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di .
fSidtmonJi Cime^Pigpatrij
May 4, j
19 18;'
Net Quota Is II, I;I5 While Men and
*3,001) Colored Men, Says Ail
Gros<s Quoi.i on Serond Draft for |
State Is 10,180, Less 0,200 Army
Knlistments and Credit for -1,725
Men Already Sent to Cainp.
Adjutant-Genera 1 .lo l.ane Stern rc
cclved late last night a telegram from
Provost-Marshal-Ger.era 1 ?'"rowilcr, di
recting him to draft 6.135 white men j
from the State of Virginia to l?c sent
to Camp L-.ee between May "5 and
May 30. Details ot the quotas unsigned
to cach eouut> and city will be an
nounccd by llit> A?!j u t:? at-vieti'i al .ia I
boon ad the ncccssary c.ilcaiauon van j
bo made.
Virginia's net fjuoia of 1?? b:g draft, j
announced yesterday. will be ti.i io
white men. to be en: rained on n\>- con
secutive days. front May !<? May
and -.069 color? d in- a. to !??? entrained
three weeks i.iter.
The gross <juotu for bo tit ra?-es for !
the State it- 10.IS? :nets. There have j
been since the la.-; draft, 5.-SO army
enlistments r-r wh.--h the Stat" cci?
credits, and ?yh:-.*h :-*duc? th" iuiint>er ]
to be drafted to I".?'.'? In the mean-j
time, there will have. been. when the'
vmall intervening drafts have been ?
completed. t:>- n drafted, which
will leave for tiic last announced draft
for both races ,i not quota of S.204
men. Of the 4.725 drafted by th- small ,
intervening calls. ",1T? were white |
men, and 1,0." 1 colored men.
mecii \ \ u a i. i n \ i mm;
Of the mtn yet to bo drafted, be- j
fore the machinery is set in motion J
for the 6.1C-T white men. there are 000 j
grammar school praduates?le.-'s the j
number wh" ar" voluntarily inducted, ,
but who will be 'relited in the samel
manner?who will be sent to the L'ni- J
versity of V?g:;i a for a spcc'al .-ourse ;
of automob > repairlne and similar j
mechanical work n: the fror.r ano be- ?
hind the lines Th? voluntary enlist
ments fro-n '.he r? p..-'.rants with some
mechanical ?\per:e- stnd so:r.?* me
chanical aptitude w't: close on May 15
The balance of the ??*'? v b? drafted
between that date a- time to be on- :
trained for the univei sity r-r. May 2"
All men who would "a-e t-> take ad
vantage of :!??< .*?o a.-.! n-is ? *he
bis draft two day- '.a'.'1- nr<- ur;i>i by
the eovernrr.en*. :o .c~c forward at
TMsoositic r i'* ?' ? Z K" -->7 "0%
untecrs under ? ? ?? want
"Mann" call w v-3 a<-p?s*'i ' ?> *
follow? up to th? r.umbr.- conta n?i in
th? follow1 - ~ c \''. ?
T "X ? 7t t T - ?1 x ?? ?. 7 r, a r * - r ^ p. 7 i -a. n* ? ?
to the ji^'a*'-??? r : -at'.'-n camp
CiTp Fevie- G-tf.- .-r. -c c
Ki?ht Jiu'.erfV '' * V. ?? ?? - > - *
helpers: f.ve Mi, . ?> r1 V<-li?r-? .
four crane-.-.*-' n ? > helpers: *--o v:'..
electrical. "ai'.ro.id ?nd co*r.pu;"':r <-r,
jrineers; s?v?r. In'otir.' v? ><
and firemen: fo-.-.r rr-n?* o- ^ : n - - -ror'
er? and helper1: fo\jr nl'jmhe~3 an'l
n'nefltt'rs. nn1! f.t"'"vs"tcrs to C?n'.p
Humphreys rte1-- . Va
Five hricVlaverp to C.tn-p Sheridan
Montgomery. Ala.
