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Handbag Thai Disappeared tin Train
Last May Ileturned to Mrs.
A. H. Thornhill, of ill-lit Creek, -is
Chosen 1'resideni at l.ynchhurg
Meeting?Other News Note? From
Various Points of Virginia.
(Special to The Times-Plspatch. 1
I'L'LASKI. V'A., January Mrs. W.
.1. Huimnu has Just !j? i?ri iidvts?-d of
the bnding t|f ;i number of pieces of
j-weliy which she had taken from her
landbag on a Pullman, while traviMin
from Atalntlc < it> t<> Now York with
Mr. Hurmnti lust May. The articles
??veto found among the booty tak-.'i
with the discovery of the rendezvous
in New y<?i k of tli' colored portci <it
the car on which they traveled. Tim
Jewelry, which amounted t<? approxi
mately in value, was In\ a jewel
?are and was lifted Irorri tin- bay dur
? hIf an Interval of less than three- min
ute* when the porter t irri.-d the ban
fiaKi- from the car to the front. 1 he
missing art! les. in pan. have been
i'lentilie<l by a sister of Mr.. Ilarmau,
who lives in I'laintiold. N. J . Mrs. Ilar
mans' former home. I.t is said that
the booty anion); which these articles
wen? found was estimated to !>.?? worth
J IM.Cc \
Puriner<? Ilc-Klee| Ollioci**,
LV.N'C'H I5U IP J. V.\ . Jam., ry - Th
convention of the Vlr:.-inin * Pa: . r-"
Ktlucai ional and ?. .? i ai ivi- t'oi-.n
><sterila> paid hi'-'h tiih.ti to the ).>!'<
oUlcers t>> re-electing .1); of them |or
the com i I- j; y.-?r without, optms i t inn
1 he ofllci.t)s I in-.' . 1- . 1. I I v .1 cia.? 1 -
lion and by i .uinf;'i; vote.
i'uring the inm rim, report-; wc e
heard from the Stat. president, ft * re
tary-treii nrer and ehairmnn ? f P.ottril
directors ,\. pie.-.d.rit
of the Wachinston State FnrihurK*
! fiion, was present and a-'. !r< . s- I th
convention on t !i ?? lie.-. ?? \ f.,, mo:
financial stiongth b.-hl the o.-rii. rum
of the unions lie t:po':e at the t?:'ter
noon program 11 th" irr<t - f the
proposed tempi* 1 ,f at
Washington. which i: .1, ; -4. .?
permanent home and I.f a);
cultural orpani:::?t i? : .. T! ofli. ers t?
Clctrd are: 1'r <-F It! ? :. t. .V P. Tiioir.hi:!
? ?cut Cr??ok; vic'-pr^s i<*n* \?* j*
Veroon. It in.? gold; ?.e,-i . :atV- tr.as'urer
Ceorre ii. Uo\VIcr. LynehliUrg and Ain
her.-1. Doard rf ?i . ?<?? t.er.rgo A
J?amherl, Cuini !:? ? ,!t. I: ; p.iwer*'
' arupbell, Albcrn il fount". it |V
??artoll. Wakeii- .j. \.t j;
ford; <*. M. iJordon. rvllie. :.n 1 'i*
I".. Thomas, l'*iv-d< rb-v.s -'.i ;
HcIIot \rp Itrrelvril.
, i*n'"!>i:Kii-Ksnri:i;. v . ' mrv
.'.? Hie I-'trtl'TM-itfbut k hr -n.'h >?! tiu
A asocla * ion for t).. i- . , ,-v ,?
Vifi: Inia Anl 'iuitie ? ? t-. . i r. -
pons which show t! ; v.. ?'< -i.o aH.
"ociut Ion for the past >??,: ? . i v.
I.'???II i? ir,- sat!sf.i- * of v." "'1 } \i ,, v
ash in f t on 1 i ?.m -. ); .?
Tavern hav- b-eti !.?:.: tin i :-i,
1 ? I?h ma i k f f r,t . .nr.- .
Awociatlon receive 1 from Mr?. V. M
e ???mlfir rind )> : ? ? t < '.! ?, |* |t
Mel;, th- irift , ,, ,Mlt v. r ,
!"r ? V"- : ? ? tr:. : sh
:ti? .fi !!<? ? , wore . ? ?,
follow S M t s. I I > Wh. f lf.a t
i M't. T-w.?.'. o? ? vi.e
'? ir r-s: . M ?}.?.? i:< ... , ? > AI |,.r
terordltiH ? I. :at> ; Mr W. A. M j
cot t es t if, [i t! n i_- >. i ii,: , M |s -'tit,
' irn \ II t t . Itr.rl ilv ; . , ? A i. to,-.,
ton, historian.
A't'lll ^'nnrtjie i ?> r|itirii t Ion.
nit; s;Ti i.N'K < - \ I . V,\ . .? M.v n.
M I! Maury, of l: n? ?. ?? ha? :i
the tm: it Ion of ,:<?<>?) . ;ti u ?f
?he Int.-r-.iont Ct. I :.r,d in,, f,
? ion. In pin. ? of I ir. .1 W K" 1'- ' v ;Vl
has re^ltrn.- 1 Mr M.turx ; an ev".
