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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, April 16, 1918, Image 2

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,.kth?y wort- after {I ? ?. .
? ichinc guii" reapvd a ?
The trend of operations ri t ?? ?? north
- I'm battle may l,c seen ! r. ?m tin* nu*??
?? * ber of troops the <;crman- lav. been
. using since ilie opening ?.? f tat rug -
On Ar?riI when ? ? atlaeU >>e
Can. they were ng eleven <ii\i<iiins
in the line ??., %;?r i I ; ?> thl was
Inereas-cd to t' . n on \pril 11 and
1" to iw.ni> \pril i : t., twenty-one.
and A pri I !? i.. t hrec. o'.'-r
d i V Is i I?I:.* I'l'l I,. in || ?> .
II \ I.I-* III' \ I I V ? MM, 1 ?? I It< i;
> i* 11.1.1:11 ?11 c wot \i)i:r.
From ilie ? u 1 . r.\ !>att .? fr-nt
~ come? u-ord Hit: ?? . :i oil, ? of .
? ( ,^he twenty-fourth r. -er.e division
? captured at 11 . ? . ? .1 wood \pri) 7.
stated th.it ii:. . , ,;,r.
,'Tnan forces n;,,| on jjijv j r? > 111 av-'r
; nsrec] a> sin. e the ut i. K be
gan. In addit.ci ?!.?? e\. n.v suffered
{ much from trat:* ;">rt iroul am) short
? ape c>f fo wl and ;immiinitioti. Th?s was?
I partly dm- to tl.e great n nnl.? r ..f
horses killed and the I.ad < -i lion >>f
' tile rest.
j A>ii:rur\N> *t\mi
ni>rii i: i ikim ??: rrrvi ks
: Amrrican forces near To-:! ar<- -
injr firm before heavy attacks I y the
(Jermans and have lit Id their In.. in
tact. in spite of all tl.e weight of men
t and met:?1 the enemy has loo: ed ;o*a!nst
1 them. The Germans have lost heavily
The constant licniaii attacks in tlo.
sector may nave on- hearlnc on r
development <>f the Herman often* jy
campaign, and i.iti. !i iir r st ,. j
situation (i.i 1- ? ii.. 0^:011 in-:,; i,v
*.??"? 11* '" ?? I'* sli: -: 'ii-ii :? < \ ,????!.? ..,j
by (he allied lean r
Coincident with the rep< rt of tj>?.
neceptiinc of the re, tgr-.at on of i v.mil
'Ozernin. Iho Austt o-tl <1 ngartan Foreign
Minister comes a t port of a serious
out l.i rati of 11-,. 1 ? ? , ?. , ,; pragn.
Mlji -li for mai.j m< >!hs ! o. i, t...
? pot ted to be seething; wtih Qanti-I'nn-I
i>crm:<nisi 1... ,.r |,, 1S,
the (.'z.-ch mliioi i t \ hi that . oiintry. ol..
jeet to the 'feat'o" ot ?nnan gov
ernment t' . 1. . I I! ??;. mav
more . ? ?< i, w? r<ir Jlfw
pea red Tl,. -: , ,.f ,
ha v.. I.-. 'Hiding ..i:i ?t j 1 ^ ?
the tiermaiii'/.atioii ,.f their couhtrv, and
11,0 >";:i" w i'r.<un.. mav |.- i,|\
another indi< .if the .1. ,. ,\
oppdsi: b" t - ' ... war . -pi rat ions of ii,0
ccr.t ral powois.
Nothing .in or the ordhinrv h:i?
been reported from t j.. Italian. M
M- ? ??? Me op tami',., the- :
aters of tb?
?.t:u^i\\ oi-'i'ii 1 v 1. itcfnitr
'''' ^ I"s| I :|t |) \ \ *s |-I?.l|fl\t;
l"> A ? :?|. I'r, . 1
i:i:ki.i.\ .m..
I'll). April r. ,
eveniii~ latn, ,
Vli. re w . -. . , ?
' * t.itei? . from ciiera!
1" adouart- ? ^
'I ' '1C 1 uefi-jontp Of.
"" '?* ?"?"?v-Pb.- '.at tie He'd ,nr|
the enemies- U?,e? northeast of Wul
vcpfhcm ". ? re taken liy storm.
