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? ???' 1 ? 11 ' 1 ??????? ? X . 1 ' ? ? i ' ? ? ? ? ? mni ' - ? " ' " ' ?? i i ...
To Overrome Lead of Hods, Giants
M ould Have to Win 2(1 of He
maining 10 t; nines.
Uhite Soy Showing Heels in Ameri
can With Load of 8 1-2 Contest*,
and M.-iintnining Hot Pacc in Spite
?>f l iistoady Pitching.
NKW YORK. August 17.?Virtual
elimination of both New York teams
last week in tht National and Ameri
can l^&tr-.if- pennant races loaves the
clear for Western clubs lo coni
pi c for t :???? honor of meeting in the
\* -.rid series.
Af'cr "Sin* four of its six gaines
\\ ?' i'Incinniiil. tl-.e New Yotk
Nationals t't .iveroomc- the lieds' load
? g.unes would now have to win
venty-six of their remaining fort v
ratiies of the season, w hile the Reds
need to win only seventeen of their
thirty-four In the younger Icasue
Chicago which stopped steadier last
week, has a lead ?">: e:ght and a half
games ov? r Nt'w York, which held to
fourth p'.ac< by defeating Cleveland
Sundu:'. ,
In t"".e six sanies between Cincinnati
arid N- York, four of which were ?
decided l>> a one-ruj: margin, each
?earn scored a tv'tal of eighte* ti runs.
N*\* York mafic forty-seven hits to
.?*iiv. innat. s forty-six. but the Reds
nude o: ~.y nitu err- rs to the '.ji3'iis'
\\ hilf Sox Maintain Pncf.
In the \merv ;tti Rcague. Chicago
maintained a winning pace although
its p tenors did n.,T. appear t<.? be ;n:ng
s' -or. gly.
Cicotte. who won a twelve-inning
pitchers' duel from Shaw, of Wash
?r'_*:or.. las: S nulay was batted hard
Thursday, alone with Kerr, by Bos
ton. Cicott* defer. red the Red Sox,,
Friday as the second relief pitcher in
a: eleven-inning sranie
In rubber contest Saturday, the
leapuc "eaders u?<d three pitchers be
fore winning. Today Chicago defeated
r.-i'.adelphia i short contest.
1 >otro:I nvcr.4?ci twelve h.t? it
In.-: ? takivg two contests from
Thilade>hia and v.\ ? on: f three,
from New York Altiiouch outhi: m
t;.e *nal ^a:r.* with tne Y3iiKtcr. the
T.gtrs bunched their hits to *a;:i
Red* Win "?l\ of Nine.
The k r re or: ;:i '"ac.i leagUv "i
games played won. lost, with runs.
l.:*s. erp r.-. met- .ff- on bas-""s and
runs scored by opponents in luding
game.- of Saturday. A igust le. fol
low s
National l.eacne.
J V. I. K H el I.b. Or
?.? >: .; i =.
.- r.cir.r.i- " ? i \':
S??' Torr. - \ 1?
(??liCJCO ?> ?"? .J -?>
i * \ '?* !5
i? i*.r y? ? : ? t :. i: < :1
H-? -:a American . ? I " ? ?r
Y nr.-. .. t, . ; .? H C- S*
!/?;.? S . 1. 7 Li 14
V. . ? * . f j 3 40 -??
nif* r. 4 ' r V' _" '? - - M
PL: Icafcli-n.?! I J r*? 4 4 \z TC* Zi
Qualified u> Direct t^ani by llraton
o; Intricate Knon Irdcr of the
NKW T'lP.K August 17. ?Pit Mu
ra.. s lottg n:r-;tr. t i.- i . a'.-.-ntr n
r.ss V ^ r":ty.r.g day- :r.utt not :.e
overlo> V:efi j u 2 ti importcrit fa.'tt r .a
the t- ? of : ne <":in . r.:ia* i K ;dt.
Aion* with#the fact that 1 vey \Vingo,
thft CinclwttU catcher, Is ai present
p.?yjr.g the best e..-t.?- f lus .it. ::
may r'-rve ?- .u?- :o '? ra..e of
miracles that has made Cincinnati.
. .? \ .if lead ; * r p wre- ?'?f
scores of baseball pll ?tSj the leader in
tht N&uona. i-,e-gjr; a:i i probable pen
Close student.-' of the pan.e differ n
many r-.it. to w hat i- the niott
impor'arit fa tor i the otganizatiott
ot tin- ohampi .r.-h'.p ??.am Some in
s:ist that ?- utgir.g .- tho n:-*'re itiiT'or:
ar.t essential. |i;tching. In: r
? ate analy = '> ?r- u.-ually rr.adc of wha:
:s termed "inside baset-all." with e-t.
pi.as..- on*VV d,ifferent phases of th s
* iilghlv rfliv* *<!.' i :;d of ! ?? gau.e
All nudenisr ' %re agreed, however,
that r.?rely ha. a te^c; ever be. .!
srreat w.-'r.out a e jperior cat. her.
There ;s no other posit.on or; the
? team where indix .dual ..n.li counts for
so much as the post behind tii<- bati
The catcher th<- center of i.c ga:n>'.
1-1 f- ntust haiidle th-' p:t li<-r not in a
mere me- !iar.i"al \?.a\'. t>j' with mutual
pf-rspiTaoiiy. He studies opposing i.a:?
knows: their wt akn<-.ses h <? t' ?? r.
lierhaps. 1' ail any pitcher, f r he ,i !?' -
hind the plate almost every day He
?.??ad <?- pitclier. a!.<l hand!*-* them
: rouu.' a.l tiic i ght pincheti with an
c:,. r>urag'tig assist.in.ee Some of ".
-?Mat pitc.htrs iiave" liren well n.i^h
lost when tin ir regular ?at h?-r was
,i r. - e n t.
The -i' !ur ? of.-.n the vital nerve.
? en'.r'of '.he ive game tsensintf
a situa! qi. -:<r than any other
p'ayer. a Till :* ?? ;<> ' im to prevent
stealing of *. s. - :?i re than any other
player A ^r- it ,i her ts gre.it not
alone by h> phv.-^va prowes.-. t.ut hv
I.;- K"i.er..isi .p
Tii? r ;>..i\' !><-.-n <<iiampionships won
; ri major If-aguf - where ,l .? i itctn r
was not tlie predominant factor l-luf
s-'> as far bai;k as ihe nr.-' year "f
' h' tiia." r league c -mpet :t ; >r and ii
\c; i b? ? asi'v proved that >eld":n ha
team he< i really gr-.it vith<>u' an
excelleiit >r gri-.tt catch" r
Plan* Hclim >1 rule n> ll.nr llnnkitiK
Trnnl.* t,lar?*r.s tppfiir in Tiiurnr.t
'I here Next t piir.
' '.t\ K'.A'. r' A .n i- : 17 C\r \ 11? nd m* v
h* ? ? ehu-ro . .." ti. < ? <. it
' ' >' ?rr.'< ? 1 ? k \\ <m
' ? ?iden. II. I: N*..rr; W . ;n- 1! 1
Ainird-- i?r. I
? th? lit:' itiK .f . if l'r^t<1?!i' I., p
I Thfcrv >il t)i I'.'wlmd A. .<,? : r? t < .1
r^-ti,v . ; ? r. t!. i . .
