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Crisp News Items
Every Morning at Your
Door in Compact Form.
NOinKK 40
'? V tTKKIl
:?: -i -?/'vv-s 4
; *? ^ ' ? * , ; - ?
Pulling Power
Times-Dispatch IVd'nt Ads
Havc That Qutility?:?.
? )
Greatest Crowd of Cam
paign Batters at Audi
torium Entrance.
Many Delegations Attend From
Industrial and Wholesale
Plants of City.
,;.\-G,\Ml$Lj;rt DKIJVKIIS IMi.\ VEK
Relist in KiR|,U?B Mood a> Hr
Attacks Radicals Opposing
JtrV.o'nt U"n*TrS"'\\nn ?" ",lrn " >??
lownd on p?cr - ,,c
isi^Uf of T|ir 'ft '' ',nrl -? of Chin
or r?ir flRicM.lilnpairli.
i".?*81 rrowti that yet laid
11\W : ny ^"^onum to hear
'w? surs"J ,M il ?coa
S?' K< l!UWttllnB- imploring,
door ^ f'r|iU'r,B !"ln,unlt>' against
Hd l? bUildln- **? 'light.
, Mie husky
ifancew." * 0 k ua.Tdi-d tho on
"I?ld you i- i* V ?s,"nilar occasion.
. > ,H anybo-ly on i:.-^ad Street
>. ak"?K'" <-a.li.5d out one
-o anot.hrjus: arriving. "This
\rt. over V:ie/l?'C C'"Ji,J"'1 b'- anybody
MOIilfi Til \\ in Mjuisu
/ , * V!,V1L;',!on lo *rail-hlitcra met
jVvViV I>0nrc Iaal "iKl't. but
'A-io i!,;? -Vol,"K women and
;W. ,v, "u" ?sliu"l?-'d. arid fill ai
, were full of poonle
'?'lectin?1' 10 lK trom ?"c vvhCle
'?ga.tjon camc forward. Over lyo
>vn and wonii'ii i,n the trail in the
? cxt tew minutes. mSunday was
?specially delighted over ?ho nurses
mo came ui> In u body.
L?eiejpitiohti were p.<***nt from the
... wpMkt ami i>hi0 freight ollices.
Ja . ?<;\\.irt l.ible classes. th?* l>avld M
~';i t'?e Jtoyal Arcanum. tho
hlcvtrl.: *liopw. Uirus liroth
V*' ? Scott's Addition, Cottr.Ml Saddlery
v,*'ling and army nurses,
'tody' erected each charaeter
. - ically,
'ila* the delegation from Curjs's
??iVTrck *ot here ye:? No7 V.'cll," ! sums
they were a Utile iau- with the milking
o-rtighl!' . *
IN I Mill U VIA \ \t-Jll
"Wrfcrc- .trf :v u::ny and visiting
: i.-cet,? Oh. r he: o >o;i ar. ? We. , I m
icclItipr a ;.11.? .-n-k myscSI"'
""Western llkcrb ? ??he! Why, 1
? tould ."-ay >ou ar-. he rot'
And fo on. cai'h delegation in turn
?' m:i?! ? to feci at home a:id wel
1 ?r. .l <!iic.- i'.. Walker, advance man
I! i -1 > Sunda y ui the Itichmontl
iurnp:Cgn. viw pr?-scnt last night on
hi.- -ai*v i<> San Antonio, where no will
tnal.e ai- preliminary arrangements
for tho campaign there, which will
iiw. n on March following the close
of 'in i;t''ii:ii>>;iii f.ri.? of meeting*).
M SuJ>day i.illed 1 >r. \\*alki-r to the
{ihttforni, wiiere he spoke l>rlelly. ex-1
urcsalng Ir.s ;<l?'a. ir.- at meeting llich
iiiond friends again. "Ilichmono i?? on?
of tho tin'-^i towns I ever ran across."
-lid \j:. Walker, "and I'm going flow :i
?i San Antonio to ;e^! thein how fast
i j ntovi- 1 here in lti?'hmcfiid.
? i mi \\ in ru.n ri\<;
III Moll 111 ItlMi SKI(.tlO\
it-ou ster. MaLt!hews and l-todeln aver
: _? a !:i de.llglited the audience with their
? iidering of "We'll Understand Kach
other lJet-ter Hy :#n?l fly."
I; i U > Sunday was in a lighting
I hi mor last night. lie spat o:i his j
t..?ntl.i anu : tormcd tip a.'id down the ?
? ntform when he digressed to attack
n liL-.shcv iJts in a torrent o:' in
i i\ ?*.
? vs'f- 1! make the rivers all llow |
hlood before we'll dip <>ur colors to
i:n Bolshe\ ist pang.'" lie sputtered, |
i il be darned if we're going to let
? mi i un this joo!
I vv as horn \< ith a di>iiosition to <
o3C a little piece of my temper |
. , netirr.c.M." he explained with a ?riit, |
And go4"h' 1 haven't gotten over it:
ft! I can go so fast sometimes you
an't sen me for du.-t!"
lie announced his subject for last j
night'!' sermon as "I*'tfty-Kifty." The
t. xt wris taken from Second Samuel. I
hirteenth verse. "David ?iaid unto ;
Nathan, 'I have sinned against the ;
1 l'} I'll .
hi: wii,i. in-: iia.\ulkii
Mr. Sunday clarilled the vision of
l.is audience with an enlightening dis- j
course on the "true inwardness of
i epentanec."
