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w,;- . '
heavy movement of men and wacon
^tfllna behind the line. These were
> 'tnken to incicate a possible further ro
?t,tlrcment of the Ormans.
IfEiniil.V It KI'Oll'l'* MOIIK
uvicruiiiii( > i:\ Art ATioxsi*
I Itv AKnoclMed 1'rvn* 1
BKRL.IN, Sopli'inlilr -1 (via Londoli).
?Gorman advance troops south of the
Somme in the region <?f St. yuentin
were withdrawn Frida>, says the of
ficial statement from army head
quarters to-day. K.ssigny-le-Grand was
evacuated North of St. <vi>cntin, it is
added, a British attack failed.
Considerable activity on the Flanders
front is reported it. to-day's army head
quarters fetatoneut. The text reads;
''East of Merckem. a Belgian partial
attack was rcpui.ed. There has been
lively rcconnoitering activity between
the l,ys and iho Scarpe. During the
repulse of British battalions. which
thrust forward n< rih of l.a Bassee, we
took fifty prisoners."
von r.ti'KM.i: iti:iM?nTi;i>
m t ? i:i:i>i:i> :n ni:n.\(Kn
I H\ Associated I'rtim. I
AMSTERDAM. September 21.?Re
ports that Vice-Admiral Kduard von
Capelle. German minister of the navy,
has been retired .seem to be continued
by telegrams from Berlin announcing
that Admiral Behncke has been ap
pointed to represent Admiral von
Capelle. who is on leave.
Commenting on the appointment, the
Tageblatt. of Berlin, recalls that Ad
miral Behncke. when deputy chief of
the admircJtv staff, told the American
naval attache at Berlin that, although
the staff was convinced the employ- '
ment of U-boats would greatly in
'fluence the rapid conclusion of peace, t
regard must be paid neutral ships and
human life aboard all mercantile ves
sels. whether under neutral or enemy
nags. He is quoted as having s..id
that the German admiralty staff did not
wish to employ submarines in de
fiance of international law.
"M iii'uim:. hit no panic?*
I Hv Associated I'r. fi* ;
OEKEVA. I- r;day. September 20.?
"The bombardment of Met/. b> Ameri
can heavy arttlbr> t anscd surprise, but
no panic." sa>s the Mei/.er Zcituug. ?
"The enemy mc:el\ copied the method
of the German bombartiincius of l'aris.
The paper adds that a few persons
were killed and the damage was in- [
? ignificant.
it is learned from Basle, however,
that the American bombardment of;
Meiz caused an enormous sensation in '
German}. Many ot tin inhabitants |
have left Metz. bat r.cutrals are pro
hibited from departing. It is the nrst
time since ISTu that Metz has been!
under artillery lire.
imiTlMI CAM A 1.1 il.> I'll It
wul.iv v i.>. it l.i.vr i; ira.Tiiu
ll?V AiSt'l laled I'M S3. I
LONDON. sepicm ovr I'l.?British
casualties repor...j uuring uu wee*
enuing to-day loi:u? . ivuleu or iiie.i
oi woiinus, oiiici-rs. 4>i; men, t
noundta or n..rc.sis, oilinj.c ? . ? >.
men, it.206.
FRK.VCU TAKi : II A \ A \ |\
m. u( tn'ioiiA rio\>
I LtV A.-sjl.i,t:?l lTe.-s. |
I'ARIS, Sepicuiucr 21.? iit iheir drive
tOI llie OUlllullKlug 04 Si. t^tieiliin W||
toe soutn. tne i-ieucu last mgi.i cap
tured uit town (.-i x>an.iy ti?>ue
progress north ot tha,. p<ace. .->.iys io
uav s War oiiiic ai.uou..ceiiun
?U Casires, where .no rjt-ucn are
omy si.rii.ii> more ihan iwo units l.oni
?^t. Queiiiin. a Cerui.tn couu.ei at hick
? .?s repuised.
i he stauinent reads:
i-'urlUo th*. nignt French troops op
erating in the legion ot Si. yuenan
captured Danny and inane prog.ess
"orih of thai village. A counterattack
by the enemy upon Castres w ???< re
There was activity by our own and
the enemy's artillery in" the region of
the plateau north of the Aisne
'In Lorraine two attempts by the
Uerroans upon our po.-ts at Arracourt
and AncerviUers tnortheast oi Lune
vuie) were without result."
