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Use of tlie Clutch 1* Text of (Jucrr
I* lirh's Murliiiie Talk
I> .
Otherwise He Will Never Ho Able
it> Handle His Car Well?Kxpert
Tells of Proper Way to Start
| Motor?Many Queries Answered.
(Copyrighted. 131S. by Frederick G. I
. ' Gucrrllch.)
. v Before a person can drive a car we'l. ;
ie must be able to properly manipu- j
tfcte his clutch.
There are many drivers, who have ?
been at the wheel of a car for some
I time, who cannot start It without a '
lcrk. and who, when their car is park
ed wit|? others and in close quarters,
'ftnrt ;t almost impossible to get it
out without moving the others. It i?
their failure to properly xi?s?* the clutch,
which Is responsible for this.
In most cases the fault is not theirs !
so much, as it is the fault of the one
I ? who instructed them in driving. Most '
Instructors, when telling a new driver i
bow to start the car. simply teil him
to let th" clutch up slowly. This i?
not enough
The proper way to start a car Is
to shift to low. five the engine a little
pas, and then. while observing the car.
let the clutch in very slowly, until
the car just begins to move, when the
clutch must be held, the "letting in"
?topping: altogether, until the car has
moved a few feet. Then, and while
the car 5s in motion. th? clutch ran
elowly he let in the rest of the way.
It is this stopping of the raising
the clutch pedal, or "holding the
clutch," which is the secret of a smooth
"Holding the clutch In this way. al
lows it to slip This rr.?An? tha? there
- Is but a small amount of friction 1 e
tween the two members of the clut.-h
the force of this frirtion being just
enough to mo\e the r?r slowly. ht.;t
not enough to *:th<?r stall the enpine
or make the ?r -uv.p ahead
In telling: in a previous lesion of
how the clutch depends 'ip.-vi friction
for its action. I u>ed the illustration
of how. when a boat ;s to oe towed
by ancther, ?> man will take hold oi
the to*v-Mne. and. graduali>. let it shp
through his fingers unt.l the boat
"which is to be ?ow<d .? :r. motion,
when he will gradually le* it hec-me
taut, and th*n w ill let it go altogetl f-r.
the knot rerlact'g his har.ds HoM
ing the clutch :s like ;h ? Jet* r ? r,f
the rope s';p 'hrough the
Another thir.p which many drivers
cannot arc-r \* ?ucc??s < {
which depends
:. a t: o r.
of the clutch. :* the start.r.g of
car on a steep grad'
To accomplish r.:s pre?? down on
both the brake *r.d clutch pedal. shif
to low gear, give the engine ?on-e g-ts
?with the hand-lever fth.e steeper the
grade, the ir.or* ar.d then slowly
let up on both petals, the clutch pedM
h lHt'e faster than the brake. You
will finally co*r.e to a point in letting
in the clutch. where the engine end
clutch will prevent the ear from l-'ic'
tng back. Hold the clutch 'it t.iis
point, quickly let g<. the brak'- Rive
the engine tiioie pas As the <-ar he
gins to move *1 iw.y. le'. the clutch
in the rest of the way
Many drivers prefer to hold the mr
from sliding bacV: by the handbrake,
?when starting on a hill. This has '-he
advantage In that the foot can r-e u ed
for controlling the gas The writer,
however, prefers the former ?uethod
and has I'ound. while instructing th.it
it is the easier method to tiew drivers
N'ote that th<- holding <>f the dutch
pedal, at the/^Mint jyhere tlie clutch
lu*t bfgins ?J?"> fp-rke the car move. i?
again the f.ecret "of success of t t\e
Where the c.r starts with a ivrk.
In spite of care ?lettitg m the clcoh
the fault may he in the < hitch it?i-lf.
In this ease ?he clutch i> said t?> rr.ib,"
or "grip." The remedy tor this war
glv?n in :i prev ious le> son
In the case <>?' a cone . lutch. it is
rometimes fotiiid that even though 'he
ieather be in :':ne condition and the
npr'ng adjustments r:?h* that the
clutch still grabs \ vv,iy in whi-.h
'his might be remedied is t<> colicct
?j number of tlie thin corks fr-nail in
bottle cap's, and pry up the leather
ihou' every tbirt" d.crees und tnser*
the?e rorks. Many clutches have . orl;>
The Use of the Clutch
for fine springs lived under the leather
in this way by the makers'.