Hi also tried to make clear the
difference between the body and the
t oil by an apt illustration.
"Some of these days." he .said,!
' ?.hey'll call me and I won't answer.
They'll say 'Bill's dead" They'll send
fur tiie undertaker and pump tne full
t j' embalming 11 nid." lie illustrated j
ilia aiitomobile-tire pump operation |
perfectly. "Uut that's not me!" ho j
v ont on triumphantly, with the mis- i
. hievous grin of a small buy "putting j
?lie over." |
"I've beat it! I'm up in heaven i
singing with the angels!" ]
Hilly Sunday said he never would
bo able to understand why Itichmond ?
people were so slow to come out and
lake a si am! for Jesus Christ until he
got to heaven and asked the Lord
about it.
Frank Goodman, the reformed gatn^
bier of New York, offered a unique
and forceful prayer in closing the
Nearly 6,000 children looked} on in
epon-mouthed wonder yesterday after
r.oon at the. City Auditorium wiien
Ilomc-r A. Tiodeheaver played showman
? r> the. crowd with thrilling sloight-of
hand tricks which brought forth bursts
r,f hilarious applause from the
voung?tera. Billy Sunday spefit the
entire afternoon resting. ?.
At least 200 boys from the Central
V. M. C. A. were directly In front of
?Rody" and they loudly challenged
the magician ?o "come across" when
t'hey suspected that they "had the.
poods on him." That he was too clever
to he caught napping was the mis
fortune of the youngsters and not their
tauK, which they proved by storming
tho platform as noon as the meeting
was over to got a closer view of
"Uody's" paraphernalia.
TRAII. AFTtSR A DDR 12 51 !l
, The speaker used his magician
"stunti to illustrate the force of habit
? esp?cially of bad hablt??and .in clos
Ing mode clear to the ehlldren the plan
(Continued on Second PaseTy
i*. jfan
On Billy Sunday's Trail
A. 'K.?Momlnjc aerrlee Ml '
Auditorium. Nrmbrri of c|jtrrrhr? I
nhlrh nrr rkxiH mml prearnt tbrm
iirlTra for nAmlnalun brforr IO:1ft.
2 P. M.?S|M*?Hnl aer-rler for men
onlj at tbr Anditorlana.
SUV) I*. M. .Special aervlce far
noraen only at Klrat lluptUf .
( harch. Ml?a Cr?re S?ir will apeak i
to the rwomrm and Hr?, Aahrr ?tIII
P. M. Rtllj- Sonds; prmeSre
liia flmt >4(;ht aerraon at the Audi
7:X0 P. Mr, Sondaj akiI.i
prenehea, Tfce sedmon preneheri n t
CsliO P. M. trill be repented at thin
?rr\ If*.
S P. M.?Mrs. William Aahrr rrlll
?peak at tke Broad Street WrtbodUt
Building in I'lattcville, Wis., Is
WracktMl ami Many Arc
Telegraph and Telephone Lines Torn ,
Down, While Pedestrians Within ;
J Two Blocks Arc Hurled to Side-i
walks With Force.
PLATTKVIL.L.E. WIS.. Feb. S ?Nine !
? persons were known to have been j
killed :ind a dozen more are believed
to lie buried in the ruins of the Four
1 hand Building. which was wrecked to
day by a trcrnendou:' pas explosion,
. So terrific was the explosion that per
j sons on the street within a radius of
two blocks were hurled to the pave
! :nent, many suffering minor injuries.
I.argc pieces of wreckage were
j thrown high in the air. some descend
ing upon the crumbling ruins and
! others upon the roofs of near-by build
ings and in the streets. Telegraph ami ;
. telephone lines were wrecked. Mes- ,
senders were hurried in automobiles:
j to adjoining villages to summon fir?v
men to fight the flames which broke
; out in a dozen piaccs immediately
? after the explosion.
MIXERS AID kiiii:.mi:.\
IX Ulll.VC'IIIM. I'l.AJItlS i
Owing to delay in securing lire
fighting assistance the flames were not
brought under control for ocverai .
| IMatteville is in the center of the!
i Wisconsin lead and zinc mining dls
! trlct, and hundreds of minetts had
I cornc to towti for th? half-holiday, j
Many of these rushed to the scene |
I and aided in rescuing the injuried and !
lighting the lire. The Fourhand Build- i
ing. which occupied the towns largest j
| building block, was demolished.
It was lmpotvlble to check up misa
i ing persons, but be?ides the nine known
! to be dead it was estimated that at
I leaGL,tsy.fclv$ met death "either in the
j onlhilHIlng of tha building "or in the
fTamns which later licked their way
; through the debris.
Buying Public Hungry for
Goods of AH Kinds, Wizzard j
OllA.VOK, N. J? Feb. 8 ?"Do not'
hesitate, go ahead." was the message
of Thomas A. Edison to the American
business man in reply to the well
wishes of a group of friends who called
to-night to bid him good-by on the
eve of his departure l'or Florida, where
he will celebrate his seventy-third
birthday. The Inventor predicts a!
quick return to prosperity.