The ollicial statement issued at the
War OJtlcc Friday reads:
'Our progress east of Ksslgny |e
Grand has been accentuated and pris
oners have been taken. Artlller\ ac
tivity has been maintained in the re
gion of St. Wuentin and nortii of ihe
(Aisne. The day was calm on the re.>i
'of the fr >at.
"Kastern theater. September 1I<: In
spite of the vigorous resistance ?.f the
enemy rear guards the offensive be
tween the Cerna and Vardar Divers
continued to progre.-s. Allied eavalrv
have reached the region ot l'ob.j.hko,
Serbian forces have gained a foothold
on the l.ft bank of the Cerna in the
region of Dun ye.
"The Serbians have succeeded in ac
centuating tlvir progress in the direc
tion of Konopoishta. whore thev have
traversed particularly diflk-ult ground'
on the range of hills between the Bel
ash nithi H:\cr ..ml the Doshava. French
and (JreeK f<?r have taken the vil
lage of Tushin and have gained a foot-!
hold <>n the town of Kdzrna.
"Because of dillicult communications'
over the vast .riAt'nt of. grout).1 cov
ered by the openflt -it is not nosslble
vet Ir, estimate he number of prison-'
ers taken, but it is known that S.OOi)
prisoners and eighty cannon have been
The offensive of the Greeks and
F->r; t ish in the l.ak?> Dorian rerrion,
? ilch ha- been marked by furious bat
tles. continues to progress V'iolon:
counterattacks t\e t.ef-n trade in vain
by Bulgarian for. . s."
INSCRIPTION ? " v > m:
hi i i-noim: to chi:vcii
Till". J-' ".KAINK KKuNT, jjrt.tfrmV.i-:
?J! ?.?[<? I, I! ': i '.lie .N : !<??!-,
ran arm;. t > wi.it will l>e the dis
position of ! ? ? fi jiravf-yard
found J?.. i ? r-i,- ? ? S* M IrM. on
the Vigntullcir road, and which; though
f-1 OCiUr r" ??? ? ..in I
and lion -r I >r ??.? ? ??? may t-a?Py
Vif- con.<-ui< r< <1 i ? ? t ? t <? V -h
The fliUf Tf ;iy>n ' that a'.i
the t'Jrrmaii LTdVi'ii : t \ 'm sur
moun'fi! h; . l:tt.r>r:-i' #? i* or pran
Ite headstones bearing |> ominently
the Iron Cross and >cisf.i'- inscrip
tions .'nnrf rriir.c ' : ''r* f1''.-' h * of
the lr.vr.rter?, T1 ??ro are some thirty
gravs ir .? * 1 :t?.'5 ''a' n of them have
w o o f 1 * n
Th# roTn?Tf-ry is 'h - !:if' ?ostitis
pia ^ e of : r e ? i > I >? r s ' T! ' eenth
Royal P.ttVH? ti It f. rit'v K??iMmrnt.
who w>'?- V 'lle.l dur i :: ? ipat:on
of the Ft. Mihltl '? ? \> : '
BrUTI"-!! MOMTOIl <?! \K
AMI 7" A It 1:1 IIKUnVl'.!) JJliAl)
' !>y Akk ?riutfi1 * rr + i
TENDON, Fcpleiiiber '.M.?A nr'.tlit'.i
monitor was <<nrk Monday. ?? r:?? hub
lying in harbor, the Admiralty m
nouneed t? ? -<-5i?> <>::? olflC'-r nine
teen m?':i w < re i:~<1, a: ? .1 flft.v?cv?n
men arc rn ? g ^nd u.-<j )>rc?un;ed t?>
have been killed.
1TAI.IA \?- II it KA f* I !'
Al?'TltO-IIl \t. i i'HS
l - v A-r . "
n o m i: Sept* ;i * f *. * * * ut ^
made by Aus:r ? ? e
terday to at'. ? ? i ?? > <? -
aiong the rr.i'u:.? )r( ? ;
cafit?r:i Italy w '
the Italian I'.rx
ment issu?* .
lire Harass!: ?, i <?
cd on tho entl:i ' r .? ?
IIOMIC KKAIll* S i %lil\ ! ST \ I
lA'nr.MjttitKi' i r.nni.\roi?
rtOM K. Hvptcflitior l>0|><M'<a ihat
lvtld^n<!orf^'.: ^tnr Sr v,, ns I i>o
freyu'snt <.f In *-. t> i< in?> . (Itllttl'.e
story yet rwcclvrd i.n i :??? r ti.j <??(!)??
to this Aicvn/.ia
Oftrmun ni/uripf llimm ? ?.! j..?
