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General and Mrs. Bundy, of Camp
Leo, wcro guests or honor at a dinner I
party given Wednesday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. ldgbert U. Leigh, Jr.. at their
home, 004 West Franklin .Street. The
tablo wan set with a centerpiece of
red and whllo tulips and blue iris, fes
tooned with streamers of red. white and
blue ribbons, and a number of promi
nent Richmond gueb'ts wcro Invited to
meet them.
General Bundy has been Ktationed at
Camp Leo for several months past, j
and a number of smart affairs have
been given In honor of the distin
guished ofllcer and his wife since their
arrival In Virginia.
Second Dance u( Awtrmbiy,
About 100 guests wcro entertained
last evening at the second of the scries
of dances given by the Junior Assem
bly In the ballroom of the Jefferson
Hotel. Small tables were arranged
around the sides of the room and deco
rated with shaded lights and spring
llowera. Palms bunked the stage where
a stringed orchestra played for the
dancing. The chaperons invited to
receive for tho assembly last 'evening
Include Mrs. Westmoreland Davis, Miss
Prances Scott, Mrs. Henry Landon
Cabell, Mr. and Mrs. Scott I'arrlsh,
Mrs. W. JI. Adams, Miss Helen Adams
and Miss rctlio Branch.
The third and last of the series of
dances given by the Junior Assembly
this season will be held on Faster
nrnrDf Doner .March 22.
One of the most Important affairs
of the late winter season will be the
dance which takes place in the Grays'
Armory Saturday evening, March J'J.
This dance is given for the benefit
of the. homecoming fund of the boys i
of llattery P, Sixtieth Artillery, C. A.
C. Quite a number of these boys have i
already been mustered out. < ?n
comber 13, when the regiment was all
packed, ready to sail back to the
States, Home of the boys were de
tached and sent back to Tours and
placed In the quartermaster depart
ment. then transferred from there to
different parts of France.
Anions? the boys who stave,| over
were Sergeant I, M. Cheatwood. son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cheatwood, who1
Is located in the 11 nance division at'
St. Nazal re, and Sergeant Wellington
Cottrell, son of Mr. ami Mrs 11. W. ?
Cottrell, who is in Northern France. |
These boys sow active service for four j
months, and there was not a casually i
In the regiment.
Oflirfr*' Dnnrr.
The weekly officers' dance will take j
place at the I'nivcrsity Club this even
ing at S: 1 f> o'clock. These dames are
given under the auspices of the War
Camp Community Service to enable the
visiting officers and their wives to
meet the people .if Richmond. Mrs.
K. !-?. Hotchkiss is general chairman,
arid Miss Mary B. Baughman special ]
chairman for the evening. They will
be assisted by ,i bevy of young girls
nnd their chaperons. Th') chaperons
for tonight include Mrs. J. S. Brock
enbrough, Mrs George B. Jennings.
Mrs. Horace Salter. Mrs. W. It. Wil
liams, Mrs. T. C Gordon, Miss 'irace
Bidgood, Miss Julia Wcoldridjfe and
Miss Keller.
Jitney Party for Auxiliary.
Another attractive affair of the week
will be the "Jitney party." to be given
this afternoon at 4 o'clock by the
Junlon Auxiliary if tlr.t'-e Kpls-'opal
Church. The cnterta lnr..ent has been
arranged especially for children, and
will be held iri the Sunday school ro.im
of the church on Foushce Street. All
sorts of novel and attractive features
have been arranged, and thf-re will be
games and music and many surprises
for the children who attend. The party
is for the benefit of the w/>rk of the
auxiliary, and all Interested are cor
dially invited to attend.
Mnnll f!rna Hall Tonight.
Fashionable society -111 be out in
force tonight to attend the Mardl Graa
ball at the Jefferson, given under the
auspices of the Work Cirls' Club, of
which Mrs. Godwyn Bo.vkln is presi
dent. Some of the best known women
in Richmond arc members of the or
ganization. and the entertainment will
be a brilliant society event. The
tables will be prettily decorated for the
event, and the ballroom will be crowd
ed with guests, the majority of whom
will wear fancy dress.