"The buying public is hungry for
goods of all kinds," he said. "The j
purchasing power of the people is i
enormous. The only danger is tha i
business man who thinks he is long
headed and hangs back when he ought1
to go ahead. The man who lets his'
business run down at the heel waiting
for prices to reach their lowest level
i3 likely to lose a great deal tnor?
than he gains, and the percentage is
heavily against him."
Mr. Edisor. said his health was ex
cellent, ..nd then added:
"My great-grandfather lived to be
104. my grandfather 102 and my father
ninety-four, so their ages total 300.
and 1 hope to maintain the century!
T?o Companies From Thla .Stnte
Among Men Aboard Trooimhip
NORFOLK. VA., Feb. S.?A wireless1
from the troopship liijndnm late to
day said she would reach i>ort here
early to-morrow morning. The ship
will be. docked immediately upon her
arrival, special arrangements having
been made for the purpose.
The transport hos aboard a total
of 2.S10 officers and men. These in- ?
elude twelve casual companies, consist
ing of tliirty-six officers and 1.79" men, J
fifty-five detached casual officers and
one detached enlisted man, nineteen
nurses, six civilians and thirty-two
medical corps men. The sick and
woundo (Inboard total SO-, divided tus
follows: Bedridden, one officer and j
thirty enlisted men: mental cases,
twelve enlisted men: tubercular cases,
ten enllste# men: requiring no special j
attention, eleven officers and 750 en-?
listed men. They are accompanied by j
sixty-six nurse>s. Two companies of
the. casuals are composed of Michigan
men. one of Ohio men, two of New
Yorkers, one of Texans, one <of men
from Illinois, one of Massachusetts
men, one of Pennsylvar.ians and two
of Virgin iann, one colored and one
white. Ther.e men will be kept in
camps only a few days before being
sent to camp* nearest their homes for
Secretary linker Provldea Thnae Fig
urea for Senate Investigating
iny Ainoclated Press. 1
WASHINGTON. Feb. S.---There were
more than 370,000 court-martial trials
of American soldiers during the war.
Secretary I'.aker Informed the Senate
to-day in response to h resolution of
Senator Borah, of Idaho, asking for
the facts of trials erf soldiers. Mr.
Baker aald that 22,000 cases were heard
by general courts-martial and the re
mainder by special or summary courts,
?the offenses being of a minor
Secretary Raker said it would be dif
ficult to send the Senate record* in all
of the casos, as many of them were in
France, but.that h? would tumlab all
Information available.
I:-" , V.... .
Conference Report on Measure
Adopted by Vote of
310 to 11.
Declare Measure's Provision of
Six Billions for 1919 Will
Be Insufficient.
WASIU.VJTCMC. Feb. 8.?The ilou^c
iO-niKht concluded its work on the 1
record ?break ing" war revenue hill by I
adopting It. 310 to n. aft,.r six holJrs-.|
1? now to the .Senate for rinal j
approval, which is expcctcd early ncx- !
'J he conference report, which pru
i>OKc.s to raise $6,000,000,000 in
annuiTlvr 11W11 fnore lh*? 1 <.000.000.00?>
annuallj until repealed, will be taken
disposal of ih?"At0 ',nn'fdia:ely after
i ?. of the/womnn ::ufrr;i'-o r*
ir.n u-,:i; lR'1 aPI"*ova 1 l.v l'rcsi
K debate In <
and 1 :?Sf?.r0 t0? IOw- "or Ihisyearj
ilTt",,:; s? ,;?>?? *?!
The lchi!dniiabor ^c?dmcn.:s part Eular'y j
(inn -on ldbo,r >?erialatk?n. On the
of '? as-^sss1-?kbsss-1
SUphiS*- JS* v ,'^We^i
provided for ner?. u pay konun
military service d.scharjfed from
PrincVpa^addVess e'rmCh'n^ macJe thl"
Zen? ?rn5'MMr"'of'i5??n'*-1 " Mlch<- 1
PUI.llc.in <?grJ?,?( He
ous feature* of the btfl CT?aCifcd varl"
referred to jt ? * ;Mr- Moorr.
measure" und "a rJiLt,.r forbidding
horrors." chamber of financial
report. Mr.
a great pronatfanrlA i?e?C , ,ad been
n order 10 a.ll^ th ?ltff1 the bill"
Unuc in force and ?v. 1 aw to ??n
m?'If th.a" J &sit<>cr*
Sf'lh^r Keh
ma^ 5*V0.000.oVoe?IrTe*1 ^VJr b?*'
man rotes against This kii'i JC n'nJr
frihX'itii ifl'vSb;';-:1",*" -
???? hild ?"^y A'SS'Si'&JrSZ
"He woul^P0RAT,0'V ?!?.?>0.000!
I'nited States St\e7?rorn to,.eive the,
??'00.000. which i* th? hw?P tlon
.sr. '"if !
ofltfM ^~'WWS? i5!i
UcthlehMnUlste^iC CorDor ?-? 6,VP th?
