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H ? if'
:l i '
Education Sociot.vVs Commission
Wnnts Six-Year Soemular)
Training IViioii.
r-",;1; . .
S1. I*. Duke, Director for Virginia,
Discusses I'rohlem nmi Outlines
Aims of Organization?Hig W'oik
to Do Accomplished in America.
Six years of ?? It* 1*1?? tit;? ?? >* school worl;.
to bo followed by .?ii additional six
years of secondary training. is advo
cated by tbe comm '1?*:i appointed by
the National Education Society In its
preliminary report just submitted
after a survey at tlx- educational needs
of the nation. The secondary train
ing' would bo divided into two periods
corresponding with the present junior
ami senior lii^ 1> M-hool years, ,f the
suggestion is followed.
The report of lie- c >mm!ssion is is
sued in the form of a bulletin, and is
entitled "Cardinal Principles of Sec
ondary liiiucation." It is the chief
work of the commission, which has
been working: stc.<d:iy fiinee li'lL' >>n
the various prol.;. ins in t.iat lield. The
bulletin contains ' uriy pages. anil
presents \an ?us importaill ]>rinciples
to guide the roorg mi/.at :on o: this
distinct ive i ns: it lit i"ti.
I'llOI'OUTlON HI-' ITS vol Til
"No other count ry," says the bul
letin, "has enrolled so many or such
a large proportion of its youth in the,
Secondare schools as has the fnited
States. Nevertheless. comlary educa
tion is still far from meeting the needs I
of intviiy important groups of young
S. J'. Duke, the association's director,
for Virginia, discussing the commis
Hion's work. saul yesterday that the
commission would funis s> co'ndar;. edu
cation Upon what i:av be called t!ie
great social objectives, such as health,
citizenship, vocation, worthy use of
leisure and ? thical character
"Too long.'* he said, "havi the
schools conceived their task under
vague generalities, such a;- intellectual
discipline, and too long have they
taught formal types ot know ledge b< ar
ing little evident relation to the prob
lems of service and worthy l.v;tig.
OltCA.N I7.UU I \ s i'n ? i | |<i \
lilt, PHOItl.KM TO 1" A1*
"One of the initio problems of edu
cation in the oTisTruc ? :i period will
bo so to ureal;:/.!' instruction that -t
?will apply ?!.???? din !> and spocifi
cally to worthv lis tig in deir. ..-rat !<?
society. Tit - j - no ni.-aii. narrow
bread and butter cue. >.?: ? hu a
tion. * ?n tl"> cot ?::,! > le come s:>>n
holds that the .hvlsi- ..f edinit;..:. into
separates- Mag. lit 1 a.ol
the seen: -i v ' ? ' ?> UllsOUf..!
"Health, needs a imp rtant it all
stages the \ t valuable
e\ en in the < a: ... .-s.tges as giving
greater purpn." ni.:- ?> '?? s.? ii.? > 1: g
while prep.ir.-.t ship ami
the worthy use of leisure Involve phase*
which rtMju:: ?? i. ' i :!ie p.?rt of
tin pupil.
"Furtne.-nior? - on'\ . - the pur1 '
seejs his \ o< ' ion :n .re'a- >n to hi
citizen- ip a-d ? it -: -- p it t
light of his vo './ion h-> v til 1
?T. indust!
the r-omnt ssion ;<r^ n. proles
against any and all plans, however
well intend. ' wh b ate in dano-r "f
dlvi r< ng v a: otia. and ?o?-;:ai- i\ ?
education. I*, stands s-juarely for the
infusion of vo ,c:oi, w th ;he s-.ir;
of -f-:vi<- a r. ? J. r :h. ultilizat i m of
culture l v g ? > with ? he
world's work."
I .nrou rji u I iiu fr..^r.--s Iteported on
Entertaiuim-ut to tie Held nl
?IrJlcrmii \\ rilnrniliiv,
t , ;
hnt'iurai: - A ? -? - ?- ? >.?.?>
of the entfrtalninent committee which
has in charge a.-rangements for im
grand b:. : I . . . a ?i
given by .. f : J ? <-i Jnn . ? <
on We tr? l.i ? "i. I'. I - , try
at the J - ff. rs ?. 11 ??? w--. ? ? .???!-. .?
at the me. ' ? _? ? . . -
day at "I ?- - \, t
The affair i- ? '?< t \ ??:. :n ? ? r<!r
to ra -? f ; !- ' w :. ' ? ? \ ? ? 1
the ph a . : ? ? j
next ' ' ?? p-t.l;.:;
Throp; < u ?? ????? ? bf.-n ?nd -
cappei " 1. ? ? au : hi
nec?s5sa.ry 1 .a . a: I iovr ... i uli
able t'? ' ?' v. ?. :i? y
had platu.ed A , .
IJ r. It. I.. ItlllMiinn Unci, from I rimrp,
l*rlnei|?al *>|iettker lo-*|iirrm\
N it In.
Pr. P I. Ill- .?? ?.? . v'y t ti-'tit d
f rom l-'r.i m ? \ ;' ? -; r. ? ?
the meet ? f ?' t o;-. A alien .'
of Med: iio .? ? - ? ? >n. ri.>v.
night at v ::?? t ? . ,< .id: - ??. un.
of l he I 'I .t ii i,.. r < ? ' ii- 1 . i 1
subject ' I..- "1' ?? i: v- i ..