Two w.ir^n matter." to Fort Benja
min >1*rrls-o", Tnd'.inapol:s. Tnd
T-^otir boflermaU??-.? an'l Iflpe-r; tl'1^
torn railroad brak?men. "ar-rr'.*n and
??on-.'uctors; fo-jr ?le-t ricia - s; two ear
inf-pertorp: ten '^echlnisf: ->nd two
stenographers to Fort Mver Va
Two lnftrume?? ?-:-?*tert- :.-d ??^'r
"'en; four r.u-'-ovors I?v??tf?ien .ir-'!
1 ra T* s 11 m ? v * a n *\.i? ? j a e*v
AM the cSo?? . nfnP lr,,
men with v 1 rtualifleatior
For eolo~ ->'
Four b*-'-' ' - r
'?'? nnd v ?-,/- ?? f ? ? >ri
The d-?'? f,,.. .s_rt,
men i* Mrv 17
Lint Ia?ned ? t i|v? \ * I ?? ? ???et* I
in Call of >ln y Ml?F.nf"r ' rain
Inx nl I'urt I'lioinas, l\ > .
Complf.tln^ tv ? itj' ?!'.<ota ? ' r.
who wtjt . . 'r for s--r .*ice M.i1
10. tbe f< irram"'; were uiven
out yesterd ,y f"? puttii'-.i' or- >? ?!><
rtapeelIve .? I: vh ho-> ?'
wndiric wli ,? their ?? 1 if.:-nr "t.
and they wi'l \ e for ?rs? in r- :it l-'ort
'J homas, Kj at 1 -o f.'clock .>r. ?;->
afternoon of %i-,y if ov'1' tbe C'lfs
apcako and *? i > ft:iilv. a*.. Tli-. 1 i :i
f. re as folb ? -
I.iwnl Itonril No. "..
I?. If. Heii-n _? Mbcr: < f
AVitltrtin t-ld > i d \rd?-r: o > Itonjv in
11 Wriphi. I'ra' 'k 'Jrover Martin, itich
ard Fletniniiiff Murn-.y. Parbi <-t Sehion
Walthall. 11r ileorso Patterson,
^t'?'^?in Martin f'-rajrtr.
Adam r'leasan* \r>-)ier. \\';rt Mj"?-r
N'ea\ nou?i t.-ro-- .- Avcrv, l.ouiii ?
H Monk, 1 - ? i:,iv .r,j N"c?.
l.oenl Hoard So. -I.
Fdnurd Is. \Vo->dward. II it.to- W.l
liatn Tybr. i;.-'-rtv 'l'--iTi'iie
.lames Edward F*-:lui- i:
Gilbert T,<??? lla-\!o- . M..r? , : t C ? >eeh
more. John l-lldrnif;.- I mcV.? :a?,. 11 r\?*y
Crowd*-- I:?? ti'1,. 'pb M< *er.
Harvey Fu?;en. <'.-ble. \\Mllir?;n Mch'in
nev Brown. 'It ?tanl ? \r
thur Ilertni-.?> \ ?.:i\ W !ia?n lie ?
Stalnp.Ker. Mn - l.e- H . ?. ????,
F.ru' e Kay. ?t .<-n .M<" .<> ?. ??. i \ i.
?tunlel|>ni l.?ve?-iiit?rnl >>ianil |'i
prnkr of llrnmi Ins Itoilii-". to
IHhi-r I. rouml*.
Plana * r? . r.r, ? r ?.v
citizens to otfer ? ? ii <- ? .<?
t*-rlcs, kn?j n .< ;I? n?-v.?-?
Ilam. Sycanif-r. .?? <| ?V?i;n -a ?>...! ?.
looklnff shoeh' <; . r. , .r.
