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Hnrprr'* WrnkrnlnK fitvw T>rtrnit A Ir
tory?Indl:in>> ile*t % "rt'
Sox Win from "While Sox.
, my Ai?*oclato() 1'rfM.l
WASHINGTON. August IP?Fn,','rirlc
the ninth Innlnp with a load of fin
rims. Harper, pltchinp for Washington,
weakened, with the result that the
\r?* able to tic the score. and in ilu
sixteenth the visitors nmde 1wo runs
?while the locals could make hut one
and won the same. 8 to ..
Harper was knocked out of the
in the ninth innlnp after live runs had
been made, but Shaw, who relieved him.
Issued two passes, which forced over
the tving run. The winning runs in
the sixteenth inning were the result <;f
crrcrs by Foster, who missed Harper s
crounder. booted Hush's low hit and
threw wildly to the plate. The score:
AH H. O. A. E
Bush, ss * J J H J
Jones. 3b ? -
Cobb, cf ' '!
Veach. If 8 1 .? >
Griggs. lb. . ? > 1
G. Harper, rf * \ ' J! 1
Young. 2b '? r ; '
J 5 ? 8
Jones, p - 0 " - '
?Cunningham, p 3 1 0 _ _
Totals 1C ?IS 16 3
"Batted for Jones in ninth.
M nsliiliptoti.
AH. 11. O. A. E.
Shotton. If Jj - '? J' J' [
Koster. 3b 7 2 1 - 2 ?
Judge. lb 7 0 17 1 0 I
Milan, cf 7 3 5 0 0
Schulte. rf ?> 2 5 - "
Shanks.. 2b 7 1 4 6 0 :
1 .avail, ss 7 2 1 ?! 1
Ainsmith. c r> 2 !? M o
it. Harper, p 1 0 <>
Shaw, p 0 o 0 o o
Johnson, p 3 0 l l 0
Totals 10 14 4S 16 3
Score by innings: H.
Detroit ....0 MOO 00006000000 2?8
Washington.'. 0 <? 0 o 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1?7
Summary: Uuns?Jones, Veach, G.
Harper (->, Crlgps. Voting (2), Cun
ningham, Shotton, Eoster. Milan,
Schultc. Shanks (2). Lav:in. Two-base
hits?Shotton. Sclnilte, Koster. Thive
base hits?Ainsmith, Veach. Stolen
bases?Milan, Cunningham, Schulte.
Sacrifice fly?Ainsmith Double plays
?Jones to Young to <3rigps. Left on
bases?Detroit, IS; Washington. N.
Eifst basi; on errors?Washington. -;
Detroit, 2. Bases on balls?oil Har
per. 5; off Jones, 1; oiT Shaw, 2: off ;
Johnson. 2. Hits?off Kallio, 6 in 1 lu
ring; oft Jones, t'. in 7 innings; olY Cun
ningham, 2 in 8 innings; oil Harper, Hi
in 8 2-3 innings; oil' Snaw, o in i-:< in
ning; off Johnson, 3 in 7 innings.
Struck out?bv Kallio. 1; by Jones, 2;
by Harper. 4; by Cunningham. 2; by
Johnson, 5. Wild pitch?Johnson.
;l'assed bull?Ainsmith. Winning pitch
er, Cunningham; losing pitcher, John
- BOSTOX, August 10.?Bush out
,*,f>ilched Cicotte to-day and Boston won
^Jhe odd and last game oS' the Chicago
. series. 2 to 0. Hooper's single, Sheans
^fntleld out und Strutik's triple scored
.one run in the tirst. Coll'oy's single
^?nd Mayer's double scoreil the other
istun in the second. Coffey's fielding was
?excellent. The score:
T; Chicago.
A.B. H. O. A. E.
.'^tlood, cf 4 0 3 0 0 ?
-l.oibold, If 4 0 4 0 0
"V caver. ss 4 2 1 :? 0
? Cundtl. lb ?! o 7 2 0
;3. Collins, rf 3 l l 0 o
-Mostll. 2t> 3 1 1 1 0
'l'melll, 3t> 2 ft 1 1 (i
t>chalU. v u o f, o 0
.C cotte, p 3 l l o o
Totals 30 5 21 7 0
*,1 A.B. H. O. A. E.
?Hooper, rf 4 1 3 0 0
'jfheau, 2l? 1 l 4 2 0
?Vtrunk, cf 4 2 2 0 o
fcUuth, If 4 1 2 0 0
-Mclnnis, lb 4 O 12 0 M
.'?Soott, ss ;i 0 2 4 0
Coffey. 3b 3 1 o 6 0
?Mayer, c 3 1 3 1 o
Bush, p 3 1 0 1 0
Totals 32 S 27 11 0
Score by innings: K.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0?0
.Boston 1 1 0 o o o 0 o x?2
Summary Huns?Hooper, Coffey.
!Two-hasc hit?Mayer. Three-base hit
?Strunk. : | ?'lrii bases?Weaver. Dou
ble play- Scott to Shean to Mcltmis.
l.eft on bases-?Chicago, 4; Boston, 0.
"Bases on balls?off Hush, 1 Struck
out?by Cicotte, 3; by Bush, 3. I'assed
.ball?Mayer, 1.
115y Associate! I're.ss.l
NEW YOHK, August 16.?Cleveland
made it two out of three from New
York, defeating the Yankees in the
last game of the sufics h?re to-day,
?12 to 4. , *. . ?
