:tnp?-ror -? 1 that Fran e should have
A isuce-1 .orra ;ne, and that He'.gium and
Serbia should be rf-'torerl. II,-- a! ?>
a ked that l.onlon ;s.:id Paris be felt
out as 10 probable p^act turnip.
\TTI-:>11'T 31 \ 1)1: Til SHOW
C 'II \ li l,|-:s Mi l' A I Tlluit
? lernvnn newspapers 11;?\ attacked
both Kmpcror i.'hatles and hit l-'orc:gn
Secretary because of this letter, arid
attempt.- have 1)0.':! made to !;ow that
it w a - not written by t'ie Ktnperor. It
lias been reported in Vienna that there
was M" attempt to Iti?|?- its authenticity,
hilt tli.it th - Kren.-li \. r. ? 1 was g.ir
l.?b <1. It ha? .i: i I., .-a reported tha>
the Nit-; was written hy the Ktn
peror in *t her - i ri-la \v
I'zern :i wa .n Uoutr.ania
when the letter w :>. put lislied hv the
yvivern::ieiit. and he was : u:n
iiii.ii. '1 Vienna Kridaj
<' ?iiM* < >t t oka r < '/.I i r. n v.iti I'inidenitz.
a wealthy Itohoi'iiati IuihI oivnc;, was
minister 'o Umania when that c.un
t r> ent? rr 1 the war Within ? x week.i
after the death of Ktnperor Francis
Joseph, ''??lint I'/.erniii was appointed
l-'.f.-.gn Minister hy Kmpero:- I'harles.
? < /.< riiiii i- a very dose friend
"?>f ? '.t?; ? i? U. r ii told. "Foreign Minister
at thi' outbreak of the war. and who
has ' e.-ri reported as the political
mentor of the voting Ktnperor. ?'ount
llercli! .'Id has heeu opposed to t!ie I'an
I'.erman w ar part;. , and his resignation
was brought about by them.
In add:tioii !?? be.:i>; Foreign Minis
ter. '"?ntit ?'/ernin was Premier and
I'l.an ? Hot* of the dual empire. He is
a In 'ii t. sixty.one years old.
I'ulif) of Shipping; Hoard Will ( onccii
irate I poo liiillding; Steel
\\' \Si i I N'i.ITi l\. April 15.?"No more
wooden ships," is the new policy of the
Flitted States Shipping; Heard. accord
, Jng to an ollicial announccinent to
The wooden ship program will be
continued only to the extent of the
I resent wooden ship engine .and mn
' i hiliety program. The new poliey will
lb,? to concentrate on those larger steel
| vessels that will give to the United
' States a merchant marine power after
I I ho war
It was announced also l?y the board
to-night that enough ships hail been
i made available for the nitrate trade
; to bring in America 4.*1,1557 ton.-: of the
'chemical for fertilizer and munitions,
j Meanwhile in anticipation of the new
1 supply, ii I* understood that the farm
ers w ill get some of the present stores
cf nitrates held for munitions.
American Officer Predicts New Drive
at Another Point on Western Front
W AMIIM.TOV, \ pril IT. I.air
call Ira from ubronil run v inec the mn
JorlCy of the enemy's xlrnli'Ki)' ex
perts stntinncil hrrr tlinl llir (irr
tuan elforl in capture Amiens nnd
t lie cliniinrt ports i i tin- supreme
motive of the Prussian enteral
stall, mid llin! llir sneers* or fnll
uri* of lli<* llritish llnri to hold will
spell victory or ilrfrnl of tin* I.it
ii 1 ii i) plan of olTensivr. \ small mi
nority of tli<- Man, lionrvrr. Iiolil
to tin- belief tlint another ilrlvc liy
tile <?crinniis at another point on the
vven tern front i.s in prnres* of or
Knni/.nt Ion.
