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! 853, WITH 3(4 DEAD
Wore Killed in Action
nnd 1JJO Died of Wcmnds
: >
Ark skvkkkia* \voim>i:d
Jsensp' Proved Fatal to One Ilioi
tiled; ami Seventy, and Six Died
mk lte.suIt of Accident and Other
|| 'iWAaHIXGTON. January ?The two
J[sts hi veil out to-day by the ?*om
? jittoc, on 1'ubllc .Information show a
?jotal (jf t>i?3 casualties, divided as !?)'?
?j? OW'S: J Killed in action. <iic<l ot
" nkpuncfcs ISO; died of accident? and
?tlicr JAiuses. C. died of disease. 170.
votindj-jrt ?<evercly. -.">?!; missing in ac
lo'n. ?&{!< The Virginia and .North ?' u
liiia tianies follow
i i)ti:i> <> i* woim?s.
?.,??? '. 1 rrltnlM.'
fj Shcn& Raymond 1-. Reynolds. Va.
lount. lioscoe \ . Ileitis. .V. I'.
7 1)1 Kit or iusmase.
i l'ri\atr?.
;? V Wells. .Isaac : Hi>:h Point. N. <_*.
!' if Ch?nu(L'l>. John. l.'aiU .-Ui>ri?. N >'
: .! Purdip. Willi -. Mar.- Hi i. N. C.
-vj Ashwprth. OoorK< 1... Si>.'ni?r. Va.
KniEbl, Tliomas 1> . Conipeake. N ?
Smith. Vi-rnon; l>urh.'u, .\. 1'.
;CrOXtOD. l.ogan ?. Tal't hatiliOCk. Va
Ferguson. Willi, r. Murphy. .N Cm
Ciay, lSo) ; '/.cduilon. N. <
Street Addle I!.: Cnbiti llills. X. >"
I'ri\ iitcs
Jonesj Wiley D \ :.n.? i???*????. N.
!l:\w Rollltlsl James W . X
i. :'C Simpson. Adam 15 : Alboitiarl". X 1
"r 'V Hplvct, Marlon 11 ; Sanford. X. O
> K FerreJb Thomas .1 Itn . X. <
; Jenkir-v. Himer T Hi.wlln. Vo
r ti DeariV?. Royal <: . Aptv X. i
; Fuller. 1 Jacob; ivrr-v. v.i.
.( Randolph. il?iri:r: < 01, .>rd Depot \ .1
\ } UndcBwood, lirnrs'-: ,\I irtr. "st'oro. N ?*.
r -. Williams. l'h;n . - l . l^i.TsbUtv. V;?.
Wrlcht. John \\ .: Noenati. \
Ham by. Claud- WHkesb ro. N. ('
?ICK (> HOSPITA1.. ntllVltHM.l Rl.
Feltijc. ClisrlfK ?!.: Richmond. Vi?.
Horsley. Andrew J.: Suv. Y.?,
. Hyatt. iUy F.: I \inKt.m, N. ?'
Ijoomls. SantiPd 1... I';tiniiliii. Vj
.1 Shields. Itiiv A.: II nr. |. rwi! >. N >'
. Honsberjror. Saimpi: Midland. Va
VOUNPKII >l.\ l-.ICKI ^ . I-K1A IOI ^1 V 1M.
Tyswrence. Jam"- H . Tiu-ewell, Va.
., Hobert'pn. Carfv H : M<-ti.|-r>on. N 1*
0 Ci?rii?rai*.
WhltaUer. IMr, .11 I K N.i hvi'.>. N '
"f Dlckerson. I'ari I. Smitht'.eld. N. ?'
?t l"rl\ ale-.
If ShefilMd. Lee V.. Jto.undxt Knt-.d- N.
v^; Patterson. I5rn? t: Diirliam. N ?*
fsifi Banther, IJock: T<-:;a\v.iv. X. ?'
Bolt, Dock l< : 1 *1 r-' -rT:. V.
Fletcher. Elbert: Council. Va.
Orecorv. Hus^ell: Toiitun. N <*
ITnnt. Charlie > : iTo'>-man? Falls. \ .?
Traylor. Charle.- 1".: f tcr-litirs. V...
Robinson. Sidney J.: .Muunolia. N. ?'
v* ;Travl6f. Wllllntii A ; PetersburR. Va.
JWOtWDKT) (IlKOItF.F. t N DI Tt lt M I N I IM .
m- prbvuM'si.v i:i:ronri;i? mi-?im;
IN \ CTI o \.
Kv; CortMII ill.
