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to work *? llio mine* in the morning.
-V11 h ottuh no outbreak** or trpuhlo were
p\pfrtini(>J IO-iImv. loaders* on both
wldes ilcclnrc thi\ test will come in t!????
morning1 when workmen who are not in
sympathy with tbo strike attempt to
return to their work.
Bolshevist leaders succeeded in or
ganizing six companies of I. W. W.
men during tin- day, and to-night these
have been placed as pickets at all
of the jninos. IVrsorm w ho attempted
to report for the night shift were
turned back by she pickets. l-Jach ol
the company of strikers which was
perfected by the agitators has been
placed in charge ?>f ltusslan syinpa
t hixers.
If is estimated lienr that at least >
15.000 miners will report for work in
the morning. Not more than 1.000
miners arc to l>e found with the
strikers, and many of them are hourly
joining the hide of the operators.
Helief ts commonly expressed that the
strike will In- broken before noon to
< Continued From First Fane.)
nssure you. I am sure, that there has
always "been a spirit of generosity on
t>oth sides. Aii\ suggestion that we
have asked payment for trenches ot
the burial |dac? s of your brave sol
diers Ls atrocious. For all future
iiccs t lie graves of American soldiers
111 b.> in "the tender and sacred keep
in?; of our traii ful people.
"1 have s.iid that the war is won.
It would, perhaps, be more accurate)
to say that there is a lull In the storm, j
At bast it is as well to face squarely
all of the po.-si billies
"IJecrnt disclosures have enabled lis
to look deeper into the purpose of i
the ? tiem> than we could heretofore.
1; was not purely a dream of military
dotn1natte.11 on the part of Prussia. It
v\ as .( dotinitc. calculated conspiracy
to exterminate France industrially and
commercial!) a. well as 111 a military
s< tisi In this effort the (Ifrinan liaiin
c--s .Hid manufacturers joined their
general staff. The exposures of I >r
Mueii'on. of the Krupp works, and of,
Kuri Klsrier at the IJorn Socialist con-!
t'? r. n, ma!;* this ? .car.
? \ \ now m :k \\ in lit \ s
r-Tou; i \i roiti ,MA< iil.MCtlY
' \i ?! ; ?? fact explains many of the
activities of the (Icrtnan army which
w ? were not aide t > understand. \Ve<
<>?.11 11.>\\ s.e why they stole the 111a-'
chine:-y from .ui factories, why they
destroyed the coai initios of l.ons. why
; lie:-' a!l the wanton devastation
? ?! French t-sritory. ? -von when they
wet- ui rctt'eat. It was thought to be
??i pari of lii :r tactics of military
rrightfulto-; . Instcau. we can see now
that it wa- .1 part of their deliberate:
commercial design.
"And in this phase of their war- 1
making effort they have not been al
together uas'i'-cessfu.. The industrial
life of France has been so wrecked
that its resusclation is most ditlicult.
while b.\ reasons of her military sur
render ili -many has been able to save ,
h< r faetorie intact and ready for ttn
m.-diatc cllieietu operation. Indus- |
11 1,111 \ ami commercially, as between'
Franco and Frtissia, for the present.;
the victors i.? with the llun.
'? \nd financially. by reason of the
blockade (the \alue of whieii as a mil
itar> factor no one will question 1. tlu
(lertiians war debt is almost wholly a
debt of her own people, easily re
pudiated. while the debt of France is
one which must be paid. Here again
the war has proved something like
a pyrrhic victory for France.
i:.\i'i.Ai\s sri t vno\ oi<
FIN \ >< F.S OF Fit A \ ( K
^ "The French fortune invested abroad
~nei iri> the war was large. Some tiftv
or si;.ty billions (francs; of French
stock. What lias become of that for
luii' .' The best that, we can hope tor
:s that payments on about, two-thirds'
of it may be considered as simply de
ferred: thai tiie immense sum accu
mulated by French thrift and loaned
?ibryad will be collectible eventually.
"France has someiuing like twenty
billion franc invested in Russia, two
thirds of that >um iti Russian govern
ment securities and the remainder in
industrial enterprises The French
people had other billions in Balkan
and Turkifii obligations. Then, just
before the war. the disorders in Mex
ico deprived us ??; any revenues from
about two and a half billions of francs 1
invested there, and we are having the
satin: experience with several other bil
lions in South America, notably the
immense French investments in rail- '
t oads.
"i mention some of these financial
details to show how the French for
tiiiie- has shrunk s:. iliat our people
can no longer derive a large- income
!.-<.in abroad The paying investments
abroad are relatively inconsiderable;
compared :?> t.. debts that France has
? 'i;itraoted abroad during the war. par
ticularly :a An.erami in Knglmd.
Iln Fretnh Rover anient has aiso
. aiu.l .-oiolderaide sum to her small
all - .- just as Air.eru-a has done with
'?> ? ?'f,k t >rward. therefore, to an
. i.iiii'-iiiate fir 'i w hich we thust
'? " race". l:-.i; interest charges
in A 1 ei..;; . t s > ?1 elsewhere abroad, to
provide w.i. i w. w.li have onlv the
ri; un - at home
" li our iiat ...nal debts were dw*
"U1 ,J ' ? '" "1>the problem
u " ? 1 nee -.j difficult, because we
v\o.;'.i i,i .,ii . consider the
. ? - i rt o.' country the great
t uisadnTtifflous rates of ex- ?
change, "ho tifohcy collected from the
J" ?"? ; 1: ? f ii?i?? l*. -: (mi i he tin
?fa. lOrCis^ we.uld (iist ributed
' '?*!"?. aol. people. 11IIi'i|llu11 y
?"?n .it- III.!. lii'Vcrtln i,#ss, tie Interest
won I retaai.i iti the conn- ?
" ;-i us d p,.rtl> for reconstruc
-'id a s capital for the develop
i* . "ii tr.duatrii s.