One of the prominent officer*, who
holds to the latter theory, defended
hi* position to-day in this wise:
??We in lis t remember that t.er
manv's military party is sbntiiiK
on thin ice. Tlie.v ninst enrry their
hattle lines forward, or they will
*nltcr defeat from the hands of the
otilrnRed citizenry of lierman). 'I'lie
crent dancer they- face is the politi
cal attrition which will come ns the
react ion of the mnsses of t.erioany
u hen they find that thousands of
their loved ones have hern Killed in
a mill elVort to rotit the forces of
the allies.
??I ader such circumstance*, it Is
appnrent that tliey srivc meant con
sideration to the loss of men. Fail
ure to achieve a military victory
will lirins a political defeat. There
fore. I hold that there is excellent
reason to lieiieve Hint nnother blow
will lie aimed at the allies.
"It is Hie belief of most militnry
men that no crushing blow can be
administered to lite allies by any
drive such ns II indenhiirc is now
engaged in on the northern end of
the allies' line. 1'rom the losses In
Attornry-l?rncrul Gregory Writes
Mi<liii;;ui Cun^rrssniaii ns to
('omlil ions.
Kvrry Possible KITort Is llrin;; Matifl
to Ferret Out ami Punish 10very
Crime Against or Attack I poll
This Country ami Its Citizens.
I By Associated Pr**-:.]
WASH IN'.JTt ?N. April 1HoiinrtS of
onf'itiy activities in the United States
arc grossly i \nggeratc<I, says Attor
ney-* Seneral ilregory, in a letter to
ftepre.sentative Currie, of Michigan,
made public to-night l>y Mr. Cregory.
Replying t<> a letter from .Mr. Currie,
saving that .1 strong feeling exists
throughout the country that the gov
eminent i?- dealing too leniently with
spies and dangerous enemies, the At
tiinicy-i itneral explained the extensive
work of tlx- Department of .ItiMice in
policing the country under the war
??The public iissiunc?," Mr. Gregory
wrote. "that there is a great deal of
? :n> activity ^"ing on in tlit.s coun
tr;., .tn*l it i. but natural that vague
rumors are magnified into definite and
sensational stories. The talk of dam
age done by enemy aliens in causing
incendiary tires is an illustration of
m:m:ssm?\ to ukki* m:? itr.T
\l 'l'l\ ITII'> of (iUVKItXMF.NT
The Attorney-?leneral suggested that
"the verv necessity for keeping secret
many of the activities of the depart
ment undoubtedly contributes to the
impression of which you have coni
plaitied." and added
"It would al'. tird to sa;. that everj
hostile act ha" been successfully run
down ami the offender brought to
punishment, or that every eiiem.v agent
or propagandist at work in this Coun
try ha; been discovered I do, how
ever. assert that every possible effort
is being made to ferret out and punish
activities of this character, and th.it
this worl. in other departments, as well
as my own. is being done from day to
day with constantly increasing e in -
ciency. . . .
"Long before we entered the war
this department recognized the neces
sity of an efficient system for the pre
vention. as well as t lie detecting, of
enemy activities, and began at that
time to strengthen and build tip its
bureau of investigation, which now for
a long tunc has been operated ot; a
war basis. It is a fair statement to
say that the country has iwver been
so thoroughly policed in its history
by the Federal authorities as it is
i.,\.\ i.A\\ s hi:i. vri.vt.
"Most of the disorder throughout the
country is caused by the lack of laws
relating to disloyal utterances. Con
gress did not pass the original espion
age act in the form in which my de
partment prepared it, and section ;!
of the law as parsed by Congress has
been the only weapon with which the
government could attack this danger
ous evil. My department-has succeed
ed under that one clause in securing
the conviction of more than 250 offend
ers in different parts of the country
and In obtaining the imposition of sen*
(Continued on Second l'agt\)
ourred by thi- lirrmnn army In uniti
i n iz the Hrst fifteen mi Ion, it in rcn
soiiablc lt? be lie v e that hr Mnmli
ready In lose 1 mrn in put
tins llir liriilsh forccn out of no
tion temporarily.