'"?i'>r > ? ir,*. h?.l r.< fi an r.f hoatin?
ffi .!?? ' . r. ?? .? ? ? : ? tl!? t ? .r? ? ,.f
riirretcr- 'h ? ? . ,r i:i. ? I,* ,t t|1(
I r.iwr .tv <? il. ? ...
- wun niMant atiprovul. Il<
. tj * 1 .j r i- u th Si rcjn I'.nit
W?il?i.:i ?. ?: Ho I'niiel S;.?t"> Natiotial
|,<W: " ? ? ' j . 'I ttltli i \ ' v
olan it i' '? I ?' ? .-Hint on i.f thi n.?x-t
' t P.itil
u. it 11
i1111p i n .'. ? ? -i v. ? ,-rt ii>
Th- 1 ? ? r ? . r. ; ? ?? w i.
tional rii .'j hlr , t' ? . ? .!!!'??? ? . ? r I ? ' ? r. -
a?.d :? I ? 'I.f '
ft \r.] 4M..i?rhr " i( ..l i my ml
Kamar.!" ?? . .- .u*. ! ThTw^el t" m..k'
V.ri'.w. - h i> ; ?a
If It ? ? ? thro'ip:. :t w;:' I lapco.'.
cfj-jrt i v?* * ' hi r. ; ti- ?. iif i 4 ? ? i,, ( |^ \
r?4!t III*' Tit.k* I Til' t.r. .< I ' . f 111.
fir-* . ti th' n<* ? * *?:? ? .? ?? i : !? ? 1
tn? ? ? ' ?'t c Ji.: r > I ... II; rl i' ?
Milwauke* lyuisvlilf. .
Minnen ol.: (Viluinbus 1-3.
Toledo. 11. Kn as City,
St T'aul, lndiai apoli: <-1
INI URN A TI' i K \l. UK .Mil K
P.i:;.'hhi: ? . Newark. 1
P.utfii.<? 1 -- 4. Jersey City, *-3.
H< nd;r.e-T' -onto rain
Baltimore l'j-C Rochester, 2-1.
New Orl'-a:,' 7-f,. Nashville, 1*1.
Little Ro.-k-Rirmlngham; game i>re
vented by Sunda law
Ohattai.oiiKi. I ?! Atlanta. 3-'i.
ifoh'.U, r, Memphis, 2.
Win nine of Series in * ockadc 1 Ity
\> In l*iit Team AN ell In I.end
for Pennant.
Led by their jirent old "Chief." the
Indians will leave this morniug for
Petersburg to play a three-day series
with the Goobers. piloted by another
old big leaguer. Andy MeConnell.
One thine will be uppermost in the
minds of the players?to work like ,
demons to win the series and increase .
the le.td of the club in the pennant
race for the second half of the season.
The tioobers. on their liomn grounds,
. re hard opponents. There is no love
lost hetween the two clubs, and it is
not i.ir wrong to say that the Cockade
City outfit would rather see any other
?.-it > in the league win the pennant
than Richmond. Ho it will be three
battles royal before the series is over.
owner lien Wilson ami "Chief"
H. nder want the Virginia l<euguc !???:>
nam just at this season of the year
worse than they want anything else.
And they have gone about it in the
right way. Two new players will re
port this morning?Lee tJooch and a
pitcher whom he will bring with him.
liooi'h will get in the game at Pe
tersburg this afternoon in the out
field If he does not come across with
some hits all concerned will bo dis
appointed. In forty-six games with
file Columbia team ol the South At
lantic League he hit for a total of .:{'.?7.
garnering in the total swuts seven
!<ome runs and eleven three-baggers. j
Disagreement with the manager caused :
him to cut loose from the club and !
he was sceured by owner Wilson, but '
could not report before because of a
previous contract which he had to till, j
\otliing Known of I'ltehcr.
Speculation is rife about the berth I
Gooch will Hll. whether it will he left!
field or right field. Haughton in center!
is a fixture, just as much as Jim l'oo'.e
and Chief himself, so it is up to either)
M ran or Hill to warm the bench and i
watch the newcomer show his wares.
< )i" t h e pi tc h e r w h o m G o oc h will
hrinsr with him nothing definite is ;
known. His name is still unknown. '
That Gooch thinks enough of his
ability to bring him speaks well for
him, however. The new arrival may j
get a chance in one of the Petersburg j
games, and if he shows stuff it is the !
end of Napier, in all probability, .is a
Richmond pitcher.
Napier has been given a fair trial,
but he has not shown enough ability
to win ball games to warrant his re
tention if ,t steadier performer can he
secured. Four good pitchers are
? reded to rinish out the season and
take pari in the post-season series, in !
which the Indians seem certain to i
Although stunned temporarily when ;
hit on the head by Pitcher Pagan in
?he third inning of the first game of !
the double-header with Newport News
Saturday. Bender is now fully recov- I
ered. and will be able to do his trick |
the hox this week. He will undoubt- j
*d)y work in one game of the Peter.1- :
bur? series and in the weekend series
with Suffolk here on Thursday. Krl- ;
day and Saturday.
"Chief" Him Worked Hard.
"Chief" has worked so hard and often
in the last two weeks that he needs a
?"est The only hop~ of obtaining one is
for the new pitcher to go well and re
lieve him somewhat. Richmond fans
Are jus: awaking to y. realization of
how hard the Chief has exerted him
self to win ball gamps and put the club
"Ut in front in the Virginia League
race., .slid the high esteem in which
Lh< ' l.old him is incrr ising every day.
Sport followers, looking back in later
years over the baseball season of P'lfi,
will recall Bender pulled the club out
of the hole in great style and put
Richmond 011 the bae-eball in a p.
Bender says titers is nothing to the
report that lie will go :o Cincinnati
at the end of the Virginia league sea
son. It it true that a scout for the
Reds did come here in an effart to
rers jadf him to leave, but to hirn t!:?
< "tiiff turned a deaf car. He also de
ares tbat he has no idea of becoming
manager of the New Haveii club. He
was -*tioer.t concerning his plans for
the future Richmond fins will only
-?[)(? tha- he will return h*-re n'? xt sea
Vol In Sympathy With Dropping of
Deeathlnn, .lump* and Marathon
It nee I'mm Pr?mjn,
NEW rOP.K Au?u>t tT ?Amorirj.n a 1 h ?