The visitors piled* u;> runs at will on
Einneran and Sanders in the fourth
and eighth innings. Wood hit a dou
ble and three singles and made a clean
steal of home in the fourth inning.
The score:
Cl^ f land.
AH. II O. A. E
Oraney, If 5 o J 0 0
Chapman, as 5 1 I
?Speaker, cf r, 2 1 1 0
Besclier, cf 0 0 1 1 (>
Wood, rf 5 4 o m 1
Johnston. li? f> 1 ;i ] (1
Evans, 3b 4 :: :t 2 0
Turner, 2b 4 2 ;t " 0
O'Neill, c 4 i r. 2 0
Couinbe. p 5 3 2 3 <j
Totals 4 2 17 2 7 15 1
-NcVv York.
AH. II. t >. A. E
. Gilhoolcy, rf 1 ;; 1 0
."Ward, cf 4 0 u 0
1 taker, 3b I n -j j
J'ratt. 2b 4 I u ;; T.
fournier, lb 4 2 1 >
Hummel. If 4 1
I'eckinpaugli. -:s :: u ..
Walters, c 4 I I
Einneran, p 1 11 i>
Sanders, p. 1 <1 1.
lftrguson, jt 1 11 11
J^Hannah 1 0 0
? r.:
11 ii
o II
Totals S3 y 27 12 3
' *l'.atted for Persuson in ninth.
'."Score by innings: H.
Cleveland 0 0 0 7 0 0 fi r, 0 -12
New York 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 " 2 4
* Summary: I'.uns?Grnney (2), Chap
How They Stand To-Day
Chicago. 0: Denton. 3.
M. l.ouln. Si: riillndolpliln. 2.
J-i? i ' f: n?!<'nirf"n. 7.
Cleveland. 13; .Nnv York. 4.
I tost on WSS
Cleveland J? ???',
SST'W,::S ?? ?'?
bVi ro?t '? ?;!! -ji/,
1'i.iia.iriDhi.. ?? :S3"|
CliU-iiKo nt Now York.
St. ' "ills ,n Wushlncton.
t It'Xrluiid at Huston. 1
Detroit at Philadelphia.
vestehday's uksults.
Huston. 0: St. I^,uls. h.
Hrooklyn. .*?; I'll tshuricli. 1.
Cl.lraco w8"- *>"'*? re*.
>>?? York ::?? 22
Pit tslitircli 5-j 2, "3S^
Cincinnati .. I.." 1111 fii '-v*.
ItrnoUlvn ? 811 nc ?}*??/
I'lilladrliilila !!!i47 rl? *1^.,
Itoston 4,'i }:/. -St
rldlndrlnliln at Chiraco.
v V,\'rk.111 t'iarlnnntl.
Itoston at St. I.oul*. I
"rookiyi at J'jttsfourch. j
CV&Crr.^'?^- FVans' Turner'
!oi ? . ?,*-'? t-oumbo (2), Baker
u}' TO1' r?urn,*r- Two-base hits?
"oi? it |,oa '? '*',irec"base bit?Hum- 1
i"?n..? . r,,n?Stolen bases?!
.li s, Chapman, Wood, O'Neill Turner i
Sacr, ce hlt-Ulli.oolcy. DoublJ "plays !
tiilhooley, 1 ccKinpaiigli --..d l-'ouY
iiior; Speaker. O'NeUl aiul Evans J.eft '
Pi'r.Vases?"N?w York. r?; Cleveland. !?.
Mr.st on errors?Now York. 1; Clove-'
?, ?n '-"Is?olt Kinneran.
? oft ? andcrs o; off Kerguson, 2: oft
r* r* "its?-off Kinneran, 7 in
.? - - >> innings; otr 'Sanders, 8 in a *>-?{ i
innings; _ oft" Kcrcuson, 2 in 1 ?-*i Tnl
nings. Struck ..ut?by Sanders, l; bv
!? orgusoti l; liy Coumbc, 5. Losinc
Ditcher, Kinneran. nosing
JHv Associated Press. 1
1 A> A?KU8t 1G.?Daven
? [t V S<r0,u' ti,"u' ,h,cc d;'vs
, , .. I'f'lis to victory over Phila-I
rt-lphia to-day, 5 to 2. The rirownJ
i!(l1lft'l|1hlthr0ff 'f>l!!l8!'n ,n lho fourth!
uul ?i:th. three of their tivc two-bair-!
--?is coining in these innings. lu,,.
mitt. after hitting for two bases in
the first inning, dashed to third a i
moment later, found Sisler alro-tdv !
there, and was an easy out. The score: '
St. I."ills.
To bin. If AV- M' ?.; A,i
Mai?oi. 3b r, ,?
^?' ? " 0 o o
MS 10r. 1 l? .< ?; 1 n
Demmltt. if 4 :i 2 o n
Ilendryx. cf r, 2-100
?I n
3 0
? 0
fi 0
11 27 15
tiedeon, 2b 4
vustin. ss ^
^overeld. c 2
!?.: venport, p.....!!! i. ." ?>
Philndclpli in.
ARll.O. A. K.