\ erted into a I> ib ;>ari< "he -r.i -.
is expected to b-- pr?- ? ? ? : <> t -.- v.!
ml'nlstrative Iti,, <; v. -r-m a v I
by John Mitch' 1 .1 r
The five ci-nie-1 ? . ? i ? -. . i.r m
prown with w id p'.-nt - i ?: .
a state that the ? ?,f k- ? :?:
In shape is t'??? sreat to hi* born- b
the colored peop e. ;t i . -.. .td-r t
that the offer will be made w'h th
provlaion that the city M?.r.d ? >??
penae of tran-if' rrinx tn<
0t-her cemeteri' ;.nd \i * ?
grounds In prop >-r hhatu Th:
been estimated ??? be fr^m
The body of !>w W. r.r. w i.<
former Krand 'rmster of ie < i.-<je ?.
True Reformer;-, was removed e:?'?r
day from 8>'c.' -ni#r..- ?? ? fsai ?>
Heichta, to the new "uu.jnd ' ci.i?;
tery on the Mechani< evillr TurnpiAo
K hal^i- CI a cl Figu re
Asl^s Fare to Camp
Ten Minutes Later He Accostsj
Same Man With Same Re
quest for Aid.
Walking briskly down fsinih Streut
last night, a well-known professional
in.in. who makes his homo at the Jef
ferson Hotel, was accosted near St.
Paul's Church by a soldier.
"I say. can't you help a fellow out?"
began the khaki-clad one.
"Sure. What's the trouble'.'''
"Well, you see, I've been running
around town all day and I've spent all
my money, and I'm due back at Camp
L.ee by midnight."
The professional man peeled off a dol
lar Mil. "I low will this do?" he asked.
The soldier. "The fare is only t'?0
cents," lie replied. "I could send it
back to you from camp."
"It's all right. old man. There's
nothing I've got that Cucle Sam's m?-n
can't have. If it will east' your mind
any .iust take my card along. Prop
me a line and let ine know if you get
hack to camp all richt. but don't bother
about the dollar."
The professional man passed <>n. ,->t
tonded to an errand at the post-ollice.
?ml ten minutes liter walkeii hack up
Ninth S:roe? on the Capllol Square >;d.\
V rather familiar-looking tigure in
khaki accosted him w? th : "1 say. can'!
von help a fellow out"' "The pro
fessional man snift-d his pos t on to
the licht on the khak -.-'ad one.
"Where's by >! 'In.he demanded
"Vuu can setr.-h me," ||j,? soldier a"*
sw orcil. 1 haven't got 'he pre" to set
back tn camp."
"All r: gh t. I'll s?-ar h yo; " was '^e
unexpected answer Tir-ked nwa> ;n
the uniform was the ar.i Just g;vr
nlm. j. dollar wrapped ?i-o :v<i and
several other dollar.- ju.-t crump;*-') m
The professional rriA'i looke.1 about
for a policeman <"?- an a ? y officer.
"l.et's call it ei c.i," suggested the
-olrtier. handing hack the <ioV. ar.
"All right." was :he answer. 'Ft<it
i'.ti going to se-id ?. *oop' down th s
?V ?> y :n -wo i u*? - so y,i\i better get
c-'Jt while the co-ntr is pood "
T miiut's late- the-e *v ^ ? ro
;h -1: -? d figure on th' Ninth c*--*et
Thrift W rrl, I >e a t l?* (,i)irriior
l)?vit Open" on llonilit'
"School TI:rift \\ "ok" will he
munched in rg. . a on Monday morn
r.g. that period having been so desig
atei in liovernor Davis's procl.nr.a
-.??n. and reports which have reached
f1 rector Thomas I?. M .-Adams, in
barge of the war savings campaign,
inc.:cate that the drive among the boys
nd g.rls will be a record-breaking
!l I. a. T.
W ?'. Blakcy. ctintrman of the ram
pa;gn ii:uii:t:t? n charge of "School
Thrift Week." has worked out a plan
?!..ch will result. it is expected, in a
sj-irite-i <.i 1 twecn the schools
? if th~ State's swcii largest cities.
