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Meetings Will He 11 old llotli in Pe
tersburg ami Iticlimoml for
Orgaini/jit ion.
MA.lt )K-(il-:.NKIt.X Ii IvI'll.N IN t AMI'
t'oniniiiiKliug Olllccr of t'ninp Meutle
Is t ? ii<*st of (feneral (Jronkliite.
<???minutes of Line Oflleers' School
Won't (Jet t 'oiiiiiiissions at Once.
(.Special to'Die Tiiiios-Oifputch.]
"AMI' I.KK, VA? I.V- Culoiicl C. <i.
\Vi)rril<?j>, < ommanding olllccr of the
Three Hundred and Klghteenth Infan
Itry. will attend the meeting of the
Sisterhood of War Mothers, which is
|to lie held in the John Marshall 111 k * >
?h(.ol auditorium on Wednesday night
lat .S o'clock, the permanent organiza
tion of the Hi-hmond Chapter will l<e
perfected, and through thin chapter the
oilier chapters of the State will be di
rected. pea V. i rig from the same plat
form with Colonel Worrilow will be
Mrs. Taylor APlerdiie, president of the
Mothers of the Three Hundred and
[Tenth, which i; the parent organiza
tion of all the similar units in the
[ country.
The I'eter;-burg Mothers are sched
I tiled to organize at tlto Petersburg
I Hotel to-morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Mr-. A Iderd :? >? ic>ompanied to
I tl" ? a r:. p by Mr I ?;? ??:??! <'lcm'<n. form
rly M ? 'hri. t ii.e M ill' r.
The Tiirec Hundred and Eighteenth
Infantry Min ? r> .-. i eiognr/.cd a the
Left theatrical organization yet de
doped at til'.- < imp, vill .-how at the
?ademy <>f Mu n in Kn-hmond on nxct
.V ,nda;. nig'.:. : how ha: alnaly
| Appeared In Petersburg, and at the
Liberty Theater here. The organiza
tion ia directed by Captain .1. liay
[mond. r''8.:ne:,:al adjutant, who will
.i inter!"- u- >r. The prollt! of the
trip will be used for the purchase of
lathletic equipment f"r the unit when
It ro:r hf.i I'rari'.'f The sh?. w w.il al ?>
appe.ir :n Poatio*e, I.yr.cnb'irg, Nor
folk a nd Newport ? v.
m. m iin, or ? \ mi*
mi: \ in:. \ isits ? \ mi* i.i;u
Maj : i ral .! "j a Kuhn. com
manding the Sc\enty-ninth I?:v: Icn.
I Camp M'.ide, Admiral. Ml,
g ?
trip lt<
<t Maja
cral Kuhn
t? nam ?< ???
t:.i!f, and
genera 1.
I'nb- - ord"
t * i : d u r ; r. g
f.s7 embryo 1
t r.iini:.
Saturday. b:H
?. h; t ?
1 T
.y I.,
<1 to
t lie .
t h ?
? d
w a rd
a:i til
sor\ :?
for ? :
, the :
gh. !.
at tti.
.f h:
i iniMh^iiiN" <? i \ i n m.". ??r
i. m . i m :i :it oi l "ii i.it s*
The engineer oHlcerrt* :<< has tin
tii? -? 1 v. : t.. t '?. rn ri:.
granted la. t ? ? . ' ? : ? ? :f s? :i<)
lieut-nants of i!.? wore f<>r
vir.:- 1 t ) t'. i r: ? 'arn;i 1?? e
Art"!: ? r ?*ng ?? 'a h;? h will
dr..-v ita it ? \ ? r >' par? oi the
United States, will open May 5.
>. ? ? w.'.'k !?? .. i:i t*-diy. Th:rf is
r.ot .i (u.ii!- ' f instruction f^r the
it ? ?. t ? > ? ? u 1 ? u t i ?! t re.- . I-'i t :?
\vrk in cfuii! ins 1 i ??rv.tti-.n .ni'l snlp
ii:f The sniping w? ? r k In . ides j?ij?t??!
pra t: ?? ri :: ? ; ..-tol range.
I). adquarter'. company of the Tfire.
] Iundr<- ! t:.? 1 Seventeenth Infantry ha
it u ir?-f ? vtng <tation. This will
ho operated by the signal platoon o'
tie' II: pany.