Acosta. rf 112 0 0
"???, 3 1 l ? 0
\\alker. cf 3 0 2 0 0
I ?urns, lb. .j j 1;{ j n
?.ardner, 3b \ o
McAvoy c -t 1 3 1 0
l?ykos. 2b ft a ^ i
!>\ican, ss 3 o .> r> ,,
?lobnson. p !! .'! o o o 2 0
;M*iench l o o n o
.Merson, p 0 o n i o
t.l a mieson 1 0 o 0 o
'.regg, p 0 0 0 o n
Totals an 0 "7 17 l
? I>a11or' for Maisol in ninth.
rnatted f<>r .lobnson in fifth.
-I.:?tted for Pierp.in in eighth.
Score by innings: p
?t. _ l.otifft i 0022000 o r>
I'hi^Mlolphia On oooi 01 0 2
Mimmnrv ? Ttiu*s -Tobin. Sisler f2).
n?*!n;nitt. Hetnlryx. Kopp Dngan. Two
Viso hit;; ?Tobin. Monimitt. "-'islor. H?n
?lry\* Thrf'o-lmso liit?Knnn Stolon
bases?Severei'l. Tobin. Sacrifice hits
Alpi?el. u.-<.wniMirt, Johnson. Kopp
Sacrifice fly Walker OroibU- plnv
'Gardner 1'vV-os ;i!iil nnrns. Unses on
'?'Ms?off .lohnson. off a
Mit? off Johnson. ^ in r. inninsrs ofr
I'ierson. 1 in a innings; off flrr-er ? in
' ini 'ntr. Struck ->-i? by Joh-?son I i
'?a- I'ier'son. 1: by l>r>venport, k t.os- i
; in; pItchr, Johnf?>n.
Intornntlnnal S?veo?sinl<o? Pner* nt :
!?horp.shra?l Hay Will Ho
It ii ii Saturday.
Ni:w YOT:K. \ugust ir. . Ralnh Dp
T nirnii, th?* p|u?# c| ')o?Tir?n of 10in. i?:
atr iin tho t'avnrito \<? win ti?.? fntorna- '
? tional sweet.sti.kos r.-o-.-s at th<> Shoejis- I
.'id I.ay snoedway here to-morrow af
I ternooti. He lias been the most mn
sistent winner of the year so far. and!
1. oks now bl-.-v t'i<> most lorical tian
r,M,,,K'N 'kinsi" title of 1!MS
J l-.- original ruarri nt. nurse <.'i
Sa.OOO hast been Increased 52.000, It was I
announced to-day by Harry s. Hark-1
ne ;s. . w :).?!? of t Ii ?? >??><. edwav. bv t!io
entrance of I rrt Vail, the Tlroolclvn
driver, who has posted his .?2.0(io f,...
Although \ .ill is an added starter, he
is i mi!-ideri il nevertheless dangerous
and was allow, d to ent-r only after the
scc'rr'eVi other ,|rivers had been
In i.rder to prove bis car capable of
V,1 ?l1K *'is!;"ice ill satisfactory
; !\ i' ra?'<-<l off a few laps to-dav
.it a rate of 110 miles an hour
I he p.,st u..,k the odds in l.et
,int . r.-b s w. ,e pretty . yen between
l?e l-'l'i'-i ud l>ario Kesta. with l.ouis
:. ; ' .I'-"1 1 "" behind I'.ut u her,
. ?...line I.nown to-day that He pa).
loa 1,1(1 covered a long distance at the
average speed of ur
? M S pet hour in a test spin, his stock
' J"?U> and the Italian champion
is now the undisputed favorite ,
ate I-'.'m.I, , u iM participate
,'| , , -^''iford. Arthur Imray, Cliev
i "in, Kesta and Vail.
Siir?>?.j,qfi,j linHlnesH men rtnd Tlnien
l>is|?aleli \\ant ,\ d* Kreat salon nro
th, Uiu can use them wllli profit.
Itciln Admlnlstcj Second Consecutive
Dffcnt to i;inntn?Cardinals
Shut Out tlrnvpx.
fBy Associated Press.)
PITTSBURGH, Augusl 10.?Pitcher
Mayer's delivery was easy for the
Brooklyna during tho first" six innings
of to-day's game with tho Pirates
here. He was driven from the bo*, and
Pittsburgh defeated by a score of 5 to
1. This is Mayer's first dofett since,
Joining the Pirates after winning eight
straight games. Cheney was in good
form and held the home sluggers safe
all the time. The score:
A.B. II. O. A. 13. '
Johnston' rf 5 2 4 0 0
Olson, ss -1 1 1 0 0
Daubcrt, lb 3 1 7 0 0 i
Z. Wheat, If 3 2 2 0 0
Myers, cf -I 0 3 o 0
O'Mara. 3b. s. 3 2 2 1 0
Doolan, 2b 3 I 0 2 0 ,
Miller, c 4 0 s 0 0
Cheney, p 4 I 0 2 0
Totals 33 10 27 5 0
~.n. H. o. A. K.
Boone, ss ft ft -I 3 1 :
Bigbce, if 3 it 3 o 2
Carey, cf. 4 1 1 0 0
South worth, rf 4 1 1 0 0
?'tit shaw, 2b 3 0 0 2 0
Moll wit/., lb 3 112 1 0
McKechnio, 3b 4 1 1 4 0
Schmidt, c 3 1 2 2 0 i
Smith, e 0 0 3 0 0
Mayer, p 2 1 n 1 0
?Sanders, p 1 o n o o
?Hinchman 0 0 0 0 0
t l>each ? 0 0 0 0 |
Totals 32 fi 27 13 3
?Hatted for Sanders in ninth.
