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With Advent of I*ul?l5: Safety Direc
tor 1)1 ecoats Tsui Seat mi
.Anxious ?$eueh.
SOMls CUANtiKS Si:::>1 I'KKTAl.S"
RcgAnleo as Kntii'ly I'osslb'e That
Whole System Will lie Kevelutlon
j/wl Vhroupli Concentration t?T 1're
el nets Into Central Headquarters.
Members >f th.^ I*. ' ?< Department
aic u: . ::>c ?v>>:bility ot'
u shakc-u)) under t :c administration of
Coloccl \Vi!l:.iai M M > i r.4 .-.# Director
of Public Safety.
Thai, chanso? : e ;
of the orgarjlr.-. ".ton n ?:; :
:? the belief of t ??
oau-Iils \V. e- ? ; ,
department ? t-e ..
knon n to the::
U :i k~ . >- . ?: ..
&c:a2? *re .i ? ?
: fvVx -? ?: : * ? - .i r
-alh with
nel of :V.e
MAt KW I't I tiomm:
t\TIH1". I'Ol.tl K ?A ?TI".M
5: ror.c
.1 re
r e r. >"
rscnta in
SIIKItlt ^
,-f dolla r.?
L>n one of
New s> :
io prcdh
ipivtment. i
la claimed 1
section of the
iti:.M.\i\ ciur.r
terns of record keeping also
1 ed for tome branches uf the
iider the present plan,
sonic that the record?
modern s-ys
: re. inadequate and a tnor
: 5 m should he Installed.
Detcetives, under Captain Alex
Wrlf'it, r.fiw work direct trom head
quarters. v.iitlo other plainclothes men
.????> cs-lgneil to the th rev stations.
Under the plan which lias been con
sidered. all detectives under Captain
Wright would l>e located it a central
headquarters a: -lit; with patrolmen and
Other otlicers.
There is slight indication that there
will he a change In the principal ad
ministrative ofllces of the department.
?'hief Sherry was appointed by Mayor
Aitislee following; the scandal, investi
gation and shake-up last summer, and
is understood to have the complete
support of the city's chief ofllcial.
in inaugurating bis administration
Jit. Director of Public Safety, l.icuten
ant-Colonel Meyers tohl the men of
the Police Department that they would
be rtvvsinlwi for ttir-ir merit and in
pftHunity for advancement was the sun
stance of the sentiment he expressed.
"Wrek-Knd <'onfprfiire of V. \\. ('. A.
Student <?*orr t.irjc* l-'ri?iu south
Atlnnlic I'irlil.
Au Inter -'ric groyp of young u om
en-from colitR s of the jive Southeast
ern States is gathered i:i for
jt week-end conference lasting through
to-day and lo-rnorro"'
They rt.' the -'ud'T!'. f .'retards
from the Sout'n Atlantic field or" the
Young \V en's C r it.
Their program includes addresses and
'..srusslon of r<? '. p 1 ? r>
linis c'-nfror.*. ~.c ? * -* . !? : - ?
day. and the.?'- *v: -
the follow: g ? - ' - "I - - }'*'?
'?r anil M:s? : 'A. ? :
??-nt seTr'ar ?- ?::?-? - 7 -.fvr-i.
Miss Mathlld* Vossler lf.-- Frances
West an 1 M.j- I..
>l:?r F5:rf i - -uf ? *
"ernocn w,v Tv- . -V -
? in Re', f- ? 7 ' - .r ?: -
1. gcs." ar.d , Mi--- r ; -
?Th- Pi? . '-.f. UioT ? -
f/?l i". ; ? - o; t -
i 'en w'. " ? ' r.'. ? : : 1% "
IVffiihatnptoii Hospital.
*fhe?c a:i? ? ' . ; '? a:
Miss ' : - : ?V -
'loiliee. Hock 111 S f' . Miss r-!r"
fi-.m Thi'-n :<?- ? ' ' N nn
MillrtlgeVi'tlf ? i ." --
Artiur-.Jsfn. 1 ?- ?' ' ? 4'
TaP'.has-ee i" r
n't Kandolph-Mncin Woman's College
l^vnchburc V,i \! Ni W ? ? '?
of Formville Stat< N >r !; Miss Ot ice
Neuss/.r. .f p .??? -
^ il'e. G:i.. .'i. ' M ? A* ? -
JComia'.* A- -. ?;.
roll 111- l til'tin ''(Kismit lee 'if
^\:?r)t^ Hitc l.ic'?t on Pvndins
>At a meeting of the Public Utilities
Committee <>t <.'> C.,.u'? -? ... it a
S o'clock, th* I'.-. ii.M'l ordin-tn ?? ic
quiring vLlti->n paid; . ida .
meeting the app: va! <>f ? itv h? .titl
ollicet s w .< tabl?-i. Tin D:rec >/? ?
