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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, January 18, 1919, Image 7

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Th? younger aocloly set was out
"?n lorcu moi evening io allciiu uiu
111 til Uiilll'V ? I Veil U ? ItlU J UII tOl' iVoSOIH
bl> III UHJ Oa 1 i I vO in 01 tllO JSIWf'
?un llolci. i'Iiw slagc uus liuiittXu Willi
itrns ana palms, and an utcitebii'K
l'.J)ud tor iiiu uuiicing. Lilian i,aoic:?
?ere arran^ou auoiu too siuc.-i oi
?>n? nati.-auu cupper was acrvcu at it
<j clock. tuVvia weio laiu lot Iv'i j
ittis la the llrsl oi a series of iliteo |
'lancva to Ou given o> uic Juiuoi Aa- i
?semoiy, anu v\aa a vcij sinaii. .uuir j
? n cscry uctail. ilicnapcionew to.
he aeries include: Ali a. \> ?;oiiiioi e- j
<*nd Uavia, Mrs. .1. Scon I'atriaii, .wis.
liOiaue ilawea, Alias i.iuc Uranen. Jii.i |
rrancea bcou, Mrs. \\ imam it. .idaius, ,
?Urn. eiiui'iuo Vveoei. aire. churcniu ;
loung, .uisj Ht,icii Auains anil air.-. (
lioruou Wallace.
Llunnnut '1'hln Alteriiooii. I
Aiijincr aitracmc .-flair lor the J
>ouu?er aoclc.y tel horc i- me in- i
toruiai (lunaaiii io no limu m tne |
W Oman's liiiu liiia aitci'i/oiiii ii oil! -1
to i o CioCh. Tne cli a ye r vims loi ulc
ai tciiio^u include a?ia. 1-. I-. L.owia.
AUS ,\ II a l I II lilOCnCIIOiUUnil, Alls.
Aleadc <\UUISUU, Ail . i .ml Ui>.a", .Mid.
lirauiiia in anu Air*. iyicr. Tneso
aftci noon lonclion.s n.t \ c i>iom-i1 very!
popuar and aiiraciivu i iin<.; i->ns. .ni-ij
are largely alleiuieil.
lonfi ilrrmc Hull I'iu-.VIiilit.
Social llHclcU la tt'llU'lcil III th'j I
hall WHICH ItlcillllOIld Chapter. > tliteU 1
uaughlcra oi tne' Comederacy, u: wnicn ?
Mrs. Norman V. Kandolpn is i?: *? si- ?
?lent, la giving at tne Woman's Cluo j
thin evening liom ?.? (o 12 v clock. |
Miu Uamioipli will l>c assisted in re- :
cciving by Mr^. C. W. I'. .Massie, Mr.-. I
Kanuoiph \N atkins. Mrs. .1. < i. Cor- [
ley, Mr.s Arctiei Kiclia rd-son. Miss ;
.Nellie Spencc. Alias Lucy Alunl'<ril. .'?!!??* i
Nellie Oarilirlght. Alia. Kutx-ri v #. a ? ?
tcr ana Mrs. William J. JudU. r^.c
ccllcui music n.i - Keen secunvl jot
!rtc dancing. a it J card tables may bo
iticr\cu ihose "ho Uo r.ot care
to dance.
TbOiO who liave reserved tables are
Mrs. A. Kdloc Oonnau. Jr.. Misa .Julia
Moore, Mrs. .A. It. Turpiu. Mis. ICdgar |
l.affcrty. Mrs. Stephen A, Ueveridge, i
Mrs. Charles T. Norman. Mis. Charles
'Wall, Mrs. T. 11. Kllelt. Miis Km ma I
NethcrlanU and many others.
Supper will be served under th<i :
-upervislon of Mr.t Archer Ulchard- j
on. aisiMed by Mrs. Howard .1. >
N'tickols. Mrs. Thomas B. .l>*>hrison. Mm. '
?'?mes J^dward Woudfln, Mrs. John K. 1
Hauer. who assisted by .Mrs. Cor ley
?ylll have charge of the punch bow!.
The ball i.s alvva\s a charming social
affair, and this promises to vio in
?ucee: tj veith those of former >?* r?.
1'iUJil Olilcfm' Diukt.
r?n!cers will dance this evening atj
o'clock at the Oflioer.V Club, S2T |
Wr?i franklin Street, and Kirls uiioi
have been Included in tho in vita'. 1'ins j
=?re requested to l?rlr.K their cards t.>
?n? door. Mi::.s Martha Kobinson la j
> rilrnun for the evening and will hi '
1 st lated in receiving the cnests by;
Mri-. T. Garnetl Tabb. Mrs. Ucslic I'.eeii.
Mrj. Kdward Macon. Mri. f-'tuart
MlehauM. Mrs. T. A. Smyth, Mm. ';<?ors^|
Bui: and Miss Mhty liftrne.
Mrs. W. ''ijy iJuvl.- has reiuinvd >.?>
her homo in Norfolk. att?*r sperui;n>; '
-one. time here with he: mother. Mis. I
Hunter McGuire.
Mrs. 11- Tate lr\ in?\ of Uig >r.-s j
?lap, is th^ guest !ela'.:\ts he;o'
for an extended May.
M!l.otilse Cotton. '?! : h ? < : ? ?? '1
!?ave Monday tor Norfolk, wheie she,
A . 11 I't tilt gJV-i l>f .'.llVS .kli< c *\'C
<t her home there.
I'.ntisn Curry Thom,i>. L'tilted
N'a".... I? -tile j;ti~l '?). a few <la\s Oil
ilia mother, Mrs ti Thomas, at
il:'I W'etl I-j aiiKllu Street.
Mre. Hevcrly Mercei llarimai;. oC ;
Uoanoke, 13 tne sues', of .Mrs. Cliaiiea
>1. W'atkins ol Weal tSracc Street
Miss lili/.a Im-s Ii 11. Houldin, of 110n? - '
"on. tht k/ st <>f Airs. O. I- Shew
mukcr, at 11 ji West Avenue.
Jaine.s W. Allison is spending .s< \
/?r.il aa^a at the Jeherson Hotel lieii.
Tiic Ke\. \V. II. Uurkhardt liaf ;..s:
returned to Kiclimond, after an at>
-iCrico of two WCeka.