Kleid Marrhnlr v > i Ii!n4< ubti! ? iiim!
Von Mackenaftn. 'If nnid. l??o
In fonf>ulta.tlofi for crvtrRl w:d,> Ttip
conqvu-ror <>t Kouii ?*? s'r. 1 r. r?-1<?>>;<??! to
be blai<;U for l.jJena <rK s Jwb
Gonoral von Is.iJtndoi X, 1J.Ir.denbuiK "
amtnuentia in tn<; <??.r 1!ur suten of th<
tear, has rtgaiUcd tl?e r<-.il
brains of 'Jerman was iii.i.lilnt
ever alnca >./?? rul!ap;*i; of Kustia. I'u
]|tica.lly. a? well a.i 'militarily, h?* h;-.s
b?en ?"</!??.> r"*'l alu-oluie dU-iator ll?>
rftpr^aents ih- old Pruniilan school.
'Ahlch holdk tliat the "oftonhlve is tlu
best defend ?*." while llindcnburg has
General Allenby's Expeditionary Campaign Bound to
Have Far-Reaching Effect Upon Turkey's Army,
Which Numbers 200,000 Combative Troops.
l.OXBON. ??eptomh< r "1 ?The, Turk- .
isii Xablus Army, which suliciid a
l>ody blow from Oeiu'i'al Sir i-.iiinund !
; AlKfby'.s British e .\ pea it ionar.v tuuc
I in iM.istiuo, coiuprisis tin- ilowor ot? i
Sultan's armoil foicis. li i.s now c.s- j
t.ib 1 ..slH'tl iho whole Turkish army num- !
: bcrs not more tliau "uu.uuti combative!
troops. Allenby's now c,imp:iimi, which 1
is Mill in its initial stage. Is ^herel'ore I
bound to have a far-roach ing effect
? upon Turkey, and an effect w uicii ob
wrvrrs here believe must make itself
felt in the political domain as well ;
as in military respects. With every;
succeeding Turkish reverse in the Held,
the power of the young Turks becomes
more precarious and the Young Turks
gained their power mainly through the j
promise to recon?iuer HgJ'Pt.
In the Mohammedan world. Tur-j
key's prestige, already seriously im- !
paired, is suffering anew. ISaeh new
British victory spurs the Arabs' tie-j
termination to free themselves from |
the Ottoman yoke. It is significant i
that Arab tribesmen took a material
part in Allenby's success in the l:*st ;
three days, cutting the Turkish lines at
vital points.
While Turkey is tlius bring made to
feel once more the folly of her sub
servience to a losing tnnster. Germany's
other eastern oatspaw. Bulgaria, is
learning a similar painful lesson If
the Serbs and French can duplicate
what they have done in the past week,
they will carry the campaign into P.ul
gari.i r.nd with n corresponding advance
i>v t he allied right astriile the Vardar.
the orient Itailway will once more be
closely menaced, and this time ijer
inan.v, pinned down on the western
front cannot rlr- nil of sending troops
to maintain that vital r ?? II of com
inunicat ion with h ? eastern allies.
__ -
been looked upon as the advocate of
purely defensive warfare In the west
Since the collapse of the Maine "Fried- >
oi:sturm," Mindenburg has gradually j
regained the dominating iniluence.
<;Kim \\s now tsiNt;
m:\\ <;\* i*ho.iki'Toh
AIjSAOK. September L'l. ? The ticriiK'.iis
arc shelling our Alsace front with g.is.
using a new large projector ranging
a quarter of a mile They threw i?.??????
shells over into our lines in two nights. ,
Three wounded prisoners captured'
bv a couple <'f American cooks assert
they believe the war will be over in
four or six weeks.
\t sthi.w ?!?:<;mi-:vr
IN It t SSt \ M ! VI \ IKS
fol'KMl A<;i:\. September -I. ? An
Austrian regiment stationed :\t Kovno
i in Western itussia) mutinied when
ordered to the western front and hoist- I
ed the red flag, according to a dispatch
!?<? iv. d hero to-d",y. Two other regi
m< in*-- als > refused t.> co t i tJio west
ern battle front.
