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. - . ?
'?r DepnMmrnl Kn?-onr*ne* Athletic*.
Only Condition. Tlirv ltuat *
Interfere \Mtli Mllllnrj 'I rninln?.
[|)y A<*orUt?-'l I"! ??- 1
. XVAS11 INOTON. Sept??*>*????? J3 ?
;ball proiiranis for tins f;?l at *?. , '
<^incl unulversitics with Army . tinh i
i Training Corps units will not l>r nitri
runted bv the Var Dopa?tm?nt- <>;cc u
Uwhcro they actually would inlet f?ie
.wth military tr.iinine.
* Protests which reached mi nib.
tconsre" voster,!:., apamst ti.e action
of an ollU-cr ?<( the trainini: corps >ei
^lcr<n u<lvistn, ? hat Hchortu.?
bo abandoned. drew an oHki.iI Mat
?meiu from the W;u 'V'ar !!iVi,o V/'V
that no such -in. had b^V" A\/Vh-.t the
? On the coni rat > >t was s ? at?-iiI th.iit
educational institutions would >? ? -
"vised fotnialU to <ro.uinheir ath
i'lctic schedules without p. rinitt mi- >h m
to curtail the niiliwrv course
.Murphy l>rl?r?? IHM.v JaeK|?o.. to
Mrtilulit Heal X letorj iu
Xslil * lin??.
SYRACl'Sr.. s v September 13.?
The t.ruitd Circuit m et inn in '1"
v. ii cot ion with N' ^,'r" M,V' \r :\
? dosed h.-.. witu tin..- I i t
UOOII. The races were '1,1 'ail.ilr
and the- t mi. ?.?> -low t.?-c.iur-- or a
rain-soaked aii.i h?-a% y ttaik. il??.
last Of live allUlteUt uveitis
Mho day's winner.- Mutph> dtu e
% Billy Jackson "? a sua.tut iy?t k
t torv in the -: 1'' las.- pare aftet hi
^tinp Walker lead to the three-quat .tr
'"liose 111 eil.lt heat with ^a'per. llub
'bard was iho thinl Martii with !?
iv'^The'openitm event on M,e prostam
wont the lull ti\<- heut- /<? K"' ''
J en n Dean to the wire tits, n .h ?o
11 rst heats, but Lyman. '
finish sent Mazda in by a t ;_
third anil tamo back .?? ?
fourth. Malo?l A[] ?,U'dVxvon" nr?1
fifth lor heat winners and won nr.,
'"money. he it
Baton Ki imo ?on in str.i...I t iUfa
In the -Mi' not and Moii.e \ ole.was
ite'eond tn the last two a.ter tiallliij,
the tield in the- start
\V L, McDonald, of Boston won th*
11 rst of two amateur races wit . fccce
Vulo and A. .1. l-urbusn. also. o. IU _
ton. won the second with ?->ron M<. t
^ of the horse- were shipped ?
hns to-niuht. but Murpny Kept Mi.
Harris M here and w ill drU . her tu
an exhibition mile apalnst tinu
morrow if tile track dries out
?_':20 class trot - three In five. i?vit
iH.OOO: ? ? , . t
Mazda (l.yniani - - .? .
.1 enn Dean (Zollcr ? . . . . l
.Mice Vlrplnlsi (Rod- ? ^
lioh Kverett. Halhov and Nat I v.
Kin? II., also ran. KeM time. _. 1.. I -?
":T" class i.ace?three in live, pursr,
j 1,000: . . * i i i
,Billy Jackson (Murphy) \ \ *
Harper < Walker ,i ??? ~ ~ 7.
.Uellinardine i Hubbard).
llcst time.
!?:U "lass trot -three In Ave. purse,
51.000: . lit
Baron Fri?.-o i nickerson.l L 1. I
Monte Volo ' Brume l ; - -
Worthv ninuvn iMurrayl . . . ? - < ??
Moho. Indira. Hilda Audubon and Na
tivc .ludpii also ran Best Huh.
,^;10 1-4. _
havrFde grace results
- IV-si'tuTa.
Wkc Mr 0T Morlnon 1 iildoV " A-unn-r Ar
. Jonninftaif Mario ( onncll. I atnia,
^niuv^HHohp' 'lionet C.eorBe. Ken,Ionia.
Dove Itidpe nl?o ran Thrift ill (Kle?
; Second race -one m.le-Thr fu
iori. third fharn!
"a. Coinlskev. fotualntlne.
ni^u Huv Flrtnc l.in.v JtoHln I irrt. I'lbjen.
ST-Lr Al llricht Cray Katie Humilla
JloiT Tale 1 ? V*a'lv BUeen. Jack !*.*
-1H-ourthra?rr-mil- and neventy v?rd?
