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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, April 27, 1918, Image 3

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liiiicOlatn Improvement IIccdiii
iiicmlnl I?? I'lolwl Historic
Si. .loluis.
as tju;n<hi:s to iuo ici;i ii,m:d
>'liter I'lpe.s Oi'ilcrri) l*<\tcinlet] In
I'reek Slrorl to I'miIitI llrnltli of
t'onnuuiiit ?I'nliw l'"lnlsli Clicck
llljj I'|? Slm't-Cjii1 Srlifdulrs.
l'o|bm lup .1 per t t,.il Iiiv?\-1it;5'Hon of
?' wall Mirro'iK'l>n^ St"' .tohu*:i bury
5-ground. I lie- I'.uililni;: I n?p?-<-tor lias
ililied tin* ,\>|?)? iiiitrain u Hoard ili.it
>? mallet j 1 ? ? ?( j! ? I lie taU? it in 11 'i n*l iin
e<ty.jte|v Til' wall ha:; lililu','*l l?>
iMi .hi ?? \?<? nt fur about f'Mty let
al U I likely !<? collap.-c any day.
i- Mated that it already projci-ts ten
id . Iir-li.i 1 r for t over T w em y-Ji f th
tli<- main <:?u:>e for Ntirh pro je< -
hi brine; an old t rt. e jn t int-ido tin:
Ill order to ;i v ??? i 'I it? r?llap into the
arjtvay. in ha- i ? ?-oiriliieiided Ilia' the
[?THuary portion hall be rvfruilt,
lilJK a t ronu ? ??-111?? i?t nmri.tr. after
moviiiK tb?' tre? in addition. it is
CC",-|."?I tb.it .? <<ni.'r< t< Kiittrr hould
| i;otiHtrneti-?J alnnu iln- iiisirt** of tin
all to drain off any poii'liiiK <?f wat? r
\var>l tin. (i.rndr of Twent>-lift Ii and
rank tin Street..;, and a terra cotta
al'i plp?' in.'talbd, pahstni." through
e wall at lite Jv ? ? I of the sid< walk
Up'-n niol ion of Mr. I'olkes. tin;
iard dlrerte<| Mr Fbiilor to advertifo
r bids for ini; the repairs av
|tlitier|, .inrl |o Mll>llllt i'Mtll* for il|)
City ICtictneer I'oillni; advbed the
Im in 1st r 111 vr> Hoard Hi it tin bid of
11. I >r! .-oil for tin; i ontru* ! 'on of
c kcimt in the ravine in'twi'Mi Nirhr.l
n and <iraham Sin'i't . addintr
r I.'""to for l.rn-k to t lie icnr'-s an
ntatnrrl t i!h oricinal !???!. : < omn|
Itiin most reasonable, i ?. r vii with
e addit'oo of Mil .imo'inl. Mr. I ?ri? ?
li'H /\)id till remain* the Ion < .-t. and
p boa rd nii.v>''l thai tin I'itv Knjji
cr'i re?-oii. ii,?oid.i i ion approved. it
ills; :-tipulated that tin i-u_\ ??liall
[v?> first tin <onseiit of the
Uttlnp prnpet ty oum-s P' nil 111 i nsr
" extension and piantum tin1 ncees
i v r I pM of u
m;r \ iitmi:nt mi - i
i ii i. i i* i rs 'i'/tI'.v iir.s
Upon motion of Mr. !'? ? I . th" Sup? r
tendotit >?* t'n 1 ? i W >.?.<- di
eted to fill in tli-- pa t?etp-!n i and
rvii-e trrt'in: i. I'lmu '"???. be.
e?>j) t'.irt; and 'Irnvr A'.i irn
e purpo>. o; ? ?? ? toriMT- tii-sf road
ij-. to t'n-ir or.^i'ial > oinl 11 i?-;i A
n 'I.i r ord< r .? * ? .? n I'd ? i (-card to
itdi" sv it. lira'-" Stre?-t. |i"twe.ii
ve ii t y ? fi.oi r t li an I T wm t ?? - ti f * 11 t t r>-' '
Pho Snp< rint- ml<Mit of l?.'? Wa'.v:
(irks va i n1 r ii< ted to ins* a SI a
Iter main in ?"r.-f'. >": ! ????{. of j-'ifli
-?i?t. : ize for ;i di-tar.' ?* of about nlm ty
i?t in or'ler t.. 'ipply tw-tve Ijotiyes
this lo.-a i ;oii v. ih ,-,t y water Su<*h
tejuien will a'"o rnilbl- t he Ib-alth
'p.irtmrnl to do-, up tin- poHut.d
rlnc lo tl-.i- in*i?ht'orhood. whl<*h h*s
r t-o>iie time p.'it-t hKii a menace to
ur:o m |i ?/? iiiv/r'*. ? ? 'jujiih ?.?
