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' PAlit
May 19,
19 19
N?w Company "Will Have Capital '
Stock of Approximately
Board of Directors Will Hold First
"Meeting in Norfolk on June UN,
When Arrangements Will He Made ,
to Opeu Headquarters.
The Virginia-Carolina Co-operative
Exchange was organized at Suffolk
Saturday with a minimum capital stock
of $15,000 and a maximum capital \
stock of $25,000. Five dollars is the j
par value of each share of stock.
The board of directors, which will
hold its first meeting .I tine L'S at Nor-:
folk, is composed of one member from
each peanut-growing county of Vir- j
ginia and North Carolina. elected at
meetings which will We held June 11.
Headquarters of the exchange will
be ;?t Norfolk.
Officers of the Virginia-Carolina
Cop-operative Kxcliangi for the year
"will be chosen .it the initial meeting
of the hoard of directors, June L'8, in
The meeting at Suffolk Saturday of
-00 or more peanut growers from "Vir
ginia and North Carolina was char
acterized by a tine spirit of business
co-operation, and the majority of the
stock was immediately taken up by
growers present.
W. J. Story, president of the Vir
ginia-North Carolina Peanut tlrowurs'
Association, presided.
Resolutions were adopted by the1
peanut growers to appoint a committee
of four on legislation, ways and means.
The duties of this committee would
be (1) to take the necessary steps to
secure a charter for exchanges: <2) to
request the State departments of
Agriculture of Virginia and North
Carolina and the directors of extension
in these two states to help secure ap
propriations for peanut promotion and
for the conducting of experiments as
to the best varieties of peanuts, meth
ods of fertilization and so on; <:>) to
request the I nitcd States Department
of Agriculture to make provision
through its bureau ..f crop estimates
for reporting the peanut crop bv
varieties and pasturage, and through
its bureau of markets for special mar
ket reports on peanuts, both for Amer
ica and foreign exportation.
It wan further resolved that a com
mittee of five l>e appointed to confer
with a committee from the National
Peanut Cleaners "and Shelters' Asso
ciation and with individual cleaners
for the purpose of discussing ways and
means by which they may cn-operatc '
to mutual benefit and for "the develop
ment of the peanut industry.
Jlecruitlngr Agent* to Perform .\oiel
Ntunta for PrOMprrlhr
Recruiting agents for the United
States Aviation Service open a cam
paign today for recruits in fort v.; wo
different branches of the service by
bringing a balloon and an aeroplane i
to the Capitol Square for exhibition.
A hangar, which was erected Saturdav
on the Ford lot. at the corner of F.roail
and Eleventh Streets, will be the
scene of the demonstrations with the
machine. Permission has been obtain
ed from Governor Westmoreland Davis'
to use the Capitol lawn as a place in
which to exhibit the balloon. Both
the balloon and the aeroplane will
arrive and he exhibited today.
One of the most skilled aviators in
the service will fly the aeroplane from
l-.angley Field to the hangar on Hroad
Street today, according to Captain
Charles \V. Stolr.e. of the aviation field
at pulton. The balloon will be brought
up the James Kiver on a boat from
l-.ee Hall.
An army aerial photographer will be
among the recruiting agents and will
have a rare collection <>f photographs
taken here and abroad from aeroplanes
on exhibit and will receive applica
tions from photographers who wish
to enter the service. Other lines of
work will be demonstrated by men
skilled in them for recruiting purposes.
The exhibition is open to the public
and will he kept in Richmond for sev
eral days. The balloon will be left in
the Capitol Square until Friday ami
the aeroplane will be kept at the Ford
l_,ot for at least two weeks. Any re
cruits signed by the ofiicers will be
taken to I-ang'.ey Field by aeroplane,
as a novelty, instead of being sent by
train. The hours that the hangar ill
be open t.> public inspection will be
from s o'clock in tiie morning until ?;
o'clock* in the evening. Mechanics who
Visit the hangar will have a chance
to examine tl . ,pieehanisiii and motor
of,the plane, ... . ?
Kleven A nnng Women to llr tnarded
Diplomas from .lolin?(tin-\\ lllin
Commencement exercises of John
Ston-Willis Sanatorium Training School
for Nurse? will lie belli in the audi'.o.
i Itiri of the Jefferson 11?.te I Thursday
r.'.vht at o'clock.
