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1-D News Service Rcachcs
Every Pari o) the Globe
;8th YEAR.
\v ?:at h ck
rAliE 7
Got an Auto to Sell?
T.-D.\Vant Ads R^ach People
With Money to Buy
PRICE. TWO cents;
Two States Feci Earth
Tremble, and Cause Loss
of Much Property.
vVoman Is Seriously Injured
When Hit on Head by
Fire Escape.
Mate (ilass Is Shattered in l/i?s An
geles ami Buildings Wreck
ed in Heinct, C'al.
LO.i AN'CJLLLS, April 22 ?An earth
ual;c, fill scncra.il>- in Southern Cali
>rnia and in \rixonj, this jf'.ornoo;!
t^cd many buildings :n .-a:? Jacin.u
nd licmct, about eighty milts suut.li
as, t of Los Angclc.s, cJiil damnjc In a
umber of town:?. caui-.ed the rieatl of
ne man. and serious injury o ;:(jvtr;il
thers. 1 lis aggregate losj :s c~l.
iaUd ki }50(J,000.
The de.?<J man is 1- t m-. L. Darr.f.:!
gel forty, of Los Angc.'.u lis fell,
as trampled and received a fracture
f the skull in a. panic on the pier a:
hu bca.-h resort of hum* Monica.
Mrs. Il?.niy Ja-oby ? .is struck on the
carl, an'I probably suffered a fra;
jre of the rkull, while fleeing from t
A tire c-.':a;>e was lowered suddenly
i the e* lenient, a:.d she was struck]
n t h? h< a*l.
Mrs. M iry -pear: was probably fatal
? hurl ai l.on.j. L)nd. "here she wat>
patient ::i a ho pital.
The fho' k occurred at .1:33 o'cloi1
i the afternoon, and of fot t ?
? ree sr,;orifla' duration
In Lob Angeles plate class window:
ere binken :n i? downtown build
:gs. Cornices were shaken !ro::i
Uiers. at.d tiie.-e were near-panics In'
*ver*i tlw.'tti-rs
L'SI.V I*?S M.t | |o.\ ol'
'?? To WW WftlCCKKD
Th> huiinrs-.s hi .tiona of San Jacinto
ntj lleiiict are wrecked, according to
tlcgraph reports late to-night.
Not a business building Is atandlngt I
? d few home:: e. -aped destruction.
?th < .t;e.v arc practically without, com
lunioatioii with other municipalise:.
I'otric and gas plants are out of corn
is.-.on. and the towns are both under
rt..11 law, imposed by home guards.
1' ? in .Till J a ? ii t o t:; i ? i n ;n- r % .i - .
vrly estimate J .?? J !:<>",f'vo. llernet has
iffered e.jual damage.
Xoiifl war. k ?!!'<! by the tumbling
uildini: A few person: were hurt,
fa thought I:-.R" was fatally injured.
The binldingn f^il ,n almost the tir?:
(Mtn^r < f th" ?jijar.e, whieh rame about'
."T. r. M. Caught before they ce>uld
ov" frfiti the r posts, three telephone
perators wore buried :n :h<- ruins r,f
Iic building when it f? 1!. They wer
ntre. William?, Lola Lock wood and
lartlia l!<>:;h. They were due out u:i
urt from the rums by the home
111 l(li:i> IN .VTOKK 1(1 INS
A Mr?. Kohl<*r and f.ro nun were
uric-! :n the ruin;, of a sccond-hand
ore and ;un>r^f1 j-eriour la. cration?.
Two men wore buried in a i'avr-in
t a magnerite initio near San .1 icinto.
hey were believed to be fatally hurt,
?edieal aid was being rushed {?> t)io
nne, where r.cveral others wcr<- hurt,
nd a party was organized to dig out
.1* two imprisoned men.
Tho home of Uaniona. near San Ja
int". made famous by Helen Hunt
acohson's story. w as demolished, it is
sported, in San Jacinto.
The quake waa strong: in t He San
aohito mountain.-. The state highway,
rom San Jacinto- to Hejnet is fissured
ith deep crack?.
Included in the principal business
-.Hidings reported ruined by the quake
re tlie First National Hank. Farmers'
nd Merchants' National Hank, Odd
'cllows hall, postoflicc, llemet Milling
'ompany and iicmet Hardware Com
San Bernardino report? damage to
ome houses. The shock was felt at
CecdJes, on the Californian-Arizona
BUFFALO, N. V., April 21.?The
.eif.nioRraph at Canisius College, here,
ocorded the earthquake, First trem
rs were recorded at f>:."0 o'clock. The
hock continued to record on the seis
nograph until 7 o'clock.
"Jinrsed 'I'tto Ten tons Sought to Ilreal; j
I p Stnplelon, S. I., I.oan
NEW YORK, April 21.?Two Germans
ivero dragged by the police from a
.iherty loan meeting at the Liberty
Theater. Stapleton, S. I. late to-day,
luring an uproar, in which tho audi
ence of 3.000 joined. The men. who
?c charged with repeatedly disturb-.
iiig the meeting, described themselves;
Gustavo Fischer, aged fifty-one, a
lock worker, and Louis Sclm offer, aged !
we.nty-eight, a laborer. The police, \
with difliculty, restrained men in the :
itidience from injuring the Germans. ?
