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June 29,
19 18 *
.IVjkyjnack Wires Tliat Ho Is Itcsist
. I lug K\( rnd it In u on Two
, Wan-nuts.
Pollock Still Insists l'ricc Will Show
Up to Face Seven Indictments Re
turned by Special Ciraiul Jury,
lien Jacobs Goes to New York. .
Pending the return of Frank Wal
ler from Lima, Ohio, atul the beginning
of triaJs for ouster proceedings against
Chief of Police Sherry, Captain Pol
lock and'Peteetive Rertucci, there have
been no now developments in the po
lice scandal. Matters at present are
a* a standstill and in oflicial circles
nre described as the lull before the
? In regard to the extradition of Frank
Waller there is some doubt s;ncc Cap
tain A. S. Wright, chief of detectives,
yesterday received conflicting tele
grams. One of these telegrams ?;is
from O. J Roush. hie: of police >?.
Lima, which read "Prank Waller le
leased. Not Mitl'u .cut eviilen e to tile
charge." Another telegram from I'e
',tecti.ve Sergeant W K \V.tynuvk, ?h<>
was sent t<> bring Prank Waller back
to stand trial on two Indictments in
this city, road: "Papers contested by
Attorney for Waller. Hearing on
29th at 11 o'clock."
Officials cf tho Richmond Police Pe
paxtmcnt are at a loss to understand*
the action of the Lima police auihori
tjes. Prom th< version of the mes
sage from the chief of police of 1. ma.
Frank Waller lias been released since
there was. !n their opinion, not sutli
cient evidence to hold Waller. I? ac
cording to the telegram from Wav
mack. Waller has evidently been re
leased on bail ?:id the Governor of
Ohio will decide this morning whether
the requisition papers fur Waller ?il!'
b? honored.
H. L. Price, against whom the grand
jury returned se\en indictments?one
of them felonies for biting off Ben Ja
c-obs's ear?has no; yet been appre
hended. and in all quarters the consen
sus of opinion is that he has skipped. 1
However. tJslbe-,. K Pollock, attorney
for Price, persist.- in his belief that
Price has not skipped, but will return;
to "face the music." He said that
Price's brother-in-law was moving
from one of th- udjoming counties and
ihat in all probability Price had gone
there to assist in the moving.
Ben Jacobs yesterday appeared in
court and askon permission to leave
the rlty for ten day*. He said that
he wanted to go to New York to s<e
his nephew, who was leaving tor France
In a few u.?..f a lth the arni>. Tnis
request was grouted, and because o!
this it is tann for granted that the,
trial in the on? er cases will not cjtne
up within two weeks. Commonwealth's
Attorney W ise yesterday said that lie
had no stai-ment or comment to make
ns to the progress of the preparation
of the rule.--, t -r tli. ouster proceed ns.'.
However, it is understood on reliable
authority tlm: these rules will not .be
issued before .dond.iy. Then they will
be returnable in not less than live days
and not nun t.ian ten days.
Neighborhood lo Honor It* liny* \\ ln>
llntr (iiinf Into
Scr\ Ice.
A service flag will be "alsed at Rel- ;
videre Street and Maiden Lane this |
evening at C o'clock fo rthe boys ;
who have gone into the service from !
the vicinity of Spring Street to River
side Park, and from east side of Holly
wood to First Street. C. 15. Garnett, 1
chairman of the state Corporation Com
mission, will speak, and Rev. P. A. Ar- .
thur will close the ixercises with
prayer. The followi ic men will have
representation on tli>- I at numbering
Harrle Jl'flrsw. <"h;tr!e?i P.nbin' F"lev,
Percy A. F??td Fr*-d 1. .Inn"-. Thail'l'i*
"Hillls, Buck Mi' ' - i n Murphy. Ki-ddl"
Olbb*. Oharle Fmwn.-r. I'hurley \V 1111;.mis.
"Willie Barker Willie Iturfoot. Thomm
Doluu. Rob-rt St.-v.--is. I .ha A Iliilrlb-M,
Robert H. H?:<Tl--!il. Willi.- J Kiitmms. IM
dle R. I'unn. liM't.m >j e<' H?-wltt. Robert
Hayes. Jacob F???-?>r. frdwnrrt Turner. IM
\rard Farni'-r. if* Turner. Adnlvh'H '
Kmntoni, o.ls* t?h ?*">juhlln, -John Ketleh?-r.
Harry L I.e.- Ambrose Parmer. Jmii'
Berry, Edws-il <1. Mathews. .lames ?'