Public Welfare ) the j iiiiir will
invited to appc.M t---r :!;? r.-:
sit its n?xt i'?" it ?? f<. a ? W d;:..u:
slon of the rni-ttf
Hpeaktnit t- t t. <? .1. <.f
romroltte< . Dir- ' I' jh! Piil.t ?
TraffOrd v. a> < *" tlr^ <?; t j. !i ? h ' ?h
llenrico C.a*. ?"<- p .! - 1>;
vited to inaKe .. : tat' . ' i.' .? : h? ;
rnt St&tus t f it plat.'
poses t" SCil to ? v. -.1 ? ,e
Involved ?:> the ? ? l
inent. Thi" wm.1'1 11 . . ,-i'ir
thought '. "fore a :. -i i . .
t>ikr-n in the ma:'' : <>f ? -i
t'ons for pur' h?se.
1 Dast y?-ar the t.
on .*?ti . sapFsmeri'. < S1?> t i. i
i\lmsin li t. Itoden s . * ? ?, ?
f"?0'>anv had r.iaii i. >
'their plvr.t. >? ;t th-;t h< .
that it wo Id sell at figure
^ort'nir i'1" r*.t;iot> v ,
works. The .-,vi
IT reft O- Yr-( T'- d fo" r< -? ;
romnltl':" a' a later da?<
? inc a rer.ort from th- ir. ?? ?
No action wis iKc 1 ?
pi connect /i eif jr:.* ? . ?, a ? V.
sonrdviotr resident? < ' * . w.rf
now fii ni<-h-d ov t)..- IS- sr;
OomnAur. This ("j-inee- ?, ?
nec.ess?tv in esse of rnid-nt t
county tilar.l, which miuht depr
l|?erh of p?s for c.oU-intr ai..-i I n
If the plant is purchased b ? t'.r
the connection, of .:our.<.e, vi n: t..
at once.
? r. -
Mfirrlwr- l.ie
T>d?-st Tliymond Ke'ly I' . . Rte?(-i.>r.1
'w ^JVjrtofse Kl!r- IS':. ItlehiroiTt
'I'homJJ N. CJCi,
nv>* Abraham (IS). Ri< lirnond
Ambxasndur to Spain fioe* llnniF.
MApltlb. January lO.-d'ritne M
von 'Atllbor and Corvey. (Jerinan :
basMdor to Spain d.iring t!>c war.
J??ft Madvjd with his family. 11* is
turning to Germany.
Richmond Events
in Paragraph Form
Current Local News ToLi
Briefly .for Bene Jit oj
Busy Readers.
?.... ??g dor' .sEB^&k
. V
t'nlt". I >t!itV* Marsh:'.1 .lohn ?-? >?'*.
bA" f-urm l lr?m Ai. x.w.drla. tU'
?-c.-sion >>: court was i.ric.
i- w >?? c * ? moxnfo^r of the VO.lo*
V rA.... ^V.'Vi - ? ?\ ti:-* violation ol ilu?
?ort ? oliai 'k.' i" ' i fi. ?t Uof^ro JuilKo
j.j | v % | it was jinnoutnvl
IV;^V^a^iemVn1.* ?;.?'Vicb>-uw^
i .:>-v i>cpartmei t jutswuinHu
A. lrs'ho-re. Wit'hiV!i nov eV ' A venue.
?In",''. \ n ?; U?? K {or several l"os
- than ?' sick ?? nd woun i>! oveiseas
. ? ,'?;? fo-miiis the fourth evi'tliutont. ar
\."JJ -d"\ ?ti?no.fl at tin dcPar^a
' '1 " ?- .?..*?? . " \Vi>:l?iiml,t<"t 1 tie men
??V... .in'iV'j tr.a.. transports and
*pcnt but Ittlc tlm- 'a?^rl'ffUc!?MU\cA: I
* ? ]? :it1 V ill "'not ll? Known if,
), - *- "v'v' Yirc :.-.4n? s.'iit hire. Twenty
Virginian* were brought over on the l*?-j
... . ,, f.vl) , 0< ;;13 West Gr?>-?
- "' * .v >? ' i.?? " to Norfolk by thoi
-uiu death ct li r mother. Mrs J. W
-I . '-aS rtturned to her home tteto.
u . c Richardson. of "i I us tines
. re.iiToii.:?-a .is embers of th:
. ,.r 1. w-.i.iAin 1- l.t^htfoot. ?,.<?. i
ktu! l'h.lip K Hro?n It Is th
" ... " . ' 0{ xh s- I'.uril to investitftte ail i??
