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Gnerrlich Explains IA
^ Understood Punction of the
Torque Arm.
imnbllp Owners Find A aluiible
plnformation as to the Solution of
fK Many New Problems Their Ma
| thine* Constantly Develop.
.'/Coovricht I91S. by Pr^'J. c. Gu^rrltch ?
IftA little understood unit of the auto
mobile chassis, is tho torque arm or
torque tube, the purpose of which is
to keep the rear axle housing from
?? When the rear axle housing l*f held j
front turning, tho revolving o* tn ,
propeller shaft and the driving pinion \
K' Fig. 1. would snake the gear II rt- j
volve and so also the rear wheels. I . ;
however, the axle housing wer< fr .
so that it could revolve, then instead
of the gear and wheel revolving saj .
In tho direction of tho arrow No 1 ?
the pinion 1C would roll around the
gear H. and thus both axle and I',nl'\n I
housings would . revolve in the dtrec- j
lion of the arrow No. -. the whetl rc- j
inalnLng stationary. !
V-vIf the ^resistance of tho wheel to
{turning be greater than that of the .
bousing^ then the housing vv111 i
VOlve; while, if that of the housing
he Brwter. the wheel will re\ol% ?
Kow there is a natural resistance to
fche whMl turning. while praotica.ll>
none for the housing. Therefore, it is
toeoessary to add some device to hold -
'tho housing against revolving.
Three methods are used to hold the
housing from revolving; namclj tn
";or<ine arm. the torque tulxj. and
^Fig-ure 2 ^shows a torque arm. This,
nra will notice, is a pressed steel artn.
?fastened at one end to the rear ^*1^
bousing, and at the other to a < ro. s
ember of the frame. As the torqu -
?m must not interfere with the action
I the springs, and as it must not ten
> hold tho axle out of line, or out
^txtCT in any way. it must be so con- j
footed to the housing and to the iTO. .
lumber of the frame as to swnei in j
rractlally in all directions. ;
tRius the torque arm Ts cenerauy |
encd to the housing by means of a
anng bolt A. on which it can swivel or
jswtng. If this were not done, and were ?
ilhe front end fastened either too> fj*T ;
to the right or left, one wheel would be
Afield forward and the other back, with
the result that the car would tend to
travel In a circle. Due to the swinging
?f the car body, there will always be a
?wtni?inB of the arm on the bolt A. and
? Bo, in time, the bolt or the bole through
5'"Which it passes will wear. AShen this
happens there will be a poynding noise
j tinder tbe car every time it passes o\er
an irregularity or is started or stopped.
Many ears are equipped with bushings
l&fB) which can be replaced when worn
" The front end of the torque arm is
qnaVlv'PfaMened to the cross member
?of the fra^e. as shown/ You will note
that the arm terminates in a ball (C)
'?which fits in sockets (P>- By having
this ball and socket, a twisting of the
arm which would otherwise result
when one wheel Is on an obstruction
or in a hollow, is prevented.
To allow a slight movement of the
arm the bumper .sprinus (F.) arc fur
SISied 1 might say here that these
?mrinin* cushion many severe blows.
?Ed th^t they often break. When brok
en there will be a bad metallic knock
jrfnc Just under the front seat. i
There will also be a bad knocking ,
When the bolt (TO. by which the bum
per tube (G) is fastened to the cross ,
member of the frame, Is worn. As a !
rule this holt is equippedwUh a grease j
run the same as are the holts oi uie ^
snri'nus. As this grease cup is not seen,
.,'i i* hard to get at, it Is much neg
lected. Neglecting to use it will soon
result In knocking, which will prove
verv disagreeable.
Many cars, instead of a torque arm.
have a torque tube. In this ca.se a
tube, through which the propeller j?baft
passes, is bolted to the axie or the
pinion housing, the other ?'^ng ?on
nected to the cross membet of thf
frame. Figue 3 shows the torque tube.
?Here (A) is the torque tube.