:???! -t?nr..d fie ri:i . 11 . < ?- . .,
havlnir beeii cbnneote : in thd past \vlth
? -vera I vuce. sfn I ... ...... r 1,
elans In the So havhiff re
Jjsned the poRijion ? f f?, ?ian ?ger
f-.r th.- \ ir: ! '.-.if,
' ? Tipa ti > to a. i-. ; t ! ... . j i fl! | j,.
' y .-??'?Iired lb. \V II. |v,:u i .
Miawn? e Avnvj. . v. -II
move hlfl famli; :..--e
Vnrrnnij l lien III.
11A It H I St '.\* III "J{t I V\ Iv
A son Of Sa'ri1 Si..ver j'.nrj-.'.wi'v e7
cap.'.I de.Mh yest?. wh. .,
io was thrown ft vi a load ,.r wooij
whitrh he w ' ? I i,:h.!i,k t., ?. ?.??
pf tlowrt ti.e hlil r .-t ? k. -
^tiret. 1h. ek. lev, f on t!,e
broke. o*iuv;ns *f-h...? ... ..i
upon reaching n.-'trt "...
J em pt in;; ... , rn f.-e .'??; I...s!l
horses were thrown to t!.. rrre.t aid
?ho Wancn turned com; !..t?!v 0...1
?ii 1 V.wL'i'.T fctatidlnfir In ml<1
n'r. Jam Ml >. the \vo<<l v. . ?
to fhi* wapna wiih rs ciiaia |. i V ,
not been, tile i,| wtti;.; hive 'been
crushed to dent! When j,e \t,
bel ween t'? p.i ?. erto nt ? m .. ? r , :u.d the
n, with one ;irtn in mi t ' ? t and his
I'Ody consldera bl J bruised ..f tlii
horre.M was severely Injured.
It r o| nr Clvcii Sllur I'nn.
VA J-iinnrv J
Rev. S. >. War., retired j-, . >. : (r,,..,
he l-pctori-hip of l-eter-.s 1-b.lt.l.
lor' 1 loyal, cm .11?t 'ount v. nntl sit!.-.',
made his home in Iterryv.llo. th- hoin
0. hi.-, youth lli.-- manv friends in
? arollne ( outity have sent him a beau
tiful silver loving cup and Ida e in
it ;tprcciat ion ol his services a- rector
Sl- I'eter's Ohur.-h lor thirty y.ars.
lie ttts. riptions on the cup ar? ; (tt,
\u" s'^le? "''resented to Kev. S. S
Wiire by the community of I'ort llov'ii
in Ki eutful rprojcnli ion of lus faitliVul
inlnistry. 'MM'ositt* siilc*. of
I etlT's ?Muji?h 1 HSS-( i.-tn
'er- 1 t'A"-"" I'Late has the monogram
." ?, I his grai-ious act on the part
of his former pa rlsh ioners ;s Itl^Iilv
?ippreclatetl by Key, Ware.
Flu Invade* Com Id ( num.
N'l"I I Hl"|{?.lanuarv ;. l-'ivo
Heaths have occurred in the State con
vict camp, located in Amherst Ct-tmiy
?Since Monday, four of the men iiavln'f
been conxlet:- ant! one, C .1. Timinpsm,.
"t .Natlnilie. a fsuird. who died in the
Iiollfft ambulance on jroatl to 'lie
l<> nchbiirg Hospital this morniiig.
Ihlrty cases were reported to be in
the camp tu-ilay, . ight or ien of whom
were thought to be seriously i'l of
pneumonia (Suartl Thompson was
round to he dejitl when tin- car readied
the hoepital, but his half-brot h.-r. who
was ritlliiK wi:h him, did n?>t know
t ii?i f ho (licfl i f is 1mm] v w ns
taken to IMuguld's to le prepared for
shipment home.
HrlMol (iffietT.
HI. 1ST Ol.. VA.. .lanuarv ;t.?The
MHMisina, tho flrnt <lo.<irovor to i?o
named for a i.onfetleraI e ollicer, is com
VtV* iVt ? ? y,.. '' 1,1"1 -< "omma ntler
William A Itlehaiilson, of this city
The P.uchana was launched last Thursi
day from the yards of the lia h Iron
works at Hath. Me. lUchardson coin
niander of the destroyer, is the son
t?r II !?.. Itlnhardson. ..f t!ii : city. Me
graduated from the navnl acatlemv it
Annapolis in tic class ol 19l(.
Kl* Viifiip of WniTeii |.s<nll,
I' ItlOniCH.l<'KSIMJIM!, VA., .lanuarv ti
The appraisers of tiie estate of 'the
late Henry Warden tiled their report
iii the Corporation f'ourt here to-day
The report comprises forty-two tvne
wrltten pages. The tolal amount of
the estate reported by the appraiser
is $t.4 IS.r,28.23 The apprals.-ts VicUn^
and who signed the report were Messrs.
i',or,l. '?? I'- Iliscoe, l.eonard K.
IMorson, W K. Uoolrick. This in be
lieved to be the largest estate recorded
Jjpre in many yeats.
,, .,,.0.Np,,n, Asxoelntiort IMccUon.
IlAltltlSONIUJUO, January U.?At
1.cii.anliua! nicetingr of the members
or the Itoeklnghain Memorial Hospital,
held in this city yesterday, James 10.
