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Kattegat of mines, the report fhowj,
and may utlll be in progros*? What
further British effort, if any, t he
oporation implies, cannot well be fore
cast. It in indicative of intensified
British naval activities, at any rate, if
not preliminary to far more important
operations on the part of the British
naval forces.
o\ tiii: I'li'Mitn i'no\T
On the Picardv hait'.e ficlil the (.icr
man attacks on II.wizard hav d;ed
flown. Very violent artillery Tiro con
tinues there, atul the French Runners
have/dlspr rsed enemy Infantry attempt
ing to advance from I>cmuin. On ttio
remainder of the 1'reneh front there
has heon artillery exchanges. The
Germans facing the Americans north
and east of St. Mihiel have not renewed
their attack.
The rolx-l cans- in Kin land appears :o
Ik* hi l>;id strait-, tjerman troops have
occupied 11 els In j; for s, the Finnish cap
Ital. and which \sa.s held l.v the rebels.
The Russian fleet of l'"0 vessels sta
tioned at Helsingfors. was reported to
have escaped to Kronstadt last week.
iiah; nni'oitTs <???< i cation
of towns iiv i.kiuians
f li ? Ai-welu trl I'rf! I
LONDON. April Ml.?Kield Marshal
Hals', In Ins ofiicial report to-night, an
nounces the occupation by the Hermans
of lioth Wytschaete and Spanbroek
rr.olen. The report says:
"Severe fighting lias been taklnsr
place to-day on the front from Y.eteren
t r, Wytschaete. At dawn the enemy
renewed his attacks in strength In the
neighborhood of Wytschaete and Span
broekmole n.
"Supported by a heavy bombard
ment, h:s troop? approached our posi
tions under cover of th* mist and. after
a prolonged struggle, gained possession
of both localities.
"At Mctern the enemy also succeed
ed during' the morning in obtain
ing a footing In the village, where ih>*
Sighting is continuing.
"On the oilier parts of the above
front the enemy's attacks wore re
"This morning the enemy also de
livered a strong local attack upon our
positions opposite Boyelles, smith of
Arras, and lighting I:> sllll taking place
in this neighborh -nil.
"The. hostile artillery has been niorr
a-tive to-day smith of Albert und in
the neighborhood of l.a Basse* Canal.
Bodies of ficrman infantry assembling
in the vicinity of Bocon v ere engaged
and dispersed by our artillery. There
has been increased artillery activity
on both sides In the Passchendaele
"On the remainder of the Br;t!?h
front the situation is unchanged."
llEftl/IN CLAIMS rojIl'liETK
SI < ( ICSS ?>"V MS 1*1 II 1.1)
f Bv Assormied r'rr.?s. 1
EKr.UN, April 1 (via I/indon).?"
"Otir att: *ks on tlie By? battle field met
with complete success." says the ofHelal
ropimunication from general headquar
ters. "The great mine crater? of the
Wytschaete battle of l?l? were taken
by a surprise attack. After a short
? pell of Ore we stormed Wulverghein
im a surprise attack, ani the enemy's
positions on both sides of the \ 11
'"Counterattack ? by English com
panies completely bioke down
?'From th" plain, while s al.ng th?
heights between Nenve Ohapelle. ami
Biillleul, our troops attacked and
wrested them from the enemy in a vig
orous hand-to-hand encounter.
;.Bnglish 11 i t >t 1 .ocon
failed. We took : in-* prisoners diir
in* ilie repulse of a j-. nt attack car
ried out by th" I ir: || u:iil French
north of the Bu .? |:.\ niet.
^'Eastern thf.iier Troops landed at
1 *0vi7a, east c ' M ? - * after ovit
c"Jnitig i' ;? ? ? .? d :; ? ?< ? ? s, pu? li< d
forward by way of BappltrcHk toward
the north Th? repeatedly broke the
enemy's res :anre a-,,t rein lied the
'a 11 way line to the r.tsi of Bakhti run
' eg from Tammerfors to Viborg."
\ Ml I. B NT III?NI li \ It DM I: NTS
.- 1N >IU\T'MIMM-.lt hkoion
... l'p -s.l
PAK1S, April 1'< Th War OrTlce an
n 'Un rtn^r.t to-niKht .