You will note that the rear end of
the tube Is rigidly connected to the
housing, but that the front end is^ con
nected to the cross member of the
frame by a ball and socket, so that |
the tube can swlnu in any direction, j
In addition to taking care of ho d- |
ing the rear axle housing from revolt
ing, the torque tube also transmits th
drive or push of the rear wheels to the
body of the car. so that the spring
are'not required to do anything in ad
Edition to absorbing the road slim K>.
While the torque arm also transmit!
some of the drive of the wheels to tin
car. the springs, when they are u. e<i,
arc also required to take care of most
or mail p. ?t ?r,
are built -without either a torque arm
i-or torque tube, having wh?t is Uiiovmi
?' as the Hotchkiss drive.a*?X\ hen.so built
- - rev.
f v.., -
tion to taking car.- of the road
?In order to have the springs n
olish the above, they are undrrsliing
'that iV tl.ev hang beneath the rear
|%i?S?nsK wh;?
i the spring is so mounted 11 *lJ"
f S?.rt'15rVe,"n"?^^are,o,f,,.he r'oad
! J J uTdenote*turning' p!.wer'or"turning
m A^TlV'three of the abov* methods are
wiil^Vv" absonu. saMsfactlon.
"? as the Hotchkiss drive.M xvhert.so_i;uin
Sthe springs must prev.?-iH?tht n.u ?lXl
?ho ti Bine from revolving, -and must
"?transmit the rtriv,0f .?'0 ^.U i.r ad. -
twheels to. frame of the . ai. in .ni?i
(Copyright. Ifl*. ? v Pf! <? ' iuerrli<"h >
C'. X JinVbf'i! int.' h lr.t"rest In vnur
wfltlWii UDiler ,Th? Autoriiol.-ile n.j.lttb-.; "
ix'There is nno thing. ir w. v. r v hi. n is not
to me. and tli.?* *- wi.cti.'r ? t not r ne
coil unite are enr,' *<"? in s-riej. !'?>?? r.-&
non I 8#k about tl u- t>)U> H-.r--- .
me that the < > was no rh.
could wire ar^ui-.d it. a t' <- - ?? ? ? :iU.- A?
soon us ho tol<l i? ? h ? ? w. i \ onr?* < *
?tnd the engine ran ?> K. I th.-n -hanee.i
from < to 3 at-.'! th?n - and N . I
cutting out a cylin-'.-r i.n.e : 11. - i
thc Information 1 ? n aft. - \. ? v i? m thai
connecting with No. ' ? .a;.-n ? ng.n? run .??>
nil four cylinder?. :>i--t r ? - Mr?- v
when connected with '??>> ? r t v,..
?when conr.ecloil- with N? f ? ?; iry w r
If the unltH \v> rt ? : ???-?I ? . ? : v
" cells It would !??? 'ii??
me that each unit ;v 't ? r. ? ? ? i? h n-h
the liuss liar a! th* t< i.. ? tin . \
?' Is connected to th'- i.ri . n .? r. j ->. - , j
V' think that the 'nciii' ?"j: : -ir. <n .... t-.-.r
'f-' cylinders no matt- r win- i. : r.,:
>7. Tieoted with. \\ . ? \
? A. With the * '.r'v ( I ; l;
Switches It was T>o*?:M?- ? > :.r- . .tr. iji ?!
| i.\|he switch as you mv in w hi h ??as.- 11.
ri eneine would run <-n tbr- ? ? -
cylinders heing 1. C and ?? ? ? ? ?
f-.ilfon was made to N . Th i .. . ?
; clve a spark on the - . . < .rr.:r.-s>,
?{>.?n<l exhaust stro'r.e <?!.-. i. ?? i, jt ,|...
the power ?tri.li<. c- ,
uV*s short circuited n . ,:t?t - ? ?
.With the latent locks, t in i .
? start the engine by wiring ???on
Ev mention. The < ?l!e ?r< .........
V lei luat as shown hi :? ? :
^' Article. I am wond. rini: .f ,
? iret to connect up-No -t r.. :,t- ,
i-*Vtest, an I fall to v.-hv thi- d ??. t ?? ;?
i i sua rk when inuklni: y.iir > |
* see why thia did not u. wj,. i
,< tK'innected to No 3 ^nd i . N-. . l i.
