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luce* of Damery an<* Parvlllers. Field
Marshal H.tig's night bulletin states.
The British also advanced their lines
southeast of Proyart.
"North of Albert," says the state
ment. "we are in contact with tho en
emy." (On this front, half-way be- |
tWeen Arras and Albert, tho enemy 1
continues to retire slowly toward
An advance was registered by Brit
ish troops in Flanders, southeast of
Vleux Berquin.
The German artillery was active to- ?
day between Kommel and Ypres.
PARIS, August 15.?Advancing: to the
northwest of Ribecourt, the French to
day captured Attiche and Monolithe
farms, despite desperate German re- |
sistance. the War ORico announced to
night. Prisoners were taken In this
new advance. In a local operation the
French progressed on the wooded
heights between the Matz and Oise :
Rivers, the night communique states. ;
I f?v Associated Press I
BERLIN (via London). August 15.?
Admission that tho Germans have evac
uated positions near l'uisieux and
Beaumont-llamcl. which lie to the
north of Albert, is made in the German
oflicial communication Issued to-day.
tBv Associated Press. 1
LONDON. August 15.?The proportion
of tho German losses to those of the
allies since August S is greater than
at any other period of the war, it was
announced here to-ntglit. It is said
that tho total allied casualties prob
ably will not be as large as the num- !
ber of Germans taken prisoner.
IBv Associated Press. 1
FRANCE. Wednesday, August 14.?
Along the new battle, front front Gury
to Thiescourt wood the struggle came
to a standstill to-day. In addition to
the St. Claude and Ecouvillon farms
we hold ground to the north of Bol
val village and a footing in Plessler
de-Roy Park. The battle, therefore,
hits reached a natural conclusion, and
the danger of a counterattack from
Thiescourt massif has been removed.
It is unknown whether the battle will
be renewed, but if it is i< will be a
new operation with stronger material
and greater man power on both sides.
I Bv Associated Press. 1
FRANCE. August 15.? Deepest admira
tion for the American troops fighting
with the British and French in the
Picardy offensive was expressed to-day
by General Humbert, commander of
the Third French Army, during a talk
to war correspondents.
"The Americans tight." he said, "with
an ardor that is unsurpassed."
I By Associated Proa*. I
PARIS. August 15.?General Hans
von Boehn. the German "retreat spe
cialist." has been appointed to tho
supreme German command on the
riomtne front. Tho newspapers be
lieve that this change in tho German
command is highly significant. The
German withdrawal north of Albert
is looked upon as the Ilrst application
of his tactics.
General von Hoehn and his former
command, the. German Eighth Army,
stood the brunt of the allied pressure
in the Marne salient previously to
the withdrawal to the nort'i i>f tho
The German troops encaged in the
fighting east and southeast of Amiens
have been under command of Generals'
von Dor Marwltz and Von Hutier in
the army group of frown Prinze Rup
prech; of Bavaria.
ART!LI.Ell V III frt. V.OF.ft OV
I Eiv .Mandated Pross l
PARIS. August 15.?The violent ar
tillery duel between th A vie and the
Oise continued during las* night, ac
cording to tho statement from the
War <~>!flco to-day A German raid
in Champagne failed.
Tho statement reads:
'The night was marked by rather
intense activity of tho artillery be
tween the Avre and tho Ois?
"An enemy raid in Champagne
against tho M*r<| i - sector was with
out result."
I iiv A?M"italc<l I
LONDON, August 15.?On June :tf>.
the total amount of naval pi i/.<- tttoney
awaiting division was :nor<- than ?!*.
000.000. to whirh must bi added moneys
in the hands of the oversea* prsy>
courts. This announcement wis made
recently in the Mouse of Common.- l?y
T. J. McS'itmaia, parliamentary under
secretary to the Admiralty.
Distribution of the money will he
baser! on the relative responsibility of
all concerned. The eommander-in
chief wjll get 2.000 shares an<l an able
seaman five shares.
flSv Associate] Press 1
AMSTERDAM, August 15.- Ktnperor
Charles of Ausiria is at ill rman train
headquarters, accordIn to a telegram
to the Eokal Anzeiger. of Berlin, from
Karl Rosner. its war correspondent.
