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Mrs. Joseph R. Ives was hostess
Thursday morning at her home iti Ked
iate Avenue. Norfolk, at a. bridge party
liven la honor of Miss Elizabeth Bag
>y. ot Richmond. who is her guest,
l'here were three tables playing and
uncheon was served at the conclusion
the game. Mrs. Ivea invited to meet
Miss Bagby Thursday: Mrs. Stephen
'??dear Shumas, Mrs. Harry Vaughan.
*Jrs. T. B. Taliaferro, MlsseB Katherlne
vucker. Janet Crose. Elizabeth Fcch
el'-r. Katharine Knight. Mary Owath
_oey, Kathleen Bain. Heuna Walton,
Blanche White and Katheiine Good
'Ich. of Haltimore.
vt the White.
The Assistant Secretary of Wat and
Mrs. Edward Stettinius and their
laughters. Mir a Isabel Stettinius and
Miss Betty Stettinius have closed their
Washington home. the Muldekoper
louse In Eighteenth Street, and left
?'fcsterday for the Whit* Sulphur
brings to open their cottagc there,
rhey are old habitues of the White
'Ulphur. and will remain until the late
autumn. Mr. Stettinius spending as
I'Ueh lime .is possible with his family.
?I ulcnunt .Hrltrr
? 'i interesting marriage, which was
I'Met'.y celebrated yesterday morning
i ill" home ot the bride, at Singer's
? ???ii. near liarrlsonburg. was that of
??i.-i, Winifred Fleming Brewer, daugh
Hr of l>r. and .Mrs. Brewer, of that
Mae?, and Lieutenant Fergus McRee.
>f Richmond. son of the late Mr. and
?Irs. J. McRee. of this city. Only the
immediate families were present. Lieu
, mailt McRee, who has recently re
i-urned from France, is a first lieuten
ant in ihe Twenty-sixth Infantry,
( lilted States Army, and will be sta
l'?ned at Camp Kearney. near Los
^Mjeles. Cal., where he and his bride
, 1' make their home for ihe present.
'Tent Atiiinunrrm?-nin,
Mrs Anna Murie Aherns. of Char
o' esvlllc, announces ihe approaching
carriage of her daughter. Adcle Cath
rine. to Thomas Wood Carr, which
' lake place Monday evening, July
- at fc o'clock at 1317 Bedford Avenue
?rooklvn. N. V .\|r Carr is a graduate
? the University of Virginia, School
?? Knglneering.
' aptain L. <:. Tatem. of Berkley, an
? ounces th? mirriago of his daughter,
tr.elma Juanita. to Henrv Franklin
Ic< onnell, (_*. S. N.
Tiie ceremony took* place in Elizabeth
'X. N. C., last Friday.
'??d ( ro?? ItnBy n| Mallom.
An Interesting . vent of this evening
*'sil l?e the Bed i'ross rally to be held
>t .Mattoax at the quaint little church
re. Or Douglas S. Free hian will
and tlio Jazz band from th? avia
!on til m p will furnish jlie music. Mrs.
?v I. Mason is presided of the Mattoax
hapler of the Bed f'ross, and Mrs Gor
?Ion Harvlc is chairman of the enter*
nrncnt. Mrs. Ja.<cob Lc!8tr& has
harge of the i <? crenm booth, and Mrs.
*!.:nd Mason will preside at the sand
*?'! h table. Littio Misses Gladys Witty.
'nnt Jones. Florence Lestr.v Margaret
?.infzler. Louis* Nelson and Judith
?arnpson will asstst with the refresh
fifnts. 1 ru -k parti< * will come from
lldiothian. Amelia and Dry Bridge,
? end a number of p. ~hmond people will
rotor to Mattoax tr> Httend the event,
ted from l.ann Pnrtjr.
The Stewart Bible riass of Grace
'o\enant Presbyterian Church will hold
t bwn party for the benefit of the
ted Cross to-day from -i to 10 o'clock
? n the lawn of Richard C. Wright. 517
'eminary Avenue, Glnter Park.
Mrs. L P. WaiT?n and Miss Lfwis
Vurren are at 20 West Franklin Street
or the rest of the summer.
