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Point to Terrifle Manlinp He Took
From Jim Flynn i" *rw York
to Prove Point.
As Crowd Yelled to Reform to Stop
Slaughter. "White Hope" Motioned
for Silence and Indicated That 1
Would Stay in IUn;;?
1)y JAMKS .1. ( OHIIETT.
NT W YORK. ACRUSt 2 4.?Sonne Per
?ois ?iCi.Td to Jess Willurd thc dis
... .. ..f tiMTLin>: up our of tJic cram
,et'Wttles ' of a" tune ; others; I
! , ,h. r:,r! Morris exhibition in New |
Y??-v' With lin b'lynn a- his foetnan.
- iV.il it by far.
rv rsliw'f Us-- WiUurd-Pempsey af
.An. re hn? been :i .-lash ol opinion
e . ,? conscious or un- !
'oi r, --..niriu-<s Ui.it sent WiUr.nl
intuit "ii.i. ' s0cnn[, ;ui(i third rounds.;
w.''(-(V/'own stat^ni. :it. ismed- some
'V after t:-e batt>. i, pointed to V
, ,v wp that although \N il
?a r'l dem:?nst rau-d gamers he didn't
k"-No'"ing really5 wal""ilear to me
nfter Pemp.-y landed tlistf first pun eh.
i-hat.dec to the heart. \Ml
:n . , .c saving. "It seemed
t'o^"~f-miparalv;:?" me. and 1 can t re
?jnember much that Iiav.pet.ed afterwar;
and a'moM nothing from
that Demprey s tirst left hook ?augnt;
.?h.tt^vent." e!:v.m those who
, w'.i'd wasn't conff iousl>
: int ihrouKb the rest o.
f?f ' t'lrst round. the second and the
third hp fougilt bv instinct. He
ri-cVi?ible to pain, unknowing of his
E an'l r..;! j suffered no more
7? .? 'Tin who is under an
. ' .>?> Wl'.Iard can't be
? ,.i ? = ?? came man, for real
r am-lie" V show n on In when a man
. u? and takes mors and ever ?
in?". walloping and feel, the agoniz-:
;ti= forct of each blow.
Point to Atorri* l'ight. ;
... i then thu faction points to the
v.,.-'- *.}? vnn light in Madison Square
September l.'., 1011?on.- of
VhV boodieM and o.v-sided In* the
mod. r:, Vn-tory of -h< rme-to tllus-j
i !?.!, ??.?li riii? ? ? ? ? ii r i ge.
? ? '.it marked the first appear
. . . ' M > in the Kant. He *a?
th original "white hope." who b?gan
, two months after ?
!iack* Johnson wh:ppcd -lim Jeffries in ,
p, - i| - ambition ?:i- to .ig.it .?nd
whip'thi Jifgr.. and restore the tit.e to.
? rich! was on September',
. , . v. u-n - knocked out .lim
li'- rlrv i' thre. rounds. Then, in quirk
: i efsion.he hatted nil" oblivion kd
? n four poinds: Battlincr B wt,
on.-' round Jim Harper, three rounds:,
jiVVvin Hart. Hire, rounds kr
Kenn^dv, two rounds and M
>-<? 'ire. k ?six rounds. With a record o.
V-rght knockout triumphs,
d in N.-w York and issued
general .challenge.
"I'lirliln fireman" \eoepte?l. j
i .. i vii'. ih.' "Puft'oio Virenian. j
i .1 t crowd that turned out
? .- ; -i?- fi *lit look'.d for a slaughter of j
1 v. nn. tie wa- tive t\et seven inches. |
; n:l weighed i-.bout i:... Morris wasi
v ? 'n'ir in.-hes and beamed
around . t<"? I'm' what .< stunning ihock
' iflv'i'-i iii: Nlorris seemingly a thou
? ar.V I'Ties. T ?g! Mit. so widely her
; i ~ i rrro ? t fipiit. r. was utterly
;ifvo-d"of de.-ns ? Three rounds had
*' *>t ' 1'iti- ? 1 h f ir?- Morns was n nif-en
ine bulk! H - ? y<s w ? almost closed:
v ,,re knocked out; his lips and
-a werr a gashes; blood
. i p., flow n out "* h-.s body. And
i,e s*a$gered around the ring like a,
" l'Vs of l-'lvnn reached its'
... 'i i . verv blow trade Morris
a hloodi?r. more ghastly spectacle,
i r , - .? l>fth on ml came along ,
: :.: k'i.1 'o ? referee to
?Sto it' Slop it!" But Morris, feebly.
