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President of Company Takes Stand
at Mount demons In Slander
Lawyer Roads Several Editorials
From Newspaper, Wlileli Plaintiff
Claimes Libeled Him?Replies to
(Question* In Very Low Voice.
f Fly Asso?*|;i toil Press 1
MOI'NT CLKMciNS, MICH.. July 14 ?
'I he guvtrninr'iit advanced no money
to the Ford Motor Company for war
work, according to the testimony of
Kdsel Ford, president of the company.
Mr Kord wan on Iho stand in t li ??
suit of his father, Henry Kord. against
the Chicago Daily Tribune last Friday
at adjournment, and was rroHx-exam
ined i>v Attorney Alfred trucking when
tin? trial opened today*
"Tiiere were timeK when the raw ma
terial was on the ground and work
on it started that the government re
imbursed us," continued the witness.
Determine Kortl'i* l'rofl??.
it developed during the cross-ex
amination that some of the differences
of opinion which have arisen among
the accountants engaged by Mr. Kord
on the books to determine what Mr.
Ford's personal profits were, so that
he may return them to the government,
concerns automobiles sold for war
work Some of the accountants hold
that as these cars were the regular
products of the factory the profits
should not he classed as war earnings.
There Is also a question as to the
status of cars ordered the month be
fore the arm!: tice and never used in
witr work.
Henry Ford to<>k the stand today.
He was called as a witness for the
Tribune. He followed his son. Edsel.
on the stand. Direct examination was
by KiHott G. Stevenson.
Mr Ford has been waiting since
last Thursday to testify. He gave ins
age as fifty-six years, and in answer
ing preliminary questions he sketched
the familiar details of the formation
r.f the Ford Motor Company sixteen
wars ago with a capital of $lf?0,000.
Mr. Stevenson offered in evidence a
Tribune editorial of January 14. KM I.
In which the Ford plan of a t nilni
mum wage, which was put in erivet
January 12. K'H, was commended
i-lowlng terms as marking a new era
In the standard of relations between
employer and employees.
<ltie*tloned on Kd1torlnl?.
"Anything malicious In that, Mr.
Fordasked Mr Stevenson.
??No," replied the witness in a iow
"It states your position fully and
fair 1y?"
? Yes "
Another editorial. "hxtremes In
M irhigan." in KM 4. was read. It con
trasted the lot of northern Michigan
miners who hist a nine-months' strike
nd returned to work, with that of
Ford employees, who were being well
paid being helped to pay for their
homes The course of the mine owners
led backward, the editorial declared,
and that of Henry Kord forward.
"Anythit.g mall ious in that?" again
asked the attorney.
A third editorial asserted that Mr.
Ford wan a greater business man than
si philanthropist. He referred to him
ns one of the great geniuses in the
world. Witness admitted there was
nothing mall ious in it.
The last editorial was published in
"About tha* time you found yourself
and the Tribune drifting apart?"
asked the lawyer.
? "Yes."
"What they called preparedness you
called militarism?"
"I think so "
Mr. Stevenson referred to a story in
the Detroit Free Press in KMo. stating
that Mr. Ford had started a world
wide campaign f ir universal pcacc.
Mud Publicity Agent,
i. "Mr. Delavigne wrote that. I believe.
He wrote it. but I was responsible.
>' lie was my publicity agent."
"Did you allow such an article to
.* be published without knowing what
wa? In it?"
" ??? ?h! I knew part of it. in a general
"Did you read 'Humantiy and
San it v?" "
"Yes. I read that "
"And how about 'Concerning Pre
pa ri dness ?' "
"I read that."
The Kree Kress article of August 22.
INI"-, quoting Mr Kord as saying he
would devote his life to abolishing
war and the preparedness which was
at the bottom of all wars, was read to
the Jury.
The article quoted him as asserting
that preparedness was a criminal
waste, the burden of which falls on
the workers. He would rather end his
days in poverty, the article said, than
make a profit out of war or prepared
ness War was referred to as "an
enormous crime" and as "murder." He
would not build peace palaces, the
Ktory continue*!, but would educate
children that this country Is not threat
ened. aiid airainst preparedness which,
be was quoted as asserting, never pre
vented :? war, but instead, Invoked it.
"What did you do to combat war?"
asked Stevenson. "Hire Mr. Dela
vlnge to write for you?"
"That was the beginning, yes."
"Who was Mr. Delavlnge?"
"A reporter on the Free Press."
"And meanwhile you kept on at your
business, making money?"
Mr. Ford spoke in a very low voice.