?titan for Ilinchnian in ninth.
Score by innings. n. !
Brooklyn 3 0 0 0 0 2 o ft n?ft
Pittsburgh 0 o o o o l n o o?l
Summary: Huns?Johnston. Olson.
Wheat. Myers,* O'Mara. Oarey. Two
iiase hits?O'Mara. Cheney. Tliree-haso
hits?Doolan. Carey. Stolen base?
Mollwitz. Sacrifice hits?Daubert 2;
Doolan. Sacrifice ily?Cutshaw. Double
play?McKechnio. Mollwitz. Schmidt
and McKechnio. First base on errors?
Brooklyn, I. Boft on bases?Brooklyn.
7: Pittsburgh, 10. Bases on balls?"oiT
Cheney, C>: olT Mayor, 2. Hits?od .
Cheney, 0 in 0 innings; off Mayer, 7 !n
ft 1-3 innings; off Sanders, 3 in 3 2-3
innings. llit by pitcher?by Mayer
(O'Mara). Struck out?by Cheney," 5;
by Mayer. 2; by Sanders, 2. Winning,
pitcher?Cheney. losing pitcher?
[H.v Associated Pros*.}
CINCINNATI, August 10.?After New
York had gone to the front in the first
half of the ninth inning to-day by hit
tii.tr Schneider freely, Cincinnati came
back in the last half, knocked Steele ?
out of the box and won after Perritt j
had relieved the left-hander. Toney
pitched well for eight innings, except
n the third, when a single, a walk and
Housh's homo run gave Cincinnati three .
runs. Schneider was wild, but re- .
ceived excellent support. The score:
.New York.
AB. H. O. A. E.
Hums. If 2 0 1 1 n
Young, rf ft 2 ft 0 0
Knurr, cr 42300
Doyle. 2b 3 0 1 2 1 :
Fletcher, ss 4 l 3 3 0
Zimmerman, 11) and 3b.. 4 0 s l ft
Sicking. 3b 3 0 0 1 1
*Wilhoit 0 0 n 0 0
Hariden. c 0 0 ft 0 11
McCarty, c 4 2 3 1 ft
Hodriquez, lb 0 0 1 0 0
Toney. p 3 1 ft 3 ft
tOompton 1 ft ft n ft
Steele, p ft ft ft ft ft
Perritt, p 0 0 0 l ft
Totals 33 S|2"i 13 2
AB. II. O. A. K.
Croli. 3b 3 1 1 3 ft
Neale. If 1 ft 2 ft ft
llotish, cf 4 3 4 ft ft .
Mil gee. lb 4 1 V 1 <1
Oriflith. rf 3 I 1 ft ft
rilfto, 4 13 2ft
I'.iackhurne, ss 3 ft 3 ft 1
Win go. 3 1 4 l ft
Schneider, j> 3 ft 1 1 0
Totals 31 S 27 16 1
?Batted for Sicking in ninth.
tBatted for Toney in ninth.
?ne out when winning run scored.
Score by Innings: H.
New York 0 ft ft 0 2 ft 0 1 2 ? 4
Cincinnati ft ft ^ ft ft ft 0 ft 2?ft
Summary: I'.itns?Burns. Young, Wil
hoit. Hodriquez, droll. Ilonsh (2). Ma
iri-o, Schneider. Tw??-bnso hit?Kauff.
Homo run?lioush. Sacrifice hit?fSrif
flth. I.eft on bases?New York. 7: Cin
cinnati. 3. First base on errors?Now
York, 1: Cincinnati Basfs on halls
?off Schneider, ft Hits?off Toney. ft
in S innings; oft' Steele. 2 in 1-3 Inning:
oiT Perritt. l in 1-3 inning Hit by
pitcher?by Toney. 1. Struck out--bv
S'ehnoider. ?; by Toney, 3. loosing
pitcher. Stoo!e.
|Hy Associated Press.1
FT. I,OL"IS, August 16.?Packard
gave Boston three hits to-day while
hih teammates pounded the offerings or
I'udolnh to all corners or the Held in
the first nnil second innings when the
loci'ls scor-(1 all or tln-ir runs, St.
Iiouis shutting o>it tho visitors. S to
ft, in the llrst game of the series. The
Favorite tit llie Saratoga Opening Stock
of Internal Falls Uulckly \M1r11
Htitnor Starts.
SARATOGA. N. Y . August Hi.?Kter
ii:tI. a. lame hors?*. established a new
track record for tin- tlv?- furlongs dis
tance here this afternoon in the last
race. His time was ;.K 2-r.. Internal
was the favorite at t ho opening, but
following the circulation of the report
that he was lame his quotations fell
from 8 to ft to ft to I. His truim-i- tried
to obtain the stewards' const-ni to have
the colt withdrawn, hut aift?? ?? looking
him over the oilicials decided that he
should start. The lame horse won.
I n ternnI iounI itesull*.
At Toronto?Torot.to, 7; Hocne .ter. ft
At Jersey City?Jersey City, 4, Bal
timore, ft.
At Buffalo?Buffalo, Hamilton, ft.
At Binghamt'.n ? Binghamton, 2
Newark, 1.
