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VOl.t'MK ?*??
Disease Is Rapidly Spread
ing Among Civilian
, Population.
Decrease in Number of Cases
Shown in Report to
Vigorous Steps Arc Token by I'ublh*
Health Service .Where K|>i
dcnile Is Most Severe. ?
I IU' A*.?QCIM t ??<] I
WAPHI.V'ITUN. October 2.? While re
ports to-day to the ollice of 1 lir? sur
Beon-gPiiTal of the army cliowoO Jr.
?reawH 1 >i the nutitbei' ??r new cases of
Spanish influenza at army campy, in
formation coming to the public health
service was that the disease was rapid
ly spreading umong t he civilian popula
tion over the country.
The rnalad\ has appeare I now in
forty-three States and the l>istriet '?(
? 'olumliia and bt-s'de< New Cpelaml it
is epidemic in T ' ??? iter Virginia.
South I'arolitia ..a I ? 'her places. It
was reported part .??'.i1'rlv prevalent
ajoj'i; the Atlantic s...-board and the
t'JuSC ? oast. Vigorous steps to combat |
the disease have been tnken by the '
public health *ervice and doctors and
n urse.s have been ordered to several
places w here the epidemic is most se.
ver e.
The nuniher of new ease?= in army i
camps durinir the twe.nt.v-four hours
endfng at nooti to-'lay was slightly ;
more than I.1.UG1, a decrease of l.noo j
from the total reported the day before
Pneumonia In the camps also showed
a decrease, with ST'? new cases and r I
It was announced that the Red <'r->ss
war council Iris attiropriated S.".T"
for expenses Incident to work !u
combatting the Influenza. The council
hoon will appeal t >r additional nur11?
personnel, and nurses desiring to serve
have been asked to report to the near
est Ue?l f'ross chatiter.
Influenza cases at alt camps now num
ber more than l'K'.OOO. with <"? cases
of pneumonia reported since the epi
demic bep.ut and ?.113 deaths.
SI\TI-:i:\ < Kill's HKI'OUT
m:\\ < \si> or* iiisi:\>p.
Sixteen camps to-day reported new
eases of Influenza, with the largest
number at Camp Meade. Md.. where
l.f-itrt were reported '"amp ?'lister.
Mich , renorted 1,104 new c ? ?-* end
Camps Pike. Ark. and Tayl.tr, K v..
mo^e than l."?a each. Camps t.eo. V;, .
.*> tul Grant, III had more than '??''>'< cu
There were fifty deaths at i":?'np I'ix
and twenty-nine at Camp l?>vens.
M ?? *s
Influenza has spread to sh'nv.irds in
N;w Kn gland and North Atlantic States
to such an extent that I iirect..r-< ieneral
S"hw?b. of the Ktnertiepcy Klef-t for
tiorathan. to-dsiy described tlx- itua'ion
:?s "^eriolis." In the yards at Kore
rtiver. Mass.. he .-aid ther.- were about
2 fiOO cases, ot 1" ".-r ? ?? nt of the work
ers At lie I'os Island \ard n ?nroxt
matelv ? per cent ?>( th> r.c oof. men
have been* unable to report for work
on account of the disease l.ike condi
tions exist In othrr yards in the two
d|stli'*ts. I p'-hwab said, but the dp
eas - his r. t spread to ?n> great ex
tent to ship yards in lh< South M'aptlc.
f;u;f. rv.?t" bakes and i\-i< t < * roa.-i
iilstrict s
Mlll'ltt ll.l?l\?. IMKM.lt % >1
is r.v
The shipbuilding pros ram will !???
interf-.T"^ with materially in any >ar<i
where the number of rases reach S per
cent of tlir ntci employed. the direetoi
general said Throush tin- medical s> r
vice of the corporation every effort is
beirift made to >t??i? the spread of tin
jr. a lady.
Ah precautionary measures ti> pre
vent an epidemic of influepzi in \v ir
rrowdoij Washington, the punlie schools
were ordered closed tn-.liy and I.iherty
loan parades, as well .is most puhli ?
gatherings, were prohibited by the dis
trict commissioners. New hours for
most government employees in pc
itig to and quitting work, as weii
as for all stores except drug and gro
cery stores, will so iyto effect to-mo
rovv to prevent crowding or. street cars.
Reports received from Norfolk tell ?-f
the closing of all schools and ciarioc
halls until the epidemic is under con
trol. Movinsr picture theaters were
ordered closed to-night when .I.SO new
cases were reported to health authori
Instructor nt < oliimbln l'nlvcr?lty Is
tjiveit Scvernl Honrs to ( (insider
ills Hefusnl.
NKW YORK. October 2.?"1 do not
care to register," said Professor W. tl.
Marquette. of Columbia University,
when arraigned before Judge Clayton
in the Federal Court to-day. charged
with failure to register on September
"in that case." said the judge, "1 shall
give you until in o'clock io-morrow
morning to think the matter over.
Merelv for your information. 1 miirht
add that we have recently sent ?o-called
conscientious objectors to jail for six
months. They were not men of the
highest intelligence. In the case of
an intelligent man convicted of refus
ing to obey the Jaw on such a pretext,
the punishment should be in propor
Professor Marquette, who is n gradu
ate of the University of Wisconsin, is
an instructor in botany at Columbia.
He promised to think the mater over
KIiik Ferdinand .Awkw 'I'lmt Situation
Mtiy He I<nit! Ilefore Itc pre.se ti
tnlitrx of Xntioit.