Five Killed |n Wreck.
KNOXVILLU, TK.WY., April VI.? Five!
lersons were killed to-day when a|
reight train left the tracks south of j
lore. All tho victims were youths '
.'rom Lenoir City,
Don't Be Afraid; ?
Be An American!
Uon't be afraid lu buy a I.lbrrly
bond lircaune you fcur jou I'm)'! l?oy
for l(. If ( olumliuit had kuown n
nelly iihrrc he uiis liolnc (o Innil,
be nr\cr umiuO lia\e discovered
America. If jou ilon'l IjcIouk to (he
fraternity, buy a hunt] and >ve?r
(lie button tli.it plrtlRm you to lili
rrlj, brotherhood and c<|uulity of
opportunity?not opptosloo. Uon't
hnlii on to the dollar; It's not the
root of oil <vHcn leut your govern
?ucat for licr and your nulmtioo
from lireed, l*orce and iYuiaeriam.
It li only I lie root or e?il ar.d alncli
eriNin ?lien Inilrri after In prefcr
enee to aelf-defcuxe, right and jua
Oemocraey inrann an equal right
to think uuil net Mithin the renlin
of dccency and ln\?. 'I lilt In a right
you clnim; Amcricu in that right,
therefore, America wan in>aded
"hen tbe mailed tint ntruck Hel
gluiii in the face. If you cnu'l re
trul it with your body, then buy a
bond and resent it uilh your
money. liny a bond and keep the
right you clulm ? the right t.od gate
you?the right America and the
allien irlll nanure 700 If you do your
part, but the rl^ht you Jeopardize
"hrn you lalue dollar* more than
decency. .
ni. i uni: no.Mj iu-um:
No Further News llcccivcil I'rom
Wreck of Florence 11. in
French Port.
Oniici.il Keport Sought mi Uestrue
tion of Steamer I.alkr> Moor. \\ hieh
\\ a>* Sttnk hy Km*in> Submarine
in Furojieun Waters.
WASHINGTON. April I'l.?No furthT
-rv I a: . the of tne
1 <rciu:o II ,'iwl the L.i'kc Moor. Amcri
? an .?ttamrr.- unK abroad, ha'i bcrn
rcc.ivcl !>;? t;i? Na- y Licpartmc.nl ?..[/
I'j a Irttc huur tu-n.sht. Officials a I' c.
?a.i'l thai !??_? nr v !j had coin': to
light bearing upon the in; tcrioui
aiipca.'rtii. '.' ? ( t \f- I'.irr Cyclops, .?j
re ported a ? rcu a
The bell'f 1^ generally accepted that
t.ii? Kiorcr. ? 15 vaj Mit'.k -?* :i ~:i a
?.errlllt- <?: I'U. "f amirunltion In
h* r h 'Ul t ? ?: .:i hi r : :de. A
navy ofl:. ..1 "Although the han
dling of Ji.yl. r.\oaive ? ?a been
brought Ij a ;>>.i:.t v here :hrre .a little
danger, ertl.c.'.\\ ?: c^pcot
: lino 1 c 1 'Jej; A:, it . crews ol
America.1 -"If have- b :<ir I aiv! lin
loaded themarsd:- '?{ tor. of !.:gh cx
plo: j\? t :h- <>-j?. :>rcak ?-f t ? .? r
,1!,1101.1 f..;,r : r*: a go and ?h: . > 'h.
tir: t ni'Miii v in which an a ci-i nt h.i.
It. : hr'.io* fti that furtl informa
tion convert ;:(g the :nimbir of livrj
lo^ t and saved m be forthv"'j:iiilig
?* ithin twenty-four hour?.
I'oree d to Makr Only (?nr Scop In Trip
I'rniii >llnr?la In 'I'mI
inu Mulor.
NOPFOT-.K. VA . Arril CI.? Major
Hoy I,. Krown. chief Hying "rtt rr at
1,^nsicy Avi.it on Fi^i-i. ami '<? ?rR':
lluzxn<>. I?ibcrt> motor expert, landed
at l.anglcy Field laie this afternoon,
after suc^s;-fully flyins; from Mineola.
I.. I. Th'-y ? re for e<l to make one
The t'" ? of #hc motor on tho liom?
trip vi a . u. .? to !i ? \ c been j ji;
ccshfu!, .1 tiio recent flight from
here to M il- :.i. <>w us to th<-- heavy
f"P. however, the flyers wcrt com-,
pelled to keep clof to the srcur.d,
a:i<i encountered some trouble, being
forecd to land at Hover, Hcl. I'rotn
that town they followed the railroad
tracks to Capo Charles-', Vi., a:il
crossed thf bay at a:i atii'fdc of only
,t;>out "00 fee:. Th<* trip to Mineo!?
hart been matle a' a m'jfli hisjhrr
t ti?ie.