00ft. Corporation 516.000.
?'our^bljT'rneat packlne*" l? e,Vc t,le
meat pack in J ? & companies, tii?
?hlch is the 5diff?lnCV ?0 000.000.
taxer ll,:/b||!<l,^"cc between tho
the taxes levied on n . ,lrm antJ ?
existing- law. them under the.
lions canar,nCdertoU,^ot"iStin?- concli- ;
bill with the idea of i?f??ffatnst this'
jsting iaW- continue n#. ex~
other excuse" Ho n>"st ^t an
.?"? 1fhi;'"vMs'Ud W" expend!- I
Treasury Den.-.rtmenrMtlmSv t0 the i
amount to at least no nn/ n7? te* would !
in his opinion ^hov wmii'i ' 'while
000.000.000. or S10 000 onn AAnreach *-0
000.000,000 less tiian iMho ?r
continued. . f the u'ar had ;
THINKS YEAIl'S etpuvsks
??If tl,? HE 9-0,000.000,000 I
000.000. a.s IPthlnkUth" /""in" ,20 000-- I
"thc Secretary of Thi1, ,rKitchin
will have to conic "to r?i^ Treasury
bonds!"'Za 1 i?n ?g j
! inZ" Am? Aoa"'ii" "> bonds I
te..5S!?^s'& "???:;!
rop'ortX,of ^he Secretary of m? i,nnaal '
nenrtiturea." he said ?.P,emP'ated ex-j
instead of next year', om pr,<:?irt that ,
intr what the Secretary of 1h ^,r*8
report indicates ihev will Tre;,sury
SIO.ooo.ooo.ooo. This bin VJ ,i .ou,,t to
nii-se next year j* o,Q 000 ftSn *nc,d to
means that there wn i;A?'009'which ?
Sb.OOfl,000.000, which ,l ,,enf-lt of
iHHUinir more bonds <rh?U8t Kct ?V i
of the trcmendoiiK we think
bond issues bein- 1,^5,7??le of "'e
readily see mat "hev wtl V w?, caM
a morlgnKe on the ,,,L 1,1 Constitute
dustries of the country for l thr in"
upon fc'enerntiona." fenerations
""" :
(?or^-BH. Ala.
1 I,y ^"wocluted Pr<.?? i
r?IR.\I IN'trflAM. AU\? j.Vh t v, I
person5i wore drownprf kia *_* ^inc .
n. KniAlf Vk>hL C4insi>#() in I?* ' when |
joarnod. The
tOifCht of Them Arrive |N \op#n..
* nrd* to Cnderico MI^Ht
noupoiL^ ,
marino chasers, part of the h-Jih?^
patrol of N'ew York fMt? .?.. rbor
inn navy-?,ard to-day for silffht re^aj^
*nd supplier, heforo contlniiinc the^?
P^a10^' S"y4??tf];,a li'r
??' '?-! A-?.. ?
Federal Reserve Board Suggests
Plan to Facilitate Interna
tional Transactions.
Figures Indicate.Tremendous As
set System Has Been in
War Financing.
i Br Associated Press. 1
WASHINGTON. Fc-b. X.?Will wig:?e.h?
to usi'lTlakf- development of an int? r
niutlonal o 1 'J (xchang>! fund to faoiil
tat'* linannfciJ transactions between
na-ti>nrt with actual' shipment of goid.
was exprensr<l to-day by the Federal
Reserve Roard in its report Tor 1D1S.
This arrangement would be simil;u
to that r.ow maintained by the board
to settle balance.-; between banks
within the United States;.
This Is one of the suggestion.? for
future financial dcvlopxent crowing
out of successful domef\t.ic war opera
'Ion of the Federal reserve system.
Referring to the settlement of trade
balances in this country through the
Federal reserve clearing channels, th2
report mid:
"The successful operation of the gold
settlement fund has suggested the pos
sibility of avoiding shipments of gold
from one country to another in settle
ment of balances arising out of ordin
ary commercial transactions, and the
board Is ready, if authorized to do so.
to undertake negotiations looking to
the establishment of an internaliotial
gold exchange fund, or to vonsist in anv
way in its power in negotiations which
may he begun by a government depart
ment looking to tho/t end. The board
believes that definite plans cannot per
haps be worked out until a stable peace
has been a.?sured."
Tlx* report disclosed for the first itinte
extensive operations of the Federal
Reserve Board's system of regulating
foreign exchange transactions for the
past year to prevent dealings on enemy
accouni. Total purchases and sales of
demand and cable exchanges between
dealers in che Unit^U States from Feb
ruary SO. 1018, when the regulation
became effective, to December r.l. were
J.i.ir>S,OOP.0OO. of whfch IS,"37,000.000. |
or 72 per ce?U were for exchange on <
Urea.t Rritain. I
The report told In cryjrtic financial
terms how the Federal reserve Hyatcin
f'tnetioned in co-operation with the
Treasury in 'tremendous war tasks of
raising liberty lonns, floating certifi
cate issues, settling trade balances, dis
counting billions of comanerris: paper,
assisting in the rationing of capital,
and providing a free channel for flow
of credits to all parts of the country
whnre ?they were most needed. i
'"Within a few months the country's
war financing will have been com
pleted." said the report, "and the.
board can then deal vrtfli the problems
Incident to bringing our credit struc
ture op? our banking operation's buck
to a .normal''
.'The. ability of-the <?u#*ry-to ab
sorb investment* hu -proved to be tin
greater than had " been anticipated,"
cotrtlirOed report, **and our credit
structure, although export dod. is un
shaJcen. We. have no currency prob
lems, and conditions are not compar
able with those which existed ai the
close of the Civil War. True, the pur
chasing power of money has doclinod.
but this is due to the urgent and ab
normal demand for goods and servicew
and the accompanying expansion of
credit and currency."