The list of patronesses Is a long
and fashionable one and many people
will entertain parties of guests for the
ball. The committees in charge of the
affair include Mrs. Stewart Hume and
Miss Watkins, patronesses; Mrs. Rob
ert G. Cabell. Mrs. Horace Hawes and
Miss Harris, tables; Miss Marian Har
ris. tickets; Mrs. Hume and Miss Cur
rlngton. music; Mrs. Kdward Mayo,
food, hall, etc.; Miss Lewis and Mrs.
Trimble, lemonade; Mrs. Godwyn Boy
kin. Mrs. Trimble and Miss Kvclyn Gor
don. publicity.
Miss Phyllts Taylor left Wednesday for
New York to visit Miss June Christian.
Colonel and Mrs Itenton. of Boston, who
have bc-n spending thy fust \v<M-k at the
Jefferson, ha\e left for St. Augustine. PI a.
Mri. T>. I.. Yancey has returned to h'-r
home in South iiostcn. after a brief stay
in Richmond.
Miss Mabel Brown, of Norfolk, is the
. jU"?t of frieu<i9 h<"re for a short stay.
Or. and Mrs J. Metcalf have returned
to the University of Virginia, after a visit
to friends here.
Miss l.ucy I>uke. who has tmen spending
a week In New York, has returned to her
home in Gluter Pnrk.
I.ord Clirznti, in HrlHsli limine of I.nrdn,
.Snys Itcnson ?if Murder Is
I nktimt n.
t By Associated Press. 1
LONDON, Feb. 2S.?In the House of
Lords today Lord Curzon. government
spokesman, replying to a question <>r
Lord Leamington regarding the recent
assassination of Hahihullah Khan.
Amir of Afghanistan, said the Amir
was camping near Cabul. His tent
was entered early on tho morning or
February 20. and the Amir was killed
by shots ami stab wounds.
Lord Curzon said it was not known
whether the assassination was due to
religious or fanatical reasons or was
the result of political or domestic in-j
trlgue. He. paid high tribute to the
Amir's loyalty to Great Britain, and
said he apparently had been succeeded
by his brother, Nazrulluh Khan.
I* reneh Ilepnlj- Dcclnr0* Ills Coimfry :
Must Hnve (iunrnntrr Against
fBv Associated Press.1
PARIS, Feb. 28.?Total disarmament
of Germany as a guarantee against
future German aggression is urged by
Deputy Renamlel in a letter he has
sent to tho heads of the parliamentary
groups of the Chamber of Deputies.
He writes:
"We wish ftn assured pence, not an
armed pcacc. Do you think it would
be useful, as soon as possible to con
sider a protest to the allies that the
French Parliament will refuse to ratirv
any peace treaty which limits arma
ments and does not include disarma
A Nutritious Diat for All Ages.
Quick Lunch; Homo ur Office.
Central Trades Council Members
Withdraw From Mayor's
No Explanation of Action Is Made,'
but Chamber of Commerce Dele
Kates Continue Study of Budget!
Question With Alnslie.
Mayor Ainslie and otlicr members
of the Advisory Hoard yesterday af
ternoon took up the executive budget
with a small committee which now
takes the place of the general com
mittee composed of committeemen
from tiie Chamber of Commerce, Cen
tral Trades and Labor Council, Heal
Kstate Kxchange. Retail Merchants'
Association and Civic Association.