Mathews, A'jbr--\ N (S*l< wond. Jt<?\ I".
Napier, Joh:> Stephen., I.inwoi-d OlbSs,
Charlie Turner I ii.- P ? l.vri Storkiji;in.
Willie Olbhs. F1. .1 iluller. Wiltun i'?!r--r
"Willie Isaar- P.? ?! ?? Mi t.'llntock. Thorn -
Bazzard. Ph.i-l?y Kills. Karl Walk*i.
Thoma* Kilw -.'s Arthur A lt?id, John IT
Miliar, Joe P.- ?? Pharles A Pore||,._ (..t- i
Wymer. A'.'c-i . r? <1- I'avis Harrv ?;
McCartney. P.' 1> M,>rrit. I :i <? N'orris
Armond 1, Thnrnt'.ri .lames It llaticli.ni
"William II li?n?- R (irifiTii. >I?lvl!
Gray. J. n l'arl.< r. It N I'iirl;?r John
T,eibs. Eut'r.? pe>nw.?\. perry K"-* Thoni,.
Crocker. Frank W. Nil. 1'irrv Welle. II .?rv
Jones. Frank Artnstronc .I.i'k Harri* Fr?<|
Bureh. Samuel Mur< h. S "l" I< i"-V f'htr- :
once Rrrnett, .tacob M Hefl.-v, '/. W Smith
Jr , Alvln M I'ver .lain"'? M^url'.
M Mulrar<*r. Fr-rt !> Norlhiinrt'-n. Ilarrl?
W. Mah?r. Tr-^'nn M Ma.-h>-r. H-opk-'
T!nsfrs. A IT Itbnley. Th"!r.i? <nl well, i
Tterbert P.,-i.n ,l..niek Il<tli-rt
V n?rman. ? 'har|eS [> Lane;..-ter Thntu;. w
I,?nrMtcr ItoV.ert Peay. Wesley
Krfddi? Smith. Aubrey MrClititr- k. ('h?r'r^
I elb?, Bviand M ivnr*. Iiavid IT Fr4i.1l
Arrhie P;,tt Simo-i \\* A rni>* rr.n .*
Herbert Wllliar-,.- H.trrv W Ma:i"r\ t
L. S(.otL --
Stars nnd k>rltir? in I I > (Iter flrnnd
Stree-t r.nl'.im r 'I h rniicliout
t lie War.
Kindir.r the cost Af placing a flag
pole on the, ('ity Hall tower to he ;in
"proxlmafe'v ".Ofi because un
usual condilion surr''j!.dinc fhe e'er,
lion o: Ihe *-1 .iff. t nf \dmlnis? ralive
Roard hav decided !? pr, tpoiw *hi?"
work for - ? "'?111 yrst.-eiiay a
twelve-fool I'liiled \v;i <f
ftown over the -r<-h?d d-.^rwav of the
Proad Street ei.tr . T ? cood
weather and > ? :i?! ihe and
Stripes will 0 v ' ? the bree7.es ; least
for the duration of tjio w .
? Just above- tji< ? 4t!'i'ial banner in the
pity's r.e.rvi" e ?' c . ? *. 1 ? ? ;???? ninety,
nine mars. wM-h w i? vdaced <-everal
weeks ago. ?? t ?.< f* ? 5 -a ?< rrade.
howe verv-t v '? < t> ? r ? i"\ e:.>- loves have
'oined 'he < otiri| rfifthtlm; forces
The addirtonal st-its will be i-lacefl <.n
the flap in the n?-xi tew days The
suggestion has :;!>?? Iirr n tra''?> ihat the
flaps of al' alii-d 1. ? n> be swiin'<
irom the f.'ity Hall wit.d-iws, an<l i!:in
w-ill probahl v be done
Bank #?f <??nmcree nnd 'Irn-lm \otea
2I? I'rr t rnt (if I'nut Mv
.Montlm' Jialnry.
Directors of the Rank of Commerce
and Trusts announced yesterday that
a bonus of per cent on the salaries
'Of all empl.'-ves had b?-en voted f-?r
the six months' period ending June 3d.
This action by the directors was in
apprecja(ion of the faithful services or
employee, ami in recognition of ih
high cost of all ?ommrnodilies
It was anno jnce.l t">at the dlreclois
^had also declared tii?; usual quarterly
dividend of per cent. payable to
stockholders June 30.
War Saving Stamps
\\ lien your friend In need nsks
you to I ?*- ii ?1 li I in it i|iiurter, >011 bund
It iivfr, don't J oil?