(11 v Associated rreus.l
SOFIA (via Hascl). October 2.?King
Ferdinand's speech, which Premier Mal
inoff read to the Sobr.mjo. announced
that the national assembly would be
convoked. and that the Sobranje would
he adjourned until Friday in ordtr thai
a complete statement of Bulgaria's sit
uation might be laid before the rep
resentatives >of the nation.
Hotldny for Postal Hntploycc*.
WASHINGTON*. October 2. - Post
masters throughout the country, in
cluding those of first and second'class,
wero officially notified to excuse all
employees whoso services may t>c
spared for the entire day on 1-il.orty
Pay. October 12. Attention ia callelt
io the recont proclamation ?>; Pref?.
dent Wilson designating the day as
ono of widespread celebration, ' and
calling for a genera 1 holiday :'cr Fed
eral employee*.
Renounced Geld, Home,
Honors for Freedom
There Im onr (???ruiiiii n lin lirllr\r*
Hint tlu're inuhl Im* liut one ending
of llir ivorld it II r, mi rnillni; In
t\lileli lil* i-tiuiil ry, xltnll repent ??*??
fore <iod :ind m:in iimi :mk for;sl\r
limn for nil tin* \rrilllK It lum dour
Immunity. Tluit <?<*rinnii I* l)r. \\.
Miililon, wlio irmr ii|> tin- position of
d ireet iir-Kfiiirii I ?if Iho Krupp
iiiirki aliortly lirfitrr flic ontlirriik
?>f llir nnr, n position n hlrh pnld
nn ii ii ii ii ;? I nii In ry ?f $Ml,mn>. mid
nrnl lnt?? voluntary r\lle rather
than follow tin- Knlncr In Ii Im ratfi-r
uf world nlmiKhtPr.
Dr. Miililon liopPN for >i dontriir
tlon of tlie olil t;?Tiiinny of milifnr
Imii mill kpHIsIi iipsh mid Hie crc;i
tlon of n new liiml, wherein freedom
nhnll rolKH. lie Ueeltirr* tli.it Amer
li'n mill tin- allien will partake In
the kIiin of IiIh country Hlioiild tliey
eoiinlder iii'nci' on ntiy other trroiH
ill .111 f >prmiiny*M unrcnertcd confcM
nlon of fault ntnl Itn tuiroiiil11loimI
Hiirrender. I'rofrmor tirorKi' I).
Ilerron urltPM of fhl? <>ernwin "Joint
the lltipt I* I" in to-dny'n Tl met-Dis
I'irst Tliii'C Days tif Campaign
Show Wonderful |iirre?>e
in Sules.
IJct'larctl Canvu-ssers Arc So Bti-y
Taking Suliscripliniis They Refill
In Stop ami I'iRiirc Ip I lie Total
Amount of Sales.
WASHINGTON. Oc tolicr 2.?l-'lrst
lsgur< s of Die early sale of the "Fight
i it K Fourth" I *lbcrty loan were an
nounced !>y the Treasury Department
to-nigh'. They include only the sub
scriptions 0:1 which the down pay
ments have been made. Subscriptions
are believed to have reached the II.
000,000,000 mark. but o:ily {til. 1 Ii',050
are recogr.Sfced ollicially.
This represents the sales of the tirst
three ila j s of i.'i.- ? a in ,ia tg n. Tu com
plete tii.- sale ol tiiv fj.'Jini.oon.ooo, the
daHy average must, ic.i.-h < 31 0.0 vo.
Ilu??vti, t ne TreaMirv' ii'-imrniiciit
points out [ii.it i? i t?e previous loan
millions of dollar* >.?! good subs, rip
,.uns 11 i \. ? l> .-in re oivfil early, which
it has a impossible to include m
t;i?- olli i ll IiHu:es ol the <lav l>e*-ause
Mie pay inetu of the Initial amount lias
i.i i-ti deferred until late in the drive.
The <1 ? pa rt hi en t feels tiiat its su l> -
s-ttptions ari' well ov.-r the required
mark for the lirs: three days, tliotiRii
us olli.-ia! Iigutes >:t 'tliem lagging
hadly. The reported sales ny disirit s
rti"o: l'.'>>ton. 4 ??". 1 ?'?&. 1 -'0; New York,
i l :i'.'.i I s.r.yO: l'hiladelphla. $23,077,900;
< "leveland. J 1 0.2 1 3.100: Itichmond. {14.
l.SS.T'iO Atlanta. ? 1.074 t'Oo; <'hicago.
$'J*.7 id: St 1-ouls. >60.570.?r,0; Min
? neapolis. { I S.ti IS.7. Dallas. $4.S 1 2.4.10;
San Fran- , o. 537,}j.'i,?50; total. 5411,
1 4 2,".r."
N<i reports arc im*lut!??l from tlie
Kansas ?"jtDistrict aits'"- the sell
ing iampaisn_ does not ix-^'n there
until ? >i*iobcr 7
? ',iu\ assers in a'l districts are s ?
1 Inisv takiiiK subscriptions that they
1 have j],,t slipped to tnalte reports.
Iowa still i- th?' only state reported
over tlie t o p. thouirli Alaska's nuota
\va< taken by one firm. Oregon, how
ever. i.- bpgtnnin:- t > ouc.-tlon Iowa's
lig II f'S atl'l the 1.t? e herween t tic t\\?.
State- f..r tir t ' ..tiori" which marked
the third !'>:?n :r..iy again be a feature
of the ilri\' Tit ere is still a possi
bility* >>? sum' >i; ?? the S;at?"? mi tlie
Minneapolis Dis'ri't also making .?
i similar cl:tim.
The Ittclimond I1 strl t reporwd
, <'roze!. Hot Sprin'ss ami Mtlford. N'a .
and Asheville and lluncombf! ?""oiinty.