'*vt a i> t );< ii.iiitai;. triumphs
"v,: ' ? * 111 .* a %' t aero i a situatton not
-1 ?' -' I'.-i' w.t.iiuU' d isi| li le'; :? g fea
ture tor 1'rarici . |. 1; * m it,. true*tli.it
l-'V'i 'ah.-a ti-.e ? Serinan navy
a.!"' ?' '.?-g. treasure have lisarmed
the <-? 11 e i n \. I tvi *. there remains a cha
>et fruitful, Kussia. from win h
"T' ae!i> inn) be draw n b\ the Teu
t onr.
lib F \ ITI I I \ WII.MIV
I'HOVI Ik?: OF IMtOTI'.l 'I |o\
"Willi ' e Itrit .-li army (li- nobiliz.-d.
! Aiia-ri.mii army baci; home ami'
1 ? 1 ' -i . d. t 111 re IV. gilt be a
oi.i ??> ? of i ie/...eiiing of the milr.arv
? . it- l.v i let'i:any wh:, h might eni'
;,r.: i'a ? in > i c it imj f<?r tiie assurance
a I 'res .lent Wilson gave u>- ia the
' 'i-'"i-.r !'e;ui;i.s the other d;iv .
iiidfi tie operation ?.f the league
- W ill |,. -...|- l-'raiiri. or auv
| I" -Pie is thrt atei ed the
. ?nf I -.v II b.- reads to vin
*'*' it'.-' ty. s i that 'there never
> be my doubt ..| w.iit iajf or stir
iiiiKe, This has given us great solace.
? J 1 H.< departing American
? '? .I'd: .h . d and a happy return
" "I" p. .. i fi re:- ideh.
? ""si ,i e;y ,,f nations in
ii. t France enter must
? f<?r- ed 51r' ' .ciadly b\ t o eou
'lie - j...,,;,,,. by a de
*'ri" ' ! ( " ? a li nation entering
? < agr.-< merit to 1.1 w:||inc to
'"aoiin.e t heir traditional aloofness
' -p -ilher i? ? -? and *villing to ern
?'? ??i!:aI -trengt -i outside the.r
* ' ? ? coun11 v 11'1 - n .ii titi:#* of peace
?' wr|, ,i? Rioter the prersure of war
\i.?. I'll v<> m??: iivMiij
Ac ? i,i. ,i \ e prop en,. >,|.j France
W ' S'.c doi.e W it ll
'. ' * , vn ii'i .in aliiding faith in
? be tr ? i ii i; ? i of t i 1> t asid jiisi u-> \
was , (Id ol (?.,, .tiier I"., ? a . d in list
:l be *.,|,J l-ra:.. will e,,n
iii'tn -Slant* reiii ii s,.n Keproche.'
\ i of onr pirins iir, la->ed on ih?*
-plrndid plntform ,id down b\ Fres
ideir \\ hon I i perf, h'aririon\
with the pr. ne i pies which lie
enunciated, w?- ir. striving tor htirher
and hob, .- idea m ,i. ? p.. , ?.,,|- ,,r
aftairi- <if I III W? ? r!11 Ivested of ;,1,
rrier, < nary ay;,ira t !oi.n. u. jow h*-aii
ily ati,| ur.i e.-ervi d! v in ihe ctfori to
ma i - i beti.-r w Y. l . simple
juolic to all in ink il."
? ('f>n tinned From First I'age.)
in the dealt, of tin; former President.
Foloilel I'.,.or. veil-.- mai.v atltlbuti-s
wer? lauded, but in prae'i ,-ally every
.-neech h v rjl. i|iia'iti<- a> a mail
v. er. stresh'-d. Oyster Hay, Colonel
Itooseveli s home for many years,
gathered for a service ,,t local "thea
The remarkable feat..re of the trib
till* here was its spontabiel v, the
saon element wli'eh fes lured services
not only thioughout the Foiled Statef.
but alio hi l-oii'l-jti and Foil:?. There
Commander Tells Men as They Enter Germany That;
They Must Remain True to American
Ideals of Honor.
AMSTI'jUDAM. Feb. !>.?Here is the
text of Gcncrul Pershing's order to the
American army of occupation, issued
just before the tlrst American soldier
ever s?-t foot upon German soil. It is
literally transultcd into ICnulish from
.t recent issue of the Ltorliu Tageblatt.1
just received here:
"In view of the extraordinary cir
cumstances tinder which the American
army of occupation is serving, thol
commander-in-chief desires to bring to
the knowledge of tlio oilicqrs and men !
the expectations which he conceives
with regard to their conduct.
?'You have not conic as plunderers
or oppressors, but solely as the ex
ecutive arm of a strong, free novern
ment. whose intentions toward the
tierman people are tilled with good
POI'l'l.ATION i m>i;h
"During our occupation the civilian
population stands under the special
protection of the discipline and honor
of the American Army.
"It is. therefore, the purpose of this!
order to appeal directly to your pride
as the representatives of a powerful,
just and righteous nation, in the lirm
conviction that in your relations with
the German population you will con
duct yourselves in such a manner that
it will respect1 you and the country
had been no concerted movement for
the memorial service, various institu
tions joining of their own initiative.
uk KoitMKit I'uksiih;vr
LONDON, Keb. ?More than 1.500
nersons. including Ambassador and
Mrs. Davis and l'rince Arthur Con
linuKht, represeniting King George. at
tended the memorial service for the
i.Ue Colonel Hoosevel-t in Westminster:
Abbey to-d iy.
Following choir singing the Ameri
can and LZnglish national anthems and
a number of favorite hymns of the late
ex-President were rendered. Arch
bishop Carnegie, in a moving tribute,
called,. Itoosevelt "Ameri -a's s-trong
man." and "champion of Hritain in
this war from the start."
I.ord Beresford, Viscount and Vis
countess Uryce, 11 x.r I an.I Countess
Clinton. Austen Chamberlain anil Ad
miral Sims were among the brilliant
p\r>T?l,,'ii"V 'n ,,AU,S CUllUlli:.s
<-ir -A" i V,m Memorial services
for Colonel Theodore Roosevelt were
.\"i ; lxvo American churches
I.ie this afternoon. President Wilson
And Secretary 1-ansing attending the
ceremony in the American church in
the Hue de Herri, the memorial ser
mon being preached by the Hev. Chau-i
cey tJoodnch.