> 011 don't fiirt- uiurlt tvhrlhrr jou
not* It iiKitln or not. 'I'lie lit 11111 thin;;
1st tlint jou lin\c tlonr It1111 n xrrvlcr.
ir lir K?t linek nt you. nfter >ou
I111U lent Ii I in $i ivortli. Iiy liniitlin:;
jou 11 JS.1 lilll. It would lie like (!inl
ine money oil llie Klilrwullv. wouldn't
it f
Tlint I* tlie beauty of tlir thrift
stump |iIn 11. Kvery time you liuy n
stamp jou lend the (internment n
When it come* linck nt you ?vltli
for every ?1.17 jou put in jou
realize tlint you lt;i\e not only lici'ii
patriotic. but li.'iic made 11 guild in
\ est mcnt.
(ioirriiiurnl lionets in :ir?-eent bits,
irltli ntitoiuntfen 11 j- compounded In
terest?no liotlier nliotit rriim>M(.
111 t-nt?nnd the Unoivlrdup tlisit the
invewtor Is helping; lil.s t'ouutry in
lirr need.
Tlint is ?lint the thrift stump
I.nrge J'nrty to t.o There To-day to
t'elehrnte His
lllrt lulny.
Kollowmp hi.- established custom.
George W. Slovens. Federal manager
of lho Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Company, will celebrate his birthday !
at hi? country home. "Yirsrinla Manor."
near Greenlee. to.day. As in previous
years. Mr. Stevens will enterta.n ;tt
luncheon the otlieia'.s of the I'hesa
peak.* and Olvo s\s?em. together with i
t numbfr t?f other invited guests.
I'ormoi' President ? Stevens for many
years luis taken advantage of ihes-*
occasions to gather his oflicial family
around him for the discussion of trans
portation problems and an exchange of
ideas in an informal manner.
Richmond otliclals attend tic the
luncheon to-day are: Major .1 11
Dooley. Decatur Axteel. W. s. Broil- I
son. It. T. Wickham. F. \V. Whitaker.
G. 15. Wall. K. W. (.'.rice, .1 1\ Stevens.'
.1. A. Hancock. M T. Spencer. L. !?'.
Sullivan. J. W. Nokely. H. Taylor. Jr..
W. L. Booth, K. 1'. Goodwin, C. C. Wal
ker. A. T. Lowmaster. 15. T. Jellison.
J. P. Nelson. C. \V. Bradley, It. H.
Snead. K. W. H. O'Meara. J. W. Kinc.
II. L Dunham, F I. c.ibell, C. W.
J"hns. J Whipple, i'ha.?. Stephens.
J. It. Gould. C. 11. Terrell. .1. W. Knapp,
M Flanagan, W. C. I'earce. John i?.
Potts. K 1?. Hotchkiss. A. 1' Gilbert.
William Fitzgerald. W. u. Wat then.
L'r. W. T. Oppenhimer and L li. Bent
Other invited guests are: Frank
Trumbull. F II I'av is. 11 K Hunting
:<>r.. C. !?:. Gr.tham. T. P. Shonts. J. S.
Mat %if, Carl Remington. A. Tievett, A
C. Ilea rick. Freil Storry and K W
McKenna. of New York, F. H. Haw
> -ii and J. A barker, of Chicago; Her
bert Fitzpatrick, J H Carlisle. M. S.
McDonald. 1. 15. Allen. H. M. Brown.
i: Parrish. L. L. Bock. F. L. Flet
cher. W. S Butler. A. IC. Botts and W.
?' Sytinur, of Huntington; F. 1,. Poin
tlexter It. H Vaughan and T. H. Oar-I
ney, of C mlnnati. J. K Cary. J. A.
Gle.tson, L A. Murray ami C. J Geyer.
"f Clifton Forge; J. W. Haynes, of
Itonceverte; F. S Rockwell. 11. N.
Walters ui.tl Georpe W. Robertson, :
of Hinton; 11. K. Webb and R. W, Mum-|
fold, of Logan; J. B. Harris and J. j
W. Gleason. of Ashland. Ky.; W. S.
Taylor, W. R. Hobson and ii S. Cal
cutt, of Covington, Ky.; 11. R. Watters, !
of Sciotoville. Ohio; G. J. Derbyshire, !
11. C. Gillespie antl H. A. Rertram, of
I'eru, Ind.; Thornton l>ewis and J. 11.
Slocum, of White Sulphur; II. 1 Ford
and W. 3. L'pshtir. of Newport News.
