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Railroads Must Bo Huilt, Factories
Established nud Agriculture
tircat Asiatic NatloJi, Witli Its Teem
ing Millions and Untouched Re
soirces, Declared to Offer Ameri
can Business Limitless Field.
(Fourth Article.)
LONDON. January C.? In adopting
I ae scheme outlined in the prcceillnt?
article of this set ies. the government
of India will be doing precisely what
Germany begun to do in ISO.f. when.
under the influence of the Marinex
manns. the Thyssens. the Krupps and
other types >t commercial magnate*,
she Initiated li-Jr transition from the
agricultural to the industrial Stage of
development. -
In 18'J 3 the total wealth of Ger
man v? the figures arc those of the
Deutsche Hank?was estimated at
S3.f0O.QOO.OOO. Twenty years later U
was appraised at $64,090,000.(100, un>>
the tranpforrm?t ion waj effected pur'.
1/ n;:d simply by thv application ot
scientific methods to industrial de
velopment. Internally the co-ordi
nated her resources to a sirinle 211 !.
subordinating her -ail ways, wharv-.s.
docks and shipping to her industrial
needs: externally she. secufed by
equally scientific methods a Krip -n
the markets of the world, which v.as
1 ever relaxed until the outbreak of
war. The full story of this achieve
ment is told in Manfred Kmanuel's ad
mirable translation of M. Mauser's
book. "Germany's I'ommerclal Grip on
The World," of which an American edi
tion has Just been published by Scrlb
ner's and the story Is one which has
its special lessons for the United Stated
as well as for India.
H. II. Uayden. president of the .Min
ing and Geological Institute of li.r'M
in KM 6, and director of the Indian
Geological Survey, pointed out In a
rccent address that one of tin; most
striking of the many revelations
Wrought to us by the war was "the
enormous hold that Germany had ob
tained over the world's metal markets,
and the vast ramifications of the Ger
man metal ring. Kor years past." he
sild. "Germany had been gradually
acquiring control not only of metals,
but of the raw materials for their pro
duction: her action has extended all
oyer the world and embraced not only
I'.urope, but Amcrica, Australia and
SKCt nKI) WHOM-; OI-' IlLlt.MAVs
She secured In this way the whole
of the wolfram output of Burma an 1
ir.ade the world dependent on her for
the bulk of its supply of tungsten an]
!? rro-tungsten. She controlled th ;
Monazlle sands of Travancore and
their production of thorium nitrate am*
thereby acquired control also of the
cas-mantle Industry. She secured at
least one-half of the world's supply of
wolfram and thus in large measure
dominated the manufacture of hiRh
speel tool-steel. Since the war began
the tungsten Industry of India has of
ovMjr.se become entirely British, hut the
total production is still less than 3.000
tons i?r annum, or three-eights of the
world's supply of concentrates. The
'..stlmated capacity of Burma alone Is
nearly double this total, and Burma is
not the only region in India where this
wolfram ere may Y>rofitably be worked.
There lis no need to emphasize this
point further so far as Amcrica Is con
It has already been mentioned that
India Is a land of many mighty rivers,
of which only a minute fraction of the
trillions of ti?ns of potential energy
annually running to waste has yet
l-ecn turned to account. The economic
future ol Indira demands as one of its
t:r>t essentials /ie duplication on a
tremendous scale of the three great
h> dro-electric undertakings. which
have been established by the Tata tlrm
and others to supply cheap power to
'he great cotton mills of Bombay, the
Mysore gold fields and the Ironworks
;t t Chota Xagpur. Another project,
the Koyna scheme, which is still await
ing development, will make possible
tlie delivery to the coast of the Indian
Ocean. forty-three miles from the
powetf-house. 300.000 horse ppwer for
vOOu hours in the year. These arc only
.? few of th< many --cores of the hydro
electric possibilities of India, and they
should carry a special appeal to th?i
electrical engineers of America, where
cheap power of this ktnd Is so well un
derstood and appreciated.
In the track of great electrical un
dertakings of this nature, new fac
tories. new workshops, new foundries,
shipyards, forges, will spring up all
over the country, thus swelling the
volume of India's trade and supplying
iier myriad artisans and workers with
ivell-paid employment. This harness
ing of water power will by itself af
ford a Held for the profitable invest
ti ent of hundreds of millions of dol
lars of capital, and scope for the crea
tion of new and important trade con
nexions of every kind.
At the sitting of the Indian Indus
1 ials Commission in the cold weather
of 1016-17, a mass of evidence wa*
taken in reference to the utilization
? if this fh'.ap power, and the witnesses
were unanimous in their testimony to
its importance to India's industrial fu
ture. The estab Iihment' ol' a special
hydroelectric power department, as a
branch of the regular administration,
charged with the task of making ?
survey of all the water power available
mi the, country, and of interesting cap
italists In schemes for turning to ac
count this parental source of energy,
has already been decided upon.
