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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, September 14, 1918, Image 10

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September 14,
SocotkI Pay's Rr^lsirnHons ?f.fo
Aboro Those for Lrsl Year. Al
t-hobch Scgror-, Arc Krwrr.
WHITE, Ifi.OO.S; COLORED. (5.201
Eiplity-Onr Vnung Women Grnrlunte.s
t.'oniplote So minor ('our sr?Spcrial
EfTori \\ ill Hr Marie lo Train (Virl;
. _ -A n nrve.-i-o nf ?.,s shown ir-r'io
'.enrollment for n,r cccoiu! da; of iho
?Uivhrnoiii! ?? it v- .* hools over that of the
fT'ivnc 1 hnrsday. Statist on n>
Us',0-1 ' " ' ? ?' '' h"?' ^?mid'day'of srhon;
Soffit ?r u"
'* 'BT'lffs siihm I: i Oil |;is' ?
siNtsur Superl'tendrnt Hi:; : .;? the ? it- '
?Tollmen! vrs f-riiv \\.:r fi?lla\?.
' *?v : i'"!crri| '?"n|. . <i
y*ar-? onroMmr.it f..r thr
<lav nf *<?"". XV.IS
"'i -Ktf1 0,1. ?;.;S7;
I Jr. J \. r. Chandler announces tha:
K T>oo>l"-.r . >,Vir- . all hlK)i
;\!\ , c: Aduatos. have n-.mlv r.?m- ?
ii?e ?'"Iiinier ? nurse in (>f.
if'i?" K',V?n ?'"hn >5 ??'"shall :
;'!H| no'r ?' v<ii la )>!?< foi j
ninih i',!i ..hl' (r,"rs" i:i-!iifloil ..Mi.. }
if, ' . !- i " .' ^ marhmo pra.t . ... rap-!
I'- ti.i ilation and nth. r .?-?11. t. ?. ? ?
Y.uii<- 1.. ci.-ri. a] wurla'i- In niti,-,.' i
ifif- ?.nB i " " ??Uin* the coiirm ant a
"? ' "me nian.'d \v..aieti ?.
? u. ? .! , (Mtrtoti. diu i:. .. uj,v
l?.A< T- i.f men ln!o n->: Ii: ? \ r-.
y r' A mini !?>? - of !hr,,. uradna'le. ?r
ll.r w ?niri\ . ..Hire roservi . ... p h.ivo
a rtv ? ?U. n positions. \ romp!, tr
, ?/ ;,I: crad'iato n' iho , Mtr.?o.
:.rrth":: iv i) thnraddr *>?<>* and phone
. lnimlif: I'm; he obtained ft ,?>r.
suncrlntrii.Jrrfs onic* v?*. i:.,c; >i,~
*halS St f t.
* H OUT ? (?> |{s|.;s | ^ , DM M t :i( < | \ |.
i.:m:s at .ioiin initMitn.
? J.ohn M 11 rhall night .school w '1 iii tUo
i? ;-pr, i.,i . rr ,-i ilii< \. , r
*'< for I >ri -al po.?jt ion
V li! h- ,-if, t r r\ ,n ,,u . ,
?>;: h a?- ad.l.iiy m.t hi'.c p:. . |, ....
"Hi. .- f?? :I .. ,j
??-"?.latiori Ti'.ronsh ih^-. ,
r " "???'>? n ?alif> n f, , - a? t..
V ' -.- for a.J lln,... ,.f
s5r:.r,Br;?i?h; ?i,| I l.?.
Im'iii M m -hail niuiit -.. i, . . .
"lV"i- >-? (f.r; roitrsrs Ir, p
fv,t 11 V^t \i|f 0X1II1MII.U
: . ... o?< ''.Hi i i"li>. i i 11
t":,V ,'. u:v 7'?rist;'tr lor nit ,: - ? v.o
? M'-'mla.i, I llf*.r/|a \ ;i ;I,i
ti?.v ?v.,vsh:y- . N,"IV s,"d,>'ii? wij)
.'.V. .. I,lr A hocinniiiK S?i?;..?.
Phf si hools n:
?'?t.?l?f;- 1
I III" SttirlctlfH
, . ? ? I I. ?? *1 uncut S
S ' 'vI"< i s'l'ii lh.> in ? *11>-; \ r. mil
" ??'K'"1 y p .<? I ioa I ..,iir;.- u| i,
J 1 PK\ 'il'l'.ll nil :i ;||o -I'lii'iio- hool
lor th. iu,m,,i> oilic."' ,,>,ru.
J^t .Ionn Marshall;*
Vlttrln AI!o|j ,. r . .
Mr?, H A;noaii.4 . i T '
i)r> I?e, n.
KAv?r ? "?!???. \, , , ,
? -ifil#\ li. |{<. Iki n li1 .. vr
Koul: * Knurno , , VI
Mr,.' M. u I ? > tirn hV'.,X't./'??' ' " '? ,
Hi-lf !i i "a v.i-., i It, y ' ?- ? I'
?r? a v. ..uniti i,\: "'r
?<J 0' ? ' o. ? ? | , < ., v
Mrv H\|th . ,.k ' -v - ?<*???? l
M'Udr^iV l:r?Vi,Url,K> jM,[ ']
m;. ? ?