U.ic;-, nf these ? ? i: ie> has bep? allowed
.? minimum allotment of stamps to he
sold during the week, the totals being
bused on thi school enrollment. An
honor banner will be awarded by the
National War Savings Committee of
Virginia to the schools selling thrift
stamps and v. ,<?? savings stamps to
the largest am >ur.t.
Thv allotments made ae as follows:
Lynchburg *7 .*?'"? Koannkc. $15,000;
Norfolk. S-','.0(i" I'or t sm.. 11 h, S '"'00.
Petersburg. }?;.>?'). Danville, $5,000;
Richmond. st".
In llietv: on 1 ? ?- prii.. p.. ;.?> have ai
re. dv sa:<1 tha; they i ,ve sutlieient
contblence in the pati iotisin of their
pup > to warrant tn.- imast that the
capital c.iy will tell more thrift and
war s.t\i:ir'- stamps ihan the combined
-?aba in til* other six cities.
I la e h chid i.i expected t-> buy or s-e!l
:.ot c.--s than P.' worih of thrift stamps.
II.? i ? lie selling as many as t went y
e war savins- I'tamps 'Aiil receive
;irsi honor war savings stamp er
lliir^ m Vnnlilon \ rr Dnll* ttvaiiinK
Ordrrn 'I'hnl \\ III Mrnn Prompt
Otrrsnii Srrvii'r.
Many of ihe Itiehrnond hoys located
a. Arn.lston. Ala., are home on a fur
lougli. They are daily awaiting for
orders that spell overseas service. In
1'iict. there are more than \':r
g nian:? > t Camp M <-?*Melia t> in tr:< nms.
A'', the \':r: r. >.? natiomil guardsmen,
nuinb'-ri ?g s.?o0. e\ "pt the eo;i t
tiiier.v coinp.' n !< ?, have i>een at Arc
The coa. ' artillery i'ompanies have
been at l"*?irtress Monroe, with the e\.
eeption of the live new companies.
wl< ;.-ii a :?/? e\;i?cted 'o report t<>
l-'ortre Monroe in th? near future,
but which ;ir-- now located in Rich
mond ft'vo com)' a niesl, Roanoke. Rris
? ??' /.'id S.. ?'.h P' -ton That portion of
1!ji' tiehl "erv which was "tatlonefl
at Port '"^gleihor e so -e !:me ago
V* ""d l h * regiment at I'aup lie
1 ' 1 e! \ a n.
T' c T wen ? v-r11 !i* h O'vlt'nn ?? hi.-V. 1 si -
' :'.e< :*>e \"'rg1nia 'icn s e ? nn>an?|e<i
M;.' r-flenernl '""hxrle : '1 Morion
The One Hundred nnd Rleventh Artll
?e>v lte>,liil e ' which Includes the
r: ? ? ???"id Hon ????r?. 1 ill- the rfim
d of o'o-ie 1 T M W'.rjliani. <>'
* f' \y. ' p * ?' 'k' ft f ! ?i r? <"?r i i ?i ;t ?
'.e ; f,f p. 1 still I r> the
-e-.* ? ? e ?? ? M;my ?->* them h ? v <* received
" " ' 1 ? 11.~ at the ear iu.? tratn'ti'4
a in:
I lire Irontilr M ii n Hear* t miirr.inlliin
? of tnnthrr "nn \\ uli HI*
H Ife.
i I. Pr i ri-v of : 41 7 Oovrrnment
It ad t'-'tied Police ? 'ourt yester
I day morning ih.Mt ho tapped ;t tele
!?' ?? re u-n<" l in on a con
'?frsat' ?'! m hi"'n Herman II I.an:', who
was in co.irt chl'r<:ed v th |icr-'st ng In
.ii''at ' o Mr-: Prairie, and that
' v.-ha', h hoard nearly calmed Iimii to
fall of? the pole, which he had climbed
j to :..p the wire T.ang. who is twenty
' ?<?? .'-n veai"- old u-a?- placed under $5'i0
eiiir, ? r in. live ijlO|i:ll 1(> l! 'fll the
t ????? ? ?> fr.ur ?? ?? v ? ?? tr -uhle man '?>r
! ? n <""i* ??< pea .:e ?. a'l Potv ?!-,.< Telephone
f'l'npant. ,
\ (inrl?ne i?? ? f- ?? Item.