? .f.'* .r* r * i ?? ? ? wi'h th? r ro
' tht B?:sr: ??.. OHmrur Oiinmi'i"
?r. ?-r. ? v. fr ??-. th< if.,
rftifn th' tr.t*r rial ion*' r?:nti. whuh
h h ?r *'' n io i" held <?'. Ait'
*:. Ut* n<\t v ji.:n?r
? ' >1 < r fi'nr* -r. ? *.r,f -r >n?
that th? dfcatlt'.on would b* ?Jr?>t)r>*d from
tr.. -t ?jI >oM> V.?- :??ii rt.H'.'Cl wijh
?n.li..i ?; t.Jl f?-c.r i.v t ii* ? . tround .t lh ?
who *?uct be ;*d to .p* ^r *
ih.e ? Th< * .:n u+\.un >,f the d'
?th ? ? 1-: ? w.i v iV?" dr .r.r.ii.r the runri
;? i: h gr, ?i i broad j:::!'- .?iid ih- inari
?jl ?, ? ? rr,l. th'. S.I'll' 'if f'a" IT''
? ii hi ih>. pja* have made them ?n ?*
iiifi It* 1 f>' 1>1< ath?t ? I'fori' 1-r . '> f
t 1.. - r , i ;i.t.r * Ofiii'Cti'ilf
i- >ru- tr.at thf <1? ?lh!f>n :? n?t
ni uM h ti^i In f-Mir *Mn
A;! i' r ?i ? kfi.a:i'. alh.ttli- t"j* if 'r
? :.r j? - he . i/.ln.il .1).^' tc, I* eOinl: ?!;'?:
no event which <* I* for a r?ai tent of all
n" nr. i ?<<< .i*v ' ' o- ' ' e-?fi
The d?- id" ! tn.i?
i> m?i Ti?r? rd-d .*t ??? < *?
. .c- . v ? ?'
apinuch Ih'T' ,*r' < ft\"^ . dlvld'iii
roiiij ??titIon 1 11" Add *? r irh* l'? ? iirir
arKK?i?nt ? t <? ? ?K w '.V f
(.? ih' f- ? "in f !?????)?. who
f.n the p? ???,?: ? ' ''epncylvenla re- .
i?.* al: it i 'ti'i ? i - V I -? ??.?
A A I K--.' ? ' A ?.-> ? "
N'nnr '.f Ihon n'linit^ that th' <!? ? *h'"*
l> ^ g'.oil ' ji -.tit ijt - f'.r ? t. ? \t.?r i
rutit.d ? '<n.f>< 111ion i> j' ihf. 'I? . .'
tt l? lniinit?iy l>?tt?r than th" pentathlor
?nt| woulil inurh proffr !<? I r ? ? < 'I
jir*.fr'nif to th" pf*.tallil'?i
It <|'i!t? r>rr>h4ti;<. that th \ nrtran
Cllvtlljll' ? 'fun III It l?f - h'?rt 1'. .I.r'r
??f.f tn< Uc-ieian; r.><c *r. t n. ? 1. ?
(|c t h'.otl ?.? Tf ?rv \ >i ? Ii ??'!.' '1 '
>"?:>?11i ?? <<?1 and iv'-ci* i th i" "hi
llik ra I h'.n tai-" be flali.?d Ti.-if hnl
? in ri Ii Islnir o. n r th' ' ?t.d sr ni'ri:.
r-rObal v au-f f. v ? r -->i"l'- ? ? ff?
.1 ini ilnr' I \ <.tin '|t in: - ir-nt
asr ?ir-? ? ?i OUtn'-l i-rt.: . a
] ni.irn I hati ra" and with'- Jt - -.tit.# *''? |
around event.
\N ustiburn Defrntc-d In l-'inaln of
Iriinlt* MtiKlei. Iij Meady
l'ln> inu of <?pP"'>?-nl
Theodore K. Pell and Karl i>hr <io
f. oi^ii i: Liii'llt-.v Murrav and I'?f-an
Mai hc> m the linals <>( Hie tiu n'h
doilbI" in the annua! invijallon tennis
tmii'I'.iinent today by rt-8 tJ-'.' Mur
ray and Mat hey never yi? l?|ff| a point
and 1 vll and Hi iir had to e\tend tlieifi
, i l\ to win
Mol'ii lijiirstedt. former woman
champion, showed notable improve
ntent in her |ila\iim today She. and
Nathaniel W Nibs defeatod Mm
''JeorKi- W Wmhtnian and Maurice
Mi l.i.utbr.ti.
Mrs Wightman and Miss Wagner
eliminated lea nor CohP and Marion
'/1ndersti in in the tinals of the women's
doubles in two straight si/is.
P. Williams WOlt from Wallace
Washburn in four sets Williams was
i' i> lb* steadier, but both w. re ha ml
lappi'd by heavy turf, the rf.^ui' of the
i f < r,t ratiii
'll?le I'olo on Srplemhrr lit.
I'lllLAId-ii.PII IA. A,Ugusi 17 -Th?
polo Association has selected Srptem*
l.i-r 13 .is thf fipeiiinK il.lte f"l 1 >i e
| national polo championship, whb-li win
be held in t'u* cil\'. Teams interod
I In thi- junior championship liwliid*
M>opi.i Hunt I'lub, HatnPloti Ma*,.
>ai:husetis. and the Point Judii.i Polo
Club, NarragatifitU Pier lrjafcj
Smith Allnnn Tbrrf Illls Ulvldrd
llotHrrn Itatli and l>:iu1?<>rt, nnd
(irl* I'lnr Support.
I llv Ati^aclakd Pros I
FiKOOKLVN. August IT.?Brooklyn
turned the tables on Cincinnati today
shutting out the visitors. :t to 0. Smith
{?Mowed only three scattered hits, ilin -
ided between Rath and Daubert. lie
wave only one pass and received per
fect support.
The Dodgers got ten hits, including ?
four doubles off Sallee. Smith's single!
and doubles by Johnston and Wheat!
scored two runs in the fifth. Olson'sl
double, Johnston's sacrifice and ilrlf
titli's sacrifice fly brought in lite third.
Johnston's hitting featured.
Cincinnati. Brooklyn.
Riith. 21).... 1 0 ?: ooimn. ss...''. ! I 0
l>aubert. lb. n 0 1 rt .1 olinst'n. -1? ^ I -t ft
liroh. ;ib ... I " <> '?ilrltllt h. r( ft ft ft
Rnush. of... :l ft n ft/. Wheat. If I ft 1 t'
N'fale. rf . ?? ft ft 0 Myers-. of .4 0 ft ft
Kftff. ssi. ... ?? n ft Konetc'v. Ib 4 0 I ft
Mntfo. if... :: ? ? n ward. :;b... I ? 2 ft
Km Men. c..S ft ft ft Miller. C...3 ft 1 n ;
Sailer, p.... 2 " ft "Smith. P...3 1 1 0
I .U(|U'\ p .. ft ft ft ft
* I >unea si ... I ft ft ft
Totals....5S ft 3 ft Total* 31 3 to 0(
?l>a(tc<t for S.illee in eighth.
Kivre bv innii)K> R ,
I'lniiniiati .. . Oftftftftftftft ft ?-ft
!iro<>klyn . . .? A ft 0 2 o I 0 ??3
Summarv Two-ban.- hiii-?Olson. John
ston. WIU'Jl. Ward Stolen bast?Johnston.
Sacrifice lilts?P.-uberi. Olson. Johnston
Sacrifice fly' -Urlfflth Double plav?Ko
r.fti-h* nn'l OImiii. I.rft on bases?fincin- I
riitti. J. Ilrmklyn. T Ba&os on bsll* oft
Smith. I Hits--off Sallee. 1ft tn T inninis
Struck out- bv ShIIcv. 1: by Smith. 1
l.osinK pitcher. Sallee.