Ernperor William ami bis advisers
have been holding an important con
ference at headquarters, the corres
pondent reports, and these delibera
tions, on political and military ques
tions are "reaching their highest ;>o;nt "
with the corning of the Austrian 10m
peror and his advisory staff.
Rosner's telegram. whi< h wa? sent
from German main headquarters reader
"For dayd past the headquarter* has
been the. sr etie of important an I fruit
ful deliberations by the Kaiser a ad try
advisers on political and military .|ues
tlonfl. With the arrival of Emperor
Charles and l.is political and military
advisers the deliherat'ons arc reach
ing their highest point.
"Accompanied by Count von Wedel.
Admiral von llintze (the (Jerinan For
eign Secretary) and his suite, the
Kaiser received his august guest at
the station. After an exchange of
party greetings and the presentation
of the suites the Emperors and their
personal retinues proceeded to the
Admitted They Are Vessels of Large Size With Excep
tional Gun Range?Navy Experts Declare They
Are Too Slow to Attack Troopships.
my Associated Press. 1
WASHINcJTON. August 15.?German
submarines carrying out raids in Amer
ican waters are of the cruiser type,
very probably converted merchantmen
like the Deutschland. which made two
peaceful trips to the United States be
fore this country entered the war. They
are low-speed craft with groat cruis
ing- radius, carrying large crews, 5.9
ijioh guns and mine-laying equipment,
as well as torpedoes.
These conclusions have been drawn
by naval officers from detailed reports
which have been gathered from time
to time since the U-boats tirst appear
ed off the Atlantic coast last May.
The largest of them probably is not
more than 300 feet long, and officers
are satisfied they are not the super
submarines which frequent reports of
late have said LSvrmany was building.
It may now be stated that tho raid
era have made no effort to attack
troopships leaving for 10 u rope. and that
none of thorn ever has been sighted
by outbound transports or convoying:
warships. This fact, together with the
general character of tlie operations of
the suhmerslbles. Is accepted here gen
erally as proof that the sole purpose of
tho raids is to hinder commerce as
much as possible and. incidentally, to
carry the (jcrm.in campaign of "fright
fulnoss" to the United States.
Speed has been saoriticcd to cruis
ing radius, and it is estimated that
their maximum on the surfaco is not
more than twelve knots, while they
probably cannot do better than six
submerged. Their slowness, officers
cay, makes them unsuitable for opera
tions in tho war zone, where speedy
destroyers are constantly on guard,
and it appears that they have been em
ployed largely In sporadic raiding ex
<iunncrs 01 r jciu .Marsnai von Ilindcn
burg and General Ludendorff to hear
their report on the military situation."
PARIS. August ID.?Advices reach
ing here via Switzerland indicate that >
one of tho chief purposes of the central 1
powers' confercnco at the German
headquarters in the field is the discus
sion of ways and means to strengthen
the war will of the Teutonic peoples
and their eastern allies.
Report has it that the two Kaisers
propose to issue a proclamation to
their peoples saying the war "must
continue because the allies will it ho.".
The plea will be made that England .
refused the Kaiser's peace offer and
tho Germans will be called upon to
follow the example set by France, who,
bleeding on the verge of defeat for
four years, proudly fights on.
I Bv Associated Press. 1
FRANCE, August 15 (Noon).?Albert
Is still hold strongly by the Germans.;
British patrols, on entering the town, j
were fired on from the Albert cathe- I
It will be remembered that the Ger
man retirement in February, 1917. lo
the Hindonburg line was Immediately
preceded by slight local retirements
such as have been made north of Al
bert. The mystery now is whether
some such plan is being carried out
by the enemy. If this is true, the
situation should he clarified in a short
Throughout this section of France,
and especially at Amiens, a fete of
deliverance from the menace of the
? iermans was celebrated to-day. Amid
tho sandbags piled about the statuary
and the debris caused by German shells,
a few old-time residents of Amiens, a
group of Roil Cross nurses and some
British and French officers and sol
diers gathered at Amiens' great cathe
dral for ser\ice.
It was a most Itnpressiv ceremony.
The altar was decorated with the flags
? >f France. Great Britain and the
I'nited Stales. The war-lime congre
gation sit betwen two great piles of
sandbags at "no end ?>f the giatil struc
ture. French soldiers sang in the
Extensive damage was done (n the
edifice by Gorman sheila during thu
bombardment of Amiens. Many beau
tiful windows have been smashed and
one shell penetrated the r^of and burst
near the entrance, severely wrecking!
