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l'or Second Tinio Street Coniiuiltee
t-'avors Relief for Car
K. Randolph Williams Makes State
ment as to Kiflcrrncp Hot ween
Iteport to Street Committee and
One to Corporation Commission.
In amended form, with Hie hours for
the sale of labor tickets fixed from <"
to 7 o'clock in the morning. the mcas- j
ure providing relief to the Virginia,
Railway and Pow er Company l?y an in
crease in revenue \v > s . dopted liy the
Councit Committee ? :i Streets yester
day afternoon anil again recommended
'to the Common Council f r adopt'on. j
As it now. stands the proposed ordin
ance call.- for a ."-cent straight fare!
and discontinuance of six-for-a-quarter
tickets; labor tickets .it the rate of
three for 10 ren's instead <>t two for
i> cents, .cool only tu'tivctt and 7 A. j
M. from Mond.i* to Saturday, and the
exemption from ptymcnt of toll of.'
trarlic over the railway viaducts
iscep: sh a- works :?i opposition to
the street car com puny The Virginia
Railway and lVwer Company under the j ,
amended orditian? ",t!il !>" required
to pay taxes to tin . :ty and State on ,
the increase^ revetrti-s that would f > 1 - |
low adoption of the measure.
The amended m-a sure would enable
the street car company to take care of
the annual decrease in earnings, ac
cording to Thomas S Wheelwright. pre
s.der.t of the tra-'ti<:i It ties of K ehiuotid
who was present and - i. 1 tl.it a.l ?:>
tion of the proposed ordinance vo-t'd
mean an addition of fJ.M.ovO iti re
venues. The operating loss annually
as shown by the company s :-i thej
neighborhood of this am an;
w 11,1.1 ams i:\in, \:\ s
DtSfU'lt'A\ l\ "TATMtlUNT
n. Randolph Williams, represent it "z,
the Virginia Railwaj and "owcr Com-:
pany. who was als > pre?-, nt. up >n !>eim:
requested t ? i-xpuiiji ; ? t1-, ?? nnaiittee
the reason for a >t it- the capi
tal of th> railway to the Corp. ration
Commission tl.\< <1 at Ft and an
other to the St re.- 'i'nift -i\ 1 at
$1(5,000.000. said t It > the <'ornor i* ion
Commission p-quircd .iust a 'tati'tnent
of the physical \ nlitrf; ?f tio
t-.erty when report-<1 r t i ? ?
that bonds of thi itoitit.any -. 1 tlii ap
V.cep of the syst"in \\ * r? tiaur. d t. tin
Statement to the committee.
There were two opp.s'n;-, \ >tes
against the nieis;ir<-. which were ic^N
tered by I'oum limeii Atkuiso, and
Moore. The propov.-il orditi ! nee \. :i * e
given consideration jirtib.iblv at a
special meeting of the Council wloch
may he called s ?m? time before
ber 1, when th?- 1 i f ?- of th present
Council expire.- l.\ li:ai;n? ion
Tot til n! ?r.r,l?--> f? 1- ?
Uer.? Total in 1 iry.iii'.n
SfJ. I t'l.r.
A totiil "f ;7. V it.:-. : i'.
by the IIi? h:u<>\ I 1 -t.it.- . '-1 t;at . -in
panics to t'o- i-:--|0 of i ???. ' * 11: T' ? '1 Sta'r?
Treasure ??? ? :? u1 i'-.ln-" >?t
June, nr. July :? and .Mtly " ? The I**Irf.*
National I: i. ?? ; ? -
of t his a:no itu . t i' ? n
t ion1 P..ink to The . !???
ment for the liiree i siien to th< 1'
Federal Uetrarve District was >
0.10. Of this a a.. wit .'.'7 "n ' 1 ?? ? ?
taken h. ! ?",
totiil v.;ts }? 1.17. * .Otie .v . i- '
Oovernot Si >?. ? t *.!.?? > -t
cent age of h'tik? ?? > -1
certifieat. ? n W-? ?
ception c th. i: t: v .'. ?
Rank of K .!? in-'i -i v 1 i h
lifica11 t'? t i.. ? '.mit f
subseriptioti ?? f th. l-'i . \' it 'tin'.
<.f IM. litr 'in'i v. a ' ! . -. i .
the Kift): Uef.ioi.al Pi-'!.
I-'ollow in-, i ? . ?