'}<:? Whittalcer. Chat :? a . HKfm'.. \'.i
rV' AmnTd. Clarener \\ .: Hlclimond. Va.
*V'.' Brinkley. John u : Tli'imn-v.!'". N ?'
,>.? Mroiva. Willi" It 1 -i ?>.%.!I-.'. \ 1
f?v;V Burleltrh. B-Milnmln : Itf innlci-. \ ?
' 'Swank. William !. . U il . II X
.1 r?ycr. ?' Robert ; : .1. X.
S]S Orlffln. IIenr\ I> Wir.d t A a
HBlineoitlt. KriMil
: .ATOl'NDKn SI.H.IITI N lltTA lot -IA IHC
PORTF.I) >II-vlN?. IN \? TION.
1 I'rivnte.
Uober??on. M;*eh<' T:'".-.. ??-?ton
.. .v ? ACTION.
<>?? 1 Srrceaut.
Rumbpueh. C?.->ri >1 I lib irz Va
ifciit jlnll ot I.Court* t ?.ed a* l ein
liorary Sleepinc <limr
Irrfi for Men.
l-.uXl.iON. Janu.tr;.- 1" ..-???? a. 1 ?
Eleven ? hundred Aiv. r ? .in ' !;? : *
.;jvere riiulitly ? h? -its f ?
jf IyjiiUun af:< : the in - ? \va<
iyfifilKnedaiiil t> ? -u'd ? . . t ? -1 i from
wfhe duty of < ... ? . ubj
?|fcook iit tiie ci:
5.? The hotels a. ;, s- ?? ? ?? .v.i.-.i
/-.willy bedroom the . ?uni ?:?? ? e
?.;.v<ai lor boys was v.,
>l)uildInjf 'i' : .\
it a;
? 1
Jajaee \VTlfi the li.i: ilsonie l'Ull<
,'Wlinown us the i.iuv ''??iir:<. wn.?:
"'-'.vstrand-joitis l'U-o. Str<
'n::ation.- Tie re,
-<cribei% it. "I'ncle S.c,
? .o slc<?> in th>- <ir-.it lia.l."
? v It was a sit ? :.,- it. ?*
? ??;)r iadt# made, l.vii ?-?. f ? 1; ? f ? ?... f-ly it.
??ooni where I. 1 vi - ? ? . ad S'?
Hsbeen aotninlstered ilui they were
? imnre.-sed with the d.niut . f
jurroufldlti'-s. < ?! e , M's du I
the "dft orce coiiti. < ?ne ot ti,-lr -nore
liKiiiti^d iiieni#V?-,j s tjif-;. duhhed : iu*
'I-ord j 'lite! .IT* 1 I.auKnitij-- and
iking. ?the> the great building
..-inp; wlili their : in!
"Jt'sjnot as go., 1 . hammo.-k. i.ut
fa. darn, siglu more st.it>!>' than a d. -
' litroyem" remarked one to ht:i mates
)\B thejf site their i r.-afast. \r.il th->
?irest arfreed.
i The arrangement war- n r-d- l.v order
'?it thejLortl ?'h:ut> >'il"r. w ho. learn;:.'.;
{that life Vottti.' Met. ? ? 11 -: i -11 A
^f dationl and tho Atn-r,. an llcii
'had been hard ;>u: ? Had ?
?iho hots, tend'-red 11 >> use ..f t ,e !.aw
'/ourtsl ('aid- '
Old till patched to -? ?'
?ithe stfllors wer e e\ . . t*-d to \
it heir Srains. i-'.a. 1 > r.l ? \
<;plain?;<f how ilor l/n\ > out'-- ? >?..-:
SfMcheJ, and. 1a t?;?i ?
~ i >f the Jiuihlinp from the tin.- the e..i
vner-stcme was ia. i. A - 1 he - ai ?? .? . n
?tered #ac)i man w as told ' ? -1 ? t a.
Cregistefc,,,with his h<>a>e a.i>he- . and
>.t is the-pux;n ?-o of tb* <>t'b. -is t>. ha v.;
these -regisiei's hound .nil i>: ? -i
Samongjrtjp archives >>i the l.avv < our;
"? The (ui,vrnteni for the 1.1. 1 tajnaten'
?i jof the JIlBftriraiif als.. .nelti-b >1 ti ?- u .
. . -jf Wefctininster Hall, in tin I'ulia
/ (.enl HpJJding. f it be. am.- nr-r.- at y.
< -t Y&> lie; litilNril In Japan.