'?There is no tloni>t lint fhiit they
arc tryinsr ?" drnw nil the allies'
reserve* to Northern Krant-r.
??'I lie British huve fought a* the
men of their nation never foucht
before. They have ebrn to the
world ii brilliant example of the
power of tlie man lichtinc in a just
ean.sc. I see no reason to think that
the t.ermnn pressure ncninst the
north line will be lessened. 'I'he (ier
maiis tried to sever the contnet of
the French and British. Then they
tried lo drive a wcil<;e lirtnrm the
llritish and the Port tiKiie.se. It In
logical lo e\peet their nc*t attnek
in this district -ivlll be at the point
where the llrltish and Belgians
meet. 'Ibis point is lowland, and a
diniiiilt nrea for fighting, lint of
ficers who have recently returned
Ntnte that the terrain In such thnt
another advance could be attempted
at that point.
??It would appear that the t.ermans
are confident thnt if thry ean put
the llritish temporarily out of ac
tion thry can easily brush nslde the
French and American forces.
"The situation is crave from the
standpoint thai the (>ermans may
yet be nblo to do a lot of daaiaee
on the north end of the line. Hut
it is not grave, If we are consider
ing the chances of ultimate victory.
The (iermans will be too badly
smashed by the i!mi> the llrltlsli Rrt
through with them ever ncnln to at
tempt an ofl'cnslve powerful enough
to enilanser I'rance."
In No Other Way Can Cyclops's Fail
ure lo Call for Help He Ac
counted For.
no \vi:i:ck.\(;k has hkkn skkn
I\iicmie.ss on Hoard May Have Taken
Possession and Are .Now Keeping
Ship Out of Usual Trade Houtes
in KfTort (o Kvude Recapture.
1 By Associated Pret-s.!
\V AS! 11N< iTOX, April 15.?Orders Tor
greater efforts lo llnd the missing
naval collier Cyclops, overdue. from
South American waters for more than
a month, went out to-day to American
ships. In addition, allied naval craft
on patrol duty in the south are aiding
in the search.
So far not one. word has come to
clear up the mystery of the collier's
disappearance. Secretary Daniels said
to-day, however, that he still clung to
the hope that the vessel would report,
;!*5 many other navy ships have done,
after they had been given up for lost.
Naval officials were no nearer to
day lo a solution of the disappearance
than they were three weeks ago, when
anxiety over the safety of the ship
first developed. There is absolutely
nothing on which to found an ex
planation. The big carrier has simply
vanished from the sea.
No possible theory was rejected by
officials in seeking an explanation.
Suggestions heard most frequently
were that German agents had boarded
the ship in port and captured her
from her people at sea; that she had
broken in two and gone down in a
sudden squall; that she had been over
taken by a submarine and sunk with
out trace, and that an internal ex
plosion had sent her down.
*1.1. THKsr. si u?;i-:stions
to ii.uk n,.\\vs
\U <?f these suggestions liad flaws
:ti them, it was saul. A theory that
.??-ho had been e:\ptured l?y ji group of
ilerman agents aboard appeared to be
Use only one that would account for
the silence of her radio equipment.
Since the ship failed to appear, naval,
ve.-^els have patrolled all coasts in the
vicinity of her route, looking for
wreckage or survivors. Nothing has
been found. Kvery vessel known to
have been anywhere in the region at
the time has ben communicated with.
None saw or heard anything of the
collier. Reports from every source
showed nothing to warrant the storm
theory. It Is th<* mild season ot' the
>ear in those waters. The route the
Cyclops would have followed was
somewhat sheltered.
The ship had aboard art insufficient'
quantity of coal for a journey to the
nearest ?.Jerman port had she beet)
captured. Some oMIcers think that it
the ship was captured, her captors
may be holding her out of trade routes.:
waiting for a chance steamer from
wh.ch to secure fuel.
The explosion theory Is met by .the
fact that only sufficient ammunition:
for her few guns was on board. The
ship's cargo of manganese ore wusj
not explosive.