Hoat Spring n I.eak and I* Turned
Over l?y Siilft Cur
|1?T Associated Tress 1
\V IXSTOX-SAT.KM. N. c? April 21
Three- brothers?Charles Clinard, at;rd
thirty - eight; Burton Clinard.
twenty, and Sherman Clinard, aged
ten?were drowned in Salem Creek,
near here, this afternoon. They were
in a Mnall boat, which began to le;ik
and turneil over in the swift current
when they tried to row hurriedly to
shore. A small boy from the haul-:
saw Charles, the only one of the three
who could swim, mako an ineffectual
effort to save his younger brothers, i
All three went down clinging together.
Their bodies havo not been recovered.
I-'nrin llnnd h Snld to TIhtc T<ild Poller
He Hilled Vermont
,<r. .miiNsr.unY, vt? April 21.?
Frank McMnnn, fifteen, a farm hand
employed by F. S. Hill, of Marion,
confessed to-night that he slew Mrs.
P.enj. Piper, aged sixty, of F.arton.
by striking her on the head with a
farm implement. Mrs. Piper's body
was discovered last night in a Held.
Mc.Mann is in the Orleanu County jail.
\n.iurr the Wnnf Ad? Promptly.
Investigate to-day what interests i
you to-day. Tlmes-Pispateh Want Ads
arc brimful of bargains.?Adv.
Whirlwind Effort Is Launched
to Go Over Top in Liberty
Loan Drive.
Hopes Expressed That Rich
mond Will Be First Reserve
City to Place Its Quota.
i P.c ?*;!! hrs;r. '.his murnins a
ii re .it :.vo-tiay whiilw.: 1 drive to com
|i!o* c U. 'hinomi a a ilo;-:i 1 of J? - ?>!.
f'00 i 1.1: i li.irti Libert. loan.
' i.y tn? a:?r -rt.: :i.' r?t i?I 3
uompi'Hd r.>-n.o: ro-? .'tcrnoon by I
o'ci ? ... when special meetlns of the
coai.iKi-c and r?;irv entallves of t ?;
t financial Institutions of the city will bs
held {'> icoelve ir;. .????J of . c^nijja.pn
worl.fi-.- llli-lirr.Qnd '.sprcici to be
the ft:..* l'tr]e-ral reserve city to zaisc
ily quo.*.
Approximate;}* 51? C ?'.*?. (??)!> la >:ub?
: l i:>?:or. : :m.s t be .? ?? -ir?-?1 to* In;-, an'l
<? ? i.:lar umosnt before S o'clock to
morro '- .i: ? ??moor1, b it members of tl.e
tr-jmrnitic- .? ? ?. confident t!.aitic r.e >;j>
?.v.l! re to the urjyent call, and
*!.??'. ' <?ry subscribers will be
nc . i i;ur' ; compiled by the
'. a..as jt _ o'ci ji-r: Saturday afternoon
tr.ov. - . t o ?'. subivr .on' thi; city
at t ::;t i,o;. of Su.2H3.TuO. Unotlicial
re;. .- : however, ahowe ) a M jjhtly
: s ?: -e. workers reporting s?v
r fa rly lar:;e hj'n: vr.^t.or.a. which
have not b-.cn pla?cd w.th the banks
as yet.
to m* < o\? r:\TR.\Tiu>
These subscriptions; together tvilh
pr--? tl'.uII;. .'II . .:b*;.-r:i'er^ ired $:'?
urday by the vunen'r. committee, and
many others. will not bf jIio^ n in'
:he barii: Matement until tills; ;? f t r -
noon .tr.'I to-morrow. The carnra'.-n
to-day w:li bo the moat ? oji.-ontratod
of the entire movement. livery r:: .?si -
:hI institution In the city \va- urs -I
Saturday sfternoon by th committ ?:
to ;)? rt forth if- sreatcsi effort t<>-day..
t fflinK..! i.- ret pond ins nobly to t..*;
.-ail lor financial support tiic pov
f-rnnirr,'. and th. number of -at ir. ? i>
t.- to i'..e tii.rd loan will br t:ir pr
tha; e.tlur the fir.it or th'' . ecoi ?'
(Ireat encourasetnen' v?*. expressed
yesterday by William T. Ijabney.
fst'.u'.n'o rnan.tRcr, arid J"'.\n K-.r
f'.ra:u ii. -hair'nan of the comuiitte .
lt.>th deviated that during the pa.-t
fe-K (is. the response on the part of
( c people !ia been masnillcont, and
tr.at .Mohinonrt's :e f-rd : i war work
w.il be tna.ntrfined ::i the tliinl Liberty
loan. They also rxprctscJ sreat praihe
of the women's contmittee, wlii' a i;.i i
r^ir'd .< tola', of } 1 ,G'J6,?00?. p.iiiy
more than one-fourth ? ?' Uii-hmoiid'a
total ^b: riptinnj at t!;at time.