J.10 ^VT??TiV?mV-?iu.?J;-i5 o:
? V. 1 .TV i,ou 107 (Johnson! J
?Klri? Time 1< i S-a- BoK'l. Theophlh* V .
\Vooii Violet' un<l > AVta-n Mnrehmoiu <.l!?o
r&re?mile iP'1 a Mixtf^nth Fairv
Wond. 10? (Johnson). J it.. :0, H rt. i< Ur
Stir fr. Ill ( Itynn J. I" ,
ond H'ermioi. 11' M'^dlinsl. ?.? ? ?. third
Timp I'SH 2-a. from Ku>:i.. I.lliit I'ove.
Klect'lon. Bcmonl. Mannehen. I!ab\ Hunch
*'sl*th rac?inil<" and a m*le?*nth H?n
Hampson, 109 (Sterling > $l3.:o Iu m>. i . 40.
flrnt' Harden. 1UJ- llieri!*?ri.
Mconil: The Itelcuin 10S iH.-rul.-r.. I.!,
third Time. 1:49 I nst url.-t. k"J!l?li. C.reat
Dolly. Christi?. Casabii also ran
Sevnth ran? mil** anil j si\t>'"nih Trh?l
hv Jure. 1?? i M.-rcl'i l. $4 .<u. 1 '? J^-j,J'
. first: .lemor i*. 1 Of. i Kodrtru-r.). II MV
necond : nar'^v. 114 i-iarknonl. I* >o. third.
Ttin? 1 41 Stuf- Shooter. (>enerou? K<*v
' Otkwood. I'harles 1'ranri? also
? ran. ?
K^r,x race And ? half fnrlonus?Peier
, PipfV. too (MeAter >. k to t o to J. even,
i' Jir?i nurkb'wrd t0f> iKi>I??i. r> m I. h i?
k. I !o i krrnnd. Arrah lioon II*. il.vhei.
4 lo f i jo . oat. third Tim'- 1 19
Jark Mount. Berlin Annelien also thii
Second r*c< .tl.otit tw.? mtlei- K:ntor?
>13* ( Rii-a an I. 11 to 10 I I" 1 and out tlr.-i .
Xan Slayer. Hi iUv?t.*>. * '?> ?> t to j out.
iM-onti: Tonpv Nil !.>?? > ? Ir.-.-n ? >? to I . J
%f 1. ."> to h ihirtl limf. 4 1. l.ath
?Inr am! North M..r .?i?
Third ran- mil.- .<t?l :i 'itti-cn'n-Urtal
Ix>dce. iOf. t Wnile i "v-n 1 u. -.-H first
yrankiin. lf( iThurtx-r >. 1. to - " to 5. out.
? g^cond: iilootny 'iui*. 102 i Mr.ffmaiil T<> ..
1 to to. out ihir.l Till!. . I-. ? > I>ud
? dr * Choice nl.-o r.. n
Fourth r.o'. nr.I-* and ;> <iuart?-r I ?*el>
' mate. ld^ H'allahuiil St.. i to . ..lit
Arst: Starry Hjnn< - ""
nrat ; Starry H..i,n. t . s,-hu? tu.?.-r .
6. third. Tun.-, r T. ;. Mr l- . .,
&nd Miss Kanitie also r.,?> " ' ' V" s "
_ _ Z1*' r I ti ra ii' (ir ,- f iirlnni;*? S.tllor Iti
IKna pp). ? lo 1, ; lo ! . ?r?, yn
, Adam. 11:. fllustoti) jr. to : 10 j - .!' .*
second; H imloi.Ht a r j::. (|{u'i,ir.?.i,n i ?
i 2 to I. f\*n tlnr.l Tin,- i i>}
? OaiK. Urounrtsw. ,| Skv .Van ; mi.'.i, <t i
i *?tto. Antom?-( t- . Star , l^n[, J'L
? y?n. - "
Sixth raeo?ft-.r ^n?l oty?-ha!f f-irionr?
Peter. 10* (MtAi..-, ... i t,, t
rflrm: SketchN. n: < rc.i.it.s >n > ' 4 to i v IO
L 4 to 5. Kfrond. Mad Hat;.-, | , -.
. linger). 4 t<> :. * -J -- '
:?^. MAirjri* Maitland sir.n Kinrr
?/prrar... M-rrv Prm.-ess S. ,A
% ar Mask aim, ran
! Truewilell I? U inner.
[ RTK. X. V . September 13 \Y f.
? Truesflcll. of iJardi-ti <"i:> \v.>n liic >??
' niors' '.iolf Assoi-Sa: .on tournament
?-:oyer th\ Apawamls Hnks whptuie.-l
?' tb-tioy with a thirty-six hole total of
m - -
0 .
Many Heartaches Would Bo Avoided
if Relatives From Other States
Kenli/.cd Fact.