11 "<??:*.:.":e.| I - .:-i l*'ir.-t 1'aije >
i).., had suT>7TJr llied to the third i.-.ue
obtain tli'-ir l.ibeity loan buttons from
ttoir hank . The drive for the wear
In;; n( Ui button? il;e civilian':- uni
form will begin here Thursday, when
?very one who docs not wear a button
will I'" flopped <*n the streets and
tiryed to subscribe to the loan inl
ine lint ely.
i 'ho<ti?rllebl County plans a prea.
demonst ration to-night at 7 o'e'< el:
at the court In -im-. I t J. Ilurt is
chairman t>f the committee, and will
preside at the meeting. The Richmond
? f.mmittee ua. asked to supply a
speaker. and At t orne y-> let;' ra 1 .John 11.
Saunders volunteered his services. The
committee ha a Iso secured a band
from i'imp l.e< tor the occasion, and
expects to i iitei- many subscriptions as
a result of this gathering.
Reports received by the central crm
inittee show that gre.-.t work is un
tier way iti North I'arolina. OHicial
subscriptions :?> far total SU.017.iS0,
to which is added unotlicial subscrip
tions of iT.fi.'.ft. in every section <>(
the State, the commit Ice was advised
there is intense activity, and the Old
North State is planning to "go over
the top" in a whirlwind finish.
No oth?r State reported to the cen
tral committer yesterday. Baltimore
advised that many small subscriptions
had been entered, and that the bonds
were being taken by persons of mod
erate means in great numbers. No re
port of the amount of tie subscrip
tions v. > far entered, however, was made
to t he commit tec.
I'rnaion (liecltn Mulled
The State Tr. asury sent out yester- 1
day the checks for the tirst .semi-annu
al pensions for Confederate Veterans
for the roll of The pensions
amounted to $ 3-'S.?'>!>7..r?o. Checks for
those ill the roll of 1SSS will go out
May 1; the next semi-annual payment
to the roll of lSft^ will occur in Sept
ember. The amount for the roll of l.SSS
will be very small, as that was the tirst
pension roll, on which few names arc
Mnnrlcc I'lclil Speak* on <;ardenN.
Maurico Field, of New York, noted
lecturer and writer on gardening, will
ppeak at the V. \V. C. A. auditorium
Wednesday afternoon at 3:.10 o'clock.
The lecture is under the auspices of the
.Tames River tJarden Club, which is de
fraying the expense of this and other
lectures to be given in Richmond on
this subjcct. The public is invited to
4,000 of Bonds
Are Sold by Women
Largest Amount Is Turned In
by Mrs. Schwarzschild,
of Jewish Council.
Total subscriptions securer] by the
women's organizations, participating
in the Richmond Liberty loan drive,
yesterday amounted to 574,000. Mrs.
W illiam Schwarzschild, chairman of
the Council of Jewish Women, disposed
of bonds to the amount of $30,000. The
high water mark of the sales Svas
reached at Thalhimer's dry goods store.
Mrs. Ccorge .1. Seay. general chair
man of t J??? organizations, and Miss
It.-ssi'- Taylor sent approximately 1.000
letters to the teachers ny>w enli.-led in
th" league. Tiie fact that it is now
practically impossible for the instru. ?
tors to find time to take an active part
In the sab- of bonds, as their time ii
taken up on .Saturday at the post-ollloi
ii. <*las.sifylni( tiii: draft cards, was
taken into account and it. was asked
itiere.y that ttlty secure as many sub
scriptions as possible.
Organizations M-lting bonds to-day
are as follows:
? atholic Woman- Club. Miss A
11 l.rian and Miss N'ott, chairmen
for the da;, at .Murphy's Hotel; l-i.
' r* i'! Kink'.- I'aliKlitcis at
Miller & Khoads; I laughters of the
.\ "i' r; mii li'-volu; <n. 1'ofiimon w <-;t 111|
Chapter, at .f. It Mosby & Co.'h;
I 'am;liter of the < d.Ta< y. I,? <j
' hapl?i ,i t i <>h'-:i J a ri i ?? lliver <!ar
at ThaIhi:ner Woman* \>
sociation <>f ,-'t. J'a til's Church at Kour
qurcan. T.-tnp!e A- Uootii 1. I ..