B.y jBrOKrOj .1 an tin t y Ah..ut 1 f?0
!:??? ;>is raSjfed in Japan In 11?.? Ntnevi .,11
?''iWar Wtyjk catuiiaiitn, ?1" ? 1 >>'1 i:.
\i:esfi of >.the atnotiat allotted to i><
; raised. ??' 'About was i\. >?
'&? Koreignfew. eliiefly Arrer,. it .-ne t >;? ?
iiest by,, J a pa ne -. . wi. Iu. te,| an
?jv pijtfrifoffloidrive undc th.- ?iir. --t .>t- or
,1'rlnce >Tokugawa.
?? u ?
^li /?: H}#
(CnpltnllVit CJllllela I.Ike I > to lie Forced
it trio < 11 pi 111 III I e II >
. [' l ? I? S111 r\ 111 iim.
Ml COPrCNIIACKN. Jat.?.;.!?> ? T-.\ . !(<y .
nhousaAR! I'ltraininti' an !?>?. > u nu
''.:|flrti'ml?aiiK., eapltii I of a It ?? . s
/ fj>teted ?lhe> will <?? ? . 1 ? ?? :
-V tm6r/oiv/??NVi?|ni n are ?.? I;. 1; 1. ? , ,|. >'.?>. !
Plu|? .to\W.' I! is proiiaI -;. ? ).>? jx.p-ii.,.
"tlbin wffljie stnr\.d into -11 r 1. ? . 1. 1.
?<? food in the . ty
, i?ti ?
? ffltt to Ilrltlsk Olllelnl.
SOUTrfAMl'TMX. j;\>; Jatiuaiv >. -
JJppclaJJJ?^'oloii) 1 Sw !in t ? >? . i
fan coifao) here, has : . 1 to ?.. ?
'?yal B*I}(? nr. nilill.!V> eov tianiK ? ,f
i'fjd 8on**?amptot- doei;? ., pai f ar ?
Onto s^dfd-liandle ? antlb-tl> k.? ??:, b- -
Jtu ofJHv ?j American ? ? ??<.]? .s w .0 have
?nassed *nvr>u>;h this port on t way '
io T<"rajioe or to > atnp- i ..i; nd
Bs|?j|?ral}Balfour. the consul said, had
tiwn. ui(iftrml.v ??oiwt.-o.j- a n.i ;
jfij WIH J^mend Cotton Futures \et.
'S'"? ftpfllv Associated I'ri-it- I
^VWASffJNOT^N. January 1,
endtji/W' to t " cotton future, act
Mitch W?nld restrict ibliverko on c>n
fo^St Id^flVe white giadc- Iiiim b< in pre
>Sred Bi' Snatot .Smith, of South <-ar
' Joo, }v)lO plan to intr .dn. . t
j&rrtm.iJ.'rho five uaiie.s ar. liilddlitig.
ftet ?MW in bid ni.', )ov* middling
t^lct Ij^ddlint' and j?ood ti.iddlint.
V' If Ji^ou Wiant (((lick llcniillN
I ypiir Want Ad put it in ihu
Prohibition Commissioner Peters Makes Sensational Dis
closures in Annual Report?Will Recommend Abandon
ment of Licenses to Druggists Unless Abuses Stop.
Licenses to Virginia druggists to
sell liquor for modlciual purposes.
uuli<s< abuse of t ho privilege is
stopped, sliutild be abolished.
Hoot loggeri?. timid t homselves.
ate hiring desperadoes, ex-convicts
and gunmen, who. armed with
rilles and shot irn ns. speed into Vir
ginia a! fifty miles an hour, liritig
on sight at any otlicer who at
tempts to apprehend their cargoes
of whisky.
Itailroad employees are showing
su-'h antagonism toward Prohibi
tion department agents that boot
leggers are beintr encouraged in
law-violation and attacks upon
otlicei s.
Illicit, distilling continues on a
smaller scale in the mountain
sections of the .State.
Courts along the sea coast are
held too lenient In prosecution of
owners and crews of vessels carry
ing large quantities of liquor.
Croat activity of bootleggers is
anticipated until July I. when the
Federal prohibition law goes into
effect, and preparations are be;ng
made 4o forestall a great influx of
liquor into Virginia.