Reherd was elected chairman; (4 i.'rat
i'^n Price, secretary, and Messrs. J. :
J; K. Iteherd, <'. (Jral tan Price
rhu Will in rn I*oan wore oloctocl tru.s
tees to serve a term of threo years.
T <? Face Court.
LTNCHBUliO, VA., January 9.?The
second trial of Mabon T. Wrlsht for
. I'm- alleged murder ?f Miss Kosa
I 1 arnuT tn Campbell County November
] '..V is ?jet lor the Circuit Court, o? that
j county next Wednesday. Several wit
j 11?? j-m?? .-< who <Ii<l not testify iii the llrst
trial are to t><: summoned to testify as
to circumstantial evidence against
| Wright.
Appointed Superintendent.
1 !?'!: Kl >KI{ l< 'KSI'.l'I!' 5. Va? January
?State SuperIntcndent of Public 1 f?
I struct ion Harris Hart, of Itlchmond.
| met with die Stafford County School
, Hoard and Hoar<| of Supervisors ill this
I city yesterday. wl'.cii Willi l? I'eyton
; w.-s appointed superintendent of
I schools ol .-?'afior<\ County to till out
the unexpired term of the late James
! A-hoy.
Tenclif r? W'nnt More I'n.r.
LYNCH IH'U'5, VA? January 9.?The
I teachers of the public schools are ask
iittr the City Count-.I for an Increase
| of per cent In xalarioB for the tlseal
j year beginning February 1. The peti
! t ion Is before the Finance Committee
for consideration In the preparation
i of the I'JI'J-HJJO budget.
(ton. JoHrpli Wjmir liijnrrii.
IT!,ASK I. V.V. January 0. ? The con
flit Ion of Hon Joseph C. Wysor, who
suffered a severe nervous shock as a
i result of a fall down the stairway of
'his home shows little, if any, improve
ment. The fact thai he hud been In
ill health for some time contributes to
the HerloU'imss of his condition.
( Iiiir^rB Slie Wan (Jiirn 1'olnon.
. LYNCH IJU ICO, V.V. January 9.?
! Shirley ltyas, colored, was arrested
i late last night under a warrant, charg
ing her with causing the death mi
j Lucy Hopkins, also c>.ored, by admin
;i-1eritig rat poison to her. The d*ad
; woman is paid to have been the foster
j niothvr of the accueed.
Ilc>iicn? 1'rom I'nunrll.
HKLSTOL. V A., January ?At the
t ly me? ting of the City Council,
' 'itncllinan it. H. Mitchrll resigned
the Cotni! ,1. Mr. Mitchell Is
leaving th" city. Hi? i ignnt ion was
? accepti'd and i vote of -.'tanks was
? i. ? it Mm for his co-operation and
'.lid will e ,l IIII.'M! per of the CoUHcll.
Is Varied Supervisor.
I ,.,ge it. II. I. Chichester, of the
Circuit Court of Stafford County, has
?i[?(>'> n!?-d ic'^ rge W. Herring, form '
< .( : :i I,';', a member of the
I: ?ird of Supejvi -ore for Stiwfor d Coun
ts to ? i. ? . 1 tiic late W. T. i':iyne
of 1iolie.
Iteslgns hi Sreri-tnry.
1.YNC11 lM "V.V, January f1 -Mis1?
H;;inch>* It : rine months se r.-tary
I I:, eliarg- f Tra ve l.-ra' Aid work I ? re
?j? V. M i*. A . has t? nd- ri-:l
her r gnatlon. Uf-norts < f h>;r work
If .r I.".- ? r ;h"-.vH I - I pcrfons a.-.
?-.sU-d. the n-t-iriv of then; being at
. !.? railway stations.
Thousand Pounds of Dynamite l.rts
till, *?ha!tIn:: l.iir~r .trra In
1'eninj I?ii ii I a.
! P >? A!:it-d Pr??. I
'11 NN I'.l.T >.v. I'.v, January 0.?The
city and towns for miles around were
- virely : u lc n i?.:i? 1 v. 1:.dowr shattered
v lien 1. '????: - f ity?u?*nit-: ? \njo I
cl _? t: ? ?: ):. M a.-,- Powdor C -ni
pt. y*> plant ? Sa ft ?tlt g, t'.re: lili.es
111", here, ln:-it lligilt
'J'! two i ii i itnra of "ho pow
I ? pi III' V.I ' e dr- tl'l. ? I I'.J fir , which
f " -d th' e Vp. a w i ? ?:?nt.iii
.i:? 1 fireman. tii> ?<nly per.-on? in the
plant tlo i line, were blwoti from t ?c
ii'tlldi'ig b\ t!? 1 l.t.-i. but v???re u:i in
Hundreds of persons here r.nd iti
n." ir-'".' t-'W?..? r-.:5h?d, p in r -Ptri'dsen,
; i- the.! h - after the explosion.
Tie plant was situated in a thinly set
tle l itistiiot, and it was p.c.t nntll early
? .-. ??;. that the v. a ?; - e of the shock was
Watned. S<) e.-tlmnte Wiis ohtalr.abli:
i( t ho ii i ma h e.