S \ I.'/.Ill lt(;. \ I S l it | \
XI' It I II. September 21?Hints hive
bro .> ?. ut at Salzburg. ap tal of the
V us* r>> - II u ngaria n crownland of Salz
r1.*. arid seve-al nersons have been
I- '.e.l and wounded. according to in
fiirti' ??: ion re ? veil here to-day. The
? >| i of the Governor was invaded.
l?e*'dinc h-'te'-' atil shop* were plund
ered ..od stores were d"str">ved. There
w?o an e?ic -'inter between the g^n
' -vii'i-- at 1 'he ti.>!.?>??? the fot **? fir
i.,,. tf'O" 'V r'o'ers bll* 'he g jrr -oll
was unable to restore order.
\ 1.1.1 !-*!> N \\ VI. Si < <
ON IIV ?\ V I? 1 N ? '.It
w 'tm Tin.; ! i.iko army ov tiik
? I'CllA NV.KI. FKI'NT < via British
w!re'e?si. September -1 ?A successful
o'>"-.?tion bv the :i i \ l un;:s of the
*?'!ie^ was carried out September It", on
lb.- fiver IMv n:- This resulted in the
s't'kinc of two ? no1, v ships, the cap
*'ite n r three l- n- end the infliction of
h. avy ! >>sos ':p --. th. riifitiy.
<.|:il M A \ \ > Nl ITS I.ON IHIV
IS NOT I'OltTIFlim ( 1T\
l.O.VpON. September 21 -The pre-j
ten-e - ? continually pat forward at one
time that the lielii'.air- only bombed
I ondon be.-a-.ise it v\ .c a fortified place
of great military importance has now'
l-een abandon, d <"apta n 1. eutenaut
Frelherr Tr. ,i'. li v>n !'? ;t tlar-Bt and
fels writing in the Koelitlsche Volksi]
Zeitung. d'-scr.b.-s :n detail an airship
raid ovc-r I. iidon. ari l say.--.
"The city of l.ondon is naturally our j
chief object, because there :s th"
Look, Mother! Is tongue
coated, breath feverish
nml stomach sour J
"California Syrup of Figs" can't
harm tender stomach,
liver, bowels.
.a Inx.iiivt' to -nay saves a s i < k chlhl
to-morrow ?."? ihlrei. sin.ply no'.
'. * tlie tin.'- troin pi"; y to < nptv th'.-ir
low.-is, whi'li t ? ?? tr ? r.'">i;ynl u|> witri
wasw-. liv?r ? I u n . fclomat. ft
SO I. I".
I.O-.k at tl.o toni;ut- mot !:> ! !! It
or your ? hiiil is 11>: !?->>. crush,
feverish, bicath bail, r<s! )?'.?.?! tlotfbn'l
eat heartily, full of coWl or m - soit
thiont or any ' ;r.fr ihl. lr<-n> ...!n .< . !.
Ki\<- a teaspponful o? 'California .Syi up
ot KIrk," then don't worry, in cjit
ib perfectly harmW:-*, ami in a itw
l.out.v all tlil* <onMipation poison, s-?wr
bile atul fermenting v. as to will n?i.tly
movn out of the bowel.-, ait?J you tiavu
a \v-11. playful ch, 1 arain A thorough
"lr.>. i( i?ansix K j?. < :;mtnrtt
ih n<-fe.-sary It sho..M p. ti...
treat n.^nt given In at . fifkrn mm
Hewaie of counterfi-.t n.; : yrii[m
Ask your <lru:i.:j^ for a bottl
I of "California i ip >.t Ki|t>." wnin
j hae full direction*. for bnhiets, cIt11?Jr*-n
' of all aj?es ar.tl for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. I.ool- carefully
and see that It if mart'- by tho "Cali
fornia. Fig Hyiup Co'-3{ any."?A'lv.
A new <5 reek army, painstakingly or
Kitni/.ed atul thoroughly tia.ind since
\ etiizelos iunk hold of <;recce's alVairs,
is I >el n g savoil for the coup H'.nt'.
\\ iu-ii Austria made her peace l>i?| a
lv??k ago. tilings wore still siri'ist1 on
the Near Kastein theaters of war. Had
she waited n week she might have
adopted an even more eonellfatory tone.
That Austria acted in full concert with
'lerinany and the other central powers,
all realizing that the Cerinan defeats
in the "west represent the beginning
of the und of Teuton military powei,
has not been doubted for a moment.
In Northern Kussia the sustained al
lied successes have further contributed
toward weakening oierinany's military
and political prestige.