The systematic development of
India's agricultural resources, which is
als ? to be put into almost Immediate
operation, demands as one of its pri
mary conditions an immense extension
of railway facilities in' the shape of
K(<icr lines. There is no country In
the world which understands this kind
of work better than the United Stales,
and thtre is no country which needs
ace- stories of this Character more than
India. There are many hundreds of
square miles of agricultural land with
110 better system of transport than the
i.ullock-wagens of centuries ago.
In these regions production does not
reach one-tenth of the capacity of the
sen". for the simple but sufficient rea
son that there arc no effective means
of transport, and the land that could
support thousands Is thus only taxed
to support hundreds, or even scores.
Side by side with the multiplication of
railways lies the demand for agrieul
tura' machinery adapted to the. con
ditions of these rural areas, and here
again is a vast opportunity for Ameri
can enterprise.
Her agricultural machinery goes all
over the world, but her exports of it
to India are comparatively insig
nificant, chiefly, according to a recent
consular report, because "India's spe
cial needs in this diretion arc not suf
Hclently well known."
In this connection two or three im
portant points demand notice from the
American point of view. In tlie first
place, it should ho mentioned that an
Indian trade, commissioner has lately
been installed In the heart of the city
of London, where he constitutes tlie
ilrst direct' representative of the gov
ernment of India In Kngland apart
from the India Ofliec. Ilis special duty
is to watch the industrial and com
mercial needs of India and place that
country In touch with the best sources
of supply. This is an example which,
with the necessary modifications,
should be followed by the United
States, and one for which the govern
ment of India, with the co-operation
of the British government, would glad
ly grant facilities if the necessary rep
resentations were made by Iho govern
ment of the United States.
The second point is that when Ger
many. in tho world-wide development
of her trade policy, penetrated India,
she formed In that country a network
of commercial agencies by means of
which aho was kept constantly ac
How Britain Is Solving
Public Health Problem
Vrr?< Britain In nppronrhlnic It*
|> ii l> 11?- hen I tli problem ivltli n *r
r I ?? i ? n limn tvliU-h liCMpriikn n luricr
innmurc of Mticcean In ItN milulion.
',rl,"li "IIII I* I r J Ii ii m lirrn r?tiil?
llnhnJ, :iml It Ik ilrnllnt; ?*lth con
dition* which itrlrtr not only from
the frightfully conurslril population
hill wllli tlioxe 1*01111 ii jc from
the rriurii of llir Moldlem from llir
linttle front. The new lirnlth I'ltni
inlsxloncr In Mir .liimrn <?ullotTity.
nnd lip iiiiikm piilille tlcuren nhlch
nrr nppnllliiK' In ri'frrrnrr to thr
hrnltli of thr 1111111111, and IrnU hlni to
advocate compulsory health exami
nation*. llrllnin'n problem In not
nnllkr tlint nlilrh thin country
niukt meet nonir dny?In fnrt, 1m fiie
InK already In minir of the Inrjjer
??ItlcM. mid thr dri rlopmrntN tlirrr
:irr hrliiK wntrhfd ivllh Intern*! by
Amerlt-nn limit h nut liorlt lea. Whnt
Knulnnd Im iIoIiik In dewrrllied for
rriidrm of Thr Tlmcs-IXapntch I17
Miiliin Fenrn. rvlinxr nrtlrlr will hr
prlntril on Wrdncsdny, January S.
' quainted with every need of the coun- i
i try. Sim diil the work with her ac-j
1 customed thoroughness. Kite was not |
i content wltli sending merely coinmer- 1
? clal experts. Sho sent men who had 1
I previously learned to speak the prin- I
cipal languages of tin- country, such !
hs Hindi. Urdu. Marathi. Bengali ;jnd
| Tamil. She followed this by the rir- !
? culatiott of catalogues printed and
1 priced in I hose languages. It is a lit- i
tie wonder that in these circumstances 1
slie made su? li headway, nor need any j
; surprise he f?? 11 if. when normal con
ditions are restored, she should seek
to reap the reward of her enterprise.
It is the business of American j
traders and manufacturers to see to it ;
that not a single dollar's worth of'
goods that the .United States ean sup- '
pjv to India is ever again supplied by
licrmanv, hut she must see about this
task without delay. Colossal develop- !
m.-iits arc at hand in India, and I
America will have only herself to j
blame if she fails to take advantage >
of them.? Copyright, 1019.
Camp I'unatnn .Man I'oond Guilty of
IrrrBularitlm in Handling
' l?y Associated Press. 1 !
