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Mrs. Westmoreland D&vIb left yeu
tftrday for a motor trip to Warrenton,
where nhe will attend tho annual
Horse Show held at that place. Mr*.
Davis Je returning to the Lxecutive
?Mansion On Friday, where sho will re
main until after the extra session of
the General Assembly.
The Horso Show in Warrenton Is
always one the most fashionable
events of the late summer season, and
smart society from all parts of the
State will bo In attenedance. There
will be a brilliant ball following the*
last day's events, and many informal
affairs will be given in honor of the
guests in Warrenton for that occasion,
(.unit of ItrlntIvcm.
Major-General Sir William I.assiter.
who has Just returned to this coun
try alter two years' service in Franee,
has been spending several davs in
Richmond with his slst?r. Mrs. Lnnlon
Williams, at her home in Gintcr Park.
l?r. and Mrs. WlUlatns entertained a
number of friends at dinner at the
Country Club of Virginia Saturday
evening in honor of their brother
General Lasslter w:m the highest rank
ing \ Irginlan with the American ex
peditionary Torces. and Is one of the
nve American officers knighted for
their services abroad. He served as
[ershing's thief of artillery while in
r ranee, and was in London for the
recent celebration of peace there, as
well as at Paris for the parade on
Hastllie l>a.v.
General l^assiter is leaving shortly
for a visit to the White Sulphur
Springs. '
Leave for Cnmplng Trip, **
Misses Mary Bulllngton, of Hon Air
?'OUlse Winston. Mary Thomas and
? Irglnia Lee Cox, of Richmond, and
Miss Bees Jeffries, of Charles City Igft
yesterday to join a party of friends
tor a tumping trip near Staunton
The party will be chaperoned by Mrs.
Robert M, Uullington. of Bon \ir
SUun't,on;r ?u?8ls will Join them in
Informal affairs have been planned
for the several weeks of the camp, and
untiPV/.?,*J ,"0l.r< turn to Richmond
jntii after >cj> tern her 1.
In Hath ('ounl.v,
an dr',h,ni'' Mrs William A. Shepherd
?f Richmond, are
f&rh'? K?'nc Vmc ,h"r camp in
Rah County. Later Mrs. Sheoerd
*nd the children will go to the Warm
M"fl ir'r" ShT>fl<rd will return
to h!n horn* h*r*. uul
1 nprnKcmr fj r Announced.
t hk r ?hd-'L'L^ rti' 11, Ranks announce
I ?r 'h'lr daughter
'nond l? Max B' Barkcr' oe Kiel.:
^Urrligr Announrrd.
Mrs. Lexvan, of 1814 East Mam
d/ugh t e*"TtU?aC?f l$f rna.rrla*^ of her
?* on Last Main'streTt' aft?r Au*uet
for an extended ?!?>?' * ''rove Avenue.
. turned *to^ ItlSmnnT" fS?*"*'?, / * ?
N>li 'york" cu'v L'i'F't Sprln*?- Oum \Vv".
,^c%. io.k City uml 1/jn* lilknn.
Cr!r"\tiM ' Johnston and her daugh
.r*I*?a -Mary Johnator. ,n J.. J*"
m-nth at "Castle If.II. nr*,r Lex.nxtok *
Hli.ih and Port* Butler
turned to R hmnnd. ?fl'r vi.mnt uui
Um.rc+r*l Whit.. ?t McK?i,nev
jLrni. 1 ? >rf;'tn'iPafent? Mr u;jd 'Mrs
Jjrnes A. uunnlnx. In Haitimurc
mine guards are Jailed,
Mulberry, Florida, People Declare Men
1-lred Indlnrrlmlnutel)
luto 'I'om n.
(By AgbOcUted Trots.)
TAMPA. FLA., Augu.-t !?-Kour
5? V 1 a r to bc" ouards at the
I rairie f ebb.e Phosphate Company's
mine, arc ho.d In jail at Hartow in
i-onnfcction with a bhooting" afTray to
night at Mulberry, forty miles from
. r0' '".which the young babv of Wil
liam H heeler, a negro, was killed and
?"arT) Beasley and Luki j\ingt ncgro^**'
?ere shot through the bodv and seri-'
ously wour.dfd
The mine guards claim, according to
Sheriff Logan, who said he did not
have a. record of their names, that
they were fired on by Rca-siev, a (or
itur employee of the mine, which is
bring operated by nonunion men. fol
lowing a strike lasting several months.
Tn.s guards claim they returned the
tire, but did not leave the mine prop
er ty.