Jewish Soldiers Will Celebrate \ om
Ivlpptir ? Conscientious Ohjeetors
Will Work on Farms in Cliestet
field County.
(Special to The Times-Dlspatcn. |
C\MP LI-IK. September 13.? If the
;?< ople of the States whose quotas are
forwarded to Camp Lee would realise
the necessity of the present i|iMran
tine la tion's. anil would govern
themselves accordingly. there would l>e
less heartaches. The riil^s require
"h it tio civilian be allowed to s -e a
man qnara nt ined for oversea service
'"iviiians coming into the ??amp may
1. a v e Itpcn subjected to co c. t :iv ' ?> ti s dis
ease. such as measles and nitimps lit
? \ ? in they meet their relatives there
would lie danger of spreading disease.
Hundreds ><i mothers and other close
teiatives frequently come from Penn
sylvania and other distant points on'y
to find tlieir dear ones in qiiarulit .ne.
There ire many touching soiif^ ,i ? the
liosti .v's hotfo when they are told th.it
\\,ir Department orders \\i;l no; ai'.ow
them to see their soldier. For a time
?nen w ere allowed iii talk across t lie
l:ne to their re!a.i\>-> Tins ? >n!\ add<-d
grief to the hearts of th?- visitors, as
well as t.'i" soldiers Also, regulations
to t he contrar\ not w it hsi an<linsi. men
often liroke quarantine to bo with their
relatives. For that reason the strin
gent rules are being enforced as a pro
tection for the men
Yon t Kippur. the Jewish day of
atonement, will he celebrated l.> the
-'.<"?0 Jewish soldiers now on duty here.
Almost without exception the irteii
have been riven passes extending tr?.in
.Saturday at 12 o'clock until Tucsdav
n.orning- at reveille This will enable
tie majority to spend th- holiday at
li< me. Several hundred will spend the
period in Richmond as the guests of
the Jewish people of that city. More'
than ^Oii enjoyed the liosh Hashana
holiday as the guests of the people of
that city. Invitatjon has been extend
ed through Mrs. S. t'ohen and Miss II.
Conn. Secretary S. Dreyfoos. of the
Jewish welfare work at 'the camp, will
l>e at tlie Voting Men's Hebrew Asso
ciation Building. in Kit:h iriond. on Suii
Services will be held at the camp on
both Sunday and Monday
The entire camp was grieved at th
announcement carried in this morning's
papers of the possibly fatal injuries
suifereU by Major Kobert K. Lea. of
l'au\ilie, \a.. at Camp Perry yester
day Major Lorn was promoted this
W'? u from captain to major. He was
th. commanding <itlicer of the Thirtv
t.fih ' 'ompany. Ninth Battalion of the
I ???p?>t Brigade He was receiving a
? ?u:se r.f instruction in rifle tiring at
<".uiip Perry range when struck hv a
stray bullet.
Twenty-five conscientious objector* <
who were recently adjudged con.-. -
ent ions in their objections u> milita-v
service, were granted farm furloughs.1
I. I' Lurford. county farm agent for
< hestertield I'ounty. was at the camp
and arranged to take the entire num
.!' for < 'hesterfield Count v farmers
All of the men are white. ' There are
now IOC objectors working on Virginia
farms. They receive $.10 per month
and their hoard. In event any sur
plus is paid for their services it noes
to the lied Cross.
Judge I lark, who has he en in charge
of Knights of I'olumhiis work ai this
camp for the past several months, left
to-day on telegraphic orders for Pamn
Meade, Md.
Twenty-two ofllcers of the One Hun
dred and Fifty-tifih Depot Brigade left
to-day for Camp Dix. X. J., where iliev
will report for duty with the Wight
Hundred and Eleventh Pioneer Regi
ment. Colonel H. It. Davids, who was
formerly stationed at this camp, is the
commanding officer of the regiment
Those leaving to-day were Majors
Austin B. Kinnard and Frederick \
Hoyse Captains Will <; Atwood. Dan
iel II McQuiston. liladdeu II. Sii?i? -
ner. Joseph II. Walton. Charles P lliu
ch in so it. Kdwin F. Transne. Kvan'D
l|osey P.urt F. lianback and Thomas
IL Wilcox; First Lieutenants liustav
W. Sligh. Arthur S Woodland. Lewis
II. Cox. Felix 11 Thompson, John V.
Kspenshade. John ti. Hoatright. James
P.. Beth tiny and Frank II. Diehl: Second
Lieutenants Wayne W. Mackev and
Ueorpe <5. Slirum.
There will be an intcrbattalion ath
letic contest Saturday afternoon be
tween the battalions of the Third Sec
tion of the Depot Rrigade.
Fifty cots have been installed on
the third floor of the Army Club in
Petersburg for the use <>/ the men in
uniform. The charge for a cot will be
?*? cents per night.