Richmond ^ank \nieri :: Natiom'l
!Unl:, *?'. I. , ill i1 .n.aier. " '
and Trusts. ?".< iM'f. . '???it ? I Nation-il '
Hank. I1C0.CCC; I' tst National flank t
S2..124.00c; -lit: . . .V.-r limits
Bank. $4i)fo60: .VMerchriiits Nation:*
BAnk. SSW.CKA'National State and City
Ha ti V. Via titers '.it-nil l.t.ink,
$37*0.0''11 l:::iond Trast an 1 Savin.;*
Comp.il.). $23,000; HayttVirii BtihU or I
Riclimo: i ji-.v. "O; I" u i.. ji I'.atil. } 11
? Virgiit-a Trust <'on.;? u:> ' i.o-u..
The tnt ,i 1 I . Sta:.. -v : ? ,1'nv s
Suhscri'.'i : A . .11 ;r.
Maryland i;u < i7.s 1.r.? ? ?r
ri Col .mb.ii. , T
Virginia ... 17- l ?_ < i?. r, i .
West Virginia ...... 1 . .
North Carolina 1 >?> ".] M..
South Carolina >: ?. ...vm
Total . . r.; ?. ? 'i .jtr,<? -!
ConKunifn < omjiJnin ::J WriL-ht
and I'nor m Ir.^pn-tor
? Il?*f|lf|,
That t!io iff i: -I <> ,] a
reflet-tinn the ? j;.,
and dealers l:. *\ ? o : [ ,
brought llu I;i * -. r n ju ii via'n
notoriety v ? ?, 11 ? .. la. f.-u ila> s :s
Hhovtl !?>' ?':? . !: ...??? i ll ? .t of T W.
Johc;>)i. ? t ? .| meas
ure*. yr- i rda , t:i wlii >i *iie otlieer of
the la-a <1- .:? ! 11:.?t l.i- u;is
Ins facts prove tliat certain Icq
dealers in it: hav is r ,i;. |
apaai.-t ? .ri*. l .? > < om
plained "f ? >r; ,v ? tfii;.'
1leav>? li:.? 'i t' i ? ill.? I i : tli< sf>
violation- '?> . ?: i i ?' r ;i'f "iitirely
within llf i, t '.-lit in ?; ? !. i ttlirii: th ? I
iCC \>C W" .'.<?! i ? ' !??? . 1! . : > ..!<1
and alf" :> ? um ?? < -i t t i < i. ? -1
showink tin ? \ ' \\<-i^ht <>f th<* i.-e
VUrodcf?!n:i <<? the Joseph MeSiveenoy
Ice plant i IT.'.' i: -t .-tre.t,
which u. ''Ui.r ??> ? u ? -<ty <'r
thirty to! .s daily Ik-s lui-n mmii
maniSfff'l ' !?< iw ! ? ? ? ???v i.y : ;.<?
United .States Kr,v? ?: ? < -it . . orler t'?
nupply demand f"r ti i New
port News
Virginia Cnllcd 'in *?? I'urni'?h :t"o Mm
for 1'rrfortnnner ot lint;
m 11 ii inr.
AdJ'itant-Oexieral Steit. !..??> r??? <-iv<
orders to complete the ? ur.? : i::?-iit f >
Camp Green. e'harlotte. >' 1 of
liin|ted aervice men. Tic ?? men wil
be'entrained on Auku^i '0 .>? 1 ::: <?nl;
white tnen are to he i:.du ?!???] in-,'ley t>?:
The office of tho Adjutant -Genera
including the department of militM
fenrollment. will tie removed to u
ninth floor of the Klehmmid 11 .
Ninth and Grace Streets, on August 1
Chief Clerk \V. 11. K Khafto. of t.
registration department. haw he<
Kpepdlnfc a few days in the North \v ?
tfetativou. He will be hack to-day.
75 Cents Charged
for Bacon and Eggs
East Main Street Restaurant Ac
cused of Profiteering?Army
and Navy Club Acts.
l'rompt action is being taken by the
Army and Navy Club relative to the
complaint of profiteering: which was
made .Saturday by two soldiers, who
showed the charge slips of a restaurant
?mi Kast Main Street, in the neighbor*
hood of the Main Street Station, show
ing that one of them had been charged
7*> cents for a single order of bacon
;usd eggs anil 10 cents for a glass o;
milk. The other soldier was charged
In the same restaurant 25 cents for a
plate of soup. 2i> cents for half a
cantaloupe, and 10 cents for a glass of i
The matter was not reported to the1
loi-al food administration, but to t!i?
'amp Community Service for luvcstlg.i- j
ti.?*?. and if the charge is found to 'iv ,
ort'Tt by Cius Schwarzsehild, chairman j
? f tin* committee which looks after!