Mrs. George E. lton<>i : <. of I'arin
\:lle, is registere Uai me Jeiivt.-on
Holel here.
Music in Richmond
UV JOHN GLtOllUU; llAI(ltl>
The initial concert of the Philhar
monic Orchestra, a iucal ins tun* 1011, i
will be given at the Acadcmy ut Mus.o
on Wednesday evening, January .
The movement lor a revival of u.?
?.?hcatral activity is in itself so wortuy I
that wo cannot rclra.n irom coifinuni- [
ing thereon. - It :s perhapa sigmticaiil ,
tnai ibis rcne\?ai ot liueresi it> mo
i'hiiharmoaio comes duriiig .i pciioUi
III icntrtl III oilier d II e>. u lu.ii, ano noli
improperly, since hjuu music ruuaia
00 closely alueu w kii ri-iigiuii.
liaruiy any otner inusicai acltviiy ?
has ine educative pos'Sioi.illes tnat a 1 ^ j
oitcred by the ayniphony orciie.-ua. 11j 1
llei^l IS so larjic, its va> ici) a<.u sco,ie ,
ao great, its iiineiciil resources in lone
??oluf arid dynamics so many and <11- '
\crtc, that, as an educaniig iniiueitce, I
it is, musically, wulioui .1 puratiei. I
'I ho works 01 the great liiasivra, 111,
tneir urigiiiaiiiy ui selling, ne a:, iia j
hand. \V Hal a \ati liorary is tueie!
.sot only tne aymp.ioiiies. in w men ihti !
composers, ancictii ana niodern. liavo)
inveaied inc;r K'catcot skill and tnoir ,
1 niojt protoiiiul siudy, bin. as wvil. uic
uperaa and oratorio? al e a vaiiaon'i
to it.
Tne Philharmonic will be conducted
Una year, aa in me past, by \v. Henry
Baker, who is aa well titled theretor
by training and experience as any
musician in the city: indeed, lie naj
no local superior in thia Held.
A11 interesting departure trom an en
tire orchestral program will be me
introduction at each concert of a quar
tet of ambers from one 01 another ?>;
ihe leading churches. Tin* ciuaru-.t
from ihe ijiace st reel Bapiisl Churcli
til appear at the tirst concir:. Ail
mis concert, a young Kicltmond singer j
will inaKo tier lirst puiiiio appearance. 1
Miss ivssie I'.'hrstein. .-;ill i.i tier 'teens, i
gi\es promise of ueveioping mio a co?- j
' .iratura soprano of reinaraable ability.
Ktchmond lias produced some spleiKlid '
singers, but the last of thoni Ji.is not j
yet boon hearu.
The present comment is undertaken
not alone as an liidoi seineiil ol' the
Philharmonic Orchestra. thougn wo j
nad thai in mind, nut, for a larg? r J
reason, as a plea to the It irhmoii'l
musical public lor its suppori ot 1
movement that promises not only eti
lortainnient but better education in the
n'toe field of symphoiiic imisic. and.
likewise, to encourage an effort to pio
vlde itichmond with an oppoi tunltv to
hear great music, so that when move- |
incuts nhe tins are inaugurated, they
may 1101 be of questioiiabie success,
nut may have that support which will ;
iruaraniec >? building up 01 our musieal
reaotirees. and lead to a permanently
established and strongly financed syin- j
I (inony orchestra witii regular concerts. !
coloneThouse"sits UP !
Out Will i\?t lie Able to Attend Open- j
1 ing Sesxlun of I'euce l'?n
| By Associated Pre.-s. I
, PARIS, January 17.?Colonel House, '
tvho has been ill for several days, i
was so much improved thai lie sat u;i j
to-day. l.ast night h^ had a liatf j
hour conference with President Wil- j
son. who drove to llu: coloncl's apart
ment. As a precautionary measure,
ho^'cvcr. Colonel Mouse's physicians I
probably will forbid his attending tho j
opening; session of the peace" confer
ence Saturday.
Casual.* lainded lit Newport New*. I
I Hy Ax.m? -luted Press. I
NT.WPOPT MOWS. v.v. January 17.
| The merchant steamer Keresnspa,
now listed among the army transports.
J arrlx'cd here this morning from
Vrancc, having on board thirty-?K
' .asualt- The men hail from various
i,octtons of tho country. They land
*>rl this afternoon and went to Camp
, HiU
Two Organizations ?>f lixprcssiiicii
IM'cidc I'pon Amalgamation
at Meetings Here.
SAMK THIS <'l ?:v liNl':.\l)VI AKTKI5S
II. 1). IJerry Chosen I load of t'on
soliilateil Organization of Kvpre**
men Willi Combined M<i:.br?ship
of More Than 75,000 Workers.
AnuliiiiUiatioil of tin? National A'V*
MO?-iaiiu:? >?( Kx ;>i esatiien aicl the K.\
pi uss )->?-. ir>:o11 of the lit othei hood of
il.iliway Cicrk.t, Willi a combined nielli-'
i?.iain,i i,i .iim< ?j man 'lo.viiu, uj? an -
uotiiicvU iic'i e ycsiviUuy, loiiowing a
tlU"llu> >? A Ut U t I ? ?? M.TMUil III llul'.'o ?? ^Vj
re(M eaun t uirf lilC IWU ol ?,a IIi?4U Uolit>.
iti. 11..1V11 < w ill i>i executive nead
? 1Uui.vi.-~ i -r tup new union, wnien mis
11?? .it- .i tun CuiisoIhiuU'iI Ur|,jiiii;?
lioit I. . |t| cr-rtlin- il. Itli'l il. A. Lit: i/i
< . i;iviltii<>ii<i, iiaS IjI'lii electe.t iu'v&i*
II <?' II.. ..il til Idt I a 11 \ 0 lll'UU<|Uit I lv!l a Alii
!<?? ..I L.u .trfv UK, Ky.
.1. II. ..I III'MN .Void)
OA 1,A i.vv 1 I \ i: HO A it 11
K.ed <HllelMCh. of I.OlllaV i.le, Kj ..
\ <<< ...1 ..i' 1 u 11 < I jll. Ocivlll ul 111 <5
.awi-il <>, 1. a | > 1 ??fc j llleil,
? v ' 1 a<.'.i<.'> ji Sui I v . a . ) , 1?. I.