After the lengthy session of Thurs
| day night. when twenty-five represen
! tative citizens, members of these va
I rions committers, considered the esti
j mates it was decided that faster I
' progress could bo made if the general j
? committee would appoint a smaller j
; committee to consider the various j
financial matters involved in the!
j Mayor's estimates for 1PK>. Accord
; lngly it was decided that the com- j
| mittee from the Chamber of Commerce
! and ihnt from the Central ? Trades and j
j Labor Council should constitute this i
' smaller committee, the Chamber of i
j Commerce representing the business '
i Interests arid the Central Trades and j
j Labor Council the working people.
mi:.\ no not a rno.M)
Hut when the meeting was held yes- '
terday afternoon the members from
the Central Trades and Labor Council
did not appear and it was reported
that they had withdrawn from the
Accordingly the Chamber of Com
merce committee found the whole ,
work on their shoulders. This com
mittee is composed of the following!
members: T. M. Carrington. \V. I).
Schwarzschild, 11. \\\ Rountree, W. T.
Redd ami James R Cordon.
Various reports were In circulation!
yesterday as to why Hie Central
Trades and Labor Council committee
had withdrawn from the conference,'
especially as the members had been j
honored by being placed on the smaller !
committee. R. H. Grcenway, chair-'
man. stated last night that the Central i
Trades and Labor Council committee |
had no statement to make at this tim- i
but that a formal statement would i
probably lie Issued in the next few'
days. In addition to Mr. Oreenway the
i committeemen are Frank Jones. J. H.
Lawder, W. L. Robinson and J. K. '
At the session yesterday afternoon ;
Director of Public Utilities Traf- I
| ford continued his statement to the,
committee and dealt with the various
' phases of operating the gas, electric
;t:i'l w n t r plants.
"Su?pect?*d*? Colonel Thntna* Krlder,
Annlc'icd Him nil Counnrl. nu
I.cnrnlng lie Hnn ticoriclun.
? Bv A*30?:l;?te?l
NRW VfiUK. Feb. 2S.?Jeremiah
O'Leary today lold the Federal Jury
hearing the indictment charging him
with violation of the espionage act. ,
that he had expected from the time
of his arrest to be "railroaded to ;
p rison."
lie declared that when Colonel ;
Thomas Fcldcr. of Georgia. was first;
assigned as his counsel he "su?pected" j
the lawyer because he was a South-j
erner "like Attorney-General Greg- |
ory." adding "there is greater clan
nishness among Southerners than
; there Is among the Irish."
Testifying regarding his alleged
flight to Sara. Wash., on the eve of
th.- original date set for his trial.
O'Leary asserted that he was 111 and
"anxious to get into the woods."
Krdernl Hmervr Hoard Act* to Halt
I ?r of \inrrlcnn Funds In Ilol
slir\l?tH< Flouncing.
IHv Associated i'ress. 1
WASHINGTON. Feb. 2S.?Foreign ex
change transactions between the Cnited
States and Russia have been prohibited I
by the Federal Reserve Hoard, and sim
ilar action has been taken by the au
thorities of Creat Rritain and France.
If. is understood that one purpose of
the step is to stop the financing of Bol
shevist propaganda.
t The Reserve Hoard, it became known !
1 today, acted at the request of the
; State Department.
! Cnder the hoard's system of super- ;
vising foreign exchange transactions;
' evidence was obtained, it is said, that;
larue sums of money had been made
available in the Cnited States for use j
of Bolshevist agents.
; Practically the only means of stop-;
ping this was to shut off these trans- ,
? Captnln Coll I'lniin Another Flight.
I Bv Associated PreF*. 1 !
i PARIS. Feb. 2S.?Captain Coli, who!
recently crossed the Mediterranean and |
made the return trip within twenty
four hours, will soon make a flight by
The way of Madrid to Fez and Ajjadir,
Morocco. He will make a special study
' of conditions over the sea in view of
: his intention to make a flight from
i Dakar, Africa, at the extreme point of
! Cape Verde, to Pernambuco, Brazil,
} within the next two months.
'Always Something "New'
^Acw Shoidinq
6iat$ or
'ensiblir Pyiccx)
&nd Floor
jACGteS trlBVT
mE quALirr shot ? 70S e vmxjd sf
At the Movies
III JOL'?Shirley .Mnnon, In 'The
? Innln Girl.'
O.N'IAIj ?reRuy Ilylnnd. |Q
The Girl With No llejcrctn."
