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Richmond times-dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1914-current, May 19, 1919, Image 2

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liO?]fil OVi-r the till f. ink I lie
S llca v 11y. At i'OO yards hi was ciip;
* fairly well. 1 ? iit Mv.iNuic v
S hummock **11 f 11 .f blm at .leu j.mK
w '*ud, wit ll .i lurch. tin- Sd'iiw Itli
I "took th- :? I r."*
5 1'J Kill till* install! it ???>( sail." .1 . ! .?? t
% JVi iiftrtliiuM, ? intitis IiIr'h r ;unl
? MlKhrr. Win II the limit ! c;irri:i(;r XX .If
? dropped littto n i11tip t.f spectators
? tried out:
J "SIlO'K nfl !"
%? Ilaynham. at Quldi Vidi. linnl t Ij?
p i nnr <>f tt\i Souwii'i ? ? s t ^)?>?? is ill- i' .iiii
$ rose well into Hie air II- ordered ii>
? Martlnsyde ma.I. i.;id\ at an.I
v went into hast \ 11 uiti 11 .i 11 ? i witli Ins
? na\ iiiat??r, .Moi-jiii.
* ^ it litii .!?) Iii'ur tlio Ma**t insydn was
* IryitiR for a larl. with Ka v i. Iixttt at
?. I he control. I ? 11 i 111 ? pu Iii'.u i|v and
5 rock i iik from si.lo t,. ;.p oxer t lu? '
? I'Oilkm ni'.-uml Still.Ii - y a 11 at a n .
? buck |> ? 1. a I -1 tlio niai'l'idi' ? ?ashid nn
? its side, illy int.. 11,1 rail I !;.\ \ ii -
? ham a ? ?! Jlnif.ii wer. it. # I ..at ' of
J the wjeckni'o Miamitn \\,ili Mood.
* Snjr l nrri.isr Is loo llcii\,v.
+ Too ho;i\ \ ,i tarriano was sa >1 in
? '?.** ' " ?s- ?' :be < 1 ... ,\lar
? l.li>v?Ii tinder ari'i.iti Ii was trv
? i"c i" .airy gallons ..t oliiio.
h 11 a w I. or a ii. j ili ? \ . . ii I,. : |- e \ on i 11.
> liont efToit to w : . t t tallm t lan t io
?? nifrli' Ii iiiiv: t "oil' l!i. I 'Hit. <1 Siati -
? I.SVhI plKilfS. . hylliR l.V.'i' a course
'all their ,.w i. limited out last uippl
? iiti.I this iit'.tttni. ?ii|i t ho ol.it . t m
>111111.) <?! ' how to I..-a.I .>U" Hit Ann: i -
*? eaus."
J As > ^ : i as the-. U.nl finished brenk
Ji.i7.-t this inor.an. Ilawkcr ami Clrlovo
* hurried i.i t>.. ..dices u,. ,.,ya| , .
> I <UCC. meteor.. o-..-;- Kiiidilin nui.i,.
'lions improved a iitle. thounh m>- ; :i
C fnyoi'itblo as they would have doinnnd
* <'1 had no; \ niorieaii liot-n w.-il
J Ktai loil on Ihotr pastiagi1, the\ went
? direct lo Mount I'. arl plateau.
? where tilt > t>w'iih w a ?? w a ? t if. a 'i t!io
I aircii-i.tne, ami bOK.'in j?rei>nrat ion for
M the lliR'nt.
T 'I'lipv wore wholly .aim t (lie start.'
J Mot liodi. a 11 \ ami without il;.- .v ; ipht.-i
J tra. .? of i.. ? voii.MifSH. they eliinlted
J !rnrt;trd Ihoir small erafl am] . ; to
% w ..irk .1 Ion 1 \ llaw k. r' eon -
? iitieiive iii iiis navigator ami in his oil*
4 u 111.' w ? i? a hso: 11;11.? sa 111. *i ... t I >*.
* Ofirnx Tlit-ttl (lr to l ull >prei!.
^ Mi. r .< pi ? toil..ii > spin of i.... nio.
? tt\j' II iw'Kcr opeiie.l his throttle :o :;..?
j lull, and the ground erew* was forccd ''
to fall for help to Hold tin- pia.o m j
.. plaee. I la wiser throttled "down' asain.
Jsaid a few lina. Wortls. alii then ua\.*>
? t I ir- w t.fil to k no. - K .. *i; : ne s ii |?port i n u
from 1.,iio.i;|i the era ft. Ilo
~ opened wide the throttle.
Haulier followed his :inno;in .<1 jn
J1 en 11 oil when he dropped the under
Jearrlajro of his plane. Some persons
;thoucht the a.-t w..s intemlcd as a eiial
I'lftisc to Ins rival. Kaynhani anil .|iioied
..?tltiio.sl the la. ; word of llawker b? -
lore ho started:
"How nhotii r.|tl 'tinsldes'*' Toll
Kaynltain 1 11 urcet linn a; r.rooklamls
Kn s la nd."
The wirole.ee sent wot,] <,f Havn-,
ham's mishap to llawk.-r and Mst.ken
?/.ie Crlcve after they had put to s.-a.
Opinion hen- is that one resujt of the
niessape will |..< the eittinu down of
Jlawkor'y s:'eed. as the Sopwith will
not he force.I to raeinc speed, now*
that iis rival has been eliminated from
the overseas .ontest.
I'llitiKed Into l)n r}&tirH?.
