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;" TEN
July 7, 1
19 19 i
Cost- of Is (iivrn by Manu
facturers as Chief Cause for
i'eiv Factories Have Regained Nor
mal Product ion, anil Shortage of
Last \oiir Still Is Fell?Demand
Has Increased.
Frospc. t ; \ ? Richmond and \ irg'.nia
aOlonuil'il' buyers will find themselves
paving, i' Ih< priccs for which cars
ai*e t o w* soUi. from 5 H'O to 51..50 more
h timclrio ;ha n was quoted for the
ua.me siui?.mobiles i short while ago.
Kxplana t ions of the rise center
about two principal causes ? the hig.i
vost of l:il> -r ti>t the scarcity of ma
terials Haw material lias, it I* true,
declined somewhat in price during the
past s.x months, out the decrease has
not been suiticient to overcome the ad
ditional cost of turning it into the
finished product.
Product Ion Not Art Niirmnl.
When motor car production was re
sumed about the firs: of the year, it
was expected that !>y now the fac
tories would have regained normal
production. At that t.'iie everything
pointed to a quick resumption of the
pre-war scale of manufacture. Unfore
seen condi arf" however, which
have made this impossible. Comple
tion of war contracts too'K linger than
was anticipated. Win n this was ac
complished. there was the de,ay its get
ting the machinery readjusted for
motor car production.
No manufacturer builds his car in
its entiretv. He must purchase some
parts on the outside. In litany cases
when tlie factory itself was ready to.
gro ahead the parts maker was unable
to furnish some t ecess.iry part of the
i:ar. Even .lurijiK the past ten days
dealers ha\e received cars without
tops, without hood.- or without head
An automobile factory is an enor
mous business arid everything must
be operatirc .it exactly tlie same rate
of speed for economical production.
Too much speed or too little in one
department will upset all production
plans. Meanwhile, the overhead is
piling ur. mid the m^r? the delay the
higher it mounts h.tbor trouble* in
some plants of late have been respon- ?
sible for ileiays. with the consequent
There are not more than or.e or two
factories today that art- anywhere near
normal produ t on, and by normal pro
duction i.- meant the general average
before we went to war.
Shortapr of 1,200,000 l.ast Year.
t Last year this country produced but
about Sf'c.riftO automobiles, when nor
mally it would have turned out 2.00i'.
000. Tt". :s at the outset ieft us 1.200.
000 cars short to start with. The wave
of prosperity that has swept .this
country ;ias greatly increased th- de
mand for motor cars, until it is esti
mated that it will take more than
3.000.000 more cars to rtil the present
dem jnd.
Not only i? there a natural demand
r'or motor cars far in excess of xnv
thine even dreamed of a few years
back, but many of the larger manu
facturers are establishing new agen
cies in territories that never before
had been divided up.
Many \c?v Denier* to Supply.
The tendency of the business today
is to limit each dealer's territory to I
the amount that be can work in'ten- J
slvely. This moans there are a large
number of new dealers who must be !
given at least one carload of cars to '
get them started.
Factories that are doing this work !
now are planning for the far distant
future when cars will again be plenti
ful. When that will he no on* can I
state definitely, hut It is certain that I
when it does come these concerns w-iil !
be propar. d to t:ike the best advantage ,
of the opportunity.
Seventy.K?nr Acres Near Monror City
Will Me I srd fur Breeding
PARIS. MO., July (>.?An exclusive
goose farm is the latest undertaking
in a poultry way in this part of the
country. The man to adopt the unique '
idea is Claud Henderson, member of a
local poultry firm, who lias just pur
chased a farm of seventy-four acres 1
near Monroe City, for which he paid
5175 an acre.
Hast year Mr. Henderson handled
30.000 geese and the venture proved
profitable beyond his most sanguine
hopes, and as tin: work was done on a
renter farm he decided to acquire land
of his own, wln*^"' he.i'could develop
ideas that he hrtd ?m-tnind for making
even greater success <?>f the undertak- ?