British Monopoly and <'ontrol of Com
munication ('rentes Advernr
STOCKIIOI/M, July 14. ? Strong finan
cial interests in the United States
have under consideration with authori
ties of the Swedish government a plan
to lay a cable from America to Sweden,
making the landing at Gothenburg,
says the Dagens Myheter.
British monopoly and control of
cable connection between Sweden and
the I'nited States and the exercise of
British censorship in the war has
caused some adverse criticism here.
The American minister, Ira Nelson
Morris, now in the I'nited States, is
said to be energetically supporting the
plan under consideration, and it is
understood here that one of the pur
poses of his visit to America was In
connection with the proposed new cable
Advocates of the proposal point to the
prospect that a considerable part of
American trade with Russia. Finland.
Poland and the Baltic provinces will
pass through Scandinavian countries,
and they see in (his increased need of
a direct cable service with the United
Demobilization of Ainerlcnn Force*
Schedule for Knit by lOnrly
N'RW YORK, July 14.?The last con
tingent of American troops intended
for early convoy home, exclusive of
the men in the army of occupation and
the service of supply will be aboard
ships hetwen August 15 and 20, ac
cording to a statement today by Ma
jor-General David C. Shanks, In charge,
of the port of embarkation at Hohoken.
General Shanks, in explaining recent
complaints of some officers about the.
accommodations afforded them on their
return from France, said the govern
ment had been forced to utll'ze fifty
eight cargo vessels as transports in
order to expedite the movement to
homeward hound troops. If only pas
senger liners were employed, he said,
the H2.000 American officers, Red Cross
nurses, Y. M. C. A. and Salvation Army
workers still abroad could not all bo
transported before October or Novem
I'rrnilrr Drcliirf*, Too, Thwt Thfy Will
Not (ilvr In to the
f riv Associated Press. I
VIENNA, July 14.?The Ukrainians
will never give ill to the Poles, who !
are making advances, accoording to |
message received li??r?? from M. j
Temiky, Premier of the Ukranian ;
Koverninem of General Petlura. Me j
added that the Ukrainians would n?>t ,
join a Russian federation.
j "Overrun by Russians. German?,
I Poles and Bolshevists, the fate of!
i Ukraine is worse than that of He!- I
I Blum," the Premier's message said,
i "We are also fighting an epidemic, hut
we will have liberty if it takes twenty
yea rs.
"General Petlura begged the allies
far munitions last winter for use
against I lie Bolshevist. The Poles were
given help and Mailer's army was
transported across Germany. In the
?rmy of General Mailer arc many men
j in khaki uniforms, calling themselves
J Americans, who are assisting the Poles
| In burning our villages and killing
i our civilians in such places as Tchert
1 cite, east of Eemberg. The Poles also
are closing the Ukrainian schools an<l
'churches and burning books printed in
j our language.
"We will not return to old Russia,
even if Bolshevism is put down. It
I lias been suggested that we join Ad
' miral Kolchak, but he speaks softer
| now when he is weak, and when he is
strong he will attempt to force us into
a federation. Once before in our hts
; tory we federated with Russia, which
nobbled lis up. We now have created
a union with other peoples of Russia
for the purpose, of securing our joint
: freedom. 1 do not think the free peo
ples of the Western world will furnish
soldiers to press down those who wish
Mope of help for the Ukrainians
from the allies, the messago adds, was
'lost when the Ukrainian representa
tives in Paris informed the Petlura
government that Secretary of State
I.anslng had declared that the United
States could not help the new states
of Russia.
Court Holds Cunard Company .Not
Llalilr, nud Ilitra Further
[ Ry Associated Press 1
NEW YORK, July 14?A final dvre?
dismissing all damage suits against
the Cunard Steamship Company as tne
result of the. torpedoing of the Duai
tania and barring any simt'.ar suits
which might be brought In future, was
signed today in the United States Dis
trict '"ourt by JudKO Julius M. Mayer.
A total of sixty-four claims, totaling
between J5.000,000 and $6,000,009. had
been brought against the company,
i In his decree Judge Mayer Intimated
that the claimants might be reim
, bursed for their pecuniary losses
; through indemnities collected by the
United States from the German govern
ment. The decree, which was based
upon the original opinion written by
him August 26. 191*, read in part:
"The sinking of the steamship Eusl
tanla on May 7. 101.". and the conse
quent los' of life and property were
caused tiOlely by the illeR.il act of the
i Imperial German government, acting
; through its iris'rument, the submarine
?omrnander, and 'he petitioner is pot
liable to any extent for any loss, dam
j ape or injury, nor for any claim what
soever in any way arising out of or
in consequence of the unlawful attack
by a German submarine or submarines
upon the said steamship."