There is no one here to-day who
would dispute the doctrine which the
"western school" has preached from the
beginning of tin' war; that the conilict
will lir linallv decided in Krcnee and
Pclgium. t the same time. however,
it is everywhere realized that at t Hi *
Juncture the allied victories in t lie
more distant theaters of war are of
i n va I liable ad van t ape.
These victories above all rob <Ier
ntany of the opportunity of appeasing
her populace with phantom successes
in those areas?prevent her from tak
ing the spotlight off the west front,
where she has been and is being beaten.
It is safe to say that II iiidenhurtf
nets little sleep these days. lie is
haunted by the menace of an enforced
retreat alongside the Ardennes, which
would vitally divide his armies and
make the forces on either side of Ver
dun absolutely helpless. In nddl'ion
all his other worries, lie is wonder,
?nu what Pershing's arm* before Met/,
will do next.
greatest trattle and then the most im
portant civic buil-iiuf.* a "e situated
When an airship a,>peai over the cen
ler of the city, its ???ni.nander orders
the bombs tu l>e thrown out."
rrrn*) h nnia Ollicial snjs There Are
tlpni'iiKi for r.tMltm Wonnd
eil Men.
| ?v A- ... i.M. il Pros I
I'M I l.A 1 > tel.1'! 11 A. September St.? !
i-'iflv thousand ji .11.ills are available
in Pennsylv ania f.?r woumbd soldiers. |
1.. Ii. Palmer, a.tin:: commissioner of
the State l)*-partin? 11' *?i I.abor and In
dustry. declared in .in address to-day
before members ti e Academy ol Po- .
llticnl and Suci tW Science, who are in!
session here for .t confetence on "re
habilitatiiin <?| tiie wounded."
in: \ i lls.
ti i"r i i: k i ? ii.
a I t li" I -ii. in
?' ???>ri-? .! 'i
MISS Ml ?:.!.! K I:
.-??oilid i ? .tr .1! lu
I "nil- i i! : .i r.vr. lie 111
la I ? r
' i tcai .it !?.; ."i ii* i i-k.
? I Ii?? r tin ? . .Mi.? HoK-rt
-I Vi.rth Ha.*risr?n Street.
l.i'TTIKIt. in tlie si\iv
1 lie ii ni.min <-.1
I icy
I KIT by other^s" experience and
<i? ?? I >i Koblenzer examine you
and lit you with glasses. Acme
and satisfaction are guar.m
Located at The Cohen
Co. for I'fiM Ten
4 earn.
Daily onice Hours
are ii to 1 and
'2:30 to 5 :U0.
The New Edison
Diamond Disc
The only phonograph
which actually re-creates
music without the nasal
tone of the ordinary talk
ing machine. No needles
to change?instead there
is a permanent polished
diamond point.
Have you heard the New
LOdison ?
The Liberty Loan
Campaign Opens
ftn Saturday next, 'i'? l
i early for it. If you
.?n i fiKht. your mon-y
cri:, livery clolla r l'lan
f-fi >>> th<- K*>vorr>mt*iit
hastens the on?1 of this
t ?- r r i hie conflict.
Si.tiHcribf t hi oupl) our
i U
SIi y \ on r Th i i I t
Stamps from us.
I.oaii.-i made on Ileal
1: 'Mate.
one dollar starts an
< i) 'i n t.
Wliawver Is K"od in
hanking i.an be had of
Safety iKpoeit boxes
fcij tent.
Thlrtj ytura in busl
, X
Felix Frankfurter's Committee Sets
I'p Standards as They Should
Have Keen Before War.
Shipping Hoard Claims It Should He
Allowed to Pay Higher Hates in
Order to Attract Men to This
Hraneli of Ivsscntial Industry. ^
j WAS11 INIjTOX, September 21? With
I in a short lime President Wilson will
I have before him a report outlining a!
proper system of wages for the various!
trades and employments. The report
will be tbe "result of exhaustive study
by I lie war labor policies board, bf
which Felix Frankfurter is chairman
and assisted by the wage adjustment
board of the Shipping board, the Na
tional War Labor Hoard, the l<abor De
partment, the wage division of the fviel
administration and the railroad admin
istration and all other governmental
agencies having to do with wages and
em ploynient.
Mr. Frankfurter started his commit
tee's work with a study of wages as
they existed previous to the war. lie
set up standards of wages as tlte.v were
or should have been then in each em
ployment and in the various parts of
the country. With these he set up tlg
ures on the cost of living.