Comml.ulonrr ItciT Promise* KfTieient
Knforeeuie nt of (inmc
i n in.
The appointment of forty-one game
wardens was made yesterday by John i
W. Rew, Commissioner of Came and '
Inland Fisheries. Carter \V. Worm ley
antl Howard lleslep, b >th of Richmond,
were among those appointed. Other
wardens will be appointed roon. In
making the appointments yesterday,
Commissioner Rew attempted to give
ihe people the inoat elltci nt men oh- !
tail.abb.-. regardless of politics, he said,
lie stated that the department may
have made some mistakes, which is
human, but that, if sc. on detection,
they would be remedied as soon as
possible. Following is a list of those
named. I
V. Shipley, Mathews County; C. C. |
fireer Franklin County; Melton Jones, 1
Albemarle County. K. M. Drinkard, Ap- i
pomattox County, L. S. Mc.Manaway, j
Uath County; 11. I). Didier, Botet.>urt
County; G. W. Flam, Buckingham
County; It. W. Carper. Craig County; ?
R. 1C. .,'atewood, Klixabcth ?' I; y County;!
H. M. ItareTore. Ksstx County; Henry
M. Baker, Frederick County; "\V. S.
Field, Gloucester County; Robert A. ;
>'itliions. Coochland County; J. W. A. :
Vaugh:<n, Grayson County; I,. S. Wolfe,
Halifax County; L. T. Richards >11. I
James <.'ily County; }?:. C. Hall, Alex
andria County; J. T. Tunsiall, ?'hester-|
fieltl Cou'jty.; 11. H. Butterworth. l.'in- 1
widdie County; J. C. Bagby, Hanover
County; Clitton B. Neblett, Lunenburg
? .'ounty; Join '!'rout. Roanoke City;
il. I'otts. King George County, H. 1*
Vaughanr, King and Queen County: \\
K. Jo:ies, Win h'-sier Cowty. Howard
ile.slep at'<l Cartt-r W. \Torme!ey. Rieli
m< ntl < ii y i; S. Walker. Westmore
land County K IICdwir??s. Surry
County: W. 1. Sullivan, Staff rd t'ouii
iy; J. W. Morrison, /^.'chl 1 idge Coun
ty; J. H. lUilin Richmond County.
Allen Temple. Print e George C .unty;
i". H. I'haup. New Kent County. A. B
Mat clnni. Middlesex Counl\. F. !S.
Chi e. Ram-aster i.'ot|iil>. W. I' A 'en,
<' piint > W. I Tyler. Loudoun
'.'ounty; arief Ttit-e. Loui .? ?'??u,iy;
J. 10 "rafton, Si . Luneninr^ t'outity,
and J. H. Garth, Madison 'ountj.
Will llrnr Report of >pee|jil t omnilttee
on t.ine of \ell??n ill I'reseut
( rlsl*.
Th- Ministerial I'nlon will hold a
railed meeting Monday morning at
11 1 1 u'l-lo'-li. in the si contl Moor a~
s? ir.',>ly i' urn. >t the M. c.
A The members of the civi. eondi
r.'.:s ?jmin:,tee >.f tl.e union are re-'
I ii-;.-sted lo rn? .-t pi imptiv ;tl 11 o'clock.
"> h-ar tb? ie,o,'i preparer) li> the
-? i.il ? 011 in 111ee on line o{ a lion In!
the j re eat day risi- in regard to law
enl. 1 :ement in our <-iiy.
I'or Home Serilee Dnlj.
First Company. Richmond Grays
which is l>. ing organized for service
it. the infantry regiment t<- be used
for home service, as authorised recently
l>y the ^"etleral government is itnxloui
f .r mo-, volume, rs lo ml up i),o
pan... \t present irttr- ., 1 .? s . ...,,ty
riienib'- in th<- coin;, Iin Most ? >; Mi.
I" Hie company an *bo\. in<
tiiaft and they ir<. advised thai
Hi' v 11. ? ,1 ?:?,* < \p ? i., ah* ^ t'] if
lliey jo.n. I'll In. in-.- |? J,,.
r-iiscd for home sr.,.. i*
1 lli? t ; r<- r- ^ i in, ,t:
Speakers l>j;e <>? I'coplc Impor
tamo *?r Buying Thrift
j ,
Hut Karl.v Indications Point (?? Lib
eral Subscript ions in All Parts of
City?Theater Audiences Invest
Heavily in War Savings Stamps.
