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/ Begins "Work of Getting (lie Soldiers
Buck to Tlieii Petice
Timo Jobs.
I'luns Arc Also Under Consideration
to Reorganize Army of Sulllciciit
Strength to Guard Provinces of
the Empire.
LONDON. December 2'J.?The demob
ilization of the British army Is tnc
biggest question now before the sol
diers themselves and the mothers anil
wives who are awaiting them at home.
Already the Ministry of Reconstruc
tion has announced Uh plans. The
-Ministry of Labor has co-operated with
it to provide that as far as possible
every demobilized soldier shall have a
job to go to as soon as ho Is discharged
and the military ahthorlUes have mad*
provision that, upon discharge, he shall
go directly to that Job.
From the viewpoint of the military
authorities, demobilization machinery
must provide for the construction of
an entirely new system of demobiliza
tion forms; for transportation, both by
sea and land for the demobilized
forces and their stores; for the organi
zation of a new regular army; for the
care of those who are still unfit for
civil life; for the storage of arms and
equipment; for the sale of surplus ani
mals, vehicles and store s; for the dis
persal of regulars, temporary regulars,
reserves, special reserves, militia, ter
ritorials and volunteers, each in their
order; for the disbandmeni of units
no longer required; for the Una! settle
ment of payments to units and to in
dividuals; for plans for any reinoblli
zatlon which may be necessary, and for
the repatriation of prisoneis of war.
To the individual soldier, however,
?he construction of this vast demobi
lization machinery j? of less interest
than the great question of how soon
and in what manner lie himself Is go
ing to get out of the army.
In the first place, the soldier's re
turn to liis home depends on the na
ture of his civil employment and
whether he lias a job waiting for him.
J-or demobilization will not take place
by military units, but bv individuals
in accordance with the requirements
of industry.
hook <;ivivr; traiik
Bach soldier carries "Arniv l!ook C.I "
which Rives his trade In civil life, but
lu addition to this he is shortly to be
asked to fill out a new form, stating
"Is home address, whether he is mar
ried or single, whether he requires
employment after the war, particulars
of his previous employment, his trade
union and whether his prewar et.
ploycr has nromieed to keep his jot
open for him.
Thos.- men who have no Job ??n!tlng
ror them and whose work in civil life
Li10' ?,f urgent national importance]
willhe kept behind as skeleton units
to deal with guns, notes, horses atn
vnUnn,LU?rV. ".U- M,'n wh" "till have two
>ears left to serve in the armv und<
enlistments, W ||| in tlim, ? nr<
.1 furlongh. after which thev will be
placed on service abroad.
i..ThPuno,.Ka' ?rdor "f demobilization
fn llem"1 ll,ar>' ""i? U''" h" as f" 11 o W?
<I) demoblltzers. or this- whn*o ri ? I
jobs are necessary to expedite the
work of demobilization; t , pivotal
men. or those without whom the be IV
of men to be re-cmployed in civil life
cannot get to work effect ivelv (!/
h?V.,W^ '!av?, ?!*"'? ??? ?)o,'s malting for
them, to be let got In the order
importance of their jobs- mi
who have no definite jobs waiting for
rv'^'-L i" ,OSf> w,,rk is In an indus
try likely to expedite demobilization
??>). other men In the order of im
portance of their civil jobs; fC) the
skel.-ton unit, |, ,s ^roi/ahlo ' ,h;?
the number of men in the first tw
will u'v'iU"
.>iAitmi:i) ,mi;\ i,iu;\
Where possible, preference Is to b<
given to married men over single men
and-to long-service men over shoit
setvlco men.
Ho',? aL'Vn\kl,l,r ?r demoblliza
l ion <1r.ift i?f, say, 10## in?*ri. t *???
<letnoblllzer?, th* pivotal mon and tiio
men liable to service in the new ?
ular army have gone home, each com
manding ofiicer is t? Kiv.. prefer .nee to
p ur/wr;:1
officer''ha'T' I 20'sh p' m^" TZTtiW,
ihe"Yl"t , UOr,k highest In
the Mat of industrial prioritv and to
,U ?h" *?'?* Wti^if he
had on!) ninety slip men he wonhi
make up the other ten from not v
S according ;i?. .....m, " ."j""?
gOT'^e,:;^ fa t?,rshC.
tear-o"ff ^i,jp ,?, .*? ^^Ct the
the'ma "t?1 ''J h,s ^n^ianding om'Aer
'rho ? ,,1P.rr,'.v becoming a slit, man
work Ai.nrcAnv I'vnnu
?Steps are already being taken fur
the demobilization of an equal nun.