JlH.J \ I 'tt'.a rr' U '-???ins
-Vt'T.. I hi . .i I;:"'";1 s'"".
?aii;^ -i rii.-R. . <i .'? 'v' ?
K.u!i? 4Si.,inni
-N? k .? Aiidp- <?|i J-'.tj'Us
Kn vhr.v n (,? . ? .m ?> i, \*. s,ni u cici:
.M > /; i.
Jniif'i ? .' s'" ; ?', ' " "
Ue^h li r lii .. Vi '
Mi# v.. r i.-i i
Huih i: ii i i . , 'ii'U.n.
Flui h i.,. |. ?, \ ;i
fi*rlh. li ? i \ i r
M-ff. 'J'. II a.i,l. o \'t , ' ' '
II i'r." i "... v" ;
-frvr:. Mrs I" .; J' , ,J ,,
? iTirii.P .1..,,. Xi - 1( '*
Mrr. a M Iu., ; ,, 1 "
?rotcpn r.' U.-i ia 11, .. " ?'
Unlh lv . r~ , . V 1
Ktln Kmc lii :>
Kirliiiiuinl. \ ji^sriiiiii . jinil CI(li?-1 S;;,|,.,
Id !?<? Ilrjj,niia|.|iiin?)?*{(_
nr sx I-'Jr? I :?..otnia I.
!'"> * " ? a |. I sirur.;;,, and
MsR gTHdnali n ra?-? will b'v io<|iiiiv?l
': ? "i t : '-'Iti. I r I I. I >1
" llplo In- nil It.
1" X a a- I.a -. Inv,
I <? I o p !?
Mm a \\
? ili- n ?
N ?
it ? . .. .;
r J f ?, <
i>. i nop. i
l!i nt'ii,., i
. ? . ? a
!'/?' 'nu ' an
s-jh <? in. . iv.
Si. I r r ? . ? s
l-r a. ? i ...
Ii"i n ?
na v." r
?i rli ? i ? ?
? Th pi r:".nu.
I t'o ;? I.
wm. a
aj|d :? ? up
? "ii J 1>
i i- "'i i. I>;- ?.
In. u'lli
Ik ii s ?
AmIvn I'nlcrii I \ III horn i..., ,,, ( ,(|
l.lio I'rioriit Order {..r
Ho .Nip lis.
Ii in liolicvf r| tha' t hr ? -a 1 ^ (
/6m" rc'iiof foi ili- r? a . t,: k ; ,,,
Kicvhmotiri. at ,.as( jn j. -aid i.. ?>
?vcpntra. iTl.v Adm n siraiivr Hom-il
yiEIWrrtsj :? ii r- ? cd i . ....
? to' niKk" .1 ? I ml; '( ,7....
i-huii! ' <?: ihi r< il. . ,i,,;,
a Pr ? :?
ni?m o( Mifj.. ,rji? . i o.'n: i,
r, JdBiB iindor ' onitruction and (huso u i
/Jer conirai-t.
?As all comr-nt h.s noon tak.-n o\..
Ihy 1 ho ir> \ . r?i n- /?; : t hi?: per . ?
franifri. ?il! ai.p> ?.r,i ,'o th>
4r*nf>poriution. i,ut u Uic mMieual
5,f*K'ro ,,n,, 'iwoor T? lie ?r \\ ru|,<in s??.
iio?.i?l to 11 n ? ?? nirii >? it ili- in
<>r rm nil)-.
Cruti.'hfiold v.- fril:,\ r, .
leaaert w arrl j-hnri. v -.v
T^Btcd Thursday <.p a -hart, ,irtx
1ng ron.-fa|o.l w.^p?n?; ho h:mnc in
t ? ? ? .,lM?
r in(i repeat iii^r
t ' . *j?'o pun if. n <>.| ? . ,
mao' in i 'ormanv ? i M?nn'i. >rt
? Miuwr modfl a n.I i.v r.-,,-.
V'yAfds (t max ho arr -r] ,, , ,, .
' X>f- Mlondorj 1) kr f.flr Th- " i
' ;J>?W *y Ih" ' noVro
who rlaini"! if. I, ., r >,,, r- . t),
r'qlver in 1'*i*>r*hnrs v r-, r
'/?' ?
Medal* for l.ii.vdawn.
>VL" PTOViMOn lu-. hoof >r, irir f.? lhr
' f>re8?ntatlon ?.f hrr,n? modal* ??
fr-*n?mb?r<i of Iho Na-I.n. u '
served not th^u n..u- , ... ,,
the war with Span, and ? .,.' ...|
?ti th* Moxlran Uordrr ?. ? t. A?,i
tt.litlt and who a r? n<.t . 1L- , , ,r, .
. roeda'>*.heretofore a it - .? ,, '
?U?d IO mni',),frv ..' ,t . - . . i ,-a
&vflpnl? information ????. r>.. , ,, ., , ,
JoePph M-'-k 'n.r 'of
? -thJ? city. An upprnpr ,?
iJbJUB been a.?.;d.- for i h -
f &S*V* r00P,'n? ""d l.onrdlnK ?|Wr#.
y*r+i? mr*aI (lemnnrt, if , h*?e Vnr
".tn, in T;mv.!