At. the start, the sun was onlv a
H11lo* over two hours beyond the me
rid-.tn. The living ;nh. n't uror.-; had i:
iiid hi n a v i u a t i tip f<>| four or live hours
as t he v spe.| eastward. \fter that
tin > pi u 'i u ..I into .tarkness o\e- t!ie
o.:ean. with the prospect of starlight
i=iiil inoonliKhl i?. break the lnmiotoin
of sky and sea at nipht, and to serve
..as ll.t \ ? a t Ion guides
I'.arrltiy untoward event?, jho plane
' Should meet the sun apaln lust short
^of mill-Atiantle anil la.-e ajtainst i
w est w ai d sXV;im io reach the Irish
enaM Oefoii darkness falls apain
-?Maekenzie ilneie declared l.eforo ill.
^start that Hie Sopwlth would lit a.l
?straight for Inland.
? '! vv<' strike Ireland anywhere we
? will have I oil ml our mark!" lie said.
?m' '"It If we hit Knglainl. we will |?'
lie.i rei home.'
? Indica; ions tonlaht were that west
^r 'l\ w intls wmii.i favor the tlyors for
-;''e llr.-1 '. nun mih s t.f th. ii course
he 1 . ii i a i ml. r of the \\ a \ will
?* tick'i.sh" sailinc. and it is ihouuht
if!?*s e.'1*. ."uu 'Irieve will have io
?* nend his course somew hat t.. avoid
?w ,nd and weather dancers in jj1(. j.,..-. ?
?half of tht iliKht.
? Will \?i(r t'tirreiiM.
" A large part of tJrievt's work will
. ot in not inn observations of air cur
??renit ' lu ountf i i d.
?? "Althoimh Atlantic air current- oaii
I 1 ' v ' ' "? marked." he aid, "I hope to
? unpi.e ohs. rvii: ions that will ma
M lie
sat la ii i io passage possil.
; h it.. I. w i i- un. ci ?a :nt 1 ? ? ? ];?t? i rlv j -
."'hail i hose which confront pionet rs on
.."tin n.tcklt >? way.
^ ' ale lej_\iln; lllellv I' 1 .'IStroilOIII
;_it-ai positions, which uplan to u.-e
i/,' , uet t inn au hourly sun
ll. be i!a\liiiie and Working
? W 1. ll tin No i ill Mai at mnh" Should
? ? 11 "eathero :.ii|e the skv. we are
prepared to use tin- . '. .litis for .alcii
KjAtlnv purpoHca nllliouk.li w6 admit
...if itsuii would be o 111 \ apiiroxi
J, ilia t e
Kv- !'-v w -.it. - long jiu-'it will
..be a busy one. Watching thermonie
? ! r^. I ? ?:!??! WimJ ^.lilUi'S ? ? i 1 !?!...
"'V 1 1 ' ?" stars. ... ,ii .iiidne
Mku bombs over the side. Hgurlng
g|>? a mils and keeping a constant ea.
pVspai'e iii!toftrti.s^,lCtS Wi" 'l!l
^hart In'sVr Hell1 ""'~r ,,n"VS Hawrker
"liiii I. . ?? ?' . .. ' W,tl1 a
^. 11 . ... _ ,n nulls rati i u.
s l:i the Sopw it h pian- llawktr and
: ( vv ?t lf-Jt iamlint- -levies
,\ |li? ; lua. 1>?lit -kids which IIIl|S '
U ' t ?1 ?? ump: ..'Ullage
1 <l";P!"tl at the Stan i j,.
* i',V',, . i? ? ?. "ccldent to Hawker's
..plait- .. fciea although he said lie e*. I
In i.
r I he
* \ey\
h ro'p
- 1. r- *
: if
: Ha w
down Kenny under
1 oi.d!' ton.-. w ii),
wi smash his
i ' !<? i i a ft a I
,vv ?' t may be the
" ' ' 'I i'i' . the se.
' ' !,a\ ?; . ? ? hop. ..
J t -fchi"-' ' '' A ' ' ' - Ui" '
many hours nut
'i iii
It is d'.ubt J ?
I I": Jo. k.-il ll
? ll
'? keep ? :ii I,
?, i}; c- i r
I shipping :!.. .
rl". k< .1 up ' ? 1K
7 ' an Obtain Mi-smc o
J Hawk. v . , . " . '
?.ll III to ICC. . V"!. .
}*U;ips .. long diMtni ii ..... T."
"<?11 I . C. . 'ad:..
"Hid b ?? ;ia \ k i .. ?' '" ' u '
irtn ins course M-.. k?"p"i?;
ijiai.n us cannot Ira
jj' mi .i ni ?t,
? a 11a v'
: w I,. :i .... ...
?by ' : : t aa,. r
). What ua, probablv ,?., t -
*|r. t | . , , ?' '' 'ner ?. ue
* les;
i I"mi I ? ' U. . , '?tj ' '' 1 ' ?
' .1 oh lis I pot: 1 , . . " 1' '? ' "'II Si
Jad\ i<:?-s 'Toni" a;
t Concentrated rat Ions i ,?
'fried on the s,?lV,.|,i, , #being
A big t.,
phalli's Marllnsvde i.i'im' ' ' !" J'j"*
(file lack of full-w-hid oiii "i i 8a l"
Avns ir ?!._ : 1"
?And We: . " ' '
Vliol I h a nd . . ; , ' " 1 ' v'" ''
'tlecla I . .1 1
;a plane , ' ' 1 ' v- '
Seam's, T:ie . w . h- i j;! '\s
;nea rly !.: e. , ': ' * '
? "heft" ..f ;? . , , ~ r> i!
fit down a'li. ,. . ... of a ''V ? ?