" s'. ... j, ; i.msions to Rraut or ?\ a>
. ..???. . t t'r.c to the mints oi the
. ... he :cms.: one month before
? v < l';oo:. can live up ??> hts bame and
. -other lUcinpt to transport liQUlvl
? v t the ; roh'.Mtion ,
ir. HuMtnp^ Court yf#;^riiay ho .xv^
S 0 f%> \\ j^nier.oot! to 1 tic month ?n jAtl b. .
Juvico K:ihar !> ;i Th" ?amr kXccx^o^ xvas t
rrnicM in the of Jauits Jeter lor tho.
f ir.f.U'i.ra ami two deaths
;h; J?e?'.th Ucfartment by
r T. reported to ih_
thrc* 1 r.ysiciar..- yc?fn'.*y.
v Pace Seeor.J Auditor. <rill a.l-,
.??vi the Matthew I'ontainc Mayry Asso-!
v . :. n -t th- .leftorson H?->t*l ne*t Tuet?lj?> .
1 "cl 1 ?? * o'lioi V. t ti? oceas.on be.ns
j'11'vrr-an of t:>- 1-irth of the seientist.
Vr^FK MoftUt pr'Mdent of the
?;.Ja al ? M-t-.l ye?tfrJ*> that every school
in tlv State was belnp urKf'i to K,v 1
h.iur'f i < lebratlon that uay .to thc memor>
u- M^-ir-. Mr.- .tatnes It v>erth. >h.. na\i
eater's "daughter. will be arnons those
present. j
Annual election of ^oers, of the Children
of Murv Sodality. St. Joseph s Academ>. will
l,e held to-morrow afternoon, .^fter Ur
ni>hin? lh" ?on,|?lete outrtt of vessels,
vestments an<l lln'n lor the l>arton Heiphta
t'hupel ami ai.summc the ,'VC
orphans Chrlstma? e lebratlon. this
< Invcii the vear with a car.h balance of >-?>
ami a total'of S20ft Invested in liberty bonds
ami war savlnBs stamps.
' Cnnformlns to a rulinc of the Federal
lleservo lluiirrt. .leflnlnc savlnKs acrounts.
! i h<- l>a tiks ami tru.^t cunpu nn-s of Hirhnioml |
liave doeldtd to so ehatiBC th?>ir rcBUlations
{?overniiiK savlnus deposits that her--aft-r
th" pass book must be t'resentttl for th. |
j nor pus of nia??n;: deposits and withdraw-]
1 iiik money.
I Property on wnieh was located storace
yards and shops of the ltlehmond and
Chesapeake lJay Ka.lway Company. ?hl;h!
operated the Ashland line, has been s?'d by
the iruMe?u <>t ibe corporation to tlu. sm.
i. rdi!iK-?-arn'al-l? .vi:; Company for tl..000.
The deed l ra nsf ??rrlim the properts was
' tdaoed on record in the Chanccty clerks
i ollice yesterday.
will' ii'ii'vt t<>-niorrow afternoon at Tentpie
j 11 et h Ahabah.
I ratrlarehn Militant of Virpinia. tho hiBh
1 e^t liraiu.h of the order of Odd Fellows.
I have elected the following ofllcers for the
|i'ii*:ln? term- department commander,
1 i:h*rl"N I'oh!is: treasurer. Charles 1'ohllc:
| captain. John \V. Hunn: lieutenant. M.
i l>avidson: enriBn. i". J. Triplet!, and clerk,
l?. 1*. Drake.
l.i;t?tenant*('olonel Stuart MeCulre. of this
? 11>?. wliu is in charge of Has - Hospital No.
<T.. In Franc . 'Thieh i? cencrally r?Barded
the l "st ? <;uipp? d ba.-f hospital !:t France.
??*ith livt other members of the unit, has
lieen ordered to hold Himself in readiness j
;o sail tor rii j
Mi'< 1! Ca:;epa was elected president of
th^ St. Ann's Society .it the annual in'-etlnu 1
1:? ?) ,:i the r-'ctory <?,' .-t. l'eter's Church.;
i oth"- or'..?rs Includo Mrs. John M. Allen,!
v,i?-.pr?s:i:. nt : Aln M I'. Murpliy. treaa
?:r? r Mrs J'-hn T*rf?v. bccretary; Rev.
I'rt'hf.- Kellaher. ch.irlal.i.
I:T-.:r .Ti'r.t v r ; > rte.l ye?terday ii
j the condltl -n of Mrs. Jl. t". Ashby. seventy.
street .? ? in frr>r.t of h^r residence.
'.-C* "an Indications were
? I - ". the ?. j" ? ^ ? . r. peri' rr:-d on n-r frac
- ir-? 1 pi:u:; w?.s s ? ->-ful. elthouch she- .s
.v c--_t : ? ?nt!-f
12 ?.-man. a entry, took the measure
of Gilliam last nieh'. t?y the neore of 100.
in tli' t- hlll.ards tournameni
t' - h'-.-J t j.^ri^r. on llroad .