No Letters to Him,
Richmonder Wails
If. A. Ryan in France Two
Months, but no Letter } ct.
Has Seen Action.
?I. K. Apple, of * North Auburn Ave
n?ir. is ih?> rt'i'lplfni ?f an intoresiinR
let ire from II. Cyan. a Kiciimond
boy. attached to Company ?iiik> llim
died and Fourth Kteld* Signal Hat- J
t.iibn. w:ili ihi American expedition-'
ar> forces in France. The authot
urce.s that the boys in Kram o l><* writ
ton 10 more often, and nays I hat lir
himself lias n"; received a sincie !?=? i. i
ti : durins: his iwo months "over there." ;
althotiph he had written several times |
The letter is dated Aukiisi 15. >
Cyan write that in- had seen action
hit; that a' low weeks hftuie ill" dale
<>l writhiK he had been t ransferrc
to the signal battalion. Mere h" took |
In;, lirst ill* 111 .n an airplane and il?.
scribed ito>v t|i" ox per teiii-.' aft-'i'tedl
him. lie had been roiishiiir. n foi ;
several ? ei'ii.? b?*fo*e his t r;i n>,' ?. am*
was ?-.lad now to be in a 1 ? i. I t thai
was formerly an old vrhoo I - hoifc. v ith
i clear stream bow inp a mile away
He said tli.it lie had hid less than iialf
doxctt drir.ks o' vv.tii-r since ins ar
ivnl o\ ersi'.ts. and that in place ol '
water lie was drink inc chain pap no. beet
and wine ail of wnit-h could be bought!
.it a very low price.
\\ n?* Member of (>l<l l-'irtti of l.nnen.oter *
?V l.ucke and l*rekiileitt of
Stock I'iteliiitise.
Willian^ II. I.ti< l?c. an honored and
'ifeloiip resident ol C hntond. died
yesterday moruiii;: .it the residence of
ii r< son - in ? la w. I; <>.il 'larlick. tubl
?c!iiMi?r> Avenue, ilinlor I'ark
Mr l.ucke was born .lantiaty IM.Y
n IST'i be n ? - married to Miss Ade
laide l?el;:?u\ I ?-i nc.< st er. daughter of
?he late Cohort A l,-,i m-iislcr. Mrs.
i.tlrlie died in Atiunst, I
As a younir nii'-. arr. l.ucke entered
'he bnnkinp ortii-es of '.an-aster \- I
c /l s'.ibsef|:i?nt ly becamc?n member o*
she firm of Lancaster l.ucke. which
as so lnnp prominent ;t? unanria! .
.i-. 'es here For si'Vi rM year* he was |
enid< :il of the IJI. hmolid f!lork l'"x ?
?h muc. an ofllco !"> ..ctc until ill health j
>;is< d him ;'> pi- sent '.tis resipna' i"n.
a inch was re! ac'a n I ly accepted by lite
.?iuinpc. The > no ill health forced
i'ii to re*ire from at! active bus.nes-. ;
i.ill to sp. nd the last several years of I
i 1:f? ii w ell-earned rest a: the
,.t I.tic ?? is > ! r v i \*c d by the follow ?
child re . Mrs C. ?*e ?? s I ? tar lick.
VI '?.?-? I. ? t" > ? >? i ;n,de:s and l'.*sv.:e l,<??
I. i >? . of l;.. i\inoad. and Cev. Cohort
>. l.'.icke. ot I Jotcnr 1. X <
T fnii 't" i vvil! lie conducted from
late ;?? s .iei-cc tins Saturday after
toon. at t o'clock.
folai'V tt>p v* Ml I as pa'lbe ;ve"~;
Act ive- II \Vat\iits KHerso' . Wil
! a n II I'aimT. Jr.. 'lordon Wal'ace.
lie-?, e '. v \v i! I - -i to ?. t'-cv" Cur. 'i. Kluir
-*trinpi*e|Uiw. ileurite Call, Cussell \\ il- .
Ilmii vary 1.. M \\ iltiani". I Kd
vvard Mc?!ii're. 11??: ? r \ l.andon t'abell.
t'olonei \V,.li.,iii I!. Palmer. V.'.lliam
I*. I'oyt iii ii?s, William C. M assif.
tin* .lust Iteltirnrd I'riiiii I'rnncP, and
tarries Mttti.v hiterestini; .\
War llellm. ^ /\
The t'r-M theati" nie.-t np y'-'.V." sea-'
"ii. untie lin atispi.-es, f,. 'tlje Vmins
Men's i hr.stiit'i Assov'tal i >ti. i i I b>.
teltl at t h<* Ciiieblrd 'I n.M/r. Itroad
utitr Sev?-itt,.|i direct. Sunday aflerttoon
'? i'loi k M 'jot <i. II I, Al,. -?'?ti
?;ll lie ti;e <.ji, ,ik ' . . oniinp di ?? t Irutll
ilcorgta foi the meninp 11 has jasi
tetiirned ir?tn I'r tn. e ? h> . ? lie was
sov'i'liinetli idisrtvrr as . as a
\ .*1. i'. A. hill stcre;atj.