Ing. On the farm Henderson has every
modern device for taking <are of the
feathered stock and he pays especial
attention to see that m> disease finds
Its way into the flock.
Henderson says that by devoting his
entire time to the get se lie can get
much better results than engaging ill
regular agricultural pursuits, and it is
a more interesting business. He savs
he will confine himself to 30.000 this
season, but hopes to have double that
number by the end of the feeding sea
con this fall.
Police Tnkr ller from frrlRht Train
Where She I'osed a*
11 olio,
SOTTTH RF,ND INI'. July fi?T.ueille
Bruce, aged twenty-two. masquerading
as a man. is the first woman tramp to
be arrested in South Rend .She was
picked up in the yards of th> New York
Central Railroad one night after she
had Jumped from a freight train, and
is now being detained at the police
She will be civen ork. so she will
be able to leave South Rend in a |U!>.
eenger coach
? Slttir.fC in Chief r.f Police Kline's of
fice this morning she related a story
of wandering that had taken her
through the We.-t and South She said
she was born in ? "al'f'.rnia. sh? bad
been "1 Jthrough the western country,
Including Texas
Her father, who died five years aeo.
had been a race horse owner, and hav
ing traveled with Ir.ni she had become
dissatisfied in being fixed in one State
for any length of time
When arrested she wore a dark
serge suit a golf cap and tan shoes
that showed evidence of long wear
Prior to brine In Chicago, she had,
through the assistance of ti.e Salvation
Army, been employed aa a domestic at
Ottawa. 111.
fJnl n lull t'llll of limn.
OMAHA. Ni:H July C Ro^d.
a Nebraska farmer, ad a corn^rth
that was alrve with rats T'n- otner
day he barked rr.s tra.-tor to it.
turned or. the exhaust and rive them
a gas barrage equal t" any put on in
the war Few !.??* r >t out of *he
crib alive and those that did were
bo weak th? dog- ha I no trouble in
Katherinps them up. T < result was
a tub full of dead rats. Two years
ago prairie does took the farm of a
Western Kansas man near li'.ll City.
He conceived the Idea of attaching ?
two-inch hosr to tiie exhaust of his
flivver and connecting the other ?-:i<1
with the burrows and Mm ended the
argument. The 'a<-t i.- referred to
?here merely to show that as usual a
Kaitsan was first to get onto the
<ilnff Oflleer In IlrlMoI.
BRISTOL. V.V, July C? Col Orant
Trent*, member of the staff of Provost
Marshal-General Knoch Crowder. Is
vlrttlng here with friends Col Trent's
he.me 1s at Ropersville. Tenn . and be
will leave h*re within the next few
days for henm.
Richmond Events
in Paragraph Form
Current Local News 7'old
Briefly for Benefit of
Busy Readers.
K. H Shaekleford. who h;is been tit c'hi
t i'krh attending the *:.mii. I convention ?'f
the American Osteopathic A^in'tulivn, ha?
re'.uruetl to the city.
The Oakwoml Mottwru! Assoclalion will
hr>!ii its nnnu.il trio-ting this afternoon at I
o'clock .<t St. John's Hpiscopal t'nu.'ch
OtSccrs for the ensuing y. ur w ill be elcctc*;.
Th. mother of Captain M I'. Coffm.in.
whose home th at lot South Colonial Ave
nur. received a mi'iMKr from h-r pon yes
terday announcing hi* arrival in New York.
Ilr expects to bo home in few ilavj.
Directors of the Renters' and Oonmm'r^'
Protective Association. ari organisation per
fected for the imrpoM ..f lighting exorbi
tant rentals ami profiteers wil! inert tonight
at S o'clock in the h ?r.i? of Mrf .1 ii
Anderson. Jr.. 2522 >tuart Avenue They
will discuss proposed by-laws anil the con
stitution of the association
Colored citizens of Richmond tociav rvill '
hold devotional and demobilisation rx?r?t?<s
for troops of the race who served ill the
world war. A procession. marking 'he
opening of the exercises will move front
the Army and Navv ?.'lu'> ?t ? o'clock.
