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Housewife Will Now Plan Meals Entirely Different, If
.Wise, to Arouse Appetites Jaded by Summer's
Heat?Fruit Sauces Prove Excellent.
nv MHS. M. A. M'H.SON.
(Copyright. l'Jl'J. hy Mrs. M. A. Wilson.) 1
At the closc of the month of August J
the business folk begin to feel satiated |
With most of the summer foods an?l ?
they feel that shortly the autumn'days, 1
?with their heralding of the bleak win- I
ter days to come, should bring a 1
change, in their daily tflet.
The wise housewife will now plan !
bo tha-t an entirely different menu I
will afford a change of <1 iet and in 1
this way provide variety, which is [
really the spice of life.
Just about this time it would be j
rousing to the finicky appetite to be- !
gin using the ready prepared cereals
ill small quantities. t,"se a fruit sauce
in place of the sugar and cream on
these cereals. With this serve bar- !
becucd ham, French, Swiss or Italian
omelets, toast or mutftns and a cup
of good coffee.
To I'rcpnre Krult Snucr*.
Windfall and summer apples are in
the markets and will supply a variety
of fruits for breakfast. To prepare
the apples wash them thoroughly and
then cut into pieces, discarding the
wormy and bruised parts. Add one
quart of water to each one-quarter
peck, or three and one-half pounds
?<f apples. tiring to a boil and cook
?until soft. Cool and then rub through
n sieve to remove the seeds, core and
Eklns. Keturn this apple puree to the
baurcpan and add
One and one-half teaspoons of cin
Or?; and one-half cups of brown
Stir to dissolve and then bring to
li boil. Cook slowly for ten minutes
nn>l then cool.
Unrbrriir of Ham
Place in a saucepan
One tablespoon of butter,
one tablespoon of vinegar.
One teaspoon of grated onion.
One teaspoon of Sinely minced pars
One tablespoon of currant, grape or
other tart Jelly.
Add a thin slice of cold boiled ham
for each person and heat slowly for
ten minutes.
Chicken, veal, cold roast beef or
mutton may he used to replace the
ham and provide variety.
Vegetable omelets nscely made will
also appeal to the jaded and finicky
eater. Make the omelet in the usual
manner and just before folding spread
with vegetables prepared in the fol
lowing manner.
To I'rrpnre Vrgetnlilr* for Omelet.
Kit her >1 <1 cooked leftover vege
table." or freshly prepared ones may
be used. Carrots-, s'j jash. corn, spinach,
beets. pciii. tomatoes, cabbage, celery
?nd other vegetables are among those
on the available list.
Place one-half cup of any leftovre
cooked vegetable in a saucepan and
One tablespoon of bu'ter.
One tablespoon of water.
One teaspoon of Worcestershire |
One-half teaspoon of salt.
One-quarter teaspoon of paprika.
Mix thoroughly and then heat
slowly in a saucepan until the boil
ing point is reached. Then spread on
tlit! prepared omelet. Fold and roll
the omelet and garnish with cress or
Try frizzling dried beef In this
manner: 1'our boiling water over the
dried beef and turn at once into a
colander to drain and then pat dry!
with a cloth. Place two tablespoons j
of bacon or ham fat in the frying)
pan. add the beef and toss it gently ?
until frizzled. Add one cup of milk ;
and let it come to a boil, and then !
turn on toast.
Try serving tggs baked in tom.i- |
toes or green peppers with either
plain cream or cheese sauce. Cut a
slice from the tomato and with a spoon
scoop out the centers. Now break
three eggs in ,*t bowl and add
One-half teaspoon of salt,
One-quarter teaspoon of paprika.
Add the pulp of the tomatoes. 1
rubbed through a fine sieve. Iteat
this mixture well to mix and then
lili Into the tomatoes. Set them in a
baking dish and add one-quarter cup
of water. Hake in a moderate oven
until firm in the renter. .Just before
removing from the oven lay strips
of bacon across each tomato. A few
tablespoon* of crushed corn or finely
minced cold cooked meat may also
be added for variety. Three eggs
usually till four medium-sized to
Scrambled I'.ceh Creole Style.
Two gre<>n peppers,
Two medium-sized onions.