' "? t - ,ir H ' town fi?r f n
. ?? r( mi nt ' 1 ??.. ttl d .???!
I no Hi of tins i-i i-i r I'll" i cr>ei;>lete |r t
< >v i" ri-, ll>' .oil! properly li'if- for
| 'jui-'k ?'c:.u11: Phone Rainiolph I.
< 'ircuit Court ??r Appeals Holds ,\{
(t'jnpi to WciikiMi (iovcrniiifiii
In \\ jir Time is l'oiij?|>irur,v.
roi'li MH\ Alt 10 AKIWCTKD
( harmed Willi Olrculaliii^ Letters
Opposing (hi! Sclrclivt Scrvirc Act,
Signing Tin,,,, "Workmen's Coun
fil of l)rft<n*c.",
In an opinion handed down by the
CiroOlt ?'ouri of Appeuls yesterday. any
attempt to hinder or deter the registra
tion of men under the s?le;:;;?e service
i'ct Is (Ifclarcrl to l>e conspiracy against
the government. This decision of the
appellate court afhrms the decision ?>f
lite district court at I i untingioii. \\"
\ a., where Kdwin Kirih, l-liltoii liias.
' ii < ? re en and Henry Howes were
charged with circulating letters op
posing the selective service act.
Those men were found guilty arid
sentenced to si* months in Jail. They
appealed from the decision of the lower
court. That court refused to he drawn
into a discussion of technicalities, hut
declared that any rfl'ort to ??/oaken ihe
t'niled States in lime of war i:: con
spiracy against the government. Aa
* refill! of this decision, the defend.t.its j
icust i 4 *ve th.'ir lerni in jail.
in i it i :its or w oiux ??! i:\>
mi m m. or ijiii'knm;
I'iievo *i rn are supposed to l>e olhcers
of the Workmen's Council of l?efens<* of
\\ ? s t \ ircinia. and tilo printed circu
lars which they spread contained the!
follow,i,g seditious remarks:
"Are wo facing a militarized America?!
War ha.- bee n declared without a refer
endum vote of the people. Conscription ?
iix> been thrust on an unwilling people!
wichout a referendum. Will cotnpul- :
so- > military service he the next ones- '
tunable invocation.' We have news
paper talk about 'democracy': let us
have it in reality, in our political, so
. ,ii and industrial relations Heniand
tiie referendum on .til public questions
l'-m.ind tit. repeat of the conscript aet
The West Virginia I .eg s'ature is plai
r r. g to pemtiizc strike:-- during wartime.
< 'ppofc it."
\itirl r-Ponr Mine Applied for (o m -
mi?%ioti* in A rm y ;iud J?e\en|T
l ?? llinr llrcu Accepted.
According to the State Department
J Health ir.o rural d >triets of Virginia
a ?t?_? t alone ;n the sacrifices incident
to the shortage of physicians occa-j
.?j.'iind by the war.
The cities of the State ate contri
1 uttr.g the)- full quota. to the country's 1
cause. Richmond has already contri-!
buted approximately ten physicians.,
many of them among the most active i
and .-,ic-> ssni. to the armed s-rvice of j
the nation. Ninety-four Richmond doc
tors have applied for commissions in
the army to date and sev<ntv-two have
already been commissioned of Hits num
ber. In addition thereto quit" a nuni- <
btr have gone into the nava! service,
ti itk'ng 10" a conservative estimate of
Richmond's medical men serving with
the color?.