Ilio above are the salient points of
J,annual report of Kev. .1. Sjdnev
siont^r' w>7 "i"1''1 "S '>rf>'1ibiilon CommiR
Mrrvv ,was, presented to Cover
nor \\ es.iiiorelniid I?avis vestenlav
1 omm.ssmner Peters states in"'his
r!'nrl, *" sl>0.,,nw Permitting physl'
' > to pti-siribe Whisky and the" Is
M.ii'7 ':' ('!ls''s to drug stores to fill
' ' ^u'u,1'' ,IS abused.
irJ :.L. 'U'ai-'. d and feel that tin
i.Iru"i' ? i ,'lls oonvenlprico
o-iT? ,'>""*? ,,lc,'nstMl to sell liquor)
Miotild not be renewed another vear"
no st.itos. * ?
m.\ki:s no ?ti:co.M.MR.\i?.vno.\
foii xinv legislation
"hother Commissioner Peters Willi
,ii t n,ioii his opinion that licensed
i, n "?0,; S1 i *?'?"??? ^ a ho 1 ishcd is
unstated in the report.
. vt ,-V0;l.r, ,M> ?lrug store will consent
Uir ill' /i '""eserlptions, accord
Keferring t.? the importation of
liquor into the State bv automobile
CAmmi sloner Peters-s report savs; '
highways through the gaps in
the mountains adjoining Kent ickv
r?vi,'!ke fr,'m ^laiyiand,'
t .i. , .\iar\ land roads to the Eastern
? *'? ami last and greatest of ill
Vl0 .fotornac Itiver from Wash
ii ,,'n"'i. i ' " afford a procession of
liquor-laden automobiles r-asv access to
"f nnd over these
loads these bioekaders run at in
alarming rate of speed."
?i:spi:k.vii: chiiii.vals oxi.v
r..\(',Ati|j|) l\ THA\SI?OIlTATIO\
n-vf^ oec"Pnnts of the cars are des
Von'1'^; ,0,"th ?ith pls
? i lilts and shotguns -v? n.,,..
at forty
>/li. er 1? the1" ?U/ lho ''em Of ail
:'"*"al tor them to beirin
5 .?r'ar^T1'?; J""4*1* U'ho "^ertakes
his lift 5 so at the hazard of
i?^T!.K'K" >vhlsk>* blockaders are mik
a i"y?
'*??, ?"?tf t?!iuy
rimitial. onlv >' "" mo,t '??'??
? #-fwv ? 11 ?{ ' i ,l HOthi*r purpose to
'"'-chines released.
I nm.-diately after his ir-est n,
? ? pav?"ei?rr??:eil?r0d at al:
[[]:]. ?;???'fiy- Point's "ul'ZnWi
3-f^.!rZ keeSreth"mnl?om:
: V" P; I-Wins In tRI>S"aS!"or bnXt
? taken "-IT trains |>\
wl :.si;v! 'in .1 nor''VV!l ? KC"' 'Inans of
? ?!dins to !?'? l>i\rr?< ^'li ,ll5s'
1: ,.ft : 1 ?!Speaking ot
; too?c occasion to crftl!:
the .! t it title Of railway olliC ,
s*>s K A I liltllA I) OFFICIALS
f.\< oniAfii: iiooTi.RfujEns
... / Jr. ?.l'?nnc ltallr?.i,|."
?,"M' < I'A'vno) lj.'Vv/,U^ht
and have
? , a. *v," ' ?,l,cers in n.ak
"? der the I'^vnient ,v)lo?
i n:-.. '":T ' ''foiwhriK their
a),., ;i . , ,o,w? "ntr a course
ale ..f r.'iii. or' ^'t l", ,owt r the
? ?' "'Id. -. ; | . | !.. ' "? '*"? and to
law." nootloggers who defy the
: -r. of .his pnmt,
SU b Vl'e 'i'n fl U'? n! -e >l,^i^
"'?nil. I'i . |,; !? sl.ii p?-'r ?r! 11,0 ltir|1
l:a It 1 for it i hi , 1oinae
,hi |,. ' universally true of
? i ? ..i i' V' ' 'iV m Points out
harn. v.i i.t;..',i?>i, llhVrM"' f-hat
?'..S ?."tuhl.^'v 1 nspecfir, who
'?'ia wh;i, in 11.,i' , 0,1 ;,t A lex an
' -se trains i^ nf'f M* "??V
? '??M itin: TO
v,'o,' ,v? " v v. \i.i:\am)hi \
' S5;Vfta???
<?"? - ffort of tl,;, dHi'iHi '''
' ' " CO,,,-. ,,, . , v 11 tun-lit
t:,! vfclnily " " x"'"di ia
? '"???'^e'i'sl;i'??? 1 -?lI;,;'vlivn:u -M-ns..,.