I II Mii: ? C M (IM ?;u>
"fT'r.ji ?aavaiie.'- of a'.; l.u; ii..^
. ! he :nad' apai:i th"
of Ui'-hniond, and tho*" n li? hav not
r ib ? rihed t ? the b">:'.d i.-.-:;e will be
?"S ?! pla. e their ub? . ript: n; d.ir
i'lK the day. In hdd.t. -a. t:ic w < tnvti":-;
o: i. tr; i 11 f: ?? w .i ? rtif p.-tlvitj
down'ov ri, \u!! ,?. . t t'ie variou.
booth.i tiirotiphout tl:- ? iy. Ij:. i!-a.. c
r:ie-i v.-ill inuo tiie r tincomplet'-d
work, i iul spoakerr w;ll make several
addresses during the day.
Alvin M. Smith aroused the people
?it iho "sing"' in the City Auditorium
yesterday .inerr.oo.i. driv ing heme wit;??
i he .lorip, "What Arc Vou Duing to
' I^:p tiit JJo.vsV ' the urgent iireil for
.'?? ^ ? the at-? i: i a noo that people in this
country . . p ? . g ? c to tho. ?: who
h.?\e ' gi'Tio o.i-r." lit:; appeal w ,I:
unusually striking. Wyndham K.
Meredith earud tho i-ampaigu in the
rhim-hcn ;? e.-1 erda y. speaking at il
o'clock a: Monument Methodi.-t Chuivii.
Speakers \? ill aluo continue their work
' n the theaters this week, and the
women's committee will distribute sub
scription cards.
State Senator .lulicn Gunn, directing
the campaign in Henrico County, spoin
yesterday afternoon at the Woodlann
Haptl.it t'hurcli (colored! to cn!i;t the J
co-operation of the colored people in
tiie purcha.se of bonds. The response
front the negroes in all sections of the:
South is reported to be unusually ?
heavy. a;:d th:- comm lM.eo believe:* tint ?
the 'iime :h!t.g will !>e true ef filch-,
tnond and vicinity. Citizens will hold j
a mass-meeting to-night in the Yarina
High School, irvl another meeting will
be held to-morrow ruplit at Seven Tines. ?
"7\ie Henrico committee expects! to
:.i!.-e the county's quota in record time,
v ilit;i m.v i.A r;?;in<;;
statu r.\it n::niM>
Virginia is lagging in the drive, j
With the campaign one-half over, the'
State has raised only SI L',000.000 of
'its ->:PVno0.000 apportionment. Hankers1
are concerned at the slowness with
which the people are responding to j
the loan, and utile*;-, heavy subscrip
tions are watered during the next few
days the State will not ra-se its quota.
' Urgent appeals to county chairmen to
impress upon the people the inipor
: tance of immediate and heavy suVicrip
1 tions have been sent out.
Mass-meetings are being arranged,
' and hope is expressed that the State
will materially increase its total sub- '
script ions this week. During *. lie
twenty-four hours ending at 3 o'clock)
Saturday afternoon Virginia gained
I about $.1,000.000, and members of the
[State committee hold out the hope that
this inc/case forecasts the beginning of!
the "grand offensive" in tlie drive for j
?l\c sale of the bonds.
I Far greater subscriptions than tho.so
reported daily to tho Federal Reserve
Rank must be secured in the Fifth
( District if the apportionment of $130.
I 000,000 i?. raised before the campaign
| closes May 1. Only #1.?.000.000 lias
' been subscribed as tho drive begins its
second half this morning. Oflieers of
(Continued on Second i'age.)
Musi Keep Bodies Clean if They
Care to Be Good
McDaniels Says Youth of Pres
ent Arc Like Paul
I KO\ li >K.\< i:. ft I. A:?ril I'l -!n an
addre.-4 at a Liberty Jo:* a h"rc
to-Uay, Secretary of tho Navy Daniels
it!. 111 j>a:::
"I fro! that wo a'.l iou'-I thank
? i o ?'* iii ' .; t k. j i i ? a i; ? ^A: n c: :. ?t
it hoar: safe a nd so i.'.'i and
I<e ? ji 5 thank ?:od be. at:. we have
I' med in i!i.- 'war thai if .t man v.-o.ii'l
fhuot m : ig u i lie iiuht live straight.
? We have learned that u'r.-n e ' ut
out ryes to evil it <l.?cs n ?t di.cipato
? \ :'. Wo m" ? open our rym and
tell y 5 ni'-i: :h< truth that ;f t
wi>' tp*od ?:? ii? ! ? tlir> urn' ho ,->
their !? 'lit.: rl'Ti. f'jr d , ? / i> t.:*? mi
is; :?? ' i!-.c awa. every po:-: i>'e t r.rva
tion. ?:.'J mi roj:.il th- in w ,*.h c. ? ?
good influence.
?'To ti.a" end ' ." Protestant chur.-i.es '
have joined hand w.th the V. M. A.
and the V V*. \ . and our Catko; ;
. :' iLrr.?. have or^ar.lvtcd '.hrmi; ii :
Knights of Columbus. and our Holm- v
fellow ?';? izen:; -isii t?:v conr:
on Jca:.-'.i welfare work, and ail a:
working together
"Let n.s thank o< 1 and take c> :r
iigf t.-,at men know each other better
and the lines of division in ehur j
work nave broke;: down, and " e all
stand together on a i'i:n;iion platform.:
.-.*.? i ]? irpot'.- t j help our
!???? win it " tro.it \ ;? tury.