That the jhn-t.igc of doctors will be
come -increasingly .?? et . o-.is is ; he opinion
of the State i.'omniif^ioner of Health.
l>r. Knnion C. Williams To-day h
stated that, with sa h shortitge ;n view
the department would be glad lo scr.r"
representatives of the public health
nursiig work into such communities
> s might i i dieate iheir desire for their
rvice-.- for iie purpose of conducting
elii-se* in tirst-aid work and proven*
: i'>n oi d -case. Such work would br ,
found of especial advantage to coni
muni not in t- v reach of physi
tiii ns.
\nuual I'. \ orcixo* lo lie Held In I nion
Mnlinn < hureh on Sundor
The annual sermon before the Oak- '
wood Memorial Association will be de
livered at 1'r.fon Station Methodist
'hureh Sunday night by the pastor.
Rev. I'\ < i. I ?avis. The various Con
ted rate organizations and the public
are invited to attend. The Oakwood
Memorial Association will meet at the
church tit ~:-\j o'clock and attend in a
The annual memorial services will
take place- in Oakwood Cemetery on
Saturday afternoon. May 1!, when At
torney-lieneral John R. Saunders will
be the orator. The exercises will i?.j
[.re eded i>\ a milifat.. parade from St.
J.: nil's Church, under Captain .loiin
l.amb as chief marshal .ludge D. O.
R icha rd son will preside Dior Ihe ex
ercises 'n the cemetery.
Mlliur linn Honied
Tiier'? will be many splendid r>a r
gains in suburban homes offered in tiie
classitied cd In in ns of tins paper to
morrow Karl) dciiverj of copy in
-"i ? correct classification, i'hoi.e Ran
dolph I.
II. ?'. IIin'krr. Jr., on lllryrlr. totliiJc*
With ('or on Itoblnnon
II. C. Ituckcr, Jr.. the clcvcn-yCar
u!d son of Dr. II. C. Kuckcr, of VI IS
lianover Avenue, is in the Stuart Cir
cle Hospital in :i critical condition fol
lowing; a collision on Kobinson Street
between lianover and drove Avenues,
when tlie lad's bicycle was struck by
a Ijroad and Twenty-fifth Street cur.
The accident occurred at l? M 5 o'clock
When the ear struck the bioycle yottnj;
Uuckcr was knocked to the street. 11?.
sustained a deep gush on the arm aim
severe bruises about tiif bead. When
carried to the hospital lie was un
conscious, Late last night it was said
that he had recovered and was rent
ing fairjy well. .Antitoxins wrr? admin
istered to prevent any i n feet ions which
might set in on account of the <? it*
v. hlch the lad sustained.
Th?; car which struck young Ituckci
was in civ-rue of .Motormoi 10. S l'>l
li-fd. of 7:.'" Louisiana Street. After 'in>
t'ccidenl the car was at <*nco sSup iet]
Oslicer C. I,. Tyler reported the case to
1 he Second INilict* Station.
'I'wfhr A rctoiniiH Are t-irrn I'nrl* of
i iinmi.iiMl With Hem nr
A rm>.
Twelve Virginian." w?ve yesterday
t-'iven commissions to be pro\ision.i i
second lieutenants in the regular
irin\. 'liies'* com in iss ion y are merely
?cntati't : they w ii be given perma
nent commissions as the occasion
arises They are assigned to duty with
the regulars, not the National Arm;,
"r the odicers' reserve corps.
following is a list of the men, thei
addresses and the duty to which they
have i.een assigned: llarold M. t'ool
us. of Marion. Second Cavalry, Saniuei
.V Palmer, of Petersburg. Fifteenth
Field Artillery: Frank Cnmm. of Fort
ress Monroe. Eighteenth I-* i??1?I Artil
lei \ ; Maury I,. Webster, of Koauoke,
instructor at camp in Pensaeola, Fla.;
1-5 lacks to ne I?. Ayrcs. of til North
1-ifth Street, nf this city, instructor at
camp in Pensaeola; Waller I.. McCor
mick. of Pulask . instructor at camp'
mi New Orleans: James A. .Miller, of
51 ?? West 1 irdce Street. Hicliniond.