Two branches of parsley,
One iar^e tomato.
Mince very fine and then cook until
soft and dry. Now place four table
spoons of bacon or ham fat in a fry
ing pan and when hot break three
eggs in a bowl and add
The prepared peppers, onion and
tomato mixture.
Onc-2ialf teaspoon of salt.
One-quarter teaspoon of paprika.
Two tablespoons of evaporated milk.
Beat to thoroughly blend. Pour into
the hot |?an and gently .ftir until
nearly set. l.lft on slices o,? buttered
toast and cover with cream sauce,
and sprinkle with finely chopped pars
Kre-nch Tornt With Mm I Snnce.
Mince line the cold leftover meat.
Make one cup of thin cream sauce
and then add
One teaspoon of salt.
One-half teaspoon of pepper,
Pinch of mustard.
One-half cup of cold leftover meat,
minced tine
11.-a*, unt-1 scalding hot and t>.*n
dip slices of s'.aie bread in the fol
lowing mixture:
One eRK,
<"?ne cup of milk.
Fry until yolden brown in hot fa'
and cover with meat sauce. Oarnish
with finely minced parsley and serve.
Of course, h^ sa* and hoard just,
what the first Orfio had seen and heard,
a nil, its Kvmi :ia nis mother had left the
hoi lint: kettle the K>-conil nRr<;, ho.d
Ing the cup high over his head. re
peated :
"Magic !irjuld show to me
All the tilings I want to see."
And just as had happened to the
first f>gr**. the %e--ond instantly found
himself at the bottom of the river arid
saw the pearl, but when he reached
f(,r it the same thing that hud hap
pened to his brother happened now to
The hip Polphin reached the pear!
lirst, took it in his mouth and then
with a li n touched the Ogre and
changed him into .1 big rock with the
top sticking up through the water like
a huge black he id.
When the Wit. h had gone to the
boiling pot that night and danced about
it in her revel of magic spell she had
wished lu And n?-r first son. so when
she had drunk of the boiling liquid
she was instantly carried on h?'r broom
stick to th>- to;> ..f the black rock
titK-kir.g up fr (ii the riv.-r.
Of course, being a witch, she knew
what had happened ? that'the rock was
her son. who had been changed in some
way. And until she found out how
he was changed she was powerless to
bring iiirn hack to his own fi-rm.
And while the witch stood thTe, up
from the river rose the second rock,
close beside the other, and with a cry
of alarm the witch flew away on her
broomstick to tier cave, for she knew
some magic spell must be at work,
and she wanted to save her third son
from the fate that had overtaken his
To her joy she found him sleeping
safe and sound in his bed, and no
harm befallen him.
The next morning, when she called
Paris Style Ideas
Hip Fullness
At the Doucet opening in Paris the
buyers were enthusiastic, especially
about the suits, which are regarded as
being the best in the city.
Long Jackets.?Many new features
were noted, including long jackets
which are rounded away from the
knees in front and grow longer toward
the back, where they reach the hem
of the skirt. A suit of velour de laine
combined with nutria has a knee
length jacket, while the akirt has
crinolino just above the knees. Belts
are not seen. Some jackcts show go
dets on the sides, and all models flare
at the hem.
Hip Fullness.?Skirts are full at the
hips, yet are drawn in at the hem,
thus produ-eing a tonneau silhouette
They are from ten to twelve inches
from the ground.
Handsome furs are used extensively
for broad bands and for collars of the
shawl variety, which stand up above
the cars.
There are a few wrist jackets, but
long modeUs predominate.
Velour de Laine Much Used.?Much
velour de laine is used, ;ls well as
rough serge voloutine, dovetyn and
velvet. Among the furs are marmotte.
castor, martin, dyed rabbit and caracul.
Among the suit colors much tillc-ul
(lime coler) is seen. Other colors are
bright blue, bottle green and gray.
Crinoline Presses.?The new feature
in dresses is the modified crinoline.
Some evening gowns preserve the
straight lines, while others use crino
line and panniers.
Narrow lira id Trimming.?There is
much velour de 'laine, rough serge,
duvetyn and Scotch plaid. Some nar
row braid trimming is seen, but there
is no suggestion of militarism.