Mrs. Randolph Owen, of ? Buck Hill."
ias been visiting friends in Powhatan
Miss Louis* Bolton, who has been
Tending a f?-w da>-? w th <"ommander
>"n?rles Webster. I'. S . and Mrs.
V?bster at thMr home n Norfolk, has
eturned to her home in this city.
Miss Margaret Lovelace returned to
er home in South Boston Tuesday, ac
ompnnlerj by Miss Lucie T Lewis, of
his c|ty. Miss Lovelace has been
nA.idinr some time with Miss Lewis,
t 2424 Hanover Avenue.
I't Mr r.nd Mrs Will L Hazel] and their
lj nni have gon? or a motor tr'p and
Sin th?!r r?t'irn will stop at Waynes
boro for several weeks
.roner WliltfWd to In vest Ian t<? Ilenlli
of W. II. Tvrer nnd Mint
?? h 1 pple11.
I rirop" Whi'fieM yesterday sel^ct^il
^ r:iry foi in?|iie,<t into the circuni
ta'ices of the accident between ;>
rr,eat car and no automobile at Lom
i.^irdv arrt Broad Streets Wednesdav
pht. which cost t'i" lives of \V. H.
j vr. for'v.?(x vf a rf obi. conlractiTJ
KintO". of 1 ?'17 Floyd Avenue, and M'<sj
iliry Shinnlett. Iwentv-eigh? years!
..H. of ?!>!*> Flovd Avenue. The in- |
?'.?.est will be conducted on July 20, at:
'iV' o'clock in the morning.
The funeral of Miss Sliippi?t( was \
lei'l at ^:30 o'cloclc yesterdat" after- j
ier>n from her home at 201!t Flovd
.venue. Interment look pla< e at liollv
The funeral of Tyreo will be held it
., f' o'clock to-morrow afternoon,
jjrohnblv ?r'?m B^-nriett's undertakipg
?jitiblishment. Services will be con
i DC ted by Tcev J. V. Fair. 1). F*.. of tiie j
Vjestminster Presbyterian Church, and j
'v^'Riept will be In Rlvcrview.
I Mr?. T> ice. who had been in il!
fealth and who was visiting relatives
i Winchester when her husband was
injured was summoned to Richmond
y a message by long-distance tele
hone. However, she arrived after her
u>band's death, which occurred at
:30 o'clock yesterday morning at Grace
Besides his wife. T.vree is survived
' (V three brothers?W. 10. Tyree nnd
H. Tyree. of Norfolk, and G. W.
P'yree. of Boston; and two sisters?
Irs. C. H. Carrol, of Norfolk, and Mrs.
'?/. p. Linsert. of Boston.
rvernl I.oaded Willi Cinncotton
Break Tow Line nnd Uo Ashore
In Dion',
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
M KATIISVILL1C, VA.. July 12.?Sev
rr.l barges loaded with guncotton, en
outc to Carney's Poinl, N. J? broke
?j'iso from the tug which was towing
j'iiem during the recent storm and went
'' !shore near the "Marshes." below the
jjiouth of the Potomnc River at Reldi
|j| file. Northumberland County. One of
yhe barges will probably be a total
'Sss, but the cargoes of ull of then
?j /.ere saved. There were no lives lost.
I Won't Bent Interned Ships.
./ | By Associated Press.]
I, SANTIAGO. CHILE, July 12.?The
?/hilean cabinet has refused to ratify
he recent negotiations looking toward
jho renting of Interned German steam
jrs by the Chilean government. The
fading newspapers accept this action
'a a definite failure of the attempt to
jdd the German vessels to tho Chilean
'nerchant marine.
i| if yon have a room to rent ndvertlae
| In The TImeii-DiNpntch Want'Adi.
It Certainly Was Lucky That Man Came Along With a
Spade When Father Simply Had to Get Under the Car!
(Copyright, 191S. Wheeler Syndicate. Inc.) . -F. FOX
Business of Being
a Good Housewife
By Mrs. Jean Prescott Adams,
Director Domestic Science
Do you really know that you are sav
ng in the ^oportion that your country
ends? Unless you keerJ a budget you
can not he sure that you arc doing
>our patriotic duty In saving.
l'ernonal thrift la considered in this
?jonnectlon only in so far as it enables
s to put more money into war activi
.ies. The big issue is for ua to elimi
nate all demands for non-essentials.