Striking home to those present at
the various meetings held in the four
city wards last night the many sacri
tU-es our soldiers are making in the
field and the fact that the-war is not
going to ho won until sacritices are
mad? that cause a suffering worthy
of victory, speakers of the special
pledge drive tor government war ss.iv- I
ings stamps aroused tl\eir audiences to;
intensive enthusiasm and succeeded in j
securing goodly subscriptions, accord-j
ing to announcements of ward gen->
?rals. Figures could not he ascertained I
from all or the wards last night hut
will he tabulated and announced some-j
time t<>-<lay from the headquarters of!
t lie committee.
? 'hairmau Andrew J. Gray, Jr.. of'
the pledge drive committee, had not j
heard from the six generals having
charge of the different wards last night I
hut said I hat he felt that the results!
would prove gratifying. Having at-j
tended several of the meetings in Lee!
Ward himself, he said that they were
successful from every standpoint and I
that the meeting held in the First
English Lutheran Church returned the i
largest total, which was $1S,000. other I
meetings in the same ward subscribed'
from ft.Oon to 510.000 worth of stamps.
The accurate report for all of the!
wards wiil lie made to Colonel Grav
itt'.i'oitr wii.t, exceed si no,000
The report from .lefTerson Ward as
f.i r as coulO be learned from the in
formation obtainable by ?V. H. Adams,
general of the ward, was t?? the effect
that approximately $100,000 was sub
scribed. This was a conservative es
timate. Mr. Adams stated, which was
based on the showing made at several
of the precinct meetings. At Leigh t
Street P.aptist Church about $1,000 of]
tamps was pledged and $10,000 worth i
at tiio Venalde Street Kaptist Church, j
.Joseph E. Powers, general of Madi
son Ward on the North .Side, in giv- !
i:;g nut what information he was able j
to learn last night, of the progress i
made in that ward, said that subscrlp- I
ti'uis were good bui that the attend- j
ance was small. This he said was
thought due to an illusion of "stay-at
homtrs" in the belief that they could
avoid taking out subscriptions by such
tactics. Then, again, he said It was
thought probable that many did not
attend because of having subscribed to
what they believed their limit and felt
they would be subject to embarrass
ment if they did come and failed to
take more. This was the opinion of
many speakers who had to forego their
speeches because of the small attend
ances in this ward. However, it was
stated that every effort would be made
to get the subscriptions of those who
stayed at home.
Judge Ernest H. Wells, general of
Madison Ward on the South Side,
could not give figures because of not
having received tabulations from the
various precincts. He believed that
the results would not be as large as
expected because of small attendances.
R. W. Wilson, general of North Lee
Ward, stated in a hurried report that
all of the precinCts had not been heard
from, but that one meeting at Ginter
Park secured subscriptions amounting
to ?r>.:.00. . a report from the South
Side I.re Ward was not obtainable.
T. Gray lladdon, general of Clay
Ward, reported stirring meetings In all
of tho precincts, and that at that held
at William Kox School about $7,000 was
pledged. Others made corresponding
subscriptions in proportion to the num
ber in attendance.
At the Lyric Theater yesterday and
last night, after addresses by Hiram
M. Smith. Henry Sehwarzschild and W.
A. Powell, a total of $4,561 was an
nounced. Mr, Sehwarzsrhild, who was
speaker at the Orleon moving picture
house, announred $570 of subscriptions,
and at the Mijou, where J. C. Itlakey
addressed the. audiences throughout
the afternoon, and at night, $1,750 was
an nounced.
Or. \\ A. Plecker. who addressed a
meeting in the Presbyterian Church in
Scott's addition reported $1,330 worth
of stamps pledged, and Rev. E. E.
r?sgood. of Emmanuel Episcopal Churcn^
Henrico County, chairman of p. com
mitter for Rrook land District. an
nounced that the results of the carn
paign durine the past week and last
night reached $18,500 worth of stamps!
Srrrptnrjr Ulofre.v A*kn Thnt lion
11 rer*' Armory ll? Thrown Open
fii Visitor*.
To improve the faHijtjes in Richmond
l >r convenience and amusement of sol
el ers ati'l sailors now in service. 0, i|
W n frey. secretary <.f the Richmond
< imp < 'ommunity Service, yesterday
!>l>c a red before the Administratis
I nard and requested permission for
1 use >.f the swimming pool in the
armorv of the Richmond Howitzers or,
r. '*'Ir'lav afternoons ami nights and >>n
X" action wis taken by the board,
tii'- matter being referred to the Su
pei intend.Tit of Playgrounds for report
and recommendation. Mr. Winfrey de-.