ness Woman's Club and Stenographers'
A soclation; >.???'?:}i Nurses' Settle
ment, at the post-olflce: Miss KMa
'????J;.- and commit t< . . .lefferson Hotel;
Mrs. <T W. Kern and committee at
1 r , gi.dr*jg i-i
?h a \ i; a iii: \ it r- i-A * s
i> hi; ii itN \ is it
The j-'avuge m i. , a) play?"llav.. a
? ?-art"?in its second visit of the sca
on at the Academy last night repeated
'? arc meat- ire it ? previous su?*<*?'->
I he :nd< fa* gab!- II-:. r;. ?f J,.;..j,i,
? ro ua a f . 1 t ;*?',# r c ':ti* dy .i
and he danced a! i;, at? and .-.j
o the undisguised delight of nil, The
aptlva'ing :ti. : :..? prit.c.pal
> ! v'* 1 1 ?- ? thInI; W net,
- Id ^ 'U I. .. d Me b: igbt r. all
? It'.' r* .1 Ii winHf \. wa> h> ard. aril
"?; ?*? U U ii.-; ngabl- in pari, > ? t il
? \ r >e,-;i ? I, ; ., . . . I, II, .J t, , a ? 1. -
? - ;>? ?ii* a u . J.ir.t t ? ;h* a jdie: .
'? ".-air.ar ;.at:d ..tioru did tc?* have
lie buoyancy of the prior perform knee,
? ut the chorus ivork In general Was as
la ? ? ???!
U I ? '
a ? w ? f
i; t1
?lI ' ' 1 ?* I j,r ,. . 11?.o add
in lb
? K K y > t r< ng *? n- d ? ?. ?
:..it.,t.-d ?????. ? ;.,* ? a'
" ? ' i," a t.ro ji?
' ? <? ? ? ??'? t > tro>. a:,
iou.s manner, and a
?pran < \
?I la.;:;
i exteriMVe rang. Whs!. .. _ . ?
id not allow her riluch opportunity *...
isplay her ability, yet she made the
host of the slender possibilities of the
ii'I ? .i ? m .i :? ? 1 ., *? ?! :' ni ? ? t agr* ? -
' ?'1-' ' lal .'iivaj t.s a Kentu.k.a:.
> >.rtli. ,i coiu * and opera htnger
'!l' ' and is n nld.tion ti> the
? ? ? ' ? >: r jbu t ? . much f
- .I-, 'mi' ; i tji. production.
Matth. a l'j UKf
? ? -N* - !'?'? viou.s Incum
?" 'led Sheldon
M * I
? a k ?onieth:
and^MlWf Weber-,ln trie role
. Mitzje o Hrien, can ? iaim the feather
** *.V#* a * *t,. -J.- Clia ?'llp.ottsii >p
?* ' ?'??-*. a.. .in. r.
,r"' Hni-y ... D,,;iy Hrabazon i ;t
? : ? and ta.entt i y..ung j.er- >n : I
K- ? whai* jt uf life and v.va.Mi'.
?Jh* r , .t i a |.l'a,ur, t? j.e'r
This company is ending its j.r.- ..??u
i son with the ,I1(j oI lhi, w;.ok<
>"iigli .t ;> likely "Have a 11.-ait n.,v
?' a r .ii i.-i tli .- wav an .t!.,r - ? i-.,- '
ill always be sure of a welcome.
.1. (J. 11.
\ l I lie 1 .} rtc.
i:r .1 fit] .sn.tppy vaudeville marks
lx opening i>i: 1 of tin- week at the
?>r. The bill is a-glltter with pretty
ill beau! iful costumes. i ioO'l datic
tiK and tuneful music abounds. All
n all it is just such a show as the
I" l". M. heartily approves of. and
ncident illy enjoys with hit wife l>e
id>- him.
Florrie Miller.ship and "Skcet" (?al
lagher lead the hill with a musical
omedy skit of sour and tlani'c, "The
iiti on the Magazine". Tills intro
du. es .sMinc pood singing, and is well
ar ranged ami staged.
Ann Sutor, who is haled as "The
'ir 1 from Virginia'* is a pepful, parti
cularly attractive Monde, and funnier
?han most comediennes. She gets a long
hand singing a joyful mod ley when
she appears in a rather risque costume
closing her act. The Laugnlins in
"IMgnilied N'onesense" present a novel
round "f dancing and singing: Miss
l.auglilin dancing excellently and
shows exceedingly good taste in her
For laughs and laughs again Fox
and Ward, fifty years partners in
vaudeville, reap a harvest of applause.
They sing, dance, and introduce side
splitting repartee and duologue. The
Flemings in a novel po.-ing act close
the Mil.
Alvin M. Smith will sing for Fnele
Sam at the l.vric today. The song
in which the widely known and popu
lar young business men will make
his vaudeville (lehut is a new patriotic
ballad, exhorting all good Americans to
come to the aid of I'nole Sam i'.i '.he
war against the ruthless Hun. Mr.