Even before the war home managing
was considered the greatest business In
the world. No patriotic home manager
will undertake the responsibility of dis
tributtng the family income without a
ttudied method of keeping accounts.
I'r'.'feHtor Scott, of the University of
Wisconsin in a recent Tribune editorial
entitled "Save till it Hurts" makes the
>?ry wife observation that it is often
the incidentals which wreck the family
bank account. The institution of a
household budget would be the means
of adjusting these unnecessary expen
diture." and would correct our happy
g j-lucky, hand-to-mouth fashion of
One cannot live" in a hap.nazard way
and keep a system of accoun'ing. Such
ciignjiied methods require planning
ahead. You will find upon investigi
!!or. that every successful housewife is
'irsi a successful business manager
The country has daily increasing need
for such home managers. By organiz
ing h<r affairs every woman gains for
hers'-If greater liberty that can ^ow be
turned into definite war winning work.
If you have not organized your busi
ness. now is the time to set sail. The
logical place to begin systematizing is
on the expenditures. The living stand
ards of every home must be bas-'d upon
the income. Ideals may soa.* but ex
P-nditures must be kept wit'.na '.lie tet
a mount.
'the budget should be a family a'fa''
? the work of dividing the ln:orr.i anl
establishing standards should he dona
by husband and wife and as the chil
dren grow old enough to understand the
value and use of money, they should be
t:\ken into the council. Family discus
sion of these matters brings the mem
bers of the family closer together and
instills Into each a pride In doing his
To apportion this income that the
family may so live as to Increase
their efficiency and so eventually rai;e
the income is no small task. It has
been truly said that it takes a 16,003
woman to run a home on a 5600 in
A simple, practical, intemized house
hold account system can be kept as
follows: Across the top of the two
open pages of a good-sized notebooic
?one about eight by eleven inches?
write the month and year. Down t>.f.
left-hand margin run the dates from
1st to 31st. Rule perpendicular col
umns one and one-half inch wide and
head columns according to your ex
penditures?Meat, Groceries. Bakery,
Milk, Help. Carfare. Furnishings.
Clothing and Miscellaneous. Each will
require an entire column.
Such expenses as r&it or Its equiva
lent In payments on a home, etc.. in
surance. light, heat, doctor, that aro
met once a month, and charity, amuse
ments and advancement, that are fluc
tuating items, may well be run in one
column with payment dated. Make the
last column a trifle wider than the
rest and double-rule it off. In this,
register your income and balance your
Attach a pencil to your notebook so
It will always be there and keep th?
book either on your desk or in the
kitchen, where it is handy, and make
a practice of registering your expenses
each day.
A foot note space on each page niake-j
a good diary. Vou can Jot down your
war saving expenses, in foods in th'.s
space and make your budget a book
of historic value to your family. Also
all war investments and donations will
be entered as such, and it will be .1
satisfaction when the boys come back
for you to have your service book
that shows how you did your part.
One of the most popular Now York
windows during the recent Patriotic
Food Show offered a display of the
amount of food an American soldier
needs in a year.
By spring the number of our tm*n
In the expeditionary forces will be
doubled. Multiply these amounts by
a million and a half to get an esti
mate of the quantities of various foods
we must be able to land on foreign
shores Just for our own men.
For one American soldier for one
year we must supply:
Beef, 175..r> pounds; bacon, 275 pounds;
wheat flour, <13 pounds; potatoes, 45$
pounds; beans, 55 pounds, prunes, 27
pounds; coffee, 26 pounds; sugar, I'i
pounds; .Hirup, 7 pounds; butter, 11 1-2
pounds; lard,^ 13 1-2 pounds; vln'egar,
3 1-2 pounds; salt, 13 1-2 punds; condi
ments, 11 1-2 pounds.
To liberate more beef we can eat
more cheese, flsh, eggs and milk.
To be sure to have enough sugar
we must use sirup, honey and sweat
fruits In our cooking.