*? i< II <: . << 1 ?. a.-illlllo ion, 1v., w .1.?
? n ? u'M livnil ..I t lu-jiiCfiUfllt, .< 11d j.
... * O .V II V 1 ?!, <u" 1. >!!,.,? ||IV", !?;? . W .. J
V.VV.V?. KM!.: at I I ?.! t?U 1 <f.
1 n? >, 1.? ? 1 .i t-A.- uum: oould liie.i.
uti s 1 ?i.?>. . .1. >1 .1 < tiv-. .011, ut S aut<-,
......OS . 1... .. .?i <r 1J1 |>ii ic. j villi., 1.. .i
.* v. ? ..111. .'11.111, tk Unalu ?..
viUUKuU, .">u jii v iltv, 1 villi., n. it.
. .laiiii, Juciv.-Vi.i . it.v, rla., ??. A. i.lll^
?1 uv t ft t c "at iv.i . vit, S. ? ., t,. Cai pui,
>?.; II. C. L1I1U.1V1I, AbllvVl.iv,
? > ?< i.tJiii|ik 111. i.ivlinioiiu, va.;
.'???I'll-.., i.oaiiokc, \a., it. V. .
? #vu... n.iua.itiOou, 1 vim.
..11.1. 1 tioiu i, >i'.a?IU.\S
ai.UK Mill I UK Aiolti; DAI!)
I lit ISaiu'< .->s LmiSion of 1 iio Liruili
v* ? 11 o v' i * J. i . a 11 \\ u y v. 1 v, k a 1.1 allillaiCU
?<i n tnu .viiivt tvaii 1 edviuitviii v>?
i-aiur, ai.a ? j.iniiKi' >: cJil to uj>ii
? iiaion, u. > vid cw 1 <j a > auU uecuicil
two COIIlietll of l.i..ill<J I'll'Mutllt J. J.
I- Ut ICS .VT 1<J 1 V'lllHlUISIl Jill Ibu.vlioil .0
>'<- COItSoi lUat'.ii yjt, n.tlll<.a .ion ijl iJa. -
iin. iiiH .i ?o iiiat. an am?i ivvii I cdvta
noil ut i-a bo 1 it In I ia 11011 voalU ui
..cvul vu ? .U1J.. 1 Vijlliliy !<>r a 101 Ilia..
Ill VV l III r-* <'. .lit- ^,altu VAC I'.IVC noat i
<'t Hie 4>1 vt liv 1 IIOuU ot Iv.ilt,..,itv-lKii.
.. .i?; 011 > viHiun w.li 1 < v hi t..-M.<n 1 j;
ua> </. two inoiv.
IU hctL) blAMVlNb ruurLE
?|i?->-lnl Srroiwn^ \? 111 tic Orlitrreil in
? iiriouA v i? 11 10 5iiin 111 ii 1 c
.Aiiiieiiiuii liciivi,
011 Ike pail ot lit- {ivoliic of
i'<. * ti il.'v.. ?i l o lOiill iUUtc to llio Ar<
1..V.I.alt ,,.|U U'l, ,i iumi 10I" tuc
i.vju,'j'.-'J . c 1 . tiij, iieo|?it t.i tii?
v? 11 War feOUC .> volv! nay mU tllu lilCU*
it.'jliu oXcclillVc voillllUltvo 10 vollttlllltt
iitu unw 111 tliia city one weeK, mak
hij: 11 tv-iiiiiiiaiv on January 1. itc
I'ji U luauv .iv a Jpoviat inCvliiio at
..0011 MIO'Vvli lillit . Oltvi lOU lii'll.-i iiiadtf I
i j the lliltil .'i c 1 .Wvvdiny iy .Small,
.ii.il ?11I.. .1 Milan iiiiiiioi.-r ol iicupii: nail
i'..t;ii a. .11.. a ml tnat u wouiil
.itit>o?tiibiu to I'ai.^o lliti 1 una of |
. - ?!>/<? i.'t.o:.; ;,i<? tiute 01 lliv ul It j 1
. o- in on o w" 11 i is |i c.
.-i>v .at fiOi'iii?jii.-5 w ill be preached in
:ili<i.v 1 naivitcs <fi itichinoiul to-inorio.v
ami ullernis-s um. 11 lor tlic i?*ilel 01 tins
furtin0 j 1 v i?ie in the Near I'.ati. .-?oiii<j
ol the >. iiui vuvs i:ave luuntl it. ltiipon
ai'jiv to hold Armenian Day tu-muriow,
? ut will devote January -("i to it. and
uth^t^ i''eifrunry -
ynoiiiri ii^vi" I I't'.i assigned to :h<i
u!iu. viitin <11 1 in- city a.i lonow>
Mftliuu^i - - Uarion ilo.t'ili-.
l.a.;;vl >! 1 it*, $l."?u; 11 i^'liiitnu I'ark,1
J.ij"; Ginlei 1'a I'll. }??'"?: HlghJaild
1>i*i 11 tii >y; l-'a .1 mount Ayeniif, S-'O'J; J
; .|iv. i?i 11:, I?vi.n\ >.treet. ?1im), L?e-,
. atur Strr<-;. $ 1 ??; iliancti Memorial,
alu'j <.'er.t:rti. f7jo. 1 eiiuiiary. J? 1."iO0; ,
liri'Ud Street. Woodland lleis'ttri, /
;j>i, Wi-it. l.nd. MOo. t'nion Station,
sjO'j. Trutii \ .Mishion, ?< ?; .Monument,
l'ark riave, 5! "J 0; :?t. Jan.es,
ioOO. ,
iJa]?t\i* \ ? K.cis". 5-?: i-aM hml. ^
' tk*v?<od. $.">0; W oodland lictshta. Sll'O; ;
W? atherfoi il Meinor.a!. M"'i; Wost-j
lampion. JlO''; N'enablo Street. S'J-'.O; '
.. .: ?: l'ark. Kill Ion. ?l*.o; Kirai, '
?."<00; I'a ii'inotint. >300; Calvaiy. i.<'.'0; >
Marlon I lei j; lit.". ST..; Ha itibrldp c. ST. 00;
l:: o. J^lii. Memoii.i!. H ighlanri
Hark, vr..?: Tali?*r;: 11 lo $?"???; SiocktoU
Stisvt. M'0 Second. S 1.?*?(!0: Itandoiph
SMfO'.. JJ-'iO; ? l-irovi'. $!???>; l.eii;ll
Street. } I.<?!'(?; Kituniiniii-I. 5I0O; <Jio\o
A veil lie. iir. i't: Sjll^et, SI,000. ?
