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iJL <J?vori,op uf VirKiniii ami
?i ^ William IIoc^ch Mann li.ivc r?
?irneu to thi?ir home in Petersburg,
?rter & brief st.?y in Richmond. (luvvr
?or and Mrs. Mann came to Richmond
Bi* ifi! "'c reception given at the
i iU ,'J mansion Friday cvfninR In
F?Jnliviil ion of the thl't?e 11 u 11' I r *-<11 h an
(vcrHHry of tli?? Ilrst meeting of a Ic-t
I \? hotly ill this country.
J air. ami ,M tk. William llodites Mann.
|r- are Spending several wn-kh in At
lntic Oily, and will not return to their
fr>me until later in the month.
? en v?- for WrM \lrnlnln.
1 Co It) ft e| B. u. Jamen Irfi Saturday
|>r Louisa to Join Mrs. James, from
rniuii place I hey win co to pome
|l>ru.gi<, W. va.( f?r A Ktav of several
IS?"*; Oil their return Mrs. Jainex
Jill Bftend Homo iinto With friends at
Iredorlc |<?, Hall.
|? Motor .North.
Mrs. w. j.;. Kelley, of the l'ort??r
Ipartmentg, lias tor several we*ks
ren the (.-nest of tlt< Misses <termoiid
' Alexandria. Mr. K.-ilos will join
... that city tills week a iuj thev
i.ii leave Sunday on :i motor tr.p to
l*ar,'1'r<l l*aIIOthers in the paitv wi.j
.Miss Rebecca .icrrnond and ? 'h.irb.s
Astryke, of Alexandria and Mr ami
Irs. J-rank Qulgfey, ?.f Baltimore.
|ack From \ InIi.
Mrs. Royal) K. Powell has returned
r"in a trip to Boston ami Quinuy
a?K . havliic spent several weeks nlw,
I Brooklyn and Rath Beach, |j, I Hlir
0.2. V,1""' 1 *,r I 'owe I Ig brother. Wll
|fI*?1 Powell, and his Miner.*, Mrs.
\t '>'lrr NIrf: I'ercy .lunrrl
L?' r"'r, 'own I I's little daughters, I'.l Iza -
?n'L u"Va" and Virginia christian
?0**11. art spending the summer with
lA mUl!' Mr*. I ,e s I i e Rlair. at ".-?ij'n
I r Hili. in if I towards ville
In < moping Trip,
IDdritey Simpson. Jr., Sherwood But*
r,#1HT,' Hl,rrx >"< hut. le .,11 Wood -
Ifld Heights loft ycaterdaj fo' their
??<ati.ni 1'hrv will make a trip r.,
l nUC'? r Where they will s|.Hl.l
I me !line nmniiu an.) tishirm
bhVr "XUrr Mi',rh. ?*?? I'tumoi
III J] T?r I" 111. VflM llf S.' ,| afl/! ,
[,RlLh^n?l*Ufit- *n rr;ink '? *??"*??"
Henry l.ar.r Krhnfr. ha- h"n th?
ljnt nf frlen.1* h-r.- for a br"f
dl?* nub-fu of Wanhlnrlon. t
? .V ' 1 " wriunpio
.11J1 SUl' Mll.l-i.l l.'Uraini
r n wood
1^1'?* Madya Thau. of fti. hmonrt. la
Ih me v,"fl In iNor
f/,' ""d Mr* Krank .M?r ? U nii'1 th-.r
Itl ^nurh'T Mrl.n, HrrnnOMlitr,! |,v M|~.
|!l' !? rosain j?r ?.|t >aV. i,.,l4. .ri;,K.
Ilr f-j-.jrlion,' :*i i.nt AtiKeiee. .;?|
r" Pon-fll formerly of Hi-h
. TV* ?f ,lun,"r>'l!l' Ala who
?k "re ?l .Hne In <>f*nir^ "Jt.un!. I- now
? u? "Jin \ t#? w
fr?r^?a. Mr" *' 1 l'ark?r. of R>rhrnon.|.
"!"? u'11 ni- ? rn* .1 ? > ? ? ri \'i. w
Pauline Trrnin Marlon Mchar>
I^H "j:'r S' J,ru" 'I *T> .irr.nne th- HI. h
? >nfi !>'??. j ? (join vi, -j,
J1'r. "' ' Mr' I. Wiliiarn? "f Hi h
l^no. arc -tt <Jrr,in Vl^W
Th? rr*ij,.ir m*etinc of MIznah '"har.".