Medical "til . : ... !??: . |.| if: -
IIIHll s.'O'-d ','r Ml ? - .1 -?
inanding ot'i ? >; h *.? . l j ?
pital with ;: ? ?.>? t . or.
MiniKlrrial I nion 'A 111 (?nllier til
i*. ?l. To-!>si> for the
I . \ en I
The Mil s ?i.ai *ii an i i ?!
will be h ? 1 M. .11 at ?
o'clock at 11.. V. .\l i' i;. \ II |.
C, Ma'da-Ma ii. I ? t ? !??'. . . t 11 - ?
lnvocat ion. U- ??? . ? < *. I > I > .
will speaK < 'i IJ. tr. ??? ' l?r .1 .1.
Gravatt on "I" ,r,< . - t II I! I ?
of the Su: - a <?:, "Th.- Hons "
The treasur--' :. wiil In r.-ad bv
Itev. 'J'. A. Snnioi
Negrit Trie* l? Teur Out ItrleKs of I ell
211 'I'liirtl Police *in
I Ion.
Thomas .lon.s, . ... ..-???d. : l-.-ters
burg. made . ? ... t -. | -? , ?
yesterday ? i -:g . t ... Th.rd | ? .: <.
Station I ? v .1 : ,.. .(? :. tot he
t rb?d to d'g ; . i j ir h > !??
wall by r. m; :? ..t:, i fr ...
around the : H ? . :r..i ? s
discovered b.,i ,;I.
?fepared for c-if.-.-- :ve t.ersh
tieniot-rac> t 'onsi-tiue
damaged ? So
?.<hargt- of
dunnllt y of < ninlj 1* ii it S mull ,it
Moiirv laki-n I i inn lir?:iil
Miert Sliofi.
The stor. of :i.<- .l.i I ; ,\ ?.r,;
pany, at l:?17 lla.-t I'.road S'i>.t, was
burglariz>'*o Saturdav ? ?. ? i.ir.a En
trance was gained l.\ bi>-akii,g n .<
panel of the rear ?!< ai.d r.'iiiw t.g
!i the bat by r-aching :hi>. .ch t;.< ap> -
'? ture. The.burglar tiiiiov.-o a quantity
t;' of candy, besiib-s 21 in < urreney.
"' HVUliam l 'l>-?:n, * Ii en I r r fie Id O llleer.
Cbargril Willi Minuting I". DnvK
While Malting Arrcnl.
(}? Constable William lh-. nn. of H >:i r
% Will be tried in lluslinifa Court, Part
ojj,, to-day. He is charged with sho.it
jj Jng F. l?avln in the leg
b . The conwtuble asserts, it !? stiid. that
be tired in an effort to frighten i>;.\ s,
-Whom he wan atteinptimc to airest.
1 Judsc Southull will try the cane.
Bearers of Liquor
Have Unlucky Day
Prohibition Agent Cap
tures Five Men- and 102
Pints of Whisky.
Five men and 102 pints of liquor
foil ituo the hands of Prohibition
Agent 11. K. Sweet yesterday, three
negroes (icing taken from a Balti
more boat at West Point, while two
men driving a whisky-laden roadster
were aptured forty-live miles north
<>t Uiciitnond.
Swe. t adopted Koch's tactics by car
rying the figlu into the enemy's coun
try in rapturing the roadsrter. in which
seventy-two jiirtts of whisky were
found. The two men. giving the names
ol X. I'l Norwood and W. DaShelds,
occupying the car are said to have been
en route from Baltimore. They were
arrested and brought to Richmond.
The three negroes were caught as
they left the boat at West Point, the
prohibition agent forcing them to dis
gorge their supply of contraband.
Arrest of the five men and cotisca
tion of the liquor occupied little more
than three hours in ali. a record, con
sidering the territory covered by the
prohibition agent.
??Some Ilaliy" To-N'lght.
one of the most prominent and ablest
dramatic critics in the United States is
Hums Mantle, of the New York Even
ing Mail. In his criticism of "Some ;
Baby." which will be produced at tl\?- :
Academy to-night and Tuesday and
Tuesdny matinee. Mr. Mantle says:
"Good old elixir of youth: What
would the writers of preposterous farce ?
ever do without you!
"Here you are again at the Kulton.
lending absurd excuse for shrieking
laughter at the performance of "Some I
Haliy." And those that laugh hardest
each time you are mentioned are the
first to call you a silly old thing once i
they are again in control of their |
"Well, you are a harmless sort of f
fake, anyway. You make no serious |
pretensions. You are content so long
as people do laugh at the foolish com
plications you inspire. You do not \
claim to provide the best of farce
plots; only the oldest and one of
the surest.
??In Old Kentucky."
Land of chivalry, romance, illicit
stills, love. hate, jealousy and a verit
able fairyland from a scenic stand
point. what more could a playwright
desire for inspiration? Such a land
is the mountain and l? 31.o grass region
of Kentucky, ami Charles T. Dazev 1
has painted a picture and woven a
story s.i lifelike of the peopel of this
interesting spot that it has endured'
t'm: more than a quarter of a con- I
Hecall. ;f yoti can, ill 11.? other plays
? i; w i re v litten and i tvdnced about
;'n? same time as "In Old Kentucky,"'
and how many of them have lived. The
lingers of one hand will suilleo to
count the ones you ?-an remember, and
n" a single one has been produced
continuously, season after season, in
tiie theaters of our country and the
old world as has this, masterpiece
irom Dazey's pen.