Henry D. White, of the American
commission, and A. .1. Half'n.r HritDh
1 ore. i^ii Secretary, attended the ser
Moiv "-v ? A.mtril,an church of the
IM ? ^mity the Avenue d'Ai-n i
the ^erm on*"' ?' Kh?dC
((-ontlnued From First Page )
J l>.i\e greised inv ha.jr with
my biX.'SiX
coffee Pom Vfth n lini,V' 1 hav? drunk
when ' ' j"ahou\d have |
M.Mi VV IS <;itAl)( I'lT?
J liive nod hia^A -i . ?
hei\nhg"u;atni;!? :h:; '.Waand 1? havo
the wav of t il * . i '*1 :hat ??ood in
or crtvWx.ViolnhWdd^fnCXR!nW,,?a^
a graduate trom the uirw'r?i'v 't
Srarsraa:.** ;???;*
Mr. Sunday went on ?r> .. i
malic and afVerting r .-V of ,L'V"
cident in his i.f, wh.n h's n^.!!'" i ^
io a", 1/old "?* l'?yS\ J';'' Millie
< '? ree n w ood, j own '^udf i
cnc* listened to Mr. Sun'.!:, v's sinJpfvl
Old account of the journey of the two
? !>1? boys alone and of ??],.. friendlv
Hands outstretched to them * i
?Swinging into the fifth week 0f th*
campaign. Mr. Sunday told h s iu< =
'ers rfPPMfnt?tlve church mem!
..ers Cist ixartly wha: was the mi
ter with them as Individuals and as
church members. The text of his ser
mon ???? taken from the iwe;,-v-mxti
chapter of Matthew and the t'wemv
. eeond vorset "I.ord. is it 1""
<111 ItCII III sv PI, Ay j \f;
..i a.vd wi:avixi: <"(?ii\vKn*>
j".1;' ?'* ^ W&RSrSK
and women -than the jaws of a? .n"
j.;it.,r or a crocodile. and the church of
the I'Sni!1 *nL'-ln<nftVr<*n:. playing on
t.if banks, ruiik.ritr cobwebs \mi L,n
? ng down are girls with the dew o'f
> >uth thftir brows, hovs in t;,e:r
J-ens and they are cryine to t.s
'I i r\ Hurry! Faster' Faster"
"l???rd. is it IV"
'To look a.- a -ood mariv per,D>
l.ie church, said the evangelist "vol
lould think they had a tihrouu'li ticket
? I- heaven in a Pullman and !ia<l askr-d
(!.< porter to call them wh. ri rhev head
ed in.o the yards of t)lr. N>w' jort).
wllh -t 1 \'V vy?U UVn sidetrucked
get there" ' "K'n' hrTfrr" ?vo!'
"The church wants nmre of Ood "
shouted, "and less of dress and -Ariv
ng after money. The oid-tlrne
thusiasm seems lacking nowadays. We
? need new members half a* mir'i
r made over. Of mw.
l .000.ono people in America who*.
a ri- on church books, not 10,000.
000 know wha.- it iS rK>t tA (lil> (hcir
eolors to the devil And j think I
am qualified to speak ?,th somrf de
gsec of authority."
. , T!!urf"'"S ,r'? ahouting in i mew.
Jnus these ,lay?. Mr. Sunday mourned
\V evc K^*t I en hideUmnd. F.,,ir .M ?
Mo.hlnKre,,PU'? , h,,rt* ',r?
l Miitik," he declared with a
nr. ..i impatience, "that tho devil has
ir.'tssed Ihe ?.u;ir:,i "
"Pn- o i Ood'H ga? masks," he c,,0,].
d^ U bkek'??',en "n<VrKy- "Mnrt ,iKht ,!-"
A number came forward at the <???... r
M th- m-eting to t;ike a nta d .v M,
A.r. Sunday f,.r ijcd and to ren.'Yv the'.
?? <.w and covenant. .Mr Sunday ie
no attempt to hide hi- nerv..ls ,....
? patncp with the i-,c'1{ (,r ( ?'
exhlbi'ed by lllehmond audiencr ' "
?'ome or.." he ? id t.? ?!,,? ,V.,wd -|
don ? narr. I u on't wai" ho* r
minutes In Ih-.iven's n ,i ^
stand -her., and let n.e d^. ?.>"?.'! ?
: like,.to sec bravery a.id coura?o ' f,,r
Turning to some, of the ,?<?! ,->r ??
! ^'n.iav party, he said ??>?,' ? '
i.i ?: : :mo r win attempt to pre h t !
times r,n Sunday. I ^.ind ?? ? ,
Mr. Sunday's l^l?ldl|<?H^ ?f
UIiimr-.ited by an In. idem v
urred a few ninht.s ag.. wlwr ?
oc -
V a
- ...*??* ilRO
'told in his dressinK-room . t;j?.. r
<u.a.r patient n?v-ir Mi?* ?\ud:, >r .? >,
) a<l h? r window "jx'n- 1* ? i to
hear 'he urusl'' He immed .??< ;% went
to f.-e ;i:? young wor.iar >< ? I
{ and ItisP red her w-.'h th- itual
inesnaRe he hroucht her.
, A u'rixit gaiherlntr of men r.vend'-.l
^ the t-pectal srrvie for nun .< ? : p M
which you have the honor 10 repre
"Although you rftino to them as n
victorious :irmy, you will display no
sort of malice or ill will.
"On the other hand. you :ire warned
against a line of conduct which is in
compatible with your position as the1
executive arm of a military regime.
"So long as the state of war obtains
(Jcrmany is hostile territory, and you;
may entertain no confidential personal!
relations with its inhabitants.
to.mm i t to in-: oiiNinivK.n
"A dignified and reserved conduct
must l?e observed by you through-'
"It is not to be assumed that any
kind of looting or acts of violence will
be committed by members of the!