-'*? ' ?'1 -'??'??? * ?' " r.rh run of '
? :.-i <;illia .? ?% r j'i <! ten In lh? thr*"
T," Played thia v.?ej.. A?h'r. How man
-1: ' hirr ?'*re the winnvV- The lujr
t". contlnu* I r.?11 wo't
A erowd that taxed the rtpicHv of the
t lu.z - i i -? -' Ti'. .'?_ iiiifht th? date
C '. ? ?> H" t r...? r <!??! N'a vy ?' us the
of tl. \\<ciian'r Auxii?r;. of -f-.e
' ' !? S? rvi-<? Mrs K It
; tl ? ,.:s, o. '? V. K r; . Mr* Aubr-y
Mt> U !. Sydr ? . mprihed
r.. lomtr.pie- ?. h h arra.na-1 -n*. ^ifair. I
f e?J,-rnl Iturecit .loins State in Paying
""ners ^V,herc Aniinaln
i ?? of a.'i ;?tc i*r f:nienreached
?iy between Benjamlti lj. l'ur
' 'm .-is., r.. r of the Dairy and!
; '? :>?n of the .-'tatiJepartrrient
? ' '1 .l:ur-. h~ri the United Slate?
' Animal Ind trtrv. Washitig
i'-'lerai govcrnint.*tit has ajjreed
\.ai>- ouiii-is ?>f cattle react
? r tUb'-.T'ulin te jtj ? -ar.ie
? f rnor . >? ICSK saivilK that the
I? ? ?: - th<- ow ncr.
v si'f ; r^'1 wll! !'riJ' as high !
rt:.?x itnuni. for reaciinc
e'r;"- ' .?'i l a inaximuni ??f j?o
l' Ap|?r.tisera rnny
, estimate the .value "f u reaoti-r as they ,
,hl'tIC ' a,? then <llHpo?e ?
*\i ? * 4 >* .ij't. t^iatt-v#.-r iin)o?int
? euueted from ;h'- price the
?" >'!? *t? trie owner is the amouni
I ? de-al _ government v.- ill add If
1 1 ?' * * ? i * 1 ^ th?r 1 ?? t '? l/'i > k f'.r f^")e.s
' '' ' ' :t"r fertilizer the JiO ad
' , : f.r ??'? the I Miera] government
?v. ? ? '*v. ii< ;? i'.'jf for the animal
'" ?' '' ^ ?> :? a -4". ?r>t uiKiHuee. anil
' r, ? ' lh:tl much of Jt be11,p
t. ? ite "f ilei'iiiie, then the
' eri#?! ? -.merit '.vill pav J.io. the
/?at oiitlay - f the State, making the
.>\vner ' on. ./ettfiii ion $Tt>
r I'urceil tr.terl yesler
' ' '?.ai ?? . purpose r-t this ;? gre-einent
<- " I'dt ;>,-r jiiinrn <?:. c.ni.iil t?.stn
1 "<!?? i.' . : ? ?,f the public health It
*1r' ^ i:? 11 wi' h Mi-'-h cotilpei:saI ion
to *i ? l-'cdcral ..i d State
" ?' ??;?;.? ?i cattle tie'.ple will
:> eon coal in fj tuberculosis in herds
; "? '? ? ' t <-m ti unsu; peetit g pur -
chaser* The "jtaio innpcctors arc act- i
t ' ' ?'?'i'vl * !' ' > ?.!? ? ]?'? 'Sera I illfpec
Wig I *ed in Order to ?;i%e Woronn
l ound in 11 j \ ?? r I ifeliUe
\ ppexirnnce.
.'.etv il-veiopr.n nts ill -ho < r.?f: O! the
i en v. '?n.a : wli<>-'?. body wan foimd j
tiio banks th- .faun 3 .T 'mogt two '
?'**''r' *" '-'"? were lif'Kin^ v. rterrtay. 1
i p-1 : ?< ntb-ii' \\ A Tiller, of the
.lio:i do pa r^ moir took a ptioto
' '"! ' ' 1 ' d- ?? d o. (io,| x \ i
???iid V .v ...upon t in eorpHH,
iuhstitullng th? natural hair, which I
, ". .' 1 "?"" ! h? uerioii
... ' "'"I' ' '? ' P''."tc.i{rai?h ,
. ' anil : ?? i, ? p. 1.? \ oil t n;it
1 "J n..i:? riaiiy in tae eflort tt I
l ??? niification.
;{, s ' '? ? has been heard from thel
c and Itoa: r > ri l iilve* <>."
. ? ?. v. o.1,. ,i. w 11o expressed the i
? w ? ''JU identify the
Ucporl A bunt Capitol Hits It lCxperts
Will IScconimciul New Func
tion for Auditor.