This grand old masterpiece comes
; n the Academy oti Wednesday and
Thursday and Thursday matinee.
"The lti\lrrn ?.irl."
When Maw Krlunger's big musi
cal i nmedjvsuccess. "The lltviera Girl."
is seen at the Academy Kriday and i
Saturday and Saturday matinee, it will
I t- a ease of dreams coming true, as
ir as en t or: a . nine lit of this happy j
Kind ar>' concerned. Years ago, be
fore there wer" such things as sub
ii arines and airpianes. "The Riviera!
i; r." would have been looked upon i
?i> an utter impossibility. Managers
and the theater-going public possibly!
tlreameri about such achievements, but
they never thought they would live,
t.i realize their dreams.
V. ith this ? n!ertainment"s wonderful
pictorial embe llishment. its gorgeous j
. '?-tinning ami other accessories, no
'.?riiiiiis. too cr? at can lie made in ad- '
' . it w i;; arouse wonder and ad- !
titration from even the most jaded of j
i ? 11 er - goers. So fascinating is "The
i:;\..-r.\ -lir!" in every detail that for
month.- last season It astounded even
blast- ,\'e\t York.
The book and lyrics of the plav are
M that famous pa r. <;u>\ Bolton and
?. \\ orb-house, while the melodious
?h by the foremost composer of '
_:~:it opera music. Kmmerlieh Kalrnan. 1
story is :a id :n the charming coun
1 '?? *n'" Itiviera, and concerns the
' ianee of ,i beautiful young
s ? . tlie Theater of Varieties, Cote
? t A>, itr.
MaMer (.abrlrl nl l.yrle.
M:u?-'< r 'Jibriel. t>idiminutive r.ime
o Win. . -. ated th s;ai:e eh^ef-ri
"? 1 aetimiiist i i;n, anil's "Uu.s
Brnvvn. ' is :n \:udev;;!e ;|,;s -rt
?i: : w:lt be sf?en at t iio he.id of
?** '' ' n t-oinpany m iho now show
which comes to the l.yrle to-dav :
tor the week end. Gabriel has been
?r:? I j. mvera! Mi: ? onu-'lv
1 notanly "l.ittle Nemo" anil
"K,'r> I'l-ki-uy House," playjnv
i- .. i ? siii.-s the Academy of
? ? .'? ? H- has abandoned the musical,
? ly for va U'levllle. and
" ' ?-nt a one-act musical farce
"I'lt-tb- Kiek." Cabriel s a si\
buy :n atqiearanee ami pt-r
? "?roport i-.aed |n reality h- is
? : ' y -1 w o y i-ij- ,,t.( sc,nds tliirtv-iwo
?" b:- -hoes and is o ? lirty
? ''t"I 'ii-L-rce .Mason at,.I member "of
Ml a Sari tie. New York < 'it > . It her
' "f th- nevir bin 1 re I'an: ,M. -
I 1 I - I- ay. :n t'i?- var < ;v
'Suicide Garden"; swat, and
? 'Aji!i. du<j ari'! funtI it* j*j;c
Kran/. and I .a Salle, i-.ncinc
? tied" team, and Gordon and lli-'i
i *1.1 eiiJ -rtainers With the new
?? ..ndeviile ;i:.I will come new motion
'' '"r" displays, including the lat-st
releases of the I'athe News Service.
lour Thousand Muled I'alrs to He
I'liiced on \ irtrliila I'rrfcer* ri* l?v
lie part me ii | of (.nine.
? * 1? i ti it short time, 4.000 pairs of!
mated pat t ridges f:om Texis will h?>
importeil into this State ami on
i am- pr. .- . rv.-s es'.ai>'.sl.ed itl
man -ter.a! 'listrlcts, according to in-1
"f*na' ion from I'. Nash
? V I ysioner ,,f n,,
it. nil I-liberies
-???? ov-r 4'in magisterial dis?
? ti \ iri;inla and *-a**it rlislriet
'' >' ' "f land from t(, 4i>f> a, r,.s
? 1 ' -tit w :: 1 bi- set as d- a.-- a sattetM
II V j ' ?' w hi h tiie ?111:?: 1 may breed
1 "? ' v- siiootlng privi eges w ill be
c r.. 1111 d to -he State.
I' t- -i- t h,* tirst f-w weeks they are
, I- pt fSi--\..ft I lie partridges will be
'?. I bv the game wardens ami wall riot
In- rl.,-' 1 - bed hi any way It is main-'
'a. c-d that nnd-r these eirciims'ances.
ihe bi:?ls will learn to return to Lh- .
; .1 - where they are not molested. A 1
t. ? Miab'.e amount of hunt .tig wil be
?..low-d on the preserves only after
'lie "j lail ha v.- es ? ablistied thetOS-iVOS
in 01 dec to bii.-ak lip coveys to stlm
ulati- mating l!y means of the game
preserv< >? atid the importation of the
1 oi." pairs o5 <|iiai! it is hoped to re
p'| . h I'." " .ipply of birds ureal' ;? de
pi- ' d b, 1. ,-evere wea he;- last win- I
Hi-l?l for l.nreeny.
l-'"-1 ' *' rineii. a thirteen-vear
? ' I- the Third Police 's-.a
t'<.!i ? *i the e!:;,rge of lireciiv. It j
alleged that he took cigars, candy and
..life Iron) a store lo.'-at-d
? ? Itet n.iir?.- I'lke Sergeant l>i
Bun 1 ? and < J ct- r Sullivan mad- the
I arrest.
| Ilcv. \V. It. llowic Calls for Closer
? Brotherhood as Lesson of
Cireat War.
i Declares Soltliers Will Not CJo Hack
to Old Standards in Trade?Tells
of Striking Scene in Paris on
llnstillc Day.