Mii.ior Mason was lirmichi back to
Aaiffita to spr.tk I.if lite |.lb*"ty loan,
a nd haa been used mote inan any ope
of lit" .ll'l -Il.'rtkei'- lie Will it i \ e
wt;h lam s(.-. Mom th* W'.-i-rtt
iron:. inr inii _ th-" to; b - which
uotitidtd i n i !:??. ? ??? . ell' - .n An
nus.'.oh m, bil l.I < d and
t h . I I ? ' h I ? ? nnn in be s.-a I . il
Th a '.! in ii tin .-??lie " t -
\ ice. vita S iJto. i W iitier, .m .mi
|i..nist. and p .? i mi- by t n ? ci-s:
i l sb; l -^.,:i < ii qii i t. . ni.ti, .>???(
? i. .\tr t'. I ;.<!,? ii l.'idwi^. sopratiO. .\lls<
l ai.i.i Si...in, . -ii .'alto. ?' itaiph l.id
?a iu i ? in- .iii'1 \\ I: : a 11 . ? Im i" ? ?
.H- o.n; . ?? ? I l.,. J. i..iition Ual- !
M;ijo: M.i-mi w:'l talk to r J ? boy it '
? - I t lie, SII i I iy V ' -noon t 'I ii ;i p.? ? ? in pi ?
. a I _? ?.. I ? III tin \ At. C. A. bo. bdi
i.,. Sunday it
"I UhNdU OVtri 10 SULjitRS
. >?i:.u I'lrlttre ^'nnn mid illlii-r I'.n
t e i >...>i ii.i-n I? lo be t nmulcted In
b ar i.inip vrri Icr.
; e\ i i ii .-if. it t "lin.-'t in u I'haiiii an
n \ . ??! I I i.i ? 1 ? .: a .- ' feet. ' no a be ?
as, t,. 'd. l aty :.|t.i il?y infill, ' on
. i ii i .i - .ii ?'?.1 l .III . I . e
\ ? ^ f i ?; it' .< ?... m p i until, .i i '
? i x ^ ii a iitln ; of i lo
?s ami i. ? who \ sit Cicamoi.d
; iic v ? ?. ?? id do not da n? ? ? , ii.l. a
I ar. t ??- t in- i i i. ??! ? ..t ?? rt a innu nt pro
\ ded at t i-. \ n and Nav y t'ltib
v> a in and :. '-.i provide s?inc
I n . n c i-1 -e a i an..... r place
\ s ||,|. Sev-'-n- . Street t'nri.-liaii
Mii.-li :s ? i| t| i i I'd vv i 'a a first-.,a-s
iiiotiott p.rii.-i . -iiiiitii- and t'.s . nnex
farnisned vvitii ? i i i'ii ?? i I it ii . . the olb
- Hi ! boii m| i.f t|i s . ,-ch clinlly oT
fet'Cll lis tl.-e til tile War t'ainp <'oil!
aiiny .-. > . ?? , ?? mot .on pit Hire and
va i >?'. <? if ? it ii it: men: s.
N'. I men tit tin i.M'ai at-- adinl'.ted free,
.ad i'S. iiiu. i have tickets
Arrival). OverivciiA.
Mr- .1 I' l-'.iii.in. nf 711 Sotitlt
Tii n'l St*.-i" 11..;.. weil. lias re eived
vv 11 ?? 11 ..' i i> ? avr val overs can of
lor husband. I'ri.aii .lost-ph I". Hat
I. i n !?'.
- and M V. I' Cichardson. Sr.,
?f Oil* S.i ond Avenue, have bern ad
vised ot* tin- nio .irrival overseas of
their sun. Alu'*rnon liarwoofi IlieTt
. .'lisoti win. ciih.^teri wiih lite Held iv,r
ti.ii ry mi May ! '? I 7 ail.', received I rain
i'^t: a' I'ort Thoina , K y , Km I Sll!,
<?k!a, and I',imp M Arihur, Tex.
tailored lloj Vrri?i-? nierama.
? Ir.hfi H Walla'.- anil? vv Ife, colored,
of I'harles 1 .ly i nuiitv have reeeived
new? of tic -afi' iirriva" overseas of
their son Kdward I". W illiir-e The
' rolored r-.tiple is very proud of liu
faet that I'.dward I; is iii< second son
and not the flr-t one to land on Kreneh
?otl on his way to Merlin Fid ward B.
Wallace v*ns a "i.tdent at ttie Yirirlnia
J'liion I'niversity here ?f r receive^
his repuliir nttlil try liainlnu at I'ainp
.Meade, Md
Siiperlnteiiilr in Hiuri o< l*o?|ii|.
Stip?r nieitileill ||.i>tei r.f Ibe sea
hoard distri'i coini or.. 1 of \ i.-cipiii and
North ^ml >oijt h i arolna of the Postal
Teli'sraph ' 'onipnii w no ha? .ltj.-' ar
r|yed >n f: ich trtoiii ? taki liiartre of
the offti eu of ill- d t s> t r i ? i .onus from
Mlanta vrherr h -ved with the
I'e,.??al '"ompany for fi .-e y?ars. Super
intenden' I'aviel spent a ytstr and one
half in l.oiiisvillr K ?? ?? err he w a?
pre.* id'. It I of ihe IJ o t a r v t'. ? t b.
ft lake I nllrd l#i >eri Irr.