Mile. I.rnglrn Only Twenty Years Old
npd His Just Won l'.nKllsli
M oninn'n Championship.
N'KW YORK. August 17.?Mile. Puz_
anno l.cnclen is still a name to the
American tennis world. The little
French g;rl. who recently won the wo
man's championship ?>f Kngland. has
never played in the United States; in
fact, her recent matches on the his
toric Wimbledon couits were tlie first
that she ha'! ever played in Kngland
The ease with which she won the
Knglish title, together with the reports
sent to this country by Peck Urifltn
and oter Americans who have seen her
play, has aroused the curiosity of the
racquet wielders here, and all are
hoping that she will visit the United
States next season.
The latest edition of the Tendon
Daily rhroriirle has the following lo
say about "the little wonder of
"At Wimbledon yesterday crowds of
people, had come to watch the French
uirl's skill pitted against the enormous
Iriving power or Miss Ryan, whom
she defeated after two hard sets.
"Mile. r>egleii is one of the most
graceful players in the world. She (
wears a little white-stiched si!k hat.
a short white pique frock, with sleeves
which show her .-trong. slender arms
browned by the sun of the Riviera, i
After the in^st strenuous came she
looks cool, unrturried: there is a qual
ity of deliberate quiet about hc-r pame
which is most fascinating to watch.
"M always practice quietly. i don't
believe hi overdoing practice ?it spoils
on#'.- game.'
' This, then, must be the explanation
of her remarkable gra.-e. Mile. Len
glen gets her results by tactics: she
does not wear the fierce, determined
look of some players. it is. after all,
a p^:ne: she never forgets the faot,
and all the time she plays with im
mense zest and enjoyment.
" We aren't a tennis-playing fam
ily.' she went on. "There were two
traditions for me to follow; I've never
played at school, and never had a les
son in my life. 1 just, began to play
a- home in Paris when 1 was eleven
and a half, and I've loved it so much
that I've played ever since.'
As early as fifteen. Suzanne I.en
u'eii was strong enough to he part
nered with Wilding. winning the,
world championship at St. Cloud. That
wa.- in 1914."
Tom O'ltnurke, His Mutineer. Klnda
Meckel! nnd I a r pen tier Infilling
to Fight American.
Mll-WAL'KUE. WIS.. August IT.?
Tom A Rourke, the New York pro
moter and ni.inager of boxers, who
t ?ok Fred Fulton lo Kurope with the
. ope of winning the championship of
t'. :t ? part of th- world, and thus ptit
?:'ie himself in line for a bull with
< > ii.pioii Jack Dempsey. has been
li''i.:ic the managers of Joe. lieckett.
? Hritish champion. ami tieorges
t 'arpe:itier. the I-rench star, much
harder to deJl with than ho had .4nti
c i pa tod.
They are pretty wise over in Uon
? and Paris to al! things pugilistic
in A mer;> a, and with big purses in
i they a-e taking no chances, of
Igniting tip against a tougnt proponi
? V. < I- nit- n
l're<! was beaten in one round by
^nd has put up some miser
tl.e ha tiles at d.fferent times. l>ut just
;'.e ami l>e ian htfht when right, and
i< a mighty dangerous customer for
any one, the champion included.
And at th'j Dempsey is just clamor
ing f 1 r .111'.!: ??.- chance ^t Fred on
i-ii of tin story he jcav< out in
San Francis > some months ago. in
which i?e intimated that Ik: wa s double
cr #>s?-ri by some one when iic fought
I >?
I. t tec ('"rodent k denied the story, but
? ?: 1 ? *1 not ne^t matters, a'i<l Jack is
? a -iiig for a ciiam in evening up mat
? ? f.i t. Jack has. come o.ji cold
ir?ce> -.v..I. a tateipent that h<: will
:.K ? i'oiton ahead of any eip/ els'
:. 1 to sho". iitni tiiat he tan repeat
! le d'?!???
P. ? ti? i arr>t? er and P.eckett would
'?< t" "'?' .i ? r"1 ? I: at "he purse to be
?'ff'-rcd f> .1 ?: ? ri w.ith f?einp?:..y, for
1 hey kr. .' ??:.! run IIT.'i.'iOO f?r more
Fir * th' * * *?. ' ttorm f\\*
?' r !i ' if f r;'- On. Kvt
?i.i. i- I" att'l i! . M.if <*r#urt. Km . llti'lt
I! <>41 trhtr loi Kouii'l ft it
? A'?' 'i ' -ij/tain II' r' h !?? r !
MirK ? . ]t)\, \ H 10?; Kur
Mrt Marun I Handy \\'. st!c j|&;
I'-imI .VUn. !^, . Hrynhthl. J1-.
V*. . .1
. ' ? '? ? 1' ? ?' ? . ? ? I <?. M .inc. f r.ur
'.?r '?i'l aril ill* 4l?"Ul i wd rr.W'.t
' ? ? J' ' il.* li ? i'jO'lf'.iOW, II':. I?;?r
v>" \. M l(h"ml* \{ <i* r ) Klt.r
Kor i in.' l tA
I !? rj. t?. ||
" " ' I" a i I ij r>
h h?i.<l). 4 I' for I tin '
f 'i' '(III- ? Pi K< !
.? . ? . . '; < ? i.-h 1 '. Mim l. i'I
. Ii .-.i/rii s hi r'il ii.noin <i i I'
I ? ' ? I . ?*.- i t-- III l.-.f: Mr a >i
'"l I *.' -IK'. S'af Mairtri'"'!
I ii? >i rti I' I'i f|i>. Mo in'
I; k h ' ? J I mm 11. i ill. 1
SiirllliiK pi ? iriii li; (.'oUTi-hli I'"
U. ? ?J .?? U. <1,1 th? V. :t t 1'.'*. II. l.l.r
I.. r 11 i/u* - , I#- Jotiriron. 110;
;' .i .Hi
I'mirlh ra' Mil '.I'lia'Ak 'hr'* i'.ir
'I'I .111* ipii' v. .1 r M-. ,V II r?l:?'V. 'jf.
' r'.v? Wi liri'.iii,? K'iIIv. I^
it i.Mi' tiilti |'.i| |i... I,.if < <; ? t >i
:M. i i '..i i i.iii i '. jfi' u' I*?*. Knot.
1". f). 'lei!..!,
t .nil ii < On*. . ?.r Hint iiri ml!'
I< ' ? ii I in* ' '?, i r' r. ir ' - 11' ? n
?.i.n ll.i'li' l.i '?7 imvriili.r
'it ii I ion l?'.i!ir< |e( Mlili.ii'
I! ?rvillll I <#". # I 4 ? 11 4' 11ft. ,*?' e i tr
V' 'i It'.li lp rit.it'. 11 I-'.*' |ier. IP
. ? , ; ? 1 In !-il< fi ,i. f , 'i< V. >1 h fi'.PU
'?I Aivr.rl .'. \\ ?! ri.^i 1"' >Pi-l<'i.
* t Ii r.i?? for n.i leu 11111 ?i wo v'.ir
'i i. Iiv? fur oi l/ lu^tiiiiin III,
f'tv l'iu? I'*.ui. lit. f a in, 114. I. ' >r |.||P 111.'