K I- will |,< lu '?! T'k-.!.% rv?nit,R .it
???.I f i"> ? ? ?
foad Str#. t Mr l.w l ,r? |{aip?ay H* h
I'Jvon * iii bpcuk j\ t hi> miMlni;
|,n? Con * erolnnn \rr lleportcd n*
ItrKiill ni ItrllKl.iu^ t mil.
[f?pert.?l to The Tinu* ? 1 > upatcii 1
[I'KTKRSIM R.i, VA Au?UM 17 -
union revival mcetliiitH, . M-hich
churches hi ted. at OlMpuianta
kde.i Friday niKir.. Tlw r.- niai.j
Ihvefsiohs, ;.n<i meetincs wer? ?
??rde.l as the tn'>?.t nefu! IipIcI in
lat section in many yearn i:> \ w
J Ctorddn, of thin .-Ity, an?i i.eroy
Itai.p wcr.; the proariier".
. I'. 'I'. I . < ..ntrnllnn,
iThe *?niiannual <-on\ent|on of the
|oman> ''hri?'lati Ten-pet-.n ? I'nioi.
I linwl.Mi.- .'ouniy will hr held a?
irson on Thursday of thin week,
lie organisation is v? r\ fi.-'-ns in
Imwiddie In a<i<iition to reports from
|e sutiordinatr unions, several encak
of prominence will deliver ad
| e ?. s t'
I'renupllnl l.mirheon.
|< aptaln ,n'l Mrs \r.!st In were hon.
a ver> dainty pr^niiptlal l^ine^^nn
the i ifl'i ? r.-' i *' ill), in honor of I,ion.
|nant-Colonel tinllsgher ahil nrospec
h'ide Mlr-s I'arol Mrfttllorh. of
In Francisco, .1! noon on Wednesday,
hiy the immediate ??r5?}. 11 party was
|esent ("overs' were laid for eurht
I'TsnnF. and n si.x?.-ourse menu was
jrved. Thurnday afternoon in st.
Itui'n t'hurch t'olonel iJillacher and
liss Mrf'u'loch wore married by Rev.
'ournoy Rouidin. and Immediately
Ift fe.r a bridal trir? north. Mr*. Nol
|ein wan matron of honor, and t'olonel
iith. "f the Sixty.secon'l Infantry,
|ap bept inir.
flu nft ii* Identified and \rrented.
iTwo North I'arolina nearoe-i, identi
l-.i on j'iu .street as the men who en
]red the .store of H Silvetpleln Krj.
iv niRiit. held ap the proprietor at the
Mnt of a pistol and forced him to
[vf tip between K.o and S60. were ar
jsted tu'ljv and locked up for trial.
|r. Silverst.'in i.- positive In his iden
'/ of the necroes. The men pave
Irir names .ieorue Plnwdon and
j'illinm '?i? ? ^. and deny th char.ee i
rainf.t them.
llrtef >ote< of Intrreot.
[Two noisy scraps occurred yestcr-1
afternoon, one in Symmuro and j
lie in Rank Street, all the parties to!
|hieii were arrested for fighting and
tiled to appear before the Police |
hurt tomorrow mornine.
|The four youns women. Misse> Rur- j
? 11. Aycock. lieritsne and Suitor, re- |
Int araduates of the Petersburg
ralnine School for Nurses, have sue
jssfully passed the Stue examinations
lid are now entitled to wear the t.ni
A colored eirl. eleven years old. who
Inie from Prince Ueortre County on
iturdav ;o see the cir.'tis parade, be
jme separated from he- parent? in
|e crowded street and has not since
Von found.
r*? Division Men neimn Knlrninlntr
Saturday for llrcnt to nett.rn
? Mv PrOH^' 1
COBbKNX. August IT.?The hunting;
dpe of Bertha Krupp. tlie palace of
Prince of Wled. and many castief
note, will be vacated tn the next
w days by the First Division of the
ner'can army, which yesterday be
in entralninjr for Rrest, beins the
st division to leave the Rhine fot j
e United Slnles
Tlie territory on the east bank of I
Rhine, held hy the Americans!
nee December, '.s rich' in history, j
vlnfir been occupied at various times
the Romans, (he Cauls. French.'