A slipping clutch will also cause &
jump in starting the car. but. in this
case. the engine will seem to run away
from the car. when it first starts, and
will then suddenly take hold, causing
the jerk.
Drivers often believe that their en- '
Sine lacks power, because the car slows
down on a hill, when, in fact, the
fault is a slipping clutch.
Much of the trouble experienced in
shifting gears, in tact, most of the
trouble, can ne laid to the action of
the clutch.
it is absolutely necessary, when shift
ing gears, that the clutch be fully dis
engaged. and that it slowly stop spin
ning when free from both the engine
and the transmission. When the clutch
fails to completely disengage, it is
said to "drag." the action being indi
cated bT a difficulty in shift the gears.
A spinning clutch will cause a clash,
or grinding, of the gears when going
from neutral to any gear. It can be
distinguished from the dragging by
:he fa t that if u little time is allowed
to elapse, before making the shift,
there will be no grinding, which will
r.ot be true of the dragging clutch.
The clutch must stop spinning grad
ually. and the brake which is furnished
to stop the spinning must not be too
powerful, or shifting from one gear to
another will he difficult. It is for
this reason, that, with some cars, the
sh ft car. be made easier if the clutch
peial is not pushed a'.l the way down.
though this is the reverse of the rule.
Faulty adjustment of the mechanism
between the pedal and the clutch, by
means of which the distance clutch is
pulled back is regulated, is the cause of
all three of the above. These adjust
ments vary greatly in design, but. in
the illustration, I show the two which
are the most comiron.
In some cars the pedal is connected
to the clutch shaft by llanges. as
shown at A. One flange will have
the bolt holes a little closer than the
other, 'here being about two more
holes in it. By this arrangement any
position of the pedal to the clutch
can be obtained. Thus, taking the
bolts out of the holes marked 1 and
inserting them in tht holes marked 2.
will result in a little more throw of
the clutch.
In other cars there is a rod. with a
turn-buckle, as B. for connecting the
pedal to the clutch throw-out shaft.
You will have to study this, on your*
car, to sec whether shortening or
lengthening the rod will give a greater
In somi cars the throw is regulated
by the clutch throw-out collar, which
can screw in or out of the clutch as
(Copyright. 1"1S. by Fred. C*. Gurrrlich.)
Cf My 11*11 r.ir has rl^v?-loped a weakness
in th- mairncto this season. What makes
ice say it if th-? magneto is th" far? thai
tills wrakktiM" most marked in tho olo,-.
tr:?- lichts an.! the tern Th<* olectrb- horn,
instead of havinc a steady r>urr. makes an
intermittent H":s~ a? if ,in> was pressing ar.il
and 4 Months From Now
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efficiency and earning power throughout
the war is now giving much thought and
study to the probable wear he can expect
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Will he be able to secure that expert ser
Will he be able to get a new car, if he waits
much longer?
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Cadillac cars are offered for reasonably
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No one can tell about four months from
Jones Motor Car Co., Inc.
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Price, F. O. B. Philadelphia, .$915.00.
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1807-9 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.
i relenting I he button. rutting on I he
lulus makes t l?o our run very Irregularly
I aleo tin.I In ilrivitu; i hill I have to ma
nlpulatc lh" :<tmrk lever much more tlu?ti
I used I'4. as /If I have tile spark advanced
to vvhero 1 drove with It last year. there j
rom'? 11 very had Knock in the ongln"
The engine was taken dun n thin winter fori
ihe Urst time ami new rings toil in. an<l a !
new commutator roller ami cover als".
.1 K <5.
A. More than likely your trouble is In '
I he magneto mnliicl. found on top of the
flywheel housing l'ake tills out ami clean it
thoroughly with gas-dine. iluine the name to
Its contact member Inside tin housing. '<
>s possible, hut not as probable li?
a hove, t hut I he magnets have. lo.?t their
magnetIkiii. In this ease it wouhl bo best
to get a new set of magnets. which. I bo*
llevo. can he had" at little expense In ex
change for th" old ones. I nnta llnng them,
will inean considerable work, however As i
with the new commutator cover and roller,
much of the play or "hack-lash" has hoon
removed, it may he that the spa rU will
come when the i>is!?ti is in the same post
lion as formerly, hut when the lever is not
set so far advanced. The timing when the
roller was installed may also have changed I
slightly. Again. If a wrist |iin is worn you j
may hear the Knock now. while formerly
; vou diil not.
t>. I have a 1 f? 1T f??1 car Whenever I
start the car and as soon as i throw the
car in li(n'< ear I hear a knock tight under
(he floor hoard Mv drive shaft wabble* ?