"How of'< n In the la;-t ten '-"ar-j
i-.avi ? ;s heard front prv .i r 1 pulpit
that tbe Ani'Ti.'.in . ? utli la krJ *,cri
o*<. ..?? ? .'?!? .-it jiliiy, thinking
about making money, and not con- J
? rrn?"d " J itvi*;tl thing* of i;fe.
<i:'l -f thi \?ar had i. > ? t eonte and
I 1:. ?!><?> '.1 h ve gone to
' r ;r.i* 's and wo \? <-'.:d have di ?
honored *!:? >' :.li id lily t ?e <.'?!! >
? hv.-v and we found that the on!: ?
? i : ? ? I . t!'r !": i:?I l'pvfrcr of
I " i i ? l : : ' I' ? : 11 e \ e r C " f Ii T v
:! .t T'aul Kevore in *70 .-..uld only ^ ,
a :.I t i hor. ?_ roub.l tro'.. while J
<>'j ? Pan'. T:e\cres go on the. li?!r.
I. ; ' i \Z.'
"Is it ti"'. -owiiiii:? to thank *!od
ff.r." he a. \e 1. "rliat I he br?ye .if O'J. ;
day a;-'- <>f tlie stern Htufi" thi-y are.
and I ? it e'.t soT.othns ?>? un'">V">r,
before th- ;r riothers v '.;o nin :' them
v.' >t they arc'.'"
l?eidnrrs Jti> V"?i?>n J* llnluc ll^ II
iai|j4j lo Help \nierieniin
\\ in nr.
:< A . Pre.- 1
\ r a hi i ?? >i:"i. April *_?? ? - \
:ra Ki K u i r> i . Japan'.e air.ba.
?-ador to the i i state.--, arrived
here to-da> on ! ? tu W.i: hinar
ton to a:.-wme ?lutict>. Se is ac- j
. niri.i: . by h.. ? .f and K I'.-bu. hi.
so retary of tin- <-mba: v.
"Tf.i- f? .??:?!>!.? .oily proven Up""
trial, and ? ;; r< it .< \ tf-nt of t lu;
frieat! Ii!!> r xi>{ i:is ' :?'rcn 15.<?
p'.e of tho ri.it',I rates mix) .) .1 ["'ii n
ha-" n>t I ? ? ?! i i until now," \va.-'
t'io Itpj nolo .-f \mhii.-: ador I. !i i i V
Jlicr; a so ' ? ' A :i people t lifS I -
]> ;t f * ? :- ill: ::ivji lie:-'. l"
M'W il ? ?: 1111U o - * pi|; at '1)^
di: :p?,. : 1 ..f ? , i . ::?* ! Starr.' as mij,-!?
? ' 'Mi ? ' 'in ir marine," ?!
Viscount i.-'r jcoplo o' Japan
.ir''" iMA' t ? ?pcratr: with ! ho
I *ti .:o11 s:nt? i every way po.'sihlo.
When l returned fr?. ?. my :ni :-.o'i to
liii;; ?-ountiy and {old my people of tho
spirit of rr p t, ?;-? piven mo. tho
Japancrr wf-rc much :n >v ed *vi:h rn 1 -
miration "
At nlror Union Appointed to Srne I niil
I!r?msjinrd'K Stioi'e??or l<t Kleeled
and Take* l!i* Son!.
! p a ai'? : ri o.
i:ato.\ ?:i ?i <:i:. i.a . April *ji?
WaliiT <i?.ii? ?:i. i f N;ipoloonv; 1 lo. former
A ; t: i,"\ -i!i :n : .i' f- :- I. >lii.-iana, M ill
I'fiTivc fonnal appointment a:-. Unit J
.-'Iritis .v'?-naiop t > .stir ???od the 1 ato
Senator i'?!f"ii.-.1 til. uiitii the Senator to
l>e oi'' t,%'i f' r the unexpired portion of
f-troti.1 ,-ard's term take? liir, ac-at. An
notiiu'oiix'iit to thin oftv, t was made to*
nlplit )?>?. tiovorisor I'lrajiint. 1 :oj :?)?-?:?
having boon Attorney - tSotieral, Mr.
<!ir.o:i !..i - hold the oflii o ?.f United
State: tii: trii't attorney for the South
ern I'ir-il.M <>f l.i.lli.- ian.1.
German Lmperor as
S! :m Knew Him
in iiii?i instil* riic r:ino>.in?i>ti(eli
prints I lie opening' i n.i < n 11 mr n! of a
war M-rinl by I*. Slim, amateur
Kn^lisli elinmpinii nllilete. ulin .tprni
rlclilri'ii month* in I oljtilnm I'uliiec,
nlirrp lio IiiiikIiI I>o\Iiik and oilier
pltjNienl exereisex to I'rliiec llM'nr
nml I'rinee .Inaeltim, txvo sunn of tlie
lie 11iih a mo^i reninrknlile i.erle*
of tirlii'lrHi fixing lirKt-lianri experi
ences, and lii.i mirruliie lliroH.n \nl>
iiatilo I ii. Ii l upon the eliaraetei ; end
dispositions of iIn- xarioiiN member*
of (lie rnjnl family.