^ o the armies at home and in forl
f' s ?,al'y. so that there will
bo no danger of all -he jo s belt e
snapped up by the men at home 1 .,1*
vancc of the men from foreign the! I
torb. .Just now tnanv in on will i'
mobilized dally is unkr?own , T
aval able 'thV l"?""1 ?f ' rnnsi??rtat ions
?h7S'"R ""r tewf
nan ts absolutely necessarv "n.t?
jrV'abhorbein c'i'vil 'Vir.^'Ts ^?!";',s|il11"
at a concentration collected
i aiiway Wftrnint ti% \. ?nt, #?
al liberty to go home.
iviIl**Vhe?artnv. ^lle 'win^lie
eight days' ?fiirlnu^i, 1
timo he will contim.e' , ,i! , which
pay and ration '-ccive his
pendents will comin ie tn ? ,us (l'"
separation allowaice ?J"l7>V" ,hw,r
lime he \e||| )lo ' t"?' mean
self a job, if j,e h-.s ..t ,liln
and to be ntirclns ?n- ? ready a job,
clothes, for which he i,fl" civilian
allowance at his di-nerl: f yed an
will be peinrtt led t o ?? r !. "s a' ,0n- Me
form, but at the ovnirni?"1 ,'1, u,li*
twenty-eight davs h^ ?'m , of ,,is
to clothe himself' In' Hro'l? rod
and to return hli m'mv. " <;,"thes
authorities al 'his <ru,,,.,?r<?at ,tl0
The rest of hla uniform1 ?'Ka.' ^'"'on.
shoes and his undeiv i : including his
private ???,',?? "IS
Approve Senator Smithy Mill '
SI RACIJSEJ, N. Y? Hccembpr 29 The
Associated Academic Principals of
Kbw York Slate in convent on he?e
^^.erday. yote,l unanimous ?pproval
?[..United States Sena tor lloke Smith's
bill, which provides that a l-Vderu
department of oduoation ho WstabJLshefl
with a scat In tho Cabinet for the
Hccrotary. Ior th0
.i T,m?'*-I>lMWitoh U'nnt Ada
5uyeima?nda8Vcn2r!ln<1 monoy-rnukcr3 for
In Sermon Reviewing Year Now Ending, Dr. McFaden
Points Out That the Eternal Gospel
Abides Throughout World.
I )n IiIm sermon yesterday at tho l-'irst i
I'rcsby.terlan Church, ltev. Krank T. '
j .Mctitilvn, i). I>.. the pastor, emphasized
I the benefits showered upon humanity
j during thi! year now closing. Taking
| a? his text, "What shall 1 render unto '
i the liOrd for all His benefits toward i
I me?" (1'salin cxvi IS) he said:
j "Wo are at the cnil of another year. :
! It is a time of stock taking. We desire
i to know where we stand and how to
j enter tlje new period. it is the pre
rogative of man to deduce u principle
of action Trorn the past experience. It
; Is the part ??f wisdom as well.
| "The text presents an inspiring ex
i ample. The i'salmlst had been com
: )>assed with the sorrow/5 of death, lie
' celebrates the divine merry which had
I followed him and delivered him. in
i a hurst of holy gratitude and devo
j Hon he appeals to his own soul, 'What
shall 1 render unto the l,ord for all ills
hencllts toward me?' He answers his
; own <| u est ion in a twofold manner,
I will call upon the name of the Lord,'
] and 'I will pay my vows unto the
! Lord.'
j "Another year has seen its end, and
j upon it.s record fur each of us t;0d
has sit a seal never lo he removed
, until Jle shall come to, r< ijuire fiat
which lias passed. The time between
has been a long period to most >.f ns
fraught with wonderful experience!
? lurmoil, strife, confusion, expenditure
of nervous energy, separation, sick
nesB, loss or loved ones and friends
may have made up part of our ev
J perience.
I ? fI?. ,wo enough of the
| ?wne?ts Wl.lrt. have strewn our path
! way. \\ <? are in the Lord's debt Wo
I JhM itr.L?7'.Vf " account with Him
' ??, r ? mp mention briefly
; some of these benefits.