The building now has for the e?m
fifrt and entertainment of the men in
uniform six pool tables, three bowling
alleys, writing-room and a check-room.
M. .1. Wllnoii Makes Total of I n:t In
President'* Mnteh nt Ittllr
I Hv A<soriated Press. J
CAMP PKItK V OH fO, September 1"
(?Three members of the t'nitcd States
Marine Corps were loading at the con
clusion of the third stage of the Pres
ident's match at the National Bifle As
sociation shoot here to-night. M. J
Wilson was first, with a total of 19.".
out of a possible I'flO; B W. Purdy wa
? court with PC?, his finish not being
?: strong as Wilson's, and Sergeant A
T Smith, third, with l!?L?. The match
v?ill ho concluded to-morrow.
The match which opened toiday on
tin- :'"ii and .inn-yi. rd rapid-tire and
."i'M)-y.i r?l slow-lire r.irifie is the feature
event of the -,v.'k.
The marine corps and Wimbledon
cup matches are expected to reach
their tinal stages to-morrow.
Lieutenant II Willcox and Lieu
tenant W. c Nieil arrived here to
night from Dayton in an airplane, and
to-morrow will teit some rvachine guns
while maneuvering over the lake.
The Help Wanted Ada In The Ttmen
llinpnlrh nre rend l?> the elnna of peo
ple yon vronld be Klnd lo hnre In ynnr
employ. I ?e nnd rend the Help
Wanted Ada.
Unchanged Prices
on Retail Markets
Dealers Do Not Anticipate Any
Early Reduction in Figur
Consumer Must Pay.
There aro practically no chances in
the retail markets to report. The deal
I rs in all kirnls of catahles say they
lo not look for any lower quotations
and they may have to again/mark u|
poods before many more moons. Wa
termelons are. of course, cheaper
owinu to the large supply and the ueai ?
inn of the end of the season, hot csm
taloupcs keep u|i to the high figure they
have been commanding pioity much ai
of the season.
The following quotations will rulr
Apples, quart
Orange*. doj.en 7a 'it
1.unions, dozen 1 > >1
Haim nus. do/en
I'eaelies, basket CO *i>
II rapes. Cotiiord, 11> 1/>
Oriipe*. Malaga. lb <i
? "rape.". Tokuy. lb ... .. '?>
l.artlett r?. do* vr
Swliol penis, quart '#??
Preserving IVart, puck '?/
U.misons. basket .... '?!
flroon pepper*. do/'-n It'I <&
lil'rn Iptliirf. bum ti !.'? ??/
Cu hlia ce. iniun'l Ci
Cat rots. hunch .i '<<?
Irish potatoes, pound
Sxvee I polators pound 1? 'n>
Ouiois. 'J quart) for it
"'yinlltiRs. doieti
Cm-umber.-'. apiece ?</
Tomatoes, ctuart in cr
Koastlni: mis dozen 4<i tr
C.i:iial?U|"'.t. apiece . I". J|>
fish mill Other hen Kon(I.
|!i> ma r!(?? re|. pound
I'rout. pound n
<"r.ili tii'ui. quart o
('lain*. it
fan trout, pound \t
llutit-rtisll. pound tt
i'.iuettsh. pound .... *?
Sll??|?lii':iil. pound ... -V
lioi-kfl?li. pound 3" it
Surimp quart
(f'roaket ?<. puud if
tvifl ctahr. do/.en 1 ?*) tt
? 'rub ItaUe. pound '<}
.spots, pound . .. *i
HopOsh. pound v
Flounders. pound a
Spa nlsli mackerel, pound o
Oyster*. ?;uart .... . *? a
Por'? rhous? ?i?nk. pound 5'* W
riirioin Hi'ak. pound t.> rr
Hound steak, pound
I!'.it roast. poun<i IT "h
(inillp i oitkl, pound... -s M
Tenderloin. pound ( t
Fresh tripe, pound... tt -?<
Soup m?ai. puuii'l . ? '?> Si
Corned beef, pound..... K /: '?'?>
Limb, shoulder, pound V 11
l.nrnb. chop. pound? <r 51
S:-wiry; I a ml), pound 'i '-?>
Sprinc lajiib. pound ??? 'a iO
Pork - hops, pound '?n
Itoasl pork. pound a '??C
l'r.-sh shoulder, pound <i- -W
Haroii. sliced. pound. . ? it 6'*
liani, sliced, pound v <i>
Veal eutletc. pound it (?n
Veal ehops. pound.. . 15 <1 i"
Hound viral, pound .. 'n
Ltreast veal, pound. *? 'ti ?"*">
Dressed Poultry.
Roastinc chickens. \>i ir d .... *' 9
? 'hl< ken. hroilors pi.und . ... M> n '?'>
St?*wlnR > hl" I vus pound 4' W
Duclc". pound .... 't ?"
tiUllieHS. npii'iv Tf' 'rt X '0
Mutter. Kcbs. Cheese.