?ueh matters, the restaurant may b>!
?losed by the Federal authorities, and j
bus prove an unhealthy example for'
?he r< st of the eating places of the '
Mty to follow. If allowed to roinai'i ?
tpen. th> name of the restaurant will'
? e put on the black list posted at Camp
.ec for soldiers to avoid. lnadequa'c
? teps on the part of the local food a<i
ninist ration in cases of profiteering
i:ii! excessive charges tor food served
?isiting soldiers, as well as ltichmoud
teople. may lead to vigorous steps r>c- 1
ng taken by the military authorities.
UlcariJ t 'lipck I'lailiiT Accused of I tit? |
personatiiitx Otllcer of ?he
I tilted St st tew Army. ,
The rase of "l.ieutenant" Stanley C ?
Sochlman. alias fleorge K. Smith, j
.barged with having victimised several
Richmond merchants by passing worth- '
less checks made out to them, w is
transferred to the Federal Court yes- '
terdav morning by J'ollce Justice
t"rutchfield. who stated that the case
should c. me under the eonsiderat ion <>f !
1.l.-r.il .? .1 tift municipal au'horities '
Thi- '!;<'i ten'r.t" was turned over to '
.-'pi ? i.i! ' .!?>-. ? I'olen 11?? i-1 to 1
I ? 'r. the I-'. al ?"ourt on the '
h. ?; ? ?-h'vi: ; ti *;? w fully inper
:? ?; ? i a I'til'ol ti ?. \rtny otiii ???r.
Sc. h'.oi::u : dui;tt.-d y.-sti rday that he '
h.;d ? ,i:;si ?l the .-hecks i!i ?t "-stlon. V-ut
declared further that, at the time he
had intended to make tin m good. He
,i iv > admitted tcharge of bavins
stolen suit r.iso cuntalnins: an of
ficer's uniform, from the Y >1 A.
"Lieutenant" Soehlman ?;i? arrested
on Sunday in a restlurant, win re he
was 1 > i - ? h i ? i ir with a '.'"man Fearing
t!\-it he i i;;ht ij-aivi a mistake by ar
resting the .?a;.*;>e.t :n ..i; further
;d- n: i'!? 11 i"n. IVt c .?{ i ve Wiltshire ? ?
I'.urk immedbite'; 1 ??
it-id rtlv.Ml on l iie ? ? :x*? i?t 1
alb -i ?'. i-ck (lai'l; '
? i'Iiii .'. <?\>cn ll\itlen-e i>; 1 :
kii'i:i!ii|!h '.it'll!?Farmers !5i:y
't'lirifl Stnnnis.
Ii'ti- .' i?wea. sist :mt State ?\>;it
n i ?i.i>r ? \: u 1' r re and inimigra
tinti return-' yi-.-'terday front the re
: ' 1 ? : ?' 11 - !" i mil : s' < *-t i
While always ^ id
'" ?' ' ? ? Virjt i ii.-. 1'iii;. :. hnic
u-'.'r. ? i l.i li he graduated
; 11 -. a ?; ii. M r. i ?w. n de
i i! "ii ii" th" chief pleasures
.? v ?: tile evidence ..;i every
1 a 1.?:corn crop Shis year.
>anok?: west, tlie corn is ti e
? ' i ? ver saw," declared tlie <-i>ni
111 "The season has b ? u ideal
? ii r. and there is every i-\idence
? f a : ri? ?11eailous yield. 1 canu' part or
ua;.- back ovi'r the Virginian Hall
the purpose of seeing how the
? ra was coming on. The Virginian
n.ir.i'KJs the Staunton and Roanoke
' 1.vet and in those wide and fertile
1 ttoii-.s the corn was all that . ?uld be
"Tobai-co also looks promising, but
late l-'ar n>T. ev.-rywhere are corn
plaitii'.g <if :h-.r'aj. i.f farm labor and
rejoicing in :he su.-cess r.f the allies."
Mr. i iweri rtrd with mtieh en
thusiasm an account of the meeting
Wedni-sd'V ni^it' of the Kit rulers' In
sti'.uti- when after the patriotic ad
dress of the evening 517.000 worth of
thrift ar.il war savings stamps were
subscribed by the audience.
lie also hj.d ; tale to tell about two
negroes who wen- up before a Justii-.'
fur fighting.