\ A* :. ' ikaM>. n . .Itl.d th-'tr. to
V-ne. signaled ' r. a I he wa.s going to |
lis'lit on
I'ouprht fcr I en ItouniU.
?\'iu b' d' l for the ten full round.
?-i . .. ill !>!;:?. iTOWd Wf-llld
; _ ' n,j i i 000
i "V >, ? ? . ? rfou.d .'tided
. .'.V, y -;s w . i - ' t!;.' fill! rout?
. ? v 'iitids ??> finish
: n- As tbj
"Thai was aainene.as of the superla-t
. f, .. i: , ? r'.ntr nhu.sitsts a?M-.*t
vjc.a., io.? d'ur.ng eve ry
' . . ;r-n ro'^i-ds. sen-?
, ; * . , . ? ?. - --.'.le p..in Bui lie
. r... ? ? , . ? ,\i~r i>e was SHtnc.
? , . i"iur.i?e, a greater
amount of c mrage that was ever
. ? ? N i ? w Y o r 1: > t a t e.
" p.rhans.' iinvWlifepe else in the j
' ;.V ric-.'.t. lM->.
1 ndur.'iriee < nntr.t lor ^-nilillr Mount*
:i> It" M?'t?l in Oi-lolirr l>*
V ritliian i lull.
?j- . >-?.?, ..it, H.-i> i'in of Amer. i
.. ? id ;ranee r*c
l.,r _ . i. - v. .1 ., to lc held
,.ur'! ??? ' ' ' It ?' H-.t. tided to start
, ?? ? ? 1'ort 11;han
? ? ? ti nihil it at
"? ? If.
? i!2r ?i.7*.
coiintrv v. H
a receiv e
ii vut> ' 51.' " a'l l a silver cup
on wit ? '?> vv ? j'.Tavi I : ii< n.une.
- ? - and tii.it of the
? /? J .".on. and
? unt to ?*J31-.
1 in- of the race
' vv . s;a ; . i i '',111 i 11 n.| will
ntiir.l. f-.r v. dav It ?? fur t'i??
' interest in the
-f-S till 'lIKhout
deter li..' i t he
' v ;>r if ors.-s
.if a -or -I d
>r -i-s that lias
to-her. '-r.? d l-'y Tonip"
o w i:i .
A ,.
b"i "(?: i- ..f . . . ..
the country aiid ah
I"' rfe.r ' , . ? i.' \ ?. r
Uiid'-r vi
Tna reh. ' oi c <.' t 'j
Wen . ? ?. red
< " '.v!th tiif
?ubjet t to modifl< .i
The ds-'ati'.
milf?. :> ? , v,. . .
s xt;. tr >s 4j;t
. days. i j.ii f,r ?
? ing So'' J, .11! : . ... ; .
?-?quiptr.? nt j-;-.,- .... .
!! ?' iv ho will
. conditiotip, which.
? judges.
approximately 3fio
'? 1 t ? rate of
? i U1 * < ii .vf?u r: \ f
, ? 1 ' .itrrv
? : V ? of rider and
'?? th( V a :ne
r i d' r.
i r v vv:)] :??
w hn floslri
1 . ' i i ? ? ;i ?j|
Ali i or?' s ? .t r. ' v.
routf a.f:?l aii >r ? -
?proxirr?.i?? 1 y * ? t' ,-..i ? ?\?:y
-night Kti ? h?.r;-< .v ridden and
. .-kI for ?