Butter, ereimery. pound ".K W 5t
Country btittei pound o" <t
Kkks. fresh. ''oilBlrv. do/.en . iS n ^
Aiii'r'run i-heese. pound 3) *cr
f>< liwi itr.er i-heese, pound *(t fin
Roquefort < heese. imunil U' 1 '*-?
Vancouver Mnrkaninn \nneves tll;;!i
Amntenr Avrriter In \\esiy
lloKrnn Shoot.
! By Af.soolat?0 Pres4.)
ATI-ANTIC CITY. S" .1.. September
1.; ?p.v bre;ikiiiB 1 ."if. target* uKain to
day. I\ M. Troeh. Vancouver. Wash
annexed the hitch amateur average in
the close of the t iWrtl day's events of
the annual Westy llopan shoot. His to
tal for three days was o\jt of a
possible -ISO. lie had a straight run
of ill in his sit-ins to-day.
I*. S. Wright. New York, shooting !rt
clas? A. was h;?'.t pin of the 200 en
tries trv all classes, shattering i ?S tar
gets mi' of I If
Class P. honors went to W C. I.itter
man. Ohio, with lafi hre.-iks.
Top honors i;i lass c went to P. K.
Watktrs. New York, who broke ir>3.
The eastern teatn outshot 'he west
ern men t> the tlnhls <.f the three days'
content, brlneinc their total to an even
2,oi?0 against -.2Ct. j
Klllifer Drnfletl fur \rii?>.
CHICA'IO. September 1n. "liip. P.ill"
Killefer. called one of the greatest
? ?atchers h.tsetiall has ever known, and
who. with Ilollorher. recruit shortstop,
is ci edited with keeping 'he Chicago
Cubs at th? top of the National I.eneue.
)>:? - been drafted. Klllifer will report
at Camp '"tiMer Battle rieek. Mich.,
next Tuesday. The hip fellow is all
stir les.
Notify Killlfrr to Record.
I nv AftocU'c, Presy 1
c|||CA<"M). September 13.?William
Kill'f-r. Chicago National catcher.
notified to-day to report at Camp Cus
ter, Battle Creek. Mich. Tuesday. Kil
!:fer's battery mate ''.rover t'levcland
Al? \ inder. is in France
Declared Thnt It Must Re t"?ed for
II rend-Ma klnte I'urpoaea
SKATTI.K. September 1?,.?The only
pan in th* camp of forest fire fighters
on North Iliver and the refusal of the
rook of tho eamp to allow the pan to
be use! ?? a wash basin started t ne
trouble whl'h resulted !n the dl?
rharBP of par* of the crew, who were
forced to walk hack to civilization
many a wea-v Tii'.e to en.!<--v the luxury
of r bathtub ?r. i restaurant tneals.
Th" cook rie,?-?<?(! that the pan must
be used for hr?ad-maklnKT purposes
only. He o'njeced. as did the foreman,
to the combination tise of the pan.
Orders were Issued that all fire fighters
could lave their so led roiintcnnnce?
!n n near-by creek.
Nnw the cook has supreme control
and supervli, on the pan for hread
mtx'r.g only.
President Tolls Bridgeport Machin
ists Tlicy Arc Violating
If They Fail to Respond They Wil
Go Jobless for Year and Kxenip
tion Claims on (irourni of War
Work Will Not Be Recognized.
J Bv A^.soriat??d I'ro.ns )
A S If I X (J T O N\ September 13.? |
Striking machinists at Bridgeport.'
*'ona., have been noticed by President J
Wilson that unless they return to work |
and abide by t lie wage award of the,
^ 11'' l>abor Board, they will be barred :
from employment for a year and draft
hoard will be instructed to reject any j
claim of exemption from military scr
\ ice based upon their alleged useful-'
ness on war production.
The President's warning wen; to-day
in a letter addressed to the machinists, !
replying to resolutions forwarded to
him announcing the strike because of
dissatisfaction over the War Uhor
Hoard's award and a later interpreta
tion by a nr umpire.
The letter was addressed to the
Bridgeport District l.oilKe of the Inter
national Association ot .Machinists and
other striking workmen of Bridgeport.
< onn." It follows
'Oentlemen.? I am in receipt of vour
resolutions of September ?; announcing
tiiat you have begun a strike against
your employers in Bridgeport. Cm,:!.!