M I'rlne ? i M.<t. I e:?n III.
Ml> Viwihh Ml I' i!' A? ? '/Intill. Ill
Writy. Ill, lulu' ri 'lin 114 flryiiKkr IH
'ir ti? S 111 li' ? :il IPM
;.r Ml. I.*|| . V. .. i Ml K<J??rii|)|il 111
1 ? .1 k ' p l.? v ' ? III I "i ru'lloo III (i?"i?
n rii. ill. l.^ily 1.1' |||?. 114. w?i*rin#?t.
Won. l.oM. Pet.
Cincinnati 71 3< .?7?
New lork 62 :t7 .????
< litrnirn 54 ?? .540
IJrookl>n 50 ft3 .485
I'ltl hhurcli 48 JVS .475
Doblotl 39 a? .40fi
St Ji-??l??*., :?* (to .as*
Philadelphia 37 f,9 .38.-,
Brooklyn. :i; Cincinnati. O.
New Ynrk-Chirngo (wet grounds).
St. I.ouis at Rnnlnn.
Clnrinuuti at Brooklyn.
Chirucii ut New York.
Pittsburgh ut Pliiladeloliia.
, Won. I.osit. Pet.
Cliirnito |!5 30 ,?25
Detroit AO 13 .578
Homeland 57 15 .550
Now York 55 4tt .54.".
41 -4?H
M uMiinKton 42 til .108
S,V?,'",u?s, ?H ?- .330
I hliud?mhiu 28 72 .280
rhlraco. 3: Philadelphia. I.
Now York. 0: Cleveland. 2.
Washington. 4: Detroit. 2.
Iloston. 2; St. l.nuU, I (llrht same).
Ik??l?n. 0; St. l/ouls, 1 (>oi'i>uil came).
Philadelphia nt rhlraco.
Boslnn ut St. l.ouiti.
WaMiinirt on nt Detroit.
New York Ht Cleveland.
, . Won. I/ost. Pet.
? Richmond 22 15 .595
Norfolk 21 18 .538
Newport New* IK 1!? .(88
Portsmouth 17 10 .172
Petersburg 18 21 . 102
SuDKIk 17 21 .447
(No came* scheduled.)
Itirlimond at PflfrMiure.
Newport Netvn ut Portsmouth.
Norfolk ut Suffolk.
Heir Reaper l.eader of He|e<*t Group of
OId-Timer* .Voir
It acinar.
Or late there ha.< been considerable !
cornnicnt regard to the number of!
ii;,r ,'ir 'i-V'"* 'hki
/^r'^!^f u"2: I
h?\v1i(Yell* Pi?">0r,B ^^tions there are
, ?'d' '',<c Goldsmith Maid ther*
S&JP*5"?* dS'JSVSR
Hurley H. TwHve Year. Old.
??8 as:;
",nh";; VV?V.
inak*. .h, ^onsinercd pood enough to
n*Ke i href- trips down the bisr linV \Z
fvslr ln00' '"-'her comment is-Tinned'
ht .sown i n any c o'rn pa'n v.a '1 -v to hoTd '
Peter IlllUkcn Still HadnR.
fo^'hea? m'c*'innerof the fastest !
voir ""m* at Ka,nan^ff>?. aUor|HaeletVn
of 'tracks fj1 I
a record of ?>07u ? '"a.ie
' ?'1 "? a..,i laslt wf,k ^^r:cosr.aCn,in
h t vio-miie course. "" " 4 ovcr
l.ial h'iive 'ioegrert''!mh",ola.Si< p<*rform#rS
the matter of rH ,0.,w? M"ures in
voir, ^??
racer Sin"" *' ' ^rftal free-for-all
j??T- hanvinV been &V
to report" Xla-v,n V 1<C.H Aceordins
r"rtfVtfh?r ".^thcr eanipalji"8
r, lt ? *' u-' ^ ?iwarded to sviifr?
?" ????'??iVt!sy">.yi!gg ??,???
VUUJfiff TennU Star. AVIII PIBt Re^t
Senrr1: a< K?rr"? HIM.,
>rpteui?>er r? and (1.
NEW f?RK, A.jpii3t 17 Plane r
KA,,Ktra" ??'?
?iat1?'h^Vb?e? ^TfMuowinrthe nlnjies
?hampionshi,, The. match ^1?" ait, !
i'la<e on I'r day and Katurd^v Sen
fctnber ?> and <>. Ht |.'orest Hiiis Hfi i
'J arrangements nece.s?arv for Hie '
J Hd rh."^ P "e,rmii 11,0 eVenl ,n l"1 i
preparation,.. W " *ny fili'horate '
Kroru t!,P interest alreadv annarent
m. the plain,? of u,e ,eam? from^he
Am pode?. ,t i? r|?-ar that the tenu ?
public Will welcome a chance to
a line on their respective utren^tiis
} \s I'art jcula rly true in v;( w nf t )u;
'ft il. n Hie United States will no?|
'? represented in the Davis ('up
n.a I f h e s ttiiK year r :
The number of events haB not he?n
, * wl" fl,,n'n<l upon how
-M?>t. altniij. want to p|^ ti1(.ir
'ioii"hie? 5<r' xv;" ,M" >'l>frleH and
??uh e> of ,0urho. and the K.ictreKtion
"n?'?e tr.ar r?,ir HiitKl.-s and
'wo doubles be scheduled. In ih?
??vent that there was a tie. the sets
on Id be '?ounted.
.Vltho.isi, it i.v ton early to forecast
ne |>ertioiittei of tiie American team
it will probably include Robert hind
.-> Mjnav. William M. .fohnston. Wil
ham I Tllden and It. N'orris Williams.
?? 11 l 'tin otis fa lifornians as
Mauri,-.. K. Mcl.ou^hlm and Clarenco
' ?riflln available, as well as several
st roiu; men in t|?f. Ki|st. ainong whom
? O.Wilt ne named Watson M. Washburn
I r'd'iick M. AlixAiider. s. Howard
W.nheil. Waller M-rrlll Mall, and I>ean
Ma11??y, a representative leam can l>e
a ntf rn bled.
Gold I up RNreT'u ill l?rln? 1'oKether
^pecdlrat \iotur f'raft >ow
A (lout.
f'l,KVKI.AS|i AUKUHt IT ?Kor ?Iia ftrst
? win itl if,, hlitory of th? event, <'|?v?ianVt
vmii I.a |.r<K??it?,i in t)|? (iold i'up |,0jl
' ;V."f"M.i "J "I1"' 3" "J"'1 ?s''I't'I in bet 1
' ,,, Hi" I U.lhll' ?f pownr llOMtllltf
*111 hiliiK I'iVeth'-r th<^ Mxiedlnst era f Is
' Ih'ini Mli% I t rot t III
i?i ci?v<>iiii>l entry Ik ^:>oiiM>ro<l \,y
\ I '.in,n<?|..r. it .1 u ?|firr. of o,?
v 1 -1 rid N 4' hi * lub W.ilkor ronipleted
u'1'1" i"'*'' 'Vlth fhrlH Kini.th. of AlKonar.
at<n <l< > lgn?r ?f 11|< fMnioiia Mlxx l>ctr<nt
.-Tie. thereby !!<? M1.1 l.otrott || WH|
J.<i >?? hruiouM Mii? 1 '!?? veland. Sh? ivill
f<iwrrfw| with a I.lbfrtj motor, which
1 L i V/J? i. t'""'' l,,'r ,,,rrt"?h 'he wa If r
i? ! "i?" ??"venty mlleH jh hour
?alli.f al*., 1 omtnlmloned Kmlth to liullif
'i:?.a"V;ri.?5;rls;r ??
linfoPMinfnl of (.round Rules Bfrauxc
of Immense t'roml Cuta Uonn
Long IIM* of I'olib.