S)K city.
In ?t-i ori)ar>'r with the reee;i? re
r>?? nf the hoard. the Policy J-'op.irt
rut asrsiffnrri fon-e of ihcti f> oh?*eV
? the : -h'-dlll'? ni :il?l T ;i > lif'f) by ill'
rqlnia Jtailway m ti?l P??*.v<-r Cr.mpany
ii? ?or!" va? done by the depart'
?>nt fJurlnn th wcilc, \r11 5" to 13
<1 upon ??????*?! pt of tli" rr port s. th<
?art] f f-r""-i rd' 1 'an'.'* to thi City Ac
untant with t'u rpqy??t that I hey V.'
rifled. a:>d a ''hart prejured ^h'C.vinp
oompa r'1 ""i br* weon th<vwC figures ?n<1
ose called f< r i-i tho t>*rni-t of th<"
.inch i-o ,
111 \i)< l?r Wlirlltrr City '-honk
Ouimmlir or I?errn??* lis
Till Itnli-.
i?Ji t!i?? ^ |>|"> ? ? '-.r nr of ri.tinbfr.' t<"
in pit o t hv |m I'i.il Council comi:ii itter
investigate the flnum-ia! affairs o!
? city !'> determine whctlur Kich
ond shouM I vo ui hin it> pr?-.~.-iit in
mo. or u b-1 her tlf tax r.ilr' should b<
crca:cd 1' is expected that Ald**rniai
T. Christian. I he "patron of th" r^.?v
tion providing for the appointment ol
e committee will '.ill *i rpcotai niftct
p- in the n?\t few da>s.
Pr' "'d- i'? W. H Ad:i:r>of the B?ar<i
Aldermen. announced th?- thref
rmbTj from 111?- tipper branch to l>?
r. Christ inn. of M.tdbon Ward. .T. .1
ilch<*ll. of City Ward. and .\lder:nar
* r.\ Ouiir! of I ,o>- Ward Members ol
e committee f?->?m tli?' lower branch
>11 br I". l.ee 1 :oil?'it, Kdgar p.. lCns
,h. .'oh n \\\ Mi ???re, and \V. K. >ulli
n, it was a unnoticed last niijht b>
?evident K. L. P?-ter?\ <>t the Common
It is exported that tho rnmmitt^r will
iV>n an exhaustive .study of the city's
lancial condition and make it-, report
fore the middle of the viimmer. stnee
e Council mil.'-1 In- reorganized in
pternbe r.
t ncri A n tomolil lei*
Pave I ime and worry by buying a
>od used car CohmiIL the. I'sed Car
lumn in flits paper. To insert a. Want
?1 call Raiiflolpli l
AVnltrr T?. Mourn A Co.
This Genuine
and 12 Musical
Selections, Only
| $34.50
Outfit consists of this perfert
toncd Yidrola (new stylo. Vl-A)
and l'J musical selections M) ijr>n*
bin-faced Pi-inch Jlccords) of
your own choice, complete, for
only 1 ^
Victors; and Virlrolns nt J10 (o
$400. lOa.-y monthly ]taymcnt?.
Walter D. Moses & Co.
I(VI K.iht tlrond Nlrrct,
Oldeal Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
r Virginia, S<?c- j
Sri'rctnry Oni'il A u imuucrM (Irlurni
lt<M'rl\in |)nip ut Mule
A1 Kout-ral *.u or ilir {
>" loan f?>i
I a r v H?;tt I', (jweti autiotlii
?lay t hai llic r<*tuitis from 1111- ? ???unties j
? 10 ^Iioumik up r ?agonal.];, \v?:ll. The!
lift In-low sIkiwj tin; I a ik) j ii tv t?> y?.-rt- >
I'T'lay afternoon, u;i ruv?;iv< d at head-i
quart Lib.
I'^rrt-ntiiRt; ?#f S?il>?';rl|itlt?i??
counticr. Aiiuiinvtit tv 11> juiri* >i to
' -Hit.
A-'-onia'- j
Albtiiiurh' a?
A|>|?>iii.<Uo v ; i,
AllJWl.i 7|
A Iny i u
LSIuikI . . ;?
M.I lh V.'
limit or il ,
llolriourt s:
Hi nil-, v. ii k . . ;
Hu< Itineh'ihi 1.
M'l" ha n.i ii i"i
Carroll i :>
" .I.f.n . l_?; 1.
i'<iK>iln? \
? ??Inrko II <
* ' 111 p?? jp.-r . . ?
i-'li">Ul III"!") I 7
| ?'harlot t*
i -i.