.Iiirr.es <?. I'.ialve, of I'hwch lllll for.
merly connected with a Iocai newspa
per ar.d who enlisted in Mie navy a*
a yeoman last Aupast ha1 h"ef ni.'ified
to n t>ort to-niorrov to .Newport, I! |
for active datv' lie i- eradaate jvl
lohn Marshall llicli School and ,p a
former student at (ii'hiiinnil t'ollf-pe
Jttrr ('nam Meuln Mondn^,
Cin Monday, in the l.a>r and K'jtnty
f'ourt the trill) o/ ;he bt?v cm( i of
> iJ)? F?r\cii)bsr itruj wu)
Inrrcased Patronage Forces Kn?
larRcmcnt of Handling Fnr 111 tics,
Postmaster Thornton Snjs.
To llarc General Delivery, fnrrirr
Service and Krery Other I'Hcilitf
of Central Office?May He .Near
Fifth Street in More.
The establishment of a hranch post
office. preferably near Fifth and Rroad
Street.?, which Is to have all of the !
postal facilities of I he central office. |
,s shortly to he recommended In- 1\mi
master May 'I'. Thornton, it was an
noil need yesterday. The ronpestcd fa
ciiities of the contract stations now on
"road Street were given as the reason
forthcoming recommendation.
I he service afforded the shoppers
n.v the Malions now on Broad Street is
rar from adequate." declared .Mr Thorn
lon yesterday. "The buildings are far
loo small to afTord of the civinp ,,r
real postal service. No contra, t sta
ll ion on Broad Street between Twentv
n.tli and Harrison Streets has a car
ricr system, and so I propose to recom- !
mend .he leasing of a building on
l>ro.,d to be need as a ful! post-oMiee I
with carrier facilities, general delivery,
parcels post. poHl boxes: in a word,
all of the facilities tendered the pub
lie by this office." j
A floor spare of 4.000 square feet will
il appears, be adequate for iho new- I
posial building. If a building can be :
found with such a floor space, ihe i
adoption of n branch oilico is almost '
certain. If such a building cannot be
secured on Rroad Street. it seems )n !
hru>'kely that a building will be leased
which is on one of the streets in'er
secttnc with Broad Streei. Necessary
aliera t ions will, of course, have to he
made upon the interior.
The new station is to he established !
'i a rented store, just as Ihe other
Ration* throughout th- city have been
established. Tin- largest contract stt'
Hon in Rirlmiond and the onlv "all- I
night" station in the State, which i?
located at Seventh and Broad Streets
is overcrowded and cannot afford the
service to which the patron* of the
fMchmond post-office are en-it led to
Ouote Mr. Thorn.o,.. 1, js to reMe'e
I'Vn .?onKestion that the new station
liLJt,,?0,um;0nin,f'n'1e'1 " lo be
FlV.V S? ree,S*on'''i:road?*t he''"a n'!
i'ensed wTi'h?0' 8tal,0n *'? b* *??
VltlinnETh Srii.oM for It Is Here. Onlr
r.iRlit < airs Originate In Kich
mond lluriiiR August.
t?r. Roy K. Klannagan. chief health
K d7'i,iei. ' lly i'ea!th '-^Pnrtm-,,1. I
Is decidedly pleased with the <*-,?hoidl
fe\ei situation in Richmond At this
s. S&
Line m i"'nR their compensation tor
tnH t?^! ir'a. There were
?he ../J?, j -eight cases of typhoid in
J - ? durinp th* month of August
r ?. these, twenty originated outside the
? iv arid the small record of eight hav
niR their sources within the ? online-,
of the municipality is wonderful indeed
mond lUy ?f l,ie popu,aUo" 01 Kioii- j
At this time of the year manv per-'
?=ons are returninR to the citv. and
nUH 'he? br'nK Wi"1 ' hom IV
Phoid germn. Kor this reason the fi'tv
ofCi<\1..LjiT?P'lr,J,,JP1, r,wrin? ,h<* month's
of August and .September, scrutinizes
the fever situation with grej.t rare
rt i rV,,?? 5 h:,s he,,n *? Kreatlv re-'
Richmond It js found that the
proportion, of young children havng
l-". m,"'h greater ihnn for
s rfne ,J[ Vw l?nnafiL,,-n ,h'"ks thai this
. ,hal ,horo ia a I w a vs
.. small quantity of typhoid bacteria
in the water and these little systems
tie not as yet quite strong enough !?>
conquer the g. rr.is. Recent tests r.f
l hirhJrterrtor h.?*?ver, indicated
t high degree of purity
W nr ?ervirf OrCnnl?nllons negln < om
l?lned Orltr for * 1.42S,0Oll in
1 Irginia November II.
A campaign to rais" SI.42$.000 in
Virginia during the week heg.uning
November 11 is ,h<. project ,.r
| ? ?en war service organizations un
crtaking to raise J17.000,000 in Ainet
"?.? during that week to carry on the
?ork of the V. M f. a., the V. \\\
A., the American l.ibrarv Assoc ia
?m. the Knights of Columbus, the
? '?wish Aid Society and olh.-r similar
-ocieties of America among the 6ol
diets in the arm) and the navv.