"What was the difficulty?" asked the
"Ills nicper I cut wuz a slacker,"
said the defendant. "He's been waitln'
on ii y gal. an' las' niglit I saw some
thing that made me madder than f
ever wu7 in my whole life. This here
nigper was n nnin' my gal with his
?/.emption cyaril, and that's w ii'n 1 cut
him "
litisinrn* Aten'* Orunnl/ntlon nnl?i <
sr?,.V!??\\ III l{ai*e I'ltiiiipinenl
I 'mid
'? I I fr-:!!!; Ipf 1:1 o i: t mernhe'?
f t l. i i'ie -s M n's r"! ill vest.-rdi"
fier i.ofin at 1 .HO o'clock, a total of
f' '"ii was raised toward? relieving the
?lui> of a floating debt 'li.-.t has beer;
< ver the organization for tlie past five
? r :-i\ years Waller ll'dlnday, th^
presidet t of the club, stated that they
intended to raise J1VO00 to gei. rid of
tlie d.bt and then re-e-;uip the roo:r,?.
Tiie contribution (if jr. r-oo yesterrt'iy
leave btit ?-l,r?00 to be raised This
campaign will lie started at once, sail
Mr. Holladav, who think.s tlie money
will be easily forthcoming, in or'ier
that the i.ff.iir may be cleaned up i.e
fure tlie launching of the next liberty '
loan. Tii re are about ViO resident
members fif tb? club and about II? y
nonresident n.embers For the pus,
two years t lie club l.;;S been In a Very
lbiurij.hiiig condition, ami '.he organiza
tion decided the present tiir.e to
aaspirious for paying off thy d.-bt
Itutn rlati* to Slriup S|if''inl Stunt To
After Dinner nt
In or.ler that the TTjchmond Ttotary
<Mul> may carry out planH for itn ho*
wi';it!in feature a nnourieetf for tr>.
M}.:ht'a tne. titu:. a!! IlotarianH arc r> -
fiu' * ?-? 1 t<> lirltif; their cars. IMniter
will lie si-rvi' I at the nuslnesa Men's
Ol'iti at : 1 "? oVlock, anrl immediately
afterwards the members will leave its
machines, for a destination and pur
pose which will not !>'? announced until
the proper time Those knowing t!ie
plans feel sure that any member not
present will have cause for regrets.
Henri nil the nrlllnt; nev?? every dnj
In rliiicft-IJlHpntrh W nnt Ad*.
Council Committee Assures Govern
ment Agents of Lorn! Co
recommkxd spf.mhxc. $5i.r,oo
Means MuAi to Kiclimotul, Including
Deejiojiliig of Harbor, to lla\j
Plant Kreeted, Says llustness Man
ager Dabttey?Act To-Night.
That Richmond is desirous of co- j
operating with the l.'nited States Ship
ping Board KmerKonoy Fleet Corpora
tion for the location cf the government
boiler plant on the South Side was
made evident last night at the Coun
cil Committee on Public Ftilities when
the proposed ordinance, calling for an
appropriation of $">4,500 for street im
provement to the plant and adequate
supplies of water and electricity, was
recommended, to the Hoard of Alder
men for adoption.
From a letter of the City Auditor to i
the committee, costs of paving the ex
tension of Fourth Street from Morgan '
Street to the plant would he $:<5.t't'0; !
costs of laying an eight-inch water I
main from Hull Street to the plant. (
supplying 150.000 gallons of water per!
ilay, $7,500. ami > osts of providing elec
tricity. $ I '.'.090. Altogether the expen
ditures would aggregate $54,500. The j
rstimnies were made by the various'
superintendents of the different depart-j
mer.ts. and repeated personally by
them last night to the commit teee.
Sufficient money to cover these ex
l>artments. (iraliam B llobson. of the
Administrative Hoard to the credit of
he Street. Water and Klectricity l'o
larttnesits. (Ireham P. llobson, of the
Administrative Hoard, told the eommit
< ?-. ,)':st as soon as the ordinance is
idopted by the City Council, he said
irotni'tors of the boiler plant would
>egin construction on the plant to sup
ply boilers for the ICmergeney Fleet
'orporat ion.
Ft 1.1.% SAFF.Cil A it i>i-:o
Some slight delay was imidc in the
>roceedings last night owing to a
nisuiidcrstatiding of tin proposed mcas
ire, but when this was cleared up-the
natter was sent to the Poard of Al
!?. rmen with no objection. To s.uc
,uard the interests of the city. <'ottn
ilmrn Hose offered 'in amendment or
. supplement to the measure providing
that the expenses of the improvements
Oiould be charged to the respective ap
propriations f> r streets, water and
electricity, whose funds are available
for the purpose, and not chargeable to
:t ppropr ia t ions of other city depart
ments. This was carried, and. upon
t'.on by Councilman l.add. from Mad
is >n Ward, the measure was recom
mend <1 to the I'oard of Alderman for
adoption at Its meeting to-nlglit. P '
fore going to ti.- Hoard of Aldermen
to-:v\rht tbe measure will be put in
:? ,> r shape by the ?'ity Att< rney. th s
' l>.?. " recommended upon mo
t ?'..uacilmaa Ftnlauf.