American expeditionary force; should,
however, any one prove himself un
worthy of this confidence his actions
will be regarded not only as crimes!
against the victims, but as dishonor
ins the American Army and besmirch- !
intr the dag of the l.'nited States,
"Should such excesses occur they will
be punished with the severest penal
ties of our military laws.
"By order of
".1AMKS \V. MeAXDKKW, Chief of
\r?Y Vorlt Mininterx Hacking Move
ment to Provide t'lneon for
Driitkr rs.
NISW VOIUv, Kelt, !i.?Coffee houses
as a substitute for saloons when pro
hibition goes into effect next .July i - .
a plan now being supporteil by a nutn- ,
her of prominent ministers of New
York. The JUCi. although far from
dellniio as yet, is to provide some sort
.if gathering place far men when the
liquor stores cea.se to exi.^t
The coffee houses douid take tin at-j
tr.osphere of small workingmen's clubs,
where groups of men t ould gather
about tables and drink c.offee or some
other liquor substitute while discuss-J
ing topics of the day. Knough of
these establishments would be pro- )
videil so that long walks to reach i
on,, would sot be necessary. The sug-j
gestion even is advanced that the
stores to be vacated by the saloons I
le taken over.
According to the Rev. Kobert Rogers.)
pastor of the Church of the Rood :
Shepherd. Rrooklyti. the plans haw
been advanced fur emmga to assure
their adoption. Others interested in
the movement are Itev. 11. Percy Sil
ver. paster of the Church of the In
carnation, formerly p .st chanlain at
West Point, and the Uev. William P.
.Morrill, pastor of the Hriek Church.
Will Dixciivn Solution of Sncla I Kco
niMitlc and ltetlgioii?. Prob
lem* Itorn ol' \\ nr.
ATLANTA, Feb. 0.?The first of a
se' ii * ot ten conferences to lie held
throughow*. the country umter thA di
reetsar. of the !n",erchuroh Movement
of North America, which has tor its
purpose the concentration of effort by
all Protestant < hurciies on the solu
tion of the social, economic and relig
ious problems arising from the world
war. will open here to-morrow for
a three-day session.
Nine Southeastern States are to be
represented at the conference, namely:]
Virgina. Kentucky. Tennessee. North J
Carolina, South Carolina. Oeorgia. !
Florida. Alabama and Mississippi.
A d \ n IIIT in Wholesale t 'OMt of .<1 May
Make lloelie.N l?*r
I Drj.
ROCHRSTKR. N. V.. Feb. This
city threatens to go dry to-morrow
when beer at 1 a cents a g^a.s makes
its appearance. The general sentiment
to-day was tha: a glass of the fjvoritc
brew at that p:ice is impossible
The brewers raised the wholesale
price of beer ,M a barrel last night,
ar.d nstrncted retailers to doalCe the
price to the consumer to-morrow.
"The breweries have gone ove - 1 o
the prohibition cause,' it was remarked
to-day. "They have outdone the bone
tlry men. They must want to save
what tliey have left in stock."
W H-.M iX< JTOX, X. c.. Feb. t>.? For
the first time snow i:i any qua at it v
fell here to-night, and by 10 o'clock1
the gro mil was covered.
OODL.KNZ. Feb. H.?Memorial ser
vices for Theodore Roosevelt were held
to-day by the American Atmy of oc
cupation. The order for the services
received at the various headquarters
was that such services should be held
tn memory of the "former President of
the I'nlied States."
RKRI.IN. F. iday, Feb. 7?The con
grecs of soldiers' council attache-! to
various Herman army corps concluded
its session here to-day with the adop
tion of a resolution calling on the cen
tral council of ihe soldiers" and work
ingmen's boards t<> summon a general
congress of all the Herman Soviets by
February "0.
PII OR NIX. ARIZ., Feb. f??Prelimin
ary organization of a soldiers', sailors'
and workers' council was effected here
to-day. The meeting was attended by
about fifteen soldiers and sailors in
uniform and 100 civilians. A resolu
tion demanding immediate release of
industrial prisoners. withdrawal of
American troops from Russia and cen
sors-hip by the typographical un ion of
? opy affecting lahor was passed.
NRW YORK. Feb. f*.? A person may
be able to hold a wireless; conversa
tion over a distance of IJ.000 miles
as trie result of an invention of an
American engineer. Rrriest F. W. Alex
anderson. of the General Rlectrle Com
pany, according to a prediction made
to-day by Or. I.ee l)e Forest, wireless
expert. The pres;ent radius of radio
telephone conversations is C.000 miles.
''IIK'A'iO, Feb. !>. Tiie vanguard of
?.000 delegates to attend the opening
session of the congress for a league
of nations began arriving here to
day. Tire delegates represent Illinois.
Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Wi.s
conji: r..
NRW YORK. Feb. 0.? Resale Abbott,
noted some years ago as an operatic
singer, died here to-day at her home
sill I id iieen ill several years. Miss
\bbott. who left the stage in I?I2.
w Ik-u she marri'id T. Waldo Story, tbe
s :l;itor, v. as born its IS7S :.t Riverdale.
N. Y.
RAYOXXR. N. .1., Feb. !>.?The lirst
cross-Atlnntlc flieht is to be attempted
in a w eek or so by Captain Hugo Sund
s'edt, a Swedish avia-lor, according to
aa an nou ncesnent made to-night by
? 'aptain SundHtedt, who hop'es to make
the flight in twenty-two hours and
win a prize of $110,000. "If all goes
v.cll ! see no reason why the flight
should not be. started immediately,"
an id he.
Advices received here from Kovno as
rert that an a result of the. success
of the Rlthuanlan troops and an ad
vance by Finnish and Ksthonlan troops
the llolshcvlsts have evacuated Vllna.
Squadron ?f Two ljiKh| CVlllsc,,s
mill Might Steamers Laid
i Mines.
Acted \\ iJi British Meet?(Jrral
Harrier Completed by Knd of Oc
tober Only Klvn Deaths A mom;
IVrsuimel of <1,000 Mcu.