Special wheat saving directions have
appeared weekly in these columns anil
8pecilie information on any problem of
wheatless cookery will be sent upon
request to Mrs. Adams. The govern
ment is getting out niiw recipes con
To save lard and animal fat for sol
diers' consumption and for munition
making- we have splendid vegetable
shortenings to use.
?sro Tenant nnrf III* Wife Arrmteil.
Coffee Ser?c(l llelle\e<l 10 Hove
Ileeu 'Inmpered W ith.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
Sheriff C. A. Carnor, of Spotsylvania
County, and Serjeant .T. Chichester,
of this city, in response to summons,
went to Nottingham to the home of
Dr. C. B. Morton, in Spotsylvania
County late la.-t evening and arrest'?*!
Kdward 'Jr^e;! and his wife. Olive
Green. both colored, and locked ther> ^
in Jail at Spotsylvania Courthouse. The
woman Is charged with trying to I
poison the family of Dr. Morton, and |
the man with threatening to kill the j
grandson of Dr. Morton. The color.-i
family lived on the farm and owned
a doR.
The hoy had some pet rabbits and
the dog killed some of them. The bov
threatened to kill the dog. and th
negro man said if the boy hurt the
dog he would kill the boy. Thursda*
all of the members of Dr. Mortor.'s
family who drank coffee were mar"*
violently ill. They suffered from I
rausea and were apparently poisoned. |
Those who did not drink the coffee i
were not affected.
(Dr. C. M. Smith, of this city, was j
called and all of those affected ar< 1
much better. A sample of the coffee j
is being examined.
.May Succeed flenjnniln I.. Purcell n*
Stilf Food nnd Dairy
Co m in I hit loner.
It Is generally understood at the
Capitol that A. F. Howard, creamery
Inspector, is slated for the unexpired
term of State Commissioner of Kood
and Dairy Products to succeed BenJ;>.- j
min L.. I'urcell, who has resigned to
head the Richmond office of the State
food administration. Nothing oflicial j
can be learned, however, relative to '
any recommendations which may have
been made to Governor Davis.
The Governor spent yesterday at j
Ocean View attending the meeting of j
the Virginia State Veterinarian Medi- i
cal Association On account of an
attack of laryngitis following the Gov- j
crnor's recent struggle with whooping- ?
cough, his physician has discouraged \
any attempt at public speaking for the j
present for fear of serious injury to J
the vocal cords.
Pi?hs Arbitration Treaty.
r,IO JAN'Kino, July 12.?The com
pulsory arbitration treaty between
Brazil and Peru has been approved by
the Brazilian congress. It will become
effective without delay.
Soothe Your
'/T\ Itching Skin
AM droar'.vta; Soap IS. Ointnvjnt 5f>4 SO. Talonra Z.
ft>itriple eaeh free of "C*tlccr?, IStpi E, Bfifton."
Madison 721. Randolph 460. |
Swift Premium Hains. pound 35c]
Sliced IIhcoii, pouml 4ic j
l-'resh Country ISxtf*. dozen 45c
Uouil Silled t'eiis, un lio,
Snowdrift l.ard. All sizes J..0 !
Good Coffee pouml alo
The Right Place to Bay Your (irocerles.
Cantaloupes. 3 for 15c1
I.ettuce .* 10c
Country Paeon 15c
C. A. Motley
Grocery Co.
1700 Kast Franklin Street.
MndUon 1U'B8. MndUon 2239.
J. H. REDD, Jr.
17UO Fnut Slain .Street,
rtnndolph .1.1.14. Mndlson tftftT.
Two cans Blackeycd Peas 5tS?
English Peas, per can 1S?
Darge can Saur Kraut.... 15c
Mayfleld Crushed Corn, per can....13c
Maccaronl, package, 5c and., H?c
Macaroni, package. So and lOc
Matches, per package 7e
Rather Quiet In
Retail Markets
Vegetables and Fruits That Have
Had Their Day ? Slight
Changes in Prices.
Syine of the fruits and vegetables
that have had places ?>n the retail mar
ket lists have to he removed this morn
Inpr. they b?*irn; played out and their
>i -?