? low ' rl.itol
? "It V.
fil.liv iil'JIc
Kli/.a l??-i ti
!?>???:< ..
I",njf|ili< r
l-"lo> .1 . . .
i.r;i> ?>ri
i;r<-cti? . . . .
r ?+it f. vI! I ?> . ..
i ;toij-?. ?. r . .
11 a ti<?\ "r . . . ..
11 ?? n r v
II itrli la ft<l
I l".i t fti
i.t WlKht
.?iitiff <"tiy
I^tc :ni'*r
I U'l'-i'lM
I ."p
M.kII i'h
! >?
M^V |oiihu-R . . .
? Montp ?mvy . . . ,
.<?! t ha m pi on
Jot lotvsy
?>.r? liwtnli'-rl.iii.
?. > n< -i r 'i
\Vl Ilia in
I'ul.. kl
I' > (>!<.? J
l:i h?r:>
s*; ; ,o ??0
I: ? ?/*. n r h ? rr
S' ' ? !
M n?to.ih
Sou t); ?* i P j
S|%Mm> Ivanl*
. / \\ ? \ I
(Continued fro-n J-'ir.st Facr.)
wck, urging the people t?> tiny l>>>ni'.s
distributing car';.- AM that* la
ti> i "fsary t*> nl.ico a Mib^-Tipt lor. is
lo sd?;n tills card and Insert the name <
? f Mm l>;iuk through whlrh payments
will !?<> made. Terms ualtafactory to '
any rubperiber will IxTarrangi il by tho
bank. The commit I oe will also pla>:o
spenkota in automobiles in the down
town streets of the city next week to
forwanl tli?- movement, and speakers
aii-i solicitors will b?: detailed to th?
larger re>taurants of llichtnond dtt'ini;!
tli?? tin. y hour:-.
I - i > iiugt* employer w;il be cither]
vi.dted or called on tlie telephone Our-1
Ing the next two or three days and j
ask?d whether ^ubscriptionn for the
< oncern itself, a.s w>-ll as employees',
have beifn placed. Where iterative an
mvvis are received. crtnva^si r:? will be
sept to the establishments immediate!v.
The committee ani 'H,m-. tj vesteid:i> j
tlial the Kipntalilv I.if* A: .? uranee So-1
i i. iy h id placed a subscription lr?r j
iiri'ioof) Hichrnond. thi'>nsh IS. M. j
Orulchfield. its agent. Tn<- >'. I*. Ken-i
iiv I'nrnpany ji1h'> rub cribed $1,000.'
!!?v \t ><r;v Thompson, I;:poke a t j
Alb n ??inter's io|i;uro factory: John j
P. Aightfooi, at the Academy of Vu i
sic l'djjjir H. Kncli.-h. John H. Sane-;
ders and Itev. W. I". Thompson. D. P.. j
at Mm- J.; rse. Mrs. t'harles I'.oshT. a? :
Sydaor A- Hundley's. an'I W II Adrtnif |
at Laurel Street Methodist Church. ;
William T. 1'?abnoy. executive manager
of the liichmond committee, spoke last
night ;it a larsre celebration at West
hai>\pton. Speaker's to-day will b.? M.
!. Fulton and Samnil f?. Kell?v, at t h o
Academy. Ordway puller. II. M. Pnil'h. |
Jr.. J'i'.yor Ainslie and N. f?. Silly, a? j
th" Lvric. j
The drive among the railroads of I
iIie i 'iy j?i propr^vsin^. the commit-,
trr announcing last niqlit that 5^4 '
| emplovi of the Richmond, r red?*ri?sjc?-j
burs and Cotomac Uailread Company!
bad place.! their subscriptions. This
railroad h.c already sold bonds amount
ing to $r.t The Itlrhmond C'ii"mil- j
toe i-- ?'tori of buttons, bu' a ship
ment. ha:- le^ii on its wav to thi~ city
for several ?!;>>;: and i's arrival i'i i
' daily ?: x ;>??? t < >1.
somi: viiii.i.ma r?ir>Tit;,s
MMxfM; m.o\> rnor.nr.sv
, lteport:- io t ho I'ert"r:i 1 Heb?-iv? Rank !
: yesterday .d?n?\?-d that Virginia had
;ubscribed * t"? 17 .:;f"i to the lo.ir..
Th? '? 'icnr, ho*'ever, vi rt for sub
script ions entered not later than Thurs? i
day. and. with He- general observance)
i of l.ibertv l.oart IViy "eeterdny. in ac- i
cotdabco with the proclamations of |
fr? .jdent Wilson and ijovernor \V?st- |
: 'norel ind Jiavis, the Xt-Me committee
belie', cd th'?' irerii.i was rapidly ncr- j
in g its apportionment
Many ?-ounties havi either pa?: ed j
; their ouotns or are within eapy strik .