N. <' . had com- fivr 'h? top
Ailnrral Cowif in charge t>f(the nnyy
campaign cstimate.s tl'e navy's ptir
cliases to data' $1."'"0.000.
llritl.tli < npliirr I.urge Operation in
l**ii 11 !lln?t In Sp<t7
1 By >. <><] Pr?>55 I
LONDON, October 2.?Seizure by a
British expedition of Herman mining
: properly an?l other development plants
i in Spitsbergen, including a big wire
less installation, is reported by tne!
! Kxpress with the intimation that the
j work of developing- immensely rich
? iron and coal deposits is proceeding.
! It is said they will l>o of the grcat
i est importance to i;reat Britain and
i the allies. Sir Krnesi Shackleton. the ;
' famous Antarctic explorer, command-!
j ed the expedition, but he was subse
' iiuentlv obliged to leave to take up j
I other duties.
!?', W. S. Jones, who succeeded Sir
Krnesi, returned to London yester- '
> The expedition. Mr. ,lon<>s said, toon
I a largo. number of miners, an enor
mous quantity of mining material and
supplies sufficient for three years, and
work is now going on on a large
scab-. Captain Wild, who was with
' Shackleton in the Antarctic, is In
I charge of operations. Mr. Jones said
the expedition me! with considerable
i difficulties and danger. Including en- j
counters with eight German subma
i rines.
: Kulser \ow Conferring Willi Prince
3lax, of linden, to Succeed
Vim IfertlinR.
j LONDON", October ?Vice-Chancel
; lor von Payer has refused the Imperial
j Chancellorship, the Daily lCxpress ;
j learns from its Amsterdam correspond- '
j Tiie Kaiser, the correspondent adds,
j is conferring with his chief advisers,
j He will probably appoint I'rincc Max.
? of- linden, to succeed Von Hertling.
' The Kmperor. the dispatch says, is
! preparing a new appeal to the Herman ,
people and lierniany's allies.
lie is said to have announced that j
j in the future i lie Herman government,
will be Composed of members of the '
; Keiehstag. ? i
J Prin<<e Max von Baden is a moderate j
; of liberal leanings, lie caused a sen
sation recently by an article of al
! most revolutionary tendencies.
Twenty-Three Hurt In reek.
I*1TTSI>IJK<I. KAN'S., October 2. -The
(??ngineor and fireman were killed and
swenty-three injured when a l-'risco j
; passenger train plunged through a j
burning trestle over Cox Creek to-day. j
I "*ho entire train, express, baggage and
I passenger coaches were destroyed by
i Are following the wreck.
, .
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1 advertising medium.?Adv.
Grand Opera Singer Addresses
Mass-Meeting and Tells
of Hun Character.
Many Districts Send Favorable
Reports of Progress in
Fourth Drive.
?'Victory lias not hem won. Remem
ber Hi-it tin- allied Kucec.s.st's ?>f the
past few weeks have hen over <]*? -
vast a tod territory. and that to-night
the fur -en of America. tireat ltrifain
jiiul Prance arc facing ?>s<-- most In
fernally fortitied line in history, this
line start In;; a t <'a in lira i."
Thus did Miss .Maude F?\. of San
Pranciseo. impress the need of re
dotlhled efforts upon ".nun men and
women at the first mass-meeting of
Richmond's totirth l.iberty loan cam
paign. Ik Id last night at the t'itv Audi
Miss I ay. who is a grand opera
singer, spent thirteen >ears in iler
mau\ and is well acquainted with the
peoples of tin- litrhting Kuropcan na
tions. and h-r address lam night i e
ilected Iter knowledge of the danger to
tl.f world of German domination. .lohn
i. I.ee. of l.ynchburg. aiso niadr- a
stirring address, pointing out the gresit
ri 11 ??*? of our American boys who
h.ive gone ijvcr.se '.s. and that of Gleat
1! iiain and Prance.
Immediately following the addresses,
which had been preceded b> Heveral*
patriot!'* sonns hy .1 chorus of several
hundred girls. a committee of women
loan workers parser) among the audi
ence taking .subscriptions to the fourth
loan. *
JOHN liKitII lilt \ \? II
i-:\i*i:?t> rir> to oo hit
John Kerr Blanch, executive chair
man t.f the ICiehtnond Riberty loan com
mittee. presided at the tnectiu^, and
during his short talk declared that the
people of Richmond were coining for
ward slowly to the call for money, hut
that a.- alwavs ucfoie they were ex
pcctvil to subscribe their full >,1101.1.
"'There should l.e no need tor these
great drives." declared Mr'. Bra nth. "In
Knglano there r.r>- 110 campaigns. The
people there walk up and Imi.d over ,
theit money because they know there
is a war. Matty in this countr> do not
tcalize it.
"As I look over the audience to
night and see the vacant seats." lie
continued."' it can be readily seen that
many have stayed iiu?\ because of the
Spanish influenza epidemic.
"Mow careful \v? arc not to come
under the influence of this "flu." Um
there i.s a menace far greater than this
epidemic, which comes to-day and is
gone to-morrow, and this menace is
one which we cannot get away from
by v inti at home. We'must go out
and meet it."
Chairman Drancli made a striking .
appeal for ii{imetiiiU.a -subscription to
the fourth loan, declaring it to be the
one answer to Germany. the antidote
against defeat and the means of an
eatl> peace.
WOl M>KI> IICIIO 'I'll It 11,1,S
A I lllTOIt 11 >1 A I Dlt :.V< I ".
?lust before the ptogram opened W.