Sttpet hit cedents of Various Virginia
Organisations Arc K.\|iectccl to Ob
ject?Matter Likely to Couie He
lore Conference of Otliciuls llere.
Unusual inn-rest was manifested In
the Capitol political circle yetAerdr.y
o\ ? ;? ino report that repre.sentilt jves o''
the Detroit li.nx'Hii ot Governmental
Kesoarch. \\ iu> have l>een here tor aov
i i';i! weelis jissin;; Colonel La; Roy
1 lodges i t ?? the budget survey pro
vided for by tlie last General Assem
1 ? 1 >. had recommended that all bills *?i
the Siate institution;. ::i various parts
of tiie State be paid tliroujrli the ot
i'ce oj' the State Aaditor ot' 1'ublic Ac
eou tils.
it was further reported that the
recommendation. made or proposed,
had been mentioned to Auditor .Moo:.,
and that Mr. Moore had looked on it
with disfavor; thai it would mean the
doubling of his otlicc fotce if this new
duty was added to those of the Audi
tor. But Auditor Moore, himself, had
nothing to say about the matter of
the i ecommendntion.
Colonel Hodges. budget assistant,
went to Norfolk yesterday to attend
the marriage of his sister, and could
not bo uski d about the matter: yet It
appears from Capitol gossip tuat the
recommendation either has been made
i'V the economy experts or will bi>
made when the survey is completed.
iii.mt.ri:m i: .\a disci ss
lti:i'OUTOI) A Ult AN
This same principle was involved
In a bill proposing a State purchasing
agent, which was killed by the last
Genet al Assembly. Antagonism to any
such a measure by the State institu
tion superintendents and officials, who
regarded it as impractical, with a
recognised admixture of politics, killed
the bill: but this will accomplish the
same purpose, it is thought by some,
when all bills are paid for on war
rants from the State Auditor.
In case such a recommendation
should be adopted by th#j fiext Legisla
ture. it was suggested, that undoubted
ly some arrangement would be made
whereby quartermasters may have on
hand a contingent fund to meet ordin
ary emergency bills. These will then,
it is said, be bunched and sent through
the Auditor's office periodically.
The matter was discussed generally,
'but in an impersonal fashion. It was
predicted that it would cause a pro
test from some of the institution heads
that had been in the habit of enjoying
financial latitude in the matter of their
?iwn purchases.
Others seem to think that the con
ference of department and institution
heads called to meet here on January
"3 will have this matter presented t?
it for general discussion.
Division Chairmen Sleet at 1 o'Cloek
at Westmoreland t'lnb to Ar
range Final Detail*.
Plans for the Armenian and Syrian
relief campaign in Richmond, which
will be opened to-morrow morning,
will be completed to-day at a luncheon
of business men at the Westmoreland
Club at I o'clock. The meeting was
fiClfVabf TKaf"'Tn'd 1 VarYou?r'ViTn^i<1 fdt!
I chairmen couid discuss their own in
dividual plans and whatever ideas
they inav have that will prove bene
ficial to the campaign.
I Letters have been Sent out to about
thirty prominent men. requesting them
?o attend the meeting, in addition to
the leaders of the various divisions.
Practically all arrangements for the
drive have been completed by Mr.
Crutchfteld. the intensive canvassing
arranged to begin on Monday. Each
day of the week the work will be In
charge of the members of one of Rich
mond's business organizations.
The organization obtained for the
Armenian campaign is beiieved to be
one of the most efficient machines
ever formed here for such work, and
all workers are confident that they
?'an raise Richmond's quota of $92,000
by the end of the drive, one week from
At Stat ? headquarters yesterday
Chairman Walker Scott announced thru
Secretary of War Raker had agreed
tc carry the Armenian relief workers
to France on an army transport for
a nominal charge, which will cover
their food.
Witli Knd of Mar Relief .t**oriatlon'?
Activities ('omen Famous
.Major Ian Ilay Beith. who has de
lie nte<l Richmond audiences on former
visits to the city, will make an ad
dress in the Jefferson Hotel Auditorium
on the night of January 25.
Announcement of Major Bclth's pro
posed visit * > Richmond was made at
a meeting: of the board of directors
of the War Relief Association of Vir
ginia yesterday afternoon.
The occasion of his coming to the
city will mark the formal closing of
the actlvitl'-s of the War Relief As
sociation of Virginia, which was the
first organization of its kind in the
Major Beith will speak of his ex
periences overseas with the American
expeditionary forces. His former ap
t>earances in this cit:* have been in
the interests of the 'War Relief As
-ociation in raising funds to carry on
? work abroad, 'and for this rea
son i* is thought especially befitt'ng
that he should be present when the
o-r-'inization goes out of ?xistence.