>anish. Swedes, and again by the |
rench and by tiie Americans. Half1
American nridgcheads 'area will I
ice more be turned over to the!
Bertha Krupp's modern lodac. with j
elaborately decorated Inside and ]
it with bronze castings made by ex- !
rt workmen of the Krupp plant ati
taen, hugs the shoulder of a moun
in overlooking a valley.
AviaHon Firm (ift* Charter.
R AI/KIOH, N. ('., August 17.?The
I'ensboro Aviation Company, of
?ensboro, received a charter today.
Ith $25,000 capital authoH'zed and
0,000 aubacrlbcrt by John H. At well,
C. Cllngman and John U. Stokes for
anufacture, dealing in and shipping
rplanes. balloons and anv and all
her aerial vehicles of travel.
Man Held on $1,000 Horn] A walling
Arrival of SlirrilT From
Okl.thonta Count)*.
I'liAN FOR I M l? It O V K >1 F X V
Danville I'nrk ('(immlltec .\skoil to
Take Action on Memorial Mansion
Property?Other News From
Points in Virginia.
ISpecinl to The Times-Dispatch. |
WINCH ICKTlOlt, August |7.?Acting
on telegraphic Information from Nell
I iiarr, sheriff of Miami. Okla., and on
j the sworn statement of F. H. Raymond.
I of the Burns' DetectIve Agency, rep
resenting the American Bankers' Ah
. socialton, K. \V. <*01111=. operating here
,as the Shenandoah Valley Auto Supply
I Company. is 5n? held in 51.000 bond
for the Oklahoma sheriff. who is on
his- way here with extradition papers
and warrant*. charging Collis with
embezzlement and grand larceny in
the Oklahoma town. Detectives nay
. the man is wanted In several Western
? towns for alleged f rati'Is involving, it
j Is claimed. thousands of dollars Col
I lis declared his arrest was a mistake.
that he has <lone nothing criminal, hut
i that lie may have overdrawn his ac
j counts In banks. Ho Haul that at the
I request of three banks of Miami, which
I were creditors of a defunct auto sup
ply company in that place, he was en
gaged by the banks to take over the
business and operate it for the banks.
He claim* he turned over to the banks
all monies taken in while acting as
their manaijer. and that be knows
nothing about forged check charges
Indeed aeiiinst him. <*ollis. who be
I long? to a substantial West Virginia
family, said he will be able to estab
lish ills Innocence. The local auth
orities were about to release foil's,
as there was no charge against biin
! here, but the Oklahoma, sheriff wired
to hold hiru at all costs A relative
came from West Virginia and furn
ished 11.000 ball.
I'lan ta Obtain Armory.
DANVILLE, August 17.?Steps are
betrip taken here to s'-oure an armory
for the military company which M )h
proposed to organise ltrrr. but which
! < annul assume any definite shape until
the body it* afforded proper quarters, i
The plan which has met with general
approval is that the city hall t-hould
lie entirely renovated, the offices of
j exist in k city and State officials being
enlarged, and an armory built on in
the rear. The city engineer has al
ready prepared plans looking to this.
*1 he '"otincll will be asked to make the
ik,canary appropriation for this work
and will lie waited upon at Its next
meeting by a strong delegation of citi
zens. Hev. J. <*ieveland Hall, D. D.
former chaplain of the First Virginia
Volunteers, is devoting much of his .
time in working for the new armory.
Orcitnli.r I amp l ommnnllj-.
I.V.N'i'llDl'fin, August 17 ?A war
?amp community service auxiliary has
been formed here to complete and
merge the work being done for the
returned soldier, the work being simi
lar- to that carried on in other non
war camp communities. Director T W.
O.irvln says he finds Lynchburg ahead
of any other city in the State in the
matter of records, for the records of
2,6"t? mm in the service have been
secured wholly or in part already,
j Much '?( the work has already been
completed bore and a strong committee
has been formeff to wind the work up.
lis personnel is H. T Watts. Jr.
chairman; Walker Pettyjohn, vice
chairman: John Victor, treasurer; T.
.1 O'Brien, Leon Goodman, Miss Helen
? ?wen Mrs Dexter Otey, p L. Hawes,
W. M Mcald and A C. Barrow.
To hnprovf >lnnslon Property.