I?i. \N . M. Mcllwaine. State" l.ibra
nan. has just returned from a confer
? n* ^ of rhp rxoriji xo I'omminrcs of
the?e various organizations in New
where the plans for conducting
th- campaign were outlined in deta i
? ?esides I ?r. Mcllwaine. T. .M. Parrinc
V-." A* Miss Terrell anil
- Bryan, I hero were others attend
?1P in*1 coiifrrrnrc.
b7 I hilil KrirndM.
Playmates of ten-year-old
iank Milton Samuels, who was fatallv
injuerd on Wednesday afternoon when
?e was struck by an automobile near
.' .'--r ,n Ra"on lleiichts. acted as
pallbearers at fhe funeral vee=terda\
were"?\v" i ac,iv? Pallbearers
v v' u-" ? Jr- R ? '? Bayliss,
^nii h ^ i' . Bryant, Jr.. iJordon
? riit.h and r, J. Smiiher. The little
fV.n fJ"=S>ir> rers accompanied the
v!d;,ia/o,Prt0be0n,M0n in aU,?mohl"'s "r"
The funeral was held from (he Rar
??nnri.i^i"ialK M/",,K"i,st fhnrch and was
Vk y :ev Francis B. McSpar
m Riveryie'v^'t'emeTe'r)-. ,nt ?"?? -a,
M"Vre^l l0L0w0, ,,nr#y ronvlrlcd nf
i rederirknhuvK?Merely Klncil
for Si^-edlna.
o' Richmond, who
a^^sted in KredericksJ.iirg. was
fined for speeding and not held on ihe
harge of hontiecirtng. it was staled
.\rstrrda>\ r;,eniriore proved that lie
was on his way North to take over
a car_ he had purchased when he w as
forced off the road near Frederick*
Soufh a ra5' ,rHVftIinsr car headed
The mudrard on Olennirtre's maehiti'v
?as smashed by the other car and he
Mirned around and chased fhe offender
Roth were held up h> the poltee for
speeding and the occupants of the car
based by Glenmore left their .-nr and
ran awav Tn the deserted car a large
quantity of liquor waR found.
Health Department Qanrterlr Out.
Richmond* Pity Health Pepa n ment
has issued its Health Bulletin for Oc.
loher. November and December and
special stress is laid upon the disease
ivhi'h some time, are coincident with
the opening of Ihe schools. It is
pointed out that measles, diphtheria
scarlet frter. whoopinpr cough and rrr
tain other communicable diseases reach
the,r lowest ebb during the vacation
period, hut increase by leaps and
bounds with the opening of our edu
cational Institutions.
?IleJp Wanted Ads In The Tlntr.
niiyalrh are rend by the rlnai of pen
pie TPn lvootd he glad to hnve In your
WtanUS *** th* Ucl*'
Governor Srnj- Sends Out Informa
tion n.s to Coupon and Ke;;
istercd Classes.
Original Subscriptions for Registered
Securities t?> He Delivered to ling
ers in Advance ??f Those to lie
Exchanged for Coupon.
Onrcrnnr r,i>ori;c Seay, of the l-'ed
eral Reserve I'ank of Richmond. stated
yesterday that the hunk was busily
at work making prop i rat ions for the
cr-ming foil rt lr* l.tberl y loan. However,
full details of the plans for the loan
have not yet horn issued h \ the Treas
t:ry Department, ami these are being ,
awaited before more detinite prepara
tions could lie made locally.
The Federal reserve hank has sent
out the following to the financial in
istitutions of the district.
"In making plans for the . sale of
bonds of the fourth l.berty loan, the!
fuel is recognised that batiks and trust j
[companies generally w ill iccept sub- j
| scriptions frnui their customers and
j from Individual subscribers upon vari-'
cus plans of payment, weekly, monthly
I or at other periods.
i "The bonds to cover these subscrip
tions will be subscribed f"t- by the
hanks and trust companies t hemselvos,
and payment w ill he matle 111 cash, or
upon the instalment plan t ? ? be an
nounced by the Secretary of the Treas
ury. that is. an initial payment with j
the subscription and several instal-j
incut, payments, approximately thirty |
days apart.
"In order to meet this situation with
the least possible trouble to subscrib
ing banks, and to enable thepi to take
the bonds subscribed for by them e ther
in coupon or registered form and in
large denominations, if desired, to be
e> changed later for regisiercd bonds,
tr. tit the individual subscript ions, the
Treasury department authoriy.es and
directs us to nuik'5 the following an
nouncement :
"'In the event coupon bonds ;ti ltrge
'lenotninations, or registered bonds is
sued in the name of such .'gcnl> are
arranged, they later will he changed
without charges by the I'nited States
for registered bonds, inscribed as di- }
rected. It is believed tliis announce- ;
tnent will indicate to such agencies ;T,e
means for handling subset ipty?/>: for
registered bonds on spec ial plans, ai d
will eliminate deliveries- of coupon
bonds on original riiDserlptinns where
tegister'd bonds are request ? <1 It is
the policy of this department to place j
| the if.iiie of registered bonds on "r:g
in-; subscriptions in advance n' the!