Smith is the possessor of a rich bari
tone voice and employs it with all the
skill of a professional. He has volun
teered to carry the message of the
Liberty Loan and War Savings Stamps
hoards to the people in song.
??Keep Smiling:."
An unusual inu?lcal attraction which
will be shown at the Academy Friday.
Saturday and Saturday matinee will
he the appearance of "Keep Smiling."
a now musical comedy which is being
presented by Lea llerrick and Julian
Alfred in association with A. S. stern
& Co. This is not by any means a
"road show." It has just had its
first few performances and the pres
ent lour is limited to four weeks, after
which the company will go to New
York, where the play will have its
Hroadway opening early in August.
Heading the cast are Muriel Window.
"The Little Peacock of Vaudeville, who
is accepted as the leading American
comedienne: and 1'iavc Ferguson, who,
for the past two years, has been the
leading comedian in "Very Cood Eddie."
SueeiintliN to lliirns.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
1-1A It 11! SON* HI* UO. .}pril 13.?Mrs.
i Henry Wood, of Montezuma, died Sun
( day evening after suffering intensely
; from burns sustained Friday, when
I she upset a can of oil on flames in a
j stove. She was severely burned about
| the arms and front the waist down.
| She was forty years of age. Surviv
ing her, besides her husband, arc
[four sons and six daughters.
I'lH'l Administration Attributes Had
Condition l.ar?el> to Shortage
of t.'ai's at Miue>.
i k;i kks co.m ii \ t assi:iition i
Kail t oad Depart nient Makes t'on
tracts at laiwrr Titan Cstiat
Market I'ricc ? Situation Ciriivc,
Hays Dr. Uarlleld.
WASI 1 INtJTON, Ai ? il 1 r. with a
heavy bombardinc.' ?; ??(!? ;.il ^tate
ni'-nts. tii>- smolder.- li a .t ? b'lw<eri the
f j'.-l administra: :? ? i t lie railroad
administration bro'.'.. - n to-day.
Following a ' ' ? f uaotlicial
a-ert ions arid <!>?? . nt iit'.i'iiis for
in-arty two wi-ek: ?_ <.hn Skelton
William1, head of tr. finance ?I? part
tn( nt <>f the rai!r< ;<i i holding up
coal production t r,a 1 ? ?'? per
(.?(?nt car :?>?.? rito ??. ? ? that j;avo htm
low prh'-s, It liar: \ <;.irtii '.'J, fuel
administrator, t ? -?! ? I the blame
f*.r t lie slaek }?;???: i ' i squarely up
to the railroad .
I!'; dclar?-? p. 1- ' 11 rn? r.i that
there has been a ;aso >>f i.r.no.oo') (
lon:<, or I J per a', ai> ill'U.s coal
durini; the l " t w< ? i .-oal y' > r
.Starting April ! A a . ? j ut '.f Hii'
is <1 i". lie sa> . ' ? ' ? ?? tin';* '1 ia<T;
'if traii'-port.i 1 > vitlen'
by shorta;;. <?{ ir ;? ?' ? -(1 .it in*
r;. i :ii ?- t o be loa '!? 'I. ?! t '? Jfli -
( r.il pre tjr- of war * 111? rail
T'>:i< hin* <? :i M :. . t ? ;t ? i.iou. he
s a v s I
"Anr>ntf the >?', <]. ? -irS-a? < c
rurtaititit; j?r??#!?!<-: i . i th? unsettled
: :tua* 'i regard ;??? ? < ' ? ?r r.> -
road fYb: ? j*i? ? .n : u:id? r cm
: .'1' ration by t r;i:i r ? -a <1 an<] f !? . ad
inlniMrattoti o!V ah and v. ' 1- ? ottle i
at cariles?. :t >rn?-:it i>o.
L'". 'iarfiei'l a;. the ?' ? j ;i t: ? ? n !?
(iravp. Me fears t) ?? ? oiidltion will
'?oir pletely <1 ?moral./ ? ? l.tbnr sup
ply if i r.e hi ? 'i: ii :u- ? . ? ? ~ i r i ? 1 ? i - -
try. for< .rip ? ?tst. -f 11.? ? k t:?? U1
::.?? ri whorti tJ.? !-i"i tdm ? r.?-* i:i v. ill
!i:i 1 It irupo! ' ? r? ;? ;n ?