There are no chances to be noted
either In the matter of supply or prices
in meats, fish or poultry. Kggs are a
little higher, beiny somewhat shorter
In supply.
The following tjuotations will rule
I to-day:
Fruit n.
i .June apple*. tuart ft 11
I Oranp'n, ilo/.en \ft 'i 75
l.emonv doisen 4" '? -W
| it* nana*. dozen 4") ?>
I'rA' hrn b*aket 40 .V?
I Rlut-kbcrrlt*. <iuart '.'3
i Snapbeans, quart 1"
| C?r> ?i? i'??ii?er? dor.en It V)
| Ureen lettuce, bunch. 1" !'?
Cnlit'iilte pound 4 r>t a
(.,arro>. punch *"? ^
| Irish potato''*, pound ? ??' t'/i
onion*. aplect* ... W ?
Sprlw; onions. bunch W *
i ICkkp'>"I. aplec-* I" W la
CvrnbllnK:-. doi<--> 20 ft 2a
I Tomatoe.-. C and i for ?:
Cucumbers. 2 for g' 6
j Hons tins far.', dozen ?i J?
i Cantaloup"-."!. apier* I" ?' la
Flub anil Otncr J4ea Fo?d.
i TUr mackerel pound O ??
Flounder- pound lo ? ??
; Trout, pound W , ??
Crab meat, (juart
I Vt 1 00
Claris, dozen ?> 25
I ran trr.ut. pound ft ??
I TtutterfV?h. pound la
F.;uefl.?h. piunn *?'
I Sh-ep?h?;a<l. pound ?' !'}
i Jtor-klUh. pound 20 ff i>
[Shrimp. 'juart : ? j;>
Whit*: perch, pound ** -J
I Croaker*, pound ft la
] Soft crabs. do"n 1 00 ft 1 50
SturKeon pound <0
I Spot*. pound tr 15
HoBft.?h. pound ? l?
Klounder*. pound l-> IT -0
Bf ef.
Porterhouse *teak. pound .... 65 7t
Plr'oln "tekk. pound 4! *' 45
' Hound stfak. pound 2% <g 40
i Rib roai-t. pound <0 ? 4.
Rump ro*.it. round 31 J*
; Foup meat, pound ?> 4* ?J
Corned beef, pound 2u ? *Q
I oai?...-Jl'*** round
'Lamb chop, nouni. ..
. Biewlnr lamb round 7<J
> Vprlns lamb, lb 4?
W 75
<r S>
: Pork < hop*. r ound 38 9*
>!"*>? t pork, pound <ri
Kre^h shoulder, po'ind tt 35
Raron. ?ll< ed pound f> ?r 55
Ham. silted. pound 45 tr 50
; Veal cutlet*, pound p *?
i ?'??aI ehops. pound 35 4l in
I tfound veal, pound f? M
? breast veal, pound O 3u
Dressed PoultrT.
1 r.'ii'llnr rMekenx pf#Una *n ff 45
<"hlekens. broiler*, pound ... i.5 5? 60
J Slewing chicken? pound 4'J 4a
Ducks, pound 7. St 45
t nutter. Fck?. Cheese.
Put'e- crean^erv "nund .... St fh 5'
Country butter, pound. 45 50
KBB?. frc>h. country, do: 4! 0 1?
' American chee?e. pound 30 O M
fTwel'rer cheee?. pound.... ? M
Roouefart chctu pound O 1 M
Colont-l Plrnsants 111.
Colonel Fred Pleasants, well-known
I citizen and prominent Insurance man,
j is seriously ill at Stuart Circle Hos
i pital. His condition is reported to
i he slirhtlv Improved.
Spring Leg
Spring Breast
Spring Shoulder
Roast Beef, 20c
Home Dressed Turkey,
Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables
and Groceries.
Phone Kundolph 5758?Ran
dolph 5717.
2H02 Went llrond" Street.
Watermelons Cantaloupes. Peaches,
Oranges, Lemons, Snaps. Boots,
Cabbage, TomatocH, Lettuce and
Cymblings. ,
Full lino of canncd goods and fresh
Houlevnrd 2flfi.1fl.13.