Boston team was Into arriving- and the
..... start ui '
II union.
game UI<1 not start until nearly 4
o'clock. The score:
Herzosr. ? A'f- ? "V E>
Sf*Tirt- "? ? ? 1 0 1
Ch&ubourne, cf 4 q o q q
Terry, es 1 4 4 0
J. C. Smith, 3b 3 0 2 5 0
Konetchy. lb x s ! 0
i\ m11, c" , 3 0 2 0 0
UhwI np, rf 3 o t j o
Rudolph, ]> j o 0 , 0
Crandull, p 2 l i i o
Totals 3 24 14 2
St. l/ouln.
. , , A.n. II. O. A. K.
Anderson, rf 4 ?? ?> n <>
Betx.el. 31> 5 ?, o J,
Paulette, lb ,'5 3 p J 2
llornsby ss | 5 2 j r, I
l lsbrr. 2b. 4 3 j K 0
t. .VnY" ,fv 1 1 :< 0 0
licathcote, cf 4 ?> -j 0 0
Goifealos. c ; 4 0 3 ? 0
Packard, p 4 , 0 , 0
Totals .. jC 27 J5 3
Score by innings: j;.
Huston 0 0 0 0 00 0 0? 0
St. Louis 3 5 0 n 0 0 0 0 x?s
Summary: Huns?Anderson. Betzel
<-). 1 aulettc. Hornsby (2). Kixher,
Two-base hits?Hornsby,
Manor. Three-bare hits?Kisher.
J^onetohj". Left on bases?Boston. t'?;
i". ou .> First base on errors?
Boston. 3. Bases 011 balls?o'T Rudolpb.
?A ?, laekar<'. 1- Hits?o(T Rudolph.
10 in i innings; off Crandall. fi in r. in
I'lnp. Struck out?by Crandall. 2: by
Packard, 2. Losing- p'lteher?Rudolph.
Jnck TIrltton nnd lliiuiy IiPonnril I'n
nblc to Meet Opponent at
NEW YORK, August 16.?More than
two-score pugilists and referees of
varying degrees of prominence partici
pated in a boxing carnival at lCbbets
Field, Brooklyn, to-night for the bono
?f l'U! Knights of Columbus fund
The boxers, who volunteered their ser
vices, engaged in real bouts. Before
the contests the 25,00<i spectators \ver>
entertained with a concert. .lack
uompscy, who came from Chicago t<?
box, failed to go on with Battling Le
vinsky. of New York, Levinskv went
four rounds to a draw with Billy" Mi.sk?\ ;
of St. Paul. Dompsov sparred four
rounds with Clay Turner, a sparring
partner. Johnny Dundee, of New York,
outfought Kddic Walla, e, <.f Brooklvn.
in a fenr-round bout. Irish Patsy
Kline, of Now York, outfought Phil
Bloom, of Brooklyn, and Walter Mohr
beat Kddic Trcblay. of the United
Stales ship Pennsylvania, both four
round contests.
Jack Britton. of Chicago, was unable
to meet Kid l.ewis, the welterweight
champion, because of illness. Bennv
Leonard, lightweight champion, also
was ill and could not box Harry Pi. /<???
of Brooklyn.
Jim Coffey, of the United States
Navy, defeated Jack Bonds, of < -
tornia, in a font-round bout. Several
bouts of minor importance also were
\ eternn Double Train, Alexander nnd
Wright, Defeat Present Title
BOSTON. August 10.?The veteran
doubles team. Fred l:. Alexander and
Heals C. Wright of New York, out
classed the Western title-holders. W.
1. Hayes and Ralph Uurdiek, of flii
fago, in the loxver half of the semifinal
round of the national doubles lawn ten
nis cha mpiomship al tin- Longwood
1 ricket Club to-day. 0-3. 6-2. 6-3 \iex
indor was very steady and in the ral
lies U right showed flashes of the form
jvnich won him international fame in
Davis cup tournaments. The Western
Litle-holdors fell ofr in their game.
ihe finals to-morrow will bring
Alexander and Wright, each of whom
las pi ay on on formor championship
I earns, against the youthful sensation
U* ?r 1 ha'-ds. of N?v.- Y..rk, and
W . I. I ilden, II., ?r Philadelphia.
^ tn "i rS V M'oe:>. 12 to li .
I ' ,t" -? fj-coiirl: M. iHiieholiu. 110 '
U.inisror,! ), 15 to 1. ?, to 1 ;; fo , fillrii ?
rV.iYi' m-Jir >' Purenri. .Incoltcl. Thirte, t1 i
?? .r W'lfreda. fnwlso t'hllrt. ll.idriin
Mttrhi. Belurlo utid I'revnriente ni'so ran ' '
1 nr;",T -,ui mlle?--.xun Kiim, 142
' am' li ?, I { f fi (vf'ti # 1., - i,1
Haven. 115 (Horsfan). I 1 "to r,. 't'to rf 1 tV?
;eeon.l: Inlid"! li.. 117 (Hyeno. R1 Vto '
rhimi^ai^V'^n Tlm"- 1;24' k'kiS
r..Vuer)! vrr.nt\ ??ru2lottnn.r~,,,{oB4- flrv^i
I"1'" , n,? .Morning. 127 (Kmi|.|.i, 0' to V
Kocnnrl: I'nirv Waiiil 11*.
7 to 1. 3 to 1. 7 #o r, ihini %ii
r?rn 'rassc'i! st:,r Aui'tV.r'
L'ltiniathule, Nutcracker. t.uji ?' the Wiv
? ', ?? i '-?? (Ktlimneri, l" to V i ,V;
Mi. /V r?U,o ?eco,"l: lf'". <UodiV- ?