1 '.rector ?? ;? ? ? ra! M Ail' ? -va" not ::i
?h? '<*:?' t'.-.iav. StJt the railr-ol a 1
?? 'i . ? .? '1 ia? .; i'"I a
?.itemct:t lb .i- r.K that durlt.u Keb
ruary. Mar--: .i ?: ?1 the w>-?-!:
Apr;! tit. ra !r ?..?<! have ?U ;: .? ?! a'
'to JT ? a'.'l '1 v "?. ?* 1 TI r nr.- ' ir.1
than in the f <? p nod Ia>*. year.
Will Itenilrr '?lloty Cltj."
The orator1 . "The i!? .1 ?*ityby
A I: i. wilt !??? r< ti'icre.l at t: <s
First Haptlst Church on Wednesday:
? v ..tnrtK at > 1.", '.<> n 1 ?? th> <itiart-t
,( th< ? hnrch. c.tnp'--<-?l or Mrs 11 I.
Skidritorf, Mrs. R. S. iludglhs; Oswald
i' |: ike ar.il Mar -j- K- i!' i ttian, as
- -.1 by the following s-in.r.-r-. Mrs
W S. SI,:.. Keif -rd. M- H ?: t e .Slater.
ii iKh Il'iCh and .1. I'o.-"er I'.arn'-S. A
h' r: pr.i rr frvi >? w l1. ie th>
irav.ro aid a v? 1 i.tarj off(.:.ni; will
? n. the pro.- ?? I t bo ^ vn t<.
he H'.il i'i'i-s \\ rii.. Tin public
1 to at t' nd.
|)r. >le(.iiire Vwailini: Order*.
? : ? .<? ,:irm' ? ; . w. to w , -
:.i" I! last t. i: ? w},??*. ?'\p.'?'ted
: . ? . rep... ? ? ? ?'amj I.- : ? lo| to
r .il:ze. I >r M lb v. W
:: i: wi i> i ? . ? ha;.; nr. ? f the
Me : i I- , ' ? ? i" e . f Vira ? . . I. spit il
mi'. ??!. ? \p' ? ' t ? be in tr.i.it
? I.. .. b> the lirst . ' ?!.*? Tl .'MM.
tho ij;K neither has received dcllnito
. y-t t i :hi.s . ff- t.
Itri. .Icilin llnckni'll *mlili. 1). M.
CI IA ItLOTTK.SVII.IiK. VA.. April 15. -
N'.'tt - wa - -? ???? v i ! .t" " 1 :..%<?> :y
-? ! i> ? ? f t.1 . .i i . -M? in
i:?ij>:i:;ts. Hra'/il. ? ; U? v. .J? M n I lock
>?11 Smth. !I*. if?<-r i! llln- of
ionici months. Dri Smith Was born in
S?M, at Lexington. Ky. II.- attended
he l'niversity V rv ..t fr-.m 1
n 1S<"> and ll". - I iI ? ? w? : i: !;;i - be<>!l in
trazll, as a missionary tlio Southern
'!?. .- b y t e r an <'!r;r. !: II- ... survived
>v his- wifi , M : ?- ? I'orter Snrth.
in<1 his children- -Ilcv. Jaines Porter
"mith. William K. Smith ami Mrs. C.as
oii lloyle, sill of lira?.:!; Or, It. Kmor
?oti Smith. ?: * - - n a -. - in ?he I'r.ited
Look, 3Iotlier! Sec if 1 on true is
coated, breath liot or
stomach sour.
"California Syrup of .Figs"
can't harm tender stom
ach, liver, bowels.
Kverv mother realizes, aft'.*r givlitg ?
Ixi- children "California Syrup of
that tliis is their ideal laxative,
ln-i-aii: c they lovo its pleasant taste
.1::> 1 it thoroughly cleanses tin* tender
little stomach, livt and bow els with
out griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish or
breath is bad. stomach sour, look at
the tongue, mother: It' coated, give a
It-aspoonful of this liarmiess "ftuit
laxative," and in ;i few hours all ilia
loul, constipated waste, sour bile cud
undigested food passes out of the bow
els, and you have .. well, playful child
again. When its little system is full
of cold, throat sore, has stomach-ache,
diarrhoea, indigestion, colic?remem
ber, a good "inside cleansing" should
always be the first treatment given.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Syrup of Kigs" handy; they know a
teaspoonful to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. Ask your druggist for a
bottle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which has directions for babies,
children of all ages and grown-ups
printed on the bottle. Bewaro of coun
terfeits sold here, so don't be fooled.