I>iat part of the gigantic church.
I l"tv As.-? 'i lai"! Press. 1
FRANCE, August 15.?The Hebuterne
salient has practically disappeared as
a result of the German retirement in
that sector of the front. The British
have now pushed their posts far to? 1
ward Bucfiuoy.
General I^udendorff's recent order.'
that ground mtisi bo given up if hom
ing it would entail an undue expendi- ;
ture of man power, is believed to be:
largely, responsible for tho German
withdrawal The wonCorfnl success of
the light British tanks has probably j
impressed^ the German high command
with the desirability of getting behind
the River Anore wherever practicable.
I Uv Afs.x lilted Press I
OO.NI'ON, August 1j*.?Twenty-one
German airplanes were destroyed and!
: ix driven down out of control yester- j
? lay. according to the official communi- !
ration on aerial operational issued to. ,
night. Fifteen British airplanes arc
missing as a result of the air com
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patriarch's retort to the Bolshevik
plunder of tho Russian church.
"Tlchon is a patriot, a very able
old man, with the appearancc of an
elderly peasant, lie epjoys popularity
among the pious women of tho lower
and middle classes. Ho has arranged
lately several religious street demon
strations at Petrograd and Moscow, at
tended by immense crowds.
"It is by utilizing these two cur
rents that Germany hopes to build up
her new political move. She is train
ing troops to move from three cen
ters?Helslngfors. Reval and Paskoff.
"Next month a great church congress
will be held in Moscow, at which, ac
cording to my information, the restora
tion of the monarchy will be pro
"By that time. Germany's strategic
military preparations in Russia will
bo completed. By the combined effort
of Germany, the Russian monarchists,
the Russian church and the Russian
reactionary elements, a new holy al
liance- may be established between a
rcsforcd Russian monarchy and Ger
"It is this scheme which, in my
opinion, explains the sudden appear
ance In the German papers of news
describing the position of the Bol
shevik rule as desperate and their fall
as imminent."
<Gentinued From First Page.)
quoted extensively from testimony
before the committee by Secretary
Baker. General March and Provost
Marshal-General Crowder.
"The United States government."
General March is quoted as saying,
"has been asked by her allies to em
bark upon a program so large that It
was necessary very carefully to ascer
tain whether we could go through with
it or not, and one of the features of
this enlarged program was providing
men. The desire of the administra
tion is to establish limits both maxi
mum and minimum, which will accom
plish this program and at the same
time disorganize the Industries of the
country as little, as possible.
pit Four*: K\orc;n in
l-'llAM K TO KXI> XV.\ It
"The policy of the War Department
is to put the maximum number of men
in France, with the idea c. shortening
the war. We found from figures fur
nished by the provost-marshal-general
that we coould embark 011 a program
<if eighty divisions in France by June
.'to. 1919. with eighteen divisions at
home. These divisions consist rough
ly of 40,000 men to a division After
prolonged study of the available man
power of the United States, the pro.
vost-marshal-general iho.ved that It
was necessary to drop to eighteen
years of age and go to forty-five in
order to get the men to carry it
through. All the men obtained under
the proposed change *?? tho draft law
?approximately 2.300.000?wo expect
in France by .lune .10, 1919."
General March told the committee
that he was unqualifiedly in favor of
having the army composed of as many
young men as possible. Young men
between eighteen ani ?.wonty, he said,
not only do not have as many encum
brances. but they ar? l>.:t'?r fit physi
??The President," said General March,
resuming his statement "has finally
217 East. Broad
Suits?many attrac
tive Suits, splendid ma
terials, in this clean up
Extra Special ?
One lot of charming f
Silk Dresses, beautiful <
patterns, $9.95, V
$ll.9r>. Actual values 5
up to $25.00. J
announced that the AmTicnn military
policy from this tlmo ?i\ is centered
on the western front and w> have
declined to ho diverted from that one
thing:. The War Department 1st* now
udoptcd this as a ji-illcy, nnd it Is the
policy of the United Slat03 that She
military program is to ccruere I in
"If tho ages aro changed to eighteen
lo forty-live the sysn?J!n vf voiumaty
enlistments In tho Untied States Army
disa p pears.