Forty-seveni h Infantry. llarold .
W righ', of . itowlitig tlreen, Kloveiith
Infantry. iu be captain uf the <ii^:
Ueers of tlie is" reservt lorp.s;
1 >10 mas A )>(n 11, ii on tl>'i 111; ,i \ iation '
section; Oliver A. Keardon. ->f Ale.van
dria. tirst I eutenant engineers, oilt
rers' reserve corps; Cnarles I.. <'liap
man. of Appaluchla. Quarterinaslei -
erir;>-i. and Fay M. Thomas, of llich
>enrelitn;i for sioirn Dirrrnm,
St- irob is beint; made l>y ;be p..:t.-??
for the overcoat of Sheriff Webb Sydtior
which was stolen from his automobile
while stood ,.t tlie corner of Kijjiitii
and M.i:n Street* Samuel lteii;ucli has,
reported to tiie police 111 a t 5:'5 was
??" olen from h.- automobile wh'.l- stand
ii.g :ii front of the Stuart Circle Hos
A I, envy -o;brae-b-- f
the Academy of Music Thursday and
turned over *o the oMiee of t'uptain of
r?etoctive? Wright. The owner e,ti
have it by eail.ng tor Sergeant Hryan
and identifying the bracelet.
<on?t t.lne >hon* l.nin.
1 'r>erat n; revenues of the Asian;
'/oast Line Railroad Company f<>r t It
month ot March figtrn gated M.ii'o.TOT.
as compared with $<,040,275 for the cor
respondtng month of la.-.t year, accord
ing to SiRurcs announced yesterday.
Kxpenses for she mnnUi amounlnl to
S3.072."HO. increasing from $2.4IU,S32
last year. Net revenues from operation
decreased slightly, as did net income
of the road.
The Workl at the
Sonic months ago Ihe Bishop
of Winchester preached from
these words. You fire invited
to hoar the bame subject
treated by Rev. Frank Frail
Sunday morning at the I ni
turiun Church, Floyd Avenue
and Harrison Street, "The
Little Church on tlie Corner."
The sermon will deal with the
coining changes in world con
ditions, both political and re
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Trti?; Spring Water. whlcn eliminates
uric acid poisoning from your ay.tleiu.
Tate Springs Mineral Waler
('nil Tale .Spring* Agency, flnuJ. Hit. j
w AuitisN"pi4iNT Ca,
700 \V. Hroatl Street,
(jJlaiss, Nil rn is lies, Paints.
\Vm. II. Pitlincr, I'rraldrnl.
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Jcwar F. Wand. Mnnacrr ">lii ln*? Drpiirllllfttl.
l*cr Anniiiii tin Saving
Have you helped
to put the Third Lib
erty Loan Over the
Top figures asked
for by the Govern
National State and City Bank
fill Ka.st Main Street.
"The Shopping Center"
Store Opens Daily at 8:30; Closes at (J.
Which is L>ut Another Way of. Saying* That Vast Stocks of
Quality Hosiery for Summer Are Ready?at Most
Attractive Prices
THE reputation of Miller & Rhoatls as "the Hosiery Store" is well sus
tained in the new Summer Hosiery stocks assembled in good time for
this event. iLs significance centers in the fact that for one week we shall
feature HOSIERS", HOSIERY, HOSIERY?Hosiery of such qualities as
will be sure to serve you well, both in appearance and wear.
Another important feature of Hosiery Week?one many will reckon as most im
portant- is that the advancing prices of which we hear much about these days are
scarcely recorded in many of ill"1 offerings: some not at all. That's because the
Hosiery being featured was purchased by us months ago at prices much lower than
to-day's market, and arc priced lower for "Hosiery Week" than one will be able to
buy the same qualities for later. ? \
We therefore suggest that you come rr;ht in now and lay in your Hosiery supply
for all summer:
Full Fashioned
Cotton Hose, 35c
Women's full fashioned
Cotton Hose, medium
weight, in black or white,
JJ5c. or 3 pairs for $1.00.