111?! ft f a :- r i i r ? ?. ? I
in at' : da n ?
t ..sir si r- ? 'i ' i
in the saddle vv' ? i.orie i in
n o t. o ti.
t'hamnlonsliin Honor* of Norih t nro
liuii Will III- ' oiiM'ktril I or
on \slii-vlllf I "ursr.
! I . A -!?? ? latrd Pr?M
ASHKVII.M:. N\ r . August - !'.e
ginning tomorr '.v afternoon, the an
nual (?;?'n tetu 'ournanient for the
champ i? ji:,..? i? of North Carolina wii;
he he' 1 or 'ii' of the A- o v.ili
<'ountr> i :iii?. 'Mi the dav s following
p! a y 11 ?; vv !! : . ?? at l'i;3o o'i lock in
tlie mornuig i at v ::(? oVlock in the
afternoon. Th?- events will he nien's
alr.gW-. men's doubles and women's
ringUs an:! mix-.I doubl's. The vvin
nir* rfiid rttni:er?up will lc given
jirlzea by tne Country Ciul).
Cincinnati J.nnrw One Out of KIkHI
tininrn nn(l ('lilenjco Win*
Kvcry Tilt Plnyed.
(By Associated Prosy.)
SKW YOKK. August 24.?Kxt ra speed
was put on l?y 1 ho Cincinnati Nationals
and tho Chicago Americans at tno
head of their rcspcrtive leagues last
week. : tie Reds losing only on* game
out of eight and the White Sox win
ning all its seven games and incro'is
itip its winning streak to ten gaipos
today. Both teams batted well. Cin
cinnati. especially showing tightinc
spirit by coming from behind to win
in the late innings of three contests.
Including today's contests. Cincinnati
is seven and one-half games ahead of
New York, while the Chicago Ameri
cans have six games advantage over
Detroit, with Cleveland two games
futrher back- The four western clubs
of the American .League are in the
first division.
After being held to three hits and
no runs Sunday by Smith, of Brooklyn.
Cineinuati was invincible. In Tues- ;
day's doable-header. Kins blanked the
superhas and t-Jlier ylulded one run.
Boston dropped three straight to the
Beds, who pounded out thirty-seven
hits and twenty-four runs in the se
ries. Saturday tie Vague leade;& to->k ;
two games trom Philadelphia, win- j
ning the tir*t c-intc&t by scoriag right
runs in the. ninth inning. New York
did not improve at the bat. but sue- j
ceeded in getting live victories in :
seven tries
In the American, hits and runs were;
plontit'Ml with the Chicago batsmen,
who alsa played well in "the lielJ. ?"i
cott?i pitched two victories and .lames,
the newly acquired pitcher, shut out
Washington with five hits Philadel
phia and Washington each lost three
straight, to the White Sox. Shaw key.
of New York, was easy for Chicago
Steady pitching enabled Detroit to
win last week. Although batted hard.
Leonard lost Sunday to Washington
only after eleven innings. The Tigers
won the next two from the Sen dors,
and like Chicago, defeated Philadel
phia three times.
"Babe" Ruth. Boston American slug
ging outfielder-pitcher, chose a mo
ment when the bases were tilled to
make his twentieth home run of the
season Saturday, but the runs were
wasted, as Detroit won.
The week's record in each league
of tr.inies played, won and lost, with
runs. hits, errors, men left on bases,
and runs scored by opponents, includ
ing sanies of Saturday, August _;i. is
as follows
National l-eajrue.
K \V. 11. H K. 1 .P or
''incinnatl * T 1 '5 S7 1'.' .'.ft Jt
Neiv York .... 7 f> " :.n i;. t:: ::t
I'hiosc * ?> 2 <t ri.'. x ?;?