Or. L. R. Carter. Mayor of Mulberry,
.said reputable citizens saw some of
the guards come close to the town, a
quarter of a mile distant from the
mine, and fire indiscriminately, and
that the houses of several white fam
ilies were riddled with bullets. The
Mayor said he had wired Governor
Catts. asking that the countv guards
he called out He said th<i "people of
Mulberry were greatly .incensed be
cause their town had been rtrt-d on.
Beasley, who is seriously wounded,
was hit by buckshot, while the woman
and child were hit by bullets from
high-powered rifles. The woman was
holding the child, belonging to a neigh
bor. in her arms when the firing took
place. one of the mine guards ar
rested was named Gobel, aceordin~ to
the Mayor.
Late tonight three more shots were
fired over the town, but went too hi^h
to hit anything. The .shots came fro"m
the direction of the mine, according to
Secretary L'rquliart. of the miners'
Southern Republic Preparing for .Mil
lion linmlKraiitH Within
Year's Time.
MBXICO CITY, August IS.?How to
make homes for a million prospective
new colonists, how to make these per
sons tit into the. scheme of life here,
and how to distribute them over the
republic are questions of immigration
receiving the attention of a special
commission appointed by President
C.i rra nza.
According to data collected bv this
committee on articles of first neces
sity l.MiO.OOO persons will migrate
from various Kuropean and Asiatic
countries to Mexico within the next
year. They are expected to leave their
native lands because of disrupted con
ditions due to the war.
Communications rVccived here from
Kngland, France. Germany and Russia
indicate that colonies of those na
tionals arc already being formed and
will embark for Mexico at an oppor
tune moment.
Ltjls Luderty Rul. president of the
investigating committee, has been
nuoted as saying that Mexico welcomes
all dependable colonists.
The committee has made no an
nouncement as to the location of tho
various colonies; whether they arc to
receive, grants of land or are to bo
assimilated among the natives. Jt is
believed, however, that there is sulli
cieat undeveloped land in the republic
to accommodate all home-seekers, and
that equitable disi ribut ion will bo
made as occasion demands.
Lower California at present appears
to be the goal of a large number of
repatriated Mexicans who for the past
few years have been living In the
United States. K1 Democrats asserts
that within the next few months 5,000
new Mexican families will be ?Btab
llahed there.
Stago Mauds and Musician* Join
Striking Actors iu Demands
Upon Mimagers.
Chorus Girls and Stars of Bta?e
I Tramp Through Iiaiii Singing
I Hongs?Miss Helen Keller Cheered
I Often.
?IiV tMilvermt Servic*.)
NEW VORK. August IS.?Shades of
darkness cloned down on three more
theaters this evening and also one. roof
garden. They were compelled to ex
tinguish jheir lights as the result of
| the walkout of sta'gc hands and tnus.
1 clans.
i The number of theaters closed by
; th?* latest recruits t'? the cause of the
| actors is now six. The total number
of playhouses rinsed up is sixteen and
two roof gardens
The houses affected tonight were the
Kelwyn, Astor, Forty-eighth Street
Theater and tho New Amsterdam roof.
"Those Who Walk in Darkness" was
the play at the Forty-eighth Street
house, and it ran the light for only
one week
Tonight's action is an indication that
the stage hands' and musicians' unions
Intend to atfect a cumulative strike,
gradually extendin'g through the na
tion. to force the managers to meet
with the members of the Actors' Equi
ty Association.
"And all for equity."
Rain held no terror for the striking
actors, who marched today in one of
the ino?.t remarkable parades ever wit
nessed in New York, and acted, men
and women alike, chorus girls and
stage hands, as if they '.iked it.
Proven Muffing Parade.
It wajs a singin'g parade. Hundreds
of trained voi es swelled the strikers'
victory son*. "A.l :'or one and One for
ail?and all for Equity," :->;nding the
words rolling forth in a mighty volume
that penetrated windows closed
against the rain and fetchin'ff thou
sands of person from their work to
see anil cheer the actors. ? N
Not the least among the Individuals
sel?:> ted for persona: cheers was Miss
Helen Keller, who sat in an automo
bile with Miss .Margaret Va:l, actress
and niece of ('resident Woodrow Wil
son. Miss Keller could not hear the
cheers, hut was apprised of the recog
nition accorded the actors and actress
es by the public through her own re
markable intuition no less than by
mea:iK of hand-pressure sls;n ils.