Full Fashioned
Out-Size Hose
An unusually good value
in women's full fashioned
out-size Hose, i 11 black
only; medium weight, at
35)c a pair.
Full Fashioned
Lisle Hose, 50c
Women's "Wayne Knit"
full fashioned medium
weight Lisle Hose, in black
or white, for 50c a pair.
Special Silk
Lisle Hosiery, 59c
Women's "Wayne Knit"
full fashioned fine gauge
Silk Lisle Hose, in black
or white; special, 5Dc pair.
Full-Fashioned Boot-Silk Hose
55c Pair
These have lisle top.- and are reinforced at the heels and toes. In black or
white ?excellent for wear or appearance. Hoot silk, full fashioned Hose of this
quality are unusual now at this price.
Colored Boot Silk Hose at
(>9c Pair
KulI fashioned Hoot Silk Hose, in pearl
gray and champagne colors; extra spe
cial value at (>0c a pair.
Seamless Boot Silk Hose ,
at 50c Pair
Women's Hoot Silk 1 lose? seatulebs?
in black or white. A value unsurpassed
at the price, 50c a pair.
Phoenix Silk Hose
at $1.35
Phoenix full fashioned Silk
Hose, in Russian calf, cloud
gray, battleship gray, Ari
zona silver, black or white,
$1.35 a pair.
CI ox Silk Hose at
Fine quality Clox Silk
Hose, in black with white
clox; also white with black
clox, $1.75 a pair.
Children's Socks
White Cotton Socks, in sizes from 5 to
f>; special, 15c a pair.
Children's Fancy-Topped Lisle Socks
Various new patterns, all sizes, 25c a
pair. First Floor?West.
Women's Silk Lisle Hose,
"Wayne Knit" finest quality Silk Lisle
Hose; gauze weight and full fashioned,
with selvedge seams. In black or white,
at 75c a pair.
Richelieu Ribbed Silk Hose,
Women's White Richelieu Ribbed Silk
Hose?full fashioned and an exceptional
article. $1.25 a pair.
Women's Silk
In Colors,
$1.50 Pair
They are full fash
ioned Pure Thread Silk
Hose, in bronze, dark
<iray, medium gray and
champagne. Hosiery of
surpassing excellence
for $1.50 a pair.
Children's Hose
Fine Ribbed Hose, in black or white,
17c; or 3 pairs for 50c.
For Boys?Heavy Weight Black Ribbed
Hose; good quality, made for sturdy wear,
25c pair.
"Hosiery Week" in the "Men's Corner"
The Hosiery drive is on, too, in the Men's Corner
values at prices of to-day, and get the same qualities,
pgo. and each one is a real value.
That well-known, serviceable
Sock, "Holeproof."' If there is
a sock that will give you better
service, we don't know of it,
80c a pair.
For <l>is sale we are going to
offer a Mercerized Sock in
black and Palm Beach only;
an excellent value of fine gauge,
and excellent wearing qualities.
For sale only litle.
"The Men's Corner."
Wavne-Knit Silk Half Hose,
full fashioned, the kind that
fit. and do rot bag at the an
kle. in black and colors. 7.">c a
Phoenix Silk Half Hose, you
know the brand; they wear;
one of the most reliable wear
ing hose to ho had; black and
colors, (!."c a pair.
and you will never buy
These were bought months
Hcaeon Half Hose, for years
the standard for a white spltt
foot Sock, in the same old re
liable qbality, 25c.
An extra special valne. this
sock is off the market, but we
still have a goodly supply. Af-?
ter this lot i3 gone there will
be no more; their value ia at
least 25 per cent more under
the present market conditions,
l,H! a pair.

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