T l?abne. escorted two American sol
diers to places 011 the platform. One
was 011 crutches and his left leg hail
been amputated just below the knee,
(?or just a second the audience sat im
mobile, and then evr> man. woman and
chibi in the auditorium sprang to their
:? il and ulieciccl the t wo returned
ti b h 1 e r s
In her address Miss Kay declared
that Germany is tilled with ideals, not
one of which carries with it a human
valuation. She said that she could not
hate the Germans. but that she pitied
them. In <li?> ussing Theodore Boose
velt's claim that America should have
been prepared and equipped to step
into the Kuropean war immcdtutelx
after its outbreak. Mis.-. Pa> a-reed
with b's declaraticn tltat the war would
have been ended :ino iftntanv ?bt>.?t
eti within a fe\? months.
"Hut it "We had he n prepar- 'I and
could liavi fleteated Germany within
four 01 five months. the world would
never have known t lie diabolical heart
of Prussia." she declared. "We went
into the war just when we were tea ly
for it."
"Anything having in it mercy or
charity is considered weakness hy the
Prussians." she asserted. Miss Pay te
lated an instance of a young soldier
whom :-he had questioned in a Munb-h
hospital, where she served with the
American Red Cross after the outbreak
of the war. in 1 1 *>. This German dis
played the iron cross as reward for
having slashed the throat of an aged
Preiich woman. He declared that, he
had saved the lives of other Germans
and expressed no compunction for the
deed, declaring it would serve as an
example to other of Germany's en
"To hent the Herman we must use
brute fo!ce worse than lie has show
ed.' was the assertion of Miss l-'ay.
Miss Fay told of the magnificent
work being done l?y tiie women of
Hreat Britain and Kranre, where every
capable woman is at work in factories
and war l::bor. These countries first
felt that women would not lie able
to replace the men, said Miss Kay. but
they soon showed that tney could do
their work heroically, and now tin?
women of America are beginning to
reveal the same spirit.
Unless tJerman.v is defeated soon trie
Prussians may lie able to mohtlixe and
arm for their cause millions of Hti*
sians whom they have under their con
trol. was the warning message given
to his audience b> John l.ee. He point
ed thai such a -teji was not impossi
"History repeats itself." he said.
"Napoleon Bonaparte made his fatal
journey to Moscow with I" per rent
of his army composed of Hermann
whom he had conquered in passing
through their provinces."
"There is one way to prevent the
Hermans repeating tills and that is
bring I hem to their Knees tiefore they
can accomplish it." declared Mr. l.ee.
Speaking of the undauntablc spirit
of France, Mr. l.ee asserted:
"If we could ever get into the hearts
of America ihe spirit of France, all
hell couldn't licl; us."
?Sl KKIilll\<;s OF At.I.IKIl I'KOI'I.K
He declared that America knows
nothing of sacrifice as yet compared
with her allies. In calling for liberal
subscriptions to the loan Mr. l.ee told
of witnessing the return of a transport
from France to a Virginia port a rew
days ago. There were forty hoys, to
tally blind, taken from the ship. Slxt>
more'were in straight Jackets, stark
? ma?l as the result of shell shock, while
hundreds of others came without limbs
or entirely broken in health.
"But every boy's face wore a smile,"
declared Mr. l.ee. "They were con
clous of not only having dotii their
duty well but perfectly."
Itcports from every district through
out the State and Fifth District re
ceived yesterday indicated that the
fourth loan is progressing satisfac
torily and indications are that every
community will subscribe Its quota.
The campaign in Richmond continued
wlMy unabated energy, although dep.
(.Continued on Fourth l'ago.)
State Department Expects to
See General Retrc;. i
to Rhine.
Civilian Authorities Stationed In
Naval Ports Have Been
WASH 1 N< IT' ?N. ?>> tober < \< niiatlj
has l>? -:tin the evacuation of l.t-ig; tin
Ollbial in forma t ion showin,; the pre
punitory moves already iiii<1<t vs.ty was
reel v b> the Stale I icpa rtnen: l his
afii-i noon, it was math public b> Sec
retary of State I.atisiiiv
'I he- ret :l ? ??11?-111. it is !???; \ !u>: ll)
may ill'-Hide tile <iermun I??r ? iiovn hi
.\i?i llo-j ii !? iMhi .->?.? hi .-iM-raii' - 'Mi
li..ill>'S pi I'-; III .ti tile I'lV". nt line- ili.it
oi.eiiiis ne.v e. >uni not ill |i. ise?i .o
see a KC-lt'iai ii.-iiviit to tli. i;iiuic,
coupied v. lib allot ner pear.: pie.i | rom
llie ||e ,v milllstiy WIIICll .S lA|lCl'ii:ii to
0 I < SpollSilne to ill* Kel. iis: i^.
'I he in t oilila t ton to it- h,.iir I'e
pa.ini.lil is to the ?... . ii.i, u < 1 toil
ing stool;, hospitals, p'JM-otll-? .i and
supplies n.i\e iMi'ii 11 austererd ft 'in
ih. I'ourtli Army uisiii.-t in leTgtu.o
to "lie general government.
Ill addition a'.i '.vtli.iu authorities
h.i\c Iiucm iff.in? I to ?< rmun> and
legulat ioiM pertain ins' to the niaritlno
u.stri- ts li:iv<- been made most severe -
.hi ind iva tion. oliu-i.il> assume, t ii.it
l: easuies ha\ been taken to evacuate
tile SUbilia rilios oa.-eS. At Allt'.l e| j)
the naval start, i om ma mlcd hy liobeti
S' lleti. i" orop.inii^i to leave.