I TlV. .??;* ?l7.
ftlnl\n"",X- ,0>7 r. to'" |
? i ""co,,'P tiohlinir. IftS (Pree'co*! ?> iV,
} ,'? 4 and out. rIttr<) Time 1 rj; ?V
.'so rann. rr"rv- El,ls?n- Thrills, rhrisiio j
fSeliMttinrcr'.' 7 Vfo ,07 ,
:rs>: Ton,, no (T.vite)" ] i ,o ^ fi.' "' 4. to fl- 1
\vorn?i n's rtM'mvi r .. ^ A new
aT. -s1 , leriI\v.a rr,h,l? i,r;r(-0,-l-l'^>AV!; i
?uMVe ,g.a,M y 'A'sr^, 1
Sobller, >,ny Procure Leaves for That
I'lirpONe by Am,lying to Com.
mnndlng OlIleerM.
W ASIUN'tITON, August in.?-fhe
way has been opened for soldiers In
.-amp to get away for emergency work
on the farm. The War Department an
nouneed to-day that enlisted men may
obtain furloughs to engage in agricul
tural work by making application to
I heir commanding oiliccrs or by having
relatives or other interested persons
apply through the local boards at
which they registered.
Here and There
With "Carlo'
The XfiT Champ.
Ho was born with a long cigarette In
his facc and was nourished on Pllsen
and schnapps. -Dear old Heidelberg's
finest he swilled by tho caso just to
keep up Ills ginger, perhaps. O, a
tough sort of bird Is our little Kroii
f'rinz, and an athlete doughty and cun
ning. All his schnapps and cheroots
must improve his wind, since he is
breaking the record In running.
And, iil*er the Yanks have completed
their trip to Berlin and have quit rais
ing Cain, then the old-fashioned
coaches- will lake tip the trip and pull
forth a new method to train. Their
milers they'll tell to Imbibe steins of
beer and to . practice the art of red
tinting; dear I'rinz Kitel Fred's mem
ory they'll moan and revere, for he
broke the world's record In sprinting. j
How llo They IJo It f
A husky lad was Zip McGhee; a]
brawny, scrapping wrestler lie, who
know the game from A to Z. was solid
and was qulclf?a knotted, muscle
bounded tough who never failed to
treat 'em rough and held an ace within
his cult to take up any trick, lie was
ullllcted oft with Ills of pulling off the
old jiu jits; his leathery and nnm-llk?i I
ii.its knew just the way to do it. <->,
Zip was there with everything when
he crawled over in the ring: he was the
total Sabbath Sing, but, then, nobody !
knew it.
Now, Lucius Fairchild was a goop
who had a weeping willow stoop. He
coughed as if lie had the croup, his
bark was like a heifer's. You'd shiver,
gleefully and laugh could you see Luke
attempt to strafe a punching bag ? he'd
make a calf seem airy as the zephyrs.
He'd be a riot If lie could live out in
soinc secluded wood or slowly crawl
within his hood and lose himself like
Crusoe. But, then, he had an agent
who could shoot forth paragraphs of
goo that l<ucius was the whole blamed
::oo?and everybody knew so.
The two met on the mat one night,
and. when friend relT called "time" on
tight, 'twas said that Luke's hurts were
l? 111 slight, while Zip was badly broken.
The management then shot the ja/.x
that Zip had hied from Boston. Mass..
will lb Luke had shined shoes for his '
sass down In dear old Hohoken. it
knew the papers would declare thai i
Battling Lucius was a bear. tha? he'
could withstand wear and tear, and
that was why he fought so. It knew I
the public all would think that Zip had '
eaten like a kink, and, hence, lie was
a flabby gink. And everybody thought
Not so long now before we hear:
"Heady, ? Heady, ? ;
Whlrrrrrrrr! Time out! Water!"
Nothing to the report that there la
to be staged a double bill at the ball .
park this afternoon, according to "Bob"
Sutton, manager of the Alcoa. "The
Aviators and Kandotph have their game
at llyrd Park to-day, and want to play
there," declared "Bob" last night. But
the Alcos and the Old Virginians, when
they mix it up. will bid fair to make
the spectators forget the suggested
second game.
It has been suggested and seems a
good Idea that an exhibition be played
between the ollicers at Catnp Lee and
the Alcos. Both nines, as far us can 1
be learned, would be about evenly
matched, lioth have good pitchers and
a sweet fielding aggregation. It Is
with the fans to decide whether they
want a return of the cantonment-city
exhibitions, such as were pulled olf J
some time ago by the Battle Axe, semi
pros. and Kd. Ivlepfer's l'hree Hun
dred and Kluhtccnlh Infantry.
Strong tribute to the feeling of so
ciability caused by the great sport of
trapshooling is tendered by the fact
that many of the largest Industrial
concerns in the United States are now
forming gun clubs among their em
ployees, in order to promote a general
feeling of good fellowship and interest
the men in the doings of their fellow
Line 130 Mile* Long Opened for 'l'rnf
tle In I.rs* Tlinn 100
I Itv Associated
l'AKlS, August 10 ([lavas Agency).?
A railway more than 1.10 miles in
lergth behind the Krench front has
been built in less than l'?0 davs, and
yesterday was opened for trallb:. Ms
purpose is to improve the omnuini
<ction between the northern and south
ern parts of the northern railway
system. The construction involves . !.e
building of two important bridges
:.nd a tunnel 375 yards in Itr.grii.