I By Associated l'ress I
DKTHOrr. AuKust 17,?A two-base
Hit into the crowd in the eleventh
innins by Juris* after Joe Leonards
single and Junvrln's sacrifice enabled
Washington to defeat Detroit today.
linfon-cment >f ground rules bccause
i,r crowd'n tlic Held limited lo
two bases each !ong drive by Shorte i
oL>l>, ri11(i w^h tjic cause r?f f#?r%
doubles. Thirty-one thousund people
the largest crowd that ever attended
contest45 ,n,? 'n witnessed the
Washington. Detroit.
Wrtn. 2b*" ^ nu?h. l\ ?
Ml?*?- '*? ?? 1 3 ftYoun*. 2b S 0 o
r? i'i111'' ? ? 1 ''Jobb er :: 6 j ?? 0
j?? * h 0 I ii Vrach if f. o 7 *1
Shanks V'ta f ? - n '?b * ? " ft
A ? SJ-. *? I ?? 0Shorten. rf I ii i n
Ac.new. c t n n 0 Jones. :Jb .' < X "
. Dhnw" n o o n Ainsmlth. c? u o n
J. Leon d. 3b5 J _2J1I. I.eonM. .. 4 ft o o
Totals 4 4 4 I 6 : Tota|W....7| "1"7
Scrr.? by inning*: r.
iLlrr "Klt,n 0 0 0 0 0 2 8 0 0 0 ^-4
"u'r U V A II I) II I II I t II 0 ?
Summary: Two-bam- hits?Airnew <31 l"
I'. stolen bases?Jones. nice Sacrifice
>!hlnifne.w' t I*n' ?'"" vrin Double ulav j
Inelon 1" r/Jlrnfr* * A "" vv??h
l V,.?' r.i "<i c. ',' S ??'""? <?n balls ?nfr
Leonard! I. S'rUck oul~by ?>"*"*??. 4: by
I Rr Associated rresH t
CLKVKbAXD, August 17.?.N'ew York
Kft:t^f(vsve"in?'61?2-in ,hr rtrti
u Li } e B?^Ie8 her* today bv
JliV '!'s off *'oveleskle and Mor
ton. Moyrldge vis eff??ctivo except in
the seventh innins. 1
New York. Cleveland.
View rf 1 ?. " AH n M E
'>'1VH,err,.s; j I 5 0? 11 ?
MfiKcr. 3b. . . 4 0 0 0 Sh#ak^r i f r. n
Plpifr |bb " -4- " ? ? ' ''
Pratt ?>?', I 7 J 2 *rr'> lb ?1 f 0 0
? KU. - It . . 1 I J n IJ(J p(| []f r ''h 1 A
Lew's. If .. 4 o I 0 Wood, rf 2 0
tj?i' ? <14 0 O'Neill, c .1 t
Hannah, c . 3 (> 0 01'f>ve't,kie n 0 ri
Moirrirlire. ? 4 0 0 0 Morton, p .2 n 1 <j
Kan h. n 0 ? p n
'Nun'maker I 1 o n
iKvans . . | A q a
Totals .S3 6 13 0 Tola If.... 33 "3 ""7 * j
?Batted foi Morton in seventh
'Batied for Karth >11 iilnih
v, fcore by innlnire.
riVv.i^^k 3 0 0 ? 3 n ? 0 o-i
le\eljn?l . (1 a <. 0 (, 0 ..
1 uiuni^r>; rwo-ha^c iiM>?Boilu"
fUrdner O'Neill. Speaker Sto'-n ha "ri -
W!aPP'*" , Sacrifice hits? fewrtir Hannah
?4 V pUyu-WamtegHn,,,. < hapman " nd
\.w' YnUt \na ('hal,|"a" l-fll on bitfF
V, t-level*nil. 10. B*.ea o?
l-,e?ir r ?V,?cr!rjBL' ?' iff Morton. 2; off
1. . ? 1 ? Hils?off Coveletki*. 5 in 1 ntt
Morton. 6 in 6. Hit by pitcher?bv Mo.
7: v? ! nut ? bv Moaridc
I By Aosocuted Jlrebb I
feVtVrtCnvfVi''^ ?V,,cusl >7-?chicano de
f. mod Philadelphia. 3 to I. today in a
f;* wbich was t ailed at tlje end nf
the sixth inniiiR cn account of r.iin 1
.. i ,* lo^ls bunched bits in the first'
and third innings and i.,ade thrir runs
?h le a .single and trip!,, were respon
biole for the visitors' lone run
PhUadelplilu. Chicago.
Tho? 0 : ?Lleh?ld. rfA" 1 " e
\Valkali" If i a ?, I J |
g.rr,Hr"r-::? J ? *fcarg'il I
Ouca n. . . I! 0 | 1 (Sktidil i k " .
? '! I !
. a>lor, r> .^1 jj ? Lou der'k. i> j o o r, I
Total.-. .. .21 I 5 ; Totals... 7e j ~ "o |
n^0ri#,b,y,lni"n,f: It
1 J ! 5 S *~i\
'uran S-acritne hit ?v|.jr \V. .vrr
if ' f'n base* ? Philadelphia 3; t'htcaa'o
...ruck out ? bj l.owUertnilh. .1. i>y N.ivl>r. i
RED SOX. 2-6; BROWNS, 1-1
I By Associated l'r#ts I
,rS,T; VJLIS' Au?u"l before one:
ff the largest crowds which eve, wit- I
nessed a major leaswe b.useball ^al?o
here. Los ton twice defeated rtt. L<nji.s '
loday. the scores beiny to ] ^n<1i
t> lo 1.
? , KIRST (.A.MK.
wl' H I. >f' LOUU
., AB Ii if Yd SH R H F
tr.1?pe,ru rf 4 J 3 ?> Austin 3b 4 il 0 0 '
n. Vh '"' ?? . ? ?^edeon. ;'h 4 o z o
n!i!h' i ''' " ' O.laeobson. rf 4 o 2 n
Ftuth. p 4 o o t?Staler, lb... ;! 0 0 u
?i tl ?' l',, ? ? 0 0 OWiiii ms. .(4 i :: o
Milnnla. lb. ^ n n OTohin. If 4 ft ? o
shannon, ? b 4 0 1 (i('i#rb''r. ss.. 3 o n n
*<'<?? .**???, * n ^ 0Kev*roid. c. 4 D i n
? ?llhooley. if 4 j ? 0Soihor>>n, p. :i n 0 0
* Bri.nliie . . 1 (> 1 (, ,
T.Via vf r ... 1 0 0 ft 1
Totals....33 2 7 ft Totals.... 35? 1 5 iy
* Hat led for tierjicr in ninth
iB.itted fir SotliDron in ninth
Score by innlncx: R ?
ft ft 0 0 a o <1 ft o-"i i
st- i?'?ul* ft o n (1 0 0 1 ?> a?T !