"Violent bombardments 011 both sides
took pla.ee In the region of Montiiidier,
ther# wa? no Infantry action.
"About the F.oib !s i'retre seversU
attempts made by the enemy were I
ptilhed, after quite lively eigaK'mer-t ,
Our patrols took prisoners near N? * g. _ ?1
ville and liadun viller.
"Lastfrn theater, April IS: In tha
course of ar. extended raid, which v.. ?>
carried out with complete succt .?> c?:i
lh^ left V'itr.U ' f the Struma, b> <
firmarii and l.ai.e Tahiti' the 1
fi>icej- drove iii" Ciiluai ian ?>u* . :
fiom about ten villages, 'l'he li< ? ?
trooj a took n brilliant part iti this
? ?Iteration by tnu .'.:dc of the British
ne enemy s iflrred considerable louses.
We tfiuri prisoner' There was r?eip
ro al artillery ,l t.v ? ? ,-iloriy the I'erna,
Allied av.ato:' m: ir<i."J enemy es
tablishments in tlie Vardar Valley and
in the neighborhood of Sores,"
EMJJiv si:i/.i:s itiooi:
i????>! itui risit rom l.s
with thi: i ;i"i . a ai:;I v in
FRANCE, April 1( ?Bdllleul, eight and
a half in ilea I! av.ebrou. i;, .n
Flaud'-rp, w .>s cn;>tur> j at.d v<:< .pied
fcv the Gerrii.ir, .? ? eve:.::.g waen th?
fnfiti) also s* iv i Le Hcve.tsbers I'.;dtjc,
? ast of the town. An to result, the
British pnllo'i ?h' :r 1 l.?.-k i.orth
v, irtl sonif w ' ,i i ' <> i it; r s mi tin ilie
'an ?nfl we ? a ?; , ve Mail < ul
and Le- Revet; ?
KiRhtlr.s is < ' 'I'.rjj in (his sec-tor
t\ .r h (.Jerri.>? ir ; u> push wr-t
"ard toward t * ra i\s?y ciqi.cr of
Hazebrou^ >.
The lo.-s of Hall f.j. wa? not tine%
r ected : <<T It', r K . \ ,?I ,r rf.rjlfJ
i ot ci.rnpef..'?.te :? i '... t wuld
tost to retain it in the ?..??? r<( the ter
rible ot:. .i i u ?
.?l,le to ??!.:.?: ??
\.t. I. 1 '
a very heavy bo.iijbardinc-ni ;? in CJer*
is kuii.- of ?.
111? r.'i ? e { : fp.1 r ;? ' ....
il't'i th* i.t>> !;,<? < In.;
r>ivt?ion ami ? ?? ! ? I ?,
Division. and ir -* li ivn r .)<?
fending poaitloi s a die fior?i
Mount 'le l.llle diijjli j; r. .u|.(J ju: t
southeast of ll...ll"ul- to ? .? < <'or
an fileva t ',n o t li.. ? 'j i ,'. ??
1-lKlise h IKh wa '? . al n t 'J 1,1 ? :. ? 1 m <?
of jh<- latter j- i
!|i?t ;ie ra lil' 'I .
I.a tt < - w ' . ? ? ! : ; ? ?? 11.1 r
KM I!hii? i ? "1 ?' i ? ? ar ? 1 .
wlthstunii the aiiocub :roui overwhelm
Important News
Quickly Told
Events From Various Sourccs
RcduccJ to Minimum
1<ONDO.V. April 10.?An official report
on aerial operations to-night says: "Bad
weather prevailed Monday, and there
?;is only low ilylng. Four tons of
bomb:) were dropped on different tar
gets. No German aircraft were en
countered. One of our machines is
HI IIM I NG 11 A.M. AIjA.. April 16.?
Birhnp T. I). Bratton, of Jackson. Miss.,
was rice ted president of the Southern
Sociological L'oiiKJ ess here late to-day.
lection of the lyil* convention city
was left to the executive committeo.
which it was understood favored Jack
WASHINGTON. April 16.?The mar
Kin of protf:? on wheat mill feed which
has Seen in effect in Pastern States
h.i > I ppii extended to all Stnt"? eas-t
.?f the Mississippi and south of the Ohio
Kiver. including Louisiana and Arkan
I.i >N<; BI5ACM. CAU. April 16.?