\V t iMhijey. business maiiRirer of
t ; Chamber of Commerce. in spun': -
? ..<? benefits that the city would
rive ! y grarstint facilities, said
? ? t ... v.-m; of the James Uiver s.>
to :: ike it :it bast twenty-two fejt
i. nth would probably follow, thus
Iricrepsh'g the opportunitle3 (or ?tlm
ii - to locate her". He said tli:
? ).( r of Commerr
i !1 toil >1
.. uly in regard to
t'?M matter, and that imnrcvement of
'1 e .lame-: would be pr^ 'tic l!y assured
-hou'd tlie ordinance 1 ? adopted and
the holler pi:*, n! "re.Med.
Many Itieliinond l.nwjrers (?? Pnrtlel
liate in Aiitiunl (?ntherlng?An
derson to Head l'a|irr.
The Virginia liar Association's an
nual coiifereiu-e opens to-d.iy at the
lldineftead Hotel Hut Springs. Col
onel Wamhaugh. of Harvard Cniversity
and the judge advocate's department,
will lecture on the "The Constitution
in War." Henry W. And rson. of Itich
mond. will read a paper on Hournani;:.
and \V \ IV.mv?. president of the r.a
tionil conference on uniform laws, will
also address the association. Among
l'ti- hmond att >rneys attending are the
V .1 M""r- n.-i-.-c Prvan
V i'i' n Tr .-inn nl K *' V .1 -SI.*
W K Meredith l.ewix ?' Williams
Kobert II Tal'.-v 1. I. I.-w.*
.1 II TuKt <: -.? I. <'li
.1 K? nt lb\v>v \ W !':?11 >-r.- i;
.1 a ill's Cavkie ?. I. Shewniyk*?
John it Minor W. ?' Tucker
.lehn A '' . ? ' Men' - -j .
T)a?inii> I! .; . V Slu .ri
H. i.rv W ,\ r < r.? .:i !' K M- ? * ? ? j ?
.1 h-. I' M:n> r. of Richmond. is sec
retary of the as:ocjation.
Appeal Mode fur l-'miih to Kinlnli Put
le.jl fur liiMriiruciitM t xi-d nt
Fair (.round*.
A most p ^ f? iture of the
training detachrr..-: ? a.-.vitles at the
State Fair fJrou: is . t r:.- m usic of tlm
rand, which made -jj, f nlisted men
v. *h the detachme:.' 'in- ir^ir'ir.ttni.-i
for the hand were b'.ii^-!. -d,. months
jigi at an outlay of ? ?' by It. W.
Moon.-assistant rnan g i Th.s amount
l as alNbeeri raised v.- ? the < xecptlon
of 5__- Any one i donate a
srTiill -'im toward clear ru' 'his in
debt'-dnes1* will Jlnd Mr Moon m his
of. - at the state Fall Grounds
\\ rlt of Krror (irantril,
JtjdKr' Siri;.-., of the State Supreme
<"'"ir: f<? Appeals. l::.s granted a writ
of error, bond JV'O, In th?* ' a-fe of
Wessel. l?uval JL Co. against Winbor?;c
A; Co., Jrc The appeai was taken fro:n
the judgment entered In the <hr< uti
''o^irt for the City of Norfolk on Afni
1'2. IMS. refusing to aside a judg
merit of February 1'j1'?. against tir
petitioner:; for IZ'Ji.Z'i, With coHtH an
['(?Hull \olilrman in SprnU.
1.1<: nt Cou:it \ incfi.t <l<- \V?>irr
Mok:, .1 J'olin)i rioM'rrnaii arid a rr.f-niln-r
of th<- Kroi'ii } i i k ?' ??oinrni.'iStioii. at the
rc'jii<-.it of "?i'* Ktatc < *o;iri<?; 1 of lJifcns<\
Ull'l':.r ' M '? ;? ' J >' J ? i ? ?- n "f V.'rii'h tli?? C'llinl
Kjjfii r;: :i y ir< Dii: >' tate, v.i'.! deliver
an ufl'Jr*-. " h'-r<- - lay ::.i;lit on
t!i??- war MltuatioM ir< Kuropt Count
r< };.i r<i-'l a v? ry HofjiKnt
Hf??-ak?-r H?; dellv?*r#?d art aiMrras at
{'??rintmari lam iiiK'nt.