I'' "Inait ion 11,.1,',, J, ' ??thfe,r '""'is, the
. r hi, Issloi.br, Hc ,WH^!:
? ? ?'arbored I'l aMiVSl r'""'s ,,avc
^e reveniA'^^^la-,,^.:; ?i..h ,,
N ' " > 'I'll O I II 1,1;
u ,T? I, SJ,I
jv> or,.',,;.;
lilt.Mi|. !/| -'"V.v'patioii ?r
<<-nt the inirodn. tir,,,' ,.r I""
? }^"r ?X'ti', asw'iv&a
Stomach ills
pftrmanentiv di-.-.i,n
?he * e|. |,la'trd Miis-,'. \'i. r drinking
Positively Mineral Water
war prohibition bccomcs effective," the
report reads. "During i?>Is period it
will be necessary pre ally to enlarge my
present force, for the advanced price of
T.-hiskev ami the prohibition of i<s
sale in Baltimore will stimulate the
enterprise of bloi-liadcrs, who durinK
this period ivill Jle especially numer
ous ami desperate. After .luly 1. 1
think that the transportnt ion of spirit-*
into the State by automobiles. l?oats
and railroads will subside and llisit
most of our trouble wilt be with small
moonshine distilleries."
Commissioner I'etevs believes* heavy
jail sentences will prevent to a great
extent the importation of liquor by
boa t.
iiiiorciiT i\ itv iiovr
"Hegular steamship lines pljinjf be
tween Virginia ports and P.oston. New
York, Philadelphia and Hallimore bring
vast qtii'.nr??t ies of contraband whisky
into Hampton Heads for sale in the
harbor cities." It is report states. - Hun
dreds of men. from the master of the
?ship down, have been arrested. Thou
sands o.f gallons of whisky have been
seized and confiscated. Hut the coutts
have been lenient, the juries more so.
responsibility has been dillictiH to lix.
and few of these men have been
punished. ... In these gr<rat ships
whisky is found in almost every com
partment, in cabins, In staterooms, in
the lifeboats and life-belts, in the
smokestack and t,lie ventilartors. in the
forecastle, in tin anchor chain-", 'n the
engine and boiler-rooms, in the dlniiijJ
rooms. in the saloons or parlors, ill the
coal, in the boiler?everywhere. Fre
quently, more t h:\ti """ bo: lies ot
whisky are found by the olllcers. 1?>
sponsibility for a pint or quart or
liquor on a great ship is diiticiilt to
llx. but no jury should experience any
grout ditlioulty in tixing criminal re
sponsibility for '.'.eon bottle.- of whisky.
Tills trallic, though ceaselessly pur
sued. does not abate. "\Yh< n a conscien
tious jury sends one of the chief ex
ecutive olllcers of these boa's to work
on a county road, the trallic will abate.
There is slight decrease in the num
ber of illicit distilleries in the moun
tain regions of Virgina, according to
the commssioi;er. The section in Un
report covering this phase of prohibi
tion work reads:
S.MAI.I, i?istii,i.khu-:s
"tn several sections <.>t" the State. tli<
mountains of Amherst and Nelson, 111
Mecklenburg and Halifax, in Pittsyl
vania and Carroll. but principally in
Franklin. Floyd and l'atrick Counties,
are families and neighborhoods in
which for generations illicit whisky and
brandy lias been distilled and (notwith
standing the vigilance of the Hailed
States Internal Kev.-nuc Department
and the inspectors of the Slate Prohi
bition Department) continue to oper
ate on a small scale. These operators
arc almost as numerous as two years
ago. but they no\\ operate intermit -
t< inly: foretime, constantly. Now they
use niily crude portable stills and
which, if seized by ol!ic< i s. do not rep
resent much value. ... In spite of
these dilliculties and traditions, this
trallic is slow.ly but surely dying out.
and the day is not far hence when
there will be no more of this in Frank
lin County than in Fairfax."
Regarding criticism of olllcers em
ployed by the Prohibition Department.
Commissioner Peters says:
"These ollioors are vililied, slandered,
assaulted, persecuted in some of tin
courts and murdered by the slaves of
appetite from one direction and prof
iteers from appetite from another,
lint the 'unklmiesi cut of all' Is from
Mr. (Silly) Oo?d Citizen, neither im
biber or a seller "f liquor, who from
sheer thoughtlessness joins in and
abuses the oflicers with the rest. I
aio glnil to report to you that I in
vestigate all of the serious criticisms
of these officers in this department,
and I have yet to find a just complaint
against them."
i,or A i. i.iri-'.Nsion dim iitii.vr
HAS t.OOl) Mucoid)
Speaking of the licensed druggist in
nichniond. the commissioner stated
that he had reluctantly approved the
application, but that the applicant was
highly indorsdd.