If yon ivimld kiin<\ j|ie daily life
nod manner* of the iiolion/.odorn*.
iiKiiiiiNi whom ihe whole i*l\ili/.cil
world no*v is lie Ii litis t!io Iiatilo of
life mid ileaili, you ennnot iiflTnrd to
ml?s tlir lo'Klnninu of this intensely
I n $ r riling Morj. 1
Americans resist
Army Legislation Will Have Clear Track
in Congress; Baker to Give Many Hints
I r.y A S3 o ? .?? c?l I'rc.v |
MAMIIM.ruN, April 'J I.?.Military
iiiaMrifi conic t?? the fore this upcI?
in ( nnsrri?. I'inut action on im
liorlnnl legislation ritrnilin;; the
?clcc(l\c dtnft aci Is cipcclod, while
new army uicai>urc?, ?hirli ltn< r
awaited the return of Secretary
linker from Kiirope, are to lie
I-'urther expansion of tin* urmy,
ilr \ clopme n t of war production pro
cruniD ami appropriation question*
arc aiming subject* upon nliich .M r.
linker is cvprctcd to .iiilmiil rcptim
iiicudnt Ions to the Senate ninl House
.Military t oniiuittces. Tlic latter hns
arranged to have the secretary ap
pear Tuesday and the Senate com
mittee plans to hear him Inter in
tlic nrcSi. There have been intima
tions in Home nonrtcrs that I'rcal
<*ent >\ ilnon. in a speelnl address
to Congress, niight present recom
uiendiitions for future military leg
<tf the pending army measures. the
hill chancing" draft quotas from
Mate population* to the number of
i men in class I will he sent tu
conference (u-murr?iv hj the senate,
practically for conaide rat ion and
probable revision of the House
amendment providing for credit* of
State i|untafi for volunteer* already
In service. The House probably
will pass the Senate hill extending
the draft Ian to souths reaching
t vv en i j-tine jcars of age wince
June .*>. 11)17.
; legislation to curb spies nnd dis
loyalties also will receive consider
ation during the week.
The hill appropriating JIJO.WWMIOO
to pros Ide housing accommodations
for vv ar-? orkers will he called up
to-morrow In the Senate for a vote
nnd with passage regarded as us
Several hanking nnd currency
bills are slated to pass the llouse
during the week, including the sil
ver bill of Senator J'ittman, of Ne
vada. which the Senate has passed,
fixing a minimum price of 91 per
ounce for silver and providing for
melting of fliriO.OOO.IHM) of silver
dollars in the Treasury.
Seeretary ?>f l.almr Wilson Names
.Now York Mull to Conduct
I nquiry.
Agents of Department Investigate
t lainis of Telegraph Operators
That 'I'liey Ifuvu Ueen IJiM'rimi
nalcil Against Ilceause of Lnions.
WASHINGTON. .\pril 21.?Secretary
Wilson, o! ;l;?: department of Labor,
h'named Rowland Mahany. of New
> or.'., to inve liRato tli" complaint of
liift Co.'Tiir.'"; ^ iit i Telegraphers' Union of
Amcri' a. their efforts toward eot\
.;:a* .-.ik then* rl iticrcnce:- have been
: ;>urn?,d by the two principal cum
ASom1.' of the Department of Labor
iiavr been investigating complaints of
? ."graph operators that they have
(II riminated apa.in.st becaut-o
thi-y wore members ?<f si union. It. Ls
?\r.l by many of the othoials of
5!?' I'? partment of Labor that the union
?I'crator. will not walk out oti April
w ? '? they i,a ve set a: "organiza
tion .la j."
?!)!!( r; lv h.'.rl liil tf
? '. r: |?:. .omnni:: atioiiy w ere brok'ii
olf ? t. t; 1 i- true." . rii.i .1 prominent of
ti-'ial to-ntLiit. "K-. ery inrati;. a .11 l?e
takra by tlv I mpart merit of Labor to
? " IT t1 ? I v, o ; <;tie.s to .11 tinder
* a : \\ .? ijjvf iifii :ir obligating
>; 11 tiI ?;ti t t Atlanta- and .lackfon
> ami 1:t :?;veral :n.-'tan.-es we have
...ivi-fi! tli^ tHcyra;?? t .'omo.i airs to ro
. .-late no" a wii.i ji:,\ c been Mi^poiided."
or Ihr i.rntnl I of Peo
plr of I hat Slolr I'niil
s 1ti :i,m?t.