I'i-.-.-ibvierlnii ? I'lilton. 5 U"i; Ciracft-?
('uM iiaiit, $".000; Wcsimltister. * 1 r?0;)
s.-i'ond. j'J.O'i'i; r.eid Mi-moriiil, <"?0; .
TliMil. f.I'orter Streoi. Sur.ti; Over- j
tirook M'.aO; Mistpah. SHaO; Hose Me- ;
tnoriii I MOO: Kir.si. $.'."00. , , !
l.nthcran ? n<<thleh<?m Lvanso
S-'.OO: First Kvnngelica!. $500; l-'lrst
jins'ilah. ?T'i0. ....,
i "I rist i.' ii ?Seventh street.. v.?n. I
lJ:ino\i-r .Wenue. Thirdi $..00: :
i i-vardin Avenue. t-T.O. 1-a 4 niount j
A v. is lie. ? 1.2-M?. I .. . !
r.pis opal?Kplphany. $2.i0; City j
sioi> S7*" S! Steplien's. S7.V. Si. ! aill s, ,
St MiO; St. Thomas's. S*,00; Wcddrll Me-1
morla 1. S2'-0; All Siilnts*. Sl.aOn; St.
"1 ti-!;??!* S"100; Si- John's. 5100; St. .lftmeti |
S '000-.'st. Andrew s SI.COO; Moniinieiir j
t '1 5 (r. 0 M .? ule M i*ninr in I. Holv |
T , M r.iift; ll ?!y ? 'omforte'' I
r.\ ,!..!? Coo.l Pliepherd. Km
liS.-.nuel I'huri'h of Ascension,
?/.'lift; I'hiist ("liurcli. $"00. j
tli>? .Itilln I'lrmmnt*.
MNs.ttiihi M Plensatits. ssaert sev.^ti' v
spvoii. died at hfM* honte. "Marion llil!,'*
in Ilenrii-o Oount.v. last Thursday morn
inar at S:0 o'clock. She was htnied
yesterday ut noon in Hollywood Cenii'
iery, funeral services heini; held at the
,1 i-a ve.
Ml'i, \1111ie \. A tlier,
\V INT'l I K.?TKH. January 17.
Mi*9. Annie V. Atiiev,' fifty-two years
old. widow of J. William Athev. was
tViiind doail in her lied at the home of
Mis.s Hnttie Rotvman, with whom she
lived. A physician certified that tleath
was due to heart disease.
Mr?. l.iiln <'uo|ier.
KKi:i)l?i:i?'KSItflli:, V.\.. January
17.? Mrs. 1.11U1 Cooper, wife of James
IV i.'nope!*. died at h<'r home here last
nlirht after mii Illness of several
months. IJesides her husbonrl. she is
survived by six children.
I'M. .I0I111 J. I( .van.
I.V.WIlRl'lifi, VA.. January IT. ?Mrs.
John .1. Ityan, fifty-two years of a?;e.
died Weilneiiday at the Home and i>
treat of [ineunionia following influenza.]
She was a Miss Kraft before her mar
riage and a native of Baltimore.
Jesse II. siiiblis.
17.?Jesse II. Stubhs. proprietor o'! the
Stiihbs Mills, near llelniount. Spotsyl- !
vailla County, is dead at the a^u of,
eiirhty-eiclit years. The deceased was
a Ikiptist and a Confederate veteran.
.Mi?? Kleunor II. tiili'lirlxt.
kVXCIim'Ufl. VA.. January IT ?Miss
Kleanor Holmes (.Silchrist. daughter of
Mr and Mrs. J. II. Cilchrist. died Wed
nesday night at her home of pneu
Sidney Cell.
1'Ti KDK ItlCKSBL'itCi. VA.. January
IT.?Sidney Fell, a well-known busi
ness man of Caroline. County, died last
nlfrht at his home at Guinea, after a
brief illness. He is survived by his
wife and four children.
Army Tnken Over Cnndy Knrtnrics.
Illy AsMoelHted I'resn.l
PA IMS. Januury 17.?Ten candy fac
tories were transferred by the Y. M-. C.
A. to the American expeditionary forces
to-day. Thirty others have boon taken
over by the quartermaster's corps re
cently. The army will continue to man
ufacture Jam. eookiea and candies at
the forty factories.
at once.
Corporal Evans
Killed in Action
Corporal (Seorse It. Kvans. of Dis
ptiianla. was killed in action with i
Company I'!. One Hundred and Six- J
teenth Infantry. on October 1 llo j
volunteer e?l after tli'? declaration of |
war. ari'l pnllUcd with Company 1?. '
, Fourth National liuard, en- !
1 li. i.m| .it Wnverly. a ml won: ovit<cj? j
' ii) June, I'orporal Kvans w. a tweuty
\ in"' years ol'l. and waborn near .
\vill<< ?Harm. Pa. Ilit hail been Iiv- i
ling in Virginia for t"n yearn. j
591. WITH 253 DEAD
Our Hundred ii it it 'I'm euly-l'it c Killed
i ii Art ion mid Out- 11 on tired mill !
'I'm en I >-Kinii 1 "f IJlsCBwe.
\\ AijHlNlJTON'. January 17.?The two !1*'.b
pivi.ii out tu ij.v 1j.- ih-.' < 'oaiiuit ten on I'uli
tic Information how .< tot..i ?t .?:?! i4?u?i
tiff dtviti* t a ? follow*: Iv.>'.*.-<1 tu action,
t.j. ill* d t>I l.?. wounded severelv.
14!. wound ii id .^ree und*.-i*.-i?nttiud i. 1-'.;
v.o<int:><l h'li nt i - ^. 11 ir In *? lion. II.
'lit- Nirsiiii.t .?it"l Nucli I'at'ti.tu iitints
follow .
K I I.I.I'.I) IN A< TIO.V.
Jordan. ?"harl'.i Kl<;li net ; i 'oo:eemcc. N. C. I
I'rl vti
Kinr. .' l'o.*- .
N.x**n. I.- i i : ind Pi'uik, N. C.
