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Roll of Honor
List Showing Men Who Were
KiUcd or Injured on
French Soil.
(By AyfftclMt? (1 J'rc.ss. 1
WASHINGTON. May 25.?The army
casualty list to-day* contained twenty*
three name*, divided as follows:
Killed in action, four; died of wounds,
four; died of <i;>casc. three; wounded
severly. four; wounded slightly, eight.
Officers named included:
Lieutenant Albert 1-. .?.>hn
linsvillc. Conn., died of wounds; Lieu
tenant Lee Henry lCnapp. Dnnbury. X
H., died of disease; Captain James
Norman Hall. Colfax, Iowa, prisoner,
previously reported missing.
W ound? d sliphtly: Private Charles
B. Sandridge, Buntyn. Tenn.
Wounded severely: Privates Charlie
McCury. Candler. N r . Zeh v. l'lom
mons, 54? \\ ttt Haywood Street, Ashe
ville. N. C.
I'raeticnl War Studies Are Provided t?
KnnMe Pupil* to fJet .Needed
I By Associated l'ress.l
AMHKnsT. MASS.. May 25.?A two
year course for students within two
years of the draft age is one of the
ways in which Amherst College is meet*
? ing war-time needs. The course has
been introduced to enable young men
liable to be called to war service be
fore completing the regular four-year
course to elect such studies, including
practical war studies, as seem to them
most useful and desirable during their
stay at Amherst.
Accordingly, for this course, the
usual requirements for the four-year
course, with one or two exceptions,
are waived, and it will be possible,
an announcement of the war-time in
novation says, for such students to
"pet a valuable section of college j
training and instruction in the limited
time at their disposal." Later, or when
mustered out of service, students who
have taken the two-year course can
complete the remainder of the college
requirements and get their F>. A. de
Colorado Men, Whose Stimnmen Brcln
With ??St.." Will Fight
DEWER. COL. May 21.?The ancient
prayer that "The saints may preserve
us" has (A.ne to have a new meaning
in Colorado
Witness the names found among the
enlisted men from this Stale
Arthur G. St. James, private, home I
2450 Larimer Street. Denver.
Edward Luke, private, infantry- I
man. home Pueblo.
Otis ?t. John, corporal. National '
Army, home Rocky Ford
Howard J. St Peter, private Nations'
Army, home T.! S Lafayette Str?ec
G'orpe W. St. Matthew, private,
home Elyria. Co!.
Every flphtir.;: saint of Colorado is
the owner of a Liberty bond.
Americana In l.l\erpool Are Tiring
Shown Every Consideration for
Their ( omfort.
tBy A>jo. Micfl Press 1
LIVERPOOL. May 25.?Soldiers and
sailors of the United States forces
have been voted the fr?e use of the
public baths in Liverpool by vote of
the city council. There are three fine
swimminK pools available, and no doubt
in any military and naval men will take
advantage of tlir- privilege.
Sends Ve^s, to Ills Mother of Safe Ar
I" <'hrnp by Trusty
. Homer.
PITTSBURGH. PA.. May 21 -To no.
lify his mother ?f his safe arrival at
camp. "Bud" Naumnnn released .i hom
ing Pigeon that he h;,d carried with .
?>:m. In four hours after the young
srdd.er arrived a, For, Thomas. Co,?
ing.on. Kv, his mother here *?s no. :
Th"v^A?,,"8'/1 "" Un,,f ???
.unltieJ u""*Z opp?r.
It Takes Courage
To Bea Soldier
It takes iron nerves, men with red
Dlooa and the brawn to do, the
nerv,e to "buck-up,"
j-.r.?^jfy r-? climb mountains,
&and go over-the^
* t o p or with
| ^lamina enough to
meet the night
^tack. Energy 13
1 the most valuable
r.,; in 1)16 world.
need energy
"every day, every
: minute of the day.
^ ^ie same hehind
? ,ln^ ^ the work
^ i?f ? fkrrn" What ie
most needed is iron in the blood
Every man should have 33 much iron
in his body a. Ls coniainedin^S
u tfeni>fnny': If y'>ur
bloon is thin, watery, your face pale
?r pim.p!-v> y?u ^el de
pressed. blue, wituout energy to
complete your daily tasks. It's
fame to heed the warning. put
in y?Ur veias
fiin V 1 ift ? ' a 150 w w^nbina
j- We lron herbal ex
tracte discovered by Dr. Pterce and
his Physicians of the Surgical Insti.
tute in Buffalo, N. Y. It gives one
snap, pep, vim and vigor to hav?
this iron in the blood. "Irontic"
is a blood maker, a strength builder
*nTr?t?^V*nic- 7ou ^
? 12 cb"ug stores for
sixty cents the vial, or you can ob
tain a test package by seeding ten
<*nts to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute in Buffalo N. y.
700 IV. Broad Street,
Glass, Varnishes, Taints.