Blind, druf. dumb, i-he was a part
of the parade, while neither seeing the
gay costumes of the chorus girls nor
hearing the singing and cheering. But
her h "art ?was with the actors, not
withstanding th<* fact that her motion
picture play. "Deliverance." was to
open a few hours later at Hie Eyrie
Theater, and with the courage of her
Iconvictions she lent th^ weight of her
presence to the striking actors' dc-mon
st ra t ion.
The line of march was a long one,
yet t.he actresses arid chorus girls,
stepping along in their soaked high
heeled j-hoes. gave no evidences of dis
comfort until, three blocks from the
end, the chorus girls, "no strong, left
the line and hiked off for dry clothing.
Murr I linn -.OOO March.
More tiiari 2.0&0 actors, chorus girls
and stage hands were in the big dem
onstration which started at Broadway
and Sixty-third Street, proceeded down
Broadway to Columbus Circle, down
Eighth Avenue to Fifty-seventh Street
' to Broadway and down Broadway to
Madison Square. A platoon of mount
ed police was in the van of the pro
Major Reginald Barlow, veteran of
the South African War and the World
War. acted as grand marshal. Francis
Wilson, president, and other officers
of the Actors' Equity Association, came
immediately aftor. followed by "5"
actors who had served L'ncle Sam over
sea* They wore khaki and were given
a warm * reception by the crowds
thronging the sidewalks in despite of
the rain.
Many prominent actor?, men and
women, carried banners bearing the
name of the shows from which they
walked out to jo;:i the strike. Among
them were Edith Talllaferro, Ralph
Morgan. Frank Bacon. Eddie Cantor.
Kd W vnti. Hans Wilcox. Constance
Binney." Joseph Santlcy and many
other*, of nation-wide reputation.
Among the other prominent mem
bers of the Equity who paraded were
Dust in Farnum. Fddie Foy. Pearl
White. Frank Tinney, Cyril Scott and
Charles A. Stevenson.
Marie Dressier, the comedienne, re
cently returned after long service in
entertaining American soldiers, ?vo
the chorus girls. She was recognized
and cheercr by practically everybody.
fBy Associated Pross 1
NEW YORK. August IS.?For having
joined the actors' strike, which has
.'Joscd fifteen theaters in this city. Ed
die Canto.- and other stars of Zieg
feld's Follies, were named as defen
dants in suits for ?;.00.o00 damages
brought by Ziesfeld Follies. Inc.
Summons served on Cantor. Cius van.
Joseph Schenck and Johnny Doo.ey
were tiled. Names of the other de
fendants were not made public, how
ever. as complaint was not filed.
The Ziegfeld stars were at first re
strained from walking out when Flor
enz Zlegfeld obtained an injunction
forbidding the Actors' Equity Asso
ciation "to interfere with" the pro
duction. When this injunction, how
ever, later was vacated, the stars
joined their fellow actors.
' Rumors that managers might 'lock
out" actors in all theaters as the be
gintilBS hii economic war on the
striking stagefolk. were denied today
by Will Page, who said that no theater
wou'.d he ciosed voluntarily. He added
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! Stomach-Kidneys-Heart-Liver
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ard remedy for kidney, liver,
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The National Remedy of Holland for
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|*ek far the nana Gold Medal n erarr baa
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Skin Tortured
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AD droggistoT^oop2S,0intm?ot 25 and 50. Talcum 25.
Sample ejirh freo of "Cntlcura, Dopt. E, Bo^lou."
that actor* who had been loyal to the
maiupr.s but who were unable to an.
' ?f!V i . *U8t! "r ",r "V?ni?ath?tlu strike
called by stage hands ami musician*.
M. 1 .1!'r"1!,rthIy f'lll pay for the
i time tho houses were "dark."
t La riot i<> Company President Declares
lie I? I'rcpiired If a Walkout
Mbonld Occur*
I By Asfcoelat-d Press.1
ClIARLUTThJ. X. C, August IS.?
current wide spread reports to the cf
rect that the electrical workers In the
employ of the Southern Power Com
pany were contemplating a strike In
sympathy with the striking street car
men ami electrical workers of thu
Southern Public Utilities Company,
vv w for"' tihe statement tonight bv
" s- '/''?*? president of the power com"
"ij"?.'. there will be. no cessation of
pan/" Southern Power Cotn
h,'.rcli,J',r',nt ,''e^ further said that he
movi?l t' , 1?" not,Cf> fro'r1 t!>e ehi
m > ? \htv eontemplate a strike
nrin- "?rt thfU tho company was
fropared to continue the operation ..f
cur y? m even should a walkout oc
, ,'^\e Southern Power Company fur
Public C|-7i!irM- cur.r"nt Ih?* Southern
iu.>itc Utilities company, to num?r
JiaSiri V i |,a 8 hundreds of in -
vnr' i, ;,,'i'ic ,he section
Of North-and South Carolina.