?-in AS.,,!i,,yu?JON- ,Vb The Ameri
hi i ninpr sq uadron. which in
Wl."' tl,C H r 111 s 11 navy. I
; \!n ir3 Jm,U; trail "f across
? . t v?a fro,n 1110 ',rk neys t o
win. m, / ')orway, has returned homo |
with I ho story of how this groat1
ill ! (v'""1 in l,lV canU>ai>?n co ?throttle
trlbute'd. aubmarines was coa
iniVn'/H1 '"r r.{,?frilli,ld r:- "elknap. corn
<>f- ,,I,H l>r ??'?< whips?two
Jisrht ei uiscrs and eight converted
c ra ft-?|f ru p h lea 11 y described
fa a statement 'to-day tho work of lav
ing tho <0,100 mines whioh mafic up
hl>-< a 1 led North Sea barrage and
announced ihat ai hast seventeen
enemy submersibles were known |()
!?!; ,V?',U' ,to l? attempting to
1 /V thiM fiohl.
1 ho American ships laid r>?j 570 of'
.ho total number ot tho.so American '
Invented and manufactured engines of
Jest motion. Tho Held aver aired
miles in width, and nowhere'
?\a* u less than tlftcen miles across i
an hoiti for a submarineIa
"T" , y"u,flu underneath 1
/5 f.,ninen would ho found
there equally deep, and if the sV.l,
were re-idV^V ??W." cvon. deeper, mines
r< read j for them there, too and
one touch was enousrh
Itl'.I'ltH l s ( u.lli: t.\? ?'?!.?
..n c ., M I,s MKKTI.Nt; MIMOS
Befoio the barrier was halt'-wiv
I'lrr-iL' " .?Sa"1 V;,i" ,,n MoUinap.1 'Vhe
I if I ur Pn s i" y !,d r<'s?>la- Karly
in .iu... l.!i\ .it
sion oi the mine lay.rs aiio froio iim."
m-irVn'"' lj,>,lorl3 u ould come ,,'f Sub
iV'it n?-.? -'"wJf ?f '' I'i'oa riu^
"l,. i", 'V, !,"u ,thc nature <?: the
'? "ever be known de!i:iitei\
lore hi? *'?mc to
<jr wV?h adillV^r^'.^i^r ?
? ?|u.tdion should he credited with'tv-o
mlnV.s,r ',?Sl in "?>??? of n r
Irish coast." U,U J,al*"??re off The
1 n veY n c snT'Tas t '* ?! a v''''fi ^ 'rV-1. ,?rr?v^
operations. and ' livHve 'V
,!JM 'ti( Urst mine-plan tin" Vv
? iii.sioti. '.in these tripx. whi< ij "l-i??t.Ml
-au-Vlr- .? ?-y. t0 iiours.) he
marines and raiding erulseis
* M ,l1 ?l- ''AtKIl < AltItli:i)
MM? TONS op i;Vl'l OSli
i.i , ^eco,l<' niinln^ ?-x?-ursior""
si?'lnK q,farrun U/,s ni" aupimrt.
o. four American iKiiK-shihw
wxw&Wz,, ,v..is 'r "r
tor|ied*j or mine, or a row ene-nv Mh'U|!
wuu,d,,.rta:Illy ?n,s, one %
"b.tbly destroy all t?.? 0f them ViSl!
mint, iiiaziter rarriod ;mni
to 1 -?> ton a of Utah exnlosiv^w #,OUV
o.- neariy sou iMI?i.%s' :i lo,ul
many time- more th,n ??lu?dion.
d-vastated I la! [fax amount thai.
. "The operation ;t8 a whole w.? i
n eonjunetioti wi'h ?. .m,i i dotie
s?iu?drons',?n."r went and Hril,sh mine
!"-? U..der?llVSJro 4t<;o, of !:a'n,i
area1/' fl,rt'ro"1 Pans ot the'* barrage.
"AltOK^.,I,MIh",??V '??^?"tSIOVS
ma do i,. ,, ev...irV? n s,iuadrcn
?/1U.idrui! T'i?'ven^ ;um'i "i?,<!'
tini.sited at tii . end ? ?? ? 'aSf' .vat; '
'?is! excursion , li?? '
lui'i. iiti.i joi'M- s ' '.'0|i planted ,
t.. i. ' I,?. ?. mil'-v 'on-. ,.n.
"" i ~.i' !y-s:t;' 'minot,?" hou j
v.on; v* ir.-uiit i J : u n.L t-very;?.n;
iiist.-i;,11 h..Ui. i he new ni ???
firs', op-rali- ".^f^tly. l)n thj.
?sol; c; o; - m'v. <' o,"111" ?? r
^?*^*ois i > j > t ..???? 1 ?* > *n ainj one -h i ? i'
???'* iunsest \Lv"-'"X ,hj?
T"- **un<lruu 'va!t'l*,ilu111'" '
t he 'nines l^'uhl LeX,fu-r2,,?n
^ ?n any opera't'lon!3''0'1- a,,d "c^>
vry few!' >oil*M|l,,?l\l,,0f .Vf"ua,l?'? Were
-a from the I
hs anions the. ^,ooo
dition. Th.-Vf0 u.ti,tcU,,oU 11 "'Je'
i'l'e nor oth-. r i,. h*,,.v,,0?-0-i,h*r...!<!"? 1
tour other dea .hs'^imini"/! tlu'wer.?
which mitfht have' L"c?*ri5*.?,0.?0
Condition. There under anv
<" iti'e nor other iniurv"0. ?Jhtr
.no eio?e nivJ, ? ,-,J"i>. and. desnlte
"<? -ship ?-\or"*eamo' 'llj.no "' Ids.
largely to 1'aptain ii.?? i ?fr * thanks
Jfator Cunninsnam" 0 ,l 'r? ?"'? Xav.-j
? rancisco. ' 1 'lagship ?San
. 'n addition to t he^'vi^N F,KI''I'
barrage itself, in " of !l)"
submarines in or fium i! i 'enemy,
mine uquadron was ,l>as"J;. 'he
iti? *i bai: irt .i...,, 1Clod io servo'
Deri. This ever-n're'io?f"i '*ern;an .