A new spirit of optimism and of
human brotherhood must conio to
America and to the world from the
fiery crucible of war. if huge blood
sacrifices are not to have been made in
| vain, according: to Hev. \V. Hussell
I Bowie, D. D.. whorls preaching at St.
| Paul's Kplscopal Church a series of
I sermons based upon the world war
and its lessons.
"What will be the view of men re
turning from the front." Dr. Howie
asked. "Will they, who have borne
each other's burdens and come to re
spect the value of true comradeship,
be satistied hat America yo back to
the old way of commercial greed and
petty jealousy'.' I don't think so. He
adjustments in the relationships of
individuals and nations will come with
the creation of a new world, a world
in which J he ideals of terrible days
will survive."
The great responsibility of America
in the war and the large part she
must play in world readjustment was
brought vividly before him. l>r. l'.owie
said, by a scene in the streets of l*uris
on Bastille Hay. .V French chaplain
was in the throng of watchers as the
armies of the allies swept by in review. ]
Applause greeted the representatives of
each army as they passed. Filially, i
some one tugged at the chnnlaiu's
elbow. Turning, he faced an obi wo
man. who said: "You do not applaud
loudly enough. Don't you see the
Americans coming?"
"That," Dr. Bowio continued, "wns
the way all Franco looked upon the
Americans. Hike Israel of old. they
had a definite mission to perform.
They went as crusaders, as the saviors
of the world.
ASSUltTS WOIll.l) IS vr
This chaplain told me, though Amer
ica bad left on the battle fields only
70.000 men to France's 1.500.000. thai
comparatively few had given their lives
that the soldiers of France might not
have died in vain."
In the pftnee conference at Paris,
said Dr. Howie, hangs the fate and
destiny of millions yet unborn. The
world, he thinks, is :?: the crossroads
of decision. one leads down the old
shadowy way that has caused untold
misery; the other leads to a new world,
the fabric of which is built upon right I
and justice and human brotherhood.
Vmjnr l-lxpected to Present INI I male
of Finnnclnl Need* to Aldermen
To-Morrow Mghl.
At the meeting of the Hoard of
Aldermen at the C'Ky Hall Tuesday
night at S o'clock. Mayor Ain.die is
expected to pr?-sent the budget in
corporating the needs of the various!
city departments for t.he coming year,
and preliminary discussion of i s pro- 1
visions will take place.
Til.- directors of the newly-created
divisions have turned in to Mayor;
Ainsiie a statement of their needs
incorporation into the budget, and he j
Is busy to-day cutting out unnecessary
items to get the complete budget in
?shape for the consideration 'he
The .street committee of the Common
Council will inec: this afternoon at
o'clock, and on Thursday night the i
Committee on Dock, Jtiver and llarbar j
will convene.
Barton Heights I Ill/en* to Air \
on Henrico Unx Problem, Street
Ini|?rovenient und I'IhkIiis I.jiw.
Stre<i'. improvem nt. the enforce-j
ir.ent of Sunday closing laws, and con
sideiaion of the proposal of the 11 ?? :i -
i-i. j Has Company to sell its plan, to
the city .ire three l that wili !???
ili-c ir" i d to-nipht at the meeting of
rhe ilighhind C.^rk Citizens' Associa
tion. 'I be meeting will be held in the
school building at v.I.' oVlo>.k.
Councilman I-', be.'. Kodeti will be
present and will go into the details
of the resolution vvhiqh be has In:ro
dijcd in the Common Council relative
to the **h<>tiritgh improvement of High
land Hark str-ets. He also sponsv e<l
tin* rr ?4>l,it ion for the purchase of Ci?
ilenrico Has Company's plant by tlo j
c-i t y. Hresideut Carpenter, of the,
? 'iti/.ors' Association, will preside at
the mcoling.
Smrt "Shuttie" Service.
"Shuttle" trains between this city
and Falling creek will begin opera- j
ijou this morning, 'i'bey will run into
Hsr l Street Statson and will I av
from i he same point. Two liain: ,
w ill be operated each way d<yily, the ?
time of arrival In ir.g S:tS o'clock in !
the morning and !-r? o'clock in the 1
afternoon. <>nc will leave early in
tile aftcrnoon and the other ifito in j
the afternoon.
Vllegrd llriijr "Fie nils."
<"barged with being drug addicts an<l I
having a quantity of unlawful drugs I
in heir possession. .1. H. Kimball, of j
North <'?iroliini, suul H. 1. 5-?ti|)K ?
Hla.-kstoiM . v.ere arrested Sunday and |
.ire held at the Third i'oiice. Station.