1 ?twrence KoM. aged twenty-one, was
K ;and Oridsel <"hristofferson. an
aviatir prohahly fatally injured here,
to-day, when their airplane full into
the ocean while making a sharp turn
from an altitude of 200 feet.
fc'KATTL.E, April 16.?Major-General
!*. D. Swinton. inventor of the British
tank, who i:? here campaigning for
the third Liberty loan, intimated to
day ring and ha:; a trump card up her
sleeve thit may mean the turning
pof it of t)i ? v. ar.
ins numbers of fresh troops. Slowly
the British line f<>;i back, but unbroken
and in good order, until they reached
their present positions, where they
hf Id.
About the time the Germans ? ir2<%d
forward against Baillcul they ,?:-o at
tempted to advance by two attacks
southwe t of Baillcul. Ju<;t opposite the
.'lortheast corner of the forest of
N'ieppe. These drives were preceded
by heavy Minenwerfer preparations,
i vie attack was driven bark i>v artil
lery tire before the opposing infantry
.ami* to close Quarters, but the other
ma t er la ':zed.
The Germans hurled themselves
against the British furiously, but with
out avail, (or the line held. ar?d the.
attacking troops wore forced to fall
baek. The attack in the Bailleul fee
tor had been boiling all day, and had
been cxpected to break at any moment.
The Germans continued to pour north
westward along the roads leading to
J. taires, and again the British flying
' orps did great work. The intrepid
flyers kept up an unccasing machine
gun and bombing warfare against the
enemy transport and troops, flying at
a very low altitude.
<?i:\"r.n\i, fhk.voi thanks
r*lt-\ \("K I-'Olt i:\rOl'HA(iKMK\T
t lu- A-snctate.l Pr<".'?. I
HON DON. April 16.?"The same spirit
that carried your army through 1P14
sustains us all again to-day against
overwhelming odds." said Field Mar
I shal French in a telegram to-day
thanking the I'rench government for
a message of encouragement.
thrmh ikvs' n<;iiTt\o
HllFOJtl-: \ l.l, oi- IICI.SIM.IOtts
i )<y \ ? 1
LONDON, April 16,? A fleuter dir
patch fr ? ii I leahorg says that threi
day.'- ilaht:..g preceded the capture of
J1 ??lsingf'irs. The Germans now are ad
w". ? ai"/i:: tin1 Kikhimyaka? I?ikhti
Kotka railroad, which runs to Viborg
iti'.nmT .1 ai'A\ Br.cr.ivr.s
; Ii\ !'rf.ss ]
TOKYO, Wi'diu sday. April 10.?Ofil
oial advices from Vladivostok fjv that
the city is c.ilm. Japanese blue
jackets arc not replyitsc to oc.-agonal
shots from snipers at night. Protection
of the French consulate has bsen
taken ovor by the Japanese.
Th# Japanese Korcign Ofttce an
nounces there is no confirmation of a
I'rtroffrad dispatch that, the Bolshevik
government h.is proclaimed a st:?:?- of
war in Siberia nrid ordered the Hed
I : ?> oppose the Japanese mariner
I .
ro-Mi;irr at s:ir> o'ci.oriv tiik
Will P..> HunK at the
First Baptist Church
I'Hrlllh anil Itrond Street*.
Vr-Uir, tn ry silver offering will he
n ? '?! f< r t lie U?m1 ''ro.-s v.-orU
V IVii'! ? v. nr t:ard<*n. <"*hoove
it i* i < ? *i ciireftilly- -prepare it
t ?? i)i(.'ii?!St firade S
?t lllCIII [lOIII
Disss & Beadles t
III) mi :ii? II \ MS,
!(it'll n?niid. \ n.
Lively Clashes Result When Consti
tutionality of Act Is Questioned
in Supreme Court.
In Western District the Measure
Was Declared Illegal, and Injunc
tion Was Issued Ucstruiuinj; Its
WASHi.VOTON. April 16. Resuming
argument to-day before the Piipronic |
Court in the government's attempt to
sustain the constitutionality of the
Federal child labor act of 1!U6. Soli
cilor-tieneral Davis drew a running
lire of questions and comment from
tho Justices, when ho state,I "that un
derlying this statute ;s the conviction
that child labor is a 1 > s and every
where an inherently evil thing, and all
statutes are a reflection of the pre
vailing opinion In the public mind." He
asserted that Congress b:t I power un
der th^ interstate commerce clause to
forbid transportation of commodities
which were not undesirable in them
'fongress can look to th- welfare
of citizens in the places where products
are to be delivered, as w<ll p. in the
places of production." be add?-d, citing
the repeal of State laws ag-iins* child
labor, forced, he said, because other
States allowed it.