.title als> ? My car aho cats a l"t of gaso
line and 'here is no leak '< '?
A Hith'ir a universal hushing liit< become
ladly worn or broken or the clinch throw
i out me cha.nlsii,i is at fault Thw would
cause I he knock under lh" floor board and
; the wabbling of the shaft. I would take I
this ui> with the nearest service station of
the makers 'I'he carburetor adjustments
- may be poor, or. perhaps,*-the carburetor is
not the best for the engine.
<j. Will you please publish In your ne\t
issue what Kind of paste | can use to stop
a leak In a water-jacket of a gasoline en
gine without welding? II K II
A. Krom a foundry or machinery supnlv
' store you can buy some iron cement which
may stoo your leak. If the leak Is from
<tulte a small crack or hole, yon might bo
able to d*-iil it out. tail and screw in a
plug Vou will have to use your judgment
about I lie advisability of this, however.
Kust will often plug up a small crack in
<>' ttan you tell me the nroper way to
wire my magneto? It is a Splltdorf. model
I>. type K. There arc ihreo termulats on
the coil marked ?. A There are three
terminals on the breaker box marked 1. "
and A There is also one terminal on the >
frame of the magneto. \V. S
A llun a wire from terminal A of the
coil to the center of the breaker box or. in
other words the renter of the interrup'er
cover, another from terminal - of the roll
lo the uide of the hreaker box. whleh would
be to one of the interrupt'r nolnts. and an
othet from terminal of the coll to the
rround The terminal on thr frame i? fur
tilslp ?! for tills. I'nderto ath the coil >.oi
will find a heavy terminal. Krom this run
a h-av. secondary wire io tin terminal on
the center of the distributor t'onneit the
battery of dry cells tf-ietter not use a stor
age battery) to the two terminals at the
top (,f_ the roil.
<J. Your answer to my inquiries in regard
to my ( ) car seems to he correct in
regard io my (rouble i woulj like to
know if it is possible (hat the short-circuit
might l.e in the coil? As I have a new
coil, would it he safe to try this in place .if
the damaged coil while (he (roul.fc sMi!
continues? The reason I am writing is
that the coil for some time has shown ;<
tendency to not saturate the electricity
after the ,ar reached from twenty-live to
thirty miles, and going up hills would us
loose power. D. W. It
A The parlly-hurned-out coil was short
circuited. hut this was due to its Insula
tion burning off because of a frhort-clreuit
in the primary system, or to the switch
having been left out while the engine was
idle. If the latter was the cause, you can
use the n-w coil with saf< tv. but" if the
former, vou will have to locate and elimi
nate th'- short-circuit or the new coil will
again burn out Try this: turn the engine
over until the interrupter points make con
tact With the switch off. take the two
primary wires from the coll and strike
Vulcanizitic. Tires. Oils, firense aud
Church Hill Motor Co,
Repairing and Painting.
Phone Mad. 1657. CC30 K. Rroad St.
We Sell and Exchange New and Used
Gasollne Servtre DaV. Night and Sunday
N. IllTTENBKIlG, Mnnnger.
Surcreding Falcon Tire Sulci C'??.
I'JO.'l West rtrnad Street.
Tuliob, B0?fl, 13.tat aevsvi, ?e,?o. ;
flloED Hft krandnew tuh*?, taken out of !
H* psfb. whon Initnlllni K*?onk*y.
801 North HUvtilor-e Mtre?t,
HuuOolllt) 601.