*ou are members of the Bridgeport'
branches of the International I'nion of I
.Machinists. As such and with the ap
proval uf the national oflicers of vour1
union you signed an agreement to sub- :
ojit Hi" questions as to the terms of
your employment to the National War
1 .abor Board and to abide by the award
which in accordance with the rules of
procedure approved by me might bo i
"The members of Hip board were not
able to reach a unanimous conclusion
on all she issues presented, and. as pro
vided n its constitution, the questions
upon which they did not agree, were
curried before an arbitrator, the unani
mous choice of the members "f the
HA\ K Alt KI'TI'.I) \\\ A It I)
The arbitrator thus chosen ha? made
an award which more than :?(' per cent
of the workers a fleeted accept. You.
who constitute less than 10 per cent,
refuse to abide i lie award, although
you .ire the best paid of the whole body
of workers affected, atid are. thoiet'ore,
least entitled to press a further in
crease of wages because of the high ?
cost of living But whatever the
merits of the issue it is cloned i,y the.
board. Your strike against it is a
breach of faith calculated to reflect on
the sincerity of national orgauixed
labor in proclaiming its acceptance of
the principles and machinery of the1
National War I .a bor Board.
"If such disregard of the solemn ad
judication of a tribunal to which both
patties submitted their claims be tem- 1
porized with agreements become mere
scraps of paper; if errors ? recp in'o
awards the yroper remedy is submission
? o the award with a tiapplicat ion for
rehearing to the tribunal. But to
?trike a; li.ist the award is disloyalty'
and dis} <??tor
-The .Smith Sr Wesson Company, of
Springfield Muss, engaged in govern-,
men! work, has refused to accept the
mediation of the Naiion.il War l^abor
Board and has flaunted its rules of ile
< ision approved by presidential proc- )
iamation. With my consent the. War j
Department has taken ovor the plant'
and business of the company to secure j
continuity in production uud to pre-i
vent industrial disturbance.
"It .s of the highest importance to.
sei-iire compliance with reasonable
rules and procedure for the settlement
of industrial disputes Having >>xi>r
? .'"d a drastic remedy with recalcitrant
employers it is m v dui>' to use means
equally well adapted to the end with
lawl?-?s and faithless employees.
"Therefore I desire that you return
to work and abide by the award. If
> on refuse each one of you will be
barred from employment in any war
industry in 'he community in which
the S t ike occurs for a period of one
year Muring that time the t'nlted
States employment service will decline
to obtain employment for you In anv
war Industry elsewhere in the l?nit*d
States, as well as under the War and
Navy Departments, the Shipping Board
tne railway administration and a!! gov
ernment apanries, and the draft boards
will be Instructed to reject anv claim
of exemption based on your alleged
usefulness on war production.
"Sincerelv vours.
"WOO d"row WII,SON."
i.KADKit tT nnmr.Ki'onT
'Bv A Slioria <rr\ IT'S* 1
FIR IDOBPORT, < 'ONN . September 13.
?The letter of President Wilson to
the striking machinists and tool makers
of this city had not been received here
up until noon to-day. Samuel I.evlt,
business .-.gent of the mrhinlsts' union
and chief director of the strike, said
that if the President's letter is as dras
tic as indicated by press dispatches he
would advise the strikers "to fight "
He said that the President's letter, or
such Information about it as ban been
received, will be token up at the mass
meeting.of the strikers this afternoon.
Rnxvnr.ofT Mnrdered.
I Bv Asuoclatcfl 1'r-nn I
STOCK HOBM. September 13.?Rear
Admiral A. V Ftazvozoff. former com
mander-in-chief of the Russian naval
forces in the Baltic, wns murdered In
peirograd Wednesday, according to a
dispatch from I lelnlngfors.
the big new departure In selling fine .
Men's and Boys' Shoes at "subway" j
RA nXEV'd,
Fifth and It road.
Commercial Treaty Executed 0?y
Soviet Government Mif;l?l?v
Laborers ami Hallway Men Effec
tually Check Movements-of Hoods
Toward Holder?People Starving
and in Hag* Demand Stocks.
I h* Axsor lated Press. 1
STOCK IH M.M. Thursday, September
I ?? Herman dispatches received In
Sweden speak of the commercial agree- j
meat between Germany and Soviet. I
Russia 'In i lie same general terms as
those employed l>y the Holshevik press. ,
These dispatches maintain the same
dcree of secrecy concerning the de
tails as that which .M. JolTe. the Hol
shevik ambassador. preserved, when lie
hurried from ISerlia to Moscow to com
plete the agreement
The masses in Itusia were displeased
hv the arrangement because they knew,
it' contemplated the sale of goods so j
badlv needed hv the Russians, and es
pecially the transfer to Germany of
the fabrics which the Soviet Rovorii
inent had con li sea ted In great quanti-?
lien in .Moscow and I'etrograd.