(mo fart ?;}>'!! ?ti ! Possj^j)and
in the inincipal thorou"h'ia,Kroilnd )a>
{bjoariiios. with ?,M.?,,| "l enoniv
J''- Periscope siglit iilKs i/,u 'n., '1eiuiJ
Ports. ,i ... w .a. ' '?tibmarine >?<.
JjoaJinsr mines and^lead "creens.
floating by. l^?" 0if.i. mun a-'ilors
dcv"teUrbftv navv'ex? S"CCiiil
an invention ?>}? 1 rorn
'ho t'nited States in ij^if:n''" i,pcan
rhe many parts, smai a? Cfmbcr' 11,1 ? ?
} l" '"e makeup o"a sfneie rIKe'
being constructed |,J fu? ni!l,c' were
J.v numerous con tract ori thousands
'?red them at Norfolk <rL ^ ,,cliv
sph(!res were ch-irneri i!ur? mine
' these ves?els rm n' 'wcnly-four
April with a Jn? /?#? -sunk la.^:
3.000 mine inciiorC ~ i ",,n? mp!1 an<l ;
merchant veVsels u '. ? l o"r "r ' ?>
freichif0rni?r MnrRa"~ '"'oPh, carrjn|Cnrg '
ini^rit boiueen New York ^ ,,a I>
.Vain'V!; r-i'noni0 '"^'.'- !
t i , ^ n .tins, i^anonieus. t antain
1 I.. .1 ohnson ; llotisatonic Cantaii. i !
Ou nnelmuB- ""'V- Norfo,,i- ??>w named
./uinnenaug. Commander i> pr-iit
?VIannix, i.nii Saranae. Captnin Sinclair
, 'r'^ remaining two were ti e
fast Boston and New Vork passemrer
inn Of" l^1as",a?,h?aelts and Itunker
Kastern Steamships for-I
poration renamed Shawmiit. Captain
r ,,,,verius. and Aroostook, Can- i
tain J Harvey Tomb. Karl, ship car
ries aliout twenty offloer.i and ^00 men
and is armed only lightly for def.iiise
against submarines and aircraft.
?. , . .^fai'loaei, Itrneh Mliitnl.
MIAMI, KI,A.. Feb. ft. Two navv
seaplanes of the Ilfl?5 type arrived here
late this afternoon from llampton
Uoads en route to Ouantanamo, to
I>art 11" to in the annual maneuvers
of lhe Atlrnil- l-'leet. They will he
joined by three similar planes' whioh
arrived fro?m Pensacola. Kla , ait :<
o^cloe.k Saturday afternoon. Tlie sea
p,anes each contained two pilous and
two mechanics.
Sixty-Throe Votes llavo Kern
lNetlxetl, Loaders of Move
ment Now Claim.
MAY IM;ilSLAI)i: tkam.mkix
Kxpertcd Ho Will Change His Opin
ion When lie.solution Comes Cp.
Short Debate Kxpectctl in Senate
\\ ASH IIJCiTO.N, I-'ob. !l.?"Hopeful,
but not confident," was llio word from
national headquarters of tlie national i
woman s party an to tlie outcome of the
final efTorts this session to pass the
resolutions submitting tlie woman suf
frage const it lit ionui amendment to the
States for ratification in the Senate
The same appeared to lie tru.s of
suffrage leaders in the Senate.
Sixty-three votes are pledged for the
resolution, but where the one remain
ing vote necessary for the required '
two-thirds majority is to come from '
none of the suffrage leaders could sav
to-nip lit.
Hecause it is the last chance to j?et
the resolution through at this Memo
cratie Congress, some suffraKlsts hoped
that one or more of the Democrats now
classed as opposed lo the resolution
would change, and thus make passage
of the resolution certain. Sninu of tho
pro-suffrage Senators appeared more
hopeful ol this than the women at the
national women's party headquarters
O.MS MOW \'UTO t*AI.\Kl>
AivfK last i'iti-:sr.vri:ri
Otto vote has been gained for the
resolution since the Inst vote was
taken on otober 1. thai of Sena??
l'olloek, new member front South ?'ar
tdlna. Saturday one of the pr'.swf
fragt* leaders !n the Senate said there,
were four doubtful vote?. it was!
learned taat tito.se so regarded were
Itoraa. <?.' Idaho. and Moses, of New
Hampshire, Republicans and Williams
of .M:-isiss:j?pi. and Trammell. of Flor
ida. l.?emo.ratj?. Senator Borah defi
nitely remove.1 himself front anv such
doubtful class to-day when he wid
he was "not in the habit of changing
h'.s mind over night." Xor Is it Ken-'
or.vllv believed that Senator Wi,IlHms
is tn the douMful class.
Probably the strongest prowiirt* has
I ' en brought to bear on Senator Tram,
me!., and If the advocates of tJ>e reso
lution have a real chance to get the
vote of any one of the four classed ah
doubtful Satu-daj nigh' it wo.tld ap
pear to be his.
m:> a'I'oh Jt>\Ks noi:s
NOT !?'!<;i hi: on i>ki.a\
Senator Jone.s, of New Mexico, chair
man of the Woman Suffrage tCommit
tee. does not think a voie will b?- long
delayed. lie bol.eves deIva:?? will bo ?
short atid that a vote may l?e rcachcl
by the inidd>? of i?e at.errioon.
Numerous other impotrant matters,'
in addition to the suffrage resolution,
are to be before Congress this week.
The lug revenue bill, which was llu
ally passed by the House Saturday
night, will be disposed of early this
week in the Senate. Senator Simmons,
who will have the conference report
It) charge, does not believe more than
two days will be needed for discus
sion of the report and its final udop
l ion.
The lull will be held at the capital
until Preside:.t Wilson returns lo re
ceive his signature.
To.* Senate will -also take up con
sideration of the legit-alive. executive
and judicial appropriation bill, which
tixis the salaries of the employeew of
Congress and tiie executive depart
no nts.