.-?oil ? Hum:-; W !II'1||'?1>T. Vil. i
Wiley. VYlliiier Hoyi ? . V.t.
William-. K; itv.il ->i.. !'? mill aW*. Va
WOiMM.li >?;> I.KI.IA'. i
I'riitilrn. ,
(iordou. Kriimit' . 1; . Koaitni.r. \\t.
Wrii'ht. l'riri .v Hiiii.- I'taiiis-. \ .*
s ). rn\..i j. l. :.,n h . WiintliiKtun. N !
I oild. Alosvs. MIU'I;. .\ l'.
W? rbtirton. i.'haru*- \\ .: ftoxbury. V?. 1
iSvst. 1'errv : Netvton (jrov 0.
lt*i it'll, lalwanl '1 Norfolk. Va.
Mi l.j In John i: . .wi/?ita. N. tj.
Norwood, l-owaid It.. Triolet. Va.
> .?*;.. KdUoti. Ki:i l. ni.tii, N. >'
Wbfijian \ 10 in** I... >' ?tinluil. Va.
Nob. t. 1 anosl: ''ItAilimurii1.. N *'
wolnih.o Ni.K.uri-v.
U>s-.tiroo-K A lain.<1 I'.: Dunn. N. ?'.
V. til la uison. Unniii' ? .. Itu-k. .N t
.Intk-ici. Marnnt li.: h-urlns 11N <" ;
win MM.II <i?i;oi:i:i- t m?i:ti;u.minki?>.I
I'ltKX Kit MA ItU'dltl KII >11>>IM?
Sere runt.
Warren. Ira W.: Aslievillc. N |
? ul'um. Jam-. i . Coiini'tlv. N. <:
Morris. Itii) : iticliiiimid. la.
\ ? . 'J-'jr,:* II. ?."'*vjrt'< iwl. \ ?
1(1.1 I U N >.I* TO, III TV. I'ltKYIOt M.v iti;.
roi(Tl.l> .MI>SIN(, IN ACTION.
Darn. A ih?rt V. Hileiia Vista. V*
Ur.niJi W?; **r li : Krl-> Va
. I.<?'!.- .1. !'?>< a liontuK. V'a
i C'onfedern le \ Moruns of lli?.torle Or
Kiinl/.a llttn. I'i f t y - l-'our \ ears After
War's i 1 o*.i*. \umlier I in.
i [Spt1-,:. I it '> he Times-Disputoil. I
I'KTK J:si.:i' KO. \ January 17.? |
\ A i' Hill I'amji of Conleueratc Vet-'
i ffu!!.' will hold their alllitlai iianqtlet '?
; on 'J'titsday i.vftniiif; in honor o;' <;**n- '.
er.ii Leo's birthday aunivurgjry. 'i'iie
t lamp's membership ;> llo. A camp,
:? t ?? \%:ii l>e held l*efore the iiaiujuel !
ia:-te..*i of the annual parade.
I'lntT 1'rfsen tn t Inn.
The ext-cuuve huard oi' the State i
?"??iiti.ti ?ti tJie Jr. ii. I". A. .M.. which'
met a: tin* licndt|tla t ters of ino or.left
:n tiiis oity la.-t nigh:, was presented^
by Statt i.'otitieil tTetary Thoinus It.
lyey with a !>?-.tn11fni fix Hi sill; s* r-'
\ sc.e I'.ic. P.esid*-., bearing tiiirtoen
-t.'i-. replt enlltii; lite original States,
ii disi>:a>s !..?? *:iiii)lftn or tn order and
the iigtn-fs ^."?n7. toptf.-.*iitltip the niini-1
i>- r <tl" :iit-iiibet s <>! i .i?r or?ler i:i Vif
^ :tin who entered tlu cotirtirv's ser
vice during the war. jweuty-i wo of
n horn made the s.ijii **n.i- ? aeriti ami
:n:iny others Oeittg wounded in aotioti. ,
l'hls llau Was t*j have been -pres- uted .
to the State t'otincil in Kredericks*- !
I litirK last tiionth, but tii'e truuix con
laining it was' lust on route and h;is j
I just been found, it is said that fully!
j |on.(urn members o! tli<- ord**r througii- ;
lout the country tntered the yovcru-\
.'iieut serv ii t*. and not a si u-kei or con
s.-ieiitioufe objector was fotuitl amoiij;
I'latisfr rreil to It iehiliond.
Idstrict Attorne.v iiii.tm Al. StuiLh.
j who succeeded itichard li. .Mann, re-'
| finned, w ill transfer the train oflicc j
I'rotn Petersburg to Hichmond. and
| i tine over to-d iy to sup.-i imoinl th? i
t'atisfi-r. ill". .Mat.it vv. a Pi.*oin t<*tl i
I <li.*?itiet attorney on .Ma* l'.'H. lHW
ttig his i01*111 the business of tiiisi dia-1
i rirt nas ttri-atly srow'n. now being,
I i*\? el led. it is said, by only two other
n str:* ts in the country, Nnv VorU and
j fvci I'ranoi.sco. Tin; pressure of lit.S;
! | riva:>; business tna*ie n n**<essiiry for]
i Mr. Mann to resign the government!
| j.osit ie-tt.
Tu Mfel Hilly Stiniltt.r.
A commit toe of ladinv fiti/.ens wil!
o to KicltnunKi to-iitortow tn confer'
i tv11Ii Hilly Sunday as t?> iij.s viteit t? j
I I'eter.sbttrg next Tuesday morning.!
Tins committee will be headed by ti.j
j l.'. Wright, inauagor of tlie. Artuoniani
| re lief t ampitign .in behalf of whic ij
' Mr. Sunday is I<? speali in the Ai-ad
j oiny of Music. Ii is said thai "Hilly "i
j will nialie me trip to Prtersiiurg :i
, an a it lotr.oin A ooniniitiee of min-j
i lt;'ers will go out to meet him haif
' way and ??scoi l him to the c.ily.
'/.lonitlt Orituui/r.
! The /.ionisls of ft? rxburg met hut i
b'.aht in the MiirUet Street Synagogue, j
| and n district of the /.ionist organi/."v- j
1 lion of America was formed The otli
J cors elected are: President. Harry,
' Soiiort; "vie -president. Miss Mebecca ;
| Wise; secretary. Miss Sadie timber; j
t reasti r?-r. A. Wlce i
Notes iif Inleresl.