On the h-ittio field 011 hoth of
the sommo artillery dtiel., r..m:. ?.
J-d within moderate limits, the weather
being rainy "
H \ II.I.IM I. \V1 I.M-.Hf.iu;,,
' l'NII:" ????? m-:%\ ^ 1 'i 1 ? irt'i\
I By V-s?,?!?!,..! Pr. . ,
Aiiiili lii.~Ualiieiil and
M ^lverghem were the centriii i
of (he heavy n?rlitlnK to-day between
r.ritish and 1;.
1'l.in I. ". w|,j.
'tin,ri artillery d.splav. I ,, .
creased activity In the section betw sec
Civenehy and K.d.. , ,, ace.,. ];, . . ,
report fro . k,. |.| m , ,
Munrter- ? . - n ic !i t
Tb. Iepori ? a\
"Fiiihtlng o
t' - nei^hb. -I,
v. rghem ., ? d
1 ? maiioi. ?? ... .
??Tl..- i
a ! 1 \
I., tu. .
of ?
' I.isiif. ?
...11 j,i
: ? iid \Vi,|.
- ' ?n tbe
I' lit t bet ..
' ' is aown
I'.i i t ii'Ula rl v
lb'1 ?' 'I I lot 11.. ^
v 1 n .? a rig 1 .a
\ ? 1. . <?!... t v,
1 utm 11 mVki: sj ? , 1 >sr, ,,
'???? M. \TI VC|(
tU A? . ..,lr : |-r?M . ,
I 'A |:|
,. ? ? t abovo
Momdidler. t!,.- French mado a sUcceasi
Jo--a! atr k ; , ..., . , . i
. the wa
Tie. f.' ; Jowp Jr-3"
- ? ? " ? ' .r-1 l>,. . |
? .1 rr ed Out a local oper
pl.-le j . . . . .
5" nee Apr. ID we
oners . this }.e<i or.
I: ? ? . . - M . . . .
Mi t lie 1 ?>;. .; a K>;.
hi ought 1.a. 1( .
fi'.lt... ...
??> i"l eo
\ lie;
dep. j ?a n
1111 .'ii ^
ba -ell.:. . : ,
?? M.\ \ l; 1 11 1 1 |( \ I H, || | | \ 4i
" N I UI AI II | |t,,N I
'I'll.- ? ?? :!ie V.'.r
<.)flicc ?. ? ? . ? . ? art ili-rv
* unal'. ? . - ? 1:
? i i ? ?
n ie&t vi' ?* n
Ifarrt : ? ? ? i . -
( -b! 1> ? ? ! ? ? ?
11 oO!'-' ' I-rmjin
ami 1. ' ?? ? ' - - on.
Ht r- ? ?? ? ? ? ???at <???!
J. I i
P: '1 * ??? ' 'I 1 ?
( .iniioii i : ? f? ' " ? n. ' ? ' ?: i!
reft ? f trio ' ? ? ' ' ? ? ' ?jsi." r
U\ il> : "i ' ? ' A\ 'I.
"Dll rtii A.; : . ? .
.rj)!.i i? v. ? : ? . I
IJ.-' n ?? , i:
ut |<r iji : ;? ? ' ? ! -
i> -n t - f
>: o II t ? i . ?
tlOl'l - I !H I
111( I \ I l? ? llll'l'l li
;h<? 1 I"
ri.u fit.*
? r c vs
f.OCll f.l i
3.. y'H .Hi ? ? i
KieM M:.i
;o tllO !??: t> : '
tc. lfit:< ii< '?
Thr-ro i ? . ?
hf>r< v ? ? . ?t ? -i .? < i
lUH. Th' y - U. 1
hil outiook ?? "?
rfvl<-w f*.r 1. 1
3>e jirf'jT.t ? j
OiMkti!, u ? '? , t ?
it ?? . ?. her i ? ??t t i ? ii of the P-rittsh
front IN to Id- < \|.i-OtO<l.