1. Life has been spared us. That i?
| no small hor.n. The combine.1 skill
. wisdom and power of man. of all or.-'
ate.I beings, cannot restore it when
I Alice gone out. Wo may not un.b-rstan,.
i .k, , lVe b"en 8"ar,'<1 and others
taken. hven so, Father, f?r so it
, Bt-emeth good in Thy sight. But Ills
e>e has been upon us. Hi# divine
' clil'sm ra;S,t. "ri"S' d the impassable
i<??asm between every two consecutive
months of our existence. There },aVe
r been many who would have given ,,,ii
, ions of dollars, had they possessed
.' f. '- ?,ne hour oI life- t:?d has given
us days of life, with all that make,
unu.?Him?'V"lB- Wh:it 8ha" 1 render
In most instances our health ha?
been spared us Many have not suf
fered a single day from Mines jiOSi
of us have the healthful flush of voutl
If w hnv"S fr!?W "f naVir"'s sl^"Vth!
' \ ? h.n P been ex nosed t.i tlir- touch
touch "f disease, the drear l'hv?;citn
has stood by. He Himself lias "mi,"
istered unto us and has bidden sick
ness depart. We feel r,.a,iy ail<J f ,
d?r urno",I?in?r- XV'"" ?I
| .MAW Cflti l,|;s HE.MAI.V
I V HltOKE.V 'I'll lt() I'GIl YEAR
"3. Friends and loved ones have been '
spared. H is true, war and disease
have taken more than the usua< toll
Hut how many a circle is still un
t>i ok en . In how many homes have
the sweet endearments of affection.
' uninterrupted? Some have wppt
Seniitor < liiiiiiherlnln Will tlnkr Acl
Criticizing Jinny Army A f
fiiirN at Opening .Srnsion.
\\ AS11 I.VITO.V, December ? \1
111. ? u g i i both Senate ami House will
m-.-t to-morrow, the holiday vacation
wul not end until Thuisd.i'v. and no
business of importance wtll b.- eoi.aid
; eted until that time.
In the Senate to-morrow Senator
j tiainl" r,a:::. of <?t.-uoii. chairman of
the .Military Committee, plans an ad
dress in criticism o: many army af
fairs. while Senator McKejiiir. of Ten
nessee, expe is to speak on Die j.r..
p??s e d league of natiins. The iioU"C
will consider s-ndinu the war rev. nu
! II to conference with some s? at i nr n'
tor directing the House managers to
accept senate amendment- delimited to
prohibit ? ?v111 * 1 lalior and to prevent the
importation of intoxicants into the !>l<
tiict or' Columbia for beverage pur
Additional Information on the Amer
ican i;ava 1 i rogram i.? expected -.>!n..r
r? w i I'osu Secretary Haniels. when the
Mouse Naval Committee resumes hear
ings on the IC.ipi na\ ? 1 appropriation
?r.U,n ' 'otiRl ess resuni. s sessions
* iiiii S'lay <i is c us si on of i>e;icc
lions Will be renewed in the Senate.'
lie.ay in publication of arinv casual- ;
ty lists also will be discuss-d TMurs- l
flay by Senator Weeks. In the House
tight of way will be given the War
Pepartmont bill validating informal
,,ar contracts, and a special rule t?
expedite n? passage is promised
Senate committee late this week are
to asa.n take tip investlgations of titr
.Sli'ipvart?,>a^ 1"(la ani1 tn'' Ho? Island
New Schedule of 1'rlec* |N Ailviincnl
In < obletiz. OciMiplctl liy
..... ' Assoo!;?re(] i
\\ I I'll THK AMERICAN \fi\IY f)F ?
OCCtTI'ATKi.V. Friday. Hecember 27.?
I.orse meat again lias experienced an-!
c>her advance in Ctormanv. Meatless I
days are being generaliy observed
t h i oughou t <.ermany.
J", 1 ohlenz the w^ek beginning He
embet i t, was a meatless one. Tho ?
ruling prices ot horse meat in the area
ot i tipletl by American army is a: pres
? iit as follows, per poundc horse sau-!
? age, I mark, mi pfetmingK; horse meat
.'."i V.? r horse liver. 1
uiaik. !0 pfennings.
!hr -.xv!ir- whon was
milled, about ,0 per cent of :,i,v kind
of wheat went into flour. Now. !i<; per;
lent of the grain is used in the mak
?iual?ty ' 1,111 th? proUuct ls ?*' poor |
Professor Kllpnirlek, <,f Colombia. *nvs
It In rteNpoiiNlble fur Health
of StuUenl.H,
VfiUK, December 20.?I'hvslcal
raining should be given a prouiiiicit'
place in the country's educational sys
tem, because it is chiefly responsible
for th? nealth of students, doclareil
I rofossor W. 11. Ivilpatrick, of Coluni-:
bia I iiiver.-ity, in an address yester-i
lay at the annual convention "of tlm!
i>irectors of Physical Kdu
atjon hi i ollegt :!. Iadvocated a1
? roader system of physical exercise;
o inoHide not only form;. ni]i '
vliur of R-jimrs.