.m1 e' organ later of the Inter
he IoIpw^0'11 XVorker!*- faid tiiat
he Knew of no request h:ivinK bee,.
n'anv thai 'V emp!o\T?''i of Ul? ?-om
^'i?- ,, ihe-v s:r!k<; In sympathy
\vii , nM?' the ftilliics trompany,
Ie-ir.lf.,1 ? publicly announced, it was
hit h/TV-m.7 ??*hor?tatiy# sour"
. I-ti.ltics Company contom
plates resuming operation of its street
cars within the next threo days.
Co mm a n dr r-1 n - t 1, lef i, f Con f edera?e
\ctcrnn* (.Ives Out l,IH( for
.?Next Kcunlon.
I Ry Ar?oclate<] )T*nr t
I Mt ;V,,'AforTA'thV"UAt A8?'T'" ?Pf'n^rs
VeternriK <-n!ted , < 'onf-derate
I if. J, 1 here October 7 to
j ) . appointed by General K M Van
'hief1, weri ?rf' Worlh- commander-in
' low/: announced today as fol
! nia'ron f'|tp['C8\ ,R; Chattanooga.
lAn.'.C . Adolph Bocfiutt. New Or
| ant?'^"s?rS"f^lcn,ph'B
Shlpplns: Hoard Stenn.er Ashore In
Korean Strait With 1,100
tzccho-Slnts Aboard.
r By Associate^ prcba I
U HhA rTVftft" XVASI|August IS.?
.i wounded < 'zechu-Slavs
aboard, the Lnlted Status Shipning
Board steamer Heffron. Is ashore off
, H?r0HK Slr*U' c?b'e advices
fV ? today by the Pacrric Steam
? i? 'f?!pa!l? Lrom U" a^nl ?l Kobe
?-T j. . H<'ffro^ was bound from
Madlvoftok to Trieste with soldiers.
A warship and salvage vessel were
standing by and it was thought there
was no immediate danger of the vessel
s i n KI n o i
Third I)l*frlrt Chief of 1020 Count
I.i Announced nt
(Pv Asrocii.tod Prost.i
tional supervisors announced for the
ISL-'j) census todav included:
Virginia?Third District, John H
Boeock. Richmond.
South Carolina?First District, Mon
tague rriett. Charleston.
Marion 1JlstrIct- v- Bethea.
Trade Hlth Mexico.
MKXICo i. ITA. August 14 ?According
n km t*!^" m<\rc!?aJ}l,a I,crc-- quoted
*11 K1 Lniversal, 1.000.000 marks wc?rth
of drugs and hardware will he sent to
| Mcx:co City by German firms as soon
ThA^JVi""^ facilities are available.
The orders for these goods were placed
as soon as the blockade against Ger
many was lifted.
r^JL4?" nn<,|i*?* Arc Poor Shot*.
LARLDO, TBXAS, Auirust 1 ^ a
bet\ee" two members of" the
i/Orandi of" \ p ?f i,.epu,ieK- Victorio
A- cr,J ?-??"*. ?nd Luis
canitaV i* rii p'?*K ,a!> J ,,<>,ni nfar the
Mtv ^;described by all the Mesic*.
-?'J papers received hero. Six shcic
j were fired without effect bhol?
The Stroap: Wl^hstnud the Heat of
Rummer Better Than the Weak
>!d people who are feeble and vnnn?r
i S
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lief by cleaning
the system of the
impurities which
cause such troubieA,'
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ur, wastes ?, a ar
! Body of (iir! Victim of Smash-Up;
.Near Country Club Viewed
by (initials.
Condition of Driver Charged With
Manslaughter and Other Witnesses
Causes Hearing to lie Postponed
for Week.
County Coroner Bright and his Jury
men yesterday shortly after 12 o'clock
viewed at Bennett's morgue the body of
eleven-year-old Kvangeline Pratt, who
met death early Sunday morning the
result of an automobile accident at
the entrance of the Country Club.
No Inquest was hold because of the
absence of essentiul witnesses who
were in the car at the time of the
accident and were physically unable
to be present. Consequently, the in
quest was postponed until such time
as these witnesses shall have recovered
from their injuries. Coroner Bright
suggested next .Monday, and It will
probably be held at that limo if the
condition of the Injured persons will
permit their presence.
The jurymen yesterday who wero
summoned are Fleet Kirk. Walter
He ha ff. \V. M. Milan, fi. S. Allen. L,. K.