High standing collars are on some
afternoon dresses, which generally
have short sleeves and enormous sa-sh
es of bright-hucd or Scotch plaid rib
bo n.?*.
Extreme TVto k Dercoll-ete.?Evening
dresses emphasize the extreme back
decollete. Some of the models have
clinging drapery, others achieve a
slight suggestion of the crinoline by
ruches over the hips.
Chantl-11y and metal laces have been
revived, and there is much use of vel
vet, brocaded metai cloths and tulle.
Kmbroidery is seen, but is less promi
WllllAjn Roy*l .Tones (32). Richmond.
Mario Vlerirn Hamw (2S). Richmond,
l.ftmproa Zaharlan (25). Richmond.
Kf Lalio Tcllo (34). Richmond.
her son for hi? breakfast, he asked:
"Where arc my brothers?"
Upon being told they were lost, he
"Novr, tell me. witch-mother, how
to find the pearl, for there .ire no
longer two others to quarrel with m?
over the Princess. You can tell the
secret to me."
"You will find the peal,'* said the
old Witch, "at the Jiottom of the river.
Swim forty strokes from the bank,
near the big white rock, and dive.
There you will fee the pearl among
the seaweed and sand, but you must
first know that some terrible fate has
changer your brothers into huge black
rocks, and 1 fear that in looking for
ttie pearl thin thing has come about."
Hut nothing but the Princess for his
wife would content thf Ogre, and he
set out to follow the instructions of
the witch and find it.
At the bar.k of the river he found
the big white rock. and. swimming
forty strokes from there, as the old
Witch had told him. the <?gre dived to
the bottom of the river arid there was
the pearl, beautiful in the sunlight,
which shone through the water.
Hut as e reached for it the watchful
Dolphin pushed him aside with his fin
am! took the pearl in his mouth, anil
above the water, beside the other black
rorks there appeared another huge
black head.
The old Witch waited in her cave,
but her son did not return, and as her
magic arts could only be worked at
night, she had to wait until midnight
before she could drink from her pot
and sec the things she wished to be
(Continued tomorrow.)
Tomorrow's story, "The Three Ogres
and the Pearl." P.trt III.?Copyright.
Ifl3. by the McClure Newspaper Syn
dicate, New York City.
Packing Lima Beans
Do It Quickly
Gather lrma beans for canning when
the. beans are in prime condition for
the table. The sooner the beans are
canned after picking, the better the
After shelling the beans, sort care
fully according to size. Hlaneh for
three to eight minutes in live stearn
or boiling water. Drain well and pack
immediately in hot glass jars which
have been boiled for fifteen minutes.
Kill jars with a brine made with five
tablespoons of salt and one gallon of
water. Put on rubber ring which has
been dipped in a hot soda solution
(one teaspoon bak ing soda to one
ciuart water). Half screw on top
(which has been boiled fifteen minutes)
if a screw-top jar is used, or fasten
the top bail if a glass-top jar is
used. Place jars on false bottom in
the water-bath canner, either home
made or commercial. Water should
cover the tops of the jars. If one
period of processing is used, boil for
ISO minutes after water starts to boil.
If the intermittent processing is fol
lowed. boil one hour on each of three
successive days.
A steam-pressure canner is recom
mended for the canning of lima beans.
If one is used, process for fifteen
minutes under ten pounds of steam at
a temperature of 240 degrees K. After
processing the required time, remove
the tilled containers, tighten the covers
of the jars, cool and lest the. seal.
When cold, wrap in paper and store
in a dry, cool, dark place.
Usually, a hotter flavored finished
lima bean product is obtained by dry
ing lima beans instead of canning
Very large lima beans are often
canned with corn for succotash in parts
of the country where corn and beans
mature at the same time.?United
States Department of Agriculture.
The touch of orange seems to be a
favorite for window display purposes,
not only in millinery, which has blazed
forth with it, but with blouses as well.
A novelty blouse of taupe, with orange,
is shown. ICach of the three exempli
fies a different ove.r-the-skirt length,
the orange decorated one being a
pleated coatee to the hips. A long vel
vet throw about the neck Is orange
faced. The lining Is also in that color,
and a velvet girdle is chromite dotted.