England Demobilizing
Its Triumphant Troops
(?et I in t; louelher :i | reiiieiitloiis
army with which to ivhlp (lie lioehe
iviih one Mink, deiitohlllxlng that
nriiiy anil Neutlliig It back Into the
pntlm of peace I.h finite another
problem, nlthoiigb little lenw com
plicated than the former. in The
Times-1) is natch to-day Clair l?rlee
telU how the llrltlHl.- government i),
ti11^ ?! f ?* gfttlng ,11n
lighting men bnek to tlielr old-thn.
peace John, or to new JoIim where
new oiten ore iicce*i?nry. There Ik
an iilniOHt endlcHM umotinf of iletafJ
work t?? be atfentletl to, and In CiIn
the demoli|||/nt ion of the army is
or" *i"r<,0,A',r,>.rtm'cr<,,,< rr?"? 'hat
or the Anierlenn evpedltlomirv
forceh which fought In France.
tears over the loss nf life's partner; ?
some over :n?? form of tlio little one. i
Hut how rn iny have not wo|?t at all? I
Some have said. 'Could 1 kneel onco [
more at niy inothcr'-S side and follow
lier gentle voico In prayer; could 1
once more 'lasp tlx- loved one whom
God has ta'? ? n; could I nnco more hear
the voice ?>f ? lildish mirth with which
my now siknt home once eehoed; ah,
then would I pour out. my soul in
praise.' Th<-n let us lie thankful to-:
?lay, and render praise for Ills benefits.)
'N. MateHal comforts h;ivc been glv
en by lllni. Never perhaps have wc !
had so much. While expenses, havo
hcen great and tliu cost of living high. !
and many hav?> had to curtail . the
luxuries to whieli they wcte acous
tomed out of a devotion to the hoys
over there and to the country over
here, never has there liovn such sub
stantial blessings which contribute toi
the comfort and even solid happiness
of life. FY'iin I(liii all our blessings
How. What shall we render?
t*\ si'iit it t ,\i, l oiici:
"5. We have a new emphasis placed i
upon the spiritual and moral force.
The Gospel has been. even by war,
proved to t??? the power of God unto
salvation. Intellectual ability, wealth.
n<'.tural res ,r <-s. mete bodily train
ing have all of thems- .ves been proven
to be. with" it the spiritual and relig
lous, mere t:..i. hlnery that must sooner
or later break and be cast into the1
junk heap. The Gospel abides. It
came from G nl. It is eternal. It is:
ours to liv and develop by. "What
shall 1 rend< r? Tin;" Psalmist said, *'I
will take th cup of salvation and call
upr?n the na lie of the I.ord.' it seems
to be equivalent to saving. 'I will repay
bv taking more.' That is true. The
only way we . ;>.n repay is by taking'
more. .Man m his pride wants to treat
witli God a- an equal. He cries, let
toe five. 1-eme give sacrifices, tears,
charity. 1>* uie work out my debt,
i.et me not i>e humbled by always re
ceiving. J-? t me buy the mercies of
Cod. No. shall never repay God's!
benefits until we. are ready to say, 'I
will take.'
"It is not of works, lest any man
should boat*. But by gra.ee, by favor j
arr wc saved. The I'salmlst also said.
'I will pay tr.y vows unto the i.ord now
In the jir-'ser ?? of all His people." The
vows of wiii-ii he spoke may have been
made while be was ill or in immediate
danger of death. His first thought
after his recovery, unlike many of us.
wa" to perform these vows.
"All of u- have vows upon us of
one kind and another. We may have
vowed to 1'ive God supremely, that
love should be the controlling prin
ciple of our life, to be obedient unto
the heavenly vision. ('? honor Him with
our substate ?? and the Jirst fruits of
all our increase, to cirry out faith
fully the tr'i-t committed to us. to be
fiitiiful ami diligent in the use of all
the means ??{ % race, and to be con
sistent mem . rs of His kingdom, llow
long have tin"..} been neglected?
"Not one year only, perhaps many
vears, we s-ty not vet. A little more
sleep, a little more slumber. I.pt us
end the old and begin the new year
b> paying these vows for all the bene
fits best owe ?' upon us?. Then shall we
Co forth re;. !v to call upon our souls
and all that is within us to bless His
holv name, and the new year will be
laden with richer blessings than ever
in our lives."