Th* program arranged for the night
of his appearance at the Jefferson
atj'liforii'm will be featured by music
r?n'l the auditorium will be gay with
P -t * -: ? Mr decorations.
Sunday Services
in Local Churches
Richmond Pastors Intro
duce Variety of Subjects
in Sermons To-Morrow.
, All churches co-operating in tho
Hilly Sunday campaign. known ay the
central district, will t>n closed U'-mor
row moining in order that thoir con
gregation* may attend tho lu:au serv
ice in 1 h<? City Auditorium. The ccil
tral district Includes? the territory well
from First Street to Laurel Street.
There- will bo an S o'clock service lit
all these churches aa usual to-morrow
l night.
>t. Jlavk's?Moring prayer and ser
1110:1 at 11 o'clock. l)ven ins prayer
, and nddres?! at S o'clock. The lector,
. Itev. G. M. UryJon, will preach at both
I services.
1 Hoiv Trlnli.T?Services at 11 ami at
S o'clock. Itev. J. J. Gravatt. D. IX.
: the rector, will preach.
Monumental?The rector. Itev. James
\v. .Morris. 1 >. IX. wili preach at II
: ami -t o'clock.
St. I'aul'N?lit. Uev. William Cecil
r.towM, l?. L?.. will preach at both the
ii aiui S o'clock services.
j All Saints'?Usual services will be
hold at 11 and 4:30 o'clock conductcil
? by tho rector, lie v. J. V. Dovnman. l>.
j Holj Comforter?lloly Communion at
7:30 o clock. Morning prayer and Her
; mon at 11 o'clock. Kvenim prayer
; and sermon at S o'clock. All services
j conducted by the rector. Itev. \V. li.
? Cox.
St. I.uke'n?Morning service and sur
> mon at 11 o'clock. Itev. J. \\\ Feild,
j site rector, will i>reach.
St. JolinN?Services at 11 and S
I o'clock. The rector, Uev. Hugh Sub
j lett. will preach at the mornfnc ser
| vice and Uev. John Feild at night.
St. .lamen?Morning prayer and ser
! mon at 11 o'clock. Special service at
? >?: 1 ? o'clock. The rector. Rev. G. Free
: land Peter. t?. JJ., will preach at both
' .services.
j Akcrnslon?Morning prayer and ser
! mon at 11 o'clock. livening praver
; and sermon at S o'clock. Rev. Philip* A.
J Arthur, the rector, will conduct both
i services.
Chrlnt?The rector. Rev. B. X. de
j Foe Wagner, will preach at 11 o'clock
011 "The Business of Life." Ills sub
ject at S o'clock will be "Pilgrim of
! Light."
Epiphany?Services will be held at
I 11 o'clock in the assembly hail of the
| barton Heights public school building
' Rev. Walter Williams will preach.
St. Andrew'*?Morning prayer and
sermon at 11 o'clock. Evening prayer
! and sermon at S o'clock. The rector.
! Rev. J. Francis Ribble. D. D.. will
? preach i nthe morning and Rev. W. It.
? U. Irwin at night.
j Centenary?Preaching at 11 o'clock
1 by Uev. R. If. Potts. D. D., presiding
? elder, and at S o'clock by the pastor,
1 Rev. T. A. Smoot, D. D.
1 M ? n u m ? n t?-Rev. George Wesley
Jones. D. D.. will preach at S o'clock,
i (.'Inter Park?Preaching bv the pas
tor. Rev. I.. S. Flournoy, at "ll o'clock.
1 Park Place?The pastor, Rev. 11. C.
j PfeitTer. D. D., will prcach at 11 and
j at S o'clock.
I Ilarton Height*?The pastor. Rev. W.
T. A. Haynes. will preach at 11 and
at S o'clock.
Brond Street?Preaching at 11 o'clock
by the pastor. Itev. Fred R. Chenault,
and at S o'clock by Rev. R. H. Potts.
Grace (Soldiera* Home Chapel)
Preaching at 11 and S o'clock by tho
pastor. Rev. J. F. Carey, D. D.
1-eigh Street?The pastor, Rev. J. J.
\Vicker D. D.. will prcach at 11 god
at 6 o clock.
Klrat?Preaching at 11 ai)4 t o'clock
Daniel? KeV" Georf? W'
(?Inter Park?Annufl meeting at 11
pennon by the pastor, Rev.
\V ilham I led ley. at the S o'clock uer
^ Grove A venae?The pastor. Rev. W.
i-. James, D. D., will preach at the
morning service at 11 o'clock. The
annual meeting will be held at &
o clock.
Second?Rev. T. B. Ray will prcach
at the & o'clock service at night. No
morning service.
'?'hut Engllftb Evangelical?Services
by the pastor, Uev. J. J. Scherer. Jr.,
at 11 and 8 o'clock.