The board predicted that banking
credits now concenirated in this coun
try soon would be extended through
the world, with the development of
foreign trade.
An idea of the service rendered by
the Federal reserve system in coon ac
tion with war financing may be gained
from the report that since %he war be- >
Son $31.4o2.000.000 of Liberty bonds !
and certificates of indebtedness have
been subscrtbed for and collected
through the twelve reserve hank*.
Rediscount operations between fhe
reserve banks during "the year were
reported as $6Fi5.?3S,000.
l>espito the big strain on the re
serve system, tlva surplus over the re
quired reserves have fallen only $17.
400.000 sinx-e the declaration of war.
The so-called free go?'.d. or surplus of i
reserves, on December 27, 1918, was re
ported as S52S.GOO.OOO. Aggregate net
earning* of the banks were $55,446,000
Inst year.
The Federal renerve system now in
clude* !>?6 Staie banks and trust com
panies. with aggregate capital and sur
plus of $750,000,000, and aggregate re
3(ruroc<i of about $7,339,000.000, the
board reported.
Tho number of State mstrttHiwns
eligible for admission, including tfcore
now members, is S.&00. with resources
of about $13,500,000,000. l>ost year 6S6
Stato banks, with aggregate resources
of about $2,300,000,0W. became mem
Revenue Officer to the Rescue, ;
Captures Bovine and Booze
t Rv Associated Press. 1
COLUMBUS, OA.. Feb. 8.?An intox- s
icated cow tunning away with a 1R0- !
gallon still was captured by Deputy >
Revenue Collected Kngiissh. of Atlanta, i
ann tS. J. Causey. of this.city, this af
ter noon.
Inve?!igatiou showed that the cow
had found < he lop ofT anil the still full ;
of sMir mash. Having no cone.-ientlous
scruples al^oul violating t/he bone-dry
law. f'i\o had fhe time of her life. Her
head went in the still opening easy
enough, but would not come out.
The remainder of the. still outfit wan i
captured by the ofllcers neaT where the !
row was found, but the owners had i
Gold Fields of Russia
America's Opportunity
When normal conditions return la
troubled Itussis, when (he tiolntie
vists remove their ban of death an
nil hIio labor, and honest Industry
l.i given If* chance, the great gold
deposits of the former Slav empire
will offer splendid opportunities to
Americans who may care to tnke
advantage of thera. 14 h not gen
erally known that Knssln pos^ense*
the grrutest gold fields In the world.
In Siberia aiid the Ural Monntains
there are cist deposits that are
nmre easily worked than the
Alaskan Klondike, nnd richer by
fnr In their returns than thane of
Sonth Africa. All Ihtii wealth lies
open to tb??*e with Initiative and
energy to develop It, and there Is
where It Is expected that American
Ideas will find fall play* Colonel
Rtmstam Ilek haa written a story
?boat these vtonderfol gold deposits,
and H will he printed In The Ttmea
Dtapateh on Monday.
??Vi!!>a: v.
Supreme Council Discusses Terms
for the Renewal of the Armistice
I R? Asset Ik ? ed Tr 1
PARIS. Crli, S.?The supreme wnr
council continued Us ilincnulou on
(lie trrnifi for a rrnpv.nl of the
armistice to-dny. Tlie fnlloivln^ of
f'u-lnl communication with rrwpfct
to the iir^roliationo nn.s luxurri thin
"The miprrmr war council mrt
thl# afternoon from .'I to ft oVIork
nt thr. t)nni (l'Or*nv, The discussion
of the term* of the reucWHl ?f the
ximUtlcr n?? continued. The fol
lowing resolution r>rnpo*ed by Pren
Ident \VIIwon was npproied:
" 'Klmt. I'ndcr liferent conditions
mnnT qufntinin nut primarily of
military rbarnrter, nliirh tire nrla
Inrc dully, and nhirh are bound to
lifi'omc of inrren?i?(; Importance an
lime p?*Nr?. should lie dealt with
on hehnlf of the I nlted States nnd
the allien by ch Itlan representa
tive* of thewe covr.nimeiitn e\perl
caced In such question*?finance.
food, blockade control, shipping; nnd
raw material*.
" 'Second. To nccompilsh till*,
there ?hall he romtltated at Parta
n supreme cconomle council to dc,al
with siifh rn.it ter* for the period of
the armistice. The council nhsll nb
?orh or replace nil such other eslnt
Ins lutrrnllled bod lea nnd their
power#, a? it may determine, from
time to time. The economic conti
<?11 shall consist of nof More than
tl\e represent Jitlres of each inter
ested trovernment.