Sennliir Owen Sees Optior t mi 11 y tu
llnoMt \ .ii.-t lc.iii (.old llollur /.nd
l*i>r?-lg:? J fade.
f Jlv Alut?-d Pro 1
I 'A It IS. January :? i'nited Ftates
Senator Ow.-n. of Olclahonia after coit
i femtig with the internationaI and
lir.anc.al authorities here md in I.on
d. n. takes in.- view that the high
pit ,*s iiievaii.ng in Kttrope ami Amtr
; are 11? i? ?. i?. part, to expanded for
-ii pap- r ? ? .i: : ? n. >. and that Anierl
> .in tis -rve li.in.;s or a foreign re
? ;.U us to the American
-y.-itent would fie highly advantageous
! in making the Ann-. ; an gold dollar
' thv m.-.isure of intei-rr.Mional cotitracts,
?n-l tii.i.: .-xp in iing Ann-ri an com
merce abroad.
While In London. Senator Owen con
ferred with S r It ii-r. <tok..yne, gov
ernor ?. t the iJalt:: oi l-Ziti. ..I .id; Itegi
n.i hi M -Ktviiia. 11. r n:. ? r ?*:i.ii, ell ?r of
t^-.. 1C.M. he.|iii r. and 1111 v: 1 i - i t treasury
olficialis II- also confer ? d lo re Willi
the financial adviser of the Amerloui
lelegat* ^ and with I'olonel l!on.-je,
. Hear> Whii< ainl o he-rs.
W nr Department \ niiimiuccn Additional
I.InI ot t nits for llarly
Met urn.
I I'.v Assocint'-d Press. I
WASlilXOTuX. January I'ract'
. ..ally all c imtianie- of th. Tiiirty-sev
i ntli engineers and rciiiai.'iing units of
the Twentieth Kitgineefs. not included
in provioit-. War I 'epart ir.eiit anounee
ments, have been assigned to early
convoy home. These, with other units,
i on to-day's list comprise 157 oilicers
and -t.34.t men.
'i hey are. regimental headquarters.
First Uatta ion Headquarters and com
panies A. It, C. I'. II and F, of the
t'liirty--? \eiith Ihiginecis: headi|unr
? tcr-. First Hattalion. medical detach
n.cnt; l-'irst. Second. Third and Tliirty
i stxtli t.'ompaiii^s. Twentieth l-lngineors;
| i-ase hospital No. Seventeenth. One
{Hundred and Forty-eighth, Six Hun
dred and l-'ifty-sevonth and Six llun
. red and Thirty-sixth Aero Squadrons,
I-'irst,Second. Third. Fourth, Mne Hun
, ired ;iiid Sev-nl e'Mit h. Three Hundred
, and Mighth. Three Hundred and Four
I tenth and Three llundied and Fifteenth
Trench Mortar I'.atteries; cement mill
!. cm panics < ?iie Hundred and Kighiy
four and Two Hundred and Twenty
seventh; Thirtieth Company, Twentieth
Engineers; Three Hundred and Twelfth
j Sanitary Train Headquarters; Kighth
| Trench Mortar Uatterj ; air service caa
j i-al comiiany No. 1.
Sir*. I.ueille It. Cnrroll Shot Down liy
Sidney S; .lolnisnn, \\ iiu Takes
Own l.ife.
i I'.v As---iit-inieil Press. 1
L< iS ANHilLllS. CAL , January 9.?
! Certificates of homicide and suicide
were signed by ttie coroner here to-day
n the case of Mrs. Lucille It. Carroll,
who was shot and killed last night by
Sidney S. Johnson, and in the case of
, her assailant, who killed himself,
i The shooting occurred at tfie woman's
i home. Johnson left a note, alleging
that Mrs. Carroll, who was divorced.
Ii-ail declined his attentions. Mrs. Car
, roll was said to have eomo liere from
I New York City.
| llv Associated |
j LYNCH Itl'lti I. VA? January ft.?-Mrs.
Lucille Carroll, reported murdered in
' I.os Angeles, was llio divorced wife of
I. H. Carroll, a pronilnent business man
of this city, the dual decree having
been entered only a few months ago.
Mrs. Carroll was a native of Colorado.
Nourishes, strengthens and invigor
ates; steadies tlm nerves, balances the
blood and clears the brain: exhilarates
but does not stimulate, says the Doc
tor. Head his full utatemunt in this
paper aoon.?Adv.
One lluixlrri) IIIIJ i.'uri) -One Oillcim
ni.U .\h-ii Kilted In
"A*?INUToN. January 9.?Tim two Hits
7! / '?'-?lay tiy ili<- Coin mi I leu on I'uli
>' lufm IUHIIV1, hIiiivv a io.\. I wf <M <.a<iuHl
ilV ..W'".'1 '"'Iowj: iviilt-,1 in itcUon,
"f wi.uaiii. i..,. ?J,oU from accident
.ill. otlcr . i , d.-l in airplane accl.
11 1 'lis? iis?*. ,?>, u'nuiuiotl hovoi'o*
wouuii.-ii uii<Jcl?.*rtri .neil i. 0;
?Vii * I -"??Kliiiy. ?>. ini*.-iiiiK in action. SH
l.j'iow u"" ?NorWl Carolina namm
Kll.1.1.1) IX action.
n i_? ... .*>?r?.ini|.
J.vlchof, wiinj; Noiii.iK. Va.
... I'.iiults.