Ail 'ierniaii les'.ives in Itpl^iiim
have been ?-ordered to tin- froni. ap
parent 1\ to assist in Hte transfer of
munitions. foo?l anil material to points
in the rear.
l-jadi of the nhuvc incidents show
pi eparat ions for a retreat on a grand
scale it la said. and ail of Helglum
is expected to be hack in the hands of
the a. lies before snow fail.
I'llK!*.-\ltK I I.VMI ATI .11 TO
IIM M-iM' TO liliiniANV
Iti this connection, the allies, it *i>e
eain? known :o-day. already have taken
precautions to provide agatn.-t a whol< ?
sale liepoiiation ? I Kelgium and that
part of France now in. the hands ol
tiie enemy. A note, whleh in reality
amounts to an ult.malum is being pre
pared for transmission ,t> (Jermany. It
says in short, that if the lieriuans burn
or destroy any more cities of Frame
or Belgium, or raz-- orchards, the> may
expect the same treaiment from the
allies. The I'nited Stales, it was ad
mitted ;it tlie State I >oj?ar t men t. lias
been ii.vked to become a party to the
TIiIf sietion mean." that the Rhine
eities would undergo the same treat
ment that the unfortunate towns and
villages in (he occupied regions have
received at the hands of the ijermans
The destruction of I'ambrai is said /
be the reason for the consideration of
an ultimatum, Keports to-d;iy said the
eiif aif > a rip i(o,i ?! he* t ot i-h
1 hruughotli the entire city, ,vhi<:h Is so
i loh in historical memories ant! left it
:i mass of flames- and smoke.
If liermany heeds the warning of .'ho
ailies. the -ities of Urilges. Mhent.
Krus.-el"-. Antwerp and <"*h i rleroi. all
in Metuluni. together with Utile. t'harle
\iile. St. Amand and Uoubaix. in France,
v* :11 be spared from the ravages of a
retreating foe.
(land* Teller Sole, in Which lie
Threaten* lo lllon I p In-. I It n I Ion,
'I he ii llran s liun.
i '111? 'A' ;< ?. i I' lob. r J. A bored-look
ing person advanced to the paying
teller's cage of the I'urk Kirige State
Malik here io-dti\ anil, without ;i word,
handed C'tto 11 v-I-'ra n I e. the teller, a
piece of folded paper Ftanke read
the note, grinned tuiil then rend It
agiiin. This i.- whit lie read:
"Hand over Ji'n.noo nuick or I'll blow
your head off I have ;i bottle of nitro
glycerine in my pocket which will blow
the Irani; up it" I don't set the money."
l-'ranke thought tt a practical joke.
Hill as he looked up again his nose
humped cold steel. II.- was looking al
a very large revolver.
Franke reached Into a money drawer i
and pulled out a sheaf of bills amount
ing to The bandit, satisfied,
w alked noiichaIh n11y out of the batik,
lie was caught in a Held. lie said he
did not have any explosive, when he,
robbed the hank.
Ai'llon Taken to rro\riil I'nMlhIr Com
munication llpmern Submarine* I
mill (?rruiitn Apentn.
IDv Associated Press. 1
NEW YOliK. optniipr 2.?Promulga
tion by President Wilson of an order
establishing a new barreu 7.1111c ror
enemy aliens, embraclnsr itockawiiv
Point, all of Staten Islam) ami tlie
New Jersey roast, thirty miles south
ward from New Yorl<. was announced
hero lo-night. Tim object of the order,
said ICttfus \Y. Sprat?Ui% of t lie New
York Ktiemv Alien lYtircati. Is t?> im
prove protection of tlic port and its
shipping, and to assist the authorities
in guarding apains! possible communi
cation between ilerman submarines and
enemy agents on shore.
t'onlnsimiN and Infection* Itismiri Kill
$l!iltl,f)il(MltlO \-nriM -?f Stock
Annually In \merlcn.
NKW Y< HtK, October <'ontagious
' and infectious diseases of cattle are
; responsible for the loss of <2i>0,0i)n.tton
| a >ear to farmers it nil rattle raisers of
the I'nited Stales This statement was
! made by l?r. I.. M. Steckel, assistant
; professor of animal husbandry at New
York t'niversity. in an address before
the Veterinary Medical Association.
"Our f-nu and milk wastage." said
: Dr. Streckel, "would he sullii (ent to
i feed the people of IWdgnim and Serbia
j tor more than a year. It is estimated
that one-lifth of the country's product
is wasted on the farms or on the way
to thrt consumer."
Tncnl.v American Pnlient*. Mnnj- of
Tliem SiitlrrliiK Krimi \\ mnidit,
I.omc 'I'liclr I.I* cm.
I My A r soc l:i t oil Press. I
i WITH Till". A M Kltlt 'AN A KM V
NOKTIIWKST ? >!?' YKUINN. October 2.
i ?Twenty patients, many of them al
! ready suffering from wounds received
I in battle, were killed when a Oermau
: shell struck an American hospital sev
; et'iil nights ago. The hospital was only
i a short distance behind thv lighting
: line.
It is possible that it was a stray
I shell, but it appears probable that a
| deliberate attempt was made lo attack
j the hospital.
< r.cclin-HlovrtkM Turn Down OITer.
A,MST 10UDAM, o. tober 2. -H '/ocho
Slovak leaders have sharply rejected
an offer made to them to onlei an
Austrian coalition cabinet, according lo
a Vienna dispatch printed in the Frank
fort Ciazotto.