Two brass hands anii an orchestra will make
music for the occasion.
The condition of William I.ane. of Omen,
who was badly bruised and shaken up snd
had an arm broken when his automobile
turned turtle on I'atrers"n Avenue ii,ar
the Three-Chopt Road last Wednesday. Is
reported iis brine goo<5 Lane, who was
returning home sftrr doing some shopping
in Richmond, had a blowout on the right
front tire of hlb automobile, which caused
:h? machine t ?> u->s?'. and iniure him. A
doctor was summoned, who dress-M his in
juries and h? was taken home in another
Waa John Marshall High School Cadet,
and In Survived by Widowed
Paul <r- Motley, a .John Marshall
High School cadet, of 1516 North
Twenty-seventh Street, was drotvned
yesterday morning: in the James River
near Stop IP on the Petersburg Car ,
I.lne. ? Young Motley, who was only
sixteen years of age. got beyond his
depths and drowned before any of his
companions could reach him.
The boy had been a guest at the
Bentley Club, near Stop IS. J-Tis bodv
was brought to Richmond late yester
day afternoon and deposited at the
Woody Undertaking establishment. He
is survived by his widowed mother,
Mrs. Nannie J. Motley.
Condnet T.a*t Rites Over Body of
Charles Srlden. Who Bled
Saturday Morning.
, Funeral services for Charles Selden.
who riled on Saturday, were held yes
terday afternoon at 5 o'clock from h!s
residence. Ill Nor-n Fifth Street Rev.
J. J Pownrr.an officiated
At one time during his long busi
ness career in Richmond. Mr. SeJden
was superintendent and general man
ager ot the street car lines in this
city in the pioneer days of horse cars.
He held that position for seventeen
years, during which time the change
was made to the modern electrically
run system.
J. M. Ilandoork Re-port* to Police That '
Negro Disappeared
With *20.
J. M. Handcock. of 171S Everett
Street, Is mourning the loss of 120 in
currencv. Saturday he reported to the
police that he. had intrusted the money
to a negro with the understanding
that the negro was to get him whisky
in exchange. The negro went into n
house on Seventeenth Street, so he in
formed the police, leaving Handcock
standing waiting outside. The colored
man never returned. rolice are still
investigating and JIandcock Is still
l.arge Consumption of I,rather.
With a big demand for both domestic
and foreign consumption, about the
nly limitation to trading in leather is
the disposition of sellers to confine
operations largely to goods on hand
)r en route from tanneries, says Dun's
atest review of markets. Kuropeaji
buyers, in their anxiety to replenish t
upplies, have been active in this mar
ket and the purchasing has extended
o neutral nations, whose stocks had
jecome depleted through embargoes
nd interrupted overseas transporta- j
lion facilities. The phenomenal situa
tion in leather finds reflection in the
tepidly advancing hide prices, and 'he
only apparent retriedv for the rising
tendency lies in the freer shipment of .
aw material here from other produc- ?
nc countries. Meanwhile, the cost of
ootwear is mounting steadily and ex- |
traordinary le\els are predicled for j
next fall and winter; but trade con- ,
tinues active and for some time past
It has not been necessary for manu
facturers to solicit orders.
Vegetable nnd Kralt .Movement.
The report of the government's Hu
reau of Markets on conditions of last
week says:
I.ities which have been weak lately
have recovered owing to decreasing
supplies. Including new potatoes, to
matoes and cantaloupes, but peaches
atid melons continued to decline in
price. Shipments have Vieen rapidly
decreasing in tnost established lines,
but heavy gains continue in volume
of melons, ixraches and new apples.
Total, 8,713 ears. ,
With Kvcrptloii of Committer Mrr<
1 lug Thuridu.v, Uni'krt Clour for
ItcM of Work.
fv? !???"! n?* S ?yoc'< the Coniniot
I I omul! will moot f..r Its regular Jul\
session. Thursday night at tho sain'.