Dixon. liarl; Johuatuwii Va.
isaaus Jaini'8 C.; Liobsou. N. C.
l.'iv. John L,.: Coitvoid, N". c.
know. Charles It.; .M?.uni Airy. N. C.
luin-r. \\ ui.e .\j : Wilmington, N. C.
\?ulKvr, ; Itujtlivn, Va
lill.O Ol- M Ot'MiS.
Klr.rujiio James .. i.enolr. X. C.
Uilom, \\ tiilam F . IK'iini'lti'ri'i'k, Va. 1
,. , HiiK'i'r.
Creukman. tritst a.. I'alincrvlllc. N C.
it. . . .. 1'rlvnte.
ll^tilu-r, ilnrry; Heuiinary, Va.
litKll Ol UlhKA.HK.
.. , . Captain.
Squires. James \V.; charlotte. N. C.
hatman, milliard U . Carry, N. C.
.. . , % Coliiurul.
1 ltiohard ](.; \\ id^rncH?, Va.
? ii i!-'i?" rJ ?a 'i' Mount. N C.
lilhll 1- ItO.W A('t IJ?K.\T AND OTHKIt
H>rd. '*^"reU U. Central Point, Va.
., .. l.lPiiioniicitH.
.lMoy. llor.nl; 1,1,^ tflJn Va
W^rllLK. Kll; .NVwton, N. C.
? , ,, hcrjcount,
j r.uloy. Ocorce li.. i;(. nshoro. N. C.
! r?. . <'??r|ioriilh.
n.ri50ti. l.i>o T.: Kim i.in. N c
| * .i??k. Paul; i-:Ik I'mik. X ('
Robert Uc. JluydVncvllle, Va.
J hor-ia , 1* rank I. . Wins ion-Sale in, N. C.
I'rivntf ??.
I avis, Hun O.; N C
? Jrjy. lionnlo F.; Kebicll. Va."
John; mi jvt.-r I-.; i ,i|>r* n. Va.
.Mi'intoxh. ?'r.ii; liarnailtsvlllu, X. C.
*'11V11 '*? ; A*!ihrjro, X. I'.
'? ? '. i -ii"r !?" ; l. n amu. N. <*
?V.l.^siM. |\ ACTION.
Ivny r;.jnt - I r?>iiiir I'ountv
W Ol !?*.!> HKVKIIKI.V, l-KKVIoi si' v liK
I ?#K I l.l? M.'-.MMi jx ACTION.
... I'riiulr.
?'-??,i"v,r'l:I^tv **}}'','? '\i l."i>" Fountain. Va.
? i'J. I NOKTKtS ?IIXKI?).
i iti-v ioi >i.\ i{t:rouTi:o miss
, , IN!' IN .\< ITON.
Johnson. Thornar c.. Si:ilUin< !il. X. c.
<iir liorxil.
,.;':S.'.k.r.?.I!rrr!,an I'l I'vlllo. Va.
in-.n KM-i) ro iii rv, ritt:viot si.v kr.
I'rix airs.
A! iP'-nn, l-'rir.:;. I'.i.xbury, Va
Jon**. Juiiri i; ; Aillnifton. Va.
RAILWAYS $196,000,000
Dircctor-f;?*nfr;il McAduo InrrrmtCK Es
timate of Slinrtnuc in Exrninf;*
I.ant lear,
f Hy Ac"oc1at*??l Pro?.*.]
WASHINGTON, January *.?.?Ita!l
ro:nl c-arnSnKs uiicIt government oi??t
?ation dv.rinu :h<? ralcniJar year of 1'JIS
j will f ill short at)-- it 5UMI.000,000 of
; the standard roturii which t!ie ,'iovern
Mi?i;t must pa y r!i<- road*. This r?
\ isrd f-sMn>al?.- tvns "ubinitted by 1 > I -
?: -r - ' ? <-.i?? ra 1 Al.*.\doo t*> Senator
, Kici'h. t.-hairin:?n of tho Interptato
1 iiainitrrr '-'oininitic*. in a Jottor made
I"!..!: yestcrcay. and rojiresotils :in
:mM;1 ton of jr,i?.i)00.nn , to t)]r. ostiumtc
j Ki.'.-ii l.y Mr. .M 'Adon in )i!k recent
j tos ?; r.itmy before tlit? con;in i 11 i.e.
.Mr. M< Adon explained in his letter
tliat I'll- inrrn-ised estimate was l.a?jed
ii actual net revenue for November
wiii.h v.a: now available, and whl"h
w;.- 52S.o00.00) less than was rtiui-i
Iiateii w h" n lie appeared before the
-n m it tee.
Will Siii'orcd tlir I,at?* Alvah Martin
on Hrptiltiicnn Nittlonal
Com mit iff.
f H" Ar!utorj
'1 I! I C A i; Jansiary 9.?Colonel
"* veil's death lias vast .mIooiii ever
uie meeting of tn-- Kepublican National
(iinniitti i'. M'ht'dulrd lor tn-niorrow.
I li?* eomuiiite.1 wiil aibipt resolutions
"?'i ihe deatn of Coionel Hoosevclt at
it.- tr i irifi, i ?; e i ? t national oi?!iiiiiittee
iiitn .ii sfi .'ra! S'tati--. wlwre vacancies
ex i -1. dcoidf .? ...mcst ov.>r litis na
tional coKimitleesiiip in i.ou s'ana and
listen add re *nc-- by sevt-ral State
e.\e -ut ivff.