Ki itMsn i:.\otnn me.v
"The purpose of America," General
March continued, "is to furnisu enough
man power to whip the GoriniKH f r jra
now 011. The only way that Germany
can he whipped is by America going
into this thine with her whole
st reiiKth."
"Then, America has got to put
enough men over there to whip tier
many'.'" asked Senator Kirhv.
"That is it in a nutshell," General
March rep'ied.
| "It is up to via to win th?* war. and
we can win it. Mow lo.ig 1; ill take
( w'll dfrpent' cxactly upo.i what we <!??.
! If we drag alon^ with this thing and
| put a small forco over there, we will
I be playing Germany's came. It is my
, belief that, with an A.-nerlcaa a -my of
' 4,000,000 men in Franc** under t ne
j commander-in-chief. we cm go thr?*U!;h
the German line whov.over wo_jdcase."
I "This law," he added. "will' let us
loan on class 1 until June 30 of rev.:
year. We reached the conclusion that
the enlarged program was necessary
on July 30."
Common I'rimlut;* Hrinj; From ?tO (o
*?#:? l'rr I ()() nit Danville
.Market Opens.
j [Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
I UANVILdjIS, VA.? August 15.?Predic
tions by tobacco men as to high prices
j were fully sustained here to-day at
| the opening of the Danville tobacco
market, common primings brinsinir
I from Sltl to $'13 per 100 pounds, an uti
j heard-of price for that qua 1 ity of to
bacco. The size of the first sales were
I surprising, more th;ui 30,000 pouti-ls
| Leing disposed of.
| Before the sales began this morning,
{ all of the buyers decided to give to the
| Danville lied Cross chapter one bundle
of tobacco from every pile tine day in
the week throughout the season.
Jinn Convicted of I'liKlnjj Hmtilta in
Slii(iN* Cnrnopn ItccnpOired
In Spoilt.
WARlliXCTON-, Am gust 15.? Robert
Fay, who was convicted of placing
bombs on ships carrying supplies and
troops to Kiirope and who eseapetl af
ter being sentenced to the Atlanta
penitentiary, has been apprehended in
Spain. Secretary Lansing announced
to-day that he Is being brought hack
to the United .States without extradi
I'lrst Hale "f Ik I ;i it'I Sold.
I IIv Anforiat'.'ft I'ro.-n t
S.VVA N N All, t;.\. August 15.?Thi
first bale of sea island cotton of the
season arrived to-day from Stateshnro.
It was sold at auction at the Savannah
Cotton Exchange for T'"> cents a pound.
It weighed 3-0 |?ouids.
I.ltinnr l.atv \ iohillon ('barged.
NKWTOUT Ni:\VS. V.V. August 15.?
J. I?. Parker. Ineal attorney, chart?!'',
with having carried a <|iiantity of ar
dent spirits into one of the local campo
contrary to Federal law. will he given
a preliminary hc'iriiu; before W. I!.
Colonna, United Stales commission
to-morrow mornlng'.
Fruit Steamer
Escapes U-Boat
Submarine Forced to Submerge
After firing Fifteen Shots
at Liner.
my Associated Press. 1
NEW POUT NEWS, VA., August 15.?
A detailed story of tho attack on a
United Krult Company steamer 200 |
miles off tho Virginia capos Tuesday 1
afternoon by a German submarine that '
fired broadsides was reported this af- i
tcrnoon. Duo to tho crack marksman- !
ship of the American ship's gun crew. !
the underwater vessel was frightened
Jt was a clear day at sea. The bin :
American ship was steaming toward 1
harbor. Everybody was intent upon j
his particular work on board, and
nothing out of tho ordinary was ex- !
peeled. However, there suddenly carne
a call from tho lookout; "Some one's
liring at us."
Members of the crew ran aft, and]
there saw shells flip into tlie waves 1
one after another several thousand
yards back of the ship. Through I
glasses, a German submarine was j
sighted nbout four miles off. with
sweating gun crew:; operating live-inch '
guns at each end of the submersible. I
Immediately the ship's gun crew went
at it. A reckless .but scientific duel |
bogan. Nearer came the shells of the
U-boat, and closer to the U-boat
plunged the shells from the ship. Af- I
ter fifteen shots had been tired by the j
llun. and eight or nine by the ship. 1
the Hun crew ducked for shelter, and
the submersible itself sought the safe- ;
ty that unfortunately lies a few fa
thoms below the surface of the sea. J
It was a joyous gun crew on tho
ship?they had scared the boche. The
submerslblo was described as having
been about 350 feet long, with two tive
inch guns, and probably some Miuilm
guns on the deck.