.iour there will ho a mooting of tin
lomm ttce on Dortk. Itivor and Harbor
\\ith tho exception of those meetings
tho i-alendar of Richmond's logisla
vi~f. '"^dios is clear for tho \vccl<
llus morn hip City Hail employees
r?l"r" , u> w^fk from a vacation oi
..roo days. Many wont to the moun
tains and to the seashore. Others
:>tayod at homo.
Interest at the City Hall at presenl
is centered particularly in .Mavoi
iVof. 10 "ii 'n?,>os|t ion for a new bond
'.it ) hHc this issue will ho prin
. ?' 1 * purpose of securing
funds to improve and extend the sow
crapo system and t>> improve the c.i*
i'! ;!!".? 11 probable that an effort
<!'. no m.iklo to include other matter*
? n v 'o proposition. Tho whole riues
l.on will .>o conside red bv tho Commit
Vi'.'iv.?no, xi"1!? at ""feUnif to l>o held
} -J Mayor A ins Uo and tho sev
i rai heads of department.* will i?o
I resent at tins meeting, and will ex
plain in detail tho no-uis of the ci;v.
Mime Program Will nr Cilven Aext
Mindnj, With Addition of Com
munity "Sim;."
More than 3.000 people attended the
rust open-air band concert of the sum
Hv- eivon yesterday evening at
V'.\. ;',.3.0 o clock, under :ho
u V'? \r c aniP Community
XJ. tiff' *ts.ldes tho*? ?'ho wont out
O f C-.ar*L a number motored
and parked their cars along the
roadway near the bandstand
Because of injuries sustained in an
automobile accident, Henri Beaugard.
song and cheer loader of the War
Cjimp community -Service, did not con
duct a community -sing.- as he had
originally planned. Tho ?sing ' will he
given in connection with the band
concert next Sunday at Bvrd Park at
the same hour.
Those attending the concert vester
da\ were asked by director Beuugard
W,1r Camp Community
h0?ri(iuarters, Seventh and
? ?tinkjin streets*. 5ucrii<*st fnr
j>:eccs to be adrie?I to the musical pro
f.uainu of.,,lhe, l^enry-flve.i?icoe hand,
which will piay earh Sunday, and to
!???&?soncs to b0 deluded in the
-Meaaage Sigurd ?A. n7nowman- States
Writer In (.oing^ to Cum
nilt Sulcidc.
,shermen at City Point sent police
nnictais here a note yesterdav. said to
rtshcd fro:1' a ?>ottie floating
Mnic U i li il whlch * man calling
. A* H- Bowman told of his in
Thif n5ti?^d-mlt SUiClde by flrou'nlnc
I,ani drowned. Piease let mv
,k-n,on' ,n Hichmond. I weigh
ss? <Jm?8 &
r.Oit. Arthur H. Rowman whose nam?
Ji\? . . Church .v.reet, wiaa lnter
the matter.1 "id h? kncw no;h*ns of
j?"' .J'!!.'"'!?* I?or??.?
, ,, ^ufpui?I?uj?rovfmpnt
I?lkely to He Extended.
.VKW YORK, July 6.?A. concrete
measure of tho recent turn in the iron
stVcsMrJ ^f ry ar>f,rarH in 'fie June
stat.sties or p:g iron production. After
an unbroken de.-|ino jn the daMv rate I
.roni the high level of 113.94 2 tons of
September, 191S, lust month's output;
fi*LffnVr/*d tons per day from
tons in May. and the Iron Age i
reports an addition or five furnaces to
the active lit-.t. 'I he June improvement I
moreover, is likely to hr extended in
July, for demands are steadily grow
Ing and a few railroad inquiries have
kindled interest ir. future buving from'
that quarter; The question as to
whether the labor supply v.ill prove
adequate to meet the prospective fur
ther expansion of manufacturing is one
that looms up with increasing Import
ance as many workers announce their
intention of returning to Kurope. and
at some r>? 1 furnaces, in fact, a short-|
age of common labor is already noticed, j
Plames Start in llatlirooni. Causing
I.oss of Srvernl Hundred
firemen were called at 1 o'clock ;
yesterday afternoon to extinguish j
flames at a colored hotel at the corner ,
of Second and Leigh Streets. Several
hundreds of dollars damage was done
by 'ho flames, wliieh were said to have
originated in a bathroom. The fire
was put under control in about. e:gh- j
teen minutes.