.SUtntlK. t-y . Two.bHM: hll.s? ftoth. .lacob.so,,
(-1. Ufldroti, \\ illlanis. h?vereld. (iilhocley
Stol?n ba?e.K? Hooper CJ). \Vtlllaiti.s Sat-ri
,V"rViM "" hasfs -Boiiton? !i^
}/ L'0",1" *? Bases on ballh~off Kuih I
off hoi boron. 4 Struck out?bv lluth 2:
by hothoron. I. Wll?| pitch?Ruth
St. I.oui.t.
AB It H K vb it II K
Hooper, rf.. 4 1 2 0 Austin. 3I>.\ 4 11 1 1
Both. rf.... fi I :: IMiOdOOII. ab I ft ft ft
i,"': 3b..... t 1 1 O.lacobson. rf 4 n I ft
TvUih. If. 4 2 2 t, Si.slor. lb . 4 ft ft 1
Mcfnnis. lb. 5 ft 2 ft NVillidine. <f:: 1 1 n
Sellanc. v... 4 ii ft ft Tobln. if.. .1 (, 0 ?.
shannon. 2b I I 2 ft<l?-rher m. . ;; 11 n n
Scot t. ss.... 1 ft 3 0 Sever/) id. c. .: 0 ft ft
I'tnnock. p. 4 0 o o tShockor. p. l * rt o a
?Oeinnntt I n i o
I '^i? on n't. p o 0 ft- ft
? Bronkio .. t n n n
_ " rlsrht. p.. ? ft o o
Totals ii ii|i> ft Totals Ti t i ?
* />r Shoclier in tlfth
' ?Jd ttcd for I >n venporl in s*venth
h<*nr? by innings: R
noxtnn. ?? h 0 , 0
.si Louin ............. 0 h o o i) i o o o ? I
hUlliljid! y: I tVO- hif H?liufh iu.,At,
^'?u. I looix-r. lliitnA runs- Rntii vviii
Stole,, base-Huth SacrIHt-J? |V|' 1- Vi11 l!?ft
on bases?Boston. 3; St l.ouis i
balls?off fennock. 2 off nave.,por" ^ AS
Wright. I. lilts?off Shocker u in ?ff
i>l t?hor.fcSh<ioker vereid (?). i..,sin?
Secretary of War Hake,? (,ivcs Approval
for Ircck .Mce< (4ir i;ulfK(o(i
."Icn in SciMemiipr,
i ?J|.
try in the Inter,Hied W.iU in Vr^?.
: recently, will be Invited lo ?p?te In *^
I mre.' fop *?nHsted mon which will
I be held at tamp DU. Sopteinher i-3 The
| meet will b? open to all soldier* salk.r?
i iet<ievll,v.rh?''s Jlh" have participated in 4th
f i?r J1."' '',0 service. Secretary b"
A Wand le. who has been director of ath
I etlc aoiivltics at l amp r?x. ijj arranclmr
; ii**V n|e*-t under the approval of Newton r>
Uaker. Secretary of War. " 1
The forllx'otnlnjt trameH will roplaert tha
proposed civil an meet which wa> "u,?,Vt*
??1 by Samuel .1. [Kiilas. nrcsident of the
; Amateur Athletic I'nion The orl*ip?| nUn
rVti i? i ,vf Hn'1 ''H ilia ii a thliites
P-i rt ii-lpn to In one huKc meet. This whs
contrary in the plans of the general staff
I 'h" ,<lfa abandoned Secretary of
| War Baker l\as Indorsed the proposed on
ils.ed mens moot in th? fellowin* lele.
'(tram: ' ,c,n
I "I am approving C?mn Dlx proposal for
I enlisted meh Olympic n>oe| nicet of
"V"""! athletes who competed ||JK?nle?.
| allied Ranies at the I'erhhltiK Stadium, but
connrm the decision of general staff that
c.uii'd" ,n'c ouRbt ,,dl 10 b* ,n'
Mronis Outfit Winn lilght to PInr In
Amateur ,^'rrje* liy Cupping
I.cogue Kin*.
The Commercial League. Richmond's :
class A organization rang down the
curtain upon a very successful season
? alurduy wlili Taka-Kola leading the,
chase and winning the gonfalon by Lit?
healthy margin of three games.
1 ho brand of ball displayed by this
league has been of the best and has,
ufforded wholesome recreation to many I
thousands of workhig people during i
Inc Reason, which Htretchod over <i
period of three months.
1 a ka - Kola, the flag winner, deserves
all the credit idue a champ, playing
a brand of ball right from the start '
that was of championship class and I
ma i n t a in in = a steady and consistent'
grind all through the season.
It is the consensus of opinion among!
local amateur boosters that the soft'
drink lads' outfit Is the best and most I
evenly ha I it need outfit gotten together!
in Klcinnond for a Ioiiv while.
Thc'.r seasons record, not onl> in the !
league but in outside games against
college, camp, and independent teams,
stands twenty-four won arid two lost.
1'hls Is a remarkable record for a:
ball club, particularly an amateur one.
to cop twenty-four wins in twenty
six starts and necessarily moans that!
-he team not only has a strong de- j
?fense but a powerful offense as well.]
Team Miorrrd Superiority.
?' In their games to date, Taka-Kola j
has scored 24V runs against their op
ponents fortyJeight showing their
wide, superiority over their opponents.
The personnel ^of the team contain!)
what is thought to be the pick of!
local amateur talent. They have be- '
hind the bat Cheesy l<iebs. who has j
had wide experience, both in amateur j
and professional ranks, and is known
for his ability to work i>itchers, as
well as having a thorough " knowledge j
oi the game, tiwathtney, who caught,
four years at the University of V,r- (
ginia captaining the team in iiis fourth
year, a good receiver and strong hit- j
ter also cares for the slants of t the
moundsmen behind the pan. while as
their assistant they have lioc. Scale.-,
old receiver for H h I. n.
The pitching staff composed of Sne!
ton. Davis and Carter make up a hurl
ing corps f good strength, Pre.-.1,
She'.ton being recoanized as one ot
the be.-t burlrrs that cv'-r teed thei
flab, while Davis the big follow from
Kapdolph-Macon, is ?iven credit for
having more smoke and stuff than any
tn an in town.
"China" Carter, the old reliable, enn
always be counted on to sro to the
hill and give a aood account of him
self, hi* iron constitution and will-'
ingness to work, tune and time pull
ing the club out of a hole.
Joe Wharton on First.
Around the tni'ial sack, Joe Whar
ton, a player who has always been
enderebtimated. has developed into one
of the bet: tir.-t-aackers in town,
iteing a steady, gritty and reliable
player who has won for himself a
host of follower*.
Plug Amos it, at the keystone ba:r.