??hired tiiat under present conditions
tii. re was no bathing pool in the city
A '"J1 'he soldiers and sailors could
use free ..f charge, and said that .no
i-reater r.-< rea 1 ion could be furnished
'itfntlng men in the summer months
?toe Thorn nr. Arrmteri on riinrgr or
f'lrlng m \\ lllinniM. Wntern
nnd Antliony.
Joe Thomas, colored. twenty.eight
.'ears old. was arrested last r.ight on
the cnarge of unlawfully and felonious- 1
l.v shooting at Policemen G. L Wil-1
liams J. A. Waters and M. J. Anthony
with intent to kill
? harles llaTris. colored, was arrested
on the charge of stealing one lot of
clothing and shoes valued at $55 from I
Jacobs K Levy, 705 East Rroad '
,S* ref t.
Paymond f'ollier, ten years old. of!
5 *" I Stuart Avenue, was arrested yes
t'-rd:iy and committed to the Juvenile
I 'etention Home on the charge of
breaking into the place of business of
A i. Peebles at 34.17 Grove Avenue
and stealing a lot of toys.
I?kr ?niir iwinlN Known lo the
!?.?? lliroii^li a \% nnI Ad in <lil? pn
Favors Employment
of Police Women
Equal Suffrage League Takes
Action in Regard to Grand
Jury's Report.
Action wes taken on the subject of
women protective officers for Richmond,
in a resolution adopted by the ICqual
Suffrage l.eague of Richmond at a call
ed meeting: Thursday afternoon. The
resolution reads:
"Whereas, the report of the grand
Jury to the Judge of the llust in:;s Court
of the city of Itichmond formally states
that the morality of ftichmond is at
a low ebb; and
"Whereas, such a condition is a se
rious menace to our young- women and
young men. lo the whole socitl fabric
of the city and 10 the cause of Ameri
can liberty: therefore, be it
"Resolved. That we, the Fqual Suf
frage l.eague of Itichmond. reou?>t "lie
Mayor of Itichmond to have an oirTn-l
:?nce prepared providing for si\ women i
protective ofllcers lor me city of Itirh j
mond. and thai such ordinance 'ie sent I
to the City Council, on Monday. July
1. IMS."
A committee, of which Mrs. Thomas
W. Mnriell is clnlrman. will present
I he resolution to the. Mayor this morn
Mrs. Charles (J. Itosher. vice-presi
dent of the league. presided and mad ?
a stirring address 011 the subject of s
condition? in Richmond as spec'?Vcally I
revealed in the report of the gr.?nd |
jury. She reminded her hearers that
in requesting the appointment of Mich
oflicers in Richmond. t"he Kqual Suf
frage l.eague. was reiter-itiiiR the
stainj it had t.iken on more than ore
oceasior. and she stated that onten I
pioiective officers were being u? in:
many communities with admirable re
Full s.
Acquired hr ?w t orrimtlnn llrnded
by Oliver J. Sand* for Ap
proximately jKMi.ono.
The sale of the Chamber of Com
merce Building, a modern ten-story
office structure. for approximately
$400,000 was announced yesterday. The
building was acquired from F. I*. Loth, j
who erected the structure several yarn
ago. by the Chamber of Commerce
Building Corporation, which is com-,
posed of Oliver J. Sands, president of
the American National Bank: IS. II.
Harwood. Thomas Gresham and others.
The transfer is to be made at once.
There will be no general change in
the policy of the office building, it was
announced. The wew corporation will
continue to operate the structure for
general offices purposes, and It in un
derstood that practically all of the space
has been leasfd. A portion of the gen
eral offices of the Southern Railway
Company, which are to be removed,
will be located in this building, ar
rangements having been concluded to
use practically all of the available
space as soon as necessary changes,
including the construction of llreproof
vaults, can be made.
No announcement was made of the
purchase price, but it was understood |
that approximately $400,000 was paid
for the structure. The building is lo
cated at the northwest corner of Sixth
and Main Streets. It is a modern tire
proof ten-story building, and was erect
ed several years ago when the Chamber
of Commerce Building at Ninth and
Main Streets, the site on which the
First National Bank Building is now
located, was torn down. The tenth
floor of the building is occupied by the
Chamber of Commerce, with a portion
being used as an auditorium for busi
ness meetings.
The deal was consummated by Hugh
F. Tidwell and Oarrett Co. through
Pollard & Baghy.