Competition Sale!
with the Greatest Value Offerings of the Month!
Every department in the store is out after a record,
and they will surely make it with such Bargain
Sensations as are advertised here and those not
advertised, but just as good and better values!
m- arci'<v?n!ua | y
4 We Sell RELIABLE MERCHANDISE for LESS Than Any Othqr Store
A Day's Salary or
More, if you can; but
be sure and GIVE
Your Share to the
row !
Monday Only
Mny 27t b.
\n Stall. Phnnr or C. O. D,
Order* Filled.
Noteworthy values, every one of
them, beautifully pretty styles.
Correct in cut and fashion for sum
mer wear. The voiles are plain white
trimmer! with lane, and the ginghams
;ir<- in plaids, checks and stripes. With
pearl buttons, pockets and pique or or
gandy collars. All sizes for women and
$10 Voile & Gingham
Dresses at
Lovely Dresses for summer wear; at
tractive styles for woman and miss.
- Silk Taffeta, Silk Poplin and Striped
Satin materials. Many of these
Dresses have Georgette sleeves and
collars; others with satin collars and
cuffs in plain white. Most approved
shades, plaids and stripes. All sixes.
$20 and $22.50 Silk
Dresses at
Women's JQ
Silk Gloves ... I ?/C
Heavy Silk Gloves, large
variety; white and black.
Monday only, 70c.
Main Klcior
7e Swift's
Powder ?J2C
Large box of Swift's
Pride Washing Powder.
Special. Monday only.
Hasmif nt
Monday Specials in
5e Paper
Pins at .
A charming alray of new Drosses for
summer; tine washable voile and ging
ham materials. Every size.
nnil DronH'*?U ol.Hlirri;pr>?Second Floor.
Dresses from particular makers?of
silk taffeta. Georgette an<l satin; su
preme values. All sizes.
Richmond Hendciunrfrrs for ^nlt.n, Contx
For Women and Misses
Dainty, new garments
Dressmakers' Pins; large
paekape: pood Pins. Spe
cial. Monday only, :!e.
Mnln Floor
?I.50 l'n\elope QQ
Chemise at %/OC
Well ma<!i' of pn'w) inn-Sin
and Irlmnv-'l with ti,io lacca
u nd < mliroidery.
Good News From the Waist Department
Best Assortment?Lowest Prices
S9c Pillow OA
Cases at
Size 45x36 inches, Hem
stitched Pillow Cases;
good muslin. Monday
only, 20c.
$1.50 Voile Waists, at
$1.50 White QQ
Petticoats */OC
White Muslin Petticoats
trimmed with lire and ? in ?
broidery; d?-ep flounce
$1.50 Grass no
Rugs at 5/OC
Imported Grass Rugs:
sizes .'16x72 inches; all
uar.ted colors. Monday, all
day. like.
Third Floor ?
Worth Up to 54.00
a Pair
$1.50 ami $1.75 (f> 11 24
> iirhl Gowns .. v
.Muslin Night Gowns elab
orately trimmed dainty
laces and embroidery.
Fine Voile Waists, trimmed with lace
and embroidery; new dainty colored
collar effects included. A very splen
did group to choose from.
$2.98 Silk and Voile (?1 Ay
Waists at tPAoJtf
$5 Crepe de Chine and ?9 (1*7
Georgette Waists.. 1
White Sea Island Puck
Pump.-. Oxfords and n n
I "u m lis. in ;;reat enough
variety '<"? suit every
woman ami miss in Rich
mond. K.\reption-?lly welt
m.i<le with hand-turned
The I'tnnps \iav cevcrcd
Louis XVII. heels.
The Oxfords have mili
tary covered heels.
In all siz-s up to 8.
50c Muslin /SQ/%
Drawers at ^OC
nm broidery Trimmed I?raw
? ? . some M. -? ? Ka styl, . cut
full, well made.
$1 Muslin ??*
Petticoats .... JjC
Well mad'1 and trimmed
with neat lace and em
broidery. .Monday only,
Second Floor
?\Vel*Jir rse r'i??Second Floor.
Weinberger's?Second Moor.
Children's Dresses
Worth S1.50 and $1.75, at
High and medium waist models.
made of gingham and chambray
materials; in solid colors, pink, blue
and tan. and plaids and stripes.
Contrasting color belts?-oine with
pique collars and ties. Sizes t> to 14
Children's $2 Gingham Dresses $1.69
Children's $2.0$ (iin??ham Dresses. . . .$1.98
Children's White Dresses, sizes
(?to 14 years $2.48
Children's $4.98 'White Dresses, siztts
6 to 14 years $3.48
Girl's $2 White Dresses, sizes 2 to <>
years $1.24
WriKhfrfirr'ii?Seeoond Floor.
An Extraordinary Monday Bargain?
Salem Sheets, Worth $2
Size Rlx90 Inches; extra quality "Salem" Sheets;
only 5u dozen to be sold Monday at this vry low
price. Come early and be .sure to get your share.