DANVILLK. August 17.?The park
Ollilllistee I(f the I'jtv I'ouilcil !l 1S
made urgent recommendations to both
t . raii -hes that something be done im
mediate:} towards Improvlnc the Me.
:n??r .?i Mat sion property. Since th*
j historic property became the city's,
j "it 11o or nothing has- been done to keep
? it in reptir, and the grounds especially
i nrr in dilapidated condition. The sum
?>f I'-'.Is ask>:d to build a retaining
: wall on two side* of the park, and an
i other il.vna is wanted to lay concrete
i walks. Much of the woodwork of the
porcnes is rot tins. Previous efforts to
.?*^ure money for this purpose have
failed. members of the found! con
tending that i.ack streets should have
.t prior consideration
\\ lr?* l-'nme an nirdman.
H A ft R I S O N B U ft < ?. August 17.? I
Through his mastery of aeronautics.
I First Lieutenant l<eonidas L. Koontz.
a graduate of Hridgewater College and
| native of this county, has become
. known as "The Daredevil Bird til.mi of
the Mississippi Valley." He is referred
? as such by St. Louis papers, foflow
1 ins h'.s aerial exploits at Scott Field,
! Belleville. Ill He is a son of Mr. and
, Mrs. A W. Koontz. of Tenth Legion,
this county. Mo enlisted in the avla
j tion service in May, 1517. and was
I commissioned early the following year.
Lieutenant Koontz is now post encrineer
j ofllcer at Scott Field.
Victim of Shooting.
W INCHBSTKn. Autrust 17.?Harry
Flynn. aged about twenty years, of
Paris. Fauquier County. Va., Is In Me
1 mortal Hospital here in it serious con
lit ion as a result of a gunshot wound
in the breast, which is said to have
1 been inflictM by himself accidentally.
Flynn was hroupht to the hospital on
Friday evening, it was learned today,
S> several men, but they could not be
Located today. Hospital authorities
said they knew little or nothing about
Uie details of the ehootih?.
Wonlil l-:<iaali*e Taxcn.
DANVILLK. August 17.?The Council
>f the city of Danville has joined the
Lynchburg Council in indorsing i reso
lution which seeks the equalization of
tax assessments in *he counties and
the towns. It is possible that the city
attorney may go to Richmond to sup
port the petition of the Council. The
You Can Clear
Your Complexion
Remove Tan, Sunburn, Liver
Spots, Freckles and Other
Skin Blemishes.
By Use of a Well-Known Toi
let Preparation.
Sonic people dislike to use face pow
ders. creams or rouge, but they cannot
suffer the embarrassment of a dark,
sallow, blotchy, pimply skin. They
therefore resort to cosmetics to hide
their facial blemishes, little realizing
that the longer their use is continued, j
the more aggravated the trouble be-;
If you want to clear your complexion
and remove those skin blemishes which ;
cause you embarrassment, you should j
use the Black and White Beauty treat- i
ment at bedtime, cleansing your face In 1
the morning. <*?o to your druggist and ,
usk lilni for a 25 cent package of Black
and White Ointment and a jar or tube
ol' pure, white vaseline. Black and
White Soap is a splendid aid to the
t reatment.
Literature and sample will he gladly
supplied you on request. Write Black
and White, Box 013, Memphis, Tenn.
city father* ore a'so IntorrsUd in t
Kiihmoii'lK flght on high**r telephone ;
rates. ami may seek to haVe a hand In 1
tliHt mm tei aluo.
I ?n?lslile I* U oundrd.
liV.V''H'RUIK!, August 17. The po
lice here arc looking for a negro who I
J- rlday night shot and wounded Con- !
stable Stewart Kritji. r at Mnnrne when \
an effort w:\s being made t ? ? arrest
several negro hoboes. < >ne of the no-!
uroes was wounded and the other es
caped. coming toward Ij.vnchburg. U??.
i'aui>(a the long-d1st mice telephone was
not working, an effort to ascertain
I he condition of t lie constable whs In
I 1u?men for Anntimir Chair.
bANVIIibK, Aim UKt 17." I?r. Herbert
M. V'ann. son ?r l?r. and Mrs. 1,. I, :
\ann. of this city, has received a let- ,
tor from l>r. \V. I,. I'oteat. of Wake
Forest University. North Carolina, in-!
formiiir him that he has b.-en elected
to the chair of anatomy in the medical
school of that college. l>r. Vann was
recently discharged frotn milflarv ser
vice aTter being detailed 'with the
medical corps in France.