Judge ntckn, of Juvenile nnd Domestic
Itelutlonx Court. Will .Make
Prliirlpul Speech.
Weekly meeting of th*> Kiwanis Club
of lli'-hmond will he held today at 1:30
o'clock in the afternoon at the Busi
ness M?n'f Club. Judge fticks. of tho
Juvenile an,] Pomestic Relations '"ourt,
will l>e t'.if- -principal speaker of the
day. Ills topic as announced yester
day will l>o "Municipal Playgrounds."
Review of Week's
Trade in Richmond
Dun's Report on Last
Week's and Month's Vir
ginia Trade Conditions.
H. (I. Dun & Co.'s special report foi
The Tlmes-Dlspatch on conunercia!
i conditions In Richmond and Virginia
! is as follows;
I The business outlook t<s optimistl
; caliy viewed and with tihe signing "I
the peace treaty more avenues ol
i commerce were opened and the mar
j ket has broadened considerably.
In almost all lines trade Is good,
and (he principal difficulties are
j scarcity of raw material and inade
quate factory production. It becomes
increasingly apparent th-at no radical
reduction in general prices is to be
j expected, and in many lines further
advancos are underway.. Collections
' r. re good.
I.umber at wholesale is scarce and
; prices are advancing. Better grades
j are particularly in demand; oak and
' maple flooring is moving very freely.
1 There is an oversupply of the lower
' grades of box lumber, and some of
the mills cutting second-growth tim
ber are not operating until priccs for
this quality of lumber Improve. Since
the l.fting of embargoes on lumber
?he export situation Is easier.
Dealers in paints and oils say there
is an active demand for all available
goods, anil note an upward tendency
' in prices. The wCiplesule furniture
market is very active and factories
have sold their output for several
months ahead. Prices are high, and
cost of labor and raw material <are
, expected to force still further ad
Jobbers of paper and stationers'
supplies report about 20 oer cent In
creased tonnage sold, attributed partly
to larger volume of advertising. They
, experience difficulty in securing ship
ments from the mills, and prices are
, advancing- Printers and stationers
are busy and are getting good prices,
i June trade In the produce market
. was unusually 'active, and prices of
butter, eggs, poultry, etc.. are steady.
The crop of Virginia potatoes is some
what smaller than was expected, but
is bringing good prices thus far.
Wool and hides are abnormally
high. Money is firm and In demand,
but there has been (juite a little liqul
. dat Ion of cotton loans, and all legiti
mate wants are being comfortably
taken care of.
Building operations authorized for
June total $634,625, as against $19S,54S
I in June, in IS
?w nifthfr In Prlnclpnl Miir
kctn ICai?tern Shore Men Ciettlng
la Their Work.
Tn all of the markets north of us
new potatoes are going actively at the
host prices yet recorded. The Bureau
of Markets reports as follows:
With little desirable old stock offered
and new stock In moderate volume for
the time of year, prices showed a tend
ency to recover a little of the con
tinuous losses of the past month. Kast
ern Shore of Virginia Coohlers. now a
leading "market line, comprise about
one-half of the receipts, advanced 25
to 5" cents, reachlne $5.25 to {6 per
barrel f. o. b. shipping points and
strengthened In consuming markets to
a range of $5.50 to $7. Norfolk
biers advanced 25 cents, closing $??>
to $5.50 per barrel f. o. b and ranged
in Northern markets $5 to $6.25. North
Carolina Cobblers, Including much In
ferior stock, ranged $4 to $4.50 f.o. b.
shipping points and $5.25 to $5. .5 in
Northern markets. Oklahoma Bliss
Triumphs recovered at shipping points,
ranging $2.25 to $2.30 per 100 sacked,
n nd advanced also in mid-western
consuming markets, rancing $2.in to
$3 50. Shipments. 2.419 cars, a decline
of 228 and about two-thirds the volume
of the corresponding time last year.