Morgan .J. O'Brien, of New York,
opened the attack upon the law, fol
lowing the solicitor-general.
The statute was held unconstitu
tional by the Federal Court in the.
western district of North Carolina,
from which an injunction restraining
its enforcement was secured, and l:i
now appealed directly to the Supreme
? 'curt by the government. It forbids
the interstate shipments of products
of Industrial establishment w here chil
dren under fourteen years are em
ployed or children over fourteen, but
under sixteen, are employed for rnoro
than eight hours per day.
W. M. Ilendrrn. of Wlnstoii-P:t!em,
N. c., arguing against the law. asserted
that its purpose was "covert." and that
"Its purpose and effect is not the regu
lation or protection of commerce, but
the prohibit io:i nf the employment of
children," and declared Cnncre<i? p<>?
sessed no constitutional rlyht to en
ter the Held.
ntlnuod from First I'.t^c.i
as the oflice of the concern, was no!
touched bv the tire, but water drip
ping through the roof and partitions
ruined considerable correspondence,
and will interrupt the work of the
oflice force for at least one day. Prod
ucts stored in Nop. 1.". and IT were also
touched by the water. In No. IT there
were many barrels of seed potatoes
ready for shipment. These were not
A member of the (lrm said following
the tire that the work of shipping
would not be retarded because of the
b!a:'.e of yesterday. Products will be
taken from other warehouses of the
concern, and the oflice force will re
port for duty to-day as usual. Work
was commenced even before the tire
apparatus had left the street to the
end of getting the oflice and buildings
in order for the resumption of bus
The work of fighting the Maze was
under the direction of Chief Joynes and
\sslstant Chief Uaffo. After the blaze
wa:i declared to be out seven men were
stationed on the top floor and roof of
the building and two men on the third
and second tloors to keep the promises
under sur\ ei 11anee. so that no new out
break mis hi occur.
Hiit Spot Cotton.
Ml. .? led Pre- * !
I'HAKLUTTK, N. C.. April 16.?A
firm of cotton brokers here to-day .
bought froin .1 A. Tlurton. of New
berry, R. ".o.'.O bales of cotton at
.10"i icnts per pound. Deliveries will
be made to milk; in the Carollnas, It j
was explained.
Railroad men who want
a Walcli that they can de
pend on will do well to
come to this store ? our
stocks embrace the finest
and most reliable makes at
prices which are unmatch
able in Richmond.
We also show Watches
for men and women in all
styles, sizes and prices.
\t JsivQlars h. Qo*?3/v6d
"II Iclt ntonri'* Wnlrh
II rad(|?n rlrrn.**
every business
man ought to sec.
Watch for announcement
!ri?h <) u cm I Ion Slill ( inor* l-'rc?|i?cn I
Outliumln in limine of
ITJv As:?oeln I?*?I Pres.* I
LONDON', April 16.??Icorge N. I
Barnes. Labor member of the British
War Cabinet without portfolio. an
nouncod in the House of Commons to
day that the gnvprniiuMit Intended to
introduce a lioinc rule l?ill Immediately
and would use every pressure to pas:s
Mr. Karnes announced that the
l.loyd ticorge Rovcrn inent would re
sign it' the House of Lords refused to
pass the new lionie rule hill.
Premier l,lo.vd Ueorge said in the
Mouse of Commons to-day: "It Is de
sirable. in the interests of the war.
that wo should settle the Irish ques- |
tion and produce something like con- j
tcntmeut in Ireland and good will in,
A m<Tii"f?.''
neferrinff to the situation nt the !
front in tht4 House of Commons, Pre- i
niicr l.loyd Ueorge said: "The lluciua- '
tion between hope and despondency ?
must continue for some time yet. But 1
I am still full of confidence. . . .
tieneral PI timer (In command at Me?- i
sines ridge) is quito contident. We
have lost territory, but we have lost
nothing vital."