Pittsburgh . . . . 5 < 1 CI t!> i". '.'fi 11
Brooklyn ?? 15 4>". :? 17
?Boston S 1 it 11 t
?St. t.ouis i i; i*o r.s ji :>* ;
Philadelphia . . S 1 7 2S ?il 12 ,V! r.
?Tio came .Monrinv. Aucust 1*.
American l^acue.
P. W. I. R. 11 B l.h Or
< 'hP-ago 7 v 0 S'J 7 I!) V .
ix-tmit 7 ?; t t i:,
? "leveland 7 :? 2 ."i." 7
SI l.i iiis> S 1 4 ?_ ? <iS 11* ?; | t
NVw York .... 7 H < 13 ?( s .14
Boston S .1 S i, ( j, j
Washington ... 7 t >; ?;? j ?? t<
Philadelphia ..7 n 7 13 ?; I 1 l; e,
Majority of llacket SnlitRfm Profi
cient in J?m?c Other Brnneh
of >port.
Th-* claim ha.- .sometimes been mail* that
tennis players iir' necessarily .Imtterl t..
their own game. and havi neither th-%
time no- the inclination for ,iny other form
of athletics This 1? manifestly utiiust. f?T
iii examination of .- tati.-iics sh??.. that 'h?
majorltv of the rack"t twtngers ar>' protl
dent In some other line of snort as we' .
?hi ? a number of tliein hold high ra:iK
a: ail-a rotiiiel a'hteiis.
Probably the nio-t versatile of them i'l
'? l.ieliard l(.?rt<. th' whlte-heailed oil
.rg tan who made mch ^ notable recot-.l
in thr l.oncwooil ainelOft anJ Ka.-:ern d ?u
b!<>c '.nts >. ;_f<in
?tart ? va> eat>taln and catrher the
ll.ir\.ird te?m. o-ie of th-; 1 ? st ?
? ? i: ? lv ? nil- Iii foothill, of all - A merli-a n < .ill
ii'r "ind .< member of the track fain. h> -
.?>lde> suidlnK the d>>-.linle? eif the I'rimsoii'
?<-iin.> player;- and thr<. time? .-harini; ::i '
th< iii tercollesn.i11 double * t haniploiu-.hlp.
Watson M. Washburn, also of Harvard, u
miti'l a- the hockey team' b.*.?t bo*"
:.?ej.nr wht'? 'i t*i>lk( t t'aner Hart,--'* :
i.:*r? t.? r in doubie.-, p:.i>ed football sii ,???.. -
ii.i f .ii.<S tennl.s a-e not cencrally -
, tr> if II torether. vet t'.uillbir
? ?f ;? tinis pia>er- li.t\e made coi l reenn!
; ''i ani-ient S.-otch paiM' Norma;.
HronKes. of Australl&j t.- provtlcally u
.-k:.'fu <vith in- poif clubs at with h:?
?? :.i.i- racket. .????: a -o h.i:- the r<puiation
? ' ? - - tirst-class crleket<
William A I.arncd. in the manv vear.?
that .1 won the American tenn^ chuni
pioti.-lilt.. made ,i practice a!.--i wlniiiti'
specl.il Bolf tour':antent h Id it Nev? i
'ah year, ami hot h ft. N Williams aid
Vi.-jr-i Mi l.<iu:h!iii < an ho'.d ibeir own
.? th' link- The ad. Anthony K i!d
tec. perhaps the creatcst ti-nnt- niavi r of
a'.l ??ii'. a splendid a.!! a round athlete,
prof: : nt at ar.v sport to w hi' h h" tiered
h - >t?. ! <;.-orpe M <"-"hwr? li ua- a tfood
hurdler at P: ? t> i. and Karl B hr played
bath hockev and self at Yale.
AmotiK the le.-.ser liKllt^ in tenti'..- ?.re
>i?ue remarkable athletei. In other line*.!