As Consumers Shov* "WH11bcii*?? to
Stand Iflch Prices Distribution
Become* More Active.
The prospect of continued h:gh dry
goods prices has become less disturb
ing to merchants who are watchinnr
the development of demands in retail
channels, according to Pun's latest re
port Not onlv do consumers seem
'X lllng and able to meet the extreme
costs, but their wants appear to be
larcer than a year ago, and reports |
coming from Jobbers and retailers * on
firm all that has been said of an active
distribution. Even in agricultural sec
tions where full crops are not antici
pated as In the care, of cotton, farmers
are taking goodft freely, while in manu
facturing centers, where w^>rl< ,s
creasing, the high wages find reflection
In a broad movement of merchandise.
Vet the optimism of trade Interests Is
tempered with more conservatism than
recentlv. sellers preferring to operate
on short terms and buyers being less
inclined to make commitments to fore
stall advancing prices, although many
consider a further upturn Inevitable.
At the Close of, the half year prices
were higher than at the opening, and
jn several Instances above the gov
ernment levels.
Commercial Kallnre* I.put Week.
Commercial failures last week In the
Vnited States, as reported by R. O.
Pun5 <& Co.. were eighty-six against
123 the preceding week, and 172 the
corresponding week last year. Fail
ures in Canada number six. against
fifteen the preceding week, and five
last vear. Of failures last week In
the I'nlted States, thirty-nine were in
the Kast. twenty South, sixteen West,
and eleven in the Taciftc States, and
forty-two reported liabilities of $5,000
or more, against fifty-one the previous
See Thursday's Papers
-It may even make you like
your prevent cigarette better
"The Shopping, Center"
Closing Hours: Dally, 5 P. M.; Saturdays, 1 P. 31.
Nothing Too Trivial
THERE are betterments in merchandise that indifferent manu
facturers believe too trivial for recognition. It is because
this store takes note of the seemingly trifling things in business
that it achieves qualities which have set standards in service.
For Example: Here and there in the items carried in this store
may be found refinements that would have been ignored but for
the Constructive Merchandising that issues its dictum to manu
facturers?an extra thread to enhance strength; a button stored
in the pocket to spell convenience; a bit of selvage to prevent a
frayed edge, or some similar detail.
What may seem trivial to some people in this store becomes
SERVICE IN MERCHANDISE! And, because we have reared
our structure of prestige on such a foundation, so it must remain.
lint it ChanKm .N'olfd In Produce
Tradr??w Fruit* of llrKfr
Unnllly Cnmlnx In.
There were but few changes last
week in trade conditions on Cary and .
Thirteenth Streets, where the whole- j
? sale produce dealer-* anil the cnmmls- !
: sion merchants keep things polng at
a lively rate from Monday mornings to
I Saturday evenings, taking very few
I holidays.
Even -the Glorious Fourth did not '
' And '.his region under a total suspen- |
sion of business Men were on hand
to receive the goods ihat rame in over
night., and they did not fail to wall on i
any belated retailers who had run short
of stock for the morning's sales.
The changes to be noted came in
' the fruit lines Receipts of peaches
and new apples are much larger than
. they have been In recent days, but not J
1 !n excess of the ready demand. Marked
I improvement in the quality of these
fruits was noticeable. Prices for ?
j peaches were a little stlffer than the :
' previous week, but that was entirely
' on account of the improved quality of
the goods.
Eggs were steady all the week at 42 I
I to 43 cents. Spring chickens weak
, ened some towards the middle of the .
week, going to 45 to 48 cents per j
, pound. Hens were steady at 31 to 32.