'I n? cr i.in.i i i i mrnt address wjl'i I o
mud.- ly I I 'eu?la s Freeman.
The !???! of eleven graduates :'o;|,i,v.--.
Aljss \ < r.i Aani. Uathn itriti-u i< -
luiubta. da; Miss K1 i/.a bet n Wat
son Clarke. Abingdon. Va : Mis. .'lata
Jones Davis. I!'chm<>nd. Va . Miss .)<?-?
fib. A' iy Dun-..p. Norfolk. V.iV Miss
Margaret Allien ?;il|ia ?i. I.igh'.f ...t,
A a.: Miss Mie,- |v? n ? - llini..ns
'l oana. \ a M -s ? Kri. Mi
Richmond. \ - Mi-- -e iiovt i|..r
? can. Fairfax. \ ;;.s Ktl. i i!hai -
lotte ?>stergren Richmond. Va Mi*
Anno Klizabeth Whin Frederick ?..ir?
Itti-mon" v" Vh"-'"u
Benefit I'-nIerin|oi ? -nt to nr t.j*rn
for Mie I (?? rl nt Arims
Hichmond sooty <?( the voting ati.J
th" younger sets u ill preset W|ul
promises to be charming fanev i?
music and d;mce. "To. land" mati
nee and n ic 'it perforiuance. 11?,
Academy Saturday. May IS. f,? fhe
benefit of th< Sneltering Arn.s II..
pital and ? hu \ .rg uia Home for I-,,
durables. Ijchears.-.,.f the phe it,
whteh the,-. ?til in ai.out ;;?? parti
cipants. are being Ii. Id
"Toyland" mil consist of three acts
the first being "Fair\land." wit
Christine !sutler as a gti.-rfiii and' en
t ran.-l ng f a l ry queen 11 I t I'-nrliint ^
will be Misses 1-ranee 11 1; a?d '
airline Adams ami ,t elu.r-j o? to i
little Tairies \\ lhe|,,)ina Paughnnit
will be quern of the wi-hc- "s -te.l
by- a group of little girls, .,J m/ming
Denlli of Milliard .lohnonn i anseis
Poller to ? liniiKf \ IW-KHlions
A galnM I' Inrsee
Charges of murder were placed
terda.v morning against Tho'm-.s
J'.inoHec, colored. 100?; Mickoiy s'tr.et
following the rleatii rarly v,.,tVrda- of
Richard Johnson, colored, who 'the
liolieH charge, was shot through t lie
stomach by Finesse. Tlie ?lioot--i->
Occurred early Thursday morning 'lie
made no effort to escape at the tim<
and was arrested then charged with
^' feloniously shriotinp Joiinson.
ri ; Flnesee. according to the pol:c, \--M
jolV "been employed in a r--?sta.jrant -,t
?f%. Seven teen tb and Franklin Streets for
tifcarly twenty years, and bears a K?od
^reputation. Ills defence at that time
the unwritten law.
Fifty Years Along
Marriage Highway
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clifford
Jones Pass Golden Milc
, stone Tuesday.
Fifty years of married life will be
the span tliat Mr. und Mrs. Paul Clif
ford Jones, of ?T.'oi.j South txiurel
Street, have run together when they
gather with their children at the home
Tut sda.v.
Mr. Jones has for more than forty
years* served as a guard at the peni
tentiary, and has been a lifelong resi
dent <>f Richmond. Mrs. Jones, who
was Miss l.uey if. Farmer, has also
lived here since childhood.
No special celebration is planned to
mark the passing of the fiftieth year
of marriage in the Jones home. The
golden anniversary will ho spent quet
ly with the live children and eight
grandchildren at a dinner at the Laurel
Street home.
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Jones
are: Arthur C. Jones. JCOI-A West'
Taylor Street: Mrs. Alma K. Dillon,
703 West Main Street; Airs, (leorge
A. Jennings. -?>01 West Taylor Street:
Mrs. S. P. Farmer, Montgomery, w.
Va.. and Mrs. 13. T. Mankin. 610 West
Cary Street.