: Petersburg" raised S**i>n,i?liO for the
! establishment o< I'aiup Lee here, and*
j it if stated that the city raised ovor
I $8,nOO.OiM> for various patriotic causes,
I in aid of the government and its sol-;
dlers. In i ho movement for a greater I
I Petersburg ii is felt certain that the
I $500,000 capital proposed for aiding in
, the business development of the city i
will be quickly subscribed.
Petersourg boys returning from ser
| vied are off< red a six months' member
ship ticket free of cost by the V. M. |
I t". A., with all the prlviic.gos of tile
I honio. and tt 11 wounded soldiers arc'
given free membership privileges.
In the Hustings Court to-day tlm
trial of Thomas I trow n. a young white
man. charged with lite murder of Mis-'aj
Mary Crowdor. was sot for February ,
I. Miss firowder was shot and killed,
while riding home sit night in an au
tomobile with the accused.
Sell l.oiilHlnua'M Sugar Output.
J I'ty Assocluted Press. |
Ni;\V OUl.KAN'S, January 17.?li. I'.
Milling, chairman of the l.ouislaini
sugar control committee, tinnounced
to-day that ropresentativos of the
American, Henderson. Colonial -nol
Oodchaux rcliiierles had clored with
the eommittec to lake all raw sugars
inndo In Lotilnlnna this year Ht the
prlco of 7.28 lixeil by the United Stales
food administration. The relinories. It.?
was announced, will begin opera lions j'
Senate i;iet;lions Committee Urged '
n? Promptly Itecouiil Michi
gan liailut.s.
Attorney for llcnry r*ortl( ('liai'KCH |
Newberry's Klt'ction Whs SecureU j
by Kv|ieii(iittire or ,S<~>00,00<>?Dr.!
?? I mi's Del?t.v In Dun^croib.
I It-. A .??<>?: iu ted p;,.^ I .
WASH 1NGTON, January 17.? In tuk-|
nig u;> Henry lords petition cuntcst*!
lug tiic flection of Truman II. New-i
to ill*' Senate from Mi^liigAii, the;
Senate Klection.s < \muni i lee decided to-i
day to hear all evidencu in open se!;-j
Il< my K. Bodman, of Oetroit. vouii- !
fie! lo; Nev. bei ry, in a nnouiicirig Uiu j
latter desire.) to co-? pdate lully withi
the comm itte<i i? v |nj. ..11 evi-l
deuce. i J?I, i; 1 introduced in
the .Michigan I .eg . dnt u r., i? have 11,0j
tY ?-"l'-"''" ?-"Uii Lake charge'
? wom.i protect Mil i,i-i
I ?eiiiour.i l, oII11 i,.,. <i "[ itl'.uf. !
Miei!1?,ai!U,,< V,' . ?'o w ns.uid. of
.... . 1 a tor Mi.,x , ,.a,j
pl ains iroin i;ep il.ln an ?m u ,nl/ it o i
uiti.tis .di..,i?a? .Mau. |"L'i
inti'.d i.'i"" ' t lie n.uj
io:? w,< ".-''V.!?. '' v? u'? ^1
?'... in..I o. ih'himp, pariaiie.
\\ 11,1. .sot Ol'i'ns)-; tio\
,'?*j i'ki:."m.h \iixm.ui's
?Ml ? ?odinan said .Mr. New ben v did
not vote and "took ?o pan' , i?
ileet ion, l.u; that no would nol J
iiijuni-t i<m pro.veuu.g* ?y ,\|,. l-'ofu "to
All',", i"! S;',U' Jl?" ?" l"<- "allots.
Allied linking .Mr. 1 oro \s counsel.
u" '"Junctions and
ptoposcd legislation did not meet the
situation, aaked lor an immediate m
ui'ittcv' a"U COlll- |
Mr. Lucking; declared that the ac
knowledged expenditure.* ot ilTC.vOo in
.Mr. .Sew berry's campaign were "oniv
a. tract lull, and charged that the>
actuall> readied about .>*juu.0uv
Ballots at Marque;11< and Saginaw
a lieatiy bad been destroyed or removed
lie said, and com sponden. ? of tno !
.Newberry campaign managers had been
"It follows that evcrv dav's delay '
is dangerous." said Mr. Lucking. -If
the Senate postponed i?.s investigation
for six months or a year the time wili
be utilized ti> destroy and suppress tlio
evidence and put witnesses bevoud
"Odd* and IJuift of 101S."
-An attraction which promises to be
.t little out ot the ordinary will be
here at the Academy Monday night,
it i - .lack Nort iiwort h's new mUiiL.il
i< v 'milled "Odds und Knds of
1 '.?!>. 1'iiore are two acts and sixteen
scents, a nd the cast includes Lillian
Golds in: i h, Alice Ke.tor. Walter Wool to,
.Sh' rmun and Mnivoy and others.
tin tici W'urtlrld in "The Auctioneer."
The revival of the most famous of
'-he comedies b* loved by an oider gen
? i ation ot inea tergoei s. "The Auc
tioneer," , with Jjavid Warileld on-.e
more ?apptaring in his remarkaoio
. reation ot Simon i.evi, tat lovable old
Hester Street Hebrew peddler, will be
.he attraction at the Academy next
Tiii-sday and Wednesday night!:.
It is seventeen years since Mr. War
iield tirst appeared in this play. The
revival is especially timely this sea
son. for the mood of. the public as a
result of the world Happenings of [he
pas? four years craves comedy in the
play house.
i'liriMMf Is fo tiring It euli/.u I ion <?{
>plril mid ldrai- m Amrr
? ieun I'rople.
NKW Vc?1:Is. January 17?The In- i
t? :..v,..tl Council ot tli>- L'liued States |
was organized iieie to-day for the pur- |
pose oi iuingiiig the many distttict I
races, living under Hie American tlag, |
to a i ? ,i i i/.a i i< >ii ot the sp;; it and idea,sj
o! the .viucricaii people, and at the j
same ii111? ? piesici ve in each race those j
traits which have made lor tiielr hi- I
tiivKiual gieati.ess. ?^? preseutaltves of j
iioie i hi) ii tiiirty separate racial groups:
in tlie i'niira >?it les, educators and 1
leaders iii iiuliisirx. labor and affairs
iiitendcd the s.\;hering.