"i have never found liiin indifferent
to any suggestion I have iniule liini,"
states the c 'inuilssioner. "I lis business
has been closely checked and observed
by tli's department, and lie has fully
complied with the law. Hut I am sat
isfied from this experiment that the
law is abused by some physicians who
will almost invariably prescribe a
quart of whisky when only t gill or
less is required for the purpose, and
many physicians, I fear, from mistaken
kindness, yield to the importunities
fit* their patients for whisky when It
is really not necessary."
Two widespread criticisms have been
made of dru-.r stores licensed to till
liquor prescript ion..-, according to the
commissioner. The lir.-t is that the
druggists obtain their liquor from the
confiscated stocks held by the State
at price which is to> low. These
druggists have paid the State exactly
what thev would iia.e miid whole
salers, declares the commissioner.
"They buy from the State only be
cause the safe .shipment of ardent
spirits b\ express or freight h*is be
come Well-nigh impossible." the com
missioner claim-.
The second criticism, stales Dr.
Peters, is that druggi.sts charge too
much for tilling these prescriptions.
Hi? i-xpla nai i'<n follows:
"Some druggists charge as much as
?* I per quart, others per quart, but
none of tin m charge more than TiO
cents . gill, ami nine out of tea pre
scriptions - li mid be fur one gill, but
more than nine out of ten are for one
quart. liven at _ this rate per quart
the percentage profit is lower than
druggists charge for other prescrip
tion.-. for the overhead expense of a
druggist is, perhaps, greater than the
expense ?>' Ids material: but bo thnr
s it may. all prescriptions cost about
."hi cents each fur any drugs, and an
ordinary prescription for one gill of
whisky costs .".0 cents.
"Now, why should a prcs-riptIon for
wliiskv (which every druggist abhors)
be sold foi less than a prescript ion
for other medicines'.' Personally, I do
not think whisky is necessary as a
medicine, but 1 do not feel "that 1
may intrude my personal views upon
the ilenera 1 Assembly, which has re
cognized it. and. therefore, in execu
tion of their laws I must discriminate
lotwecn personal opinions and oMicinl
action, but neither personally or offi
cially do 1 have any sympathy with
the hue and cry for cheap whisky,
much of which obviously outers into
uses that are not necessary.
iticmiovD iim'hk.ss okki(t:
"Certainly not so long as bona tide
proscriptions for a gill may be pro
cured for 50 cents."
i.lttle trouble has been experienced
with express ollices, except in Kieti
tnond. according: to the commissioner.
He slates that the Hichniond ofllco is
' a constant source of 'rumor.' "
Constant complaints arc being re
ceived from various points through
out the State thai liquor consigned
by express tn Housed druggists is be
ing stolen, according to the commis
sioner who .-talcs that in many cases
the whisky is removed and water re
placed in the bottles.
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Persistent Cough
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cough or cold, threatening throat or
lung affections, with Kekman's Al
tera! ivo, the tonic and upbulltler of
2ft years' successful use. 80c and
$l.r.O hollies front druggists, or from
. i
Uliief Health Ollln-r Wiimis I'ublic to
I'lxoifisi! All I'oNslblc
I'li-cmK Ions.
m:\VAiti-: of ciunvus, hf saysj
Hops Not liclieve Disease Will Inter
fere With Hilly Sunday Meetings,
a.s City Auditorium Is Unusually
Well Ventilated.
Co!?l weather will prove :i strong J
factor in propagating Sp:inisli inllu-j
ensia unless lite public alddeH liv those 1
rules of liv inn' laid <lo\vn by the Health '
Department in reganl to keeping axvayj
from crowds anil insisting upon ade
quatc ventilation in street cars and |
homes, according to Mr. Hoy K. Flan- !
iia^an, fhief Health < Mlicer.
The disease is now running: on an
even keel. Dr. Klannagan thinks, and
there is practically no hope that its
hold upon the eity will become less
than at present at any time this win
ter. he says.
KKI-'.I' rut windows ori:\
\? Mil KSS.VUV rHKt Ali'l'ltlX
'Void weather is dangerous because
i! taufios pi'iipii- to crowd together in
ill-ventilat* <1 places." declared the
health ollieer, "and unless the puhlio
decides that it is better to be tem
porarily uncomfortably than to have
in!ltic!i7.a we maj look for a larue in
crease in the number ol" new cases dur
ing the present cold spell.