These tables showed the relation of
wages in e:*ch industry to other indus
tries and the preferential.* which had
been set up in wages between indus
tries over h period of ttormul years.
With these preferential!} or differentials
established an between employments,
mid as between sections of the'coun
try, hla committee has been able, by
securing careful llRures on the Increase
in the cost of living, jto set up a stand
ard of wages for to-day which more
nearly represent tho proper scalo than
those now being paid.
Claims of tho Shipping Hoard that It
must have preferences in wages over
other businesses employing the same
classes of artisans, so that construction
of ships would be stimulated have been
considered. For several months heads
of governmental departments having to
do with wages have been seeking to
hold back demanded readjustments until
jiiiis report should be complete, Kuel
'Administrator (larlield has said he felt
j each advance in any industry wus sim
i ply an invitation to competitive indus
tries to bid back with a higher price,
lie has refused any further advance to I
the miners pending the Frankfurter ]
report. Chairman Hurley, of the Ship
ping Hoard, says his men must have !
preferences, but his wage adjustment j
board lias been holding up for weeks I
the new scale In the Delaware district. I
I >irector-? ieneral MeAdoo was forced to I
{io ahead with wr.ge adjustments on tho j
railroads. Postmaster-General Hurle- i
son Is awaiting the report pending a j
further investigation and action on j
waves of telegraph and telephone em
ployees Chairman Frankfurter refuses !
to "discuss the forthcoming report or,
foreshadow its showing In any way. ;
but from the inside of hi3 committee t
comes the word that Us work is nearly j
complete. In Federal administrative!
circles it iS felt that this report will [
check the runaway wages in certain of ?
the war industries, will stop the joy- !
riding of labor from one Industry to |
another and from oik p?rt of the conn- |
trv to another, and by stabilizing wages >
will put a check on further large in- !
erejises in the cost of living, much of
which is blamed by manufacturers and i
oroducers on the increasing cost of!
labor in their plants.
Stop and Think?Kidney Diseases
Killed 100,000 Last Year
; Health Authorities Alarmed at Increasing Death Rate !
Each Year From Kidney Diseases.
In our pursuit of the mighty rlollar,
we too often are absorbed in the topics
ot the day. pleasure, etc.. to stop and
roiisidcr our health. Stop now?think
? kidney diseases caused 100,000
deaths last year. Arc you going to be
included in this year's toll? Why. you
will exclaim, do so many die; why are
the health authorities so concerned?
The answer is. we bolt down our food,
take no exercise, neglect our sleep and
otherwise subject our system to all
sorts of abuse. Is it any wonder, then,
the kidneys become diseased and fail
in their duties of poison elimination?
Poisons are constantly being cre
ated in our bodies, and if the kidneys
fail to carry them off they are ab
sorbed by the blood, causing 111 health
and misery in the form of headaches,
backache.*, tired feeling, indigestion,
You may avoid considerable suffer
ing if you heed nature's warnings and
, assist the kidneys. Warner's Safe j
Kidney and l.iver Remedy is a reliable I
preparation made from herbs and j
other benellcial ingredients tHat lias ?
been used with excellent results for .
?10 years. It n.^sists the kidneys in j
their important duties, strengthens and
helps repair the wasted tissues. It is j
very effective and is used in thousands i
of homes. Ilead what this grateful J
woman says:
"I wish to say that your remedies |
have been used in our family for about :
fifteen years. We are never without a I
bottle of Warner's Safe Kidney and
L.ivc? Remedy iri our home, and it has
saved many a doctor's bill. It is a
wonderful medicine for ull diseases
of the kidneys and liver."?Florence
I?. Schmidt. 11. F. I>. No. 1. Punkirk. U.
Sold by leading; druggists every
where. Sample sent on receipt of t<>n
cents. Warner's Safe Remedies Co..
Dept. 604. Rochester, N". V.?Adv.
J Come to "The Store That Pleases "
for Your Heater
We have the famous Cole's Hot Blast
which burns ordinary seoft coal, giving you
all the heat you want, with pcrfect regula
tion and wonderful economy. A beautiful
heater, fine enough for any home. Other
heaters for wood, oil, gas.
Now is the time to get your Comforts and
Blankets to provide warmth and protection
for the raw mornings and evenings which
are coming. A large stock of the most at
tractive patterns, at the very lowest prices.