There have been many reports in
dicating licit the A ust m-11 ungarian
forces \ve>e prcp.t ring for a drive
against the Italians. When it will be
started cannot he foretold, hut sonid
| . Pservor-.- think that in ease of a detl
| nit e cheek to the tlerman movement,
jtlie Austrian?* would launch their ef
In thai ease, the scene of operations
- 01 tin- ?cvt front might^shift far to
tin* on' h to t ho af-a where American
troops are on tin- front. The railway
nro ; n. through which French or
Critish fori'* s sent to Italy naturally
would pass. lies behind that sector. It
i- believed possible that the Germans
might throw their weight in that direc
rion in an effort to prevent any support
reaching: Italy.
\iiti'i.ankk noun til \s
\T l.OW IIKItitIT: AM. licit UN
1.<>N1M>N, April 1 *> The official an
noumeinen,t on aerial operations to
night says:
"* Mir airplanes rceonnoitered the ene
my's lines on the i.ys battle front Sun
day. amlyrt ore upain obliged by clouds
of mist to work at a very low height.
They hombed and machine-gunned the
enemy's troops in this area. All re -
t urned."
Utile* "?u*i?enileil *o n* In Minn *?penk
er I 'lttrk < Jppnrl tuiil ,v to
Mtend I'nnernl.
W. \SIII\?:T?4N. April 1 * Hundreds,
of jneii prominent in political affairs-J
attended the funeral services this af-l
t. -nooji of senator William .loel Stone,
of Missouri.
So-retary of State l/msing. -Vs-istavt ;
Secretary of State Preck Inridffe |.o?ij;
'hief Justice White. Vice ? I *res|d <n t
.Marshall. Speaker ?'larl\ of the lb ise ;
of ) :epre?en I at i ve*-. I 'ost ?rtaster-< leii'-rn 1
i11 li son and .Iiai" h \V. Kn Ik ami Alex
ander M. I'Ni'Keiv, both former Gov
ernors of Missouri were only a hend
ful of tliose seen in the throng. Prac
iieaii\ fvrry representative man in
bo111 houses of t'ongress attended.
I'll" Senate met to-day and adjourn-]
? il almost initio-dial ely out of respert
to the ilead S'"n:it'ir
The lioitP" met. adopted roso'.u: 'ons
of sorrow ami adiourned. Pefore .?<)?
:o'irniiii-nt. however, an unusual ft p
w a . tal. ? n.
? in coition of Mr Gillett. of Massa
chusetts. tlie acting Kepublican leader,
the rules were sMispcnded and S p o: i e -
<"lark \va- allowed to nominate ? 'iaude
Kit Inn as Speaker pro tent, so '.hat
Mr. fl.irk could attend the (u: oral
in Misjouri. Tli'- lilies provide t! it
*1 ?? S p-a I; or- cannot he tibsent ftojn
\\ a.-diiiijtr ii noire than one da\ un ? s?
tho 11 use iv adjourn< d.
l-'or the lirs Mine, it was said. ir.
the history of the Sena'-, two s-e. t?
?">'? draped to-day In black. Crip*
covered tiie chairs of Senators Stone
and Proussard
Site the le-la ra t ion of war against
- natiy "vi'ii Senator? have db d.
?iv of tli- tf i I >em ocr.i t s.
I'reslih-m 11t-elared lo lie Object of
I'lot Kiik Inei-red liy l it lea mi
i allinet-linker.
' Mb'Aipi. April 1".. Hertiatd I:.
P.:.? wahl. .abito-t ma till I aclttrt-r. ar
te s teu op a Federal warrant chargina
! ; lot against President Wilson, was
arraiuti"d In lore I'niied States I'ott
tnissiotii-i .Mar-on to-day and held in
bonds of iT.TiOo. furnished i.v his wife's
broihit, I rank Pirinwahl The charge
is punishable by a line of Sl.O'iO. i:n -
prisonment for five years or both,
(tearing was set for \pril _.V
itinywabl nride a general denial of
all the < h ,iL*f' an<i claims there i-^
ii lo.ii-iness conspirai ? a.. iin--t him.
n riseiui-l t?-ne ra I of i;eriiinn \riuy
IJnoleil as '?Iljiim lllsi'lO IT>
ll.-i* Ili-en >1 ailr
ofllcial news agency ijuotes I.teutenant
'Ifaneral 1 ?r. '?tto von Schjerning, sur
geon-general of the I'.eriaan lirmy, as
sayim; ir. a:i interview that a serum
?igaiti-'t poj.-on ga.s has recently been
d:: co\ ered.