"It is strange to tno," iio continued,
"why men who welcome an opportunity
to ride in an open automobile in the
coldest wcathei will raise cain when
they ate obliged to ride in a street
cur that has two windows open. it
seems impossible to convince the pub
lic that the railway company and ;hi>
Health Department are acting for its
protection when liie.v enforce the open
window rule. In some cases usually
sane men have assaulted conductors
who attempted to keep car windows
i\ti:ici-*i-:i:k with ihi.i.v m miav
Asked if the coming of Hilly Sun
day would endange r public health
through bringing large crowds togeth
er. Dr. Klannagan stated that, as ho
has contended m??lways. intlueir/a is a
crowd disease. "I: is through personal
contact that the disease is spread, and
wherever crowds come together there
will certainly he s^me increase." he
sai.l. "Hut the ^auditorium, In which
the Sunday meetings are to be held. i.<
among the best ventilated public
meeting places in town. If proper pre
cautions are taken. 1 do not see that
the meet inns will seriously jeopardize
the health of the community."
There were only forty-nine new
i r.si'S of tiie disease reported to til"
Health Department yesterday. These
reports were for the period from Sat
urday noon to o'clock yesterday
Tlilnl*-, I nlled Stnt;** W 111 l.eail \\ orbl
in 'I bought and llcoinunleH
In Future.
T'iKVo, .I.iiiuary ii? (Special i. ? If
Japan desires to become industrially
strong, she <hould shape her future
policy ;n accordance with that ??f th*ii
lulled Stn'i-, declares K. I'eliara, a
former nicpiber of Parliament. in an
article in a Japanese magazine. Mr.
fi-hara attempts to explode the theory:
that .Japan must acquire territory in
order to develop herself from an in
dustrial standpoint. instead, he pro
poses industrial co-operation with the
l."n;ted States.
"I have no doubt," he writes, "thai
the conclusion of p, ace will tind the
I'm ted States in a position to lead
the world In the matter of thought as
well as in economics. It would, there
fore. be the height of unwisdom for
Japan to shape her future policy othor
u tse than in accordance with the. pol
icy of the t'n ited States. Not onlv the
i'acitic question, but almost all of
.Japan's international questions, such
as those regarding China, Hussia. Cnnr
ada, Australia. South America and
India, are impossible of solution with-,
out the support of the United Stales."
Amlri-son <|iilt? Diamond.
i f'.-.* Associated Press.]
CHAni.yTTK. X. January f, - 1
lre.l Anderson. New Vork Xation.il
pitcher, announced to-day that he
would quit baseball permanently. Ho
will practice dentistry here
(io siller it with Sloan's Lini
ment before it gets
(In nfrerous.
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will put you tut the road to
Start an account to-day
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SI* Ml and llrotid Street*.
Con\rnlent, Coimrn nlh r,
t'onRfii I (i I. i
Director or Wclfitra Ijikcl.v to As
sume Personal Direction of
Health Department.
Will lleconte State Director of Inter
national Hoard, and Will Work in
Connection With State Authori
ties? New Head Tidies Oath.
No intimation as to whom lie would
choose; to succeed I >r. Hoy K. l-'lanua
Kan as Chief Health Ofllucr was uiven
yesterday hy .Major Krnest C I.cvy.
Director of I'uhllc Welfare.
Dr. Klannapan's resimiat ion. t?? n -
dered January I. becomes I'lToctivi'
January t.V To?day los will accent
the position of tliri'Ctor of I In* work
of lite 1 iiIitiiiitiouaI Health Hoard in
Virginia. This was tendered him sev
eral weeks ;ik<>. but he desired to re- j
main with the City iieallh Depart
ment until his reports for work done
in I'.'D had iieen completed.
As director of the new work i:i Vlr
ginia Dr. Klannnxan will he cnnnectcd
with the State Hoard of Health, and
will uiaintnln Ills oflices here.
Ij;\ V >1 AY TAKK til*
III TIIOS OK I'l. \ \\ \'i \ \
?rile International Health Hoard i's
the inslitutioti to which John D. IJoeke
f idler donated .* I OO.OfiO.tnia se\'tal
years aco\ and which was so aeli\?
in tiie eradication of hookworm in the
Southern Stales. It is to continue sin-h
work as ;hi< that I ?r. l-'Ianna^.m v is
chosen as director for Virginia. He
cause it jrives so la rue an opportunity
for constructive health work and for
public ?ooil is the doctor's reason for
pting the job.