Roof Garden
Hotel Richmond
o to 12 i\ M.
1,'ndrr New Management
Opr-n 8:20 unlll midnight. Ladles
without osrortH will not he admitted.
Admission, 50c.
G. I!. JJKKBK, Manager.
Wrap Your Icc
Up in Newspapci
In rlew of reported nliortnKe ?f
Icy In Hlchinond nuil flNruhrrr the
kiiKEOtlon of nn experienced liouse
keeper **lll l?e of value. Mniiy peo
ple, *lic mild, merely put the Ire
In the refrlfterutor or nt leant only
cover It over.
The rlirht wiiy la when your block
of lee Ih delivered, urnp It Nceurely
In it liewspnper no tlint nil air In ei
rludcd. then plnce the pncknjte In
the lee che?t. The refrlfferntor ulll
keep Juki ii? cool and the Ice will
Iiim twice a* Iuiiic.
Another plnn to economise Ice In
to place bottle* of clenr writer In
the Icc cheat to provide drlnkliiKT
water without the neeennlly of con
stantly chipping nwajr the Icc liloek.
Hciiicmber Hint every time llie re
frlKcrntor door in opened warm nlr
It admitted nnd (tie mcltlnsr of the
Ice In nccclcrnteil.
Willing; to Conic IlncU nnd Stand Trial
Vftcr Police I n \ c?t ten t Ion
W a* ()\ er.
After a preliminary hearing yester
day morning, Frank <'. Waller, who
was apprehended in l.ima. < >.. hy Ser
jeant W. E. Waytnack on the charge
of having violated tlie prohibition law.1
and who was brought hack to IMch
tnond on Sunday, gave bond of $1,000
to appear before the tu-tober term of
?tie court for a further hearing.
Waller disappeared from the city be
fore he was Indict cd by the grand
jury for alleged bootleggIng He was
arrested some time later in l.ima, but.
:>efore the oflicer detailed to escort him
hack to this city could arrive on the
scene. Waller had disappeared, thus
forfeiting his bond There came word
to the local authorities List week, how
ever. that he was in custody. More
successful in his second attempt. Ser- ,
grant Waytnack, brought hack Ms
prisoner day before yesterday.
When questioned yesterday in regard
to his arrest. Waller denied the fa. t
th.it li<- had been arrested by the l.ima
notice. declaring thai he had giv< !i
himself up voluntarily, lie u*oti!d ma? ?
no further statement.
Itoth indict nu nls against Waller
charge him with violations of the pro
hibition law durlnu last year, r.Kiitlni.
inir no specific dates. Justice t r.iteh
tleUl yesterday fixed the bonds for r.>
impea'ran'-e at ST.1? in each cise The
required amount was raised by Waller
yesterday afternoon.
Witnesses who are to anp^ar on the
indictments returned against the al
leged bootlegger ar%- IT. .1. P Mc
l?.-?r.ou?ih. Detective' Sergeant Gordon P
??tniith. Policemen P. V,*. Allen. 1; A.,
Frav.?"r and I*. I Gentry: A W. P.en
.1 (?r t. Abe J:w"hr and P.en .'aeobs
lticlirn ort] llelatlvet .tn>i Kr!cn?l* \ic
Informed of Their Safe Journey
Word has he n received of the si'e
arriv'l overseas of lieutenant C. O. ,
Kv.t ns. on nu'est son of Major and M ? s.
V V K Kvans. lornwrly <?!' the P.ich
iiioail l.i-.Tht infintry Nines
Mrs. n. C. Thaw, of :t South Heech
St :-?-et. lias iccelvoil w*or>*l ?>t the s t. ^
arrival overseas of hrr husband. Privtc
Douglas Thaw, who was station-d
at t'a:nii McClellan.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Ezeklel. of
West Grace Street, liave received wor'l ,
nf the safe arrival in France of their
. r.n, Captain G. A. Kzckh l. field medical
Mrs. f'askle Cabell has received wot I
<f ;he safe arrival overseas of Major \
Hall Harrison, formerly stationed at
('.imp I.ec.
Mrs. William Adams, of SHI West
Grace Street, has received word of the
safe arrival overseas of her son, lieu
tenant Anton C. .Warns.