<?et the genuine, made by "California
Kig Syrup Company."?Adv.
Bakes. Cooks and Itoasts llrown,
$10.50 ? $29.00
? .J^'T--.?iUi'. i;u,ui.un.n.mgi-tm
r?-S lOnnt llrond.
I! Smith, now* a' ? 'ari ?>
i . S < V. with r'i v ty ,f V :r
: si in i:.i s'.* ... i;.
>lr?, Snrnli ? . Iltiir.
! . i><- ia 1 to The Tim? ?; - i <:. par |
1'iiAitu?tti:svi!.i.i:. v.\ \ir.
Mi Sarah ' *. Huff, . !
Iiv?\ wife ? > f th?* late J. \\ II iff ;??![.*
i w?-i 1-k no w-n farmer "f ? l!.i:
h*i 11<* r-ec-t ion. ?>it -it r .<.:i SthI iv.
if:<-r an iMti'-fs of il > y Ti ? ? ,i,. -
t;.l will !.<? h?*!d fmm *.!:?' l: i -k M m
tain llpiscij.a 1 (."hun li Mr . 11 iva.l
Ui-foi <? iiiat'i..i?e, Mr- -vira'i ' Twy
rnan. and was born and mam t ,n <
oiinty. She Ik stjrv: v.->l v five -iil
Imn Harry T . I.i wi, <" W !?'.
Kliza J. and Margaret Huff. Sh< also
louvi'.s two sist' r ML l.ij. ?. Twy
ni :i >i. of It j<-hlii')tid, \ a.. : i:: < 1 Mr ?' S
IS.-lK'ili. t, of Kcnno ly. '1 \
('. >1. S wiirrljriin.
Pl'THRSHritC, VA , A 13.-?* M.
Swarrittan. a- 'slaiil iii.ciiibci of l.ak>
uio.'it l'ark, ?1 iI Saturday it lily 11? ? j11? ?
i> t1 ? |>:irk, of j?i.<- r-ioi. i 11?? w is
forty-nine years old. aiid survived
i.y mx brothers and *h. <??? msi
(I.ti!-- of Atlanta, to which ? ity the
l.ojv w a.-; ? ? nt.
Mr*. Vorii Taylor l>i<'k<-n?.
l.V.Vi Ml Itl'lt'S. VA . Mi.-I v. : 1 T.i> -
lu 'Keiiti, twenty-eight years of age,
w r.. I ?r. '? 1.. I . . ?!;? I ?
ri.orntng about- 1" o'< .i t h*-r .'.???? ?
I10S It i Vermont Avftiu* wli.-r. 1 h<? 1 ? ;i?I
:)l s!ii' o la-t '! :?? '! iy of ; : ' i
*ii o ii ia.
Mr !? l??*r?:< w a d i :, :??? r ' rh<?
latf T S. Taylor, of T<- .!: .. .; -
' ' .;;i?t. l.'i* r-li?? It i I ! ? ? i . I. ? ?
? f * i: ?< 1'or a :i irr. ? ? h ?
wan a member of Flriit LJaptist Ohur< h,
,trnl was man ;'il ? o Mr. I?. - '?:??? ,:i
1 9 I *_'.
S:irvi\' )ir nr.. her Vis'.tr ;w..
little daughters; lOifzabeth s*.nd Vera
mil -r-v -vl brother.- and s:?t<-r.
i :i|itnin .1. It. Mmiisom.
! i ? ' ? T't.- Time -1 "ispa' ? |
jt.tkksiuki;. v.\ ai.mI i .
'am .' Manvoii. a prominent i-itr/.< ri
Hi'l I "oil f eilera I<_? veteran lif 111 ? I;: -
.-k -? :i?1 former resident of |vt?-r.
' ir^. ?I i < ? < I !,. t tiiuiii at In- limin i < ?- i ?
VVar'i* ;<! in that mmt;.. <.'a|'tain Ma: -
? ?ii i ? .rnrnailiUil t i.:ui..-iiiy I, Twelfth
V "L-; rt i It^'-'ilii' ' '. Mahoiif- ?; 11 r i j^.i ? i ?
llf v.i r>iuht- livo vp?r- old, and
it vi ><l li\ ftali' i liil'lron, onn
in.-.. .1 I: Mai,: .11. Jr.. livos
them both delicious
for iuncli
?you can have steak once in
a while. And don't you enjoy
it when you do! Tender, juicy,
seasoned to suit you?well, it
is a privilege. You're thank
ful when it's cooked just right
for you.
after lunch
??you'll enjoy a LUCKY
STRIKE Cigarette?also
"cooked" just right for you.