Jennings Fish
Co., Inc.
Randolph *14?.?147.
n 8767.
Cold and Snow In Southern Ilrnr.ll lte.
ported |o Ilnvc fntiaed I.urge
I illflhfMi
ItIO JANKIrtO. July 12.?Unusual
??ul'J ami lit'avy snow is repuried from
nil parts of Southern Ura7.il, and the
? of!Tee plantations in the State of San
I'aulo have been dantu^cd seriously.
Karly report.-; place the loss at 600.000
oontos. "L'iic cotT<?e production in San
I'auio in 101S, I01!> ami 1920 probably
will be eurlalli'il. as thousands ot
plants have been destroyed in many
No. S?11. Broad St.?No. 8
Special Saturday
Swift & Co. Mild Sugar
Cured Hams,
Sugar-Cured Smoked
Pork Chops,
Choice Pot Roast,
Choice Sirloin and
Round Steak,
Stewing Beef,
Good Salt Pork,
Fancy Dressed Veal,
Lamb, etc..
Lowest Market Prices.
Spring Lamb,
Hind Quarter,
Special prices on
Canned Goods, Soaps
and Washing Powders.
Look them over before
Fresh Eggs,
Fancy Lemons,
Oleomargarine, King
Nut, Best on market,
We can save you money.
Baker Bros.
Phone Randolph 3787.
The Store Closes at 1 I*. M. To-Day.
Late Ideas in
e ?
Unpacked Friday
I HE SPECIALTY SHOP New York representa
tive has forwarded us a shipment of the
ultra-new Collar and Cuff Sets?and Vestees
These selections are even better than her usual
high aVerage.
CRISP ORGANDY Sets, edged in exceptionally
pretty lace patterns and hemstitched, $1.50.
TAILORED SETS, with double tucked border,
forming cross-tucks at the corners. Edged
with tiny lace edge. The set, 75c.
FICHUS OF CREAM Net, with double border of
lace, and cuffs to match. Exquisitely feminine
and dainty, $1.50.
CHARMING ORGANDY sets, in sunburst effect;
round and flat, with fine pleated edging, cut to
sharp scalloped points, with fine net edging,
THE NEW VESTEES are in the late Oriental ef
fects, fastening at the back. One of these
round styles has effective lace edging, and an
other is in tucked edging, $1.50 and $1.9S.
T. 7-13-18
Sewing Circle With
Much Whispering
Wo Aro All Greatly Indebted to Tioja
Who Tell Their Experiences.
Before the arrival of the stork there Is
? nuch to talk about. The comfort of the
expectant mother is the chief topic, anil
there 1.- sure to be some one who hua Uaed
or knows of that splendid external help?
Mother's Friend.
Nausea, nervousness, bearing-down and
stretching pains and other symptoms so
! familiar to many women are among the
j dreaded experience* thousands of mothers
I hay they entirely escape by the use of this
famou.- remedy.
Its influence on the fine net-work ?f
; nerves anu ligaments Just beneath the skin
:s wonderful.
Uy the regular use of Mother'* Krlend
during ilia period the muscles are made
and kept soil and elastic: they expand
easily, w ithout strain, when baby Is hot n
and ihe pain and danger at the crisis is
| utilui ally less.
Mother'* I'i lend Is for external use only,
| Is sold by oil druggist*, nnd should he used
wltn the uwnosi regularity. Write to tne
Hr.idrtoUl Regulator <'o. !?' S6 l.amar Hid*..
Atlanta, cia.. tor a \aluable and Interesting
?Motherhood Book." There is n wealth
of instruction und comfort to be derived
in reading this little book It is plainly
>\ritien and will be a splendid little text
hook for guidance, not only for yourself,
but will make you helpful to others. Anil
in the ineantlmem do not fail to yet a hot
lift of Mother's Friend from the drug store,
and thus fortify yourself against pain at.d
New Variety Called Calotabs
Is Perfectly Safe and
Willi all of the liver cleansing: and
system purifying finalities of the old
style calomel, but robbed of its sick
ening, griping and dangerous effects,
Calotabs is destined to beeotno the
most popular of all home remedies, as {
it has already become the favorite of
ull physicians.