Kone ?o far as to in:u > tl.. 1 mi- r. ?
v-j'fo get the nanus result a<= you - . . T , .
In?r lo numht-r thr'-- l.- . u ? .. - ., .
cylinders 1 t and 4. tl>< r< ,,r?
: No. i at the same rijr..- th- ,:i,. , j,
none for its m.w. r cir ?
Q I have an ( ? ti.:i.-hln> M
f'.chins stepped on an ..- ii. 'i --if... v ??, ,Jt
warring. I examine.1 ar.-i x"..un.1 .t . ? ,
around the crank u.- w?,< ? ? th.
, in. How long <lo.-!i ;i .. t- ... i rn. .
, lo take out u crank >...- ^n.t i ui in
it cane? No 2 Mv ri-i'lrt'-r <t... ? r
?v-the miles ir h'.w
th" .mt.
??- .. ir-'in l..-i (.nui.i
^ilOOSe ? No. 6. On iu> i Arl.iir.-l >>; t r<*
'roavld acrew. about nr ..I,.) ,.u, I,..)/ II
ong. ;hr<adei! tn ?. c ,,
riwiowii anil I iov h How c..,ri l r ,?i, ,
klJ? JSO that it win not v. .rk (.Ut :? ;,i \\
/A. It will italic from tnrto t.j nx da>? i.
Function of the Torque Arm
nstall the new crank case, as It will be
necessnrv to scrape In the bearinc. No. -?
Mote than likely the flexible driving shaft Is
broken. Any mechanic can repair It. un
ions a new one ts necessary, in which case
you can get i! from the speedometer makers. .
No. 3. Hither the second speed gears urn
worn to Hit ancle, or the locking ?levlre is .
not working properly. No. 4. There will al
ways bo a little play In the steering hand I
wheel, but if you think there is too much '
in yours, you can lake it out by turning .
down on the larne nut on top of the steering |
mechanism at the bottonj of the Hteerlnu ?
column. When dolne this have both wheels
Jacked up and try the hand wheel so as not ;
to net a "bind.** It would be well have i
an experienced mechanic do this. No. 6. ;
If the screw roes in so far that the head .
touches aii-l bears on some metal part. u?o 1
a lock washer, but if It protrudes screw a ?
lock nut on it.
(j. Would you please answer the follow- I
lnc questions: No. 1. I have a 1;<1S t > I
car. run only 100 miles. It has developed a I
peculiar sound lately. It appears to como 1
from the rear ' of the machine, and is a',
winning sound which Increase In pitch with ,
the speed of the car. llad this ought to be j
so"* Also the roller bearing Just ahead of!
the tllllTeniial on the drivn shaft heats ;
slight ly. What is the cause of I his? There i
is plenty of grease In the differential. No. ". '
One o.f the front wheels was too loose. I 1
tried to adjust it. but when 1 got the cone ]
in the proper position. 1 found that to bring j
the spindle nut slot opposite the hole for ;
tliu cotter pin. It was too loose, while turn- ;
inc it up to the next slot made it too tight. I
Is there any other way to adjust these
cones? K. It. 11.
A. No. 1. Hoth the whining noise and the
heating of tho bearing are probably due to
the differential driving pinion not being set
correctly with re-suect to the large ring gear
of the differential. I would have the near
est service station look to this for you. No.
i!. Yi'U might try changing about the nuts
of the two wlieels. If this does not help,
send for a new nut with the privilege of re
turning the on?* you now have. Using a
washer also helps, btit 1 do not like to
recommend this, ajs it Is a makeshift.
With Japan iu? Dane lie Dtryn Up
itusnlnn Money and Sella It
Mt Uereiuie.
HARBIN, Manchurfa Aug. 31?While
wca.lt.hy people here are gambling
feverishly with roubles on the chance
of winning through intervention, there
is in Japan, quietly netting at regular
intervals immense sums as the result
of tho ebb and How in the value of
the rouble, a Russian financial genius
who ha-? built up an extraordinar>
rouble selling and buying organiza
The story of this organization which
is creditably reported to bring in its
founder a million roubles (nominally
$500,000) profit monthly is certainly
one of the most remarkable romances
of the war.