Premier Ciemcnceau and Albert
Claveille, the Minister of Publie Works, J
were present at the cermionv jf put-j
ling the new road into operation.
"All Franco," exclaimed the Premier,
"is working until the day when vie-1
tory shall come?a day of which the
dawn is breaking."
| Driven l?y Ed Germ, He Winn Konturt
1'loKlncr Dnjr Kvent at Ilclmunt
fHv Associated Press. 1
: world's record for trotting stallions
? was hunt; up by St. Frisco, driven by
Kd Geers, in the free-for-all event, the
feature of the closing (Iny of the Grand '
; Circuit meeting at Uelmont track to
day. St. Frisco won the race in
straight heats, with Lu Priceton sec
ond and Miss Hertha Dillon third.
In l Ito Jlrst iieat, pushed hard by Miss
: Hertha Dillon, the stallion stepped the
half in 1 minute and the mile In
: 2:01 3-1. equaling his own world's rec
ord made last year. St. Krl'sco won
the second and third licats in 2:01 3-4
I and 2:03. and the three heats lowered
| the world's record for three heats made
by Ktawah at Lexington in 1!?11.
I There were only three starters in the
! pacing division of the Matron stake
for a pur3C of $793. Direct the Work
won in straight heats. Allan Watts,
driven by Tommy Murphy, won the 2:24
trot after Miss Dewey Watts had taken
the iirst heat.
Allan Watts won tlio 2:13 trot on
Tuesday, being the only horse to win
two races during the week and giving
Murphy nine winning races for the
meeting. The summary:
Pacing division of the Matron stake j
for two-year-olds, two in three iicats. j
purse $71>3:
Direct the Work (McAllister).... 1 1 :
Peter Klliott (McDonald)...; 2 2
Hazel Kuestner (Serrilli 3 dis i
Time. 2:11 1-1, 2:00 1-2.
2:2 i trot, three heats, pur*? $1,000:
Allan Watts l.Murphv) f, l l
Miss Dewey Watts (McDonald) 1 2 2
Marion Toddington (.Smith)... 2 3 4
Kant on (IS. White) 3 4 3
Salina Guy (Wurman) I 5 r>
Trnxton also stal led. Time, 2:03 3-1,
2:??C 1-2. 2 US.
Free-for-all trot, thrc^ heats, puree
St. Frisco (Geers) j i j
Lu Princeton (Cox) 3 2 2
Miss Hertha Dillon tSerrilD... 2 3 3
Heir Reaper (Walker) di*
Time. 2:01 3-4. 2:04 3-4. 2:03.
Kmploynient Sorvlrc of Department of>
I.nhor House* Director la \ IrRlnla
Ilallviny and Power IlulldltiK.
The activities of the 1'nited States
? inployment service of tlie Department
of Labor, at t'10 Fast M lln Street, have
expanded t>? the point of requiring
more room than the three-story build
ing now in use, and with thi:< in view.1
the l-"i li ra! director. Ralph Izzard. and
his assistant. J. l:. Mot! a. have mo\ -d
into otHces on the fifth floor of the Vir
ginia Railway and Power Hullding at
Seventh and Franklin Streets. The
auditing department has also been
moved to the new lOi'.at'.'in.
Mrs. M. I.. Went, In charge of the
woman's division of the employment
service, now has tlie entire second lloor
at 910 Hast Main Stret to hers>-'.f and
her assistants. This floor has been
freshly "done over," and is light. clean
and even cool. A new f^iture of this
department i:i that here- arc now small
rooms at the disposal of employers who
wish to Interview applicants for po
Another pleasant feature which will
appeal strongly to the woman seeking
employment is that there la a separate
entrance "ti Main Street to the wom
an's division.
It is rumored that Mr. Izzard is to
b transferred to Washington shortly
and that Mr. Itotts will assume charjje
of the Richmond olllce as State direc
tor. Mr. lzzard's territory at present
embraces Maryland. Virginia, North
and South Carolina and the District of
Inspector I,recti Write* <'out in In* Ion r r
Kolncr uf Slonn Ilnvn^m In Itock
hrlduc ami Augusta Counties.
In a letter just received by fj. W.
I\ oiner. Commissi nrr of .\ g{ Iculturu
and Immigration of the State of Vir
ginia, Inspector J. H. Leech, of the
Tenth District, states that gre.-it dsrn
ti;e> has been done |.y electric storms
in Rockbridge and Augusta Counties
Within the past week.
The damage amounts to something
like $3,500. according to Mr. Leech. "Mr.
Harper and others," he goes on to say,
' report the loss of thirty head of two
and three-year-old cattle from Au
gusta." A head o? Jersey and Short
horn cows were killed Friday and Sat
urday on adjacent farms near I.exing
* on. I'\ S. McClure, of Spots wood, lost
a fine mare and colt, and there have
teen many other small le>sse?i in his
i'i-ct ion."
Every dny 1* n good day '? r Tlrne*
Dlspntch classified advert! . llrlni;
your Sunday copy early lo-d:i>.
Best Treatment for Catarrh j
S. 3. S. Removes the Cause!
By Purifying the Blood.
Once you f?ct your blood free from
impurities?cleansed of the catarrhal
poisons, which it Is now a prey to be
cause of its unhealthy state?then you
will be relieved of Catarrh?the drip
ping In the throat, hawking and spit
ting. raw sores in the nostrils, and
tho disagreeable bad breath. It was
caused, in the first place, because your
impoverished blood was easily infected.