Issue of registered bonds <>n the ex-1
| change of coupon bunds. Out in case.s ,
| set forth above submit led to tii< de- |
partment b> Kederal reserve banks,
with notation that bonds to be issued i
ir exchange are desired for d'i.very to'
<riginal individual subscrib'r.-. special 1
attention will be given such cases and
the exchange and reissue of I e?istered i
, bends expedited.'"
Alleged It I ~n miM Who Took Poiaon
ItrrnifrN S nfticlrn I ly lo II e I?i*_
mihMcd from lloxpital.
I John Matey, alleged bigamist, has
I suflb-ient ly recovered from the results'
! of poison which he swallowed when ar
rest'd a few nights ago to be removed
from the Virginia Hospital to the ?'itv
Haley i? a former t'nited States sol
dier and is accused of bigamy by lizzie
Rohannon. with whom he had been
living She says slie married Haley
at Newport .News last October, but no
record of a license has been found.
t>a ley was married io ('{race \rm
stning. 1 West Marshall Street, *m
September t>. and his arrest followed
1 shortly. Police authorities s.n tn:it
be admitted having married another
girl in Brooklyn. N. V.. ;n 1!?1 t. This
phase of the case is now under in\c.?
Major Anbrey Strode llere.
Major Aubrey K. Strode, State Si>n,i.
lor from Amherst and Nelson bounties,
1 now afliiliated with the judge-advo
cate's department. Wnshlnfit?>np wa.- a
j Capitol viniior yesterday.
Roof Garden
Hotel Richmond
o to 12 P. M.
Under New Management
Open 8:30 until midnight. Ladies
without escorts will not be admitted
Admission. 50c.
G. H. liEEBci, Manager.
Dop.irlinrnt of Justice Says Failure
to Produce C'jtrds Mny Cause
Trouble Ati.v Time.
Eligible*. Who Hiivo 3"aflrd to Regis
ter PrarliraJl.v Outlawed?Ku:?
peels ('mi lie Held for Invcstiga
t ion.
All tito 11 wlio registered f?-.r Military
service on Thursday arc warned t>y
the loc;>I division of thf Department
of JuMice to carry the registration
cards issued to thorn. All men who
have previously registered are warned
to have ihoir final classification card."
in their pits.-esMOii at all times. Failure
In produce either a resist ration card
or a cia-sith at ion nird may lead to a
hearing before the United Ttates DIs
trirt Court and is punishable l?y one
year's imprisonment.
Any ?>(Ii< er of the law, whether nc
ho a city police ofllcer. city detective,
private detective or odlcer of the Do
partinent of Justice is authorized 10
require any citi>?n no produce his
registration or classification card ami
to hold hint for the United States
authorities :0iould he tie unable to oo
so. Thorough investigation will then
lie conducted hy the Federal Court to
determine whether or not the suspect
is a ilrafi delinquent.
Any private citizen is empowered by
law to hold anyone, whom he sus
pects io have "skipped" registration
ami who is unahle to produce a card, ,
for the authorities.
With the sanction of the govern
ment. there is to lie no hesitation on,
the part of the Kirhmoncl policc or the
otlirers of the Department of Justice
in subject ins slacker suspects to *
hearinj; before the District Court. No
means will be overlooked to bring m
justice all slackers of the last regis
tration and previous registrations.
All citizens are requested to report
delinquents immediately to the De
partment of Justice. I;von those pet
sons who are suspected to luvini;
evaded registration and who cannot
produce a card should be reported.
TiKlftl Richmond Hoy to Oivc Lite
for l-'jiititrj?Prnbnbly In Ke
renl H?*?ivy PiKhtilii;.
Sergeant W-.Uiam H. White, of 102
Virginia Avenue, is reported on t lit?
otlieial easualt > lists as naving been
recently killed in action with his de
ti'.i'nment in 1*ranee. He Is believed to
have been in^.-ued in the rccent heavy
lighting, in which many Kic.hmomi
military organizations are said to bo
taking part. Sergeant White is tne
twelfth liichmonder to make the su
premo sacrifice "over lliere."
I.leu I r nn nt t.onlnn I'romnlrd.
Kenneth II ' lord on. r.f Oquaka. II"..
the i omniai!dink oilier or the Itlcn
iniind Ceiu rii I nrdnanT Depot, wa-?
yesterday promoted from -eeond to
lirst lieutenant. Lieutenant Gordon
has been in charge of the ordnance
depot here since June IS. He has been
here since last Marsh. A year ago
Lieutenant. Gordon was an enlisted
ma n.
Smnll l-'irr In Hrond Strtft.
Kire in some trash in a vacant store,
at 402 Kast Broad Street, caused ?*
pood deal of smoke and drew a large
crowd to that point yesterday after
noon at 2:1- o'clock. ICngine Company
No I responded to me alarm and
quickly extinguished the Incipient con
Rend the Warn An? cn-dny. They
nro full (if I n t err* 11 ri|C oflrrln^n from
hundred* of people.