Mnny People Arp Stilts < i I lit i np. 'I'll cm
for llrend lu Sn\o Wheat for
Potato week enjoyed one of the most'
?-u< >"* ??! u opening days of any patriotic
rtv . n th.it has been stnrtod in
i. ! i'itoi'its throughout the
r: a t remendo .s demand for
itni ? ..i 1':\ .11 iniiintiti'" tif
l. i ' ? ?? TS:? il- iiiiiiint rat ion
.1 h i - ? - :npr-s?>d of Mr"
Stuart M fthtiiix and Mrs. Horace Well
r. - ?! .1- I-- i - J i -1 111 \ active in
? r i. 'i ? .r? <i he if# w.v ?> how t > pre
j.enial potato dishes and j?ul?8tl
I' "ato f.-r wlic.it flour \ spc
? . d< m >t stration will take place Ht
M . ? ? ?V 1! Thursday morning at
- ? ,j; .-o, t ion of M iss
i .1 1:11 All ?Khihit of potato
? i. h> >?'.?-! i.v p .pilt* ol John Mar
'I ? i ? ?'?nee da1 sc will
?. ? 1 M.iry I" Frays* r. edura
? il 11? ? 'or will deliver a talk
( :i I'o* .i ? *i . ... tx .r.;;
Fr ? *ri ' . iraiu'c" the people of
I: ? tt. :.?! at ? ii tig th? potato eating
? ii.'ia ttii <|a ??? 'erioiiKly as the
r>tl;c . nid.i ?*!?- a : ?? ?. f.-s in the general
??? ? tln-w.ir ??at pa.|;ti. Th- fact tliat
?.??re i a fiea' ?-?iirplus of potatoes
it rt ?;?? t " ia'"n at once to prevent
? !ai;e and ? hat every potato con
: m ?-<i Mi' a crtain amount I wheat
it i f s' Mir ; r ? > ;r soldier** and al
ii ?? lake: I?<> 111 and i? resulting in
;i ; -? ?' !? .? i* * i ;i ? of potatoes for
' - d
the use of cooking
when v^e can have
TIii'm* luclmlc One Man Killoil An
Action nml Throe* IH'.sil of
coi.om:i. u. c. noi.UNt; missing
Wo K Assistant lioni'ial Counsel of
ttit* I iiitoil State* Stool Coirpoi^
tlun, \N lio WVliI to Franco foi
Aircraft lloanl.
II. lute.l J": *-?
\V A SI 11 NCi TON. April IS The Cas
ualty !i-i tK-iiiiy i tint.iuii.i foil* four
names. il'.x tiled as fdllow s
Willi <] t it action. otic iln'l ? ouiul'
three: died. cause miknow:;. one died
?>!' disease <cven: wounded fceverelx
f?? i: i won ml oil slightly. t \> cr, tN ? vei ?'>
missing in action, one.
I'oloiit 1 K C. Polling i> repot',<1
. .?] Mircil or missing in to-d.\> .
ty lt.<; Fight other olTlcers :tr?- named
Captain ilym.m CJreen ami l.ieute:; nit
John Mexander Currln were severely
Wdiimicil. anil Captain W ikeirats *?
iJrAhhel anil I.Aeutonants \rthur S
1 -is t>^?* ileorge W. Don n el! Hainan
Cray. Thomas V*. Hale ami Koul'on A.
Mos??r were slightly wounded
Killed in action?1'rlvate Ovll A
t '.isr
l?io<] of wounds?Oernornl Frar.k
Stiles. Privates O?oar IWa" i-h'Hf ami
Joseph J.. Klcharils.
11 i .* 11 of ilisee.se?Sergeant- 'J
IVmpsry. .lolin 1J. Crcniliug. t\>;poral
Joint M. Clark. Privates Charles \ '?os
tello. Arthur 1A. liobins(>n. I!.tit\ V
Trouttnan. Novel I'divnrd Wheel. :?
I?i e?1. cause tin know n ?*?? r p o ? a !