War Industries Board Promises Shoes
of Better Grade and at Less Cost i
I lix i nc.! I
\\ VSlllMiTKN, llotnlirr ?The
\ merlcnii people >>01111 will lir nlilr to
purchase s'lmcs :il tlicd inn\lninni
and minliiiiliti retail prlrrn, loivrr
tliiui IIiiim' niMV pre\ iilliuir. 11 nil ob
Inln nl Ilit* same lime shoes of liot
t?*r <|iitilll.v. 'I lil* announcement
wni iiiiule to-day l>v the \\ nr In
iluvlrii'h llnar'd. Iiascil on 1111 nrrcr
inciil piitrrrd Into nilh the shoo In
I niler the agreement. shoe* will
In* standardised nn to iiuality anil
?Ijli's 111 prices rnnulnc from to
M- for mni and nonirn Kroups .is
follows: fins* \, from VII to Slli:
i-lji-s II. SMI lo S? ..Ml, nnil class (',
SI! lo I'roporl iomi Ir prlcru for
youths* nnil cliildre lis* shoes hn\c
been II \ ???! In I'll fli of the three
l I.'IS'I'S,
I he lionril will check up on Ihp
<|llillitv <>r Hie slior so III nl rni'h
I'rlir by means of n i-lnss number
stamped on It. I'ollrliti;. olTicinis ex
plained. will lie done li.v thr various
Mate councils of defense. nnil where
I hi- public is In doubt ns to nhnl
i|iinli(> ii is liu; accord111 p lo thr
prliT schedule. i'Oih pin 111 Is mar be
made mid ihr rout of manufacture
t raced.
While ll Is possible to purehnse n
shoe for !$.'! now. miller the new
sehedulr Hie .shoe nl Hint price will
he of hlivher Rrnilc. Olltclnls nlso
snid Hint it will lie possible to buy
better ?|ii 111it> shoes throughout the
tliree classes nl less money thnii nl
present. Shoes now retiillini; for ns
IiIrIi ns 5-it. tliey snlil, will retail for
the 111a * I ill 11 111 price of !*!'.' nnil be
of nt least eiinnl iiiuillty.
llnniifnoturers. Jobbers and re -
tnilers siibserlbeil to the agreement,
11 ii 11 retailers will be required to
Kfcn a pledge contnlnlnjs the new
priee seale nnil display it In their
shops. Kill 111 re lo do so will nienn
the cutting oil' of supplies. The
inntiufnetiirers' pleiluc provide for
standards of iitiality nt the quoted
The rolling; of shop* under the I
new schedule will lie?rln October 1.1,
nnd It is expected lirst deliveries |
will he uinde within front tlilrty lo
*lxty dn>* nfler Hint ilate. .Tltue Is
nllowed reln",>rs lo dispose of pres
ent Mocks nl present pricrs.
I legist rants Whoso Call Was Call
cclrd Urea use of Influenza
Will Move Soon.
m:< i:ivi: m-:w okdkks siioiitlv
Master l.ist of Xe?.- Draft Will Be
Mailed l-'roni Washington To-Day
Co District Hoards, and Will IJe,
Promptly Published.
WASH IXtSTON. October -J.?The 14?.-i
(inn registrants called to camps whose j
call was recently cancelled because of j
Spanish Innucii/.ii will receive new or- !
dors shortly. It became known to-day
; that Provost-Marshal-General Crowdor
does not lnton<l to allow the present
epidemic to stop in any way the flow
: ?/( men to Kurope.
There arc ramps only slightly affect
eil by tlio rnl.loniio and.not utifler quar
n ntinr/an.l these will he filled to ea
i pa-ity,
( OthiM .'-caippg now affected are ex
pected to yield to treatment and he
ready to receive their normal quotas
of men.
As soon as the 112.000 are absorbed
the (low of the class I men of the Sep
tember 12 registration, between the
ages of I!? and :1G, inclusive, will begin
to tin camps. It may bo that they all
will not l>e in camp within ninety days j
as '"SoneraI Crowdor once estimated, but i
orders will is.-ue rapidly for their en- ,
t rainmont.
Questionnaires will lie mailed out to j
the nu n over thirty-six as soon as the i
questionnaires of the younger men have |
been examined and the classifications)
completed, which should be by the fir;<t j
i?f t'.ie year.
There .ire enough men in camps now
td keen I he llow of troops unbroken for
se\ era 1 tnout lis.
The master list of the new draft will
lie mailed from Washington to-morrow.
They probably will be printed in Wash
ington newspapers Friday and in more
distant nones day by day?Kast, West.
Xorl h a ml Sou t h.
Within live days it should ha\e been
printed in every State of the I'nited
t nnfcrcnrri Arrnncnl McHirrn Sec
retary of l.rtbor nnd \ dm ini.it rn t or
WASH IXCTOX, October -.? The an
thracite miners will receive the ? in
crease in wages they have been seeking
for months. They will not be held up.
as was intended, pending recommenda
tions by the War l.abor Policies Boarrt
for uniform wages generally or by
the study of war wages by a new com
mittee tit the request of the President.
This recognition of the anthracite
minors' demands for better living condi
tions. on par with other war workers,
is the direct result of personal action
by William H. Wilson, Secretary of
Pa bor.
? 'onferences to discuss wages and
working and living conditions will bo
? triii to-morrow in the otlices of the
I'nited States fuel administration be
tween Secretary Wilson. Perioral Fuel j
Administrator Oarliold and rcpresenta- !
lives of the mine workers and mine
opera t ors.
'I lreho-l'iiMirimer tnprnni In MnKr
Trip llctweoii Mincoln. \. ^ ?
and Pnjrtun, Ohio.