I iriR diiitance. Members <>i" th?* com-;
? tr. it' ee pointed ?utt Hanover County,)
which h;? - 1 ib.'^c! ibeS J*,u r>er urn. as
an illurtration of hf.w results nii^li?
bo obtained. It is b-liev?<d tha' snm'1 !
counties do not. reriii?e il;e need for j
immediate s'ibs *rir?t ioy ". and that their !
campaipns :ire larijitm. in o.-d^r that-!
c//talAbner c/3rot/u?rs
Individual Styles Featured in the
New Spring and
Crepe de Chine Blouses, in white
and flesh, at ?2.9$.
A large assortment of Georgette
Blouses, in all colors; tailored
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Dressy Georgette Blouses, in flesh
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Tailored Silk Broadcloth
Blouses, in smart styles,
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Fine Blouses of imported
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Black and Tan Scouts.
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1401 E. Main Street?Clothing Department
1405 East Main Street?Shoe Department
rj'.her sn-tloiiH may take the loan, i
Couut.v chairmen were I't-inp urped
yesterday to do everything within their :
power id>ppo(| ?il? the* drive.
WIso t'oijuty report*mi Hint subm-rlp- i
tlons neRrfsatcl iL'3fl,0rt0r within ?lS.-j
OOy of. its apportionment- iinrt that tt!
would subscribe $120,000 more'than itn !
allotment. Appomattox County advised 1
that It had raised its quota, as Jtd j
tCKlMMIT I.tll'ItOVKD Till.
t nVDITION IN WK.M \ iru.rvi \
Kop.irts to the central committee of
ihf dihtric t declared that t h<- coal op
erators In West Vlrphila v ere improv
ing th'.ir situation, and that the drive
wan producing bettor results. The
State chairman believed that ttie ap
portionment would be more than raised
before the campaign eh>s>-s. one week
from to-night. North Carolina wa,s
a I.ho reported to be making pood prop
r*.?s, with its {subscriptions reported
to tli? reserve hank yesterday agpre
Kail up nearly lUO.OOO.OOO. j
(iuvtriinr (Jti9rR<! .1. S'-ay y<s?terday ?
rocoivd the rullowlng telegram fr?m> ?
?lolin Hkeltot) William:', <"onii'troller of
the!- Currency:
"Hearty congratulations on the viyl
gratifying new* eon t jutted itt \<>ur t?%l- ?
cgrani. There was n?rv? r any reason1
to doubt the patriotism ami tinanelal 1
powers of our dear o!<l citv. whioh can ;
always bo relied upon to perform band- j
Hoinely and liberally every duty."
Honor flap:; have been sent by the j
Federal Rotter ve Hank to the follow-I
inp communities of the Fifth I'islriet.'
Virginia?Danville, Bedford. Klkton. <
Falls Chureh. Ivanhoe. UppervHlc, X< v. - ;
port. Clover and Altnvista.
North Carolina ? King's .Mountain.!
Tabor, SmithMeld, Monroe. Mooresvtlle, ;
Ro\boro and Holli;>t?;r.
South Carolina ? Sutmnerville, Jto
Cormick County, Wilmington. Mccor
mick. Plum Branch. Parksvllie. >leri
xvcjtiher. Spartanburg. Woodruff. Crr-en
I'Mnt;*. Marlon, Mullirv and Marion ( I.adnisburir. Uayland. Caperton ar>d
utility. } Kaxt
\W -t Virginia?N'alap. Ilonoydt v..} Maryland?MilliiiRton and Carolina.
Heroy's Red Package Tea
Golden Tipped Ceylon Orange Pekoe
(?unpowrlrr. Formosa. Oolong. Mixed and every kinfl at. Sixty
Cents per pound. If there is a hotter Tea wo have not it.
Money bark if ?u>t satisfactory.
Importers Tea and Coffee
America's greatest need is for ships?
more ships.
Every available vessel is being utilized
in government service.
Many ships that have been carrying
rubber from Sumatra and Brazil have
been taken for active transport duty.
The number now left to bring rubber
to this country is extremely limited.
This will necessarily force a tempo
rary curtailment of tire production.
So, make the most of the tires you
Use good tires.
Take good care of them. Keep them in perfect
repair. See that they are properly inflated.
Increase their mileage by careful driving. Keep
out of car tracks and away from bumps. Don't
scrape the curb or apply brakes too suddenly.
Get every mile your tires have in them.
Only in that way can you be assured of your
car's continuous service?and remember, your car
is a vital war-time necessity.
So again,
?take care of your tires.
. ' ? - ?
Jnited States Tires
i i' *' . J !
are Good Tires
709 West Broad Street

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