Ch:'rU-s .t. P.uell. .1 r
Severely wounded ?Captait !!. i. in
Croon. Lieutenant John \':p\.ii 5:
Currln. Sergeant Hartley V M: : he
tre*. Private Donald I". Hil !r<"
Slightly wounded?Captain \\a\e
tnnn i!. Crihbel. I.ioutonar.ts \rtf:*:* S
Hugbi'p. < loorgi* W. Donncll. ilamon
<;ray. Thomas II. llale. fte.ihen V Mn
sor. Corporals Hrne??t \V. I'Jireh. emerge
i> tdiver. Bugler Clyde I, Jones, Pri
vates Ceorge A. Hrusso. Joseph Prec
c|j?. Thomas 1". CrocUan. Ceorge NV
l'ayhcrt. William K. <! ou 1<1. William
Harshey, Kred A. Huff. Thomas .1. ;<Al
ly, Frank l.iscio. Carl C. I.ucdekuit
Peter Perona, Carlton W. Potts. 1 ;?!
ward Schmelzer. Wallenty SchuNkt
W'alfrid c. Traliuo, Frar. k Iffel
man. Pusi-Ml T Walker. John J
Captured or missing'?Colonel p.. c.
I So' ling.
The colonel. P. C. Polling, named At
to-.lay's lasually list as captured ot
missing ill action was ldent if'-ri hy
War Department officials jis K <Boil
ing of No".* York, assistant general
tounso! r.f tiio Cnitod States Ste.-I Cor
porat ion. who was eommissionod in the
igtri I on ps soon after war was .i?
i-la rod.
.\l>out a year .'.go he was ordered
to !'ra n<e us the r?-;irosental i ve there
at ilti- aircraft production hoard. i;on
era A Pershing later assigned hut. to
other duties, however, and these mns;
have taken him to the front. It was
thought most probahlo at the War
Department that Colonel llolling wa*
? i'lier shot down or forced to descend
it: enemy territory while engaged i>:
:t flight
I.:iln<r Mrm(irr? <?f (Ulilnrl l'rr?? Irlnli
\ ???Ion on Premier I.loyO
i Itj A luteil fri"' i
l.<>N*n>OX, Af?riI 15.?The l<ahor mln
. -1 ?? r~- ..f the I'aliinet, iti nil intcrvie.v
with Premier l.loyil Uoorge to-night,
pressed the Premier to grunt self
government to Ireland on the t?:?viof
?In- majority icjiutt of the I: i11 con
Vfiiii'Mi l>ef.ire conscript Ion i t- it into
operation It is understood that th"
conference had sa t is factors results, .
ami there will.not !>?> a Cabinet crisis.
<Continued From Klrsl Pace.)
'KMins in bomc cases ?<f fifteen and
twenty years' imprisonment.
"Another serious defect in the le
gal situation is the fact that there
is no law providing fo rthc control
of departures from or entries into
lhe United States hy personr other than
those who are alien enemies."
Kultur Wins Over
Mere Conscience
In plotliiiK the ruin of a koiiiI
in nil for tin* licnellt of Kultur,
<oiiii(<-*? <nn s<'hnlinilx-r^ inliniiilri
<liu< ?lie N pns*r??<-<l ul kiii'Ii ii (IiIiik
<m cmmelr iiit,
She declare* llisit nIii- almost il.iv
cii her lianil in her TurKifch inimiiiin
because nIir hiiii llie innate n li'ki'd
nr** <if flip plot * Ii <? u a * developing.
Ilinirirr, hrt Ivullnr tins micitni
fiiI In tnnnterInts lier conscience, unil
khr jell* In t<i-<lii.i*N innlnllnieiit of
llii' merhtiiln ilir used |o ntlnin her
end*. ?
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Important News
Quickly 1 ohI
Events From Various Sources
Reduced to Minimum
WASHINGTON'. A pril 15.? Til?
i lulalix Packing v*ompati> lost 11h suit
against the State of Minnesota in the
Mit>rc!no Court this afternoon. the court
approving the tax imposed by tin* State
*? ti tin* packing conipaii?
NKW VOKIv, A pill I Mrs Anna
l.eudersdorff, of lUooklyn. seventeen. ?
w hose twenty 4*litlili i?n ar< still living.