The Hermans also are apparently dis-,
satisfied with the agreement becaus
iheir effort- ship goods have be.n
so r, -ist cd and the> believe
Germun\ will have the same trouble in
this case that she encountered In the
l'krain<- Tlu-\ seem to feel that the
I'.olshcviki do not expect to abide by
their treaty.
iussians iiimikii <:i:iniAN>
not Ml SHI 1*11 KM'S
10veil before .Maria Sptridonova made
lir e\posut ? ? s nni? ?*rning tne i?erman
plans !<? deprive llussia or tile cloth.
leather and food tt so i)!iii.>. -
ill* Russians laborers and railway
men. were effe. tivelv cli"cKlng largt?
moventeiits oi goods to <><rman>. in
l?ctr?urad th?- do. k laborers tvfuscn
to lo d ships with Boons billed for
Sweden, but clearly intended for the
Hermans ? , . ,
l.ess than a month aso l.olshevik
troops at Mrsha rioted because a tra?n
load o' .loth was about to puss across
the (Serman line.
The situation necatne so grave that
the Viennan*- abandoned ttielr plan to
ship the :abr ies. Small shipments may
slip t lii'oiig h but not the large con
sign ir.fiit s
Kor s>'iii< time the Rolslievik olHclals
defended shipments to <;crinuny oil tae
g round that the toodstuiis and clothes j
tt iTc for Russian pes-oners, but ttie
returned prisoners told such terrible ,
stories of theri privations that the
Russian masses deuouneed tlie explana
tion as a pretext < f eornipt oMlelals.
SIII I'M IOTS 1I A\ IllllXti
ON VC'I'I \l. IIKVttl,LTin\
Millions <?: yards or cloth are locked
in the Moscow and I'etrograd store- .
houses, closely watched by agitators
and the Soviet government risks Its
.?\istenc?* if it allows th<- < lerinans
ship wholesale lots at a time when t n i
masses are clothed .n raus and Jti* |
facing the approach of winter thus ana
without bread and fuel
'I he Russian ptiMi. is In the dark
as to t'i?' gold payments the Sovieia
agreed to make So flermanv The rum
ored amount varies from 2.000.000 to
r..000.OOti rubles The whereabouts or
the Russian gold referee is a mystery,
a ml many bankers doubt whcllier anv
considerable amount remains to meet
th? German claims.
No authoritative statement is avail
able as to the actual amount o* paper
nionev in circulation, but the sum
probably Is not less than ;.0,00<".000.n00
i ubles.
I'lirliitophrr Shank.
It A RRISONRL'RG. VA? September 1.1.
Christopher Shank died at his horn
near Kdom yesterda> morning as a
result of a third stroke of paralysis,
from which he suffered about ten days,
fie was eight-one years of age. Sur
viving are one daughter. Mrs. S. I.
Rice, nf nea: Gettysburg. Pa : and two
??ons. K. R. Shank, of near Kdom. and
I-" A. Shank, of Timberville.
Mrs. l.ney \mi It I-lit.
LYNCHBURG. VA? September 13
Mrs Lucy Ann High!, sevent y-seven
\ears of age. widow of 1'.. K Might,
died yesterday afterno.>n a: "::!<? o'clock
Connecticut Unit Derp.
ber ?There was no shortage of lee
here a few days a?ro after a hail storm
In which chunks of hail ebvered the
ground to a depth of two and one-hnlf
feet In low spot? The storm was in
the evening, and the following morn
ing several Inches of Ire remained on
the ground until the sun melted It.
Many persons filled their refrlarerators
or frore Ire cream with the product.
Fortunately, tho storm covered ont.v
r small area, ns It ruined many vege
tables, but skipped tha rich tobacco
growing district.
Stranger* ?? well an home folks
ronnnlt the Winl Ada In this paper to
supply their w?n(?. You rmn use
Tlmn-DI?pntrh Wont Ads with profit.
Article Written July 18, foinjmreil With
Wurk of l<*rl<lrt.v, the Itttli,
Suundit Slrmute.
LONDON. September til,?The bril
liant success achieved by the Anierl
can troops in the St. Mlhiel neighbor
j hood renders interesting recollections
that ever since the Americans were
I provoked by Germany into making
war their military efforts have been
| treated systematically with contempt
by German -newspapers and propa
ganda agencies. "They cannot fly. they
| cannot swim: they will not come," said
one prophet of the German government.
And since they did come. (Jertnan
writers have alli-ped that tiieir lack of
lighting' experience made their arrival
? >f no military importance. Among
the recent opinions on Americans ex
pressed by (Sermans. the Kreuz iiei
tung. on July IS. said:
"If we had I he fighting' value of
Americans at a third of that of. the
Knplish and French?this is too high,
rather than too low?1.000.000 Ameri
cans will thus have only the value of
a third of a million of trained, experi
enced soldiers. All the rest may for
I lie present be described as ballast."