The damage suits are dismissed
1 without costs, and the officers of the
ltner are absolved of any fault or neg
Ict t in the loss of the ship.
K*pected to Inane florid* Moon Through
Wnll Street to II117 V. S.
NEW YORK. July 14.?Germany is
: seeking money from Wall Street bank
ers to fimince anticipated large pur
chases of American goods, it was re
vealed today by bankers, who added
that the issuance of German govern
' ment bonds to the amount of between
$2.">,000,000 and J.iO.OOO.OOO may he ex
pected soon as an offering for Ameri
can purchases.
Merchants meantime are expressing
confidence that some form of financial
arrangement will be made for the
shipment of large quantities of goods
j of which Germany is in urgent need.
Federal Counsellor of Republic Dis
cusses Society of .\ntlons Be
fore Radical*.
1 BERN. July 14.?Edmund Schulthess,
i Federal counsellor, in the course of a
i long address before the Congress of
the Radical party here Sunday, dia
I cussed "Switzerland's entry into the
I league of nations, giving' arguments
! on both sides of the question. Me con
I eluded by saying: "I can only declare
1 myself expressly in favor of our
j entry."
Me added that his colleagues in the
I economic department and members of
! the commission on economic and inter
national questions had reached the
same conclusion.
: One White Man and One Xegrp Hurt
In Clnnh at Tort
[Bi; Associated Press]
PORT ARTHUR. TEN.. July 14 ?
' One white man and one negro were
! seriously injured and several other
persons hurt as a result of a clash
lie re today between a score of whites
1 and double that number of negroes.
The police said the trouble began on
a street car when .1 white, man ob
j jected to a negro smoking in the prcs
1 cnce of a woman passenger.
; Sir Aucklnnd Geddea Slionx American
Ship Plnte* Cont I,ess Than
LONDON, July 14.? In forecasting an
additional increase of a shilling and
sixpence in the price of coal. Sir Auck
i land Geddes, in the Mouse of Commons,
! today gave figures to show that Ameri
! can ship plates cost much less than
I British. Me emphasized that "ever.v
1 thing depends upon an increasing out
j put of our mine*."
Srntlmfnl In Dominion Dnra .Not Knvor
KlKhtlajf Except Where Kniplrr
l? Involved.
WASHINGTON. July 14.?Canadian ?
| correspondents (in?l publicists have
?otno to Washington 10 attend the
henate debates on the peace treatv.
annda is said to be keenly Interested
In the decision which will be made in
>\ a?hiiiKton. The viewpoint of ran* ;
ada. It Is said, will he greatly influ
eneed by the action taken here.
I > I> to the present there has not been
1 i1. Krf7lt '???! of detailed discussion In
nan?V?Yer !hc treat>' lhe cove.
flrif ?oT,. ai '? practically Canada's
!i participation in Internationa! poli
tics, consequently the people of Can
ada generally are not sufficiently well
Informed on international issuos'to en
Kane generally in controversy. The
Keneral disposition in Canada, is "o
?m '1';?,"!, a,n>' definite conclusions
until the t nited States has put itself
0"rtr,?r" ,r ?r the treaty.
There is JuhI one point it is "s-ii<l
?? V:i<h '-'anadlans already have
reached a conclusion. Canada Is re
,solved not to send any of its sons to
I ro.m'Iw n',0 , conflicts between !
al7c.e sw.rm u Ca,,a<?'i ?'as made
,an the sacrifices she intends to make
^es'tTof !L un,?8s the in
terests of the British empire are di
rectly Involved. Because of this de
\ZT?V!?n- th" are said to
be keeitl> interested in the interpreta
the" I ?hall he Riven Article X of
the league of nations covenant.
?'or u""eZg?u"
or o\er the territories of the new na
treat\,W ?? h ar? Sfel m.der the peace
i ? l"e Canadian people it,
now M wJ?n lhe,r ?-epre?en^tlves
novjt I" \\ ashington, will bo opposed
Governor of Ok l?h ormTprote.. t. to \Vll_
* ? 'n'r Deportment and
ConRrenn Hele^utlon.