A J. Sv. coi will be elected eom
?mIt lor.>ra:i :.>r .Maine. II. !?*. Kean for
Now .lir.-.'y. (? i! SIr-niii for Virginia,
;i:.'l I' S'lllival! for Wyoming. Air.
S!e?m> wiil (;!' 'lie- \a.-anc.\' caused hv
? the death of Alvah H. Martin, of \'|r
; g ir.ia.
St.-iKc Ilnnil Ih First Patient nt Uellrvue
Hospital WltSi Hare 11 In?
NKW VOKK. January P.?Joseph
itoberson, aged thirty-one," a stage hand
is In a serious condition in liellevue
II" pitai a j a result of an attack of
aii^ie r.eurntic oedema, one of the rare
i est ailinenis known to medlc.il science,
j The disease results Horn the consiinip
! lion of larue quantities of shelliish,
1 lobsters, era Vs. etc It is characterized
i by iioninilainmaioi y swellings in vari
ous part; of the body. Itoberson'a
1 head and node are swollen to twice
I their normal sire, and In- Is in danger
| of chokine tn death, lie is the first
I patient stilYeriti}; from the disease to
I bo treated at liellevue.
House HuIch Coinmlltee Dri'linm to
Push Itoliif Mrnmire AsUrd
li> President.
fit* AfsoeiRtPd Pri?.?s. 1
WAKHlNfiToN. January ft.?By a
vote of r. to ihe I louse" Holes Com
mittee lo-day refused to rejiort n rule
pivtng privileged status to tin; bill
appropriating the SIOO,000.000 refiuesi
ed by President Wilson for Kuropean
relief work.
Avintors llodlrs Not Yf( round.
I!!'. A?soelate?i Press. I
KA VKTTKVIM.K. N. January 0.
The bodies of (lieutenant Harley II.
I'ope and Sergeant W. W. l-'leming. two
aviators who fell with their airplane
into Capo Fear tliver, near here, Tues
day night, have not yet been recovered.
The water was loo high Wednesday
afternoon to successfully drag the
river An ollleer from Camp Jackson,
Columbia. S. arrived hero to-day
! lo assist in the search for the bodies
of the airmen.
i i^Ti mi ii nil i i 11 mi ilm riUmni i iimrnTni i
Sinn Fein Movement Displaying Atti
tude of DeHuticc ami He
Demands National Assembly Be Con
voked to Take Action Before Ses
sions of I'eaco Conference Hcsln.
Trouble Looked Fo* in Few Days.
Dl'HMN\ January 9.?Things threat
en to come to a head In Ireland within
the next few days.
The Sinn Fein movement Is dlsplay
iiit; an attitude of defiance and deter
Nationality, the official organ of the
Sinn Fein. suyt, to-day:
"if the d< matid for the release of the
Irish prlsone.-s is ignored, the people
trust rise up immediately and force
Ltiitish acquiescence.
"A national assembly must be con
voked and act at once before the peace
conference assembles Monday."
The new Irltdi party, at a meeting
to-day. decided to drop the name "Sinn
Fein." because It "suggests a policy
of egotism and selfishness, shameful
to the memory of the Irish rebellion"
The name. "Irish Republican l'arty"
was substituted for Sinn Fein.
The elected members of all Irish
constituencies have been Invited by
the new party to attend the first meet
it.i; of t:." |ri:di constituent assembly,
to be h< Id here soon. It Is not be -
lleveif the Nationalists will accept.
The preamh.e t'i the "constitution."
publish' il to-day. says:
"The people <>f Ireland have never
relinquished the claim to separate na
tlonhood, a?i"l tH?- provisional govern
ment of tii?- Irish republic of Faster.
151?. reasserted the inalienable right,
of the hi h to sovereign independence
artil rcallirmed the determination to
achivvc it and the proclamation of
191 ?;
"The supreme courage and glorious
sacrifices of the men who gave their |
lives to maintain It have united the i
lrisii under the ling of the republic."
The constitution says: "No law I
passed without the consent of the Irish
is binding. Therefore, in accordance |
with the resolution of the Sinn Fein
adopted in 190".. a constituent assent i
I biy shall be convoked as the supreme 1
authority to speak in the name of the i
Irish, formulate measures of welfare. !
It-eluding a protective Irish lariif^-.es
tabllshing an Iri-Ot consular service, j
re-establishing the Irish mercantile
marine to Kurope. Africa and the Far
Fast, making an industrial survey to
I develop the mineral resources, estab
j lishing a stock exchange, creating a
national civil service. establishing \
I courts of arbitration, developing Irish !
transport and fisheries, reforming the ;
educational system upon an Irish ba- I
slf.. abolishing the poor law system |
and nubstitutlng therefor adequate I
outdoor relief."
t tiliziiig lliiinan Knt.
AMSTKHDA.M. January fl.?Human I
fat. sty-* the Vienna Klinlsehe Woch- I
] erischrlf't has proved of preat benefit !
in healing, especially deep wounds. I
iwheie lesions of the bones and other
. parts have occurred Such fat. obtained 1
| from operations, this medical journal \
i explains, is. preserved germ-free anil ;
i csterilized before use. It is then I
j l.eated to the temperature of blood and I
| Inject* d. rapid cicatrization being ob- !