I'litirnt n? Philadelphia Is Cniillned to
Hut on Out nit I Mm of
PI 111 ?A I?I'TDH 111A. Feb. (?. I'titil to- i
day only a f<-w persons in Philadelphia
knew that a woman of considerable
prominence in the < ity's social circles
was confined in an isolated hut of the j
municipal hospital suffering from the |
dread disease of leprosy.
The woman, whose identity is care
fully shielded from the public, eon- i
tracted the disease while on a pleasure '
trip to some islands in the Pacific re- j
ntly. I'pon returning lie re she fell i i!. ;
and iier physieians, after treating her j
for several weeks, iinally decided that j
she had e/?r?tracte<l leprosy.
So decision has been reached as yet as '
to the final disposition of the woman.
Slje was taken to 'he isolated hut in '
tin effort to prevent any spread of tie- j
contagion. She is absolutely cut off
from the outside world, hut. an effort
may be made to install a telephone In
the hu' ho she may communicate with
some friends.
Irrrgulnrlly In Connection Willi CJov- j
eminent Cont met * In Charge
N 10\\" YOltlv, Feb. ? The tenth In
dkonent against officers and employees j
of the Coastwise Dumber and Supply i
Company growing out of alleged ir
regularities in connection with gov- '
eminent contracts was returned by t:?? ?
Federal grand Jury In Brooklyn >???- 1
tcrdny. It cha rgnn presentation of
i-lnlrns for material not delivered. The (
'ndb'tment, which names thirteen do
frnduntM, contains 141! counts Involv
ing twenty-two separate contracts.
To-Day and To-Night
in Richmond
l-'imrlli nnmiitl dinner of tin* >lln
Nlvrinl I: it Ion of It Icli miiiiil V. 31.
c. a. iiuiitiitiK "t r>i:it>.
?lolln Ivt'iiUrlck IIsiiikh Ireiure* on
" I . iu li t mill Slintl f In flit* I.anil til
Vnlor." Woman's ('lull, -I.
Alcctlnir of Street t'oiniulttct'.
Common Council, City llnll, 5.
Meeting; of It Ik'IiIihiiI 1'iirk Cltl
?/.t'lIN* AhSOI'III I ltl)l, MCtlOOl IlllllllillKt
Ai'nilrmy of 51 Uftle??S?mr Itiiliy,"
?nil |ii>
.tt.iO. . i.to iniil |?.
The Weather
(1'iirnUhrd by I". S. Weather Unrest u.)
1'orrfHNl i Mrt ln i
? iMt vimii ? irmir i
?Cloudy II o ii il n .
w,<1, frenh ?<? "??>?
(I .'J' erntely k(roll;; north
"?"?< itIiiiIk on tiio
I'oji'l: Tiicxil:!} fni*.
w.'iriui'r ursi itorlloi.
North Cnrolliiu??
l':i I r. ront initt-tl colli
M multiy. \%itii fresh
ni.rtliwcM i il il s t
'I'lifMlny fair, not
l|llitt' ho colli. /
I .oral Temperature Yesterday.
1noon temperature :i7
:t I". M. temperature 'J'.?
S I*. M. letnperaiure ::.l
Maximum tcinpersituro to S I". M..
Minimum temperature lo s I*. .M . . 2:i
; Mean temperature yesterday .'! I
Normal tetnpcrsuure lor this date. 3!?
1 ?eticiciicy yestertlay .?
lCxeess sine ? Mstreli 1 -II
Kxccss since .January I I'.t
I.oral It ii I *i I as 11.
KninfaM last twelve hours None
Kninfall last twi iity-i'our hours..None
l>ctiei? noy sine.- Mari'li 1 1.27
Kxcess Mitee .latiiiarv I 02
I.oral (llisrriatioiiK nt S I'. >1.
Temperature. liumiility. 17: wind
direction, north: wind velocity. !? miles:
weather, cloudy.
Telil pe ra, II l"e.
Place. . 8 i'. M. liin'n. Low. Weather.
Asli' ville 22 :.2 20 Snow
Atlibtita ::2 II .]<? clear
Atlantic t'ity.. :P? I'.ti . Clear
i'.oston t .. I', cloudy
ItniTulo 2 1 US .. Snow
Charleston ... i ?> II Cloudy
< 'hii-.iu
I II nver
< *lenr
'liVi'V'*'0'' :f,: 1 "loudv
Ii.iltera.s i, -n; 42 I'.ain
i ?j' .. ...? i cioudv
Jacksonvflie .. :.j -ts Clear'
iMinsav c.iy... j>; :;iK Clear
Alontjrotin .. >i j| riear
?\'eW I);
New York
< 'loudy
I', rioti.lv
Norfoik )t? ;';'| Cloudy
?k la noma
t 'i > l k I >111*1; a
t "lea r
'??iKh : j in * ;j j Su ,u
J .mil
< '.ear
I?.'1 n I 'rancifco. ;.s taj ?*!,,'?,|v
I amp; " "
U ashiliulon .. :i V V. I "ii 'ir'ly
> th?'\ iKe ... :'2 US 2'i Cloudy
All Ml Tl III*: I.M.A V\? .
February nt. 1 0 11?.
?SisII rises 7 :??v Morilin--. . . . H i.*,
Atin sei.i ...... ;.:5i
11 en mi ro III!,. |? i nine I Tn-llnv for
Seroml and 'i'lilrd
Illy A.-socni i eil i'r>*sh I
WIOi.MAlt, Saturday. Feb. S- Th
' 5e: :n.i n Ni..111-1. 'Assotnl.ly to-day
I'it.- >. <1 tin ii I'.i.l, uii uf ill.- pr.j.