VICTOR?William ?. Hart. In
"Hn-rU of Men."
ISIS?.Mntirlee .Tuiirnler'n nroduc
(lon, "Womnn."
OUI'iO.V?>Inry I'lrkford, In "Jhe
l)a?vn of n Tomorrow."
"V3*?Bddle I'ulo, la 'The Lure of
the ClrcaM."
?Methodtot Worker* Will .Veet nt High
Street Church to llenr Innplrluir
PKTKHSBUU.;, Va7 Feb. "8.?Lay
i I?.'"!'!,, uJ. i ',av,! charge of a meeting
I to be held tomorrow at the High Street
, Methodist Church in the Interest of the
I citntenary movement. and several ad
dresses will -be delivered. The even
I'.'Vr, *rv,H? wl>> ?>?' In char^ of the
ladies, when the part the women wili
trtKe in tiic movement will be told.
Itotnry Club to Help .Student*.
i ^?laO" tMub, at its meeting last
night, appointed a committee to Ihkc
?i? ? seVure * position for everv
1 c-tersburg boy who ha a served In the
army. Another committee was ap
pointed to arrange to give the bo.?
from ] ctersburg av hi? reception after
w.VrW.^l' I relUr? ,U'M"- Will be
worked in connection with other or
ganizations. .Still another committee
was named to co-operate with organ
??? t ,n. .an effort to have the
eightieth Division brought to Camp
Lee iiir demobilization r.nd to plan for
a suitable welcome to the soldiers.
C hureh ilnnllni; I.cngur.
i bowling icague w;us or
ganized at the V. .Vi. c. A. last nltfht
S"1'' lh?j foMowlns oUlcers: President!
J ? ?\. Helm, Jr.; vice-president. A. N
ftc?ttsecretary-treasurer, V. J. Tai
lor. I he league i.s composed of four
teams, representing the , foilowinc
tiL,rL"\Z-: .VSa8h,nKton Street Chris
Tabh St ro?V'n.ft0" Str0Pt Method1,
... " "Ireet Presnyterian arid Mark??i
onnCnlicMthodhSt 'h': teams will bowl
one night each week.
.r. "r*"1!1 ?>'*"? Vote.
The I'.lghtieth Division, which has
been designated for an early return
from overseas, will |>e piven a m-nt
welcome here when it comes to ?Jamp
Lee for demobilization. p
.new high school auditorium is
S S handsomest in the St-iti'
ce*rts l'infJCC?715 V"ry I'o pu Iar for con
sL-its -nn ,? ^Cr entertainments. It
u,e ,nain ,,oor a,,d
*xss% 3^:uftas?aai
S?'fnn5fir.?cl!Sthi,v,y,n*" ln ?
)?.! hoSp'ul a[ Canu>?l*e."KTlit 'J',"
leycd highwayman, itobert Nelxon ' L
Doro fhld?'l>l 1 vCa 1?by l?>?'soldier.
j_?o ro t h \ Payne, the nine-year-old
<?? -a
city. ' lh0 ?'v- ?-'? W. Moor" in this
r/1^S^tJ'-second Infantry Orchestra
from Camp Lee will furnish the musl
. unday atternoon at Tabb Street Pres
Mr*. Frances <;. Eary. wife of .1 l,
?ar>, aged twenty-one years, died this
?h?ern,iSir?Vrv,,.eU,0bT Sr^tS.yTn'd
t^e%tersburg?lher3 and
I-'Imt of Serlm Will i|e Given Turn
day Momlnit by .WImn
Building. 6 North Flf h S r^t u
On Thursday morning the firm r>f
group ?f food lectures wUi be Jive'
Place h?Ur ;'nd 1,1 lhc M'ne
Wednesday morning of the week foi
owing the first in theVeries of lee"
lures on budgeting will be Vach
lecture of each course is free to in
association members.
Secretary Tumulty Issues Ofllcinl
Denial of Statement Attribut
ed to His Chief.