WASHINGTON, January 6.?Presi- !
j dent Wilson has confirmed a sentence I
of dismissal from the army, imposed by !
court-martial at Camp Funston, Kans., '
i upon Captain Sam Hueklew, ? Na
tional Army infantry ollieer. The of
ficial order published by the War De
partment shows Captain Hueklew was
j found guilty of failing to properly ac
j count for all funds and materia! in
connection with the construction of a
theater at Camp Kunston; of failing,
until directed to do so by his superior
officer, to account for a communitv- j
house fund intrusted to liirn by an as- !
sociat ion of negro citizens, and of
wrongfully disposing of $1,131 worth or
government lumber and material.
A report of the officer's dismissal,
published previously, said erroneously !
he was convicted of converting to his :
own use the negro citizens' funds. '
The order shows he was acquitted of
that charge and of several other :
charges In the series brought against 1
.Vumbrr of Naval Veaaela Will Arrive .
Soon I'rom France With
1 My Associated Press.]
WASHINGTON, January 6. ? The :
cruisers Huntington and St. Louis
sailed from Brest January 2, and are
1 due at New York January 10 with
j about a.000 troops. The men are large
ly from New York and the Northwest.
! Other naval vessels announced to
! day aa returning with troops are the
i battleship Hhodo Island, due at New
: port News January 12 with the Fifth
? Antiaircraft Machine-Gun Battalion,
1 Four Hundred and Seventy-seventh
1 aero const ruction squadron, casual
{ company 200. and the battleship Vir
ginia. due at Newport News the same
day with the seventh antiaircraft sec
tor. composed of the Fifty-first. Fiftv
! second. Fifty-third. Fifty-fourth and
Fifty-fifth antiaircraft batteries, head
quarters. supply and medical detach
ments, One Hundred and Sixth Trench
Mortar Battery, Four Hundred and
Kighty-ourth Aero Construction Squad
ron. marine casual company 205.
(>r nrrnl Murrain Aholiahea Firing
Squad an Form of Execution
In Mexico.
CHIHUAHUA ? CITY. January 6.?
(Special.) ? Hanging lias replased firing
squad executions in Northern Mexico.
General Francisco Murguia prefers the
rope to the bullet for disposing of con
demned men as he says it saves am
munition. which is difficult to obtain.
When General Murguia's troops cap
ture the bandits who burn trains and
loot towns he orders them strung up
; to the nearest telegraph poles. Pas
; sengers arriving here from the Soutli
? recently reported having seen thirtv
five bodies hanging from telegraph
poles along the Mexican Central Rail
1 road.
When Villa last attacked the state
capital here, General Murguia ordered
more than 100 of Villa's partisans
i within the city hanged to the cotton
1 wood trees In the Alameda. Last week
a paymaster of the army who was I
short in his accounts was found hang
ing from a limb on one of the prin
j cipal streets. 1
? 9
Itedford Man Iteaehea France.
i Uy Associated Press. 1
t ? WASHINGTON. January C.?Privates '
Adolph K Amacher, Hohenwald. Tenn.. !
? nnd Kdivard 1). Smith, Columbus, X. ?
'... are included in n list of names of
American soldiers reported to be held
prisoner in Germany, made public to
; night by the War Department. The I
! department also announced that Pri- i
vates John W. Adcock. Fountain Head '
: lenn.; Joss I-:. Grant, Mt. Pleasant! ,
Tenn.. and Oswell F. Lacy. Bedford. I
! \a., are reported to have arrived in i
France, after having been released
! from enemy camps.
IxMnes cull for Bank Statements.
iP.y Associated Press. 1
i WASHINGTON. January 6. ? The
l Comptroller of tlic Currency to-day is- '
sued a call for the condition of all :
; national banks at the close of business
on Tuesday, December 31.
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Itctui-iHHl Soldiers Tell of Splendid ;
Work of Virginians and
Report That UlTtli Infantry Sus
I allied Unusual Ixmssm Denied.
l<arKC Number of Soldiers Sched
uled to Arrive at Camp Lee Soon.
[Special t? The Times-Dispatch]
CAMP L1010, VA..-January C.?Almost
every day news is received here of
the wonderful fighting done by the
10 lu it tie t li Division. Rvery soldier at
Camp Lee has a personal pride for
the members of that organization and
the whole camp glories In its achieve
ments. .Men who have returned here
from France say.that the iOlghtleth
was oni- of the units which dealt the
death blow to the Hun. and such state
ments as this often uoine from soldiers
wiio wore never attached to the Eigh
I ieth.
According to the returned .soldiers
the lOlghtieth and Seventy-ninth Divi
sions (ought together during a grea".
part of th<- campaign, but every man
is unanimous in his opinion that the
i'amp l.ee organization was composed
of better lighters than the one which
trained at Camp .Meade.