A11 X !?'.<'I ,.\. X. V.. October 2. -Captain J
Hugo I >'Annunzio will start from here j
. to-morrow in a twelve-passenger Ca
proni bombing airplane for a liighi t >
Payton, Ohio, by way of Washington.
P. i*.
The projected trip is for the purpose
of a test of a long-distance powers of
the hie plane. This machine, whicii is
I equipped with three twelve-cylinder
I.ibertj motors, with a combined horse
( power of 1,200, developed a speed of
H-.'i miles an hour during recent tests.
llrit isli \ilinirnlt.T Iteport Slion* Total ,
Tonnage Completed During Sep- ,
lember of I4I,77?.
I,ON POX, October The admiralty j
announces that the tonnage of met
' ? Itant ships completed in the shipyards i
of * he Pnited Kingdom in September
i amounted to 11 1.772, which has only
' twice been surpassed in the current
! >ear. The total for the year ending
with September was 1 ..">04.202 tons, tin
; Increase of ii'!7.077 tons over the pro
' vio'tis year. This increase in ship
| building has been coincident with a
decrease in destruction by submarines.
tcriciiltiirnl AdiNi-r* Vnmril.
WASH IX' ST? >X. October 2.?Agrlcul
| tural advisers tor the South Carol in:. |
: draft hoard w? re anrouneed to-day by I
j the Department of Agriculture. .1, ft. i
Conner, of Kutawvllh*. was appointed j
j adviser for the eastern district board i
I nntl Uoundi s Hrc wning. of Union, nil- I
j viser for the western district board. j
Tlie lSttlcieiit Worker
In every line Is open to talk with the
employer who offers greater induce
ments! Send your u.ossage to these
workers through the llfclp Wanted Ad?
in The Timea-Dispatch.?Adv.
Scroiul liaise In Three Days by New
York Corporation Results in
Quick Action.
State Oflirial Threutcns to Take
Over All or Firm's Property ami
Operate It Under Government Cou-j
trol Unless Ortlcr Is Obeyed.
WASH INGTOX, Oetolicr ?An al
leged attempt to capitalize tlx- needs
of war workers by raiding: prices was
supprcssol this arternoon by the dis
trict fooil uilinhiistrator by forcing a
'Jrgo retaurant corporation tp caneci
Its increased prices. These prices Itad
been raised twice within three days from
50 to 1 ?>0 per cent more than they were
a week ago. The ordor to the local
manager to restore the menu charges
to the old scale came > from the com
pany's main office fn New Vork.
The company was forced to this ac
tion by a threat of the district fooil
administrator, Clarence R. Wilson, to
take over the local establishment if
the nrices were n<it cancelled forthwith.
In this measure the local administrator
had the approval of the national food
The incident is not an isolated one.
but the protests of thfi government
employees, who are the main clientele
of many thousands a day. have brought
about other action by the national food
administration and other government
departments to relieve their employees]
of the tinrden of exorbitant charges by i
furnishing three meals a day to them.
Such I* Deelariit ion of I?r. Snlf, \ott
Men! loneii a* Sliceenwor In ( luui
efllor von tlrrtlin^.
i Hv Ahsoi'Im ted Press I
AM.STKKDAM.-October ^ I ?r. \\\ S |
Solf. the lierman '"olonial Secretary,
who has been mentioned as lite prob
able successor of fount von Herding,
the re till hk Chancellor, in a lecture
before an audience in Munich, which
included King Rudwig of Mnvaria, svid
the national importance of tiermany!
regaining lier colonics far surpassed!
any other task.
Substitutes for raw material, he said. I
could not suflice for peace require-]
men is. l-'or wool alone, ilermany would ]
have to keep ">0.000.00 ? sheep, w hich
was practicallj impossible. Tlie sup- j
pl\ of raw materials was the weakest]
point in Germany's world economy.!
Hence t lie need for colonies.
Dr. Solf urged that Germany must
have colonies to prevent Iter com
mercial isolation. lie said the policy
of the open door must be one of the
most important demands at the con
clusion of peace.
Travrl* Kroin Mn.vtnn to Washington
at n Speed A > eniKrliiu I-IZt Milts
Per llinir.
\\ AS111NGTuN, October \ non
stop front Day ton, Ohio, to Washing-'
ton. approximately 4,'io miles, in a De !
ilavHand ft. equipped 1111 a Riberty j
motor, is the record made to-day by ,t
civilian pilot of the bureau of aircraft
The time of actual (light from a point
over Dayton to a point over tin na
tional capital was two hours and lifty
minutes, or at a rate of about It;', mile's
an hour. It requires the fastest train
on the Pennsylvania ? Railroad about
sixteen and a half hours to make the
same trip.
Caleb iiragg was the pilot who (lew
the plane. An engineer oflicer accom
panied him. He traveled at a high alti
tude all the way, holding his course
entirely by compass.
Hragg and his oflicer passenger left
the Anacostia Kield here this afternoon
for New Vork. lie will start to-mor
row or the next -Jay for a continuous
return flight to Dayton from New York.
Well-IMrectetl Shot Kront American
ship .Send* I -float to the
lint torn.
NI'.W YORK. October -. The tri
umph of the captain and crew of the
I'-boal that torpedoed and sank the
French cruiser Dupewin Thouars in
Ruropean waters, on August 7, was
The undersea pirate had just come to
the surface to view the effect of his
torpedoes when a well-directed sho! j
from an American freight ship sent
him to the bottom. Wreckage floating,
31'out the spot indicated that tin; shot:
had torn the l'-boat apart.