" "Third. There, shnll be ndded to
the present International permanent
nnnlNtice commission two cltiiim
rcpi-escn<ntlve* of eucli Government
nliu shall consult with the Allied
hlsth command, lint who ntay report
dire-et to the suprc^nie economic
"The neit meeting rrtll take place
on Mondnv at o'clock in the after
Commander John T. Towel's Detailed
to Take Charge of Plans and
Assembly of Material.
Route Generally Favored Is \ ia the
Azores, With Stop at Islands for
Fnel?Crew to T5o Composed of
Five Men.
[ rty TV*je< 1
WASHINGTON", Feb. S.?Navy avia
tion expetrs are planning a flight across
the Atlantic Ocean. Commander John
H, Towers was ordered to-day to take
charge of the "development of plans j
| and assembly of material and per- [
i Eonne'. fo'- the proposed transatlantic j
j night." j
I When the project of a transatlantic
j Hight "was urged here by Major-General '
j Br&cker. of the British air service, j
| last year, it was brought out that Ute
shortest distance would ho from New
Found land to the Irish coast.
This is approximately '^,000 miles,
and; 'Kfren?ft' plane canal&le of a suj
talned speed of 100 miles an hour, it
could be raiuje.'ln. J.went)1 hours. So
far as known, however, no plans has (
yet been built which could make the
trip without stopping for refueling. I
The route most generally favored in ?
naval circles, however, is via the ?
Azores, with a stop at the islr.nds for
fuel and oil. Some officers favor a ;
half-way stop at sea to refuel from ,
a destroyer, if it Is considered In- ;
posslbe to make the trip in a single '
In a general way it has been said
heretofore that the crew'of any plane
attempting to cror.s the Atlantic would
be composed of at least five men?two
pilots, to provide relief at the levers;
two mechanics, to carc for the engines,
and a navigating officer, to chart the
course. . ;
As to weather conditions, it wan
said that probably not before June
would conditions become stable, enough
I to warrant an attempt. Another quiet i
| period occurs in early fall. It Is re
i garded as doubtful that all prepara*
| tions could be made by the summer
| period, although this is one of the
| things Commander Tower will have to
| determine by careful study.
"While there is a good deal of friend
ly rivalry with the British government
over making the first transatlantic
night, it is said that neither nation
could count upon the co-operation of
1 the other. As the prevailing winds
are from west to oast in tho Atlantic. ?
the chances favor an attempt from this
I nydroylune In Katal \onr-niTr nt
Training Stnllon?Iloitir.t
t ft? Associated Press 1
dualhs of three naval dyers in a i
! hydroplane accident was announced
! l.ere to-day at the naval training sta- j
twin. lSnsigna Doane Hutledge. .
Robins, L,a.; David Mingle. Tyione. Pa .
aad Ralph MeCormack. ICcist Boston, I
I Ma??s., were killed las;, night when i
their machine, fell about feet into ]
Lbe bay and wae demolished The i
bodies were found floating in the '
The liydropUi.no H-S 1 was ?<*n to !
50 into a noec dive ami spectators ?
thought it pr.rt of a maneuver. When '
i: struck tb? water and failed to rise
again mechanics went to the aid of tn?;
P. yor.-\ thinking the engine had stopped.
It wa> found t?> have been wrecked,
however, apparently having struck the
water wlrh terrific force.
l'lwnn Irr 1*erfe?-tc?I to EiUbllih 'litem .
TMrly Mile* Apart ?n
Attnuttc C?Mt.
i Uv Associated I're**. I
BOSTt?N. Feb. 8.?Ksta'blishmen t of'
*i eft a in of radio stations approximately
thirty miits apart along the Atlantic :
coast whs announced at the headquar
ters of the First naval district here |
The statement said that by this ar- i
range men? incoming vessels when ISO
or 1100 r.illL.? off the eoawt could deter-i
m'ne. tli?*ir posMion easily by fommiinl- ;
catirm with shore stations, regardless j
o'" weather conditions. Alony the '.JiO i
miles of co??! within the First district j
.eight stations already are in operation, j
r.enrril l-eellng a? Weimar U De
scribed a* Very Srj-rnua lo
AMJSTB11 DAM, Feb. *.?Tiie seneral
feeing At Woimar. where the German
National Assembly is being held, is
described :.s very nervous In dispatches
received hove to-night. The d'spatche*
carry only fragmentary accounts of
the proceedings at the momentous aa
sembla?e. . ... ?
Frederick Bbert. the armistice
Chancellor of Germany, will bo elected
as the Orst president of Germany, ac
cording to the prod lotions
day by the leader? of the majontj
SocUvllMts u Welmai.
Leader of Social Democratic Party
Ts Elected by Almost Unani
mous Ballot.
Premier Ebnrt. Muthins ErzberRer
and Ttomhard Dcrnbarj; ^Vmonj;
Those Voting at Germany's His
toric Event,
I Br AseocUted Press. 1
WEIMEK, Friday. Felb. 7. ? Dr yd
uard I >avid. for rnuny yearn one of
the leaders nf the German Social I>em
ocr;? tie party, to-da.v w.? almost un
animously elected president of the Ger
man Notional Assembly.