Another blouse Is of navy Georgette,
with a wide-braid border that brings
it to the knees. The upper parts is
simple, a square, collarless neck and a
heavy silk rope girdle. The third num
ber shown is one of those that figured
In a rccent display of batik decorated
chiiTon velvet models.
I.ynohburK. August 14. 191 !>.
Dear Miss Fairfax. ? I lia\e been enKaKCd
to it wqnili>r(ul Klrl for two ye?rn. but
i lately ?hc ?h'>w? mikiik of tiring of m?-.. Sh
xi'fina to have lost ln-r former afTe<-U'>n and
; de?ir?? for my company. She Is always
I courteous an<l ih-vc r slights ine. however
I am un thoughtful an'! attentive as I know
| how to b". a nil. of inurs", love her ?|e- I
vo?e?lly. .She has not askeii to be released
: from her nn'iiifmint. anil I know her to
be true ariO honorable in every r*'si>e<.t. an-l
she may hsit?> to wound me. How can I
rtifain her love? A HKADKK.
There is no recipe for regaining love
j onre lost. J urn sorry to say, hut I
1 think the trouble in this case is the
I long engagement. Two years is so aw
fully long these days for people to be
engaged. Have a frank talk with the
erirl antl get to the bottom of the
trouble without any heroics and put it
up to her scjuarely about continuing
the engagement. Your description of
her sounds like the sort of girl that
would be honest with you.
Oatmeal soap can be made at home
by procuring one pound of ordinary
Castile soap, half a pound of oatmeal
and a little water; stir the soap with
the water in a pan over the lire until
melted. A<ltl the oatmeal, and then,
when thoroughly mixed, turn out on
a board to cool. Divide the result into
small cakes, and after these have been
left to dry for a few days they are
ready for using.
It will be found that a tear in a
kid glove can easily be mended with
a strip of adhesive tape. Cut off a
piece suflicicritly large to cover the
damaged place. iJraw the torn edge.o
carefully together and apply the piece
of tape to the spot on the wrong side
of the glove, pressing down firmly. If
advisable to remove the patch later,
draw the tear together with a needle
and thread and replace the tape.
Knives and forks which have been
used for fish should be dipped in tea
leaves before being washed and all
smell of fish will be thus removed.
To clean carved ivory ornaments,
make a paste of sawdust slightly
moistened with water and lemon juice.
Spread the paste on the ivory and
allow it to dry thoroughly, then brush
it off carefully with a soft brush.
To peel ripe tomatoes without put
ting in hot water, press the back edtre
of the blade of the kntfe gently all
over the surface of the tomato, then
tnake an incision in the skin with the
sharp edce of the knife and it can be
peeled off and the tomato served im
Canning Plums
Select Sound Fruit
Cood canning plums are sound, ripe,
and uniform. Wi-.sh the fruit and prick
with a needle to prevent bursting. Pack
as tirmlv as possible without crushing!
into jars, which have been boiled '
fifteen minutes. Kill jar with a sirup
made by boiling eleven cups of sugar
in four quarts of water. Put on rub
ber. which is taken from hot soda
solution, one teaspoon soda to one quart
of water, and a boiled jar top.
If a screw top jar is used, screw on i
half way; if a g!\ss tori with wire b-\i!.
put top bail in position and leave
lower one unfastened. Place jars on
false bottom in boiler with water to
cover. Process or boil quarts fifteen
minutes. Remove, tighten tops, in
vert to test for leaks and store in'
a cool, dark, dry place.?United States
Department of Agriculture.
The smooth shoulder is apparently
one of the accepted vogues of the
f.ill season, for it is found in almost
every showing, though not always in
the kimono sleeve interpretation, but
often in some raglan variation. Such
:r the case in the extensive collec
tion of blouses shown where a pair
of long, slanting seams from neck to
under arm are the favorite mode of'
setting in the sleeve.
In addition to giving the smooth
shoulder idea, th's also furnishes op
portunity for lace and ribbon trim
ming in pipings, or as entre deux to
mark the seam. Feather-st itchin
in contrast color performs the same
function effectively.