K .1 t'.ipp. of Yale, formerly th*- inte;
i" .< i?'tnt?- ??hamplon liurdltr. still p!a>.-i
ttr ? "a-? t'-nnl.-'. anft w.. on-.e C" id
i .11: i to wfi th' intereo' i cut" donli!.-*
? hi.e .1 I' Kwiiik. o, the Wi'.liain
i.a.-e ?.? |eam. t- rapidly calninK a rial
re; ji .tion.- on :h. tennb court..
Ti-ith of the Anderson t>ovs, l'rei-l and
l'r*nl . play Kood coif, ay iloe voting i
'?i !><?! a.d-oti Abraham Bassford. Jr., wa?
a cre.^t till .iround athlete at <'ur::?!l. a:.d
Kra:iel- T. Mutil'r. at the sail. unlver -r.\.
Vi> no means limit- d hit athl-.-ti activity J
to tennis.
t'oothull Star Will Iteturn to Alma
?>luter Tlii? l-'nll nnd Tnke
' VotntKer Brother.
V. II,I.IAMSTO\VN. August 24. -Not
only will "lien" Boynton. Williams'
f.r'.itest footba11 s!;ir of reccttl years,
:-it urn to college in the fall to tlnish
*).jt his course, but he will ;?lsu hriii^'
with him a younger brother. "Charlie,"
who will enter the freshman class.
The jounger Boynton is expected to
prove a find for Jutur? Purple- elevens,
a It ho iuli the r.ne semester rule will
bur him fr in the 'varsity this coming
The definite announcement of P.oyn
ton'h f it jre pians were- received in a
letter from hini '.o 10. It. Botsford. the
Williams graduate treasurer, and it
eliminates rumors which have been in
circulation f<T the past month or so
that "Benny" would enter CJeorsia
Tech this fall
P..?> nt'iti will enter the junior ela?.*
Williauis. which fact means that
his s-rv:c. .- in athletU d will be avail
abb- for two more years.
l-'ntiiril.v nt l-'nll ^IrrtlriR Kxpeclcd to
Be W iirlli Jtliri.jjjill, ii nd l.nii
relief Itenll/.ntion .5Ur,,llU(l.
SAHATOfJA. August 21 The stakes
iu be run for at Belmont Park durlui;
tin autumn ?meeting will be larger
than in many years, it \*a;, announced
ln-r*- t(,da>.
The Futurity is expected to lie worth
uri.iiini and the 1,'iw retice Bealizaiiou
J2?i.(?<?!'. The Jockey t'ltib Stak? s. w hi> li
a weight for age r.'ii < at a mib and
a half te? be run fe?r this year feir th'*
lirst time, will be worth JlO.OttO.
Brooklyn Iltiyn i ninip ( alcher.
< ?H.\|{|/>TTK. N* <? A i -? u. ' .1 ?
Z..\ h Taylor, s .ir young it iter ,.i :
t'harlejtte <South Atlatit.c I. a in
elub. has Vieen so'.d to the Bro-klyn
(National League) club, it w.i.i an
nounced today. The. ptiretSas- |ir:< e
wa. n tot announced. ll<- was par
chased through th<? r? commend.? -i
e?f Nan Itui'ker, Brook's n This -
Taylor's tit.-t neat on in profttslon.il
1 baseball.
Klfvm InnlnK* \rr Itequlred to I'ut
Down Tlp'r* Ity fount of
j ,N to 7.
DETROIT. August 24.?Two bases
on balls combined with three hits pave
Hostoti an S-to-7 victory over 1 ???troit
today, after eleven innings of the
greatest baseball ever staged at Navin
Kleld. Twenty-live thousand persons
watched Kabe Ruth add two more Jnuue
runs to his total, and then drive over
the run that won the contest.
Three runs behind, the Tigers lied
the count by a rally in the lit'tli. thon
Ruth put tlti in one behind in she next
inning with his second home run !><?
troit hunched three hits in the eighth
and took another lead. but the visi
tors tied it up again. In the eleventh
Shannon and lloop<r walked anil Scott
singled. Koth scored Shannon and
Scott with ;l single to left anil Ruth
ni with the winning
drovo II ooper
run. Score:
Host on.
am n
Honpfr, rf . 4 ?