Jheeii gj. in. d T , '
fndmilted v. r,, i ' ~' v ' '
Ulio strain. Had' lta\nh-ii.. i" *'
'to ny directly i . . , ' ' '
'*bly would Ii\
"bef ore t !i<- ,.... , | ? ' ? d
I flay n ha in w.. n.| " ' .? , ,
?Ktat< meni n. td
Jdla tely a f t < t i,e ? . ,|
'the leinporarv
nvhen his . raft broke down ri ' i '
inient was.
j; "1 was boginri.nt: i /
?1 be under ea ri Inn. u . . , . a , '
'(back on I he com' .ii ' ' ' ''
.'tempt to assir-t iii.. i,ia? In ? ' .
?1 In* ground Hut ,
.and w e spin. .I. i..:-... .
'yards, and w< \v j , , . 'V
* ? ?? ii
Illktnlln S?fei.? I let lee.
? Hawker had pros led atain-i s t
lulr.ha p l.v in i a 1 |K ?,, !
0,i- The
? gallons of gasol he.
' 'nil llettii \\ 11|?|.
-under . nn lane on t-i.- Soinv'i '
i|<d fet y In "taknifi oir nd a ,t, x , f"
orojipiiii u wht.n well olt u... tioaiiil.
Relieved by Washington Officials This Will Spur Read
to Still Greater Effort to Keach
Shores of Portugal.
\Y \SIII\iiTti.V. May IS.?Tito already
high tension in governmental circle's
<>v? r tin- transatlantic tlight situation
xx in acutely i lu'irascd liv 111 <? news tins
aftcriioon tli.it tho lOtigiish aoropla ni -t
Hawker had "hopped off'' from Ncw-I
foundI.i tul about I*. M. in his l>i|?1;*no
in what !io regarded as a favoring
ua lr.
?"omtnander Head. of N'<"-4. at the,
AKoroti, xxas prompt ly notilicd so Hint i
lie < hi is.' his discretion about being
a ti t it-1 |>a t I'll in landing ill Kuropo. it
is i'\ii?'i tni here that ho will not <]?>.
|a> in coiling axxax to Portugal after
tii?- re, c if of t ii?' now .?.
Tins tie x olopiiient divided interest
v ill tii' ahs. ur" of nows from N<"-;t.
Tin- naxx does not regard t M ? ? seaplane
alost. I'M the cotitiary. i! is bclio\c<|
iliat sin* will ho picked up today, as
the navy lists sent out an extraordinary
(left to look for Iter.
Tito news was gix-on out about 4:P."
that the Florida and the Texas had
iiifti ordered hy Admiral .laekson to
assist tlii' eight or ten destroyers* that
\vero assigned to the search. It is
understood that while the NV-3 may
not he far away from the line of the;
Azof .=? site has no means of commu
nicating. as her sending apparatus is
lituited to probably twenty or thirty
li. i los.
>eitri,iiinc for l.o?t Ship.
She ' an. however, receive any news
that is being sent her. and messages
arv always living to the effect that tiie
seas are being searched, and in what
directions the srar.-li proceeds.
I. is believed she lias plenty of food
ami six days' supplx of water. The
Xt'.S took along about three to four
da.x s' r it ions. If she found that rhe
was ilriftinc tho crew would, of eotjrse.
i conunii/.e and make their food last at
least a week.
The other element of interest is the'
possibilities of she race across by the
11 a w k e r machine.
If llawkcr wins ho will get certainly
? I on.linn in private concern prizes. lie
is. however, taking immense chances,
lie believes that he has power enough
in his biplane to carry him. with an
assisting wind, clean across to Ireland.
His rate of flight will depend on tho
velocity of the gale.
Fnvoretl l?y llic Wind.
The favoring wind is believed here
to be the one chance in his favor. Ho
will scud before the gale as long as
he can. whether it takes him to Ire
land or to Krance or any other -pot
on the other side. He has, at t ho
least. I.rmu miles to go ami if i'oiii
tuander Head considers him a rival ho
will tune up and go easily from the.
Azores to lashon before liawker ? >n
com plot i his (light of 1 .!"?<> miles The
news from N<"-l is that site is being
towed into port with her lower planes
badly damaged and pontoon missing,
but no essential r>r Vital damage.
The British Admiralty does not con
Hawker also had installed a detach- j
aide primer and hand-si.n t ing mag- i
nolo, both of which wen left behind
when he dropped his under carnage.
In contrast with tiie small groups
of persons who saw llawkei start, it
seemed as if St. Johns had poured its
entire population into i.niiiii Villi V.tl
lev to watch Haynham's Martinsydo.
In the attempted take off. itaynham
made his "run" down a lane of people j
who witnessed the wreck of his ma
Itrporf* slinu ( pinrniirj1 Movement
Meeting; \\ illi Siiei-M*
I'h rr.vH Itrre.
. . . _
IIJv Assoelntod Pit.*? 1
NASI IVI MdC. May IS Wijh reports
from every State. representing the
membership of the .Methodist ICpp-o
pa I t'hnrch. it was estimatid that
p. i cell! of the S;t.Y0O,i.nilu asked for
the centenary movement was pledged
I oda y
The i'hat'.anooga. Tenn . district re
ported its i|-,iota of SUtMi .irtn raised thi
afternoon while the l-'itst Methodist
('hutch of (iary. \\ \'a . reported its
imlix idnal quota oversubscribed at
1 - *is IV M . eight iniliut, s aft> r tho
campaign formally opened
Approximately $ I s.nun.nun w as re
ported subscribed during the first day
of the centenary campaign of the M
K. I'iinrch South, attliough reports
were still incomplete when head<|iiar
t. iw < re c!i..si <1
Ten churches located in <'harloUe,
N. ?' . 11 nut ington. \\ V a . Houston.
Tex . Shveveport. I.a : Hallas. Tex.; Mc
t'oinb Miss . Mnskoge, ??kla. and
('lovis. i'al. reported their <|Uota raised
from one to ten minutes after rampaicn
was begun at noon today
llopro Thill M -:t Will llr I'oimd Soon I
and Thai l row I*
Mi f e.