Secretary Daniels said the depart
ment liad.no word that would indi
iCouiinucd ou Second l'agu.) ~ i
At Almost All Points En
emy Attacks Have Been
Hurled Back.
New Assault South of Arras May
Come With Parrying of
Blows Struck.
Americans Break l"p Repeated Kn
emy Attacks With Deadly Fire
in Ton! Sector.
' My .V."!*orla'.r<l Prrsr 1
Another attack on the unhappy town
of Baillcul appeared to be boiling up
yesterday, following upon the recap
ture of N'f-uve Kglisr. by the Germans
Sunday night. Hard lighting was pro
ceeding yesterday morning in the Ball
leul sector. but up to 1 **. M. the enemy
had net begun lite hie onslaught which
was expected.
Seven days after the Germans
launched their gigantic assault against
the British lines between Lens and
Yprcs. the momentum of their attack
has heeit broken, and the waves of
the Teutonic forces are recoiling before
the rock of the British defense. While
the Hermans have made Rains of ground
and have driven a wedge Into the allied
lines to a considerable depth, they
seem to have failed in their attempt.
W. break through or take important
ruilroad junctions.
During the last day there have been
bitterly fought engagements at four
placcs, all on the northern side of tho
salient, to the south <>f Ypres. Seven
assaults against the British trenches
at Merville, near the apex of the. tri
angular dent In tiie British line, have
been hurled back by the British. Neuvo
Kgiise. on the extreme southwestern
spur of Mcssines ridge, has been taken
by the 'lermans after a struggle which
will go into history as one of the great
est of the past week.
The British, however, have not re
tired far. and it is probable that they
will at once organize a counterattack
t" force the German* out of the town,
which, if held, might be a "kicking
off" point for an attack which might
outflank and make untenable Messing
ridjre. the key to the British positions
about Ypres. Baiileul and Wulverghem,
between Neuvo Kgiise and Merville,
also have been the scenes of hard
lighting, but except for N'euve Kgiise,
the northern side of the salient has
stood firm. On the southern side of the
y.ilient. according to Berlin, tierce
struggles have been fought.
It has been the German plan of cam
paign since March 21. when the great
offensive started, to strike hard at
some particular sec-tor. and if that blow
was parried to turn powerfully against
some new point. This procedure prob
ably will be. followed in the next few
days by a new assault somewhere south
of Arras. An attack north of Ypres
Is hardly possible, for the lowlands of
Belgium are as yet too water-logged to
permit active operations. An attack
on Arras would entail the hurling of
troop.s against Vuny ridge, the labyrinth
and other formidable military works
protect :ng that city.
It may be that the savage fighting
reported at Ilangard-en-Santerre south
of Albert and on the center of the line
facing- Amiens, may mark the begin
ning of a new attempt to sweep west
ward toward Amiens. So far. the light
ing has brought the German? only
losses in men and ground. Further
south, near Montdidier. there has been
Intense artillery firing, but the- Ger
mans have not attempted infantry oper
ations in this important sector.
imrrisii iiktakk akhkw ac.i-:.
The British Sunday recaptured Arro
w;!gc, just east cf the Nieppe forest.
This whole area is* reported full of
Gorman dead who had f.illcn in the
hard lighting. South of here, at Cor
net Malo. east of St. Floris, the Jer
in a n.s delivered four flerce attacks. Alt
were repul.'.ed with heavy losses to th?s
attacking troops.
Tne lighting here has b?en contin
uous. and the British are holding Cor
net .Malo, with machine guns trained
from house windows. These r.tpld
flrers have done great execution 1:1
the enemy's ranks. At one time the
enemy got a foothold i:t the liimlet.
but this advantage was ?hort-llved, 'or
the machine gunners got in on thi
advancing troops and smashed them
Tho importance which the German*
attach to Bailleul had added conlrma
tion on Saturday night when troop-:
wero sent Into the attack with order-*
thut. they must capture the Meterene
l.tailleMl highway at ?ll cost*. T'i.-,'
paid in advance, but did not get \*hat

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