With .Mm. Wilson, He la Visiting Sum
mer Home of C'olonrl House
In Massnohnsrtts,
I llv Associated Press 1
MA.VCHE.STEK, MASS., August 15.?
President and Mrs. Wilson arrived here
to-day for a visit at the summer home
of Colonel E. M. House. Their special
train made tiio trip from Washington
in approximately twelve hours, arriv
?ng here at 3:20 o'clock this morning,
es aping by a few hours Some of tho
hottest weather of the summer. Tho
President found the north shore de
lightfully cool and clear.
The President and Mrs. Wilson were
met at the station by Colonel House
and Mrs. House and a few other friends.
It was understood that it was the
wish of the President that he be per
mitted to cojuv a brief outing quietly,
and. so fnr as known here, no visitors
were expected.
Wife Hlew While Vlslllng.
HARKIhONHUIUi, VA., August 15.?
.Initios Morris received a message yes
terday announcing the death of his
wife, who was visiting her husband's
relatives at Free I'nion. Albemarle
County. She was thirty-six years of
age. and had been in ill health sinc?
January. She is survived by her
mother, husband and f?>ur small chil
dren. The body will ho brought here
for interment.
kTo help make ?lmn;,
krfn, red-hlood Ameil
cnna there K itnihlu^ in m?
ruirrlrnn? \t !? ii-|i 1 h:i\e
found no v^ln::bir tin ori;nnl<<
Iron?Numlril Iron," nay- Dr. .Innim
Frunrl* SulMvnn, former 1* i>li > * Irlii ti
of Rellerue Hospital (l)iMiin(ir Drpl.l,
?N>w York. am' the WMfrlicnier Coun
ty llospitxl. \Riniivl Iron often In
erenaest thr nlrvnprth s>iu> rndtiraarr of
weak. nervouw, rui'-dinvn pr?;ilr In
two nrdis' time. I (? i? now lii'lns
?l"fl by over three million proplr nu
nonlly, I nt'l uri inp; huoli mtn tin Hon.
Trt'ltlif >1. Shmv, furmrrlr Srcrpiarr of
^ tlie Trpn?ury,
jir- ^ un nuil ri-Govrr
f.iLU*9*^ JX nor of Inwm
^ former United
1 1 Stut cm Scnutur
IUehnrd Holland ICenuey of Delawnre,
at present )lnjor of thf L'. S. Army;
Grnrrol John I,, firm (Rftlrrdl, tlie
flmmmcr Itoy of Slilloh. who vrna ?fr
Kennt In the I,'. S. Army when only 12
yeura of asc nlao 1'nlird State* Jii(l|;r
(i. \V. Atkinson of the Court of Cliiini*
of Wa.iliinnrtnn and others. Nuintrd
Iron in rilapenaed liy all Rood druKK>?ta
rv crTivlicrr.?Adv.
'Q/?e aSsjo ?fnvJ/e*s crJ)Jp
. Serve ice cold. Some like it with a dash of salt.
In th.' bottle?wherever soft drinks are sold.
By the Case?
from yovu grocef.
U?i? I*i ?
Beverage Co., Inc.
Telephone .Minllnoti tltlOT.
is-ji k. maim sthkIit, mcHMoxn, va?
lllNlrllitltorii of .Villo.
Cnmp Commnndrr, llowvtr, linn
I'onrr to Itrtiirn Thm? to .Mili
tary Dutv If They Knil.
WASUINCJTON. August 15.?Con
scientious# ohjcctors arc to lio put to!
work on tlie farms. Tho problem of j
their presenco In the various camps |
has been solved by the War Popart-1
ment's decision to turn them over to'
the Department of Agriculture fartn
help specialists. Strict record of \heir
work, however, will Lj kept and for
warded to their camp commanders, so
that tho farm work assignment may
bo canceled for cause and tho men
returned to military duty.