WASHINH TON. May I Jt ?Mrs Mary
A Ilea! the mothei or' i.'oiv iiiamb
Albert Ke.Hd. p;iot ..n the navy -? a -
pis lie N< '- I. I ? .11 I g l .Oil Sent 'I to - i .
a f.'W w i.rds aboii*. "l.ei wonderful
tin j '
.."The papers are so f.?11 of news .? i? ?. :
linn. she said, "that I hardly l;:iow
what I can say. 1 x, 'pi to tell how
pleased I was to know he hid gotitu
.-i lar.
> in.- epnnot imagine how r' iieccd
we aii were when we learned lie had
I i > ?. i. . I.
?\\ . I.ope and lira-.- now that the
N'.'-H will he found. That's tin s'Mir.e
of won y now."
Mrs Head war. told of the l .test
loil let !? from Azof ?. wn ? i
red the news that lite N't'-I would
i' ? i? off' i t morning.
\\ . i ? Ipe she sa id s . r i j 11 ' ?
o> w 1 ? on,;,;, te t !??? j.oit n>- . ? d w ?
II ?? .? hig to pr.i> t ii < t I " i|. ? -
ivvnis May : ? \ j.? w r.< i ?
was harden to I'rein r < ' . ? iica i
t h i IIHil ling. It I- . is : o i.??in.,ill | e.
lig .oils mission ' alnoaii
I' A I: is. a'.ay iv \. a'ion r ? tt-,?
f l nli ii a ! ? of t lie \ >l -t I a 1 ri?a . e ,\r le
gation will ! a l> . pa. . tomorrow at S
11e "ii.a .ii. Tin : 1 o- m ;11
I .. ? r.'.'in there win it- J.oi; X I V. w.i
h'.i i.
I'AI'.IS, M y The Havas xgen.x
??ays i' n mills t a lids i at I lie bit four
lie ' fie. Ided to p. .si t.oi|<- foi the pre-ci
ptllil . , on of i he i . in - t h? p. a o
i r.-a ix with I I'-rma li x.
\ I i 11S Ml.i.KS May IV \ me:.,In r of
II." ? le r 11 a n llelega ! on with II.. tan.,
ol foiincilni of legal on. xx h" i - iui ned
h. ii roci ntlx from iterl.ii made i|i,
de, la i at IOII todax .oil. . Iiei.r, the pea.e
ii.atx; "We will sign de?plte all. In -
call ? XX e XX : 11 I., ha ? ? d . i. < . . if
XX . I . t 111 || to |te| If, XX 11 lii.it . I
\\ \ S I ! I \I ;T? l.\ .XI a . , ? \
ill C III ?? > I I o mod fx rail: a x a. .
1st ing . OKI I . ma I lia pi ., I I,.
all. x XX 111 he ill t rod I ail . * I . ? ..in a
toil "f ' 'ong 1 e s. a I 'h.llil
" ; -i.il fit ' ii e c i in, anti'i.i . i :oulgnl
in a st .Uennnt, which :a.| that tin
" I had lo ell pi eii.i i d by 1. en;, nt -
? < tolonel Samuel T Ansell. whd has
taiei ., leading part In l;. roe,'lit
eontroxersx oxer pm sent imi imd.
W ASIIINdTiiN. Max IV | ..... ?rM
issues ol Tre.isiirx certi'lea. ,.f
*b lit, iltiess <>f I li d e'i it | am'-iii i le ..
ng th. usual rat. of 1 I -?_' ; . . . ni
. tei. i. matill ing Sepieiiinr r .'. and
iK eemin f la. I ,-sin . i i\-e 1 x , I'm- dates of
t i X list a 11 lllen t p i x 11 an I ?-', w < , , n
II Oil I I.e. | I o.| a x b X' til. TII a H III' x
I: I:I; I.I N Ma x X I?1 \ |
i1 ??.
f nr ii..- r . .mii ina mi.. I of | in
pe i > a I beadiVia He: at I 'ol. I ? in
. I. :i I letl ge.l ,'oant x ..li Ho. |,sollle. i lo
d in I tie. ans. I ? i ? ? II.! in .. lie w
pa per ?? i t ' le a ? w > >1 i . i x ? Ka i. er > '
. > xx a t d i" t 'III i 'ill 111 I e f used I ? ? mo I
1 Vlu. general on lite "Held ?>t honut."
code l ho arrived of tho American
planes at I ho A/.oros to lie a Iransal
lantic fliglit. Thai is show n hi ? 011
grat tils* t tolls r<"i vivoil today liy tin- Navy
I ?e|>ai t111?*111. in w hit'll liie Admiralt y
sends its Kood v\ ishes for successftiI
"torn pl<i jon of tin- transatlantic tlight."
I'lnn l?? Send New lllrlgililc.
Socrolary of Navy I'aniols announced
last 111ixht that it was proposed !?? send
om aiiother of tlir dirigibles lo take
tho place of tin' ill-fated t'-.V The
plan to cross 1 ho Atlatith* in a dirigible,
in- saiil, would l?? continued until sue
cess was attained.
Tho story of tho Might containing
all I ho iiows I ho navy hail ii|> to a
laio hotir this nflrriiuon is told in the
following ollicial bulletins:
I'oeeived at t: I a?I'out a I'elgada.
Admiral Jackson: "All available <!<?
si rovers joining scouting lino north
from i 'orvo, scouting to westward.