.,\ii\t 'Mint t rnnnrnhlp Itulrn Arr Ite
la.xoit II?iiy Novel lUpcrirncra
Are Krrurdrd.
LOM'UN. Occtnioer 2S.?Now that
censorship tules have been much re
laxed. extraordinary stories <?!' close
shavts and unexpected happenings are
being published. Hard to beat Is one
related by the J.'.vi rpool Kvening Kx
iii'ij's. It tells how a torpedo from a
V-boat pass, d under an intended vic
tim?which the psychological mo
ment was lifted beyond its reach by
a big wave and administered the
quietus :?? another enemy submarine
on the other side of the steamer. Here
is the paper's account of it:
"The British stearner Altrories com
manded by I'aptain Frederick Taylor,
was off Hard-ev Ik land and had a cargo
? ?I timber frc.ni Ross'.are to (larston.
There was a heavy ?ci on and the ship
was ptaching about.
VThe first to see the first subma
rine was the gunner. who also spotted
the trry'k of >. torpedo (vhich. i' some
thing i.!? e a miracle had not happened,
would have -truck them amidships
Nothing cou'.rt !?* don': io time to turn
the ship clear of dinger, but a heavy
sea lifted high on its crest the steamer,
which was only drawing a tew feet of
water, and then those who bad just
been expecting to be torpedoed them
selves saw a second U-boat which was
working in c enjunttiotv with the ont
on ti,6 other side of the steamer struck
by the torpedo.
"They heard a deafening explosion
and saw a mountain of spray thrown
up into tho air."
"The Thirteenth Chair."
"The Thirteenth Chair." the mystic!
melodrama, will be presented by Wil- ;
Hani Harris. Jr.. its producer, at tho.
Academy of Music to-night. It be
came a sensation the night it was pro-.'
duced li> New York, and during the
year it played at the Forty-Kigth
Street Theater the management esti
mated that nearly half again as many
people as did see It'would have had
the capacity of the theater been great
er. "The Thirteenth ('hair" is from
the pen of I '.ay a rd Veiller. known to
theatergoei s the world over as the
author of "Within the Law."
Il'llricn's MiiiMtrelv.
When the Nell O'Brien Minstrels,!
now on their seventh annual tour, ap
pear at tlu^ Academy Tuesday and Wed
nesday and New Year's matinee it
will be found that a new production
throughout has been secured. With a
keen appreciation of the requirements
of a minstrel entertainment. Manager
(?soar F (lodge is said to have eclipsed
all previous efforts in this season's of
fering. One of the new features will
be a new sketch, conceived and pro
duced by Neil <?'Brien himself, called
"Meatless f?ay." tin up-to-date subject
handled by the comedian in a most
humorous fashion.
\etv Year's Show til l.yric.
The New Year's holiday show, which
comes to the l.yric for the. Ilrst half
of the week, commencing with tho
matinee performance this afternoon,
affords several spectacular features,
(?no of these is "The Bombardment and
IJestruetion of ICheims." This is not
a moving picture, but a reproduction
in mechanical and pyrotechnic* effects
of one of the greatest battles In the
history of the world. Another spectac
ular act will lie "The Gladiators." In
this feature the sports and contests
of the ancient Roman amphitheater
are duplicated iti tile feats of strength,
skill and endurance in which modern
gladiators of the prize ring and wrest
ling mat display their prowess. Comedy
features of the new show will bo
Cook, ('lemons and company, an ag
gregation of troubadours, who sing,
dance and cavort; Frances Kennedy,
vaudeville's chanteuse and comedienne
and a whimsical musical comedy skit.
New motion pictures supplement the
vaudeville hill.
firent lleinonnf ration.
PARIS, December 2t>. ? A great
Fr itico-Hellenlc demonstration took
place yesterday at tho Sorhonne. Greek
reign Minister Polltls was present.
Warm tributes were paid to Greece
and M. Venlzelos.
If You Are l.ooklnu;
for a good position, read the Help
Wanted Ads In Tho Times-Dispatch
The best business firms use them for
the best help.
KxpcMs Now at AVnrk on More Com
prehensive Hcbcmu Duo to
.Foreign Trade Growth.
At Conclusion of Compilation Matter
Will |Je Submitted to Secretaries
of Treasury and Commerce for
Final Approval.