? iencrat Coieiuun 1'ti i'ont was chosen
> li;iirinan. The work oi tlie council i
will be divided into tnree distinct cias- i
s.licntions?education. industrial co- j
? peraiion and development of the racial '
gioups. Among the out-of-town rep-|
re.senta'ti ves in atieudii nee were: II J. j
Hc.ir/., iff Pittsburgh; William II. Uarr, I
<?1 liutialo; i'iei re Ou I'ont, oi WiIniing- i
;oti, Ocl.; 10. Grace, of Uothlelieni,
i'a.; S. I'enibc: ton llutchiuson, ?if l'hil
i'.dw'.|>llia : I i ? . iiert I". Pel k ins and!
Tbomas K. Wilson, of Chicago; Daniel'
Wiiliard. of llaltinioi e. Mil.; i."ean Her
man Scuneidcr. of the ICimlisli Col- j
iegiate I'niversity of Cincinnati; Her- i
naid .1. Hothweil. chairman <>f the im- I
migration comniniittee of Massaebu- i
cits; OoimnicU I >. Alcsaiulro, presi
dent of the Hod Carriers' and Htiild
?' I'nion ot Ouinc.v .-s.. and Jo in
I'arks, member of tlie Massachusetts
industrial Hoard of Kail Hiver, Mass.
Kreiteli steamer Strikes .Mine in Strnit*
nf Alcs-iiui. and Sinks Witt,
llen\.v i,os.i of Life.
(By Associated Tress.1
IIO.M i:. .liinuary ii.? i be French
stcann r Chaproi has si ruck a lloatir.g
mine in tin Struita of Messina, sinking
in a lew in in u t cs. I**i\e hundred pas
.sengcrs, mostly iSreeks, Serbians and
Kussiaiis, have been drowned. Another
steamer t.ived l."?ti of those on boaid.
Availabli shipping records do not
carrj Hie name of the steamer Cha
proi. repori eii to ha\ *: struck <*i mine
in tin- SMraii.i oi Messina, and oilicials
.-?aid they had no information ol a snip
l?i that name. |
The i c is a I'rencJi steamer. howeV'T,
by ihe name of Cliaouia, lorir.erly the
Koeiiigen W i'iicimnia. cugagei'l in
AI edit err a ilea n service, which might
have been rendered "Chaproi" in cunltij
ttaiiMiiis.-ion. The C'lmoiiia is a ve.i
^<T of t.;;.{4 gross tons, built in lS'.'ti. j
Iuipnrlnnt t liungert In Selieilulr, It.. (<".
A I'. II. I(., Jiiiiunr.%' ll>, lllll).
Leave Main Street Station, Hiehmoiid.
3:f?5 A. M. daily, instead of 6:40 A. At..'
for Washington n.i? <1 beyond.
Leave Broad Street Station 6:00 A.;
Al daily, instead of 7;1ij A. M., for'
Washington and beyond.
Leave Broad Street Station a:00 P. '
Al. daily, instead of 1:00 I'. M., for'
Washington. ' 1
No. >>'? leaves Broad Slreot Station'
S I.", P. M daily, instead of S;10 I*. Al.,
with coaches and parlor car for'
Washington, und sleepers for Philadel
phia and New York, via P. j;. Ji. i
To-Day's Specials
?-lb. rolls White Olco
murgarine, lb
l-'resh lORgs, per
Virginia Butter Co.
Uncertainty In
Retail Markets
Threatened Advance in
Meats?Paul try and
Eggs Easier.
There is sumo uncertainty wi the'
rclu.l niarUol?. The meat men aroj
j .iyin4 tlio wholetalerx and tlie pack-|
iiik-house men more lor fresh meals'
than was l)i.; > use ten days a {JO, but,
have no: yet advanced the retail prices. '
However, .hey are expecting to l>?
forced to do m> at almost .my moment,
lor liu.ie is an upward tendency in
the v. noiesale niaiKeis and, tuen too.)
tile meats aie not a* plentiful a.> they
have been.
Vegetable* and ft nits are still high ,
and oei.-au.io ol the scarcity 01 ve0o- '
tallies tiiey are taUtnn an upward move, j
i ne. same may be said ot l'ruita. es-j
J'e iuliy apples.
I'oultry is the one line that is help-i
fut lo tue iiltiinato consumer. Heavy j
i . coipt.i of hen and chiiKeiix on Cary 1
.^iivd this w? elv caused a tfccided |
siuiiip in tue wholesale prices and tise
let ail Hetties have'been Miarkcit down,
.? . hi ilint< t\. I:.dibits afe lairly plen
tiful .IIUI til* uri es nave .ajiK'tl a lit
low e
w i li
a I i
to flay
1 li ..UK'
liutry eats a 1 ,
Poll ma.il.ets are well
'. 1 manner ot sea meats a
.'.iiou. change.
lollowin^ quotations
Half pe.. k
will ruli
.-.o m
1 II*. 1.4
< >i a !>'
I , 1 ? |
bam li
r otinrt ..
POUlld .
tircrn peppers
Or. ? ii let I ii? ?
I a Phage. i * ? j t.i,.
Celery. Mail.
i'ji ruU, uuiM'li
Irl^h pot* toe-.
fcu'eet tinuiH.-ii
Onion-. uuart
.-hrliiK oiiion-" uiiii'ii.i
Turnips, uuart
Si.iri.ivli. half ii?el
Kale, half peek
11 urnu> ?a'ad. half peck...
[ rartmlp*. pounu
Salsify, bum li
| CymlinRs. apicie
i Florida .-naps. quart
I Krigllsli I'^J, <iu?it...;
' Karly York cablucc. head
I Tom.i to**!*, iloiui f
I Florida b**et.*. btineh.
Cauliflower. *Piece _ -?
J isit ami Oilier aea roi.il.
B?v ma? ?-in, pounu
Trout, pound
Ka^. pound 20
1 I iv b inc:* ?|Uait
! Cla nil.
! ran 11mil. pnund
I But i? n1?h. pound
i lituefWn. pound
| t!i??;*sli**iii. pound
, I'.oiliflyh. uounil
Crau flake*. ouarl
| l|ot;Hsh. iioumi
KloundT-.. p.'iir.'l
' Sliced Spanish mackerel. II'..
0\pter.?. auait ?*'
I Smelts, pound
| Ilal'but. pound
? Suotf. pound
i Clumi. do/.eti ....