?'id iitnhia direct ins scouting lino.
Toxas and Florida have been ordered
to jo,ii snaii'li foi .\i I L"_' I s <;. M. T.
< S; 1:t_i ,\. At., Washington tinio>."
I'lr.st Iteporl on \< -I.
Received at :i 1*. M.? I'onta T>el
gada. Admiral Jackson: "Following;
received from I". S S Harding: 'Ue
liori plane \i' I broken. lower pianos
badly dan lined. I'onlooli nilssiin.'..
Hoat floating high. No serious damage
apparent. Fairfax will tow to iiorta
as soon as pract icahlo, depending on
state of sea. llalS <i. .M. T. (7 ;.r. I A. M..
\\ ashitigtou I line
? S. nl at II'IHS C. M. T. (S A. M..
Washington lime)."
U< ? > n ? 1 ! .">11 I'. ,\l I'onta Pelgada.
from Hear- \dmiral ,la<'ks?:i: "I'res, ii?
winthi ? conditions. westerly gale, sky
o\. i i .i \ v .siI,: 1 It v eight miles. sea
rough. Forecast eontinnos strong
southwesterly or westerly winds today.
!>< < om' ii i: v. norly t? northwesterly
j id il iin in ..- !t i a u in velocity Sunday
ii it 11 or early Monday morning. i:iO|S
i! M I' (A M.. Washington time)."
No I n for tun t ion on \
K"''ivol 10 A. .M.? I'onta Helgatla.
Admiral .1 iicNsdii "No infonn.ition re
curding N< Have directed destroy
<? s ?as; o! I'! in search and report.
I "lis <; M T. (i;:|0 A. M . Washing
ten I into I
lie. . i\i d v ."it A M. Ilea r-Adm iral
Jaeiistin: "Following received from
N't'-I 'W eather conditions unfavor
able. Will not attempt Might this
morning "s:\ I ^ i! M. T. i-tl'.l A. At..
Washington t i in o i
"Sent at "Sir.S (I M. T i 1.50 A. M..
Wa sli i ngt o>i time i
I"ii>m Xdtiiral Kiiapn, received I n
f M Max IS London: "Folloxvinc
icioived from Kritish \ir Ministry
?*l" 11 e air conn;'. reino-sts that > oil will
coinimni iea t ? to the I'nitod States Navy
I iepa r'men I i liojr congratulations on
the ?i...-sfu' flight of ilie tin".- naval
s-.iplaiies i rou: America i.i i lie Azores,
???ii'l then uood wishes for the suocoss
fii complei j.-n of transatlantic Might.'"
>eereInry t nli>\* Wiirlil "?oelel.v
Decrees ill lierxx ise iliiildiiiK
\\ III l.o (In.
NI: W YOISK. May I5'. Secretary of
the Navy lomiels. returning from a
live weeks' trip to Kurope, where lie
had he en in cousultii.tkn with the naval
leaders <?? Hie allied nations, declared
that the naval program of the t inted
States was no iililff.
"If the league of nations deems it
xvi-e to stop competitive building."
he said, "the program will !>e changed,
otherwise : will i>e submitted to i'ou
sress practically as it is. There is no
bluff about it.
"As result of the conference with
the n.'X.tl experts of (Ileal I'.ritaill.
France and 11 11 > . our party returns
wi:ii much tust-hami informal ion of
the It. <i foreign opinion as to tech
ni a I ';i\.il j >?? i on the sea. under
tio- sea ami ii lio' a;r. Tho result of
our inirchunge of vi? ivs will he taken
up wrt!i ? n own olliceis experience
fot con*'.dera t ion before the matured
Rini w e!l-dig? :-ted opinions ef the de
partment arc presented to ?'ongress
with reference t <> future policies and
I lie character of sli ps t ? he con
st meted
? irrel* I rnops. I.miiiliig at Sni.vrnn,
l'rrci|iilllle t la?|i t hai
Itl-Sllll'. l-'ll t II I I ? .
I lt? A |||||><! Pi|
' "NS'I ANTIN? il'l.i: 1C It, 111*
ficlitii.g iv lii 1. loo. pla.i ii f * ? * r the
il iv '!ri'> troops if Smyrna
T-iuryil.t \ "'u'i Turks . ml l'j'i i ll" ckf
w? te k l ed
Tii? tit-'h'inu look pin " for Hie nio-t
p? : n tli-- TurU - i Minuter t>f the
town. when. i:ic C: <?,%.-? were met by
nve; . : iflo lire.
Ileal Ii of Mr*. Isaac llirtlvoiic.
I'llTKItSI'tl'P.ri. VA.. May IV- Mr?.
I.aura Meredith, wife of Isaac F. Mird
s . I; li .-11 yes'.nl., .) t he: home ill
Son: ; W> Sli ce-, :i the s:\t.v-flrst
? ?' : liei ,iu. 'I"i>- funeral vvili be
fiom :ii< t .|t iif-e .Mi nd.i afternoon
it? :'.it i. hi k She i? survived liy her
I: i.-l-.n.-l lii.d !o:;i tliihireii. Soon Kiril
itnu hi N rti.iii. NHlif, Mamie and
Km iv Kii'isi.ng. of retersburg.