Dethlehera Evtingellcal?Services will
t\e conducted by the pastor. Rev. P.
II. Meuscnke. at 11 and 8 o'clock.
St. Jnhn'n?The pastor. Rev. Oscar
C.utne, will preach at 11 and S o'clock.
.('.T7*r* f ?yeaant?Communion service
at 11 oclock. Rev. M. R. Turnbull will
prcach at the 8 o'clock service at night.
Seventh Street?The pastor. Rev. H.
Maclachlan, D. D., will preach
at 11 and 8 o'clock. preacn
Hanover Avenue?Preaching at 11
held ? c by Rev- Marshall Wlng
?i 8,1 a| services at 11 and
S o clock with preaching by the pastor.
Third?The pastor. Rev. J. O. Helsa
beck, will prcach at 11 and 8 o'clock.
Unitarian?Rev. Charles F. Russell,
the pastor, will prcach at 11 o'clock.
Chrlntlun Science ? Regular service
^e held in First Church of Christ,
ramcnt ^ Subject, "Sac
Society of Friend*?Meeting for wor
?hiP v v? br- hei!<1 in the b,Uft r?om of
.. ... *7t', ,tv- Ht 11 O'clock. Bible
come vv'" follow. All visitors vrel
V. M. (;. a.?The association being In
active co-operation with the Billy Sun
!nVr-?r'nmVa ?/'' ,l\ero wil1 bo no men's
ine..|lng In the afternoon, but tho Hoys'
M?!r,oi , ??,V,tu?n. r'lub wiH meet as
wiU speak ?nk' Selden Waike
? V?1 r t ad el p h,n a ? Services will be
o'clock" Co'ombo Ha]1 il and 8
Should have a Savings Account, A rich man
should have one for an income, and a poor
man to save his money to become rich.
I Superintendent of Atlantic Coast
Ivlno Promises Uetter Sehved
ulO;I'Ytmi Now Terminal.
Poor Service for South-Hide Com
muters l'iidez*stood to lie Subject
of Report Made to Federal Rall
roud Admlnistra' "on.
Speaking of complaints that the At
luntic Coast L?inc Kailioa.il hucl been
i derelict In handling commuter business
; between Richmond and Petersburg.
Superintendent IS. P. l,:ilrd last night
' Htated that the service showed tor
t itself, and as soon as matters became
"shaken down" in connection with tlie
mange to the Hroad Street Station, ha
felt th?:t everybody would l>e sut'.s
lied. lie said that he Knew of no move
ment ito return Petersburg local trains
to the Ityrd Stre? t Station.
Thomas !?". .It-ffress stated last night
that i>e was aware of no action burnt;
taken to form a protective committee
of Chesterfield and Petersburg busi
ness men to look after th> Ir interest
in connection with train service to and
from Richmond. Mr. JeiTress said fur
ther that conditions wcre bad and that
men from Chesterileld and Petersburg
had repeatedly made complaint.
It is stated that the. matter ha.?
been brought to the attention of the
United States railroad administration,
and that Senators Martin ami Swunsoi:
and Representative ,Monla:;uu had been
asked to look Into the <jtiC3tlon of an
improvement In commuter service, it
has been suggested that the Seaboatd
Air Tjlno put on commuter trains, and
thus bring Petersburg passengers into
the Main Street Station, and that the
Virginia Railway anil Power t'ompany
bring Its intcrurban cats over Mayo
P.ridge to Gary and Fourteenth Streeta.
if not to Main Street.
' Hearing of WnshlnRton-Ohl Dominion
Company Start* Ilrfore Cor
poration Commission.
Representatives of the Washlngtrn
| Old Dominion Railway Company up
: peareu before the Corpor.\:;>n Com
I mission yesterday morning at 10
j o'clock to answer the rule ot the com?
, mission against the railway company
] for alleged failure lo comply with a
I series of improvement orders is?ued by
; the State on August 17, I:?13. The cle
; fense was that the compiny had com
? plied with the orders if the commis
sion. No conclusion wis reached yes
j terday and the hearing will be re
| sumed this morning at :^0 o'clock.
Oscar K Shewmake. ceneral counsel
j for the State Corporation Commission.
| appearing for the Commonwea th. and
j E. Hilton Jackson, of Washington, ap
! pearing for the complainants, of whom
j Colonel E. R. White is spokesman, al
1 leged that the corporation had not
| complied with the orders, and place.1
] Engineers Rurton Marye and Juflson
- Dickcrman on the stand to 'estlfy ;?>
i the past and present condition of track
i and equipment of the railway company.