There is a possibility tint Major
I.cvy will himself undertake the duties
of I Klannattan when his resignation
becomes effective. it w.:s stated at I'itv
Hall. He is thoroughly familiar w!th
the ofllce. h^vintr Hlleii it for a Ion;?
period prior to entering the army.
ix ik:ai.tii i)ki'ahtmi:\t
Major Uevy arrived in itiehmond
early Monday tnornini; from Camp
Pike, Ark. hater in the day lie was
sworn into the city's service by city
Clerk Alfred II. McDowell. immedi
ately thereafter lie established a tem
porary ptllce in the rooms of the Health
Department, from which he will di
rect the business of the various agen
cies under his direction until such time
as more suitable ouarters can be pro
Most r>f yesterday was spent by Ma
jor I.evv in Kcttinn himself settled
I'raetieally no business of the depart
ment was brought to his attention.
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in I In? l<Veiu*h
?-??;??? I iona l ies.
Our/ Killtn'rhil Deplore* Tendency to
Slnil \i'u ItUnlry In
itv \ \iiotii iii:ih\.
I'Alils, .January Tin* American
naval program I'oiiliuucx to lie l lie milt
ject ??r
Speak liijr
Kiuaro siiys:
"if tin- pifstiit ruii-ifj c.r tin- i * ii i t c<i
States wish 1 ? auuinent tin* American
navy ai-eorditi--; to tic. puhlishi'd pro
t-ram. v. <? will ii-iiiain <ii 11? t? -1
osled sjiitIiitors, I at .what wc demand
with tin- ttini-'St > io-ru;y is that 'In- Itrti
ish II ???? t inaintaia Its present hi?ih
Another viewpoint |?j ox-pressed liy
< 'list rh?x Citatum'!, a former .Minister
jii.iI mouther of tlic 'haiiilx-r hi' l>epu
lies In .in < >1 i I of in I in l/Avcnir, a now
I'artslan il.illv. In- savs:
"'Kio-aUim: ili.' serv leers of tin; lt:iilsl.
navy durum she war. < 'toiiicnccau ami
I.lov.I (ivoi'K ? ??nelmlod that Kn^lind
should maintain h ?-1- navy's ? if ire
rorinhlablo power. On tho other hand*
the l.'nllcd States has started a pro
pram which will enable It to rival tha
I'.iHimIi squadrons.
"If i round ua such battle fleets ar*
const ruclcd we must Inevitably ali?o
httllil. We canot remain unarmed.
"If militarily the same situation
rises, v.c shall see appear the sumo
naval ami army Midgets as during the
armcri pi-a.-e hi-fore tho war. formerly
our enemies forced ns lo enter the
rnlnons riii'.' of aimaments. Shall wo
now lie- forei'd into it by our friends?"
AiikiiM Ulllhttn In Auto lluwlnrw*.
| Itv >m;cI(iled I'roiH.l
I" \ICIS, January 0.-?The fourth von of
Will,'.no I lolo'ti/.oll'Tii. former I'rlnce
A iik 'tst William, has taken a .situation
with a widely known (Jernian mjtomo
I? i!?? li in, aei-orilliiK to ji 'Rorlin dis
pati'h hy way of Hern,, printed in the
.Vntiri to-day.
.l>iTinn*K I'rnrf Dclccnt Inn.
T??KV<> .la ii nary -.1 a pn n plan* to
no lode three reprrRentat Ivn business
on ii in the delegation to the Kuropean
p< .i. veinfei i'lice.
Young Geiger Co.
ll<? Knsl Itroaii Slrt'ft.
Are You Open-Minded?
The average American is open
American business is conducted by
true Americans of vision, open-minded
men who believe in their country and
strive to meet their country's needs. The
men in the packing industry are no
exception to the rule.
The business of Swift & Company has
grown as the nation has progressed. Its
affairs have been conducted honorably,
efficiently, and economically, reducing the
margin between the cost of live stock and
the selling price of dressed meat, until
today the profit is only a fraction of a cent
a pound?too small to have any noticeable
effect on prices.
The packing industry is a big, vital
industry?one of the most important in
the country. Do you understand it?
Swift & Company presents facts in
the advertisements that appear in this
paper. They are addressed to eve/y open
minded person in the country.
The booklet of preceding chapters in
this story, of the packing industry,
will be mailed on request to
Swift & Company.
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.
Swift & Company, II. S. A.
Richmond Local Branch, 105-9 Union Street
A. F. Flubacher, Manager

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