? hem l'>Kc(h?r if there li? a iipark y?u
have A short-clrotll' in the lino. !>u?. If not.
i"i! rail saft'lv .i?e tlio now coll, ;ilitl us
iiUiitn i tint tlx* switch has liven left on
wliili" the engine was l<ll<>. ii ml x > caused
Mi' trouble If I umld si a ml the last j-ai'i
of vour letter correctly. I lie hurtled out < <>l'
would i ail ? an action as you describe
Will "oil idea so I 11 in"' where the
< c l.u\e em;Ilie in a cy. |e car Is made, as
. wish io k- t sum' icnalr Darts for inv < >r
an<l have no informal i<>n an to where to km
these repairs? W A V
A. Try I h? Si?n?-Ue Machine ntid 'I? "I
i'o . of I nilla na noils. In<l Tlicv make .?
small onulfK'. which i hoy call the I l.u.\>
No. I What couhl cause a st'-crin
to nperale in jaich a way as lo inaUe
thi' front wheels zi?znn when colni: ..x.-r
any roiiKli roa.l or street? It Is ulimVst lin
possible lo drive si mi trill on anvihui: e\
rent naphalt or other perfectly smooth
siroots. Have hail HtforinK near ovrr- ?
haiil<*d nn I it hi no hotter than before No.'j
J. t**n a i?iHti?ti alap or knock bo heard at
II Hp?***d.s wh??n driving? No :t. I >?> tho
rihk'H on t he ptaton* go pant the bottom of I
tin* cylinder hloci. th?* miiuo a* thoy do at i
tho top? if v;??. I? llicfa any way for a
x>i??ul<t?*r to Im* worn In the cvlindor l?v the!
t?lHton or i limit? No \. Is th?'r?' a Hpcci.il ,
?????! ?na<l" f??r lapnlnt; or grinding oii? ;
s' ui"?j ? ylmd??rn? ''an you t11 ino who
itiaJi**x it ? N? ? .Y When ?*?juipptni; a Kurd
?ar with l?:itt?*rles for staVtliiK la It heat to j
us. f*?ur or six r.'lls? No ?*?. In Ihoro any !
?.uf? r? ??? ? In tn?* wear on a inr ?*?)Ulppod ,
with ih-niouti' a l?l?* rims and ono that ia not?
M <> ?;
A No !. Loose wheel* are inoMt often ,
the t aiiv^ of a car not holding t ho road j
w. || Loom noun In tho rodt? and pltia of
th?? ntcorlnr me?-hanli?n> m?y also bo tho
chuhp of this In your car the spring
Hharklott ?rf hu ilml'tifd an lo tilt tho front
iixl? Imrk at tho bottom. If thono h?vc
IWen r'vcm'il mo as to tilt the nxlo hark at
the bottom. It will ho almoin liriponulblo to
IttiYQ tho cur hol<l the runl No. 2. Tli?
ftlait will not nocoHMarlly ho hoard At all
(.????oi'.h No. :t. Th<! rlnitn munt not cn pant
tho cylinder wuIIh nt either ton or Dottom.
In (lino a Hhoiilticr will form In tho cylln-'
?I<tm No. 4. Storm A: O'llulr of 'Chomp
himi Iowa, anil tho lllnrkloy Machine Co.
of Hinckley. III., make )iaml ? pnwer reborln*
tool* Your tu.Tcwtory <l>airr ran probably
show you cuts "f '.holr tools No. 6. I
would roconimoiid ftvc celln No. 6, There
will lie no >11 fTorrnto in wear, provMed tho
demountable rim i? put on no an to run
truo. Tlioro in much carc-lepnn'-HS In thin
riftwi l. ho wo vr
<r Mo *
JORDAN custom style body
distinction lies in the proper
choice of fashionable colors and
the rare quality of finish, materials
and texture, as well as in correct
body lines.
The touring bodies are straight as
an arrow from motometer tip to
top cover. Long, low-hung, with
seats cleverly arranged for com
1 plete comfort. / ? ?v
Plageman Motor Sales Co.
Madison 1462. Allen Ave. and Broad.
Seven Passenger Jordan
SSfe Most Beautiful Car injlmerica
For Active Service
American business has been motorized. For both short and long hauls the gasoline
truck has proven itself a thoroughly efficient form of transportation. And no
intelligent field Executive would dream of tackling his job without the proper
equipment?a dependable touring car or roadster.
It would a*naze you to know how many Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Contractors and
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dollar'for'dollar value?and they found it in the Paige.
310 West Broad Street. Randolph 409.

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