! Senators Discuss Report. That Wilson
Had Said Emerald Isle's I'roblcm
Was One Solely for Adjustment
Between Ireland and Enelnnd.
IRv Aa^oclntnl PrtM.l
WASHINGTON*, Fob. 28.?Secretary
Tumulty Issued a statement at tho
White House today, denying: formally,
on behalf of President Wilson, that the
President told members of the c?n
1 grcssional Foreign Affairs Committees
i Wednesday night that the Irish ques
tion was a matter between Ireland
nnr) Hnttlnnd. and that Ireland would
' have no voice in th? peace conference
I at present.
! A statement to this effect, made by
! at least one of the committeemen after
i the White House conference, was char
acterized :is a "deliberate falsehood."
What Tumulty specifically denied was
| the following:
"The President told the committees
j that the Irish question was a matter
between Ireland and England, and that
j Ireland could not have any voice in the
peace conference at present."
The denial follows:
"In the last few days tho following
quotation has appeared In the press
: under a Washington date line, as part
of the report of the dinner given by
the President at the White House Wed
| ncsday evening, February 26, to the
, members of the Committee on Foreign
' Relations of the Senate, and the Com
, mittee on Foreign Affairs of the
J House:
"'The President told the committees
i that the Irish question was a matter
I between Ireland and England, and that
Ireland would not have any voice it;
the peace conference at present."
"The President wishes me to say that
I this statement has no foundation In
[ fart, and is a deliberate falsehood."
I Several members of the committees
said after the conference that Presi
dent Wilson, when pressed about the
1 Irish question, had made a statement
! to the same general effect as the one
I now denied The subject came up on
the floor of the Senate today, when
\ Senator Hitchcock, of Nebraska, chalr
I man of the Foreign Relations Commi;
I tee, was attacking a report of the con
I ferencc published In the Now York
j Sun.
I In denying tho Sun's report Mr.
Hitchcock said the President was ques
; tloned about Ireland, bnt that the ques
I tion was not a serious one and was not
| answered.
cor it i ;cts x Kim a sk a n
Senator Willlnms, of Mississippi, who
also attended the dinner, interrupted
to correct the Nebraska Senator, how
ver, saying the President had said
; the league of nations bad nothing to
i do with the Irish or Immigration ques
i tions.
"Does the Senator mean to Infer ths*t
j the league has nothing to do with it.
j and the matter is one which must
' necessarily be settled between Ireland
ftnd Great Rrttain?" asked Senator
Borah, of Idaho.
"The Senator can draw bis own con
\ elusions," reulied Senator Hitchcock.
Atrrer on Crnnltr Worker*' Scnle.
i ROPTON. Fob. 2S.?A three-year
agreement, providing for daily wasres
ranging from Ssi.fiO on March 1 to $6
jon April 1, 1P21. in the monumental
granite Industry of the country, was
j announced to-day as a result of a con
forenco of producers nntl Ornnito Cut- |
terH' Union representatives. i
This Kgrci'inent, which must be sub- !
mitted to tiic local unions, and to the I
granite manufacturers for acceptance, j
is expected to avert strikes and lock- j
outs. Fir teen thousand workers in
New Kngland, Xow York. Wisconsin.
Minnesota. North Carolina. South Caro
lina. Colorado. Illinois, New Jersey and
Indiana are affected.
lOlnhornte ArraiiKcnicnts lli'lnR' MiiiIp
for t'onfcM-ncc of (iiirrrnurn and
>In jur*.
1 By Associated Preys. 1
WASH I N'CTO.V, Kob. 2S. \tldrcsscn
by President Wilson. Secretaries
Kaker, Daniels. 1-^iiie and Wilson and
Senators Kenyon anil O'.ven are on the
tentative program of the conference <>f
Coventors and Mayors here next week,
i The sessions Monday and Tuesday
' will he held In the oast room of the
White House, an?l Wednesday at the
j Department of tHo Interior.