Here there is still retained faith in
t"he tablier front, shown in several I
blouses in the lighter colorings and
in combination with the slanting
The Original
Malted Milk
Fop Infants and Invalids
A*oi d Imitations and Subntituui
Little Talks
No. 61
New patrons of the T&E
Rough Dry plan are so
well pleased with T&E
service that they couldn't
be persuaded to return to
old-fashioned methods?
neither can you if you give
us a few weeks' trial.
Service is one of the big
things in our business.
There are four partners,
each of whom has had 20
years or more experience
in laundry work and looks
after a separate depart
This is a very unusual
circumstance, and the re
sult is an unusual type of
laundry service.
Let us do your family
wash the T&I<> ROUGH
DRY way a few weeks and
see for yourself.
Phone Madison 4S42 or
4843?a T&E wagon will
926-928 West Broad Street.
Petersburg Branch, 101 West, Hunk.
Hoixweil Branch, 51 Broadway.
Puzzle Picture
"rnw from one to two nnd no on to
tlie rnd.
shoulder seam, as in the ease of a
blouse whose seams use Irish crochet
entre deux, with the apron lin:shed
with imitation Irish medallions.
Another sleeve featured is a de
cided novelty, which has proved so
popular, that it has been carried over
from spring line for the fall. Th.s
one is cut wide, kimono fashion, and
is left open without a seam under
the arm.
Even at this early date, a smartly
crowned Kirl was seen in the Ritz with
a turban entirely of oxidized silver
cloth draped in the Hindoo wrapping,
but not with a separate crown tip tiiat
has been the usual way of" mak ink this
type of turban. In this instance the
entire hat was wrapped and was dis
tinctly sinater than with the lip.
So many buyers have said that the
tinsel .'ffects will undoubtedly be good
later, but no; so early in the season
that this hat was quite notable by
reason of its early appearance.
Apart from the human species, no
land animals can sing.
Income tax is paid in the United
Kingdom by 3.4f>0.000 persons.
I'igeons have been known to fly <500
miles in continuous flight in ten hours.
U. 5. Consul Trankffrrfd.
I By Asfviciatrd Press 1
; ?A. T. Haeberle. of Missouri, Ameri
can consul here since 151.". sailed last
week for Rio Janeiro to take charge of
the consulate general there. Many
American and Brazilian friends went
to the docks, accompanied by a mili
tary band, to bid him farewell.
Out of the High Rent
.Now Showing
A Gorgeous
Display of These
Sparkling Stones
Beautiful, flawless diamonds
?each selected by our experts
for size, style and purity of
color. Bo sure you purchase
yours of a reliable dealer?one
who knows diamond values.
Let us advise you in this im
portant selection. Our prices
are lower.
M'atches-?Standard Make?
& CO.
14th and Main Streets.
? The Store That Pleases. S
N'w Priire** (in* ItmiKe* A
All Our l.rndern ^
Jones Bros. |
& Co., Inc. |
1418-20 K. Mnln Street. |
More Thnn UO.OIKI CiKiirr(lr<t Tnkril In
'I'hlexen* Seeoml Ituiil <111 llol
I liiKl'rouk Slrrrl,
[Special )o The Times-1>ispatch. 1
I'KTKIISI'.rUt;. VA., AUgUSt IS.?The
wholesale grocery store of K. I-*.
Thweatt & Brothers. in Bollingbrook
Street, was again broken into some _
time bt'lwevn Saturday night and early I
this morning. anil some -0.000 i>r 30,- J
"00 cigarettes were stolen. A few |
weeks ago this st-re was robbed of
several hundred dollars' worth of
cigars and c igarettes. Kntrance in this
instance was gained through a rear !
window. Nothing >?tj? cigarett'-'s are
missing. There have been some con
vietiins of s'ac perpetrators of the
lirst robbery.
?lumped In the Itiver While Onuik.
Herman ilosser, a voting white man.
said to have been so drunk he did not
know what he was <l?ing. jumped in
t )i?r river from the city wharf last
night. His cries for lielp attracted
attention and assistance. llosser was
able to swim to a small b'-at anchored
out jn the river, from which lie was
rescued. He was found to be drunk
anil was taken t>? the police station.
This morning in tiie Police Court he
was tiiied and ? osts.
I.epr Cut Oil" l?y Trnln.
Charles Key, colored, of Kinporla,
in attempting to board .i morning
train at that p!a--e on' Saturday lost
'us hold, and was thrown on the track.