It's toasted, to bring out the
Burley flavor.
I? < r I 'if .-. Tin f'iri'l, .r will he from
ll;.> ii- -1'iici; at ? mil t ??-:::?? r:??w
\\ 111 in I *:i \ ill Iti-lil.
[Special to The "I'm" -!?.-? t?;i {? ii ]
11 \ i:ms< ?Ni:t"K1; v.\ . 1
\Villia::i 1 ?a vhl It- .1. ..I <"?. . ;? Hill,
"it*- I Saturday after. ??-??? I ?'.<> c
the result <>f a tr <-f pa s
? tained lust Tu* luy. T> w a v
? nty-:;ix of :i?i- II- : .rvived
lii.-s willow, thr->- <la'ii:h? ? ( s.
I.aura < ?linKoi\ of \'cw A! irli'-t . Mi -i
Ii. IN- Iteld. it >?? -ti . a- <1 Mr . l.-i ? io
.".'??x r< ><!??. "f ("lover Hill, ami ? .en
Viri.i'. of Stautitor \V; 1!i m, of New
Mirki-t: <'liu lcs. ,f North Dakota:
Whitlow, Wiseman. Arthur and Mar
I .ill, at home.
Mr*. Mary I'.. I);i vrnpnrt.
(Special to The "I" ?-. ? ? 1 ijspatch. )
liAN'CASTHH, VA?, Aj.ril 15 -Mrs
Mary I-.'. I 'a Veil pot '. !.lighter of John
I lavenport. ?I?? ? 1 \-- ? iddetilv las*.
? ,-ht at t!i?? ho:n? of her stepson. .1
II I > i\. ii port. in ? h village, in the
? ?verity-six tii y? a - >f ln-r ajro Sao
was ni 1: ? r ii.- ?; a I I: ? '? sterda v, a rid
i ? r. ; n 1 c- < I <-rv t niuht a' tli??
i".|i opal '"hut'i-li of ? place. Karl>
11 ; inot'ti iim win r s'-rvnnt wont
i.. 11.-1- room to .:?? !-.:i 'ions about
? : i- il;f-i-t sue w .< ? unable to arousi
Mr- I ?a ven port. an., n examination,
.: was font. ! tli i" s'.<- was dead. Iter
'P ath had i-vtill ati.. resulted from
in-art troubb-. to v ,.-h : had be-n
ii? t for ?.??!! ? ? w.i?; i woman
!' ti,-aiil:l il ??!??'? ? " ? r. and was ?reat
> beloved by a ? ? ki.ew In r. l-'rom
early life sin- \\ a ? a ?? "rubor of thi
Method:.-' i "iii: ? I'ui.< ra 1 sci vices
?a II !??? lii-lil in.-, r v. afternoon and
;iit??rmont wil' I.- d< in the cemetery
i Kehol'ot Ii < l i
lt. M. llriM-r.
BK.VNS C11.U HO If. V\. April 15.?
The i>irial oi' I; ; t 1 ? ? ir tool. p!a>"0
from Itonns < "h ?' ti 1 I*. M. Sunday,
a larvri- .irid ? ? ' crowd licini;
:-i a 11 onda ii- Ii" \\ ? a prominent
f.inni-r, truck*r ? : !ii:nli'-rm;in of
I'arrollton. II- \\ i a* N"?'wp>?rt .N"i -,\
'11: irsday, April II. on bus ni s.-. when
he was stricken w Ii apoplexy and
ken to the IP:.\!--r Hospital, but
-.- ver retained ? ? ? i-noss. and
passed away in a few hours. Ho was
a native of i?lc ,.f Wlijht '.'ounty, and
?was sixty-five years of age; was a
? voted member of Kiv- - \ i?w Metho
;ist i*huri-i> and had l>een "n the ofli
il board for manv year-.
Mr I irfver is survived :>v one broth
rr. <" r?rlv*>r. an?l '? ? M
id'lr a IJunkloy, l>oth ? ?(? ?
John I., llnryc.
KKKI >!?: !t I<" K SIJl" 11< i, VA.. April 15.
.fohii J< .Maiyo. formerly i>f th:- ? ty.
<1 i<m1 ?i'i<lil<.'iily ar lii.s home in ll.imntn
r.i t rr.ullt at tfi?? aiffO "f til': ai..
y'.'ir.'. 11 f was a .'??oil of the 1 11?? .) ? hn
Mary<- ?-i .i victim "if pin-union: ? I!??