5! YARir-rrv puo?;h\m tii-dav
m W f I.I.I A >1 1)1 M'A .N in
R Ri\ L KO Comedy
? With
g, rr.\ \ov,vk
_ A Two-Part Western
HKI.KN t.insON
g And Rlnobiril Anlmntrd Weekly H
101 Mnllnee, IOr. Mglit, 13c.
a m KB '.'Ri"'53 "HV'H." ?' H*"nT.Bv SI
Major O. H. L. MASON
Jnat Upturned I'roni Frnnrf
(iOTfmrarnl Ohnmpr. V. f. A. Hut Sfrrrlnry,
linw Rutlrl* TI?hI \Aounili-iI Colonel Hoonrvclt'* Son.
First Presbyterian Church Quartet Siners.
A1E*? ?:30 l\ 31.
SCN l)A V, SE V'VI* >! BI- K I :>T 11.
Thrift Stamps
.llaic Made us wonder why np nc^cr before realized the
ease of learning to SAVE. All of us must continue to buy
Thrift Stamps, War Savinirs Stamps and Liberty TJnnds;
hut we must also eret the banking habit, which is equally
as important t(? you and jour country in helping to irin
the war.
W m. II. I'nlincr, Prr?ldrn<.
?lollen II, Villi. V.-l*. nnil Cnnliler. II. K. t imnmphnm. Anni. rnnhlcr.
.1. \V. .SinIon. Mrf-PrMtili-nf. Wm. S. Ilylnml, Aisl. Cnnhlrr.
?Ir*?c K. M nnil, Mutineer .Sni Iiirn Drpaiiiurnt
' N T*. '? ' 4 '* V*T/' 'y-SAM t''rt! J K \ * * '*?* ? ? f?* ?\ 0- %lf -?
&$$ -^,Ri'CHM(jND. VA.
"The Shopping Center1
Store Open To-day 'Til 6 P. M.
Vol It's Always Best to SHOP EARLY.
Your FALL Gloves
A re Ready
No need of waiting longer to be correctly
Gloved for autumn; you can do yourself a
real service by making your selection and
being fitted now.
Because we have the right Gloves, we're
sure we have just what you want.
Real French Kid Dress Glore*;, two clasp; in
ta.n, brown, pray, mode, black and black with
white embroidery; also white and white with
black embroidery; in self and two-toned em
broidered backs, at $3.00 a pair.
Washable Capeskln TYalkimr Gloves, in tan,
pray, khaki. Newport, pearl, white and black, at
$2..">0 and $3.00 a pair.
Genuine Mocha Gloves, in mode, gray, gold
and beaver at $3.00 a pair.
Fomes' Pique Real Kid, in black, white, black
with white and white with black embroidery, at
$2.50 a pair.
Real French Kid Gloves, in black and black
with white embroidery, at $2.25 a pair.
Slip-On Mocha Gloves, fleece lined, suitable
for motoring or oversea duty; in gray, $5.98 a
First Floor?West.
For Women, Misses and
? Children
We've assembled the biggest stock of Hosiery
in the store's history. It. is Hosiery of wearing
quality?correct in style?for the coming sea
son. And no prices can be more reasonable:
Womrai's Full Fashioned, Medium Weight Lisle How,
in black. ."??<? pair.
Women's Fnll Fashioned Silk Lisle Hose, medium
weight, in black, at UOc a pair.
Women's Full Fashioned Hoot Silk Hose, in African
hrown, pearl, pucde, Cordovan, bronze and black, 8."5c a
Women's Full Fashioned Silk Hose, in Cordovan,
chestnut, suede and black, at $1.2."? a pair.
Women's Full Fashioned Rirk Hose, in all the new fall
shades, including black and white, a pair.
Niagara Maid fJlove Silk Hosiery. 'n autumn brown,
silver, poarl, medium gray, dark gray, black and white,
82.50 a pair.
Children's School Hose
Boys' and Girls' Fine Ribbed, Medium Weight Hose,
in pizes from 5 to 101/,; in black or white, 30c a pair.
Roys' Heavy Weight Ribbed Hose, for hard wear;
sizes from 7 to 11; in black, at 30c a pair.
First Floor?West.
700 W. Broad Street,
Glass, Varnishes, Taints.
MitMnrn Sutiirilar.
"The Very ldea"i
PIUCKS?Mattnf ?? 23c to *1.00. Nicht. '
2fli' lo SI.SO.
The Confederate Museum
Open Daily from 'j A. M. to 6 P. M.
Saturday* 0 A. M. to 2 P. M.
nno.An sthkkt, .near secovd.
"Alwny* n tinori Stow.'1
Patlir Offlrlnl War n?Tim
All Next
Her Most,
A ?? A<|nntic Spertnclc ?hn< Hlnrtlen nnri nrllghtc,
Two Grent
?it Pl/h OK f EArrW..S ?
.M ary PICKFORD In "HOW COfl.D you, JEANP*
Sennett Comedy Entertainer* In "TIER SCREEN IDOL*

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