Jinn* \ntionnl <>mtrd?iiirit I.nnil in
-\om \urk I'Viiiii inroiiilnu
I Iiv AhM>? iutv?t l'rci?>. |
N'KW Vn|!K, May is.?I'nits of the
lOighty-Sccoml or all-American Div
ision. ill which every Slate in repro
i ?? ii t? tJ? .mil ?>f the Tliirly-Second Div
ision. comprising former .National
*inaid regiments of Michigan and Wis
consin. arrlvcd liore todav Iroiu Kraiiec
on i lie steamship Xoordam, W aller A.
l.uckcnhach ami Antonio l^opey.. The
inllitury list:; totalled ot> (Miners ami
men. ,
The N'oorda m brought t wentv-t wo '
others ami l.l.Vi men of the thiui;
battalion. One Hundred ami Fifth In
fantry of (lie Thirty-second I'Ivision.
ivxeopt lor a few casual com panies
all the troops on the I.ope/. belonged
to the Second battalion. Three Hun
dred and Fifth Infantry or i lie Kighty
second I>1 vision, commanded by l.ieu
tenant-ColoiicI Thomas 1?. Fierce. of
I ;OSt on.
i in- most cosmopolitan regiment that
has returned from Franc*-, having in its
ranks nearly all nationalities. rctuincd
on the steamship Walter A. I.uckcn
bach. ^ 'Phis was the Three Hundred
and Twenty-seventh Inlantry. co-m
tx'-ed of twenty-eight ollicers ami
-.l'>.> men. nnder command of ?'oioiicl
.1.1". I're ton. ot KaHinior
, I hi' regiment, \\ 11 i ?l i is part of the!
I*, ig lit y-second luvi.-.on. v\? ut tut" the
Argonuc with seventy-cig ht ,ifli<crs and
ii men and eanie '>111 \\ 11ii six
ollicers and :t:ti? men It suffered its
heaviest losses on Ui'tobiM' 77. when it
went to the aid of the "lost battalion."
I he refitment also saw service in the
I ??til, St. .Mill:el and Argorwie sectors
and was ninny times; In the!
A roomie |>a tile ji fought * n t iniloitsiv
lor thirty days.
{Continued Front First Page >
port t he'i.ro'm-aiiT a re ask, d
t>> call Wednesday afternoon al city
hrad.piaiters lor their supplies.
Itnise satin ut < onlrrt.
While the band from Fortress Mon
roe played "Onward. I'liristiau Sol
fliers. " m the lobby of the Kichmomi
Hotel last night, several hundred peo
ple marched around a tablecloth which
had been spread out i*n the lloor in
the , enter <.f the lohhv and tossed m
over i-i'" in cash ami many pledged
t" the Salvation Army llotiic Scrvii e
In the procession were bell hops <>f
tlie hotel, . lerUs, ci?ar counter girls,
telephone operator- and other em
ployees of the hotel. Members of the
band themselves joined in the khi
eral donation -if cash toward the fund.
I he playing of the band featured
a concert given in the hotel bv work
ers in tin drive.
Alvm Smith ami Harry II. (Sardiner,
" I he I luimtn Fly," Imih made short
talks, as well as the two soldiers ami
the sailor returned from overseas ser
vice wiin spo|<<> ;?; the afternoon meet
ing a: the <'it\ Auditorium.
Mrs Sr. George Hrvan. < ity woman's
eh.iirn.an. win, Mr-. Smart llume. M
1'a M\e:\s I .Mrs. I; M. Hl.tnken
sliip. were in eh.irue of the concert,
which was arranged under the diree
: "ii of John ?Hoode.
Proles!* \uninM IV nee Term* Are
In lined Into Intensity hv
l!l-.KlilN'. May I v.?tiigran t ic demon
strations look place in Merlin today
protesting against the peace terms.
< haiicellnr Philip Scheideinann and
various inembci s of his t'.ihinet ad
dressed large crowds. The spirit of
all tile demons: rat sous was one of de
fiance, which was fanned to intense
fury bv the speakers who, however,
warned the popula< e to stand united
against the "foreign foes" and to avoid
a:, domestic disorder. Today marked
i he end of the "sackelo t h-a mi-ashes" I
v-V.'k decreed by President Kbert.
I lie j.ieatnble (,i" Germany's main
answer to the peace terms aireadv is
en route from llerlin io Versailles. :t
was learned lat< today at tin- head
quarters of Count vmi Hernstorff th>*
"home chi<-f of tlio ' reI 111 ? || pea. .?
m tehinrry.
h w as added that it was doubt fn!
w hf t iiei the complete ileriuaii .? nsw ?? r
will have been delivered bv Wed hob
'lav. which the date stipulated hv
1 'IciiiciKi.di l.'.vt r-nsion of ?>' least a
few days appears tu be conlidently
? \pe -ted in official circles here.
Dispatches to the tierman newspnpers
from Versailles say the (?riginai plan
ot contrasting the peace treatv chap
ter by i-liapter with the fourteen points
has been abandoned, and instead a
condensed expose of the alleged ,on
llicts with those iioints will he filed.
Will Honor llenil Soldier*.
I't 1: 11 A M, X. c.. May 18.? Fin* I ar
rangements have been niy.de lor im
memorial service which is to he lull
"I'liesda . i \ i n ing. June honor of
'be part played bv Trinity ?'ollcse in
the re.-,-ut war, and espe. iallv hi honor
ot her sons who gavetuelr lives in the
struggle The program will to >,i
laiiKed with a view to interpreting the
spirit of \merleau youtli leading1 up
io the tremendous struggle, and th-n
tiibutr vv | )>(? paid the (lead, whose
lives wore given that "freedom might
dwell on the earth." At the b gitining
of the service the senior class will be
presented with some appropriate e.\
(?!?' l-es interpreting the par the col
lege has taken in the war and in
preparing her men to be leaders in
tip fig ut Then the Officers' Cl'ib ,,f
the college will give a demonstration
of camp life, furnishing tlu: set'ing
lor the great struggle.
make glad smiles
around the family
table. Most deli
cious corn flakes
Flyers Converse
With Destroyers
, System of Li (/his and
Wireless Used in Flight |
Across Ocean.