: . A : Of,**- ! (To : t
W A .-111 N11T? ? Apr;! Jl. - N lira.-ivi
ha: bought on'-?; ctiii <?f .ill tho w;?r
: .1 V i llgo and thlifl ;t.l!l1p Mi 111 hlliCC tl?o
opened, nearly tivc months
?'S". acc.Tiling to a i?? port is.-ujcd to
day l>y the National War Savings Com
mittee. I ;> to April 1 the total rc
'.cipiK fr 'in i-.ivifiKs stamps : :iwre
SI 1.0"2 of which Nebraska cn
? ;*iliii? ci j I I, t-i 1 N-w York wa
s end, ?;-ii $1 2.27 " 7i;>. anil M.oOuri
: li i rd, \v :! li ? I 1,1 ST.. .'>o.
>.'? l<r.i!..i ii.i.; rah. 1 $11 01 for every
:? ??:?. vo!i",3:i ar.<l rhild within her hor
<!' r-. T". il ;r.t ' <>f Columbia is scf
? ?!. w :i per . \ip:ta, and M.' ouri
ihi t il. w; t li
This li-. n;h the Trea- jry report
; !i.iw aver age war y.r. aur receipts ?>!'
; 0G0 a flay, or at the rate of -WM',
(00,000 a year. TJie ilaily averago ia
consuantly rising.
t ule** llrnil of i:.\prcli<ionarv l'oree
Desires. No I n f ornifl I ion >\ill
lie (?i%cn Hut.
\\" ASI11 NCrT<>N, April "I.?No reports
of American operations in Franee Mil!
l?e Riven out for publication hy the
War I ?epartmeiit. a. ci,riling to a .state
ment from Secretary of War IJaker
Mr. leaker said that as a result of
eonferencef; which lie hail with Gen
eral IVr.-hing while in France, it. hail
been decided that all news of the part
which American troops played in the
battle rigaiii' t. the Germans will he
riven to the newspapers at Genera 1
IVr. .ling's headquarters in Prance.
(hrr IIHI.dlMI Knroll In Si* Slnlrs for
Summer M'orli, Including
?l.'JOlf in Tennessee.
f I !>- \^. ei infil Pre >.l
WASHINGTON. April VP?More than
luO.OOO hoys. between .sixtci a and
twenty-one, have been enrolled in six
States f?.r .summer farm work, the
United .States Kmpl?\\ ment Service an
iiouiii'cil to-night. The State.-; include
Tennessee. 4,20ft. North Carolina has
reported that il expects to enroll 5,000
10very Community Is I'rjrod to I'.sc
I Jest Efforts to Swell
(?miid Total.
.Monster I'arades and Celebrations
Arc Planned for Friday, When
(.realer Interest Will He. Arous-ed.',
Reports From Leading Cities.
WASHINGTON, April il.?With the
third loan now in its third week. Treas
ury Department officials wero confidentj
to-day of future improvements in sub-1
rcrlptlons that would hr.ns .the total
i:i excess uf the minimum amount of;
3:;.OOC,OiH?.OOC sought by hVcrctary Mc- j
Ad oo.
A warninc was sounded, however. J
against ovcrcoulldcnce. All Liberty i
loan committees arc atked to inaugu
rate the mo. I intensive sieHinj ?>l?ort^ ?
?f < impaisii to-morrow. It i-;
in p-d : m- ilurd week will be t'le hip
j'llins week, -tir^ai re.-.ult.s ars ex
pected fr-no the general ob:;crvance of
1.. l>e rt. ? I ><i; ? n?*x: Friday. Hundreds of
'? ities report they are plinnlns; mon
itor parados and celebra t ion?.
Will:.-- ii? ? official report on the apgre
p:it?' of the loan was forthcoming t<>
<i t;. ? ? om the Tr-M -ury I ???;>arttrw n:, the
N?ir.".'.e.?|i>di*i di.-tri' t wired ilia; i' had
jr\ivfi!( 1 its ijis? :?. Montana and NV.rth
l >ak?i:i .ire over t h'? r quo",as. and South
I'akota was reported to have achieved
:t:? minimum allotment of $22,000,000.
Minnesota, outside of .H innra polis. St.
l'aul and lMiiut.li. reported subscriptions
ot S:!St?iOi\000. The ihrf- cities mm
(Ioii.tI ha\e - ubscript ionn totaling Jr.
r? o, o 0 0.
<? IS ft *.t A N .S or TWO >T\Tr.N
\ II r. Ill t IM, IIKA VII.I
Northern W u con: in and Northern
Miehigxn report $s.0?>0.<>00 each tn sub
scription;. with citizens of Uerinan
deseent l>u> injj heavily The Minne
apolis Federal Rc.-trve 15a nit reports
that "stj;? rriptinns from farmers are
The Atlantic district turned in some
cheering news this afternoon u hen it
wired that 1 ti" t<-\vns anil communities
have .slready oversubscribed. Tills in
dicates the district, which has occupied
the cellar position since the campaign
opened, is awake.
More than $HO.CW.OOO has been sub
scribed in t ho Cleveland district, of
which approximately ?"i".000,000 came
front the of <.'level;ind.
The I'hieago district is going after
the greatest number of individual s-.ili
scrlbers, and already has netted more
than l.OrtO.OOO. If the entire country
does sis well, the Treasury department's
hope of subscriber* to
<5,000.000.000 worth i*f bonds will be
a tta ined.