50c I?ress
Yard ....
Plaids, stripes and solid colors; 3 "J
inches wide; an exceptional variety.
29c Percales,
Hundreds of pretty styles, in
cluding solid colors; all fast
25c Apron Gingham,
In all sizes of blue and white,
checks; fast Colors. For Monday
tt5c Poplin,
3'"> inches wide Mercerized Poplin;
white only; for children's dresses.
$2.50 English Long- 98
?-loth, 10 Yards ?pl =
Soft Finished l.onpcloth; fre?
from dressing. 10 yards to each
U9c. Wash Organdie,
4 0 inches wide Wash Organdie;
fine, crisp finish; limited quantity.
35c White Nkirtinir,
3fi inches wide While Skirling;
large assortment of pretty patt< rns.
\\ clhlirrgiT'*?lluseioc nt.
Lift-Top Style, Worth $15, A
25 Tbs. ice capacity; 39.|nch
case, of solid oak, finished in
golden oak; an exceptionally
weJl made Kefrigerator.
Side-leer Stylo Refritfcra
J30 00 Apartment House Style He- (IJOyl QC
Weinberger's?11'tiird Kioor.
50c Silk Fibre Hosiery,
Pair 39c
Hoot Silk Fibre Hosiery; wide garter
tops; double soles and heels; in black,
white, lan, steel, navy and champagne.
All sizes.
79c Full Fashioned Silk Hos
iery, pair, 59c. '
$1.50 and $2 Full Fashioned
Silk Hosiery, pair, $1.15.
$1.75 Full Fashioned Fancy
Silk Hosiery, pair, $1.24.
Wcishri^pr's?.Main Floor.
Women's $2.00
'if serpenJ iixi crepe; short
sleeve:;, shirred waist, in blue,
old rose and lavender.
$1 Long Kimonos at $2.9S
? \\ ebibcrsor'n
Women's $2.9S
Kimonos at ...
Pretty Mowered serpentine
crepe Kimonos and solid colors.
Satin ribbon trimmed.
$5 Loiur Kimonos aj $3.75
Second I'lunr.
The Very Low Prices Arc Attracting Thousands of
Lconomy-Wise Women to This Ktisy Department.
I !U> a Sir rl-Foil in, I Ilrunlk
mill I box Simile** OOn
... ?joC
( leaner
(See demonstration on Main
si Step l.iiti
iler*, Ii.i I'd wood,
11 bl ared, at
7.*?c <;iirliiiu?*
ClIIIA, | lg||t -III .
11 li K co\ er:', at
7flc f'lol ll ?? N
ilimkcl of fine
i.plillt wood, at
9 I .'II A t n r in
(' I n e k n, loud
alarm, nickeled
finish, at
Oecorafed l.reen nnd Gold
Soup I'tii < cm. 1'ljilfern, IIoivIm
ami I>Inncr I'biten, val
ue*, la -lie, eueli
% I .Tit) Cnrlnln
Stretcher*. well
braced, h a r d
wood, at
7 Sc Knnmeled
Ulnlt Tan, ocean
blue, H-quart, at
Vfa , ll-loitih <>iirdeii Unites,
at -Ille
Mil- (iardeii lines, at Jlllt*
"Window Screens
7do, size 24x37, at 5f?e
SSc. size 30x37, at ?M?e
$1. size 30x37. at 70c
Wash Skirls
?2 Values, Monday at
The best Skirts for summer
'wear?light, cool and good-look
ing of gabardine and pique
materials, in smart sports' mod
els. with pockets and belt. Spe
cial for Monday. In all sizes.
Women's $2.98 Wash Skirts at.. .$1.08
Women's $3.9S Wash Skirts at.. .$2.98
Women's $5.00 Wash Skirts at.. .$3.98
Wolslirrger'*?Second Floor.
From the Floor Coverings Department
CREX" Herringbone
Grass Rugs
Size Ox i3 Feet Only
Worth $16.48, at
Genuine "Orcx" Herringbone Weave Grass Rugs;
beautiful patterns. 2-tono effects and absolutely
waterproof. The best Rug for summer home....
Imported Jap Matting Rugs
Size. 9x12 feet.
Size. 3x0 feet, ^9c
worth 79c, at. ..
Extra finely
Japanese. Matting Rugs,
in all colors; with plain
centers, band borders,
all-over effects.
$1.00 Rag Rugs
-at 67c
Assorted Patterns; size 2tx3fi in.
Weisbcrger's?Third Floor.
9x9 feet,
Size, 27x54 in.,
worth 39c, at...
Porch Rockers
Worth $5.9.3; To-morrow
High slat-back Porch Rockers;
heavy double-cane seat with
wide, steel-braced arms; maple
$3.98 Porch Rockers, $2.98.
$2.00 Porch Rockers, $1.45.
Children's $2.00 Porch Rocker,
Welsberger's?Third Floor.

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