The new style calomel, called Calo
tabs, is perfectly delightful in effect,
fine tablet at bedtime, with a swallow
of water?that's all. No nausea, no i
griping. Next morning: you awake j
feeling fine, your liver active, your sys- j
tem purified and with a hearty appe
tite for breakfast. Hat what you
please, there is no restriction of habit
or diet.
Genuine Calotabs are never sold in
bulk. Ask for the original, sealed
package, price thlrty-tlvo cents. Your
druggist recommends and guarantees
}J) Mahogany
F urn it ure
is Worth While
iu iiiaek und White,
For Dancing.
Albert Stein
Fifth and Broad Streets.
Randolph 407. Randolph 4OH.
Sales Service
Richmond Motor Co., Inc.
I rmi'jC^S ,.Q m '> Si .?
a vTAonin GARMENT shop *
5 JT1 218 East BroacL ?
85 No matter what Is adver- i|.ni
g tiscd elsewhere, it's cheaper gj
'?4 here, ? ^
a is
r- BJ' Eif'Wr,r,qB:.'B:Ji|y J
Montague Mfg. Co.,
Tenth and Main St?? Richmond, V'n.
Norfolk & Western Railway
Lvate JJyra Siieri siauuti. lucauiotid. -
KOI: .MJUI-UUK., *t>:06 a. 41., *#;0U A. 41..-.
*3:00 V. M.. *L?.ob P. Al.
?#.;u a. Al.. ?a.OU P Al. ?8:36 P. M.
Arrlv Richmond from Norfolk. *1201
noon ?b'47 P M. Ftohi I ho \\>?r: *7:Ji a.
M.. *2:10 P. 41.. Jl:60 P. M.. -7:46 P. M.
?Li.ily 'Ij.iIv rm-ept Sunday ^Sunday
Rictunood, l-rcdencksbarj & Patonac R. E.
I. And fr.m YTaaHortea sad beya**?Daily.
Lruve ftlCULDnll->
-6 i' A M (11.45 AM
c 40 AM f U^Ai fH
; s..?u Ail ? 7.00 PM
? P.P * M t -.l" PM
Arrive cucmnoDti
( 7.36 AM < V.12 PM'
??U.oo PM * PM
t a.JO PM *11.25 PM
^ ?.on p.m tw.no r
Kicuiiioua- w iu>iiiDgnon IjOc*. , juv. i *.io r .u
*rt? dayi; ?-4.16 PM, Sundays; Ar. (13 la PM
dully. Krederiekaburg Aecorn. week days, JLv. '
14.1a PM: Ai. s*,16 AM. Ashland Aco-m. whL
days. L,y.?7.46 AM.fc.aOPM; Ar.??^0 AM,6.a0PM -
A Klbrt ticket and bacraco offices not opt-u
:or thl? trMn. ? Main Su bin.
* By rd St, St*. noppLnj; at JClba). > Klba bu.
Seaboard Air Line Railway Company
'lrain* ic*vo aally. tf A. 41. Norllija
local: 1:10 P. Al., Sleupor. Allaaia and
Jacksonville; 9:40 P. M.. Ai l?a( at ? Uirmiim. < < ri
riaia special: 11:40 P. 41., SI*.intra Jackson- -
vulo. 'l'raiua arrive S:2 4 A M.. 11:00 A. Al..
Ha P M.. G :30 P M
Richmond & Petersburg
Elcctric Railway
Lt-avo Richmond.
?0 A. M.
7 A- M.
t> i?- Jo..
*?? A. ui.
Id >u.
11 A. Al.
?li? AS.
1 P. M.
X P. M.
?a p. m.
4 P. M.
a p. ii.
Yo ;?o
'a 1*. M.
7 4'. OA.
6 i". J?
?U P. .U.
1U 1'. M.
?I* i\ 41.
?U. P. M,
(*Hi i't .AA.
0 :?>o a*? i?.
h.m s*. ai.
$? IVO f. Ja.
1 :ow c*. >i.
P. .U.
0:1(6 P. At.
..C- , o
*o:iu .