XoinlnnlionM In Shenandoah.
\VO'I|)ST?h:K, August 17. ? Miller A.'
I rice was nominated at the I>emocrat!<? i
primaries fv.?terdM.v for clerk of thev
court of Shenandoah County, defeat
I ?'K red Moorehead. Itichard F.
\% right. of Ktrasburg. was nominated
for county treasurer against Frank M
[?raveI. of Woodstock, and William I.
Me Is ley. of .Mount Jackson. M. I..
\\aiton, Jr.. received the nomination
Jf'rtommon wealth's attorney, de feat Ins
Philip Williams.
imvi'!?!",,1""'11 Many Rat*.
HAM IM.K August 17 ?Total rat
casualties in l><?nville during the first
?lay of the war against the rodent
were thirty-th rre. according to th?
number of talis which were turned
In to the three city tire stations dur
ing I he day. Many of the boys, how ?
arf' back their killings
unti. thev have accumu I u' ed ;i sup
iV,V . T .Tr ,s kof,M ' '""Petition among
the ten different teams.
.... v * n"
W I M ,H KS i l-.H, August 17 ?The
fiev John \\. tjuinton. acting rector of
< Print Protestant Kplscopai Church
iW" ?^,,rin*i_. absence of the Itev
i t \\ l> Smith ;tn a chaplain with
the American expeditionary forces
has accepted a .all extended by a
parish vestry at Hecklov. w Va * Hp
recently declined a tail to Allentow,,
vnn. l?ev. Mr, Wuinton has been
V r> successfully engaged in moun
tain missionary work in Jefferson
years W e,<t Virginia, about ten
r . v.... n*"'?n* ni Pnilor.
i-V '/ A 'J*?iiHt 17 ? Itev T. H
rancl,^0 of Stuart, who relinquished
he pastorate of the Maptlst Church in
V \ifr A ( oun,y feat lo become a
?V,,'L ; A. overseas worker, has re
? ui n#?r1 ft nd Has online! to KnrU v
Mount Baptist lli.s decision
}i?ih not ^c? n r^nf|prc f|.
I<^ NUlHtltt,. Angus! 17.?The
Rentedr*! r'*0 "f ,:k'' linB t>rr.
" L; f-azdi. past exulted ruler.
? a handsome gold watch as an
d '-'ciTde' * Pi'' ^?r ,Uh, work '? t he past
i . . , 1 ?uring tnls. time Mr. K.,zzi
1 nr ' * P " aPP. lea t ion.-> for more titan
100 members About i:, per cent o' th"
l>r<^nt membership came into the1o<1k'
r'jMiii o. Mr. Fazzis activity.
1/ vuiTT^ATJ. 1 ""'cntlon.
M A It It i SO,N LJL ft? i, August 17 ?More
than 100 Harrisonburg firemen, 'wltti
? './"ii.1''"!-il"" ?' vV1!' mend
?L? r ., : "inenn < onvention at
(.harlottesvllle. August -j: ,n<l -s
The running team has been vetting Tn
a lot of good practice for the s*at??
ISSST- nlw "" ,or
Waierburj-, ? onn., i.nhor t nlnn* Will
Hold Voiikii-r MnKx-Mfi'lliiK
TiuncIiij M?-hi.
' My L'nlv< r?.tl Scrvitr,^
WATFitBI'liy. c??NN August 17
A m.? s-meetlng t.. protest against pro
JiU.itioii will I..,- MJK.-d b> the ?v-nt ral
l-abor I nion in l.il.rury Park, adjoin
ing the n oon.oot. City hail o? Tuo".
ua\. permission being granted todav bv
Superintendent ,f police (Jeorc* ' M
Rea. h .it. !. r orders from MayL? W
Hum H S indJan 1
Twent ti\. rhoi:>and peonle are ev.
J'0, "d *'? n t ?!,, demonst ra -
now' h|,?h w,li addressed bv noted
V 'V\, Mt" . Bmon?f thc,n 11 Senator'
rruni MassachuhOtt.