Nmeri ? ? "f th,> VaSt tolal *? Which
^nurican exports and imports hiivr
u 1,1111 last Tour' /ears, a,id
oe,??,.~ v Vw to 'nakincr atatlWcs Von
. them more eomprehonai ve. u
M-clussliUation of the present methyls
,L': i,1'1!'1at,?" Is being wi>rkeil out hv
?)Him r, U i ? 1"ortl?'1 and I 'oillOS'.ic
('us !?!,? ? . co-opcratlon with the
, . W' r *v i r? t,K' ShlppliiK Iiourd,
.V,ic?h\. 11 a\,e Hoard, the Tariff Com
"Iron.JlM S\V .i ?,l,cii Kovernmeinal
teri".J?!!', ;V ti,r> conclusion <f this-un
t...I n iu' lna,Ur ?s ?" be subnilt
J-d to the Secretary of Commerce and
approval"' y of lhe Treasury for final
ln,1r..V.v^V^.r ,Vas '':uiS0'! a tremendous
c"U'ilry*s tr u!<\ partte
dl ! 'fnr'll,r?X!,.0rlS', U,e laHi available
i. '? ,t,M" for September show
ing exports of I549.82x.:pi2. lo-nnir- 1
V Tiiif.11'?,01 for ,H samc ?"'>ntn 111
. l his is an excess of '.2 >7.-'S7
'M|.v _ .I,0, ,s. for the name month.
I or thy nine months or ?.ni,,,.
da- year .-xporis totaled S t.:..;n :? no ? 17
; nil '"Ports *2.322.722.33 * 'an 'V xeess
? V' ''38 07??i'ir-M,,I.T?lS r"' ;hi3 '" ri,Ml
i-. iinT'rv't A ^ ' M,S IfOWtn of the
< ' 'intrj .v f'ircisn trade has. of eotp-s ?
lie-en <Jiie to the larg?? part pluv-*i| !#v ?
111 \ Slates in sunplviri^ 11 i a!
foodstuffs, j
.mohi-: i.oiiifAi. AititA\<;i;ur:\r
,, 'r? Til A UK STATISTICS j
c 1 > ??'?< VVJ<,'t ,n v!ow '" red 1-siti
: Vs OUr.sta,,sii^- ?:.y, the I ??? i I v '
,-u ? r,.rI I fade Keports. "is to
U ?de ?V1',1r.,i'? '>fr.leal afra"beinc-ut tr. our
ii-irahittVv- r ! 10 '"crease the roin
!, "i V'f import anrt '".xport figures
1".a common classification for
both an,I tfl .lv, greater details 1
?t, < lassiflcat ion here shown trivet
ti e main headings and also Indicates :
general scheme of groupingthe 1
commodities: hiuupuig 1 .
,,'nV. ycseiablo products used prinei- !
?i K irr-ii'n'i '? *J leverages willin- '
' 1 grains. Hours, starches. veiro-:
1 no>: 1 sses?Ueto? 'e' cucoa- ?I'?ces. sugar.
wnMli"!1'8,! an,J animal products
J'1. Include live animalp. meats 11 <1
?loducts, dsnry products and egg's, fish
jji.fl products, fats, oils, hide?, skins.
IX 1,1 1110 AM. TOBACCOS !
ir.f'tti),le ,l-.^S. and products will !
ir ' -l-tv' i-?" awd cotton tn.uiuf.iis 1
i'-ik ",?!>? ,,n?n- hemp, jute a ml pro?|
I 1, , ? , m:""' '"anufactures of. and
oth.-r textile products.
wi'll' hiem.i';. T?0<l ?ir"<1urts ;u,d Paper
,nh. ?, h io-s' l'?-;.ved and sawed;'
jumbi r. lath, uiimanufuutured or part
V?JVtockCtUr-:'nr wrl."\l,,"?- cooper- :
a.: .'uVactures of ?pjfpj1!^c.,'a,,tr a"*1 '
fiber', '?'n.']11 '.'?fr",!Uols,iVU">r than foods.
n'e' el.n , V",1, '"clUde rub,her. |
K't': ,'1"'ch.i and similar gums, resins 1
aiui treese'SSeiUla' ?"S' lo,,a?co. plants I
<?') Chenilril? and rhomlcal 010,1 I
natur??l ItvL"?1 u'1 ^ coal-tar"1'chen,1S !
lltniHts I'-" '"?nnlng materials.