I'ossibly a slight cold or contact with
some one who had a cold. lJut the
point is?don't suffer with Catarrh?
it is not necessary. The remedy S. S. S..
discovered over fifty years agro, tested,
true and tried, is obtainable at any
drug store. It has proven its value in
thousands of cases. It will <lo so in
your case. ("let S. S. S. at once and
begin treatment. If yours is a long
standing case, l?e sure to write for fref
expert medical advice. We will tell
you how this purely vegetable blood
tonic cleanses the impurities from the
blood by literally waohing it clean.
We will prove to you that thousands
of sufferers from Catarrh, after con
sistent treatment with S. S. S-! have
been freed from the trouble and all ita
disagreeable features and restored to
perfect health and vigor. Don't delay
the treatment. Address Medical Direc
tor. 439 Swift laboratory, Atlanta,
The Weather
(Furnlnhed by C. 8. Weather Rtirean ,
< Federal Summer Time L'?cd.>
KortcnM, VlrK|?,n
?Knlr S n ( u r d n y.
Sunday nurtiy eloud*
probably hIkhvcts
afternoon or h
nlclit, not mucU
chnnice In trmiirrn.
Xnrtli Cnroll,in
I.oral rnltin and thun
der Klionrrx Satur
day itnd proliahly
I.neal temperature Yenlcrdny
12 noon temperature
3 I*. M. temperature./; v1:
s i'. M. temperature i ?
Maximum temperature to 8 P.'m" ['
Minimum temperature to K l? \i'* , .'
Mean temperature yesterday' -
Norma1 temperature for this date" tx
Deficiency yesterday ....... ,
Deficiency ?;ineo March 1.. .*. \ J
Deficiency since January sc;
I-.oenl Itnlnfnll.
Rainfall last twenty-four hours. None
IOxccmx Hi nee March 1 i "!;
Kxcess since January l.... * \ 11) *) i y ,
I.oenl OliMer%'nlionM at K I? m
Temperature. SO; humidity, 62;'wind
direction. northeast: wind, velocity V
miles, weather, partly cloudy. ' ?
coxditioxs ix iMroit rwT citips
J l^\ 8 1JvV- illKU- Weather
Asheviile OS r. l #-i -. ?
Atlanta *o !r f ' ?!ou^'
Atlantic City.. 7 1 CI
lloston 70 7i; ri
lluifalo -- Vl
Cha r ieston .
Chicago ....
Denver ....
I iatte: as
I iavi i
Jacksonvi lie
Kansas City
M on t jjotiif-ry
Ne-.v Orleans. . j)?>
New Vol k ?.<?
N'orfolk 80
1 >k Inhoma .... :*.s
Pittsburgh . ..
Il.il ?* i 17 ii
St. I .<>ii l n
San Francisco.
Savannah ....
V.'v'thevillc ...
> J
!' I
1 00
i III)
7 I
7 I
7 c
?. s
>11 M \Tt hi;
? 'loudy
I' cloudy
< "loudy
* 'loudy
!'? cloudy
'*? cloud/
lJ cloudy
' 'loudy
1' cloudy
' 'loudy
' 'i'-ar
<' i. a r
' 'l'*ar
15 a i n
' 'lotidy
1' I'i'imly
1' ^iou.ij
Snn r!s?*s.
Sun sets .
. t,
... s
A l.M v \ \ r.
A U (>?:: :< ? :.,.f
Hl'Ul Til,,;
M or nil;;.* . . . . ??,
'-v. nin^...;; j.,s
I'rcMJdeiil I?I:ijh tiolf
manvukhtkh, mass. .u,,u?t lc__
.resident Wilson. who ij enjoy-.- t
l-rief out,:,.; on the North Shore, "played
?i round '.C yolf to-day with Mrs Wll
son a,;'1 T-A I.-nlral Cary T, Crayfon
:?!??! N-on tcr the Pr. -id.int and yr^
Wilson, with other friends, had lunch
eon at the summer home of Colon-!
I*- .M IT' use.
North Shore resident- very cerierallv
have observed the President's wish that
he he permitted to obtain recreation
i|uietly. The weather wa? r.nc with a
[?(??.I hreeje.
0 -ir FORT RJ[0l-;s for
elderly folks?always ?t
Fifth and Rrond.
Autos For Hire j
91.50, $2 and $3 per Hour. V
ti;li:pjionk damkl j
Boulevard 227 and D10-J. 5
Aioutaffue Mfg. Co.,
Tenih nnd >lriln St?? Itlehmond. Vn.
J.I >1 Hi: I'.. Dill) It S. I'll \ VR<I.
uThe Right Way is the
Cheapest in the End"
im& 1-FixiT
Only the finest mechanics
are allowed to touch re
pairs on cars. They're
quick, careful and prompt.
Try us with your next re
Lininger-AIsop Co., Inc.
* CJencrnl Service Slntlon,
OI.S AVoxl IIroad Street.
(Copyright. 1918. International News Sorvlco.)
By Georce McManus
WHAT?\OU 5/tt
^OU DON'T Vimi
?j ??ht- '
{ ttO-| NEED /
ft a REST
out TOm^HT y
A?b LON<i /\?b J
?nfr>a' ^
q i know he
Ji J >^N'T >N '
Jj/ V" -J?

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