TIll-Jl'ASSIO V, N. F.. .May IS.?A dull
rod ligir' moving; slowly in tho dis
tance. a liny whito light blinking ho -
liirul It. a soft, pattering of the wire
loss receiver, then darkness ami silencc
This was how tho seaplanes speeding
in tiic i.ichl through tho upper air!
lanes on tne long leap over seas. r?*- j
vealed t licit* passage to tho vigilant
destroyers strung like heads on a sla U ,
string between Newfoundland and the i
?'apt a in Milton S. Davis of the des
troyer ward, on Mainm No. ?'?. 31a |
miles out likened tin- experience to;
talking with .Mars. The Ward came
;iito tile bay this aftornoon t<? ro-fuel.
5t was about I" I'. M . New York time. ;
when a seaman on the Ward ' i eport .'d
?i. moving light in the distmce uit :hej
captain yaw a soft luminous rilbv Id ir I
tifteon miles away on the ode* of tfie j
moon u liich was -?? degrees <>fi ;iicj
starboard how.
Then came blinking beams from a'
signal i.yht? dish dot da?h dash ? ;
the s* jr'iaI of NC-I, Commander Hell-j
ingot's plane.
With an exclamation tlie quarter
inaster turned on the searchlight and
answore I Dashing tho words: "Wat J. \
I'ieasant Journey."
From the darkness came the reply:
"Thank > on."
The red light faded and lli.* blink
ing ceased. but tho radio op.mm; ?r -n
t.< ?'.-str.oyer i?s<? Ue?I up 11? Imp- ?
merits <>l con vci sat ion ho'we^n toe
other nnt eon seaplanes and tho I'apo
l!ae? station: "Mow are you getting
"Fine. Hear that limey jump on
those fellows. It's a little cold vnt
Then ulenoe <'1100 nioro.
North < nrollnn Innnmirnlri <"nnipnlgii
10 I'rcirrM' ll< >olunil
K.\l,i:irdl. N. May 1 With the
season f??r the ( losing of the schools
for the summer at hand there is great
need for careful attention to tho con-;
ditioii of the schoolhouses and grounds
with a view to not only conserving
tho property from deteriation. but most
especially to make sure that there is
no trash, matches and combustible
material left anywhere on the school
premises that might start tires or con
tribute to the burning of tho propeitv
I'.oth the State Department of Kdu
cation and the State Insurance l?e.
partment are urgently calling ? 11
t cache rs. pupils and school authorities
generally to look w . 11 to the condi
tion of the school property and t?1 ?
fastening of the doors and windows
To keep out loafers and prowlers, who
so often star; tires that damage or d?
strov the buildings. They are remind
ed. too, that this vacation season i
tho host possible time for making any
repairs or additions to 1I10 buildings
The North I'arolina Safotv Leagues,
organized among the s? bool childt* n
of the State. 1 epresent ing already .1
thousand or more of 1 he schools, aic
especially active in this conservation
effort for the school property as well,
as tire and Accident prevention g? n
arlly. in the respective league com
munities. but they need the effective
co-operation ??; the school authorities
in their work. Tin Wo.nons t'iubs and
other civic organizations in inan;.
places ate active in this direction, but
the spt'i ial desire of I) Hrooks.
Superintendent of Schools, and .lanitrs
I'. Young. Insurance 1 'onimissioner and
Fire .Marshal, is to make : hi- special
attention to the school propert} State
wide and appl.cable alike to the school
proper!} in the towns and in the coun
try districts.
I'nrls Temp* Snjn I ireiilar* Wrrr
I'rlntrrt llrforr ( umlltlntm
\N ere I'libllnlieil.
! P A ??n? lat'd Pi f ?? t
I'AKIS May 1 v Further indica
tions th.it 'he Herman jieople's indig
nation ov'ei tile peace terms as re
ported in Herlin dispatche?. !s riot .mm
spontaneous as ij has boon made to
appear are found h> the Temps in con
nection with the dropping from a r
planes over Merlin on May !? of pro
rests against the requirements of the
peine treat} These protests declared
that the object of tlertnany's enemies
was not the destruction of Herman mil
itarism. but t>? impose upon rjormany
a shameful peace of violence and
pillage. The Temps adds:
"<?tu* might think that thi? Ihii
suage wa^ provoked liy the presenta
tion of the peace treaty on Slay 7 to
fount von Rrockdorff- II a ntz.au Not so.
however. The proclamation, of which
we have a copy, was printed on May t.
three day? before the presentation of
the treaty, and while 'lermany whs
still ignorant of Its terms."
Italians nml Slavs Have Mi.xctl
Population, Kadi Attached (?>
.Xallvr Toiikuc.
Famous Historian Dcclnrcs It Wouhl
Moan No Progress for Population
to Clinngo From llnpshmx to
KiiniKorgovitdi Hnlc.
IIv ?;i <;i.it:i.uo h i:itm;ito,
llnllnii IIInlorlnn.
l'.NKIS. May 18.?Kurope, in the con
dition ni which she Hurts herself as the
result of the cront war. cannot afford
to look with equanimity upon the
vexed Adriatic situation, which is still
far from n harmonious solution. It'll
the military side of the Adriatic puz
zle is not Hie only one fraught with I
danger fop 111o whole of Kurope. Thero!
is the ethnographical problem also.
Aiiioiik the populations of tho eastern
shore Italians and Slavs are mixed m
almost In/./.ate fashivn. 1'iuinf is an
essentially Italian city, while its
suburb, Suzsak, is pre-eminently
Slavonic in populat on. Zara is purely
an Italian town, hut Just, outside it
ver> calm Is an arffi thickly popu
lated by Slavs. Spalato and Sehinlea
have mixed populations, the itilians
and Sla\s being equally attached to
their respective language and tradi
t ions.