Ttirker mill llulgnrin Furnish lto?v for
lirrmmij- li? Smooth A>Tar and
Prevent Itiipttirr.
I llv Ai>?oclateil Pre;-' I
WASlll.VtiTO.V, April 10.?Spoils of
war have given rise :o serious bound
ary disputes between Turkey and P.til
raria. which Uermany is undertaking
to smooth away ;o prevent a rupture'
between her vassal allies. An official
dispatch from Switzerland to-day says:
"Mr. llelfferlch has returned t?> Rer
lin, from gre.it headquarters.
\\ here he hold a lone confer* lice w ith
the Kniperor. I lind"iibui'g. I.udendorft
and the Chancellor. Ir said that the
conferences dealt with the differences
which have arisen between Itulgari.i
and Turkey upon the subject of the
common frontier.
"The Turks desire conp?nsation for
the enlargement which I'ulguria. will
procure through :hr Oobrudja, and
they demand th it the former restore
to them the str'.p of h<r territory
which she obtained in September, 1915.
:?a the price of her entry into the war.
The Bulgarians object.
"It is known th.it the treaty with
Roumania, though not yet s gned. be
stows the Uobrudja upon the central
empires. The latter propose to give
this province to Bulgaria only after the
government ?'f Sofia. will have assented
t?- the claims of Constantinople."
I. W. W. Jarj- llox l-'llled.
OH iCAdO, April 10. For the first
lime during the trtal <>f tiie 113 in
dicted 1. W. \V. member*, charged with
interference with tiie national govern
ment at war, the Jury box to-day was
Music for
the Little
N.i nf'ifr instrument
will afford them so
11? mJ? pleasure. in 'li"
home as tilt? wotuler
lii I
It jc ?r> r.ipv tr> play that the smallest ehllrt
can play it -.iiui play it with all U o studied
sl<ill <if the master tmiivian. !-V>r e\> ry rnem
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nf unending ?uu ical fiU-a: uro- a < ??ntinual
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Tcrnn ArrniiRrd to Suit
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nre in nplfndiil plnvinp; condition. 'I'lic |irice? nre attractive
euon^li to find liomci for t lie in i|iilrkl,'.
The House That Mnde II ieh inoiul Mimical
-t: ?m55555i aw???pg??M
(hat you cannot afford to hare this institution
stiuid in your place to protect the financial inter
ests of your heirs.
A discussion of the matter Yvith an officer of
(he company Trill make clear, not only that you
can afford it, hut that it is Hie economical, sensible,
SA>'i: thing to do.
Seventh and
Main Streets
Thirty Years' Imprisonment and
?SI0,000 Kino for Injuring
War Materials.
Measure, Heady for President's Sin
nature, Severely Punishes All In-]
terfcreneo With War Industry.
I'eaeeful Strikes Allowed.
WASHINGTON, April 1C.?The sa
botage bill, carrying penalties of thirty
years' imprisonment and lines of $10.
uoo for injuring war materials or In
terfering with war Industry, was made
reaily for the President's signature
late to-day. when the Senate accepted
a conference report eliminating pro
visions designed to punish strikers on
war contracts.
The conference report was adopted
afte r lengthy debate, during which Sen
ators Sherman, of Illinois, and Mc
Cumber. of North Dakota, asserted that
the lihiir situation Is potting beyond)
the control of labor lenders and that
Congress should take action.
Senator Mollis. i>f New Hampshire,
defended 1 lie loyalty of labor, declar
ing strikes in this country to-day are
'?inconsiderable." and paid the passage,
of legislation designed to prevent
peaceful stiikos would not tend to in
crease labor's efHclcncy.
Consider Standard Wane Scale.
WASHJNTON. April 16.?The War
Industries Hoard Is considering meas
ures to regulate competition for labor
engaged in the essential Industries. Iti
is understood that the board I?: con
sidering a standardized wage si ale fur
practically every indu-try. To be
reached along tlie lines followed re
ccntiy by tin- shipbuilding wage ad
justment board
S MIS \ I* \ It ? 1,1. \ ? llfTeelUe Spring
M ril ici it <? ( 11111 lii nation.