In the Iterliner Tajyeblatt. Von Ar
denne wrote, on July S: "A moment's
relied ion shows that an American army
of millions cannot be ready for ser
vice for two or three years. An Amer
ican army must be armed and equip
ped. Its ofllcers have no military ex
perience. Want of transports is the
chief hlnderance to a speedy interven
tion of Americans. An army of 1,000,
odfi men needs 4,000.000 ions of trans
ports? four tons per head. Did this
exist, submarines would cut it down.
It is. t here fore, clear that even later
the Americans will not play a decisive
part. They will not be a substitute
for the Russians."
There appears to have been another
..f the "wronj* reckonings" committed
by the Germans to which Von Peyer I
recently referred. " |
Committer Vnmed to Study Telephone'
mid TeleRrrtipli Situation to
Tbnt KnU.
\V A .S 11 IN <1 T O x, September 13.? ]
Standardisation of telephone and tele
graph rate schedules Is about to he
undertaken by Postmaster - General |
Burleson. Committees were appointed
to-day to study th? services and their j
rates, and make recommendations upon
which revisions will be based.
David J. I.ewis, member of the Post
master-General's committee, directing
the government control of wire", will
be in charge of both investigations On
the telegraph rate committee With him
will be John C. Willevcr. vice-presl
dent of the Western I'nion Telegraph
Ct-mphn.v. and Kdward Reynold*. gen
eral manager of the Postal Telegraph
and <'able Company.
Harry 1?. Thayer, vice-president of
ih? American Telephone ami Telegraph
' .impan; . and Charles Y McVey. presi
dent of the Ohio Telephone Company,
arc the committee for the telephone
All telephone and telegraph compa
nies were authorised to-day to tile
claims with local drn.ft boards for ex
emption from military service of "abso
lutely i nd Ispe risible" employees The
companies were also notified that, to
stop embarrassments to the service re
ported from various sections, where
' employees have quit their places with
' out notice, often to engage in non
essential work, .ill employees leaving
the service should be required to give
two weeks' notice
613-1*7 E BR.QA.D ST.
\ Men's New j
| Fall Suits !
I and Hats ;
Z *
1 Now Ready ;
| Men. we are now show- 5
ing splendid assortments 2
in all the newest patterns 5
and colorings of Men's $
Suits, embracing a variety |
that will be sure to delight 3
you. while our display of 2
Hats features both soft }
and derbies, in all tho best *
shapes and colors. j
Come and look.
What Is Rheumatism?
Why Suffer From It?
Sufferers Should Realize That
It Is a Blood Infection and Can
Bo Permanently Relieved.
Rheumatism means that tlio blood
him becomo saturated with uric acid
T> docs not require medical advice to
know that pood health is absolutely
Impendent upon pure blood. When the
mtiBclos and Joints become sore and
irawn with rheumatism, it is not a
wise thine to take a little salve, and
by rubbine: it, on the sore spot, expect
to K*t rid of your rheumatics. You
must ko deeper than that, down deep
Into the blood where the poison lurks
and which is not effected by salves
and ointments. Jt i? important that
yon rid yourself of this terrible dis
ease before it goes too far. S. S. S.
is the blood purifier that has stood the
test of time, having: been in constant
use for more than fifty years. It will
do for you what it has done for
thousands of others, drive the rheu
matic poisons out of your blood, mak
ing; it pure and strong and enabling
It to make you well, S. S. S. is guar
anteed purely vegetable, it will do the
work and not harm the most delicate
Write the physician of this Com
pany and let him advise with you. Ad
vice is furnished without charge. Ad
dress Swift Specific Company. 435
Swift laboratory, Atlanta. Ga.? Adv.
Corrtirht. 1518. International News Service.
m 9 m
By George McManuj
"TOWts "bHOULD at
> r
In A Class
By Themselves
Dixon's and Dixon's alone
stop Friction.
Prevent metal contact and form a
smooth. lonK-wearinir pontine on trans
missions and differentials lhat insures
against wear and tear.
Ask your dealer for the
Dixon Lubricating Churl.
Jereajr Ci?r. New Jtrwr
Established 1827
Seat Covers
and Painting
We nse only the best ma
terial and our workmen
are experts. Let us give
jon an estimate.
>0. S?E. Rroad St.?No. 8
Special Saturday
Roast Beef, Choicc
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Hind Quarter,
Spring Lamb,
Swift's Premium
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Choice Smoked
Fancy Dressed Veal,
Lamb, etc.,
Lowest Market Prices.
Baker Bros.
Phone Randolph 3787.
Tomatoes. Celery, Lottucc, Green Pen
per*. Snaps. Turnips, Carrots. Butter
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toes. Irish Potatoes, Cabbage,
Corn. Oranges, Peachcs, Pears,
Bananas, l.emons, Canta
loupes. Watermelons and
"Everything: Blie Good to E?t.*
Boulevard 346-1835.
4;? ' ? ? ' '

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