Just what the age of the long-mar
ried couple is, one. of the daughters
di<l not thing ii would lie fair to tell,
when asked. Just say they have been
married fifty years, and are so, so"
happy, was her information.
Richmond Men llehiod Movement to
Pro* ide Aerlul ICqulpnient for
That plans are being made to form
an aviation corps here, to he attached
as a part of the State militia, was an
nounced yesterday evening hv Captain
Charles W. Stolze. of the aviation field
at Fulton. A total of 155 men in
terested in aviation who are willing
to take part in any movement of tins
kind have signed a list held by the;
Whether the movement will he suc
cessful or not depends on the support
of Richmond business men and the
interest taken by State officials. Cap
tain Stol/.e asserted. As he is an officer
of the army, the law allows him to
take no active part in forming the
organisation other than bringing the
subject to the minds of the public.
Tiio great advantage as a training
school for aviators, aerial photograph
ers. observers and aerial mechanics ot'|
the organization was pointed out l?y;
Captain Stolze, as well as the great
advantage the body would he to the
State in case of emergency iit scout
duty, or in transferring officers of the I
law quickly from one part of the coun
try to the other.
Captain Stolze asserted that it would j
probably be possible to have two or
three aeroplanes. which had been
formerly in service abroad, given to
the State in case the corps was formed.
If the plan is successfully carried j
out Virginia will have the first aviation
corps attached as a unit to the National
iluard of any State in the Union.
( elelim t ion for Mcl.tiire t nit to Dr
tlrlri nt \ iiitllorloni Thurs
day Might.
To formally welcome the personnel
of Base Hospital No. 45 buck to Uich
mond will lie the occasion of a rally
by the Richmond lied Cross workers
in the City Auditorium Thursday night.
Coleman Wortham. chairman of the
Uichmond Red Cross Chapter. will
preside, and there will be a band from
Camp Lee ami oilier musical features.
Conspicuous on the platform will he
tiie entile personnel of the base hos
pital. including officers. men and
nurses. It i* desired that every man
or woman who served with the unit
abroad he present and sit on the plat
fnriti willi the rest of the unit.
With the personnel will be Lieu
tenant-Colonel Stuart .McHuire and
Lieutenant-Colonel J. iJarnctt Nelson,
who were in charge of the base hos
pital abroad.
Lieutenant-Colonel McOuire will of
ficially present his report of the work
? ?f the hospital in France to Coleman
Wortham as the. representative of
the American lied Cross. Chairman
Wortham will then officially accept the
report in the name of the Uichmond
Chapter of the Red Cross.
The nurses of the McGuire unit will
thru formally present to the llich
moqil Chapter of the Ucd Cross the I
tlag which the unit carried abroad.'
Tin presentation speech will be made
by Lieut enant-Colonel J. <Jarn?tt Nel
son. who was in command of the ^?a?e
hospital activities following the re
turn of I?r. Mi.iiuire to America after
the signing of the armistice. Codwlti
Uoykin will accept tliu tlag fur I he 1
Ucd Cross.
( Ijilr Mrnnril >lnrrl*ctlc .struck by
t'sir Itrlicn by <1. II.
Clyde Steward Morrisette, age seven.!
of I ("in Senunes Avenue, was struck
and instantly Killed yesterday even
ing l?y'-an automobile in front of his
home at Tenth and Sennnes Streets.
The automobile was driven by ?>. l>.
Ihthand, 711 West Twentieth Street,
who was accompanied by his mother.
The car was moving along Seninies 1
Street when it is said th? hoy, who was I
plav.nu on the sidewalk, suddenly ran
in front of it and was knocked down.
Two wheels of the car passed over his
body. Me died almost instantly.
Mr. Morrisette. his father, is e:n- '
ployed at the Southern Railroad shops.
Kuba'nk was placed under arrest oti a
technical charge nf manslaughter. Toe
bo\ who was killed was a cousin of
P.. II. Morrisette.
I ??? I eet i * e-Se rpranl Tlnolry Shoots I)p
Wltt I'rhe.r When lie I'ries
la Kkrnpr Arrent.