Mrs. I-mra Iturger has received wore i
from her husband. Josopl. II. Burgar. |
12)7 Twenty-ninth Street, announcing ,
his safe arrival in France. He was 1
formerly at Camp I.ee.
.1. M. Kyall. of 3 East Main Street,
has received word of the arrival over
seas of his son. George A. Ityail, con
nected with a Held artillery band.
SIcreoptIcon l.ecture.
The stereopticon lecture given at
Hanover Avenue Christian ("li-irch on
Sunday night l?y J. G. Ilollada.v, secre
tary of the Navy V. M. C. A., Norfolk ,
proved to be very instinctive, as well
as interesting. The pictures brought
to the attention of the audience the
great work that is being done by th<
V. M. A., not only in the home land,
but "over there." Pictures of the navy |
were shown where the boats only a few j
years ago were considered masters of
the sea are now in the second class
in comparison with the enormous fight - !
ing machine that our government is !
turning out so rapidly.
? '?< ? ' "? * ,] KtK T*n ft ir *!?>.
Can l>e relieved. the eausr removed and
your life urolonced t>y the liberal use ul
Tate Springs Mineral Water
which causes tho kidneys to functior
pronerlv. v
Call Tate Sprints Agency. lloul. 161,
C'oiiKirssmiin Mnntngue to Dcllvei
Stirring Address on War
l.nrne Amount of Trade Goin? On ;
of South for Lncli of Proper Co ;
Operation?Can Suvo in Freiffli !
It.itos and Secure Prompt Delivery j
The Southern Retail Merchants* As- .
soointlons convention will convene j
lie re Iti tIio John Marshall High School j
auditorium for n three-days' session j
ihis morning at 9:30 o'clock. The prin- J
cipal subject of discussion among the !
f.no men expected from tlio States of j
Virginia. Georgia, North and South ,
Carolina. is to 'jo better business i
mot hods to meet the war demands and
conditions. The local arrangements
are complete for the cnfercnce. accorci
i:?rc to Secretary \V. T. Dabney.
Congressman Montague will speak
this morning. Doubtless his theme will
be in regard to the war.
Local manufacturers and merchants
are urged l>y tiie local committee to
)*?* present this morning to meet the
visitors who have signified their In
tention of being here.
It is estimated that at least J20,
000.000 in trade are going to other
States, which co-operation can have
?spent in the States in this district; and
that problem will also entertain the
minds of the merchants of the confer
ence. There are several speakers of
national prominence on the program,
among them Congressman A. J. Monta
gue, former Governor of Virginia,
t'ther speakers of prominence are
.! Sands, W. 1. Dabney, Alvin M. Smith,
Frank Stockdale, R. K. Soule; of New
York: F. W. Roth. of Chicago: John
i: isloy. N T. Purdy, of Lawrenceville.
president of the association. Following
Is the progiam for to-day:
?:.10 A. M.?Call to order by presi
dent; "Star-Spangled Banner." by au
dience; address of welcome. John C.
10 A. M.? Roll eall by States
10:20 A. M?President's annual ad
Iress. N T Purdy.
10: t .*> A. M.?"What Are We Here
I" W. T. Dabney.
11:05 A. .?!.?"Community Ruildlng."
Frank Stockdale (qui/, class on above
subject by Mr Stockdale).
12 M,?"A Silent 1'omance (motion
pictures?. K. Irving Cox.
1 P. M.?Luncheon (complimentary
by trade extension bureavi of Rich
mond < 'humber of Commerce).
?, [?_ \t.?Theater party, Lyric thea
Made Sernnd Akilntnnt Counsel ?o
State Tax lionrJ, Succeeding
J. V. (Jar j-.
At a meeting of the State Tax Roar?1 I
yesterday afternoon. K. Warren Wail
was appointed second assistant es^-u
tive counsel to the State Tax Board,
to hold the position during the ab
sence of J. Vau^han Gary. who w?s
relieved to enter war work as assistant
to former Governor Stuart, who Is now
chairman of the Price Fixing I'omm't
tee. Washington. Mr. Wall was form- .
erly of I'armv.lle, and was educated at
Hampden-Sidney College. He is m v
a??ting as assistant to the chairman of
the banking comittec of the State Couu.
< il of Defense.
The Tax Board also appointed as ex
amin'TH of the records, Herbert \V
Booth, of Wakefield, Sussex County, for
the Third Judicial Circuit, to suoceea
Robert W. Arnold: and Philip St.
George Wilcox, of Denbigh, formerly
Commonwealth's attorney for W.vrwiek
County, in the Fourteenth Judicial Cir
Mjis Flcrht Sons SrrvlnR.