?New Edison
Phonographs and Records
The famous Diamond Disc Phonograph
which is far superior to the ordinary talking
machine, lias no nasal tone, no needles to
change. % Costs no more.
Jones Eros. & Co?
In the Low Rent Section.
nr^i nr*3 ? ?
the iraining
of Women
docs not usually give them the experience neces
sary for the handling and investment of sums of
money. Is your wife or daughter qualified to
conserve your property in the event of your
You agree that their great need will be wise,
experienced counsel. This institution is organ
ized for that very purpose. Consult this company
concerning the terms upon which your heirs may
he safeguarded.
Richmond Trust
and Main
Work of Court Curtailed.
At the request of the Rar Associa
tion. .ludKO Heverley Tucker, of tl?<;
Civil JiiHtice Court, will hear no oases
In which attorneys are required until
after October 7. This action results
from the fact thai practically every
attorney will he >lootle<l with ques
tionnaire work dtiritiK' the next two
I wfi'Us, nil huvtim offered their nep?
vivcN In Hiding n-Klftiants prepare tU4
blanks for the draft l>our<ls.
Tlisit vn?*nnt room In your Iioijic will
hrl|i to fitly Die i>\|)*>I1mv of Iiim-m mil]
I Inxiirnnco. A Tlmr--I>ls'_i:it<-li Want
?'?l will nfi'iirc you ti Kootl lOKimt.
For Misses and
Young Women
Are the Rage
ft " m Smart man-tailor
Tif ed garments that
A Jl
V? / catch the eye for
style and quality.
In dozens of patterns and
models?$-> to OCS.
Berry Coats for girls and
boys, $10 to $25.
Middy Suits of Serge?the regulation models, in
the most pleasing of styles?$15 to $30.
Berry Middy Blouse and Ties.
. Sweaters for everybodv.'
if it
?.1<M.I!ll<a .011
That's All
Vou Need
to Know.
Your Money
'I'lir prcM-nl IiIkI> com uf litlnc lii'limitri ;i'a In
|ibr*> jour kliriilli* dollurn ?hrrr llicv ??i!l > it* I d (!n*
Krrulrnl return with tlir Ir.ml itonhllilr rl?k,
Our 0"e Cafrly l-"lr*t Ileal tun- liolil llundi ?<tl\e
the |ir(ililrin. Intprrwl pu* utile c\rrr kI\ niuulliH.
Dominion Trust Co.
Tlir Mrai?K<?!?t Trili?t ( u. in llir SnuMl A till title M;iIia
< ;i]iitul and ^urpluv Two >1 ? 11 i*? *? Dollar*.
sum i:\vr m \ i.\ vntiiicr.
1 |iln?n (llllfi'i Harrison ami llromi MrrrM.
A Piano or a Player Will
Add Unmeasurabh
Pleasure and Enjoyment
to the Home ,&?
In these days that try
men's souls music is the onu
thing that will help it is the
onr; thing that will supply the
necessary cheering influence,
and when you in.-.tall a Piano
or a Player in your home
you are making for happi
ness that could not be had in
any other way, jind this hap
piness is not for a short time
only, but is for years to
come. My all means get a
Player or a Piano?you will
not be considered unpatrio
tic and wasteful ? Pershing
himself says that music is
We would be glad to have you come in to-morrow and
see the unmatchable stocks we carry, embracing twelve
of the world's best makes in all style sizes and prices.
And best of all, you can arrange the payments to suit
your own convenience and pocket-book.
You Can Have a Concert of
Your Own
With the World's Greatest Artists
To Sing or Play for Yon
That's what you can do with the Yic
trola in your home?all that is best in
music is at your instant command. You
have only to select the music you wish
to hear and it is rendered for you by
the greatest artist:;?as true to life on
the Victrola as though you were actually
hearing the artists themselves on the
concert or opera platform.
We want you to come in and see the different models and
select the one you think you would like best, and the one that
would be most adaptable to your home?we will arrange the
payments so that you will never miss the money. Why not
make up your mind to-day that you will have this uumatch
able fun and pleasure in your home without further delay.
We are agents for the cele
brated \ ork band instruments
and carry a full line ?,r small
musical instruments.
Visit our Sheet Music Depart
ment and hear the new music.
Sheet .Music, ioc per copy.
Music books.
We are a real Music Depart
ment Store and carry everything
pertaining to music.
Piano Tuning
By 31 en
IVho Are Experts.

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