Vltt. 3h ^ 0
Rot h. cf. . . . t> ii
Ruth. If
Mel nn',5.
Shu ii lion.
Scot I. ss
S .lones.
I 'ennoek.
*< iit In.'r
? Me.Willv
1Sehai in
Russell. .
ii t:
1 b. 5 0
o. . 4 I)
-*t> 4 1
0 Mush, sr
? Voueu.
1 Cobb. if. .
"> \ each. |f
0 11 ?-11111 it ||.
i' shorten, r
1 lv J)nic>.
i' A insnilih.
" A'
A |,t
<> I ? oiiitrd. r
'? ! !?'!.,as;, ad
o ' Klliyon. ..
<? i'v-.-r
4 0 10
1 n ft tl
! o o o
.41 71;;
Tola Ik . 4 1 ? 1'-' - Totals
?Malted for .l,.ti"? in ninth
'Man f<>r iJalner in ninth
jltutlcil f>-t l ? nnorV tn ? levtnth.
iltatteil for Avers in 11 f t *?
? Matte.I for l.ove 111 Seventh
Mailed (or i.ooiMi J in ec-ienth
Score l>v innincs.
Host on 3 n ft 1 ft l ft o 1 ?? ?s
iJr | roil It 0 0 o .; II (I -J ft 0 L'? 7
Summarv. hit- -Walters. Sliur- |
t?? i*. Gainer. AlnsiMith. I?y<r Home runs- !
Ruth C-'i St.-i. n bases -Vitl. U Jones.
I lonjier. Yraeh Saerstiee tills ? V* 11. M, - ?
lnnis. Youiik. h.it'i; l?oul.l< idav.*?Scott
lo Shannon to v.cSrmts. Hush to l o'in; to [
lleilllllin: Seolt !?? Melnnis l.if: oil biis-'t
Boston. n, l?ciroit. 1ft Usees on balls?of; ;
?tones. ; ..ff Avr>. 1. oft i.nv. on ivn
lioeU. 1. ofi l.eonsird. -. ott Ituinf il. 1. 1111.
of; Ay- is. 4 in ; off *j In ?! ofi
.Ion. f. in 1 off !*?? ? I i e,. - V:. 1 in " Mil by'
I'lti li-r l>y Avers (M?)"pfr?. Slruel; om
I'V .lone.. ; lv Ay. rs. j. by Meonaril. U. by
I'enii". \. . by Kusseii, |. Winning iiitcli. r. ?
Russell. I.omiii: i.itcher, l.roriard
I Bv Assoeiated Pre?s. >
rbKVni.AXn. August 'J I?Ray Cald
well pitched his tirst game for C"Jc\*o
land today and defeated Philadelphia.
to 1. The Ir.dialis' runs were regis
tered on two passes, a sacrifice, an in
iield out and l.?ugan's error. While
lmgan, the last man 1111 was at bat, a
I err i tic thunderbolt broke, throwing
spectators and players into ^ momen
tary panic. 1'.teller Caldwell was
felled but recover*
suir.ed pitching.
AM H II rc
Murrus. 1 b.. 4 'i ft ft
Wit I. ib.... 4
Walker. If. . 4
Mums, rf .
I "IC.lM. S.J
Thomas', 3b -
I'erkins. i . :;
AIM tl. cf -?
Nuylor. r . . <
quickly ar.d re
Cle\ eland.
f' lira ne v. If 4 0 -j n
1 < 'ha Din'n. ss i1 i ii o
?? Sneaker. . t. J l no
' " - rrls. lb . ft .i .1
' ' ? i nine r. ,".b 'j o o o
'* H'.i riih.*., 1'b. .'I n ft o
ft Smith rf.. . o .. r.