When DcWitt Felvey. 2705 Oakwood
Avennt .utrinpted t" escape from l?e?
tr :;ive.Sergeant Tinsley late last night
at the cornet of Itroad and Klcventh
Street v. lie received a slight tbVn
wound in the shoulder when the detec
tive -ill.it hi.II.
l-V-lvey was charged with the theft
in automobile from th<~ state, and
was arrested at a dance. The wound
was dressed at Police Headquarters
and pronounced slight.
A. I*. V. A. OutlriK I* Indefinitely Post
poned \\ hen Steamer Pocnhontim
t.oe* to Dry Dork.
The eNcnrsioti which was to have
b?< ji run from Richmond to Rrandon
? in Saturday, May !M. under the aus
picf s of the Association for the Preser
vation of Virginia Antiquities. has
been called off indefinitely, due to the
fact that the steamer Pocahontas,
which had been chartered for the occa
sion. is being repaired in dry dock.
liver;.- effort, the association says,
has been made to secure another boat,
but none could be secured.
I'alt Seriously Injure* Man.
R. J. l-tandcock. of Charlottesville,
tell white crosf'ng Kiev-nth Street, i.e.
t ween P.road And Marshall Streets, yer.
terday eveh'.nifi Injuring himself icri
m.-lj : iioiit tin head. He v.ts i iken
to the Virginia Hospital in an uncoti
cious condition, and late last nisrht hi*
condition was reported as being prob
' ably fatal.
Commissioner Roper Explains Toll
Collected 011 Extracts and
. Perfumes.
Container in Which Article Is Sold
Also Subject to Revenue Regula
tions?Retailor Not Asked to Make
Just What the tax. so-called "lux
ury." is on various toilet articles has
from time to time since the inaugura
i ti'i?!1 ff ,ool,ftrtion of the war reve
i ^ I'uzzlet] consumers and retailers
Con?rn!?f?' inr|Uiry l,i<s h??n made of
?' Internal ti r:oper- of tbc Bureau of
internal Revenue, who has outlined
! som<. points relative to toiiet articles
I I, m?dicinal preparations.
\ bo toncctcdmonV,CCl1 """ ,hc ?*
^ ha< Tm Is (.'lirtrerd On.
' extracts, essences or other
articles and preparations sold to the
wilhThJ" M?he v u",eU in connection
.%h'tn, ' }? toilet, hath or the care of
the body or tit,on the elothlnc as a
perfume or toilet article. Toilet soiri
: powders are not taxable p
' 2 Medicinal preparations or spe
ciliis made of any substance what-'
i ever, intended to be applied for the
prevention, euro ur nmigation of
or disease in the human or animal
body, w htn the producer claims to
jia\ e r. private tornjula. an exclusive
ti ih pa1n,'1 or mark, or offers it
to.r,.!u, public* as a proprietarv brand
Hie amount to be collected bv the
retailer is 1 cent on every *jo cents
or fraction thereof of the selling price
I%.c ar,u',c- '''be collection must,
be am'"?/*n=s of s,ampH. which should'
be nlnxed m such manner that the
customer can elehrly distinguish be
tween the actual price of the article
and tr.e amount of tax. 1 ,l.
V?nta,i"tr ?'bich a tsxable
article is sold constitutes part of the
both. S?5d' a,Ul the 1 applies to j
"I* re ml iimn" Are Taxable.
Toilet articles or medicinal prepara-1
feK1'6" exchange for wrappers. I
.a be Is. coupons, trading stamns or
other premiums" are taxable on th.>
tan*market value of the 'premium"
'" lie tune of "redemption."
The ret a tier will not be required to
make any .orm of return on such taxes
os he collects under this section, since
the purchase and cancellation of
stamps constitutes adequate pavment
to the government. 1 J "cnl
m Vai:.h ..st.a,.l,JI al,ixo,i ,f> a taxable ar
ticle must be canceled in such a wav'
as to prevent its use again. The ini
tials or name oi the vendor, together
.%\n ^ ttle u,lon li'e stamp was'
affixed or canceled, must appear uuon
the canceled siamVs. 1 1 upon,
i he Treasury I >epa rtment's booklet'
on section !?0. is entitled "Regulations
1 i \i i"? ,r> ,;xoi-sc Taxes on Toilet
and Medicinal Articles." :
< nmp HnrrNon. in Albemarle tountr.
to Ileeeive It* Klrnt liroun
Ae?t Month.