In these circumstance.*, it is impos
sible to trace the frontiers in follow
ing et hnop r.iphlcn I lines. Whatever one
ina> >i?>. it will nlwa\s 1)0 necessary
to leave certain Italian population.'
iinrtot Slav domination, and certain
Slav sections under Italian donilnaiion.
Munition Dinicnlt One.
It i?. therefore, easy to understand
why this combination of dillictiltios has
brought about a situation that t-eems
almost insoluble.
The Italians claim I'almatla. or at
len.-t the most important island- in the
Adrlatb fronting that htf-roial plead-i
lne the necessity of Mratoirlc defense.'
Tile Slavs refuse these claims on the
ground of the national principle.
Italy claims l-'iume .is an Italian olt\
on tho principle of nationality. Tlio
Slav?, mi the other hand, claim it as a
port which, they say, they nee i for
tin- economic development of th?*ir
young republic Italians who before
the war were subjects of Austria have
been manifesting great repugnance
against passing mulct the domination
of the Slavs, that is to say, under tiie
rule of ;< greater Serbia
There i? nothing sin prl.-in is In this
repugnance, sin e Serbia i> .1 lialkan
?State which lias all the faults of iter
s 1 .s' ? ?! stiii ???> on !(ie iienur-iiia. tb<>
sp-: ? of violence ami tvianny .? ? .1 e n -
1 iptton. and lack <-t a hlghe; . : \ i i i x .1
1 on
?"ertainlv ;t would mean 1.0 prog
ress for Italian population from Haps
burK <| initiation to that of t M ?? boiis,.
of K a t a g ? >r- ?vn h. Tlin . 1 Is on!>
naiui-.i! toat tl" Italicn populations
are turning to ltal\ ntnl dcmandnm *o
be annexe.I by her rathei than foi
etytiers I'-iir to urant tit -? demand
would tneait also annexation by lial\
of Slav population*, ami the latter i<
fuse to he annexed b> lta:>
The conf? rem e lias br-en Irving to
find .?n amicable solution of this puz
zle and again It has failed.
(<'mi t In ikmI I 'i <iih Klrst Page.)
a i?? -o?11'?>i i i'iiK'iil of \\ 11t?? \ er .standing
| jinny may l>?- provided for. IJut against
| this will lie nrraycH (ho sentiment in
! f,t\ i r <>C gradual tll.sarmabt'.-nt as k.
naiiu-al :uul logical result of the
I k'HKUo of mi t loll?.
ICcdnomic question* nf crc.it moment
! will pros* for cotudtleralion. Many im
portant nc?v induMrlcH were mude pos
| slblo l?y war conditions, but most of
| 1 hem will require a. sntasurfl of gov.
I eminent protection, if they are lo sur
vlvo world coin pet it ion. Tills will maUo
11 ecen??a r y an overhauling of tho pro
tective tariff, ami once the tariff ques
j tion Is reopoMed. the door will he
opened wide fur wholesale tariff lejjj?.
hit Ion. particularly no with the loi?i:<
lative machinery In tho hands of high*
lariff julvoraten.
There will he no lack of interest |n
the cmiiinc Mission. The mere fae^
that the Mouse and Senate will he IJe
ptihllcan, with a Democratic adminis
tration would lie en/iugh in itself to
make the proceedings worthy of na
tion-wide attention. I'.ut the further
fact that 1 here is an insurgent move
ment in both houses promising in make
trouble every hour in 1 lie day. will atp)
spice 10 an already highly Keyed situ
a t ion.
A Ral Iron Tcnic
Gives vigor and nerve tone to aged
ami infirm, and those worn-out from
overwork, worry, excitcment or closo
confinement in homes or shops.
Made I?V ?' I IPIOO CO. I.owell
The rorteurompamt
Four Good
Victor Records
ui:nr: are 4
-1 A recent song
and dance rec
ords?eight se
lections that
most Vlclrola.
o w n e r s w ill
Al* are 10-Inch double-faced
records. priced at S5c each:
Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight;
Mammy's Lullaby -- Waltzes.
I'layeil by Smith's Orchestra.
Mickey; KisscB--Kox Troti.
Played by Smith's Trio.
< !pme ?Hi. Papa 'Medley* flni.
Stcpi; Tears 1K0J Trot)?play
< d by Smith's orchestra.
I'm Waiting for Vou. Liza
Jane, sunt by Vernon Dnlhart;
Mummy Mine, sung by Sterling
'"ome In today nnd 1*! us play
: h< ff and other n < ords for you.
The [qrky ppmpemi)
The House "I"bit c Msilr lllchtnond
Lanfe Boldest-- Guarmecd
39-41-43-45 HOPKINS PLACE
116-118-120 LOMBARD ST.
Importers, Manufacturers and Distributors of
Dry Goods White Goods Upholstery
Silks Dress Goods
Notions Hosiery
Men's Furnishings Linens
Ready-to-W ear
Kifihly-elghl years of continuous growth
in tho distribution of merchandise has
perfected mi organization which is un
surpassed in the service it' offers th*>
relail merchant. Our experience of
nearly nine-tenths of a century, success
fully meeting the trade's requirements,
places us in a position to furnish the
most varied assortment of the World's
Choicest Production.
Our splendidly efficient staff of depart
ment buyers, traveling and house'sales
men is one of the most attractive fea
tures of our establishment. Their
cordial co-operation in helping buyers
to make selections, the most suited to
their needs, is of the greatest value to
our customers.

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