It must be understood that the value
of tho rouble differs according to the I
place. Kor Instance, it may be at !
Harbin, and vice versa. The essential
fact that the price of the rouble at
New York, Tokyo, Peking, Changchun.
Harbin, Vladivostok and Shanghai ts
never the same.
Here. then, is the secret of the huge
profits of this shrewd rouble dealer.
By means of his perfect organiza
tion he is continuelly buying in a
cheap and selling in a dear rouble
market. The system is simplicity It
self so much so that it is a wonder
that this tield of enterprise is left
almost entirely to 1
The system requires immense initial
capital and perfect knowledge of ex
change rates, which "the rouble king"
possessed, as well as his clearing house. |
He has no worries. He canntiot help
making extraordinary profits but one
pities the wretches who have not the
same financial skill and who cannot
sleep for thinking whether they ought
to keep in roubles or in yen the part
of their fortune which they salved in
the Russian debacle.
>"o Morr Gold l.ace.
LONDON, August 24.?Hereafter no
gold lace, gold embroidery, or trold
thread can be worn by any civilian.
This is by order of the board of trade
which announces that such gold em
bellishments can only he worn on the
uniform of His Majesty's services or
on the dress of an ollicer in the mer
cantile marine.
Therr are n lot of good liousrn and
flats iidvfrtiurd for rent In the Want
Ad* (n-d?T. itend them carefully. If
7011 fall to find what you ivant write
an ad yourself.
? ? A Tire Within
^ ?P\AX0T1RE,? Tour Ti,re Solves
^ Your Tire Problem.
020 "Went Hrond.
Take Our Advice and Buy
Your Davis Car Now
While You Can
We don't like to take the part of a pessimist, but the
recent order of the government concerning the steel
supply to makers of passenger cars certainly will
cause a shortage and make prices go higher than
they are; therefore, if you are in the market for a
passenger car, you had better get it NOW.
Essential Sixes A re
Making Good in
Davis cars are making good because they are made to
make good?best materials, careful and thoughtful de
signing and perfect workmanship are the factors that con
tribute to the Davis cars both in this country and abroad.
Continental Motors.
IT miles to the gallon.
r?.1 mii? miles on tires.
11 on high.
Parting, Lighting and Ignition.
Warner Transmission.
I'Y r Radiators.
Siromberg Carburetors.
Distinctive design and hand-painted.
Anil, above all, greater value than you can possibly get
any other car at the same prices. Ask for a demonstration
"TiT^ U ?
KusscII II. Ivaulintrs, Pres.
318 W. Broad Street
Will lie Followed by Vote on *(10.000,000
I?<>ml HoimI Ihaiio In '
".Since my observation of the recent
national tractor demonstration at
Sullna. Kans., I am more enthusiastic
than ever over the splendid work being
done by tractors on our American
farms." says H. V. Uuelow. manager
of the National Truck. Tractor and
lOqiiipment Exposition, t.o be held on th?
Municipal Pier In Chicago September |
14 to 21. ,
"Out upon those broad Kansas acres
I spent a whole week watching: the |
various tractors prove their usefulness
under every sort of conditions, and let
me say that farming has entered upon
a new era in America. Tractors have
proved their practicability not only on
the larsre farms, but for the medium
sized and even small farms as well.
Naturally. 1 am glad to report that the
tractor section of the national exposi
tion on the pier in September will re
veal these various types of tractors."
Good roads gospel will receive great
impetus at this exposition. Following
an interview with Governor Lowden. of
Illinois. Manager Buclow stated that
the subject would be bandied at the
exposition in an elTecrive manner on
Illinois Good Roads Day. September
is, when the road boosters of the State
will meet on the pier to boost for the
$t;o.noo.000 highway bond Issue to be
voted on In Illinois this fall.
"The bond issue goes hand in hand
with the development of cross-country
motor truck lines." said Mr. Uuelow.