Samuel Cox In Convicted of Trannport
Ing Ardent Spirits Into
Samuel Cox. a Washington policeman
who was arrested about two months
ago. was yesterday given a trial in
the Hustings Court on the charge of
transporting ardent spirits. Cox was
found guilty and sentenced to one
month in jail anrl $300 fine. Kdgar B.
Knglish, his attorney, entered the plea
that t'ox had found the. suitcases filled
with whisky and bad taken possession
of these suitcases preparatory to turn
ing them over lo the local authorities. j
However, this plea ev'dently failed to ;
move the jury.
When Benjamin Timberlake. colored.!
assistant janitor at the First l>lstrict. I
failed to appear in court Judge Rich-i
ardson directeri the clerk to "issue, a
capias returnable forthwith." This ac
tion was taken after the court hftd
quickly read a certificate from nr. R.
Jones, of f>33 North Second Street, lo
the effect that- Timberlake was sick I
and under his treatment. Timberlake
was arrested some time ago with a
life br-lt which contained seventeen
pints of wnisky. Commonwealth's At
torney Wise called Attorney Pollock's
attention to the fact that Timberlake
had already been granted one continu
ance. I
in behalf of Paul Ford, a Newport!
News negro, arraigned for transport
ing ardent spirits. Attorney Pollock
asked that the cise go over to the Oc
tohe* term because the negro was a
valued employee of the Newport News
Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
engaged in government work. How
ever. Judge Richardson was unmoved
and through his attorney Ford entered j
a plea of guilty. The court then gnvt i
him the minimum penalty, but remarked!
that since the minimum penalty did ?
not seem to have the desired effect j
he was strongly tenipte.l lo deal out I
heavier punishme.it.
For quirk results telephone y?ai?r |
AViint Ad lo The Times-1)1*putch. 4'nll
ftnndnlpli I.
Can l>e relieved, the ?-au?': removed an<l
your life prolonged by the liberal use of
Tats Spring; Mineral Water
which eaune lh?: kidneys to function
full Tale Spring* Agency, Until. 101.
T.P. A.'s, Attention
Regular monthly meeting of Post A
will be held at headquarters. 301 Fast
Main Street. Saturday. June '.'9, at 8:30
P. M
Matters of importance will come up
at this meeting.
700 W. Broad Street,
(iliiss. \nrnislies, f*nin1s.
rhe Confederate Museum
o|>t.n unity (rum 9 A. M io ? r M
hituraiyi ? v. 11 w : r kx.
1 Wt^iTli A.nD Ci-A-Y
, Jones, Lotix and Jndkins Preparing
for Army Scrvicc
j Virginia Asked to Kurnlsh 200 Men |
t?? Servo With Armies Overseas or
in Training Camps in the United j
In order tliat they can takf'un tbolr
new limits mi nijco, G. Jeter .Tonus, Kr
nest M. Long ami Lewis McC5. Judkins,
who were recently accepted as war
work V. Al. C. A. secretaries for im
mediate service in Krancc, loft Kich ?
inond yesterday for New York City. ?
Thvy'are the lirst increment of a spe-;
rial war-work unit now being organ- j
fzed in Uichmotid. and until the organ- 1
f/.ation <?f this unit is (completed t"cy:
will lit- assigned to special work.
It u.is also announced yesderday that
llarry I. CJolsan. a well-known Kich
mond real estate dealer, was now its 1
V. Al, ('. A. work.
The organization of the Kichniond |
unit is progressing, and a number of
apliic.il ions have been rec.'-'ved. it was j
stated yesterday. As yet these men
have r?'>t been accepted l>y t li?; national
wnr-work council. In the meantime,
a vigorous campaign Is being conduct- i
ed in Klchmond under the direction ?.f I
I-:. L. Kcmiss, chairman of the *pr-j
rial recruiting committee, in an effort i
to obtain as many men as possible in
this city who can qualify for Y. Al. C. j
A. wo; k.
SHOUT OK ai.i.otmi:\t
The campaign being conducted In
Virginia is also progressing, but the
Stale :s far short of its allotment of ,
'J00 men Immediately. At State head
quarters eighty-six applications have
been received in addition to tlio^e tiled
with special committees in Ki-anoke.