Lambs went off in price a bit. Kolng
, at 15 to 16, while veals were higher
j and the demand more active. The best
i veals brought 18 cents la.'t week. a.n<l
from that down to 12. according to
i quality and condition.
I Wool and hides remain unchanged,
holding to the former hich quotations.
Some of the handlers of produce look
. for lower prices along ponie lines this
week. hut others say the "after the
Fourth dullness" is now a thing of
the past and. because of the stend\
demand for all the good things handled
; at wholesale along Cary Street, there
> will be no decline worth speaking of.
However, the indications are that
Confederate Museum
Twelfth nnil Cloy Street*.
Open Pally: D A. M. to 2 P. M.
ADMISSION - - - - - 25 Cents
Roof Garden
Hotel Richmond
I Meyer David Jar.r. Flnnd Orchestra
From Washington. D. C.
Music and Dancing 8 P. M. to Midnight.
Admlmilnn, 7ftc.
Including War Tax.
The Woman Thou
Gavest Me
Wonderful Mnalc
Fatty ^Arbuckic) Gets Into Trouble
Pat he News
The Star Who Made. Herself.
"The Silk-Lined
A Crook Play De T^uxe. Pased on
?? One of the Poston Rlnckte
* Stories.
Also a Christie Comedy
And Current Kvcntw
| spring chickens will he cheaper this encourages tho hope for lower prices
j week Hens will likely hold steady at In Richmond for that fruit. It says:
the reduced figures of last wrek. Ekrs "Values declined generally about
wHl i>roba.hl>? remain steady at last fifty centB. Georgia Carmans were
week's quotations. Veals will be in nuoted 1.25-J1.50 per 6-busket carrier
Active demand and there is but little at dipping points, and Mileyn J1.R5
prospect or lower rtgures l.ambs may J2 25. Shipments for these mid-season
weaken somewhat. W ool wrtl doubt- varieties are drawing toward the close,
lens continue, strong at present prices. Consuming markets ranged 11.75-12 50
and hides may weaken somewhat this for Carmans and $2.50-$3.50 for choice
week. Hlleys Georgia and Alabama Klber
las ranged J2.75-J3.60 in Chicago.
Peaches Shonld Fie I.orvcr Here. Shipments nearly double^ with 1.357
The Bureau of Market's official re- cars, compared with 7C3 last week and
fort on peach movements last \veekl,210, corresponding week a year aro "
FRANK J. SAMPSON'. Prcs.-TreaB. L. H. FEAR. V. Pres.-Sec'y.
. 1415 East Main Street, Richmond, Va.
Chas. R. Anderson
who has been prominently Identified with the paint and varnish
business In this rity ' ir many yearB, in charge of
With Mr. L. H. Fear personally looking after the manufactur
ing department and with Mr. Wortham A. Spilman's knowledge of
lubricating oils and Mr. Chas. S. Anderson'! knowledge of paints
and varnishes?every department of the business la in charge of
a mau of practical experience.
The aim and purpose of thi6 company Is 100 per cent efficiency
in goods and service.
Mats., 13c; War Tax, 2c;
Nights, 18c.
"My Little
A Wonderful Picturization of
Elizabeth Robins' Great Novel.
Kinogram News?Ambrose
Today and Through Sntnrday
Two Stupendous Productions
Seats, iilic; War Tax, 3c.
And the Greatest Ca?t. Ever
Seen in Pictures
"Secret Service"
"The Desert
First Arbucklo, Million-Dollar
Comedy Production
Sr*U, lHr I Tai, Jr.
Anl a Remarkable Cast
"The Soft Tenderfoot"
A Fox Snnnhlae Comfijr
: it' ?*.<?!; I
Slats. 13c, Tax 2c, Night* ISr.
"Rustling a
A Story of Stolen Love
. ?w Cartoon Comedy ni?d
Uurton Holme* Tro^rlogue
"Never Stay Quit"
Two Big Special Features

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