"The war is teaching us that it is an
economic waste to burden the railroads
with every bit of the intercity and
interstate transportation. Truck manu
facturers are meeting the new demand
with Improvements that make truck
train .schedules as reliable as railway
schedules. Increased food production Is
vital, as well as the manufacture of
essential products, but the motor truck
must help solve the problem of dis
tribution. and good roads art! abso
lutely essential to motor truck trans
KoehlerT rucks
$1450 5-Jt?.
319 W. Broad Street. \
Pf. RCTTEMJERR, Manager.
Succeeding Falcon Tire Snlea Co.
1U03 Went Uroad Street.
Tiros and tubes. lowest prices In
the South. J100.0O0 stock boujtht to
protect our customers. Call at once
to buy while you can Bave 20 per
cent to 46 per rent. All tires cuar
Hiitced. Howe. Kniplre and National*.
All standard makes. Mail orders
New Petersburg Branch now open
Complete stock. same nuaranteo.
,-f.iiuo bavines.
34 llolllncbrook Street.
JO&2 .yA^ir +T[ W Broad SC
'iWuruod BranchRichmond. V*.
portallon. The object of the exposition
Is to give a splendid demonstration of
these war-time requirements."
Colony Factory In Indlnna.
Large manufacturing centers may
boast of the prosresslveness and de
velopment they have brouRUt about in
their communities, and yet the Auto
mobile Blue Book assures us In Its
polnta of Interest that Richmond, In<L?
has the flrat polony factory. This con
sists of several Independent manufac
turing plants under ono roof, supplied
with heat, power and light from a cen
tral plant.
j Too will find the l)f*t vnonnt room*
I listed for rent la The Tlmew-Dlnpntch
Wunt Ada.
The Inevitable "If*." /
Tho State Kunt farm, which is locate?
near Corvallts, Ore.. Is a temptation to
the hunter^motorlst. It holds one or
the largest feamo-breeding preserves In
America, and the motorist-hunter look
ing over the fence may do nothing but
regret tho presence of the fence, the
abanco of a nun and the stringent Ana
for violations of the preserves.
The Truck Essential
In these times of war the watchword of every business is
"Economy and Efficiency." They want to operate their business
as economically as possible and give the most efficient service
possible. Business men universally have agreed that the Repub
lic line of trucks is more economical and efficient than any other
truck in the market. That is the reason you see three Republics
on the street for every one of any other make.
Why not profit by the experience of thousands and thousands
of good business men and relieve yourself of your haulage wor
ries by placing your Republic in service immediately?
You cannot buy a better truck unless you pay several hundred
dollars more.
Coburn Motor Sales Corporation
We are exclusive dealers in Republic Trucks for Richmond and
vicinity. There is being offered by an outside concern a few parts
and trucks of the older model, but as soon as they have exhausted
their stock they will not be in a position to render further service
to Republic owners.
J. H. RAYMOND, Manager,
1217 W. Broad Street.
Petersburg Office,
J. C. Adams Motor Co.,
106-108 Bollingbrook Street
Cobnrn Republic Truck Co.,
2407 Granby Street,
Norfolk, Ya.
Motor Trucks Are a
Good Deal Like Men
^yi lEN it comes to hard labor, it's the big, brawny, hard
ened man who can stand the most of it.
The weaker, little fellow may keep pace with the big fellow for a while by overtaxing his
physical force?but eventually he peters out. It is exactly the same with motor trucks.
The low-priced, poorly constructed truck may give excellent service for a while?but in short
time, it breaks down or wears out. It can't keep pace with a quality truck.
are the big men?the sturdy, dependable fellows?
ever ready to put their shoulders to the wheel, to haul
the load without flinching a muscle.
They are "IN-BUILT QUALITY" trucks?made
from the best materials obtainable?built RIGHT by
men who know how to build long li fe into a motor truck.
That's why they are won the job" every working day
of the year?economizing for their owners. Light
Delivery, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, Ton, and 5 Ton Worm
and Internal Drive Models.
Gibson Motor Company
1611-13 West Broad St.?Richmond
It's ALL Tri^ck

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