Camp Harrison, a summer home for
he poor children of Kichinond. which
!', Albemarle Countv
and wilfn \VU1 ?,,on 1,0X1 nion?h
and will be ready to receive the first
group of forty children.
Three groups ..f fortv children each
monVl,*1^!b0> S iUn<1 Bir,s- RO "" f"r '-<
month each a ml cct good air, good
food, rest, play and discipline
(i * P, 1 larrison Is maintained and
financed by the Girls' AuxllUrv to the
Instructive \isitinR Nurse Association
the members of which annuallv appeal
to the generosity of the Richmond
public to help them send these chil
dren selected by the visiting nurses
from anions sick, convalescent or
overworked children.
The children are often brought hacV
to Richmond with an average gain in
weight of seven pounds.
About 100 children are eared for
each summer at Camp Harrison.
Miss Mary Street. .?1West Krank
M,|vmlr<?t'. 'S treasurer of the <;irls'
Auxiliary to the 1. V. N. ,\. and re.
??elves voluntary contributions
h..T??'il i ;1 lon,r waiting lis: of chil
?i ' ... " s''m!nor- tN'hether or not
< amp u ill he kept open for three
K'appeaT""3 U"0" lhe rC3"""ac
The amount of Ji; js required to
mon'th1 The " ',Ii,rrlso? one
of nV. . , :lverage annual expenses
about $r,700?ler CamP U8l,a,ly l?1'"
Daughter., ?r An.rric Will Meet in
Itlclimonri Torin.v for lis
An nun I Region.
The State convention of the naugli.
ters of America will hesin * two-7iv
f'sM.in in l.iclimoini this inorninsr. wish
Murphy.- Hotel :,s their head, uarteV
nicIit" Li""V*II*n1'U l11 ,,r Provided to-'
deblJ m L . ,,:U ' orP'^w JI a II for
order ; members of the
Several national ofilcers of the oi
ganization. including National <-<>nn
c lor Naomi Swann. of Washington
and Secretary A. S. Mossong. of
cintiat I. are expected to be present.
Henry Amleraon llecelvr. 0n
I ron. ( Hnfr In llnndn
of \\ oman.
Henry Anderson. <-olored. "or, Kelt
miTr'v^ to the Virginia llos
PMal > est erday evening suiTerinir from
severe cuts about the head. The cuts
were alleged to have been made bv a
meat carver in the hands of a necro
"?o'n?,>. for whom the police are seareh
ms. Andersons condition was report
serious. ,H'! n,B'U "" very!
IndlvaiHna to llicher Kisurra
"'7. ?hlnK* the People
Have to Wear.
riim'i0!-'1'1"1 lo information reaching
nuns agencies, optimism remains tbe
dominant note M11 the rci ort" from
pnniary dry goods markets!''wherefThe
? (lv h.?s H^aiu l>t>cn <.>?)?? rif ii *??#*?
i'nfereMTi ,rrly I? and Th^
lately becmne Sa'^Vcanv ?n* Whkh ,,as
^ and' ^
adjusted. With furt her \? i '*.
under consideraOon V.f.50 'nfrea.se.s!
workers making fresh demnmili"1 r"'
rommerclal l U||,Irr, ,??t Week.
roif'I imJirc. falhirea last week in the |
I nited Mates, as reprted bv It t; U n,
C , i,?~ Wurc, ln- 1-0 the pre"!
m an*1 ,ho correspond.'
week last |.'J4nures In t'a -
iv p'reeed^ne fA?r^-". against nh.fi
!? v??r fir a'"1 twenty.threl; ;
t.Mhed Mai,.:, tif.y.lu,,
ed n1,1 riuiTot VS.00V or1 iiiore? aga?m [
fixty the previous week. ' a6aln:'t
j Seventy-Five Boys and Girls Will
Exhibit Talents in "The
Fire Prince." i
j Music to Be Directed by Walter C.
| Mercer, of the Richmond Com
munity Chorus?Hero Docs Not
j Believe In Fairies.