!,\h?V 4 ' Points, v;irnishoi*. :md
nu-dicines. soaps, perfumery, other 'oil- '
^preparations, fertilizers and explo- |
fart7u)."e\ir?wn,neit.a,r ,:">d :"elaI '
1.1. iu.es w ih include i.-on and stee'
'.;atiKan.se vanadium, chromium tunir
" nd'* lui t'/ni" ?14 ' 1 col'al t, aluiMinium.tin :
>a Zll,c- copper. ;
11 en in y l,roluc' "roci?us ir.ctai.s and
?viMJ hi'dmle0?;,. ,WO,s ,anJ vehicles i
' [.!, , k'U(^ , ^c|tiipment, vtiet.i!
erv hm'u ?!n,<'1'1!lt-V' electrical macl.in
tnfiii'iiir i ,, itua. engines and parts.
In i m i1? a!"' '"achin
i?*\iile maohiiicrv. tons i-mi.tv
amlmi?o,||ai,,ous harilwnre. cUlIcl-N
?IM Aotunetallie mititTi^ nn.i , ^
other U ftif l"LlV u* I |Ct?Ul" |u'(r"!-l"n and '
- n. . ttif-.s, liuit.l ng stone rem. 1,1
c. r-Mi'i"1 ;l'"' s,J!ldialt. Hand. 'clav"ani
crami, law materials. ti>i,!< notierv
p.ass chemicals and fort llixer'raw mi'
Vl? f' T,,r" ni"1^''ll? products, etc
tnn lo.\s. gauo-s and athletic :in.i
.-porting go >,ts tn ill include niuskJ tl in
ni.'-ms^'iire "l0'11"1 {l1",, ""fKical instru
fn tits, tirearmsj and ammunition, cani
- ^tin^'alK,at,uTM * an*I ;
\|i|>enlM to Allien to Aid In Itrlmlld
? on !? (ictorir* and I-'arnm
of \ntloii.
I In Assortated Press. 1
,,e,v,,l!"'r 2:' -With 2.
* * t \.mti;r1 tiblest 'm),i
most .spirited men killed or main e !
and upward of half her Industry Vn i 1
ani.e-i!,^ol,if,.r0:Vn' by l,le v'ar- l-'riince'"
r e b 111*1 d? "'"'a J'"1' '^IH "'.^"foV'^c.p''m I
whic,; thf.^nirw;
ng -hH.v- 1,1 ' ^'""jucti.ig or purchas
?. "hips. Kdotiard de IMllv, tlenutv I
hi|.h commissioner of the Krench re"
public, declared here yesterday In a,? I
address before the American AssScIa-i
Hon for the Advancement i,f .Science
r l.hal Franco is "hied
a? a !? jeui'i 110 hu'1<,!<^P Impose,1 i
a. a i t suit of her saerjfiees in re?i*<t?
mg trie invader could not lie over-I
coma except with outside aid.
Itcmrri-llri'nkitiK Sales of Tliberty
lionds, Mostly nt Irfjui'st Quota
tions, ,\re Itccoi tletl.
I"'ist I'riccs on New Oilcans Kx
cliutiKe Show Not (inins of MinMy.
Seven I'oints, Itased on Strength
of the Spot Situation.
(11y A.<>?><*Illicit Pre** |
N'KW YiMlK, December 2U.?The linal
week of a memorable year in the an
nals of the world's lhrtnci.il markets
effected no change of moment in tins
conditions recently existent tin the
stock ex hatiue, apart from record
hreaking sales of J.?lborty bonds, most
ly at lowest quotations vet estab
This condition, generally accepted as
a temporary or passing phase, in no
way disturbed the confidence of those
captains' of finance and industry wiu>
believe this country i-< destined "to oc
cupy a position of greater importance
and power in the far-reaching period
ot reconstruction.
Various theories popularlv advanced
by economists tiial the i'nitod States,
no less than its cobelligeronts, will
have to boar its share , of the war's
financial burdens for many years seem
to lie neutralized by the country's euor
mr.us credits and gold holdings, as
>?.<?11 as supplies of raw materials.
Domestic basin conditions are re -
garded as eminently sound, but labor
robleins and readjustment of prices
of essential < loiiMioditits pre.-s for in
>reused recognition, as is evidenced by
h"_ pause in the steel and iron trade.
Excepting the comparatively small
group of international bunkers, little
interest .is manifested In the forth
coming conference, although a p'row
ing apprehension is fell respecting tlie
cluiotic conditions in Central and East
??rn Kuropo.
Greater concern is evinced in the
future of the transportation industry,
but the executives of the railroads are
more hopeful, a- Indicated by their
latest attitude of early constructive
legislation which will remove all prob
ability of a tlve-year extension of gov
er nim.nl control.