The majority of the onh;ers of the
lOighlieth Division have been promoted
since leaving this camp and a great
many have also been cited for bravery,
while .several have received the Dis
tingiilshed Service Medal. This like
wise applies to the enlisted men as
far as distinguished service Is con
cerned. It has been reported here that
(ho Three Hundred and Seventeenth
Infantry suffered severe casualties dur
ing the last few days of the fighting
and that one company In particular
had been entirely wiped out.
This rumor was discredited by men
of that organization who have passed
through the local mustering office.
These incn said it was true that the
last drive was more severe than any
other engagement In which they par
ticipated. but comparatively speaking,
the casualties were slight.
Major-General Cronkhitc. command
er of the Kightieth, has been placed in
command of the Ninth Army corps,
which constitutes six divisions. Colo
nel Heiner is commander 'of an artil
lery training school; Lieutenant-Colo
nel Keller is commander of the Three
Hundred and Seventeenth Infantry;
I.icutenant-<'olonel Mitchell, of the
Three Hundred and Eighteenth Infan
try; Colonel Love, the Three Hundred
and Nineteenth, and Colonel Peyton,
the Three Hundred and Twentieth.
Colonel Havves, of Richmond, is now
in command of the artillery brigade,
having succeeded Colonel Welch, who
was killed in battle.
Colonel Foreman is assistant to the
chief of staff of the Fifth Army corps,
while Colonel Spalding is chief en
gineer of the First Army.
Lieutenant-Colonel L. S. Williams,
who was assistant to Colonel Rhoades.
chief surgeon of the American expe
chief surgeon ,is now assistant to the
ditionary forces.
About 500 men passed through the
mustering office here to-day. Of this
number 330 of the men were members
of an oversea baking company, while
the others were casuals who have just
returned from France. It is expected
that several thousand men from over
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.Wake-Helleve Wife."
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Hope t hem."
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"Houwe of Silence."
seas will arrive here for demobilization
before the end of the week.
A special oasaul detachment is be
ing organized at thin camp aiul in tlic
) future all men who are forwarded here
from various * oversea units will be
placed in the casual detachment for
ttnal demobilization. The casual de
tachment will probably he attached to
the Depot LSrigadc of the replacement
camp within the near future.
Colonel Tayman, commander of the
One Hundred and Klfty-llf th Depot
Brigade, will in all probability be re
! tired from the service within the next
j few weeks ami Brigadier-General ll?d
! ekin placed in command of that or
I ganizatioti. The replacement camp has
? been reduced to one battalion and an
; ollicer of a lower rank will be made
commander there.
I'lan Original Inc f-t Cmitp tireene !<?
to lln*e llriiiK'lirv Throughout
CM AFtl.OTTM. N. ?\. Jan The
"Tank- < " an organization of Clil- 1
cago tank corps men. was formally \
launched ;?? a meeting held recently]
at '.'amp Greene, near this city. The
movement to organize members of the,
tank cor;is into a permanent body is
expected to spread over the whole
country, as almost every large city Is
represented in its personnel. Qualifi
cation for membership is based on, ser
vice in the tank corps during time of
j The purpose of the organization Is to
I promote and maintain public Interest
in the tanks as an arm of the service
. and to form a bond between its mcin
! bers by means of social and fraternal
| activities.
Similar meetings have been called
i of men representing the cities of New I
' York. Philadelphia, Boston. San Fran
cisco and others. When all these sep
arate chapters have been perfected it
is planned to call a general meeting
: of delegates from each for the pur
pose of forming a national organiza
| tion.
Tennenwee l.eKlnlnture Convene*.
i :Sy Apxoctmted Press.)
NASH VI BMC, TBNN.. January 6.?
Thc proposed constitutional amend
ment to provide for nation-wide pro
hibition and local legislation, designed
to improve the State's financial condi
tion. will be two of the most Im
| portant subjects to be taken up by
j the Tennessee legislature, which
1 opened its biennial session here to
M?mi Willi Dependent!) Will He Klrot
to He KroeH Kroni Combat
WASHINGTON. January 6.?Coni
manders of combat divisions in the
United States were authorized to-day
i to discharge lirst from their forces
those men whose allotment papers
: showed they have dependents, and,
second, such men as would be affected
adversely In securing civil employment
as a result of being retained further
in the service.
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- :
IDEAL, Boiler* will
?upply ample heat <m
one charging of ceel
for"8 to 24 hour*. de
pending on Mrverity <o#
weather. Every <
of fuel is made I
utmost remit*.
American radiator Company
Write Department
Chamber of Com. Bid*/m
Public Showroom* at Chicago. New York, Boston, Providence, Woree*ter, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Newark, Wilkesbarre, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Albany, Syracuse, Rochtvtfev -
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Detroit, Orand Rapids, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Milwaukee. Minneapolis, *(''
St. Paul, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dea Moines, Omaha, Denver, Sao Francisco, Loa Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Toronto, Brantford (Ont.)
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