Dr. David la one of the Under-Secre
taries of State, for Forcism Affairs. He
received 374 out of a total of .199 votes,
the independent Socialists -withholding
?b?.r votes. The voting- was by ballot.
o1.T.,le?Sr.OB'd* iM ,hfl COUrl heater were
?? 3M and watched
tho prpceedtaga eagerly. A3 lamUlar
name;*- wy*rd 'fipocta4.Qir.fl
n'4r J^rlmT ?' e?./Wch "^.onzWjdo" Ugrure*
! J^emicr Juhert. ^at^ihw Br*berff?r,
' ? ? Dorivliufjf, ? jf
ftWhLho fifth, Karr Hilcfe
?nri-n ^ Kerr Ut
*?<~n **011 Dr. SiKiltn.
,ir^JI0taw!? ?v'"re in thf! th?wter who
tWe?^n?'~.aR n,m h *t'enrtion 35
those on the staqre in Theodore Wolff.
o- n!i-R? n ln.C ETlin who I
l? i? .he P ln ll,e nr:?t balcony.
'? ,ho cynosure of nil eves as he i
stand? with hi* hands in his' vw arm 1
me?T' C<r5'>r,> . wa-lPhiner o??h develop- '
n?ftn luitc a number of old !
men ?ith .onp. whfce bearda. and thev ?
' "J"1 of PictureHQue ionch to the
I', ' olors of the whole i
.w .I' ,,av,d's .?P??ch *a? little more :
<'M?n-.'li r<M??w 0n of th? words of
^ ,or >tb?rt on Thursday, o?7pc
rnino " J' u? rt,fprr'<1 t? Al?aeo-Dor- i
raino and the union of Austria with !
H'!" . ,Ihe ?i<' Herman structure j
. ?<,n aind appealed ro !
the assembly to build ??> * new *nd
,>ne'er in tl"' I'lace or tije o!.l j
, GJerioal nwmlter, Fehrenbaeh 1
i?r?*r ju**.?ideut of the Kelehntajr; the ?
Democrat ll;ui?smaim, and the C'on- I
"?rvarlvc. Dietrich. we,-* elected vi?"! i
t?r.".?lilcuts. I'Vh^enbac.h and Ifau.si- '?
s^?ich?^rd 374 vo^ *avh j
Chick Springs, S. C., Scene oj
, Vnique Accident Which i
V?r Cost Several Lives.
I Rv Afsoriat.d Press. 1
CiREKNVTLtrE. S. C? Feb. S. Four
persons are dead and sixteen injured.
ofV<Vhe ?,;?ba,hiy fau?y? as ^e result
or the derailment of a ear on tho
I Udinont and Northern Railwav at
this.lt^^i'i .tfin from
this utj at 11 o'clock this morning
I? jumped the track on ? hl^h trestle*'
and nitched ninety feet into a ravine' i
completely demolishing: the car and in- !
theniVi hire1 i,VK ,WO '>;iS9GnKcr.T. Two of ,
the Injured have a,nee died at tho base
hospita. at ramp Sevier, to which the
injured were taken. The dead arc*!
thk'M . Thompson, ten years old. oft
Hr7U7 y' !l,tltnl1"r billed; John ?. :
r>? c i r'i elRhtoen years old.
vl/i'i .??' ,ns,an?>' killed: G. \V;
;n,ir"1J-op<,rrt,lvo' Duncan Mill,!
Greenville. S. O.: M. ?. Walker, orcu
hospit'a *11 alrfts'" unknown, died in
I.nltor Sliortasf* iniouui 10 S.OOO. Willie
<?"t ol Work \ um
t*ere?| ^UO.SI.
rn\- Av<io?l;ttc<t T*|(?S, I
WASHINGTON'. Feb. S.?Much trrea!
uient<'were'*' 1," tt,C 0'"employ
inent wore shown In reports for fho
week made public to-day bV the He
wl'^Va'ti! ?f lMbov' Ul >he last three
,u";!l l,"5 percentace of cities -.howinc
surpluses ?f labor ha.., grownTrom
fortj -four to lift y-acven of those re
port. np. while thi?e cities with short
?tKCs hate decreased from 13 i0 11
per cent. 11
f'eraona out of employment last week
numbered 2Bo.00t) and this week ^90 -
*,0t>0. ' ?sh0^ta,^',, amonnt to onl'r
v-AVu h'shtaeos are ctlll reported in
North Carolina, South Oarolini _
I ennessee. Norfolk reported a short
ace of about l.?00. snort
No?r Occfipr nial;?<ok, 115 Mile? Prom
Mnrwntr. and Rolnheflst IMnrpr
! Rt AMoclated Press. 1
WARSAW Wednerday, F?b s _
hftV* t>?caPled Bla'lywtok.'
alxrut ll? m. f-s n>ri.liw?\?t of Warvaw
,a_RI1'By>r ,frw" th? Botah?vl?ts
In diminishing aIodj the Poltoh fron
5; Jaahl^ "
^ '
Wilson Pressing Commis
sion Toward Early
cision on Document.
French View Is There Is Small
Chancce of Changing Ar- '
mistice Terms.