NliW (>KI.KANS. December 1!9.?Oit
ton scored important gains this week
in the face of the holiday feeling in
the early sessions and in spite of the
react ion iry tendency that appeared to
ward the end. A: the highest level
active mouths in the contract market
wore 175 to 21 1 points over the close
of the preceding week. January going
to 30.00. hast prices showed net gains
of s? points, midrliing at one time be
ing quoted at .11.2.1 and closing at 31
Investment buying, based on the
strength of the spot situation and the
discount on futures as compared with
spots, was the main motive power for
the advance. Ituying of the mr)re dis
tant positions was stimulated by tin;
further discount on the distant thonths.
The announcement <>f the removal of
cotton trade restrictions after the
February allotments was one of the
important influences of the week, while
rumors of easier ocean freight rates
to come in January helped values on
the ?lose. ituying was mainly done,
however, on signs of a growing spot
demand and the continued tlrmness of
holder*. This . week the opening of
Liverpool will probably have an im
portant bearing on the trend of the
prices in the American market.
Anything pointing to a widening nut
of spot activity after the holidays will
have a quick effect in stimulating bull
ish sentiment. Reports at the end of
last week from various mill centers
vero rather pessimistic regarding or
ders coming in.
The market will he closed Wednes
d -i y.
Oiio Shell Hlow |'|i Moving Picture
Theater Willi ion (acrmiinN
in It.
XK\V YOltK, December 29.?How the
detailed stor.v of Jho work done in
France by I'n.-lo Sam's big naval guns,
about which there was so much tny?
tery fur severaJ months. was brought
here by 1 DO men and three ollieers of
the naval and land batterv, who ar
rived on the I'tub.
The big II-inch monsters wrought
destruction beside which ? !erin:iny's
best guns seemed impotent For in
Stanee, one projectile that dropped on
n i ierir.ati army theater is believed :<>
I'.ive killed every one of the loo tier*
man? in the building. The force "f
the e x plosion hlow two railway nut
bidlly t,-. the top of the nearbv sta
Here is the .story o;' some of the gun
"The guns were assembled at Si
Nazal re. France, and our first attack
was made from the forest of Cmn
piegne. <?ur ranges ran from twenty
to twenty-oiw miles. From Olompiegne
wo tired on Ham; from Fontonoy and
.^oissons, on I.aon and Its raiiwav con
nections. We destroyed the ' Metz
Sednn Kallway at Mi/iitmedv. and were
preparing emplacements In" the forests
near Nancy and Uineville when the
armistice was signed.
"In all S00 rounds were fired and
continued the guns would
soon have had to he brought back for
j elining. ,\ number of t ho holes made
by our projectiles have since boon vis
ited and k examined. One hole w;'ks
twenty feel in diameter and fifteen
loot deep, another thirty-three foot
in diameter and twelv> feel deep
"At I.aon one shell dropped on a
< inoma in which were 100 C.ormans
??orly identification tags were later
picked tip, but what become of ij|,.
V ? ."s,v:v mon "" ?nc knows Two
rreiglit cars wore lifted bodily 1>V the
??ice of the explosion, and remained
resting oti t.ie top of the station \n
other shell plowed up a ten-acre field
of potatoes.
- Timcw.iHnpntt.Ii Wimi Ad*
are titiie-s-x - money ^makers for
bu> or a ml seller.
|oi To the Holders of Certificates of Deposit of
First Mortgage Sinking* Fund 5% Gold
PAPER COMPANY, Issued Under the
Deposit Agreement Dated October 10,
Notice is hereby given that the interest due January
[Dcj 1, 1019, upon bonds deposited under the above Agree
^ liient will be paid on or after said date, upon presenta
j ?qG! tion of the Certificate of Deposit for endorsement,
? , ,
liiii. accompanied by ownership certificates required under
ppj the Federal Income Tax regulations, at the
I Merchants National Bank
i QJ'-.
ncLl/itmer uuzotnev
Pre-Inventory Sale of
A nale that will be quite an interesting feature this sea
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A Telegram
Thos. A.Edison
Most cordial greetings
on this most wonderful
"Victory Holiday,"
May it find you in the
best health and spirits,
rejoicing over the
generous holiday busi
ness and looking with
serene confidence to
ward the New Year
and its splendid
! By December 31, 191S to avoid
penalty, at Room 107, City Ilall,
or ai the office of Deputy Collec
tor, Tenth and Hull Streets, for
the Southside.
11, L. HULCE,
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