>? .in informed to-ilny by iIia War l)e
Imiiiiii'M that her son \ltred. t w ? ? s11y
: roi\ had been wounded n Prance >'ii
Varch "1 Mrs I .cud* 'sdoi ft has
another son l,oc, at Camp Ppton.
SYUAi'ls IN Y . \ i>r. 1 IT- Chan
celor J aim's Koscoc l*u> ol Synu'uso
i"n:versit\. was stini for $.-,000 to-day
t y Hcv. Ijontuior Munhall of I'hilstdcl
}?!?..a. for alleged libel.
l'KS MiMNKS. I a.. April l ? Governor
Harding to-night issued a:> older pro
Ill b it =:? k Frieda Henipcl. the German
prima d>nna, from appearing in con
cert in I ?es Mollies, where she ??#
hooked to s;lig Tuesday ntj4tit
C.RAN1* RAPIDS. MICH. April 15.
Mu'hiRau'ji tenth tnr-uiid-f? ather party
was held early to-ilay .it Keuitis. when
.1 .the Snyder. sixty, a wealthy farmer,
was given a coating by H masked
< rowti Snyiler a il have refused
: bu> 1. !><rt\ bond* .mil t>> have mail ?
i!i patriotic comments.
NKW VoKK. April 15 -A daring
loid-up wns ?essfully carried out
t'.-.is afternoon "it Kroadwny nt Sevetity
toinih Street in plain sight ?>( many
persons when tin* deposit clerk of the
liotilev.inl Amusement Company. on hi?
way 'o a hank, was sandbagged and
robbed of i.'.OOt'. The thieves escaped
it. a high-powered automobile, al
though immediate chnse was given by
taxis .iii.i pr.\at>* cars
PASSAIC. N*. J.. April 1 A. .Mitchell
Calmer. custodian of enemy alien prop
erty. to-night ordered all the woolen
mills in this district to work their
looms and spindles to full capacity on
government work. A large part of the*
stock in these mills is owned by aliens.
NKW 11A VION. CONN . April 1.*..?The
resignation of Former President Wil
liam 11 Taft from the Vale faculty to
enable him to accept membership on
the national labor commission was an
iinunceil to-day.
WASHINGTON, April 1.*.. ? Important
othrial conferences await the return to
Washington in the near future of .Secre
tary of War Newton I'. Maker, who has
been inspecting American forces In
lOuropij and conditions in general along
the western front.
NKW YOKK. April 15.?With a mes
sage in the llritish government and
people that American labor is loyally
behind President Wilson in the prose
cution of the war. the Itritish labor
commission which for two months has
heen louring- the I'nitod States has de
parted for Kngland.
WASHINGTON". April 1"..- Adminis
tration leaders in the Senate to-day
abandoned hope of securing an early*
vote on the Overman bill to give the
President power to reorganize execu
tive departments of the government.
This is due to the death of Senators
Itroussard and Stone, without whose
votes the majority would have extreme
difficulty in passing the bill.
NRW VMfiK. April 1T. 11 <.? 11< 1 r worth
JlsO.vut' were <li.seovereil to-ilay i:i a
closet ni the home of I?r. Hubert S.
Stedman. a I'.rooklyn physician, who
died S'aturdi- nis lit of heart failure.
WAHIIlN'O'lVi.V, April 15.?Preceding
a drive iiKuin.1-. delinquents on Income
ami exeo- ? j > r. ? 1 i t ; a x returns. Internal
Hovenue ?'ommb'sioner Roper to-day
announced a rcorga nlzation of the reve
iitic iifjent f?>r< <*. With John I). Murphv.
of lloston. us oiiir*:" revenue agent to;
Hill CPfll I.. <i. N'lltl.
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nious Edison test). Call
and hear the New Edison.
C. B. HAYNES <S><2>.
:?T'.-.a rjT.-jrsix.cmrrrttmrrr.xnir^T.-^Hi'.'Trf.
'I'ltr HnnU of llrnnd Street
In no other lomlnee* do the
Ki a? ami lit II*' i oiirtcsl^ji
.mm.i for .mo iiiiivli us hi the
luiiUliip room
Tho 1 la iik of liroinl Street"
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You %\|M tii%?i otir onit'Cn*
niti Nil mci ? ? > polite it ml
?ourteou> il'MfH.iiioi tilwiiyn
striving to t thai ovrry uilt*
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tin* utniM * itftentImii
;iii<1 t our lex y.