Sonio of tho objectors already have ,
been placed on the farms: eighty-eight 1
from Camp Meade. 102 from Camp Leo
and an undetermined number from
Camp Taylor. Tho :non are sent to
farm work on furloughs fcr that pur
poso. such a. procedure already being
authorized for any farm-trained selec
tive whoso volunteered services are
i:.itr:ivi.irnnt llun I*rl?ro|?'t Acnin Con
troln Ills Own I'urnc
tltv Associated PrfM.1
AMRTKilPAM. August 15?The
guardianship under which I'rince Fried
ricrlx Leopold of 1'russi.i was placed
last Juno lias been rescinded. accord
irig to the iieitung am Mittag, of Ber
11 n.
The NclIiiiK itfH'N of the ?l??y Ik con
tnlnril In tile Want Ail*. ICrml t lit* in
I linroiiKli I
A Tonic and
Health Builder
Take C.A l.fEft it? to rltl yourself of th.it
wiaUt'nli.K inTsl.'tent i-ouirh. which Ij
lhn-ufnintr you xvuh throat or limn trou
Kvr-n In urute citin'ti a ftert Inc throat
siii'l lun;s CAlA'EltllS kavn k!vc:i mu<-h
tulicf?in in.my i af.'-rt hciDtiiK l" restore
health Tlii v ?!%<? :tr?rnt?th to c oinbut III
(.??km ('nntain ? uli'ltnil la Iliuo ?.ili|. bo
LOtnDounili 'l .i.i to l>? ? uHily ahborUeil.
( iilcerliv .">(1 crnt* a llm. Al ull <lrucclM?
or from iiiumifuclurer. i< >~t uaiil.
ECK.VAN I.A ItOHATOnr. I'hllii.l lnhU.
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Old One.
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Nfrvous Dlaeaarn?Locomotor Ataxia,
Neurasthenia, Melancholy and Despon
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I'hone Randolph fiSON.
ofpicei i,vine nuti.in.vo,
Ninth mid Rroad fttreet*,
Suite 30(1-308.
urnin 01 wnnfr Ix raynf.
Walltrr Ij- Payne filed In Rlchmon*
Wednesday night. llo was sixty.tw?
years old, and was tlio son of Walker!
Tazewell Payne and fcllzabeth Kin-!
brought Payne, pt Campbell Conuty
Burial will tako placo In Chathan*i
this morning at 10 o'clpck. Mr. Payn?|
Is survived by a wlfo, who was Vlr.
jrlnla Clark Troadway, and thre? chlw '
dren?W. T. Payne, of Panama, and w.
Dandrldpre Payne and M*b. R. W. Low\.
both of Richmond.
I.ONt I'rum U. 8. Ship.
WASHINGTON, 'AurubI 15?Ralph
U. Davis, fireman of Taylorsvlllo. Ga.
and two seamen were drowned froni
tho IJ. S. H. Supply, on August 10. tho
Navy Department announced to-day.
Children teething are liable to bowel
trouble. Dr. SI'ITH ARNOLD'B B \1 .
SAM Is the remedy. Warranted by j. {.?
If you knew sugar was
going to 15c the pound
on September 1st, and
you could buy all you
wanted to now at 10c,
you wouldn't miss the
opportunity, now would
That's about tho way
things to wear are go
ing to soar in price be
fore many moons!
And, unlike sugar,
there's no limit put on
your buying it now.
Hundreds of thoughtful
men and parents have
accepted the warning?
we are here to serve
YOU at the present old
priccs. '
Good clothing will prove
good capital for many
months to come.
Arc you on?
Only $25.75
for Thla $35.00
This Is the Genuine Napanee Cab
inet you see ho extensively adver
tised In the magazines and on the
billboards, with all newest, most
improved featurea A great valuo.
Hopkins Fnrniture Co.
25 \Ve?t llrond Street
The Home of Good Furniture and
Liberal Credit
"And They Do Exactly
What They Say
They'll Do"
That's the kind of reputa
tion the L.AC organization
has. And this applies just
as much to USED CARS as
to supplies, pleasure cars,
trucks and repair service.
When you want to be
SURE that you're getting
a GOOD, Dependable used
car, just
A^sk Mr, Lucas
Linmgcr-ASsop Co., Inc.
221 West Drond Street.

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