In * Healthy Child
All children troubled wtt), vVortns
na\.- mi unhealthy color, wliich indi
cates poor blood, and as a rule, there
stomach disturbance
9 '} " rASTKI.KSS chill TO.VIi' cu -
en i egu I a rl> for t o or three wteks
w i! enrich the blood, improve the di
gestion r.-d ect as a 'Jeneral Strength
ening ionic to the wtolc svstem Na
ture will :hen throw off or dispel 'tite
worms, and the . nil.l will be in pe"!
boTtie'-Adv. lo f"k'- Oc per
/s completely washed out of the sys
tem by ti;e celebrated Shivar Mineral
Water. Positively cuaranted by
money-back orter. Tastes fine: costs a
trifle. PelivcreA anywhere by our
Richmond agents?Spcnce-Kunucnak?r
Co. i'hone them.?Adv.
Total of W>,r>30,0H:2.(H! Spoilt lij
< Muanlzat ion l p to ?liim* :{<>
in 10ui*o|i<*.
Kcrvlro Program, liu-lurlitm Athletic* ]
ami lOntcitiiiiiincnt I'Vaturns. Cost
97-1ft,tKfl?.?c;<-? (>\ or $17,<H>0,00<>
I'nmi War Work I-'iiikI.
M<? hih<-rp ??r the Kit'hmond Knights
of '"olumhus nriirr have rer^lvPfl a '
report from tin- supre!??? hoard ? ? T <1 i
rcetors ?>f i||i- organization showing 1
how tlif Knights <>f < "oliihihus have
spent tho $J T.ooo.ooo receiver) by them
n|? to .Ititii ;?n front ihe united war
fund of 11 To.ai'ii.noo. i iioir uuota of
w'lic'i was I25.0ii0.00n. In (his report
tin* Knights also ir a \ e ail accounting
f"r }l,i iii.tOi'.ud of their pro-dri?c i
f ?i ii ?I. tli?- f ii >i ?I collected by the
Knights of ? 'olumhus Ififl< [>on0?-iit?>- of
Slid [I, Jilt; United dfiVC of'
.No vembor 1 ii 1 s
III** cMii't to til I re< ejved from the
united war drive fund to Juno .10 of j
t hik y?*ii :* was 117.1 :to.2!M >7. in ? ?!11 J i ng
sa I vstiti> Items and tn!*? ol inn<nus re
funds. 'I'lii- illnburs^m<>hts from this
fund wrrf. for activities in the I'itit<>?]
States. S .i. t R VOli" .7 !?. and for activities
overseas. a total of $1."..
018.lt?. 41. leaving a nutiexpendod bal
ance on June ,'jo of 92.lt 2.1 Til it",.
t|i|nirllnrimnil of Fund*.
I lie 5 ? I RS.llfill "i't rxpctliioil f >r I 'II* -
itlos Ml I ho t.'nli-d St ? I oh In a pi> >i i
among th<- folio winu >-uIm1I\i slops,
liuilding proirram. In<-ludittg new con- :
"triH-tjon and addition**, rfnlnly opera- !
f:o!i a id ma iri11'nnt.('<? and oouipuicnt,
J1.:U'.t.n2_'. ?>Tho Knights had 17S
buildings ,'jid I*r 11rt' ' tents in tho
Ka?*erii Northeastern department.
e!ghryvfcino u! dings and liv ? tents in
tho Soli! h is torn departniont. 152 build
ings and seven tents in tho Central
Sou thorn depart mr-tit and for!v-two
buildings and live tents in iho U'ost- j
?!!' department. making a to'nl of;
IKl buildings and thirty-two touts.
Activities of service program, in- |
1 .iidiiic i?thistles and sports, motion ;
picturos and . iiiftr on tertainmouts. edu
cational. social and employment ser
vice oust *715.1550. ? mi supplies for i
free distribution. : tieludi ne stationery,
periodicals. tob.i'-oo. food and candy j
and mis-ellan o-is supplies. surh as
soup. shaving materials. etc., tho
Knights spont ? 1.0C3.3SS.U3.
Spent ?I,.V.(I,0>.2 llirond.
Kor their overseas work the Knight?.
[!} the your ending Jutie .'{0. st>0;it {?,.
.*..*)ft.ft*?.r,?_?. (if this amount V".o.2M II
whs spoilt on ItulldiiiK and ontilpment;
13?,lfi on a?h lot jvjf. social and
moving picture ontirtainments, r(o.
and for supplies for freo
ii i(< I rlii ii t foil.