I I*Ar'arhmi*a r.f'ril*. pound
1 sirloin ?f!f Is. pound
j Hound .Mean, pound ^
, Hilt lOiisi. pound 4
itmiip roast, pound S*
1 *i v-notrlom. pound
1 i>- li tripe. pound
sioup mea ., pound 2j
Col n?d beef, pound 2.">
I at nili.
I.arnh, .shoulder. pound S."
l.aino, ciiop pound....
, b'.twins iamb pound Mi
i I'oeU.
i Pork chop*. pound
i lioa-t pork. Pound
: 1'renh s-houlder. pound '??
I:-, .oil. .-lleed. pound ?>"
' Mam. sliced. pc.iiud *>f>
1 Hoc-shead cheese. lb
l.iver tiuddius. pound
I StlO'jC least, pound
j Vent cutlets, pound
J Veal i'hop-, pound
Hound veal, pound
B.f.rt ?eal. pound
Dressed I'oultry. ?
Roasting chlil<*ns. pound...
j t'lilek -n. bro.l**rs. pound
I Siew'i.n: i hickciie. pound.? ..
' t'apon . lilekeii . jiound
j Ijui k\ pound
1 Ijulnra.**. upleee
; TurkejT. pounU
* Gcc.ie pound
Kill Ier. Kkrk. t'lirrit.
Butter, ereaniery. pound
Country butter, pound
I Kirssr. fr?i>b. country, doaen
I Atneil all <.h?,e>?. pound
Schv\elt.'.cr ebe?*se. pound
I lloQUiforl ClKiti. pound
Itubbltn. apleee
l> in
l.i o
3(> (J
I 00
Break Up That Cold;
Avoid Influenza
You can't nfloid to tri.V with a
cold. It may lead to inftuenra or
other seriotu uouble. Start fighting
ii at once with
Mothers Joy
Applied externally to the
throat jind chent. it quickly
r?tr* to th? sent ci the Id
namnjitiLvn, relieving '?ongen
tion and ?oi?nri', ami aiding o
prevent pneumonia. it
eoothing. warm
ing and ah?o
luteh' h*rralf.ii
to the tende:e?t
*kin. Doclorn
Buy it irom
your d-rder in
25o. rvnd 50c.
jar J.
Silk Underwear
V alues ,Ji
in. the
HUNDREDS of women braved the bad
weather Thursday in order to share in
these most attractive underwear offerings.
That others will do likewise to-day goes with
out saying. Genuine merit commands suc
cess. Buy now for the entire year.
T. 1 -1S -1 T>.
Time Brings Happiness
With The Dawn
The Coming of Baby Marks th? Ad
vent of a Glorious Future.
Sciontls's say cr^at stress should bo laid
iil>on the remarkable Influence which the
mother'? happy nre-natal disposition has
upon the health ana future of the eenera
tlona in come
There is a splendid Bi"?naration women for
Mver half a century have applied before tho
stork'* arrival. I.nonn as Mother's Kriend.
Thin is ? mof.t grateful. penetrating remedy
lhal at once i-oftens and soothes the myriad
? ?r Iroad. Hat abdominal muscles under the
el.In of the abdomen. lty its regular u-^c
ilurlng Hie period th-5 ncrvea. tendons and
i-urds nre relaxed ami there is an absenco
i>f iirt bt*aring-down pain*. strain ami
general ditccuiifort more often than other
wise experienced wlun n a Hire is unaided.
Hv the iik oi .Moiiicr'i Prionrt night and
morning the muaden relax with cum when
h.ib> mni'-s. the time <it tl?o crisis isi shorter
,iih! pain and danger is naturally avoided.
Write th? Hra.llicld Ucgulator Comuunv.
Iiepi. )?;. l.atii?r ItniMine. Atlanta, lieoruia.
their Motherhood UonU. and obtain a
bottle of Mother's Friend Irom the druggist,
bv all mcan.4. and gut into condition to
jnoet the crisis. ? Ad v.
I IF \ WOUU> DINE - -*1
With Folks whose m
A toilet preparation of merit.
Hetr? to eradieate dandruff.
For Reatorin8* Color and ,
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair. i
ItV.rntl U Mit dragging. # /
Special Saturday
Choice Pot Roast,
22c and 25c
There ill l?c * linge minouni'rmrnt
'?f kroat imer?-;u to every Richmond
business man in The Times-nispatcih,
Sunday, the 19th. "Richmond's Self*
Stai tor."
L'aroiiia ; Jan. 29
I'riitso* Juliana Feb. 3
Saxniiia Feb. i'2
Carina nia Feb. 17
[loyal (ieurge I'eb.
Drriitua Feb. 20
l'aroiiia .March tf
Oriana Feb. 0
Paimonia Feb. 18
-1 Mine Sireoi, Veer York.
Or l.oi'ul A cents.
Fresh and Corned'
Hani and Shoulders;
Best Market Prices.
Sirloin and Round Steak! ,"'t
?? to
' Y?
? .? tu
' ^ )
* -*?"!
< Sti I
I f.t>i tl
Swift Premium.
Sugar-Cured Hanis,
The Richmond
Transfer Co.
GouernI European .Steam
ship Apron Is.
Phone Randolph loo.
Sugar-Cured Smoked
Fresh Brains, Liver, etc. fi
Hamburg Steak,
| Lamb, Veal, Pork Chops
Wood, a Cord (j*?|
Prompt Delivery
The best Cook ins Wood or tin* best Heater Wood?110
? difference in price, #9.00.
? Virginia Council of Defense
? Madison 2000. N. \\. Corner Tenth and Broad.
t>?>4^??<>>?? iTfii <n??n>?^
Will You Burn
We have about GOO cords good, large, perfectly dry
slabs in stock that has been ricked in large piles for
months which must be sold (his month. It is cheaper
than other wood and yet will serve the same purpose
for kindling and cooking. Also oak and pine block,
dry and nice, and every kind of coal Richmond house
keepers use. All burns to pure ashes, which is the
best proof of heat. 1 only ask a trial order, because 1
have been heating people over 21 years.
Long Coal Co., Inc.
Phone, Madison 1060-1070.
? l.SO
40c ib
All Other Meats of
Very Lowest Market
Phone Randolph 3787.
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Montague Mfg
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