\,!,sinn ,i! i i.r.M.:ir son / > .ice|ai:i<i i i>n>.
!;:>? >."i.nd ai.i third readings a r. sel
tor M U t l.V. I.i \\ Ilicil tile M ss, ,,1 u .,V
ad.i<r:: if. d. *r:,e in.tin por.iua of she
A ss till | \ ?: ' : 111 e I<>-d?J u .! -? d -Voted
> a speech i>;. Mu-.i i'i>-ti.s, ! ^e
ta'*> <.f I I. * . ? T' .|, \\ li?. h.l'l I > ? e ; i
e:is.*.ic>'l : n dial" : n? the Cons; it lit ion
I lie :n,lifter ??vp a nc-d ih - ehilr.t.-t , r
1 I ?? i >r ? > v..-1 >n ? i > f the ins; r i ni'* i;
iroiii \v i i; ( ! i ii-, A s.-e:n ii)y i- i,, d. -
'?v.; '.'T; now. i s as a la w-lil.ii,intr limlv.
'''in* ti ^visional Const ,ui! ion em
|i>iv\. s Mi-* Assetnlily to ad >j>l a |irr
jna' >nt constitution ;uui lt.i t; .* j,
law - as M. nrv.i tit'.* neci-ssar>--." I:
|.:>i\ .lies ?:>?? t i.- > !ii.i of a national
t? t'es!11.? i-.t tiy ,! :11:?in! iiy vole and f>ir
:iie i-> ? : i.-.n of a "coMinii 11 e,* of Mate."
wl.'eil ->!:ill upy ' * i. ? position of a
pi > > i- xi >>><i ehii il>r-r.
' P' >'? tsiona I Coa^i il ut ion makes
mo att-*Mipt to inti'-|i,ite or limit t h ?
' ?'!,t:e p> t ti>i:ieiit Const ilit: Ioii except
or "i.i .He vital detail. This a
P-*> ?:?!'>' i i.i i the terrilory of the ijer-l
man -'ate?, .-hal! not lie allele.I vvliti
?'t t 1 ? if eoiueiil. This is ohvioi.sly
1:11- L'OVt'i *:Mo '.t ,'i llle'hod of llll1!1! |i|^
! ? onp I.,II . vo| ? I l.v the ?-;t |-J ii ?
r. poits that i division <?' Prussia was:!
(. on I cm p!;t t ed.
' lllini M iNon*>4 'PerniM Wrrr \rrr|ilrt1
n?? I in |in r I In I, While Those of
i iiiiferonee Are Not.
?n ii. .r. <;it?:i:\w\i.i..
w r-. .m m:. i;ki!manv. k. i,. <>.?t:,?r- ,
rna n\ u i.i r> is* j j t ? i?? pence ti*rins ;ire
: >>., hard. .
^ !m i a 11 \ tl:#* n f*spripers n re \*' o -
? 111 tread mm; ;>i ..:>a i;aiula th'-t Al
s.tei ? re i .lo- i.s (Ii rnisui, and must re
tiia hi 1 rman.
'*1'" con ferenefi's dr-ciston <>*i
Mm* i ierm.im co|i.ni..h has raised a ;:*..rni
or ??rule-i in i;, rin ii.v, ami even in
\Wimjir protest h ts are covered will,
nit m'i reds of signatures.
; 'il'ics come to on under
sl riiidi iic will, the I tolshe v isti: is
n>:tt. ..nsiliie tiint c.erniiiny may do
so. e;taer openly, so as to take ;i-1?*tm
? .>f ?,.? iniKi! and weli-trainrd ISol
? i.-vis* nfiny. ,,r i,y driftiim jnto ?!ol
< hevis," 1,,,,1-lM. of the lack of food
st'ift.-! ?nil r;i >v materials.
I >r. I:ei*nliard I'l-i nijur^, in an in. 1
tCTVipw, ?;t |r|;
, "xv. i'resi'lerit Wi'son's
e. .Mis l.e,-;. use we MlOllkMlt t hi ;,l Isa- j
l.,:? '?"> I l.e decision of | lie ?
. o.i! er.-i!. a s not itnrvi rt i 11. Are | "
I'ol Ii l*'rei?.i, a mi liril- ?
n>n. to l.e in t erna t.tona I i/ed
"""Mf riiM.ts to our .-olonies have
: I " iiis|iMt"d, siud We shall '
.s.i.tid 1>\ our rights." J
I".'i I'll- Iiiemherr: r>f t!ie ns-^
ofr r.o*;;''"V1 !'5,,,n'"7"or Chert's threat !
to liu.'ko priiro.
UlKh .In.,,,, Mni-k In AUo Sliatfere.l hy
I termini l.nlrk. in S pre In I !
I*J\ Itihillon.
MII.WAI'K ill*:. WIS.* Keh. n.? In -I
;'*P"i I e \ 1111.1 M<. ?i I,..,.. lo-.ls, * at t',e
U "M ?'V "upto/i:*!i|ps of III. Weslei n
mi/ '"'!t ' SH,;,"1:i {ion. Merman l.uiek. of
M i w auke,. K. w.?rl|1.K 1.,.-r>..'(
Jo 1v''1' N-'tais
IM *\ e " v-|,Ve and two-fifth seconds.
tie also l.*o,<i. t,,,. ivorlds record for
t tie h.|>u .inmp. iitakln^r threu feet slv
!,['J -1 o" 11 h infill '? as ai'.aitist the
" 1 I'"' I- v-'"< Ini'.ic.i.