1 n-.1]!.' .the Korceous setti.iR of a summer
? ra n .s,uns?t' aM'' la!"r- '? ?l>c ball
i luom of the Spanish embassy on the
l c\ oning: of the same dav. a case of
i stuJonVC Ma,-S,??" "'Kh School
?students will present on Thursdav. Kri.
V.i*. a".Jl nights "The Kire
story!*' " 'r0a1, olrt-,ilsl>!oiioa fairy
! tivn ''u .?F'irc .J.,rlnce" ls an operetta in
| ,v DavlH* vs. C ,lbreu* written
! Itont\if 1 ladle>\ ?"3 a"d 11,0 ,mlsk- b>
ater,],CwlMMy ,hat of ?'r'K'o. ail opion
anu ni remarkable for the fact,
i b, f- Irl? ,tirS- lh?1 1,0 flo?s ??t hrl ie\ J
iiif notwithstandi111; the prevail
ih-i rVPsi! 1 n l,Mlnlu'r ?'* verv in
a' *->nes atteiuled hi* christenim;.
j ^ <l,e Rood fairies was the Had
so J t", l?Bcnds. who
1?.?' ViVl i maUcr? that PrlKio b, -
il'i-t *. ii c,?veresl Person in I'antou
a', d '.s' ? course, cordially detested
? rigio has two younger hrot her??
^iLfnd Enrico- youths of or
V; h m ' '.^"iRcnce. especially popular
Kili'WSJlS^1 K"h'??a. nieces of
About this time, a terible Ker.m-e#.
-eat falIll on Uj? e-^uii
Uc(XineSnS Vlf be"ef tha, It Is
everfbodv u. Hrcrtrake. which, as
norIii?i ??, *'' ,s ?? monster whose
normal temperature is irrriti.- i,
herefore becomes ..bvio?# that some!
andKnr"? >?e done. lioth Alphonso
him. but The K n? tiVi'm, l" r,sh'
in? ari'^iv'^a 1 ''""'"hi. beins the eldest
? '1U'"
lor thif. MRI" \? haPP'?? swift I v ;,r.
la'tl v ,L %i ?UKh al tho "titset. 1*1-1"io
hi I'"Iredra "?'?!' ,,OC- "?l l'??hvv
veu^Hhc A^W/.?nrI ?????'? Tre.
K1 Mis
Of a"d 1 Irtrold Dudley, of the ci.ii,
iin'd?S.N*orin a !!!r? the*", ?f
?P? n ish ' a nXLsadc ?f, ,S ?"
J.'-hna. Keller, of the diss ,,7- i .' "'i
?n,,,h^r'NI:,C Marsh- I he class"<Vf
sl'.i I nlivh5 women from John .M.-.'i -
II si.r rove 7 s str" '?
j JjPRs. .Mabel , .olef \!j'l'trVni ( ''i'r-',ri7''
.\r? i ,ii. ruif- Sooit, l-nis I 'n '
fttoltz and l.uclle Rudd .Mildred
;;;; ,ih?h> ?"n?
?'n't t .'V lVH?osT,u^ri WevV'""'h',*- U'j 11 ia '? !
I>obin.son. Mbert 'Vrmi.iKha.,i
i.ndie? and c.'ntlenieii of ti1(.
- 'ib.Ur^8' r.atn th<! siml.asaa l.ir'
i ' l*a o.-? anfl fit hftr snrv ? n ? ? ? .k* I
?* -e numbers -innear in i'ia 1
fat inn of the operetta iiHV i. i ? ??"
h.fir and dancing pans l",; si,,?