I Judge Nlcholls, of I^eesburg. and
] Messrs. Lambert and Veatman, of
j Washington, appearing for the Old
j Dominion Railway Company, pu' wlt
I nesses on the stand to testify to the
? ^WsWf^rt'fle^o^^rslio^r^ofa?^.aB
I It will be remembered thu the com
plaints against the service if the road
were entered last winter. As a result
th# commission ordered, after 'nveMl
gatlon. a general Improvement of the
road In almost every manner, from
repairing the tracks to lncre<mlng the
voltage on certain electrical divisions
and remodeling the transformers.
Commissioners Robert E. Williams,
chairman, and William P. Rhea and S.
1^. Dupton were all three present.
Knit Itrpnrtf
of Billy Sunday's sermons and meet
ings in' The- Times-Dispatch every
morning. Order direct or from your
newsdealer. Si* weeks' subscription.
The Confederate Museum
Open Daily from 9 A. M. to 5 I*. M.
Saturdays 9 A. it. to 'J P. M.
hotel Richmond
10 t. 12 EwmI.*.
Mule Br ? Real Orchestra
Matinee and Night
The Aviation Musical Comedy Hit
Fresh From Two Years In N. Y.
Big Chorus of Youthful Beauties.
Over Sixty In the Company.
Own Special Orchestra.
PRICES?-Nights,30c to $2.00.
Matinee Saturday, 50c to $1.50.
?.0 A*'eVi i. *t u i vaj? OlntcUd MAILT
'Fatty" Arbuckle
Funniest Comedy In Years.
Flrwt Time Rver Shown Here.
'The Shopping Center'
Sharp Price Reductions on
Children's Coats
Mothers are asked to come here to-day and pick
from a number of smart little Kiddies' Coats, which
have dwindled in quantity to one, two or three
garments of a kind; for which reason are reduced
greatly in prices.
Bring only the little ones?they are Coats for
the exclusive use of youngsters of 2 to 0 years.
At $:*.0S?reduced from
$0.1)8?girls' navy blue
Bedford cord, made with
belt and a smart close
fitting collar.
At $5.00?reduced from
$11.9S?Girls' Blue or
Brown Mixture Coats, of
all-wool material, velvet
At $7.9S?reduced from
?10.9S?Navy Blue Serge
Ccats for Boy or Girl.
Naval insignia on sleeve
and brass buttons.
At $3.98?reduced from
$5.50 ? Spring Weight
Serge Coats, all wool,
with silk collars.
A t $ 1 5.0 0 ? reduced
from $21.98?handsome
imported Broadcloth
Coats for girls; just two
of these?sizes 5 and G
At $ 20.98 ? reduced
from $30.00?two fine
imported Broadcloth
Coats; trimmed in
beaver; sizes 4 and 0
A t $23.50 ? reduced
from ?39.00?one hand
some imported Broad
cloth Coat?size 4 or 5
years ? in champagne
color, trimmed with real
Japanese mink t collar,
tails and feet.
Also a number of other
Children's Coats ? fan
cies and plain colors?
all reduced in like man
Second Floor?East.
Here They Come
Little Boys Wash Suits
for Spring
This is an advance notice to mothers of lively
youngsters, and it concerns the matter of proper
outfitting when balmy spring days come and the
boy will be much out of doors.
The joy of even.' mother are Suits that inay be
washed without losing the luster of newness.
And here they are?new ones of striped gala
tea, madras or solid color chambray; so neatly
made and so correctly sized (for youngsters of 2
to 8 years) that they, too, will delight in calling
one or more or them "their own."
Jaunty Knee Pants Styles and Blouse; the price
range is $2.25 to $5.00.
Second Floor?East.
(Last Chapter.)
Rcnofit of the JJlues Overseas
Noted Hare foot J>nnccr
Music By
Saturday Night, Jan. 11
Admission, 50c
* i
ACADEMY?Mon. & Tues.
Matinee Taendny.
The Cartoon Mualrai Comedy
The Captain and the Kids
PRICES?Popnlnr Matinee, 25e and
r.Ors Nights, 2Qc to $1.00.
lleumt New* And
Next Week
Dwarfs a Circus
llerud'a Court. Ablaze with Splendor*-?
.Irrunnlrm nn It Loolted 40 It. C??Mov
ing Soldiery and Pitched Ilnltlea?.Cnra
cIm. Klephnnta nnd Ilrnnfi of llihle liny*
? Ketea nud I'nffrittry ? The (irrnt
Storm nnd the JJIrnHo. Snlonie, Sub
tle, Mneehnrlne, Slnlater?n Uulver of
nn Eytflnali Menu* n I.lfe. May Topple n
Throne nnd Dlarupt i? DyunMy. One
WItkatMnria Her Allurement*?Only
One' And He Dlca In Conaeqtienec.
.... run..!!, onu ??earn* of llihle llnya
flea nud Pnircntry ?. The tironf
Drama Supreme

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