Overseas tho Knights maintained 12."
huts ami dubs of substantial six.o,
ivriil? o;her more >>r loss ophemeral
chilis wore o(|tiippod ami maintained to
hr'ng the total number 'if Knights of
< olumbus poiiit.s of c intact with tiie
troops to :?-? i.f th?- '"1 u I's : iiirt v
t w?> were in (Jermanv. f >ur in Italy
and nlno in : h? liritisii l--.es. w ith one
r. ontly open-'d in Antwerp. In SI -
be i : ho Knights ..f t'olumbus have a
s try and more en route.
Tip Knights sent !.n7."i workers
overseas out of a total n imher of
11? a up i ;?-a :i t s. New Vorl; Stat led
with -02; Massachusetts supplied IK;
Illinois. ninety-three !'? Jinsvlvania.
Heal your child's
sick skin with
The minor skin troubles to which
infants and children arc subjcct ?
itching patches, bits ct chafing,
rash or redness ?so easily develop
into serious, stubborn affections,
that every mother shouid h.-ne
R f-sinoi Ointment on hand to check
them before tiiey get the upper,
hand. Doctors and nurses recom
mend Rcsin^i for this with the
utmost confidence because of its
harmless ingredients and its suc
cess in healing eczema and similar
serious skin diseases.
Resino! Ointment Ls sold by ail drujeista.
.sixfy-one: fnnnfrticut. foriv-nine: In
diana. thirty-eight. Kvery State in the
1 ? m was retiresented In the overseas
ranks ,,f n,o Nnight* of Columbus.
Mouther* \k? |tcf??c fo |ijsrtlMW Ar.
rnnncnirnl* Made In Almfnif of
Ktirthrr Inforiimtinn.
IRv A*?<\?M*te.) Pr<*Ks 1
PAKIS. AucuKt I /rhc Persian
mission in i-aris headed by All Uoii j
Khan. Minister of Kor?|gn Affairs. ? is
Ignorant of t no detail* of the treaty)
tecently signed between tireat Britain
iin<i Persia. all negotiations bavins,
taken place m Teheran.
The only news received by thfe Per
f'an mission is a simple notice by
tci^ra in 'that an accord has been
Tlt?' mission declines 10 discuss the |
arrangement in the alienee of further j
Information. but one of the delegates
.'.ii<i tod.v that he thought the agree-I
menr tuns* necessarily provide that j
<?rent Britain guarantee t.he indepen-j
? ["?ni-e of Persia, whIO. was one Of
the three demands the commission t
presented t?> the peace conference.
* ,
Soldier* Drnfrncd in Scrvlrf Study l<lp.
I ten ill nix Wltli (?noil
WASHINGTON. AiiiUst 17. ? The Fed
eral Board for Vocational Kducation,
gives the disabled soldier Just what he'
needs moat to help In hlf> present 1
emergency. loo.king forward to a real'
vocational course later. Many foreign- j
born Americans needed training in fun
danit-nt iIs, particularly In elementary ; I
kltiglish. Almost M'O of these have be
gun their courses. Americanization |g ! |
another of the courses which the need
for better citizenship has developed.
Two men are studying to overcome I
the handle-in of stammering. I,ip read,
inc is proving ,< uveal murno of en- I
oouraeement as well as a real practical
Itonclli to soldler.K who have lost their j
hearing. In March of this year a deaf-,
ened soldier, suffering from facial
paralysis, which impaired his specch.il
entered a course for lip reading. lie i
was melancholy and despondent. By i
the end of June he had become a clever j
Up reader, the paralysis ha?i bet>n re- ,
lieved and his repulsive expression had ?
disappeared. He has now returned to!
liis former occupation and is carrying!
on as an electrician.
as a Flea-less Dog
There "ain't no such animal" as a
continuously tlea-lesa dog unless lie
is washed frequently, at least once
every week, with Sergeant's Skip-Flea
Bathe juur dog regularly?in sum
mer twice u week isn't too often ?
with Sergeant's Skip-Flea Soap and
make him the jjt companion for your
Head the following letter from
Froeh ling Robertson, well known
analytical chemists:
"We have witnessed the application
of Sergeant's Skip-Flea Soap on a
flea infested dog and made microscopic
examination of the tleas remaining on
and taken from the dog after* the
bath We found every flea dead, the
bottom of the bath tub brown with
dead fleas and many floating on top, I
all dead. it is perfectly harmless to.
the. most delicate skin."