Entire Province Nott Practically in
Possession of People of
PARKS. Feb. 8.?Two-Thirds of tiie
draft of iho Vcague of nations has bee.1:
tr;^8<sd upon by the com mil tec having
il in charge. T^e rcma/ining fourth,
however. can tains four of the . moat
important proposals.
A subcommititwR wBjS appointed . lo'
drt.y to consider th^se four matters and
report to the lull commission.
President WPsoai is preas&ng the
.;ommLssic?n toward decision. Enropea*i
iilatcaruen are zsot accustomed to gi
the pace Mr. Wilson ia BWtUng- Cor
Ihcm. Th?y aaA until Jala last nigiu
and rserc at It aga&n at 10 o'clocW"
this looming. They take it cood-na
turcuty, but undoubtedly the Work of
the conference will alow up -"when the
President depart*. ,
President Wilson ia anxious that the
fall draft of live lea^uo - of nation*
should bti ready for subrniaaton Co IUt
t'ull cooi?renco tarty n^xt wjftefc.. TIM'
wtii leavo Wane for ajnejiAmemi. ann
adoption of t^ttrtt^t?<^?foce:V^K
tlMMi Vbfm
'<dr*-hotn?;->-'lf p* M? a^lR.t<i_t<ik?uai(>u4?t. ^
Freridcm W
ptlsfeni a
If he had noi come to Buivjpe fii\\
kepi his steady pressure upon use
p^nrpvtentkerh** there would vjjjdoubl
cdly bav? bueu no Icagut'at all.
While there bags been much talk ia
iJic French proas about efrengtheailn.*,
th? conditions in caee the aamistice ?
ex<tend<ad, there ia ILttVe likeli
hood that they will be. The othe:'
nations do nol indorse thiat vl?w. The;
*r?> not alaj-mod by the recuperation
of Germany. They aay Germany a.n?
Austria will be allowed to recuperate,
and, indeed, wiH bo helped, If the Teu
tonic peoples ere to sta**d the burden
which the e.\ c at ki tv; of the peace &?*
f*r(>nrt> will put upon them. _
For reviimental reasooia the interna
ttona 1 izatu>n- of the Rhine will he a
hitter blow <to Germany. But i-t l^
rirot SHarj to safeguard forever the se
curity of Franc*. SviCaerland al3t>
is <>ktiauding the Uvtcrna-tlonaliration
oi tin* Rhine.
The French ar?e not waiting for the
p.ncc confcreinoe to give them Alsace
l.orruine. They have practically a.
ready tafce>n fu31 of tij?>
jrovince. The allies are, of roarers,
At the end of this morning's ses
sion at the Hotel Crilion the pea*?
conference commission on tlv# league
of nations found Itself "nearlng th<r
end of its task," it was officially an
nounced to-nifht in a communication
covering the morning sitting. Only
a few matters still remain to be clar,
tiod. and other pointa provisionally ac
cepted rr.ay be reopened for discussion,
the statement oaya. Harmony markcti
the deliberations, according to th?J
communique, the text of which fol*
"At 10:30 this morning at the Hotel
Crilion the commission of the league
of nations held a meoting marked by
the sam? aoeord of views that hat
cbaracteriied its provious sessions.
"At the end of this meeting the com
mittee finds ftself nearing the end of
Its task. A few matters referred to
a drafting committee for clarification
still requiring reference hack to th?
commission uvd oertaln points pro
visionally accopted may be reopened
for discussion before the committer
makes its report to the conference
"rML Rlcl Husatl was named to rep
resent the Italian delegation on the
"The committee will meet again i"
the Hotel Crilion at 10:30 Mondaj
"On Sunday afternoon tho drafting
committee abote refe.rred to, oonsjr:
lng of Mensra. Ilymans, BourgeoiSv
Veniselos and Lord Itobevt Oeeil, wil. '
meet In Ix>rd Cecil's room at the Hote!
Majestic In order to prepare a repor'
for the next meeting of the commit
axs thxp to 8Ei.ort;?
The President has definitely poV.-*
poned his trip to Belgium, a.lthough tli*-'
Belgians greatly desired that he per
sonally Inspect their ruined country
and industries and be convinced of
the justice of their claim for repar*
The Frencii also would have been
glad if the President not only couii?
have been ablft to go to Bolgium, bu'
if he could hnve> continued his visits
to devastated France. The French,,
feeling in this matter haa been voiced
bv Captain Andre Tardieu in his dec-,
laratlon that the German hloakad*
should be continued indefinitely.
More important demands, how?T?ri
have required the President's continued
presence in Ptrl6. It is regarded am
necessary that the associated powers
shall present a solid front when ih*
delegates of the central powora ?r* ?
admitted into the conference. If they
do not present a solid front it ia fel'
In some quarter* th? onemy, defeated
on the field, might succeed, by,cno '
nlng and Intrigue, In causing d!aa?n
sion anioag the associated powers an<(
in getting better terma for thamMlrtf
by offering temptlp* alliances. Th*
main efforts of the conference Ib44#?*,~,
therefor*, are belrift directed fowar!
the coaaojldatwu or th?lJ- own for^R'
and in gataln* adhA?io? to tiu

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