L?unsmore and J. B. Uadnock.
I'hamlnc Injured Driver.
The physicians attending Lloyd B.
McCool. at Ht. lilizabeth's Hospital,
automobile mechanic from Detroit.
Mich.. a:id driver of the automobile,
against whom a warrant was sworn
out for manslaughter. state,) last
nicht that X-ray pictures had been
taken Tf his chest to determine: whether
there had been any broken bones. One
rib was fractured, it was believed.
Mis physicians say that his condition
is not serious, but they fear compll
cat ions.
Mrs. Ida Pratt, mother of the dead
girl, who is at the .Memorial Hospital,
was able to receive visitors yesterday,
but her physician stated last nicht
that siie would have to stay at the
institution a week or ten days.
Meanwhile the authorities of Henrico
County arc pushing forward their in
vestigations of the tragedy. Com
monwealth's Attorney \V. \\". Beverly
and Deputies \v H. Lawrence and
.tohn !?*. Shoemaker are on the case,
but no new developments were an
nounced last night.
Sheriff Hold* Aiitn.
The wrecked seven-passenger auto
mobile was turned over by the county
authorities to City Sheriff .1. Herbert
Mercer, who holds it under an attach
ment claimed by the Auto Suretv
Company, of Philadelphia.
.loseph C. Xunnally. an attorney, ap
peared yesterday representing the'
Auto Surety Company, of Philadelphia,
which claims ownership of the auto
mobile. According to the surety com
pany the car was leased to' Israel
Corson, who. it Is said, forfeited his
lease. The car was stored in the Huto
mobile shop at 1200 West Broad
Street. Xunnally said that only an
order from the City Sheriff or Judge
Beverly Crump, of the Law and Kquitv
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Court. would have given any one the
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* court attachment.
A curious fact which the authori
ties are puzzled over Is that practi
cally all of the (laniuRp that the car
received was on the left side. giving
rise to the theory that the car was
making the turn around the curve the
wrong way.
Inane Henry I'rtiwd looses I.lie >Vhen
Itont I'imiMh In Mill
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
l>.\.\Vll?I<E. VA? August 18.? Isaac
Henry Crews. aged eighteen. was
drowned yesterday *t Harnett's Mill
pond, near South Boston, wflere he
went bathing with a part of Halifax
County boys. All wero In a boat and
had ventured Into the middle of the
deep pond when all dived overboard.
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i with his would-be saviors forced them
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MIDDY BLOUSES and Middy Suits are
?essentially garments for service. No
woman can afford to sacrifice quality fqr a
small consideration of price, BECAUSE
HARD WEAR will call forth all the quality
that your middy blouse or suit can muster.
' ~ "Paul Jones," "Mar Hof" and "Norton"
Middy Suits and Blouses are made as well
as experience and pride will admit. They
are sold at prices which make them pre
ferred by particular mothers and girls
Complete new collections of Middies
(suits and blouses) are ready in these
brands at "Middy Headquarters."
Specialty Shop Service Spells Sure Satis
T. 8-19-19
i'hom: on .haul, yoik oiidkr
"Till Wp Mfct Aptnin"
"Brnntlful Ohio"
ilotli liy Knlnlokl Ilntvalian Orclirnlrn.
"Everybody \Vm?tn n Key to Sly Cellnr"...
"?It's Xol?ndy'n HukIim'rn TStit >Iy Own".....
Both hy llert Williams.
A 2 750
321 WEST
Ilia Furniture Co.
How to be sure of <
rich, mellow Home?
made Preserves
Experience has taught thousands of housewives
that a preserving syrup made of Yz Karo (Red
Label) and V* sugar is the sure successful syrup
for putting up fruit
They get clear, firm jellies, preserves with a
rich, heavy syrup, and delicious jams. Then, too,
"candying" is avoided when they use this Karo
method instead of all sugar alone.
This fine, clear Karo Syrup is a wonderful help
in all kinds of preserving.
It blends the sugar with the-fruits, brings out
the rich, "fruity" flavor, and keeps your jams
and jellies mellow in the glass.
For Cooking, Baking and Candy Making Karo
(Red Label) is used in millions of homes. In all
cooking and baking recipes use Karo instead of
sugar. It is sweet, of delicate flavor, and brings
out the natural flavor of the' food.
Use V:2 Karo
(red label)
amdVi sugar
Makes perPedb
jamSyjeUies and
E A b??k of 68 pages that
eives you the best recipes
for sure results in preserving. Easy to
follow. The Corn Products Cook Book
i3 handsomely illustrated ? and it's
free. Write us today for it.

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