WaS^i ,^,,SMereer.Udiree{or of ?,'!'??" {'*
in o ii f I Co mm unitv <-?iorus hh.I ,!r 1')*
llo-ho" f"? m'wy Si? I
T. .i Rtubhs "f?" sT accompanist ami
eoa. ii. 1 r' Mase manager and
i-JiIVm."'"Vnir"""* ">? *<?
out U.cdS^^^(i W. oon'."S
*'"""I'.h''"'"?"IJtee ?o DUchu t
Will W rrmip
W llh Klnnni-m,
Ibrri'w ,"ul ?"
in m..' ?<ri;;j'y,
this week rmiv ,? BO\ eminent
? he . alondar. and boUt^ar^'f,':..'0 the
i *? ii ii .? j | "o rntn i 11 e e on^^ahS'mV^
on'1 r'" S "'clock and the Committee
rv-etecc mCC,S lo,l,or,0w iiight at
The Committee on Pinaii.-n i...?
lenpthv and numerous sessions'"in re?
had" !o tX\9rKkl,USfiCtoVh^',nn,ltl"
A.-eordiiiRly there V.c,," T ^
Mii'-h^V.f f'Tl,n,uhition of business
Hie It event i.n,n for ~n?,er* ?? Market,, j
or Hit* ( ntiniry iaist
l.nnl Week.
ahou?Soffs?tr th^"~~? 25 r.c- cent j
precerd|J^'' ? -Ik "vor?Ke ^.in of the
?i,. ... week for potatoes, savs
.lie renort of tne llt.renu of Marked
.? Iose'd ,..l',orthIc,n ?;o-kod white stoci: j
S> a,,,! j,'-8 !o.';v, r C-Hlc-iiflro at j
wrc'orV, l .i hi middle- '
i-to a. J',,'l>His .".i markets was about 1
t rack side and warehouse.
'w JSw * Rr?wers followed a slishtlv '
) ker rantfo at $1.2;. and f.'. Under-1
tone in producinp sections appeared
' nnlidcnt. erowers often beitiR report- ?
ed holdmp; tor higher prices. .New
eon?i ir?p"iV whites in bulk weakened
on. ulerably m producing sections
l .sm? at $2.37 and $2.-17 f. o. b. ship-' I
U-er-.iroH .SK V". .con>??mlilK markets
'r,,e??tnJ- Atli IniihllKy
of Opening In lllrbmond Con
tidentlnl Michancr.
I-eat urine a inecting of the Council
u- *? " U,.,M;bols at ,ho I'rofessionaI
\\oinaii8 I'Uildlng, I'lO KasL (Jraee
? m V ,u,,,orrow afternoon at 1 o'clock
will be a talk on "Is a Confidential
I .\ch.i nge Needed in Itlc.limonil V"
an open discussion of the most prac
ti?.?l way in which to e/fcet such an
^:l:^*ip^e^ecdcd' u fo,,uw
wmr p^i?,!; IV'jg; Jmra>tt,hn"g.prc'idant'
Poller Arrest Auto Drlter.
el. i.iff Y,-CoX' 1 Ka8t Ca,'>' Street, a
? b.niffeur. was arrested late vesterdav
M <;1,a''K? "f runninR an
a Ilorn,.1.Me while under the influence.
m1"'.. ' e 'he ear Cox
??d knocked
' . i V| Isses Kilty I.ions, ] oi k W est
^ .',,H ""nyc- I >ennv
reet. mJuriiiR bulb. The tw-o wo
men were taken to the home fl, .Mis.s i
I .ions and examined by doctors, who I
expreK-cd the opinion that the injuries
were not tcrlous. injuries j
"The Shopping Center*'
A Simple Idea
? Explained
C OME one has said that "the secret of satisfactory ser
^ vice is to put yourself in the other fellow's place";
in other words, a strict application of the Golden Rule.
Simple enough in expression, surely, but not quite so
simple in execution.
To serve well in any capacity, we believe, means a definite
knowledge of the place one is to lill. And it is a knowledge that
comes only after years of study and concentration upon the needs
of an institution or community?a study such as this store ha.,
carried on for more than thirty years, and which has placed it
supremely in a position to serve the people of Richmond and
vicinity. ?
Service, in so far as it applies to a great public institution like
this, may be divided into three equally essential parts: the service
of merchandise, which provides the things the community desires;
the service of fair prices, which permits nothing to be sold for
more than its legitimate cost, plus a reasonable profit, and the
service of shopping convenience, which features many little com
forts that are unknown to the average store.
The store of today probably does not serve quite so well as
will the store of tomorrow, but it serves infinitely better than did
the store of yesterday. For Store Service is, after all, a form of
evolution?the less essentials changing with the demands of the
times, while the more concrete principles of good storekeeping
remain in perpetuitv.