>1" I ra'? I*Mn 1 '.ni,. ,,f chlcajjo. cap.
tureil all I h e honors of the in'M-t. Wil
I .'I in St.-:,, lint/, of that club. Is the new
Champa." I.avlnir ilcf. ateil Charlie I
? isher hit -ii't.iusite and champion for
several seasons, in the .title eventH.
j-t- inti'"lv, ?II<I the 1 wo miles In tl:"r. 2-5. I
>?nd the h tlf-mlle |n '.':34. Thirty !
I ll< >UH ? lill pel Mi.p < s i w t he matches. ' I
\\ nnt* \YVernft lo I se AkiiIonI \ IIIn.
MICYKJO CITV. Keh. !?.? (P neral .J.
August In C!' s I r o. Secretary of War and
now In charge of military operations
In the northern Mates, him asked that
a H<|usidi*oii of airplane!, bo hoiiI hltn
in order to f.'icllitato his eampnlKn
i* K a I nut l''i.itii.*hico N'lll.v and otlier
I ", i
- -
: Ciovernor Invites Them for Discus
sion of Public School Work
Throughout State.
: Hold Two Sessions in ilnll of House
of Delegates on February 127.
Compulsory Krfuait ion Amoni;
I'nihlcius to Come IW'fore Body.
Kvery local district .school trustee in
I the s>:ate will receive an ihv'Uai'.lon
from (iovorrmr Westmoreland Oavis to
attend a conference to he held In the
hall oT the House of Delegaes on
l-Yb-uary 27. for discussion of matte, s
; pertaining to <the advancement of
school work!
These men will represent ?I'he man
. gcmeii't of oletneutary schools in Vir
ginia. whe'v more than f?OO.OUO chil
dreii -receive tiielr j>rima>~y training.
Two sessions will he held, one begin
ning in th>- morning at 10 o'clock, the
In i'2i- - afternoon at .1.
The trustee.? will he asked to speak
frankly from -'.heir own personal ex
poviencc of ti?" needs of each particular
; district and to give their views as to
vhat should he ^ d >ne to better the
elementary sehoo'*s botfh by the SUi'.e
' iH the local board.s.
Some quest ions of State-wide s!g
jnitleance to he discussed nrobahiy will
he compulsory education; training,
?selection and pay of teachers; s'lident
health: dependence of public schools
on good roads and ad (-qua- e transpor
tation facilities, and many o-.h- s.
tlovernor l>avis will b< a' tiicon
ference. aml? w iil i iiti-r into ii si'iis
sion of these questions, especially those
which require .State action for adjust
John N. lliiiiMtan.
PKTFitSUPHO. V.V.. F*b. '9.?John
X. I'unstan. a highly respected citizen
and * ,'onfederate Veteran. died last
night -_t his lmme in Hinton Stree-t, In
the seventy-niiKh year of'hls aire. Mr.
I 'unstan was a na-iivc of Ch.-sterlleld,
a successful farmer. He moved :o Pe
tersburg about nine \etrs ago. lie
served gal'ontly throughout tiie war
in Pickett's I''.vision and was in the
famous charge of that division at
Oeitysburg. He is survived by his
wife, one son. \V X. Huns-tan. of Rich
mond. and one brother and two slater:;,
of !'?-i?-rshurg.
The funeral will be conducted from
the residence .Monti i\ ; fteriioon. the
Itev. I>r. M. Winn. olUcliring, and
will be attended a lid ts-orted to the
?-,-ave in Blnmlford''??m*?iery h> A. P
II it up of i '? n l-r ?? veterans. <>f
w hich it ? was i mcuhcr.
Vr?. I'.vie i-'.. .Inlinson.
I. VX<'I!!:I' 11' I. VA . Pel. 1>.?Mrs.
1*'vi?- K. .|oi?n- -n. thirty, wife of C. I..
.1 einsnn. di?-.| a.-he- home. ."03 Stuart
st.-eii, Sit t II rda y night. She was a
daughter of .1ph Camden. of R?>rk
l-ridue ?'?Hint.v and a native of that
co:jn t y.
^Iri \ nil-- llubbnrd.
l.VVCHRI H-:. VA. I 'eh ?. Mrs. An
11 itbla -d, -tv-tw 0 ye., rs old.
vv'fe ..f s 1'. il.ihh-ird. ?= d-ad at
Sprint! wood, It .lP'tx Count v. She was
i ineinh' - i f St. .lohn's llpis-- -opal
Church. II -u.-.tori and h:'.d been m-?r
ri ? lift i'-.' .i *? vnrs. Sh" was a rC've
>f II -lifiv Count*'. S'x ?= >ns were her
?itl'l'i'trer. :? n I '-:i indchildien carric* I
the funeral lloral i'?- isrtis.
t'Htl rrlnr fitrotlicr.
Oa I he r' fie StroHic?\ fo>- many years a
fail'tf"! rerv-'tii In the f'i'nily of .1 u'1 ?i -?