The diplomatic, arid consular Ml! i.r
also ready to be -taken up.
not si: wii.i, tiki: i p
In the House, consideration of the
na\a! appropriation bi 1 will he -e-'
r'UWed. witii the prospect of a vote be
fore tiie middle of t.ne we??k. The only
ri. a titer remaining to be disposed of 'is
that of the big building program for'
the next' year.
The Military A flairs Committee of
the House will report the formications
and military appropriation, bills dur
it'.g the week. With only sevon'ecn
working days retnainin'g of the session..
Senators and Itciiresentatives are tin-:
able t > see how a!/, the big supply bills
can be passed before Mar<th f. and are
rfcS'ign-ed lo the conviction that an ex-:
tra irinion is unavoidable
The .tiVfv.tlg.ition by a special com
mittee of til.- House of the political ac
tivities of the National Security l.eag.i??
will continue, with Alton P.. Parker.!
cue-time candidate for Pres.id>-nl of
the f'nlred Sta'Ves. scheduled as one "f
tiie leading wv nestles. Momlic ? "f
Oongres? whose records were attacked
by tiie .eague's literary artists Will be
heard in the It own defense.
President nnd l-'amlly (hi to (burcli
mid Take Auto Hide on
PAttlS, Feb. !??President Wilson
spent a quiet Sunday after a strenuous ?
week. lie went to church with Mrs.
Wilson in the morning. After luncheon !
he took a long automobile ride in the j
clear, frosty 'air, and later received
William Sharp, tiie American ambas- '
sador. who has just returned to Pari?
from the Uniled States.
After his business meetings with'
the commission and councils of which
he is a member, the President will to
morrow reccive a delegation of stu-1
dents from the law college of the
University of Paris, and a committee
of Kngli-h women.- who nre in Paris
to attend the conference of interallied
women about to be held.
Hrilisli Troops lOn Koutc I'Voni lixHa
|''iiul ("oltl Intense ami I'oii
(litious Hull.
l?uck of Hallway Kuril it it\s Most
Serious Ol)s(arlo?Men Travel in
llox Cars; onicers in TI?ir?l-< lass
Sleeping Cars?Food Scarce.
?i. ? (Special ) I' r> o 11 ; ?? liavu talked i
lightly uf sending an army of halt 1 !
million men or more to Western Siberia
l?? battle with HolshoviKts ot fur any
other ri'AMin connected wltii this stu
pendous Russian problem. Tin* Jap
anese learned ?>y bitter experience in
the war with Russia of the dllliculties
of .1 Sil-.-i ian campaign. and w??nl?l
p<.t|der Ioiii; before dispatching a
mighty army to the far l.'ral .Moun
taias. The correspondent of the Asso
ciated l'ress. as a pasKOilBf' on a
saecial Mrltlsh military train bound
for <iinslt, the seat of the All-ltusslan
government. is having a close oppor
tunity to study the ditlteultles of trans
porting a greal army.
We have on board a corn pa i y of
splendid Itritlsh troops recently arriveil
from India -men of the famous Hamp
shire Kegiment?the territorials or
militia of ICnglatiri, who offered to go
to India to replaeo the rerrulars and
who served there for two years. Now
the fortunes of war find them riding
across the barren lands of Manchuria
on their way to the heart of the Si
berian steppes, where I lie temperature
is 40 degrees below zcn>. Anxious as
they are to reltirn to their homes in
Kngland. they fulfill this new task
gladly and light-heartedly. They are
traveiini; in plain, rude bi?x cars, i
grouped about .-loves with all the dis
comforts that a Journey of two or
three weeks and perhaps more in
ori'irKits ami mux sriniiT
to Discosikoiits eni:?:nCI I.I,V
For the officers commanding the con -
tiiurent there is a third-class Kussiail
sleeping car with bare wooden shelves
to hold their sleeping bags and blan
kets. In another Uritish military train
which precedes us there is no sleep
ing car, and the olllcers are camping
with their men in the bos cars. We
are fortunate in one respect. Dack <if
Kussian equipment and facilities for
cooking oblige tne oWicers to eat the
same rations as the men. which, if i
plain, is wholesome and nourishing.
ly.iek of railroad cats is the most |
striking feature of life in Liberia to- ?
day. There is deplorable disorganiza
tion. There is urgent need of central
management, and people who have the
welfare of Siberia at heart earnestly
hope thai .John !?' Stevens, the Ameri
can railroad expert, who is now here,
will be given a chance to bring order
from chaos. (
si\-tku ok srrration
It was a picturesque spectacle a:- the
train stopped at stations on 'he way
from Vladiv stole to Harbin Tall Itus -
slans. Chinese and Koreans in bulky.
tatter><;, lilthy garments swarmed
around tne train olTering il ? uhtful
looking eatables for sale. Hungry,
long-haired dogs, wolfish in appear
ance. prowled about the cars, snap
ping and growling, gulping down any
thing that will May death. in a bind
in :v lotielv area I hey would be formi
dable any man The weather was
keen and ci-hl. tile w;nd biting I.ong
delays occurred at almost every .sta
tion. Many freight cars were seen o t
few in movement. Disorganiz.it i-m
reigned master.
The two lessons taught early i:i the
journey were, drst. th> great "material
obstacle* to be encountered in send
ing a log army into Siberia, anil the
imperative need of central management
of the Siberian railroads. The comfort
and perhaps the lives of the people
of Ktissia depend upon a prompt cen
tral control of the lailroads.
Krro From Air Ituids nnd llomliaril
iii rut VtheiiH I'raet Icull v I ii -
chungrd liy \\ orld Conflict.
{Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
AT1IKXH, Keb. 9.? I-'ew large cities
of the countries that were engaged in
the war hn\e been le?s affected by it
than the ancient capital of ?Jre?ve.