Broad Street Bank
Slilli null Itrimil Street*.
t 'out efelenl, Ciimeri ntirr?
Minister Italfour Tolls American
I *al>or Delegation of War Sit
uation and Needs.
\VIh>1o Knrmj Strategy Directed to
Striking Down Franco atnl (Jreat
Britain IJoforo America Can Make
Her I'llII Strength Felt.
I My Atnoclateil I'wj I
l.oNIXJX, April J5.?Germany standi* I
to-day us a predatory nation, and Is ;
trying to destroy the Hrltlsh and
French armies before the American I
forces can be brought into the Held,
said Arthur J. Italfour. Minister for
Foreign Affairs, In responding to a
toast at a luncheon to the American
labor drlegation to-day.
IVlntinu out that the destruction of
Germany has never hern an entente
aim and desired, so far as lie knew,
by "no sane man." Mr. Italfour said
that the Germtins had made many mln
calculatIons, but none moro grievous |
than to underestimate the power of
America. j
Kngland. he said, is confident that i
America will be able to send over her
"Indomitable troops in a way that no
German general stnff otllccr lias ever
calcuta t"
"It is men wo need now." he said. j
"The German plan." continued Mr. '
Balfour, "is to shatter the lirltlsh nrrny
before the American weight can be
brought into the scale. The Gorman
inspired press has been Instructed by
it.-i masters to show the utmost con
tempt for th<* American military effort. ;
Hut the masters do not share that con
tempt. They are planning their whole
campaign and are sacrificing men w'lth
reckless ex tra v,\gance in or'dor that th?>
American help may arrive after their
blow has bee-i struck."
The other Itritlsh speakers were
Minister of I.abor i.eorge Ni^oli ltarn**s
tM-d Vixcotint P.rvce The American
speakers u-?re Ambassador Page,
.lames Wilson, j resident of the Pat
tern Makers" T.naruo ?>r North Vner
|ci ar.d I-'.dward Meredith. dire-'ir of
t e Arr.erle.in Che. ruber of < 'om h-tc. '
Viscount rtryce emphasized Mr. P.al
fo-ir's plea for men. "It was Ger
many's idea to ?trike us down before
the I'nitcd States cotild get into the
field," lie said, "but our llr.e stand*
firm, and the ilcrniini armies are
growing thlnm r as "lirs grow strong
er. The P.riti.-h. French and Ameri
cans now are 1l:*htlng side hv side
In I-'rame. With their baeks to the
wall the-, are fighting resolutely a^
never r'-Miiew fought before. Unite,I
\vc shall win."
Son I hr rn Hallway lleirclhe Killed.
|S;>e. ia! to The Time?-| ilvpatch.)
I.V.WI1 lit * K?;. VA.. April 15?Oiarles
Clark, a Southern Hail way detective,
who was killed Saturday night in Nor
folk, wai a brother of Mrs. Ge.irgc I?
lingers. of this city Mrs Rogers Im
mediately went to Norfolk upon receipt
of news or the murder
Dalton Simplicity Wins the Storekeeper
The DALTON /mi
hut one key for each
figure ? Ihe machinc
placet the figure in
the right column.
"That's the first adding machine I have
ever been able to walk up to and oper
ate without previous trial?it's surely
all right!"
So said Mr. Wood of Pittsburgh and
so thinks every one who tries the
One day's shipments of DALTONS
recently included over 78 different
lines of business.
The general store, coal dealer, grocer,
druggist, laundry, department store,
restaurant, grain dealer, garage, cloth
ing dealer, shoe store?were all rep
resented in that day's shipments, as
well as the railroads, Steel Corporation
and U. S. Government.
10-KEY Simplicity has made the
DALTON a valuable aid where cal
culating machines were not thought
of before.
The DALTON adds, subtracts, mul
tiplies and divides. It does practically
any calculating you can do with a
pencil in one-half to one-third the
time, and makes no mistakes.
Intheaverage store all usethe 10-KEY
DALTON with the same ease and
facility that they use the telephone.
Unless you have tried the DALTON
you can't realize the time it saves.
Phone for a demonstration, call or
send coupon below for full infor
Main Office anil Factory Cincinnati, Ohi?