Austrian I npilnl, Officially Heparin
Dread Disease's Presence, With
Severnl Denlli*.
lilv AiWAcliitOil Press. 1
MADRID. October 2.?Several cases,
of Asiatic cholera have been discovered '
in Vienna and deaths have occurred'
from this disease there, according to!
oillrial news received hero from thoj
Austrian capital.
Cireat Bend in Line South of
Belgian Border Being
Advance, if Continued, Will Jeop
ardize Entire North
Sea Coast.
II imlriilMirg Defenses Between St.
(Quentin iinrl Lc Cntelet Complete*
ly Smashed by Haig's Troops.
? Itv Associated Pre:*:'.]
Again the liomana arc in retreat on
an important sector of the western bat
tle front in Franco. The scene of the
new retrograde movement is a wide
front north and south of l.a Bassee
The continuation of the entente al
lied forces of their brilliant achieve
ments in restoring Belgian Inlanders
and the expulsion of the enemy from
further territory in France from the re
gion of Cambrai to Verdun evidently
has brought the Germans to the re
alization that the great bend In tho~
line from Menin to the east of Arras
is likely to prove Another such trap
j as was the St. Mihiel salient unless
they are fast enough of foot to move
eastward, giving up I.i 11c, Lens and
l>ouai. and straightening their line
from the vicinity of Cambrai to Bel
Oil all the other six battle fronts,
from Belgium to Verdun, the entente
forces are keeping up their successful
[ advances, although the Germans every
where, except northwest of Bhclms.
have materially ytiiTened their front
I and are offering strong resistance to
| further inroads into their territory.
lti Belgian Flanders the wedge' of
the Belgian. British and French troops
' has penetrated still farther eastward
: and southeastward from Mixmude, and
only a few miles more will be required
j by tho allied troops to give theiri
I positions by which Ostend. one of tier:
I many's sea bases, will be made un*
| tenable, and. indeed, the entire North
] Sea eoust now in German hands'.put
in jeopardy. Uritish warships are now
violenlly bombarding the coast, and the
Germans are reported to be moving
their heavy guns eastward, fearful-.of
i heir r? hi ure. ' ?
.Many additional towns have been cap
; iiir.'d by the allies in tins region.' and
. nuiiierotis prisoners have been taken.
Tiie important railroad junction point
: of Bouivrs is all but in lite hands of
th" allies, uhiic southward from Bou
i lers the British have cut the Boulers
, Menin railway at two places and are
\ in the process of investing Menin. -
i Kit MM ' II NOW IV KI 1,1,
The French arc now in full posses
j sion of Si. Quentin, and have passed
on eastward The entire 11 indenburgf
system between St. Quentin and l,a
J Catelel has been completely smashed -
1 by Field Marshal llaig's rorce.s, Willi
I whom the Americans are brigaded, and
further ground has been won in tho
outskirts of Cambrai and north of that
city. Ai one point, north of St. Quen
i in the British were forced to give up
a village under a heavy counterattack
by fresh German troops. A band of
i Americans who had outdistanced their
I f??l!ows-in-arnts wcro surrounded on
I one sector by the Germans, but were
| released after two days, during which
I they killed many of the enemy who
sought to capture them.
Northwest of Bheiins the St. Thierry
massif has been captured, and north of
the Cathedral City the environs of *
Betheny have been reached by tho
French. The Germans along this front
are in retreat to their old 1917 line*
and the French have reached the Aiano
Ciinal at several points.
| The French in Champagne and the
Americans on their right have made
further gains against the Germans in
cleaning out of the Argonne rorest and
pressing northward on both sides of
this bastion.
In Palestine the British have occu
pied lhimascus and taken more than
7.000 Turks prisoner.
10 VAC I \TIMi I.I I.I, K
I Bv Awooililoil I'r'-s.s I
PA HIS. October ?The Matin an
nounced that the Germans are evacuat
ing l.ille and that the commander there
has requisitioned all means of trans
portation. even wheeiba rrows and has-*
kets. to take away tlw booty. The:
newspaper adds that the evacuation
of the townspeople t.> Belgian towns
near the German border is t>eing pur
sued hastily.
KitK\CII tlt'CfI*V MAW
\ii.i.a<;ks \.m> towvs
I Itv A .->.??? ,ei;? ted I'rfis 1
l'ABIS. October ?Many towns and
villages were curried by the French
troops on the various fronts, according
tu the War Oflice announcement to
niRht. ICspecial progress was made
nortii of the Vesle. The statement
i says
?"The enemy Ims been ejected from
St. Quentin. which we completely oc
cupy. We hold Faubourg d'lsle.
?to the south we have advanced to
I ta ttcourl. and are holding Moy.
"North <>f the Vesle River we cap
tured Bouey. ' :>i vcncourt. Boufllgne
icux, Vll'.ers-Fratmueux and Oauroy
ami carried our lines to the border
south of t'orinicy and l.oivre.
"Coney (north of Jiheims) Is in our
"In Champagne in the course of tho
afternoon we cased our positions south
west of Orfeuil and gained a footing
on the heights south of Monthols."
<;\sn m:\iu.v kicht mii.kk
Willi-: Ct'T TllltOKitl l.l.VB
1 ,t ?N I ?ON. Octobcr ? A gash nearly
eight miles wide was cut into tho llln
denburg line between l.c Oatclet and
the region east of St. Quentin by the
British to-day. For several hours ter
rible disaster threatened the Germans.
Their main line of resistance had been
breached bet wen Fonacar. live mile*
northeast of St. Quentin. and Beaure
voir, nearly three mlcls oast of Be
Catftlet. Through this breach Halg'*
forces thveatened to pour into the rear

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