His right leg was crushed be* ween j
the knee and ankle. He was placed
on tlie train and sent t<> the hospital i
at Rocky Mount. N. C. The accident j
was witnessed by a number of people
; at the dopot, who expected to see liiin J
. killed.
Attempted Suicide.
Reulah llrown. the colored girl who
shot and killed her brother. ?5eorge i
Johnson, in self defence last week, has
develop insanity, and attempted to
commit suicide in jail by hanging her- i
self Saturday night. She made a rope I
out of a blanket, and adjusted it about !
iier neck. She- was rescued in time to
; save her life by the jailor. The wo
1 man's mind has given away under the ;
. illusion !i>;.t her dead brother is pur
suing her with the intent to kill. The
girl j.s sevente >n years ago, and was
? married at t,.u agt of fourteen years.
\o(M of Interest.
It is estimated that fully 4.000 people
heard the free band concert in Central
I'ark Sunday afternoon.
A number of orders, were placed at
the post-ollice today, mostly for roast
beef and canned vegetables. Orders
are expected to increase in number
Lieutenant Thomas Ballatine has
been relieved as lire marshal of Camp
Lee. and is at his home in Savannah,
(la., on furlough. <>n several occa
sions he has rendered valuable assist
ance in Petersburg and Hopewell.
In the Police Court this morning
Heorge Plowden and Benjamin tJibbs,
negroes, charged with highway rob
bery, were held for trial In the Hust
ings Court. They were identified as
the men who. on Wednesday night last,
held up and robbed 11. Silverstein, of
his watch and ?-".0 in money.
Henry White on Vnentlon.
I By Associated I'res^.l
PARIS, August IS.?Henry White,
of the American peace delegation, has
pone to Scheveningen, Holland, for a
week's rest.
Why Not Buy That
You've been planning to buy it
for months?ever since you
heard it last time at a friend's
house. Remember what you
said ??
"Really, it's incredible! I could
swear Anna Case was right here
in the room. I don't doubt their
claim about the tone test?that
you can't toll the living artist
from the instrument when you
hear them together."
The C. B. Haynes Co., Inc.
Second and Drond Sfreet*.
'T* Wl" "I W
Furniture Sale!
Stocks Actually
Selling Out!
We are now facing an unpre
cedented condition: Stocks are
on the verge of completely sell
ing out. This is particularly
true of Dining-room, Bed-room
and Irving-room Suites of the
better grades. This remarkable,
fact is stronger evidence of the
character of Pettit Furniture
and Pettit Values than anything
we can say in type. If you in
tend taking advantage of tins
Pettit sale, you must call imme
diately. Easy terms arranged.
Purchases stored free for later
t//&lAimer J^rotfie
Tub Frocks for Little Girls
2 to (5 Years.
Novelty Ginghams and solid Cham
brays, round-necked and short-waisted
frocks, made smart and beautiful by
novel ideas in hand-work,
$2.48 to $2.98
Little Girls' Play Frocks
Sizes 2 to 5 Years.
Very simple little Apron-Dresses of nine
and Tink Novelty Checked Gingham, with
collars, belt and pocket trimmings of
white madras.
Especially recommended for splendid
laundering qualities and durability,
98c Each
Paul Jones Suiis for Stylish
Little Boys
2 to 8 Years.
Straight Pants and Middy
Blouse of very fine, heavy
middy drill, with smart
blue collar and cuffs, black
tie, and emblem on sleeve,
t> A
Hopkins' for Bargains.
full line of the
0 Simmons Beds,
k which are ?o extensively ad
U You Want
What You Want
When You Want !t
That's why most persons
have their glasses made and
repaired HALL'S WAY.
The best QUALITY and the
found anywhere.
(Bet. Fonsheo and Adams). fi
211 E. Broad St.
503 E. Franklin St.
PURE Purchaser
Is the most discriminating retail customer in all the world;
he is a judge of musical worth, of architectural design and
of manufacturing skill. They play any record and are ob
tainable only at
$75.00 WEBB PIANO CO. Between
_ to Manufacturer's Distributors, Broad and
$500.00 214 Jiorth Third Street. Grace

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