Forty-five minutes is allotted for
President Wilson's speech. beginning
: at 10:15 A. M. Monday. He will bo
preceded by Secretary Wilson, presld
] ing oflicor of lite morning session, and
I Secretaries Kakcr and Danieis will
speak later on government contracts.
Reports by Governors on conditions
j and needs of their States will be pre
1 sented in the afternoon.
Coventor Coolidge. of Massachusetts,
! will preside at the Tuesday morning
I session, which will bo devoted to ro
i ports by Mayors and a statement by
ItoKer W.t Habson, of the Department
'of fiatior, on what the government de
| part men ts are doinv for business.
Secretary Class will preside Wednes
day morning durinar discussion on pub
llc and private building, and Secre
tary Houston during the discussion of
good roads.
PUT BEFORE parliament
nolilesl Srlifmf In lllrilorj- to Control
All ItnilmtiH nntl
< tut nix. *
I/)M)O.V, I'fh. The government
transport bill, published today for the
first time, is one of the boldest sehe.mon
fever introduced in Parliament, and uj I
j give the ministry complete control
I over every conceivable foim of land
Complete management of tlie rail-j
1 Before use ktivxsii
Of wsifiaii's gia&tess
Women Who Know Tnko Trccautsou
Against Suffering.
I Before the arrival of the StorU. women
.for over halt a century tiuvu learned the
wisdom of civim? nature u hvlolnc hand.
Nausea. nervousness. bearinc-down and
Btrotrhinr pains in the abdomen tint! inus
clcs are entirely avoided liy the use of
Mother's Kriend. according to the teatttnonv
of thousands of mothers who have used tttia
time-honored remedy.
Mother'* Friend lubricates the Iln? net
work ol nerves beneath the skin. and i?v
recular use durlnc the period the muscles
are made find Iceut aoft anil elas'tc Thev
can then expand eentlv and easily w!?-u
baby is born and fain nnd dancer at the
I crisis in naturally avoided.
M"thor's Kriend la a tireoaration of oene
trailnt: oila and other medicinal i.iients pre
pared especially for expectant mother*. It
,la for external use. i? aLsolutelv >?ufe and
i thould be used regularly durtmt the entire
period before t>a.bv comes.
Write to thi UradReld Regulator Com
1 panv D'?pt. A. 1,ulnar HuiMitic. Atlati'.u.
(jeortria. for an interesilnc .Motherhood HooK.
and obtain a bottle of Mother's Kriend from
the druKtfiai. You will nnd It the ureaU'tH
kind of belli.?Adv.
It means a miserable condition of ill health that leads to all sorts of special
ailments such as headache, backache, dyspepsia, dirtiness, indication, pains of
various kinds, piles and numerous other disorders?CONSTIPATION in o crime
against nature, and no human being can be well for any length of time vhile
constipated. DR. TU'1"I"8 LIVER PILLS La the remedy and has been used
successfully all over this country for 72 years. Get a box and see how it feels
to have your live/ and bowela resume their health-giving natural functions.
For sale at all druggists and dealer* everywhere.
Dr. Tlift's Liter Pills
To Whom It May Concern:
On January 20, 1919, by virtue of an agreement entered
into between the undersigned, Arthur L. Straus, Emanuel H.
Gunst, and others, the entire PROPRIETARY BUSINESS of
the Polk Miller Drug* Co., consisting of stock and fixtures, to
gether with formulas, good-will, trade-marks, advertising
matter and printed matter, as well as the exclusive use of the
name and picture of Polk Miller, was disposed of to a corpo
ration hereafter to be known as the Polk Miller Drug Co., Inc.,
with headquarters in this city.
STORES located at 834 East Main Street, heretofore known as
Polk Miller's Store No. 1, and 102 East Broad Street, known as
Polk Miller's Store No. 2, except for the disassociation of the
name of Polk Miller from these stores. The store at 834 East
Main Street will be hereafter conducted under the name of
W. Withers Miller, while the store at 102 East Broad Street, of
which Lawrence C. Leatherland is half owner, will be con
ducted under the name of The Modern Drug Store.