IIiioiii ill lltdr* nnil I.eatlier, line t?>
l-'orrluii llemunil, I'ri-miBrs
I*"iirtlicr Aritnnrr.
No abatement <>f the boom i;i h'ies
ami leather. which is based larK'l! on
the prospe< t of .1 sood deinain) from
Kttrope. ha.c been witnessed. says Pun's
last report, ami shoe." become even
more costly an :he materials which
enter into their manufaeturc 'Keep on
soarinc. The activity in briber is
extendins: to lines heretofore mainly
n< gleet' i. sheepskins now pa rt i?'i pa t i iii;
in the movement, ami some ?r;:d< of
upper leather are sold up s > ?-!???"* ly
that tan iters name further adva noes
in an effort to put a damper on fre.sn
trading". With valuta of this ?om
nu?dil> rising rapidly ami stippli-:' of j |
some* deseriptions do.idedly meaner.
?till higher footwear prb-es seem i it - j |
evitable, and the chief proldem of pro
dueers is not now one of securing' |
new order?, but.' rather of ohtainini;
sutlicient leather with whieh to meet |
their requirements. SJioe salesmen re.
turning from the road report i'?at l>u.si- '
ness has run far beyond expectation:-",
and most manufacturers now have
about all the work they can comfort
ably handle.
liability A I hUhl
rr.ii<-> ti-n in th<? I.II5KKTV MtTI'AI. ?*?
mi res \ <"? n prompt an?I <lrpon<t<it>le servii-e
unquestioned fi n:i rot* I Mrenctlt. pins low
rnsl. I.IBI"KT\ MITt'AI. automobile t.nli
. i- * h;i\e ..!<*?>:< l?a..l IHVIIlKNH.
Phone or write now for latcs on your ur.
60:! Mutual Hide.. Mud. 2152.
Iliehmnnrl. Vn.
Save for a
Sunshiny Day
when you can enjoy
yourself without buying
an umbrella. Save for
the happy days to come,
when your savings may
give you the desire of
your heart. $1.00 opens
an account here. $1.00
a week keeps it cheerful.
fl H B Q I 'B
Keep Your llycn
tiii: iti)>i \N(K or
Will Re Hie ItljtKeM l.nufth
.MnUer in Venn,
unmnu umm ami
The Confederate Museum
0|i? n Daily iron) a A. M. to 5 1*. M
Saturdays 'J A. M. lo 2 I'. M.
iii:m:i ti riM) B
? dance :
re __
^ > \Tl MOW. >ia\ IM ?
Aupplcc? HI
l-'irftt \ irclnlii llrKlninil A??'n |
? ii nil \\ iiiiiii n't Auxlliiirj ?
a 10--Movie Stars--10 H
r m'I'Kamim; i> i?i:i?so\
A ML'SlfAl, IINT It \ V A< ? A NZA
for I lie benefit <>f I'loi ? dim- Nlsrlli
inualc <'i?i lf. Slielterinc Anns Kroo
Hospital and Vir^ini* I loin-: for
I iu'u ra Mrs.
SATl llO.D, >1A \ 'Jl.
Milliner, Us.'tO?Msht, Ssllli.
AilinI<<sl(in, U."ic to *l.<lll.
Tii:kct.s now r?n sale at l>ox
'I'wo Mljr I'm I iircn
?'i'd S) A \ ?
raiso j.i.a dka.v
"Till-: \VI(Ki;i) DAIll.lMi"
Ami the KIouksioil Comedienne,
??s t i \
( iirrriit K%ciitn Added.
It a 10Kil K"
"di'iirs oa v
(Soiuictt Comedy)
T-im MIt, The
(.'oni-h Driver
I'm (lie .V I'm
F ^
Jlury I'iekford
Lock wood
Henris Adrift'
rwo mi; stars
The Woman
Thou Gavest
?Iiratent Cast Ever
Shown in Same
"The New
With I'rdrn Or Cor
doliii nurt Stnr Cnst
(.'arlyle Black
June IS I ridge
Evelyn Greeley
Montagu Loto
Johnny Jlincs
Green Kyes"
.Soa^on'x Snixntlon!

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