ASHINGTO.V, July 14.?Pres'dent
eceivedanad Pitmen? have '
received * protest from fjovernor J I
in* rt3on' of '?'klahoina. regard-!
iliM- murder of John W. Correll a
citizen of that .State, and the mis* !
treatment of his widow and son b
month8 nCar Tamr>ico' Mexico, last
.nvTsula'Aon acU^?n- or nn exhaustive
or rhV%%,*s?
saulters of hi, widow, an ag.-d woman
zzJw?;!mhy >? ?'
'nrt ??m"nt' WaS fieru to lhf! Senators
'the S-aPtreeSHnJilU7;B ?f ?kl4h?ma. and;
tne Mate delegation met in a bod-- !
tike ?ict"lor,?Cte,,,,rt; T,h<y arC
tha'ni\->i?-^r,1C como to believe
American citizen* and the Amer*
Public of C\iUn.1 f-r nothinK ^ the re
Jandi? Me?,co" vvir?,<l the Governor.
d l determined that this rnn
il.tlon s.i.iil cease. I hereby demand
fnenY^'V !horouKf'. exhaustive and im
j'ihn ' u-'nv,est'cation of the murder o'
John U. Correll and tlie abu^e and
mistreatment of his wife and son."
Cried rleh Wllhelm M.T Rem.1* ,n
lerlnjjen for .Many Monthn
to Come.
AMSTERDAM, July 14. The ve??r\
of theerfnCe" ha.B exlendc<1 the lease
or, V - 'w r'"Tler merman Crown Prince
on the house in which he lives on
Itianowland f?r ano,her two months.
It no* runs until October In There
are Indications that the ex-Kaiser's
even theSnn?Vhnt>n<J leav1n* ,h^
e\tn then. The burgomaster of Wier
I ntfen confided to your ccrresponden t
during- my visit that Fried.-(ch Wi'
iieim expects to remain in v^lcrince'n
much ionscr. icrjngen
The ex-crown prince, in discujsinc
a ?",lroP?spfl extradition of himself
? l,hl? father, declare,} to friends 'the
j such a stifp. CraZ> CV'en to insider
The prince agreed, however, that
shnmV "s. who committed crimes
fhat1 a-MerlPUmS * thoi,^h he added
\!Si Shn'iM b. frS SU",y
Vrledrtch WUhelms secretarv left
-ffer?hCn -r ?crn,any immediate! v
i returned ?.f peace- He haa
L| U The prince spends most of
time painting and swimming.
Iteport by Committee on Public Infor
mation Indicates Txventy-SIx
Killed In Action.
? ppr h j
?* tnV?s- killed- In action
.?*. ol^fl from wftunrts 7? huh i * *
u> n,w^u nd//,l v^'ndllxP
: ' wo?'"<ledUnJirrhtl?.erTc j
' llsMr*,wn" an<5 North c?>-o!lnlans In th?
l .. . _ , PrlTnte."
i .Myers. ^Jumhuj?; Rob^rsonviiip n
. . , ^ . Lieutenant.
i Jacobs, John M.: Morrison. Va
! ? .. Privates.
Ball. William: Wlnston-Sa V C
?r> .. Corporal.
Butler. Charles McDowell; Newton. V C
? . Private.
Roherts Toiler: Flat Rlrt?c, Va.
? h^rrlck?!. Joseph F.: Ta?lv Va
| Morris. William C.: Concord. N. C.
huns hand^oloneThenry
Want Com m Ian Ion n to Deal With Sanr ,
Raaln nnd DlatrlctM of Mnl
medy nnd Mornlnett.
VERSAILLES. July 14?Two notes i
concerning the appointment of certain
commissions, were handed to Colonel
Henry, the French liaison officer litre. :
by Karon Kurt von I-ersner. the head' 1
of the German peace delegation, last ;
night. One note asks the French go.'-'
ernment to appoint a commission on the !
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(juration of the exploitation of thef
Saar Basin. The other requests the
French and Belgian governments to i
appoint a commission to deal with i
questions concerning the districts of ?
Malmedy and Morninett
Dr. Lewnid, head of a special Ger- '
man commission, has forwarder! to tliej
peace conference notes contalrskiK sim
irestions on the foot! supply on the ieft
>>ank of the Rhine. They will tie re- \
ferred to Louis Lnucheur. the French (
Minister of Reconstruction
germans plan land LEVIES
Tax to 1'h.t W nr I>??bt to He lir? I'rr
( ent on Property Al???\r
.'t,<MM),On(l Murks.