DKN'VUK. <"'>L.. August 12.?Tliomm
D Cain. Denver jeweler, lioids the rec
ord for the Rocky Mountain region for
number of sons in military service.
Kvery one of his eight sons is In some
branch of the military service. Five
of them have gone to France, and the
three others are in different canton
ment camps.
Tlir successful business ninn Is an
extensive uxor of cl-issiflrd ndvcrtNInc.
For rates or lo insert an ad in The
Times-Dispatch call Itandolph I.
Ilrnad Street \enr Srrnatl.
Matinees, lOe. MrIiU, l,\c.
To-morrow n?wl Thursday.
Hen ii i If n I
First Time Shown in Richmond
at Popular Prices.
Added Attraction,
First Jltin IIIk V Coined j-,
??(tombs und Manners.*'
Acrnln To-ila.r,
no F(J LA S !?'A11( IIA N Ii S
Special Organ Itecital Dally,
1- 31. to 2 I'. M.
The Example of France
Their League of l*ntriots in Paris, 4 Hue Kte. Anne, urges tho
French to endure without complaint the- restrictions imposed upon
them. One of the ten of their "Commandments" is as follows:
"(8). I)o not remain idle. According to your nge and you*
ability, work for your country. l)o not consume without producing.
Idleness is desertion."
Win. II, I'nlmrr, President.
Jnllrn II. 1II1I, V.-P. nntl ('anhlrr. II. 10. CuunlnRhnm, Annt. fnnhlcr.
J. \V. Slnton, Vlcc-l'rowldrnt. Wni. S. Kylnnil, Aunt. Cnwbler.
Jrkir K. Wood, Mnnnger SnvlnRv Drpnrtmmt,
"The Shopping Center",
Here Are Just the
Fall and Winter
you want?certainly?and at prices you
won't mind paying?if you BU NOW!
Most people visiting our Rug sections are
amazed at the variety and the excellent
qualities of Rugs we are able to exhibit,
despite war-time requirements and condi
tions which, for many months, have fore
shadowed marked curtailment, if not com
plete elimination of the output of this im
portant American industry.
The war, however, must be won, and our
government needs the factories that form
erly made Rugs for making woolen blankets
and uniforms for our soldiers and sailors.
Summed up, this means that in many in
stances the Rugs we now have on sale are
the last of their respective kinds we shall
have to offer for some time; also those
wanting new Rugs for this fall and winter
must get them now, or stand a big chance of
not being able to get them at all.
Before purchasing Rugs of any kind it
will be highly advantageous to see the beau
tiful displays here. Sec also the eleven big
show windows displaying 9x12 feet Rugs in
all grades from ?30.00 upward.
Buy Rugs Now to Get Them
Buy Rugs Now to Save
The Confederate Museum
Cjpon Dally from 3 -V. St. to 2 P. M.
Safurdavs 9 A. M. to 2 P. St
A DM I SSI OK. 25c.
"Woman Between
I'rntnrlnK A I.ICE JOVn:.
"()\K MfiHT STAM),"
A Two-Reel Kip lio.irinj; Comely
To-To u'f.nK'ly.
AKnlti To-duj?I'minl I'rlcc*.
A Crrnt Triple Offrrlnp;.
A((ain To-day?Usnnl Prlc**".
"The Firefly of
Chrlatle Comedy?nnd ? TraTHnnne
700 W. Broad Street,
Glass, Varnishes, Paints. -
That Ruprn^d Interpreter of
Western Holes,
A 1 > I >E iJ
'Fatly" Arlturlilr In "The Village
Sen iida I."
It's a Keystone Comedy.
AltirV onicl.il Wnr Ilfvlfw So. 4.
It Touches the Heart.
Showlnjj All Week?25e?
9P re s ent s
w Tfio
Groat Lav?*
?*_ Cist like
ThoCtrtlxoTa 0?V3rtl" *
Including ? ?
Lilliarv GlsU Goorga
Robert Uarron. Oporgo giocpDfiKn.
Xtortry 'WaltHall Maxflel<l jftoxtifly
Roggmary Thofry C-lor la gopq
?Tho Croat Low' u a nvJUly ticajrcff
Iirrnunn ragoneratiou by VAT . Th*
hand that rock* tho eradte it tha
hard, that can. vocW a. voapon. &<r
potent'4 0 the irvord.. . , . _?
To-day'* nis Feature.
Norma Talmadge
The Safety
One of Her Greatest Feature*. iv !

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