Richmond Sales Agent: LEFFLER BROS.
I'tione Muillsoii 1017.
?? X. Seventh Street.
(Continued From First Page.)
.Mlt: the pru.sunct* in southern Hitlers
of a German raider. The sea lanes
ire busy' with shipping, yet no vessel!
has sighted nny suspiqlous craft.
It Is tho nbnolnto silence of the1
radio that makes the ease one of (lie I
most mysterious in naval annals.
That fact alone inclines olllclals to'
the view that the ship minht have j
been captured by persons aboard, fori
in no otlior way would It have been '
possible to silence calls for aid. In
case of a storm or an attach by enemy j
craft, or even if the ship were tor-!
pedoed. there uoubl have been time
for such calls.
One of the Cyclops's engines was
damaged, hut It is not believed the
engine trouble had anything to do with
tlit- disappearance.
Constructors said tho Cyclops was.
one of the stanches! craft of the
auxiliary fleet of the navy. They
could not believe that a squall of such
intensity as to overwhelm her had boon
encountered. ,?
The possibility was suggested ih.it
explosives might have been put aboard
mixed in large quantities with the
niAng.ino.se oro and a time bomb sot
to explode the mass. In that case,
however, the sea would be covered
with wreckage.
DAWii.t.n i. \i>, who
f Spool a 1 to Tho Times-IMspatrh. ]
PAN" VI I.I ,K. VA? April 15.?Dnrrell
CSoodwln Jordan, i tnomber of tho crew
r?f tho Cyclops, reported overdue, en
listed here on Raster Monday, 1P17, and
was a mechanic by trad*. He will be
twonty-one next June. His fathor
said that ho last hoard from him last
Pcoomber from Norfolk, tho youth say
Inc ho was duo a long: JrfMTney. On
April < Mr. Jordan, alarmorl over his
i-ontiiluo*! ??|oni-??, wrote to tho Sec
retary of tho Navy, but received r.o an
swer until yesterday morning, when
* government messA^o ox pre.ssine
inxloty ovor the fato of tho ?hlp wa^i
received. His fathor i*> greatly de
pressed. and raid: "If I was a h.t
Vouncer 1 would be willing to take
his plnce."
comma \dkii or cvn.ors
SAN VRAN'CISfO. April IT..?Mrs
A. M Angormann. sister of I.leutepant
'.'ommander C?. W. Worley, commander
if the missing L"nito?l States collier
?yclf.p?. i!oo]nro<1 t\"rc to-day that he
was a ? ?erman by h'rth a?id H?d h's
? ?erman hv h'rth and I?<? 1 h
For Baby's
Itchy Skin
AH dronUK; Sotp 31. Oint
mmit !* tn<J to l? euro 2!?
Samp'* etch fr*+ of "Oili
??#*. ?>?pl. K. Doiku."
The arlvontum th* I?on<? Wolf on
th?- trail of ?t^rvnati npios
l?.r I.ouIm .Inarpli Vnnee.
No,. *,.40.
I >Ol'Ul.KI?A V. PACE A- CO >S?||
name chunged from Wlchmunn to
NVorley when lie Joined tho navy twen
ty ycai'H uko.
llrriika In Two on Wlntrriiuurter Mionl
Off Coimt of Vlr
[Hy A;not'lntKil I'rMs. 1
HAI.TIMOKK. April ir,.?Tho Nor
woKlan steamer llendod hart been
wrecked on WlntorqtiRrter Shoal, ofr
tlif Virginia coast. with the Ions of
several of her crew, according to
word received here to-day. Tho report,
which was meager, said the ship broke
In two and sank fn four fathoms of
water. The llerirod was an ore car
rier of 1.92S tons register.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
<+ 5p*amndU ct
_ croup *?
utaally with
cne spplVctlion of
" IT. . ?? r '' _r
Schwurz-scliild Ilrothcrs
Gold and Silver
At this season?thero ar?
tnauy occasions which re
quire some token of last
ing regard.
We offer the largest as
sortments of appropriate
You arc sure of intelli
gent and courteous ser
The reasonable prices
which always jirevnil
here?account for the
constant extension of our
lliclimond's I/ending
Second and Broad Streets

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