- - .... - .
rnPBNHAOEN, July li ?.Mnthias '
Krz.berger. Gernuin Minister <?f Ki-j
nanco, has issued ;? ?tatement. accord-i
in?r to a Berlin dispatch to Ili?- Tied-,
ende. that the proposed levy on prop
erty in Germany will begin at 5.000
marks and will be graduated up to
in per cent for property valued at
f.n.nno marks The rate will become
higher with property the valuation <>(
which is above this figure until it
reaches 65 per cent on property above
3,000,000 marks. The levy will be 1
payable by installments extending
over thirty years, beginning with ,
January. 1320.
flrffit fomitiK Into (nr Window
Carrie* Wenrltm Apparel
With It.
CONN ELLS V11AA-Z. PA.. July 14.?A
freak of the. wind was demonstrated
here recently.
A foreigner, wearing a celluloid col
lar and a "slip-in" bow tie. was seated
by an open window of a street car. Ah
the car swung around broadside to a
sudden gust the tie was whisked from I
the collar, the collar was unbuttoned 1
and whipped from the man's neck, ami j
all went (lying out of a w inflow on the
opposite side of the car.
Youhk Woman Overbalanced by lit
erary Work Kills ItoonilnK
House Owner.
NEW ORLEANS, July 14 ?Miss
Martha J. Cryer, thirty-three, said by
the police to have been suffering from
a nervous disorder as the result of
overapplication to literary work, today ;
shot and killed Mr?, llenry H. Jones
in whose home "he was a roomer.
Miss Crver is believed to he a native
of Little Rock.
more" ship'deliveries
Total for June In I IK of 5TS.SS3 Dend
weltsht Ton*, nn Increase of
1(WI I'rr tent.
WASHINGTON. July 14 ?Ship de-]
liveries in June totalled 11S of ii7S,r>S3 1
deadweight tons, an increase of 10*
per cent over deliveries during June-.
1!>18. according to an announcement
today by the Shipping Hoard. Ships
launched numbered ninety-seven of
| 504,200 deadweight tons, an increase of
111 per cent over the same month last
i year.
Brnujrht Itnck for AllrRrd Theft.
DANVILLE. VA? July 14.?William
Henry Bailey, ?-olore<l. was brought
hack here from Hampton today
charged with the larceny of $Sl from
P. L. Donohue. also colored. Donohue
claims that his home was robbed while
he was absent. Bailey being suspected
and arrested in possession of a violin
j belonging to Donohue.
lloumciilnnx Mnko Indignant I'rotcwt
nt Action of I'orff* I,ca\ Ing
'IKNKVA, Siiii'lav. July 13.?The
Roumanian bureau at Bern announced
that t!ii> Serbian forces which have
be?n o>*i'iipviiik iJ???? cl*y of T?m??v?r,
scvpiitj'-two miles northeast of Hoi- j
fcvade. evacuating the pi * re. tak-.
me with them everything of value,
including forty locomotives. t.tiOO raii
road ?-;irs. machinery for factories.
i<: m ii 'I household articles Th?
bureau states that the population of
the ??!!?.? Is makinc an Indignant pro
'??St aR?>.irst th^ ;???( ion of t lie Serbians.
The Roumanian Rovtrnment, a'
cording tf> the bureau, has decline*!
another offer from Nikolai Reninc. the
Bolshevik Pr-niler of Russia. for the
a rra nee nn-nt of an alliance between
Koumanla and Russia.
Trying to Locate Relative*.
PAN Vll .l.K. VV\ . July It. Govern
ment authorities are trying to locate
iiere relatives of Byrd l.angster. _ a
Danville iiccrn. who was killed on No
vember 1 1. 101ft. when the British ship '
Russian was torpedoed by a German
submarine. Rangster was a member
of the crew.
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lValker D. Hi lies, Director General of Raflroads.
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General Passenger Agent.
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Police" on pipe smokes the rest of their lives! Thousands more have taken
the tip to roll their own with Prince Albert! ?
So, climb into the P. A. pipe or makin's cigarette pastures and have a session!
You'll soon get wise, all right, that Prince Albert never did bite the touchiest
tongue in your township?and, it's a brace of aces against a two-spot that it
never will fuss yours! Read on the reverse side of every Prince Albert package
that P. A. is made by our exclusive process that cuts out bite and parch!
Give Prince Albert the speed-o taste-test and tongue-test if you want to
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
Toppy red baft, tidy red
tins, handsome poand
and half'poand tin humi
dor t? and?that clotty,
practical poand crytlat
g la it humidor with
sponge moittener top that
beeps the tobacco intuc/t
perfect condition.
|| Copyright 1W
, R. J. R?ynold|
1 Tobieco Co.

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