He )<, an old head .it the came and
gifted with an uncanny knowledge of
the sport, a flashy licidcr and steady ;
Around the thort field .lake Pott, the
best all-round shortstop Fcichmond has
ever produced, makes d'.fhcuH eiop*:
and pegs with grace and ease. His
knowledge of the game a i.d the p?-p
he instills were of great value to the
club. It can be truly said that Jake's
hittinsr if Hie only thing keep:riK him
out of th" bin tent today.
Mac I'llt. :?.t tliird. the team captain.'
deserves t lar^i slice of the credit for
the team'- phenomenal record, his play
at third l>eing of the sensational va
riety. while, his hitting haa been hard
and timely. I-ast year, with Ki.-lrnond.
lie was recognized *s the best guardian
of tits hot corner in he league, while
in t..e uolleglste world lie lias always
reigned hs a star in his position.
In the outer works, the left pasture
io guarded by Ulrk Kuyk. from the
University of Virginia, a steady hitter
and flashy fielder, a youth wifii a
Kfeat baseball future in front of htm.
t arter Covers Wide ftnrige.
"Rig" t'arter. in center, covers a (
world of ground and posses^e* a great
arm. He has time and again cut off
men at the piale front de-'p center with!
perfect pegs.
Bob Uurnham. the kid of the outfit,
wields "Old Betsy" with terrific force,
as well as being able to play the in
field or outfield with equal skill.
Charlie Moss wa^ unfortunate enough
to break his foot early in the season.;
and only for this break of fate would
have been seen in the outer garden
reg ula rly.
Kd l-owery. of Duplex fame, was a
tremendous help to the te:>m until he
was forced to leave town a few weeks
ago. Kd. a heady ball player at all
times, rounded out a well-balanced
outfit that possessed a reserve to take
care ot any emergency.
It can he seen that the position the
Kola boys occupy toiay has been
earned by merit. The only games of,
the season lost, two in number, were
tn clubs of thr Commercia 1 league?
one to Church Hill and one to Battle
Axe. However, Taka-Kola took two
games of the series of three from each
of these clubs, while they have de
feated Ne wton-Wood wa r?l. (iolde and
Knights of Columbus at every meeting.
Vernon (iets Schneider.
NffcJtV YORK, AucilHt 17 I'. ,f Schnelfjer. .
I who has been pil' hing now and then for
j i Ho New Y'>rli American I.eague Baseball
! t'lub. hits been released to the Vernrtn Club.
I of the f'a< iite Coast League. Hi hnelder v\;?s j
j obtained from the I'lmlimali club last \<ar. j
Fit, Finish and Fabric Guaran
teed or Mcney Cheerfully
Morton C. Stout & Co.
TM bit Main Stmt.
Not Since Defeat of Jeffries Has
There Been Such a Boom lu
"White Hope," Industry.
L?|Uh M-m1?. HUS All,10,"? ed That
He \\ ill Meet Any Suitable Foe,
and Tills IH Proving Bait for Many
Boxing Promoter*.
VKWVYnl'rKS ,J" < <?"nKTT.
the utMctV- pre-sAoUfetU.re nnU^r^
<??>? who muiu bc able
..n-aM.ro or Jack Oempsey auddeniv
lite ?? JfiS. ?
riw puclliBtie materlaI am] develop ??
H it.r devoting frantic efforts to m.
??over some "nhenorn' fnr n,? ?
of shoving him at Domprey at as early
a date as possible. early
,?T>K. Statement of the "Utah Mauler"
PubU.Aice^l's a foe In U,'e rV.*
i.h" /or, the Pugilistic impresarios
Ih?> I';"1 ?hat Oenjp?ey. f undamenUHy
a fighting man, wj|| keen ?>i? ,.1 j
And th-v are hopeful of hrinjlne ,1*
a hi I i /v"0, n? ^ fHloH ",at has enough
'Sr'r ""s1"" -."U.vvufii
*ard *Th 1 n ** ?.youth to Hi; hi u "u
ij. f; J h'-v weren't at all certain that
I' he riiHWrJd flcht their man even |
tender. ??m Up 3* ;i wort">'
lllnrd Sermul t.'nlteatable '
cr!i"r?nrm"r'; Wlllard, because of hie
Sh unbe.UhJe ar>peiled l" many
ZTr'lLt ?;'y ?' auPfr hat'11?TrKa'-Vn
wV,Vppi'nSU wm'frrt 8 4efrf'or ' "Pable'
l^arney l.iohtcnstejn. of fhic?r?.
figures that be alreadv has in to*T
"ri.Y' 0jl' \"rn lhe trU-k ?
Ma tee iUrnpy.' "He's'4 Jtil" J'U'T
f#et ten anil weight, ii", 1 ?/,!',' , ?
8i?, hls*anpoof!
han...s jn-l knows * lof !inm ,
Hcientiflc part of *"?
how he ran hit' .nd ?hl
of the men he has foueht PP<And'"bi
ha.-nt lost a light In t wen t v -? vr "[ r
n a year?r.r he-|i r-adv 7?:
I 'em psey or anybody else" *
?lorhe HnrUlnp f>nf Tnney.
Pi&'t!i",h??T "li ,h'' "l>ro*rective chain
eve", of t'L - Paraded h?fore th?
.he r^ror;,rr^B^ ?$>?
"J uney of Brooklyn, wlm leaped n??
:'v" "inning The rb .i m pi on* h ion?
Tunos ZrTn, fXrditionary'
}>"'/ ??. ''einir i&'W,0o^X"^
1'ioM unschooled fighters of the a-mv
nr-i Vt ,,S T1 P'on of ihe worid
Pc I v wit', .lark lirrnpsey hlock i n -
matter!. aV' 3rt lMro 0:lMrrl>' different
MatI that isn't discouraging to Rorhe !
've V" o JUnV l';<n Ur ?*??'eloped in
I .'.ir to a point where h?- can ri\?
Dempsey a real fi*ht S *
anx'a* v ?a? ,'m.' V.'31 ,hrrf' is ^ ?,uch
.il'V V , ,hls tl,ne among the bat
t "r deve opers to develop a foe for
e."P?y i? a - rr ;>! f,in- /,,r !
ni? ?;,n1 ar,,i4' iiIol,v"-v among the as
pirant heavyweights with fo manv ?
new men brought to the fore * )
'he ellniination bouts that'are su-e
o r?m? should Slimuli.te a new in
. heavyweight boxing unlike
Ameriran pugiliFm has known for
more thiin a derade <
wmi'"'i-n?h?a 1 u t''<1 ,hini? that not only
m. r box'?ff, alive, but make it
i ncrt .tsinn I \ popular?fopy right, 1915.
Oirert i ?. Bennett, S-4 beat
i*fra"M ur'r J t'- ' "4- l:,M week, and
if .Miirpli rati trim MrOreeor the
tintt Iloinv !,>,w'"ta there will be some
."?t> <loinw down u, \ irgitiia.
,Shor!- the Western ll3ht,?
?ei,ht. whu cot otr to a bad s i . r t
her?; last spring hj- being matched
iM"f H ""thUeweight. i,js not re
t.ii-l from the ring. n0 ?
u ii'l'be Cr?idvt,!te ",?Xf mr"1,h' wh^'hl
wuipcrcadv to box any llgluweight.
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ting out the warm Summer
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