Mined. Human fat has also proved I
! very useful in accelerating the heal- I
lag process in cases of torn tendons 1
land nerves. j
A Keakh Builder
For Weakened Lungs
I Where a continued cough or cold
?threatens the lungs. Eckman's Al
terative will ho!i) to stop the cough,
irdrengthen the lungs and restore'
jheallh. SOo and ?1.50 bottles at j
j druggists, or from
j Kckmon Laboratory, Philadelphia.
Arxrnllnn Chlff <"onntr.v Com'cVnrd by
Itfiiiovnl of Knibargtt on
ll?y Antedated I'rens. 1
WASHINGTON. January 'J.?All re
strictions on the importation of corn
and rice were removed to-day by the
War Trade Hoard.
At the same time tho board an
nounced that It would consider favor
ably applications for the export of
rice unci for licenses for the shipment
of Jute and jute products, except yarns
und nitrate bags. to all destinations.
Argentina is the chief country af
fected by the removal of the embargo
on importations of corn. Large stores
of corn are held in that country for
export, it was said.
A/.'tlon by the War Trade Board in
removing the embargo on corn fol
lowed repeated statements by Kdgar
Itickard and other food administration
officials to-day that no recommenda
tions to remove the embargo on Ar
gentine corn had been made. J. J.
Stream, chief of the coarst grain di
vision of the food administration, had
stated at Chicago that such a recom
mendation lind been' made and later
repeated his Statement when his at
tention was called to the denial by
the food administration. Sharp de
clines In the price of corn on the Chi*
cago Hoard of Trade followed.
I.onlnville nnd Nashville omdnl* mui
lOinploTe-oN <ltilrkljr Hcach
f By Associated Press I
CINCINNATI. 01ll<>, January 0.?One
of the shortest strikes In the city's
hlf.tcrv ended early to-day when in
!>gre? rrient was reached between
union railroad employes of the T.ouis
vil ?? and Xnshvlile Itailroad atil ofil
cial of the road.
The employees, consisting of railroad
clerks, freight handlers and station
he use employees, called a strike at 7
o'r'v'lt last night, claiming that the
rosul refused to recognize their union
and that it hail failed to live up to
certain Instructions of Director-tJen
eral McAiloo.
Word came from the conference just
^ 217 East Broad Street |
I Big 10-Day f
b o
| Pre-Inventory 1
h Thousands of Uncx- ^
h celled Bargains. ^
The Japanese Way to Remove Corns
Doesn't Kurt a Bit?Easy and Simple
The Manic Touch or" Ice-Mint Does It?Just a Touch Stops
Soreness, Then the Corn or Callous Shrivels ami Lifts
OA'?Try It?Your Feet Will Feel Cool and Fine.
.lust a touch of Ice-Mint ami "Oh!"
what relief. Corns and callouses
vanish, soreness disappears and you
can i!anc? ali night or waile all day
:uiii your corns won't hurt a l?lt.
N\> matter what >oil have tried or
how many tim?s you have been dis
appointed here is u real help for
you at la.<t. From the very second
that Ire-Mint touches that sore,
tender on. n your poor tired, aching
feet will feel so cool. *?n.?y and com?
fortabie that you will Just siKh with
relief. Think of it! Just a little
touch ol that delightful, cooling
Ice-Mint .u?(l real fool joy Is yours.
No matter how old or tough your
| pet corn is he will shrivel right up
uml yon can pick him out after a
i touch of Ice-Mint. No pain, not a
| hit of soreness, either when apply
j inB it or afterward*, and it doesn't
? even irritate the skin.
{ Ice-Mint Is the real Japanese se
i eret of tine, healthy, little feel.
. Prevents foot odors and Keeps them
j cool, sweet and comfortable. It is
j now selling like wild-lire hero.
I .lust ask in any drupr store for a
: little Ice-Mint and give your poor
I suffering lired feet the treat of
! their lives. There Is nothing bet
ter, nor nothing "just a? good."?
1 Adv.
Both Scout and
lilucher. Depend
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First Friday Bargain Sale to-day in their new building at 816
Hj 818 East Main Street will consist of the following special items:
H At $10.75, Men's Raincoats; worth up to $15.00.
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j|| 816-818 East Main Street. Opposite First Nat. Bank Bldg.
two hours arter It had convened, an- \
nounelm; th.it an agredmOnt had been ;
teached and that the employees woulO ,
go back to work Immediately.
l.I*t of ""?? Amrrlenti*. Who Hnd IJeen
Meld b.v (Jermrin*. Anouneed
liy War llfpnrtmtnl.
11Sy Associated l'ress.l
WA.S111 N< STuN. January 9.?A list
containing the names ?>t 25C American
prisoners of wnr who have arrived in
!? ranee was issued to-day by tho >? ar
1>( iiartniiiit. The 21st, ail enlisted men.
Included:, ? .
Asa Whltlock. Olaf. Va.; John James
Williamson, Liorina n? Miss.; Abraham
Keen .Alamo. <Ja.; Harry L,. Kirk. And
iiig, Mass.. J esse l.ce. liutlor. L.a.; Liirl
A. Ireland. Ashburn. i!a.; Mil.are (Sat
wood, lt/ewton, Ala.; Vivian I .eng.