A. Hoi . or. of *.V?v.?dlii nil llciK,,l'< d'ed
yestei-it i" morning n'ter -i short illness
of pueiMiioiiia For nearly half a cen
tury she had been \>iih the Hohson
anilv St>e I?' lon'ferf to the First
P.: lit :.->t Church 'cob-red l. Funeral 8er
vie.-s <? :' I l e ' -id at tIio church at
o'clock Tuesday.
II. H. Krarlrr,
PPi.-'f ?!.. VA.; Feb 9 It. II
l-'r:!7:: r. fomv^rlj of llutcer. Va.. drn:>
j>*->1 f'e-wj sterday at Mllllcm, Tern
'ifenr <l; nft news r^aohiag ''i.*re, M-.
l-'razler v. .-ts 'nrnifrli a merchant us
p.u'i-i-r. ar.d was] well-known in this
??lerliriK %V. Hudson.
I. Y VC111 VA.. l-'eh. ?Sterllnc
W. Hudson. r.f:\-nin. years of age.
died Tuesday at his lio.-ne in Arnher-t
I'ount; of '< <? nilpI'c.ition of d'seases
He i- .:urvived by his widow and ten
I). It. Veil It*.
HAXVJI,! K. VA.. Pen. -I). P..
Veatts. w-'ll kbown in the local t ?
bacco ?r? de. <li?-d early to-dav at the
li' .i;>ital ft on) a disease of tlv heart
He wa-i flfty-eiyhi years of ag?'. and
a native >.i Pittsylvania. He i-< sur
vive! ij;. iiia widow ami several <? I?ii
I'rcnitleoi >end-? (.ri-ptliiKi.
PA HIS. Feb. '? In response to an
invitation to visit the Knights of Co
lumbus ciuo rooms in tiiis city. Presi
dent Wilson sent the following ack- ;
nowlediCcinent: "Von tna.T be assured
it would be a pleasure, for me In stop j
in at the headquarters of the Kriights
of t'olumbus if it we-c possible for me j
to do so. ! have greatly admired the j
work they have done and beg that I
you will convey to them rny very warm j
ami s -. n c e r ?: congra t ula I ions and
thanks." I
The Confederate Museum
Open Daily from D A. M. to 5 P. M,
Saturd'avs ti A. M. to 2 P. M.
ACADEMY?Might & Taos.
PEOPLE -50 5
I'llHIOS?>ia'-'.-.e to Tr.ci Mghl.
-."ic Io SI.III).
AGMEm, Pti. and Sat.
Matinee Saturday.
PItlCKMi Mntlner,
MKliK, .Mle to $3.04).
SUo to
Miitlm-e Tnesilny.
Return ICngagement of
The .Merry Comedy,
I'ltJCIOSs .Mntlner, "5c t<? 91.00) ,\igb(.
: .-.?? ?o mi .so.
Mntlner 'I'liur^duy, '
_ . R
"The Shopping Center
The February Sales
?of 1919?Are at Their
Very Beginning
An organization which touches practi
cally every artery of trade throughout the
merchandise world, centered its energies in
bringing together for the February sales of
1919 me/chandise which would square with
the traditions of this store for superior
qualities, as well as newness, and the gen
eral elements of attraction?and these ener
gies are proving signally successful in their
That we are prepared (and more amply so
than ever before, we believe) to supply our
patrons with new merchandise for the com
ing season is splendidly evidenced in the
many exhibits throughout the store.
These Exhibits Include:
New Spring Silks
Washable Cotton Fabrics
Notions, Trimmings, etc.
Ever so many Nov: Silk
Blouses and Frocks
Milliner*' and Shoes
Very line Silk and Muslin Underwear
Cloves, Hosiery, Neckwear
and other dainty accessories
?Also Special Sales of Cotton Wash Goods,
White Goods, Notions and Rugs. And after
you have seen I hem you are likely to realize |
clearly enough what an ideal time this is for |
supplying your future needs. |
' \
Wolves of Kuitur'
Sonne! t Comotlj am) I*.?!!??? Xrws.
C IlAKMi: I 'il.lI'LIX
^ brims
over with ad
A venture a n ?1
Ji'^ romance,
humor and
pathos. See this thrilling
photoplay that is making
motion picture history. You
will never forget "Mickey."
Seats 22c Tax 3c
, To-Mor.
.Va(H., i:tc; Tin, -r: MkIiIn, ISi
Clara Kimball Young
"Cheating Cheaters"
An Argument Pctwecn Thieves
Colnnlnl Screen N'chs and
Iiit mar'* I'ndiTNen Traveiosuc
two men tight for a vro
?itAii "I'nto the Kn?J" there can
be !io ilrawn battle. See
( WltiUt.'It
- AI,SO?
'*1*111: tkluuhl of Till'. R ANGST
Slid Carrrnt Kventu
siiowim; to-day om-y
"The Light of
Western Stars"
"Billy" Sunday's
Iteecptlon In IftilndeJpihla
THE MAN of* THE hodr
Addressing Thousands of People
M.iIKh IV.ci War Tux, 2e: Mgliti, tSe.
A Hem of a Comedy-Drama
T'nrton Holme* Trav??Ioirn?
Itrny'a NpwmI I'ictoRraph
scut*, ISc; W?r Tax. 2?.
| ODEON?Doubls Bill Tc-Bay--10c?ODEON
One Will Thrill Your Soul, the Other Ache Your Sides.

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