U M A. Ai,
T ? :ou <4. ?,
* I iiHI .?*. .u.
II lOO ,4. Jul.
M ;oo A. 4i.
10 ;3o A. AI.
11 :S5 A. Si.
P. At. *10i40 p. Al,
1:35 I'. AI. 11:40 P. Ai.
?2:35*'. 41. IXilA .4. .??,
, <d tWffc I>?1? Oil lj.
bttLuMrcF.nc (k omu kailWaV
Liu., lu viii? .v iVctu *l:uo v>-< "V.ay p.
*i?>n uuc i^oc^ii. *?:io H., lit.la t>.
iiiitr uine. ?lu.uu a_, ju.io
,ScUpun .NoW.,
Niv.. oiu i-uint, *9:00 a... *li:oo n.. *4;uu ?>
,\r?uuri imihs, Loval. *3 :oo ?... *6.1j *>.
t rum Mk., N???url
Newt, Old A'.. ?1S:0S a.. *3:i? p- *7 .0? n
N?-?pv.ri ?N., 1-Aic*l. *!?:4o a., ?.4? p. !? ronn
Weni: ??.!& a... *i:4? d. Locals.. 5K ,a? ?.
?7 LJ p. Jamd River, is:V& a.. '6:10 o
? Daily. l fciacem Sunday.
Atlantic Coast Line
i ne .juuiiuril iluuruau ot iu? auuia.
btii^uili. uL.mS a. iwih.
TRAl.ta i.un k ci KiUtJUiku uAlLI.
1' ur i- .ui iao .lia SuUcU. o:U0 A- Ji. and
{.id 1'. Ai., i^:4? A. Ai. ?
iur .Nutiuik: o.uj a. Al? 9:00 A. Al., 4:90
P. .?.. a.fc- Al.
Kr N. ^ >/. -iy. 9:20 A. Al.. S.uo
P. rti.. a:i? i'. M. ?
l-t>r I'eiti'iuur . 12:44 A. Al., 8:04 A- Al..
5 iu A iU.. J .i/o A. M., u.iO A. Al., A.Ou f.
Al., *?:ou 1'. Ai., Ti:4i f. Al.. &;s* P. Al .
o.ij'i', Al., P. M.
for Uoia^Lturu anu Fayoltovill.; *4.uo
P. Al.
'l ruins arriv# Ricninond daily: b:2S a. Al ,
11 30 A. Al. 7:3o A. Al., 4.40 A. Al.. 12. xj I
hoou, ?Z.u P. Ai.. Tl.oO P. Al.. 6l0o P. Al..
k.o, P. Al.. J:4i t'. Al.. a:l?> f. M.
? Kir#iii Suiiilay. t bunaay ualy,
'I nue oi arrival and aaK.ritir. and con
nei.Liuut uoi au.raiue.d.
(Main Slreft Cora lo Boat.)
Slcamoi leave. lUcmuwua u<n; >vi|ui
at 7 ono ca. Cooa.ui Miia iiuo uu<
huaii.cio, ic.viDK isorioik lor .sow luu
u?Ji> aununy '< :oo P. 41. cuuntiiioa
wttuc by N. A W. Kj., J :ou p. 44., ?u>
C. *- O. Hy. at 12:00 Noon dally .xc.n duu
any. Nia'ii nu? iiMiuirt .iup .1 Ci.r.*
uiuiil. aiiu ?.r? met by pubito coovayaoc*.
VLKia.MA ."(.k Vlt,A I'lON CO.
?Jnine, kivcp by ImjIiiIiI to Noriolk. Otd
foir.u .Ntwpori N*wi aed Jam.a Hlv.r
landlnga; Monday. VV.dne.day aod Frld./
it 6:00 A. U.
Prelrbt r?c*lv??j for -It.t oalnta
Ktiiilnr rm?finfr and Canto 8*r?lcaa>
Draft*? Mooey Urdtra, MaU or CabM. 0*aa<
Uritaln. Ireland, ticaodiaaila. Italy. Waao^
Portural, Boala. twIbwUai.
For further Tnrormauoa. a?wr
II State atr*?t. Urnw Ye{k. ar Local Amml*

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