Coushatta. l.a.; Jewell McMlchael. I* if/.
geYaid. (in.: William IJicks, Rome, (la.;1
Henry Mcl.arin. Carthage, Tenn.; Mack
Trent. Cedar Hluff. Va.; Herman lv
Fife, Faycttovil.e, Tenn.; Edwin r.
N< er. Purcollville, Va.; George N. Hoge,
W illiamsvllle, Va.; Frank Whltagor,
Knowllle. T^nn.
Ilurnon Aire* Silnnrnd* Oronii TralTle.
{ My Associated I'lfbs-l
BUENOS AIRF.S. January 9.?All
transatlantic shipping has been sus
pended until the harbor strike is ended,
it was announced af;er a meet.ng of]
shipping aeents hero last night. The
government was attempting to assist
in loaiiing and unloading vessels by
using a few government tugs, but the
st gen is decided no attempt will bo
made to move vessels. It was Indi
cated l?v some of the agents at the
meeting* their action might tend to
.shorten the strike.
A Lady Was Flat On Her Hack
With Terrible Spoils, iJui Her
Huslmhil (iot Cardui,?
And Now She is
McKlnney, Texas?Mrs. Mary j
Stephenson, of Hi is place, states: i
"About si year and a half ago I wus
down in bed for eix weeks, not able
lo sit up. I was Hat on my hack and |
had terrible spoils . . . Why, it
looked like I would die. At times I j
didn't know anything. I would get 1
nervous, 1 couldn't bear ttnyonc to
talk lo tne?1 would just jerk and
shook with nervousness . . . across I
my back was ao sorn anil ached me
all (lio lime. I would have a dizzy '
feeling. My limbs ached me and 1 |
would get numb and feel so weak
... I said to my husband 1 knew
Cardul was good and 1 believed 1 had ;
best try it.
He got me it bottle of Cardui, and
when 1 had only taken one-half hot- i
tie of Cardui 1 felt stronger. 1 took j
a half a dozen bottles altogether, i
then in two. weeks nfter 1 began
taking I was up, in three I was do- |
ing my work. 1 praise Cardui for I
believe it saved my life, and I am
For over 4 0 years Cardul has been |
helping weak, sick women back to
hnnlth and strength. Try it.?Adv.
.10- I0n?t tirnee Sircret, Itlehniond, Vn.
Whose Skill, Method and prescription i
Glasses have been u boon to thousands j
of Virginians during the past 15 years. I
If you have blurring, dizziness, neu- 1
r.tlgia. headache, spots before the eyes, i
winking, trembling spoils, cataract, !
burning and smarting ut trie eyes, va
rious nervous ami brain affections, en- j
tailing not only positive injury to the 1
sic lit, but untold misery, call imme
Consultation tree between 10 A. M.
nml 4 P M.
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Hoosier into your
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Twenty Dozen
Men's Fine $2.25
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cale Shirts
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the laundered stiff cutta.
Shown in a wide range or,
strikingly attractive pat"
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Sweater Coats
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ment. You can get yoUrs to*
morrow -?r- :
For $1.75
Sale of
Men's .151.25 and$1.0Q|
Working Shirts
at 79c
These well-made Shirts krd
shown in dark blue and light-*
blue chanibray; also khaki. '
Sizes 14 to 17.
Office Practice
J?H. .>I1?,10.V l'ALKIN.
SlieclRllit. _
Lymph (.otiipound is the most pro?
found treatment ot tlie day In Narvo
\ ital Decline, ltt-Biorea the nerve
torcca In a remarkablo short time. If'
you are unable to concentrate; It your
memory is tailing; it your vigor, enerffi
una vim ot lite is on the decline, lorn
no ciine in taking treatment that wiL
revitalize your system.
Skin Ulseuac*. Kiupllon IJoilS. UJc4&
a.cseuui, etc., quickly alleviated.
ijiwuii Uisctme*?Tne ravines ot abi
vl tticao diseased rum an otherwise u
tut lite. Tlieso troubles treated
ucasiuuy in alt a tunes.
.\er?e UKeuxt'*?Locomotor Ataxia,
Neurasthenia, ^weiuncnoly und Despuudl
ciiey quickly alleviated.
Kidney, iiiuuucr uuU i'roatatle trOU*
oies receive me treatment called tot
in eacn case, t^ariy recovery id f h?m
made possible.
Cuturrn in all its forms of any orrfaa
ituicKly relieved.
t'ilea, l<Uiuia und Hernia (Uodi|i<
tuily treated
L>on t put oft setting well, Whet jj
'iave done tor thousands of other fltfM
lerora 1' can also do for you. *3
Aly charges are moat reasonable, arid
payment can Ue arranged to beet aulC
the patient's convenience or may be d&
terrod until you are alleviated.
fore. It you need my aid do not dale**
but come to me
Dully Q TO r Sunday. |A
Mouth if O HoMdnya lU IZ'M
Might, Wed. and 8n?* 7 to ft W^MirPM
Phone Itandolpb (MM, ?
Offlre Lyric ttal|*!etf? /ty&in
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Sun? M4HM4. j
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65c Pair

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