I. - it?? 11:?ii;-< i! ? v? rnor of \ ir^ uia. M :
M.C > :? v. a v : tirn of pti> -.jmoil;.i H??
ir\ !.\ h- wift> ui'l f ??!!? ch:!
?If?? n. Tuo hoily w iUrmiicitt Ii?*r?* to
il iy iml t !!?? funoral ?i<? 1 ? I fr..;n St
ra> \s l-:pi .pal Church. ser*. i ?
? ?"Im t.-.l l.y ):.? v. .1 .1 hanl?>r. In
Utiiu'U' 'A i- a ido mi the family iot
,ii 111? ? city i ? ry.
Dilniti 1'imrll,
ONANCOi'K. V\. A ;>r:: 1". Kd-via
T I ??? \v ?? 11 ili? <1 at i . lion near Warha
pr-aj;ii. Sunday. f..:i..\v ;:m a lo'ur ill.
ii''.- from porm oiis a r i- m i llo
Calomel Today! Sick Tomorrow!
I Guarantee Dodson's Liver Tone
Don't take nasty, dangerous calomel when bilious,
constipated, headachy. Listen to me!
Calomel mnk^s you sick; you los" a
day's work. Calomel i* <iulcl;silver
anil it salivates; calomel injures your
If von nrf biliou?*. fcl 1 :iy.y. ?*lusfii h
and all knooki'il out: if vour low- ! .ir*;
roiint i 1 >? 11? -<I aii'l your head ncho:; or
stoiua-'h is pour, just take a M?ounful
of harmless 1 'od.-on's Llvor Tone in
stc.nl of nsitijr sickening. salivating
calomel. I'oilson'H I.iver Tone is real
liver medicine. You'll know it next
tnorninjr becau.'-e you will wake 11 ]?
foelinK tine, your liver will be working,
your headache and dizziness gon?\ your
.stomach will be sweet ami bowels
regular. Von will feci like working.
You'll be cheerful; full of vigor and
Your druggist or dealer soils you a
? .i ?? \ 1 ' > .i * v tor
.1 rmrnix-r >??>' A 1 nr;\| nrr
? ]? \v i' i l*i '"sby?
i U ? ? "? h il ?? "A .1 S lit'
?!? i'. ? ? rri?< .i : ? ? i? th?
Wnchaprcaguc Cemetery, Ho sur
. . .<??! IV w . ~1 ; ,1'trcn -
Mr; . HukIi KoS((U(, Mrii, Pouts*
Powell. Mra Fred NftVin, Hdwln Her
i ? : : P.I 1 P .w f \V K-ti I
ici-. 4: i I TSior <P "v'l. of Pitt.?
Ir<l 1 itn ml II. Ilnrt.
? ? . t t ? ? -11 ?! 1
-ritp-KS|:rp v \ Aiu l 15.?
! I . I'l I !. ! 1 i ' ! ? I. ' ?? A ', c 11 i -
! ' ?..???,? <1 .mJ ;it
!i .* ho:n ? .i ' r. nht of ;>n<Mimnnta
. i: i ?! i i r;iP .it ' ? ? ' ? ? > f verity -
>'? :n fi w .? ? t na'.ivo i>f K.m ?
#i? ii? ? r ' ?i'im'.v ? ? i ! married M:ss Isa
li ?? ??i'.'.. T" Si?* ' 'y iv,i!' ,i ?'?>uiit>*.
"I'i ?? f in. r.t' a ?:i K ? 11" ? ? ?? Tuesday
:i f: ^ri'Mun ;i r I : ???rni nt rn.i<lo in th'?
firmly lot here.
bottle of Dodson's IjIver Toiifi for a few
'???nts u!v! r m\ personal euarantee that
it will ? If- in your sluggish liver better
than nasty calomel; i* won't make you
- Iclc ;iihI yo'i fan anything yoti
want without being salivated. Your
ilruggist iru.-ir.'intnes that each spoon
ful will :-tart your liver, i lean your
bowels an<l straighten you up by
morning or you get your money back.
Children gladly take Dodson'a L?iver
T 'lie because it is pleasant tasting and
d esn't gripe or cramp or mako them
I am selling millions of bottles of
Hudson's reiver Tone to people who
have found that, this pleasant vegetable
liver medicine takes the place of dan
gerous calomel. Buy one bottle on my
sound, reliable Guarantee. Ask your
druggist about me.?Adv.

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