And Sergeant's Skip-Flea Soap is I
wonderful for humans. It positively j
rids children and "grown-ups" of lice,
c.higgers. sand fleas and pedicula
pubis they may "pick up." It acts
surely, safely and promptly and it's a :
soothing bath and shampoo soap.
<-Jet Sergeant's Skip-Flea Soup at
Drug. Department, and Sporting Cioods
Stores and Pet Shops. It's 25c the i
cake. If your dealer cannot supply'
you. write Polk Miller Drug Company.
Inc., Richmond. Va.. enclosing '_'5c, and
a cake will be sent you poatpaid.
We can NOW save you money on your Coal supply.
Makes no difference whether you move in August, Sep
tember or October, we can do it!
Madison 1069 or 1070.
Ask for our representative to call on you in person
and tell you how.
???? pi in??oBi-hhii II -ifrr nil Q| II??rnmmmm?-flriwin hum??^
as new as charming
THESE CAMISOLES arrived too late to be of
fered in the Sunday silk underwear announce
ment. The styles have been happily chosen;
they offer a wide range of the newest ideas.
A SATIN tailored model at for example; has
hemstitched top and an odd panel in front,
framed in hemstitching, carrying parti-colored
French embroidery.
ALSO there are Crepe de Chines and Satins with
modesty sleeves and sleeveless, tailored and lace
trimmed, daintily beribboned or trimmed in
French blossoms, $3.50 and
T. 8-1*. 1ft
Klcclrirnl and Medicinal Treatment for:
tlfnrnflen of Stomnrh, Liver, Kldn?7?,
Drhllily, l'ro?trnt ion. Ithramitlim,
.Neurit!*, Sclntlru, Lunibuico, 2*?raljr
?lft, Drnpaj-, I'll en. Ketema, Aatkaa,
Cutnrrh. Uoltrc, etc.
Ritahllihrd la Rlchm?n4 foal
yearn. Hundreds or pttlcnla teitilf
to ?ucce*mful irtatraeni of most dU*
Ui-ult vn?N.
EXAMINATION FUKK. Term* of Treatment Within Reach of All.
Hour*! Unlly, O \. ill. to 9 P. 91. Sundar. lO A. Al. to 1U10 P. M.
New Loenri.ini loo 1 K. Clay Street.
Eoatliennt Corner ll)th V\ Ith Any Other
and Clay Street*. < Entire ilatldlncl Doctors 1b City*
' Otd Folks sistd Young
Grow Much Stronger Mentally and Physically, when
their Blood is Clear and Rich.
Poisons in the Blood, caused by waste matter or
malarial germs, make the body and mind dull and
weak, a condition ordinarily called Laziness.
These impurities in the Blood make folks pale, sickly
and easily chilled.
Thin, Weak Blood does not supply the necessary
nourishment and warmth to make strong bodies,
powerful minds, bright eyes and good complexions.
Tasteless chill Tonic
restores Energy and Vitality by creating new healthy
blood. When you feel its strengthening, invigorating
effect, see how it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then appreciate
its true tonic value.
It destroys the Malarial Germs and removes the
Impurities in the Blood.
GROVE'S TASTELESS Chill TONIC is not a patent
medicine. It is simply IRON and QUININE sus
pended in Syrup. So pleasant even children like it.
The Quinine and Iron does not dissolve in the syrup
and, therefore, does not make the syrup bitter. You
do not taste the bitter Quinine and you do not
taste the Iron because both are completely covered
with syrup when swallowed.
The Iron used in GROVE'S TASTELESS Chill
TONIC does not discolor the teeth or injure the
enamel and it agrees with the stomach better
than other forms of Iron.
The Specially-Prepared Quinine used in GROVE'S
TASTELESS Chili TONIC differs from the ordinary
Sulphate of Quinine, in that it does not cause nerv
ousness or ringing in the head and does not disturb
the stomach, making it especially adapted to children
and delicate adults who cannot retain anything of a
nauseating nature.
Tasteless chill Tonic
Purifies and Enriches the
Prloo 60o per Bottle

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