Lynchburg and Norfolk. These papers
have been forwarded to New York ?fit v
for approval to the national war-work
council. Practically all of the men
who have volunteered their servb c.->
are prominent throughout the S'alv
Despite the encouraging response hv
Virginian!!, the Si.'te is behind in i's
xllotment of 200 men. Kfforts are now
oeing made to obtain the servi.-es of
ns jnany men as possible. Special rr
cruiting committees have been .?rgin
ised in every city and county, but men
acceptable for this work must br espe
cially qualified because of the peculiar
ret|uirtiiien?s ?>f the woik.
.Srtrrnl t'hurch** to I'nlte In Open-Alr
Meeting* In .Monroe
Steps for the holding of open-air
community church services w?re taken
yesterday when Kev. W. K. Thompson.
i>. D., pastor of the Park Place .Metho
dist Church, aupeared before the Ad
ministrative Hoard and obtained per
mission to use Alonroe Park for such
services during the months of July.
August and September. It is expected
that these services will be Inaugurated
immediately because of the warm
weather and the desire for the com
munity services.
Dr. Thompson in appearing before1
the board represente-t a committee from
the congregations of the First Presby- 1
terian Church, Grace-Covenant. Holy
Trinity Kpiscopal, Park Place Aletho- ,
dlst, and other churches. The board
directed Superintendent Calder, of
parks, to give all the assistance pos
sible in arranging for the services, and
in keeping order while they are in
progress. The general plan now calls
for union services every Sunday night.
Rrfutf Kxtrn I'njr.
Six members of the General Assembly
have refused to accept the m< ney paid
them by themselves for the e>;tra
j-ion. They are Senators SUuehart
Downing. Keith and Delegates shark-;
elfore, I'ussell and Taylor. f.cnoia!
William Anderson, or the House, of
Lexington. gave his J.r?0 to the \nier!-,
can I!ed Crosw Society.
Ilrlnf? or phone your Sunday Want
Ad copy early to-tlny.
>'oxl Mon., Tues., Wed.
Matinees, 10c; Mights, 15c
A S>Tory of Love Freely Given,
but Cast Aside
Thurs., Fri., Sat.
A Staggering Blow at the
World's Greatest Problem
Matinees, 15c; Nights, 20c
Night Prices July Fourth
T o-Day? 1 Oc
A Gigantic Double Offering >
A Regular Dollar Bill
"The Shopping Center"
Shirts for Less Than They
Cost Us Last Year Means
Less Than Half the Regu
lar Retail Prices of To-day
We are offering a clean-up of Men's
Shirts at prices below what they actually
cost. They are, in a few instances, slightly
soiled and crumpled from display, otherwise
they are in the best of condition. On sale
as follows:
Shirts at $2.50
A Line of Fine Quality Filter Shirts that origi
nally sold at $3, $3.50, $4; also a line of silks
that were $5; these at $2.50.
Shirts at $1.50
A Line of Fine Quality Madras and Silk Stripe
Novelty Cloths, that were originally $2, $2.50
and $3; these at $1.50.
Shirts at 95c
A Small Assortment of .Stiff and Soft Cuff
Shirts that were originally sold at $1.25; this lot
at 95c?wonderful values now.
Shirts at 79c
A Small Lot of Soft Cuff Shirts in madras and
crinkle crepes; only about fifty Shirts in this lot;
formerly sold at higher prices; now 70c.
"The Men's Corner."
Per Annum on Savings
Your dollars deposited in
bank help your country and
our soldiers as well as your
National State and City Bank
1111 East Main Street.
Wm. II. I'nlmer. Prmldrnt.
Jillten If. Hill. nnd Cashier. II. E. Cunnlnnhani. Annf. Pnohler,
J. \V. Sin (on. Vle?-Pre*ldent. Wm. S. llTlaml. A?*t. Cjithlrr.
Jnac F. Wood. Mtnascr Snvinci W<r|inr<nirnl,
l> to 12 P. M.
I'tider New .Mnimsemfnt
Olirn S :J0 until mlil
riiKht. wit hour
eHcorlfl will n??t l>e ad
II) III 0(1.
Admission. fiOc. ("
U. II. I1EKBE. /f\
Manurer- vfji
1 BLUEB!RD--To-Day f
8 "The Woman
in the Web" jj
Dashing Helen Gibson !,
In a Two-Act Thriller H
(Joincdy itntl News. N
"Lest We Forget"
.next WF.KK
Return Engagement
D e n a e\B s q s E'H:ii!n;:.Ban
: Rialto Theater!
H (Formerly New Theatre) a
a _()(> Mast Broad. 18
P Always a (iood Show.
R Last ChaSiee to See ^
1 GB
^ B
? Monday and Tuesday H
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, a "BAITS matinee idol" ?
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