Some Thirty % nunR (ilrl* >\ rre Caught
In Nru \ ortt'i Third
NKW YORK, April -1.?Uniformed
army oflicers, agents of two l'ederal
departments, and a member of the ex
traordinary grand jury accompanied
Assistant District Attorney James K.
Smith and a largo force of dctectives
and patrolmen to-day in the third sen
sational Sunday morning raid upon
all-night resorts.
Warned, perhaps, by two previous
raid;;, the attend nice of young g.rla
at the. resorts was unexpectedly small.
Smi in thirty were, gathered in the po
lice net. however, of whom three were
sent to the stution-hou^e. The others,
after having tearfully given their
names and addresses, worn directed to
ticconipany their parents to District
Attorney Swan it's otllcc Monday.
Many soldier:: were discovered by
the raiders. These were separately
questioned by the army officers. Such
as were able to show pas set; account
lug for their absence from camp wcte
permitted to gu.
Our Men Fight Desperately
and Inflict Heavy Losses
Upon the Enemy.
Hospitals, Monasteries and
Schools in Belgium Filled
With German Wounded.
Allied Troops Land on Kola Penin
sula ami Co-Oprratc With
I r:y Aiaoc'.ateil r*r?: s |
Thr licimmi high commiind. having
!>ccn unsucccsf ul in piercing the Brit
ish front in Flaudcra and separatlpg
'lift l'-rltiih and French armies, has
'essayed a .-stroke against the Americana
, iiiTil the French northwest of Toul
| ?' ud here ulso Teuton strategy sccm
| ingly has failed utterly to bring- its
' Hans to fruition.
Although thfi Germany attacked In
waves with greatly superior numbers or
j men. the Americans and Frenchmen
have helrl ;i|l their positions and In
flated heavy losses on the enemy.
What gains were made in the initial
onslaughts have been entirely re
trieved. and Sunday night saw the
American and French lines restored.
1 he latest Berlin official communica
tion asserts that in the drive 1S3 Amer
ican prisoners and twenty-live machine
guns were captured by the Germans,
who cut the.:- way for about a mile and
a. quarter into the American lines a:
Seicheprey. There has been no con
'lnnation of this statement, or of the
added claim that the Americans sus
tained heavy casualties.
It seems evident, however, that the
tight was a bitter one. and that it was
the ambition of the specially trained
Germans to crush the Americans.
I'.verything the enemy had in sJ.ock
was brought Into play in the lighting,
which lasted from Saturday well into
Mind a y. Shells of all oa libers, includ
ing sa:; missiles, were used prodlgj
? urly, but. the Americans, notwithstand
ing thla cannonading and the greatly
[ superior infantry forces arrayed against
t hem. fought tenaciously and gave
..?round by mehes, and then only when
tley had exacted a tremendous pay
i inent for it in German killed or
iMKnit .\,\s imn r, gki?.ma.\s
Altlsough the enemy was able to
'reach the shell-torn village of Seiche
prey. th ? Americans ralKed and in
bloody h-ind-to-hand fighting reversed
the situation and regained th<* town,
la kow if-c, all the terrain which the
French in this region were forced t->
giv up temporarily now ha: been re
taken. The German oflieia! communica
tion, in what seemingly is a half
hearted admission that, the attack was
repulsed and that the Gcrmaua lost
j what they had gained, says the Ger
| mans. "aft^r the destruction of enemy
. works, returned to tneir lines of dep..r
I ture."
Just what the German, are planning
for the future 011 the long line north
ward from I.a Bassec to Vprcs, where
| everywhere they have met, during
the. last week, with a stone wall of
1 resistance, has nc>i yet become ap
parent. Nowhere have they thrown
down the gauntlet and offered battle
against the stanch line that is facing
then;. They have, however, on nume
rous sectors carried out violent born
' hardments. but in these they have been
answered shot for shot. The only fight
ing in which the man of either side
left their trenches was near Itobecq,
northwest of i.a Basscc. whero Field
.Marshal llaig's men threw out the
enemy from scvoial advanced posi
1 Evidences of the losses the Germans
have sustained in the new offensive
daily are becoming mope apparent. In
addition to the reports of the nume
rous dead which strew the battle llelds.
advices coming through Holland ,?re to
the eff< ct that hospitals, monasteries,
convents and schools in Belgium are
tilled to overflowing with wounded, and
that even private homes are being
requisitioned for use as hospitals. Cat
tle ears. ir. which hay !a tho only bed
din?. are being used to transport
maimed men from tho battle front.
I hat a great sea battle is in pro.
pe.ct at an early date seems probable
Following up their recent foray :n:o
the K ?ttegat. where they destroyed
German trawlers. British naval forget
have peentratcd into Helgoland Uigii;.
and offered battl.^ to the German war
hips, which retired behind tho mine
rtelds. The British opened tire on the
Germans at long range, and one of
the enemy f^cswoyera whs hit.
British and French troops have land
ed on the Kol;i I'enlnstila, projecting
ihto the Arctic Ocean, and are co
operating with tho Bolshevik troops

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