J-'ree entirely from the menace of air
raids and hostile bombardment, and
participating actively iti the war f->r
comparatively only a short time,
Athens is to-day in all essential fea
tures exactly as it was in prewar
There is scarcely atty outward sipri
that the country ever was in the gre.it
world conflict. During the entire
progress of the war, all the store.-.
theaters, cafes, museums ar.d places <>f
amusement in the Greek metropolis
Were doing business a- usuai and the
iniiabitauts t'elt only remotely the ef
fects of the war. Prices i>f f.?<d and
clothing were much higher than in
peace times, but the people suffered
from no such scarcity of these ami
other necessaries of life as did the
populations of I^ondon, I'ar'.s and other
continental cities.
The tourist, who at one time was
one of the most abundant source? of
revenve. howt vcr, disappeared entire
ly during the war.
' The passing years appear on the
whole to ha\e made little change i:i
the Athenian capital. If the visitor
who knew Athens well In days long
ago could pay another pilgrimage to
the historic city, he would see still
the same quaint sights that have al
ways made Athens appear to the for
eigner rustic and unsophisticated, in
the midst of all its cosmopolitanism
lie would see a number of milch goafs
roaming down one of the main streets
picking up orange peel and paper bags
in the gutter, while their owner drew
tiie sweet warm milk from them to
fill the bottles and pitchers of the bua>
lireek housewives who emerged from
has taught
Is better for
the family
than coffee
"There's fle&sori'
their homes iii rc^jinnHO to thft tlnklo
of the coats' bolls ;? u<l the hawkinj?
"|'V ? he fustitiiollii-clnd berdernan.
lit* would sci' also i lie ?-?!?? it t loss littln
Oreek pa ruins, dirty ami ratted. that
are. ..o much ;i part ??r the lite of the
capital ami who shine .shoes ami sell
lottery tickets.
Another lain: U.i r S114I11 would ho t ho
old woii!<'ii, thin, tanned .m l bent with
years, with black 11.. ndkcrch ief? tied
urdej their thins, and ??iirryinu ,,,,
their 'I'ai'k.s <1 i la |i i<l :> t c(l hampers nf
wild herbs ami salad Icuvis. which tbev
ills pose itf 10 t hi' abstemious (Jn-ek
hoiiMi hold rs of Hi.- neighborhood lor
about lepta 1 cents) a,<|iiart Creeh
funeral processions. in which ti?o body
of Hie iIopipiic.d Is curried in h 11 open
hearse. fully exposed'ami without cof
fin or coviriitK. hit familiar hirIm
? Mini- cities change with times, htr
Athens sc< ais as .liuintitahle to-day
it was in the centuries that have j*one
Thrc wn;s within a dcund.- hav.. r
tered only s'iulitly the lif.>, churn.
(eristics ami institution:! of the anc'i 1
city of ll"l!as
Itcpiihllcnn Troop*. t.ntlier About Oporto
nod Hi'iti'l ItuvalKi
1 lly A -m?i iat.-il I'r;n |
i'AIJIS. I cli J'onvs of tlic I'ort'l
rmsc r.-pu 1.1 ic:t n Kn v. rn men I. a upr.
uatinu .iii.iiiin iii' n. ipe riini'i'iitra11 tie
around ? ? 1 ^ .rt.it..- royalist st ronu.h. dd'
a coord ill K t.. advices reach :nt; fccr.
trom idsion to-day. Ii u-..- annoum-eil
that i't;i 'M by tin- royalists upon r>'
publican I roops bad hen o? .'icoine and
?I,..: the railways nr- op.ra: under
normal co ml:! i 1 jus. Tie uiohlli/.a ! ion of
youths which wus recently ordered hv
the uoveriiment. is declared to have
been effected without disorder.
\ ot n bit- I'lmiri'K Itellre.
MUNICH, l-'oh. :> Xoiahle figure*
have been Ifavinc tne llavariun arniv
ate!;.. The fai:iou? Cenera! Kon ra-l
'V ' V v"'! ' " !liuc?t ??i^eii. eomtiiaiide'
the a foipH, ami later cli.r'
>f t iiavan.ui ra! staff, |,as re
Mre'l I'rince i <!; i-a rid ..f Hourbon.
'? ' alabna. Ii.xs ftlv. n up h:'
lonipMmeniary rank an chief of th?
Sixth l'*ield Artillery Ke^iment and
ha-s retired from Havana a arm%
The cfj ually well-known Infantrv
general, t'ount von I'-othrner. ha/; given
up his a la suite connection with th
Infantry Uody <?u;irii K^jrwn^nt.
Deaths. 1
? ' ? ' ' N M tkiifl (Mond&i
. k ussntmiajs^
In formulating ,-\nd
compounding Mun
yon's Paw Paw
Laxative Pills
Prof. Munyon di?
regarded expense and
used a formula con
taining ingredient*
omitted from other
laxative) on account
of their high cost,
but who?e juperior
merits the moit
eminent pbrticiam
MUNYOV % Paw PAW Pll.t ^ I'ftmiafatVertieiat
'n itiptuea. AJ1 ucj-jaf. ?0.
For Coughs and Cold9
take a tried and tr*te-l remedy?one that
new prompt! / and et.V. tivelf ?r?i <onta:, ,
no opiates. Vou ifc: that re;.-,iJy by n?k:nc for
th a
Mejin* M ?> n r y
Sn* f?l on Jeweiry
I ? 1 1 m o nd.-*?
^ also oil re
pair wori<
it. nt riTn\ .1 ro?
.leiri-lcr* nnd Oiitiriitnt.
Ill Itriiad ^Irri't.
Ask any export, on artis
ti<- xntisir, who ^?as heard
the Now Krlisoii, nnd you'll
hear unqualified preference
for this wonderful instru
It is lite only phonograph
whit'll "re-rreatos" p.iusic?
liio only one which dareo to
play in direct comparison
with the artists themselves.
I he only phonograph for
(hose v;hu want tlie best.
CO., inc.
Second anil liroad Streets.
i't'oad at .IrfTerson.
Th? principle of apply
ing 1)10 gas flame directly
lo (ho ovon with only in
tervening walls lo inter
cept the heat is what saves
yon gas, because there is
no wastage in getting the
oven to the right heating
All models at Low Profit

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