As comprised in llood's Sarsapa rlll\
and pepttron. 1 ii;fn tn conjunction,
these valuable remedies possess un
equalled value for the nuiek relief of
.1 long- train of ailments common In
the spring season. You know well the
great tonic properties of iron. They
? re much Increased a:d improved In
tills combination ? Hoi-d" Sarsaparilla
before mcftlf; tmd I'eptlron after
in th? :-<? days of rushing 1 ml push
ing, beyond the endurance of even the
tno:-t iob,, ?. nearly ? very man e.nd
woman ii? ed? Oil- blood-purifying,
cb HTi- ing. up-b r.ldlng lti th<- Spring.
If i? not supplied, the depletion
,the blood and the broken-down nerves
(may ?ive way permanent ilt
ln a It h.
If a cathartic Is needed, as where
there i? hiliousners or constipation.
Hood's Pills should b?? taken. They
re purely vegetable, do not Irritate.?
< hlciigrt InxtltiMlon Parieew Km Knrulty
Moll of .\iirnr of Dlarrrd 11 eil
[Uy Associated I'rens.]
CHICAGO. April 1ft.?William Isaac
Thomas, professor of sociology at the ;
University of Chluxigo, who was ar- '
| rested at a hotfel last week with Mrs.
j It. M. CJrangcr. the young wife of an j
army offlorr now serving In France, ;
was dismissed from the University
faculty late to-day.
This action was taken at a secret
session of the hoard of trustees upon
recommendation of President Harry
I'ratt Judson. Professor Thomas wan
not present.
Although Professor Thomas's dis
missal closes the ease so far an the
university is concerned. Federal and
Civil authorities continued their In
vestigations Into the movements of the
On Friday Professor Thomas will hot
callcd before the moral3 court to
face a charge of disorderly conduct.
A warrant has also heen Issued for
the arrest of Mrs. Granger on the s;im?
chare, 4?ut lias not been served bc
causo of her Illness.
Put Vim In
Jaded Muscles
by stimulating and arousing the cir
culation with light applications of Ab
sorblne. Jr.. rubbed in thoroughly.
This invigorating liniment acts quickly
ami surf ly. It la fragrant and pleas
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As Absnrbine, Jr., Is a powerful
germicide as well as a liniment. It Is
effective for prophylactic and aseptic
uses; it destroys the gi>rma in cuts and
sores; It may be diluted and used suc
cess fully as an nr.tlseptlc and germi
cide for the mouth and throat.
Athletes will find it ??tlici<*nt for lim
bering sore, stiff muscles. A good
formula .for a rub-down is one ounce
of Absorblne. Jr., to a uuart of water
or witch hnsel.
It is composed of vegetable extracts
and cssentiul oils and Is positively
harmless. G?t a bottle to-d;?y and
keep it In your dc.-W. In your traveling
bag, in your medicine cabinet or In the
side pocket of your automobile. it is
health insurance of a high type.
At most druggists or sent postpaid
upon receipt of 11.23. Trial bottle for
10c In stamps.
W. F. YOUNG, P. P. F..
27? Temple St., Springfield. Mats.
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Ranking Institution, and you are cordially
invited to make abundant use of it as occa
sion demands.
Old Dominion Trust Co.
The Strongest Trust Co. in the South Atlantic States
OOO East Main Street.
Uptown Ofllcc: Harrison anil Broad Street*
Tit-Bits of
New live-seam mil
itary back Suits, re
producing the khaki
curves for the young
1f Welted waistline
Suits that even a
man of thirty can get
away with.
1} Two-tone iridescent
silk linings for sons
and seniors ? young
sters with a future
and oldsters with a
U Novelties in fab
rics?checks, plaids,
stripe s, hairlines,
mixed motifs and
solid colors?in soft
linish cheviots, silk
mixtures and flan
H ALL WOOL, too?
no cotton in the house
?and we don't pro
claim it as a virtue,
either!?in fact, this
paragraph is not
news; it's old stuff!
^ Finally, we're there
with the value s
we've kept our prices
in check?even sacri
ficing part of our
profit in some in
stances when the cost
was too rich for the
blood! ? but clinging
close as a clam to the
old Berry standards
of quality!
$20, $25, .$30 to $55
for Spring Suits
$7.50, $9, $10 to $22
for Boys' Knickcr
^Everything else
men and boys wear.

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