Mr. W. Withers Miller, w/io for more than twenty-five
years has had charge of the Retail Drug Stores of the Polk
Miller Drug Co., will continue his active interest in both of
the stores, above referred to, and solicits the patronage of the
many friends of his1 father and customers of the old firm.
Ext'x of Polk Miller, Dec'd.
ways of the country Is to he conducted I
by the stale for two years, partly to i
enable tin- government to make the
railways pay and partly to facilitate ;
movement? of men and materials tim
ing the reconstruction period.
Complete powers uro given to the
ministry during two yeu's to settle !
all railway rates, salaries, wages, con- !
ditions of employment and to tnnke t
any alterations in workings or changes j
Hi policy."
The iiill authorizes the ministry to
purchase undertakings i?y agreement ,
nr cornpulsoriiy i>y in order in council,
which h;is to be laid before Parliament
thirty days heforehand. and becomes',
operative if neither house presents an
uddr? ss against it.
15u*. with these provisions there could
he a purchase of the whole or part of
any railw y. tramway, canal. water
way. Inland n * vig it ion. harbor or
flock uudertuklng. The railways could1
bo bought during the Mlrst two years.
Common-SeiiM* Ail>li'f of I.eunl Aiil
Society lleiil? ll.iny Mntri
tiioninl Trouble*.
r nv a;<so? vt-d rro?s. i
NK\V YOKK, Feb. US?The l.ogal Aid
Society of New York prevented H.SOO
or more divorces in 101S. according to
tin; annual report made public here to
day by t'hirhn K. Hughes, president
<>f' the organization.
The report, showed that .1.053 appli
cations were made during the year for
advice and aid in matters pertaining
lo divorce, annulment of marriage and j
separation, of this number, only four i
Iter cent resulted in court proceedings,
the remainder !>ei?tg adjusted by "com
mon -s-.nse advice."
Enthusiastic Texan Tolls of Bad
Fix Ho Was In and How He
(Jot Out by rslnsf Blaek
I) r a u tr Ii t Liver
Holland. Texas.?Mr. J. N*. Messer,
who lives a short distance from here ;
out iu the country, says: "Black-1
Draught is without douht the host
liver medicine made. 1 do not hesi
tate to say it will do all it Ja recom
mended to do and more.
I am strong and healthy, hut wo
all need a little active medicine once
in a while, and Black-Draught is
good enough tor me. It does the I
work well and cleans the liver, car-'
rying nway bile, the easiest of any j
purgative I have ever seen.
Once, sonic years ago. 1 had slow 1
fever and my stomach was in a bad
fix, and Black-Draught gavo me re- j
lief and helped me a wonderful j
sight. It curcd me of indigestion,
and the bad feeling after eating. I
keep it for my family; they use it,
and have for years, and. too, it sares
doctor hills and is not expensive.
A stitch in time saves nine, and
most sickness is caused by a bad
liver. A few doses of Black-Draught
lixes that, and 1 don't sec why peo
i pie don't use it, and they would see,
as 1 have, what a help it would be."
Ask your druggist for Thedford's
B1 a e k - D r a 11 gh t.?Adv.
Montague Mfg. Co.,
fVnfh nnd Mnln ht?n Ulchmaat, v4
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Head or chest?
are best treated
"externally" with
'YOUR d0dyguard"-30*
Exceptionally good
values in Women's
Umbrellas of Union
Taffeta on 26 - inch
frames, with attractive
handles of ebenoid and
mission wood, inlaid
with Parisian ivory;
some have silk arm
loops; others with Par
isian ivory rings, $2.25.
Women's New Umbrellas,
with polished wood han
dles, very attractively
made and finished with
silk cord arm loops?
New Umbrellas for men,
with polished crooked
handles and carved mis
sion wood handles. Ex
ceptionally good 2S-inch
rain shedders. Special,
T. 3-1-1D
1 JilL?5
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?And? v
Home-Cured Meats
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