3 0
>113 Totals. . . .2
S. ore bv intunir
Mhilfieiphin ftftOoionnn-i
Cleveland .,1.6 0 I l|l 0 i t
Sum:v.:irv Sa-m. ?? hUi?Thomas, Chap
man. Il.irri: I ? ?m 1 ? ?? t !;? <?> ? Walker. Nay
lor ..n i forliini . I'TUins .*:??.I Htti,. I.eii on
ba.- 't?Philaii- i.hiii. t. i.'l. , t la n.l. " Mas-s
or balls - rf N. v' ir. i; >.fl <'.,1.1* II. - lilt
by iiteh.- r l v i ??!>;?', II ? Mi:' i ???). Struck
out? Ity .Naylor. - . bv ?.':i!i!\vcll. 3
? II I C A (J
n i.i. ii# d ih,
and lietroi;
<lofe.itinc Now ?
Tigers lost an .
Host on. Si ron n
bird opporuiii.
Nugust 2 1 ?Chic
i t ween ihemse!
?s \ vantt-s ; >d'i y
'orl;, t to I. while
leven-inniner ganu
11? iensi\ <? plav in?
hi: t ing en . bled
locals to win today's game. Willi:
was hit hard it. spots, and a moment
slip it? the locals' defensive enabled
visitors to save 1 hriiisel ?f.< from
shutout it: the third nThing.
i go ;
be - |
t he
t niS
a ry j
a ,
\ Ii. if .
el .
I k"r. !.
Mum., lb
Mi., n. Li>
le'.tis. If
Mo.il. . ,f.
yu:nn. n. .
New York.
AM K ! I K
1 I ? I..Ml
K <
? I'l
i: M
I <?
d. r;
H i:
?? . r. ft 1
... 1' ft o
Totals.... 30 1 7
S. or" by innuic-s.
N.- w V<.rk . .
Suinniaiv: Tw.. <
l.n? Ini i-;. ?'oilin
- ? ;it. i
'? " .liif k.-nn, if.
! ft f. !s. h. ef . ;
1 '? ' i : ri< i i I. I ;>. . i
" o |; :s|? ro.
0 Schklk. e.. . r,
r< Wiiiiams. |. .
" Totals
0 ft 1 ft ft ft (i ft ^ I
1 I o II ?? i ft j . ,
? in ? .1.,,Throe.
rlllee hits? K Col
lirr . i.Mjinn S,,i.'lee Its- l-'fls" li I iniibie
|ii..\?P> '.km pa ii Kb t" Ir.u to P11. j? i<i llan
irh lo Doilir 1f l on bimeji- .New V.rU, 7.
I'bieairo. :. Ma.-' '.ff \\,llianis. ?
oit t^uiiiri. 4 S:rii'i\ t'Ut by Williams,. ..
b ? t.'uinn.
I It- As>.?. Int. .| Press. I
ST. I.oriS. August .; la-ilield held
Washington scoreb-ss ;.<r s:.\ innlngi
but li.c xisitors solved his deliverx
ill the last thre. atid drove out Iiv ??
runs, w inning from St. i,mis todav.
to 0. and checking their losing streak
of ;>ix straight names. Xachaiy kept
the locals' hit.s well scattered.
Washington. St. lamls.
AM !: It l: AM.It M I
?111'Ice. lit... .' ! 1 M Austin. 3b.. ft 'J i
> - - .ii. i o ii i
: ft .1.:>1 is'ii. lb I II . '
" Sinit !i. if... 1 0 1 "
<? illiiiins. cf t " ?> o
? (i 'l obin. If... 4 " fi ft
I 11r rber. ss . . 4
'Mian. . ! . ;.
R i'*e. rf... 4
?iharrltv. If :
M. 11*? skv, it ..
shanks n. 4
'.'?oaar-l. '.'b _?
?lull", r.n. jn. :?
Pieinieh. . 1
/.ii. hurv. |. .;
?tohn.-on. 1
o | 1 ft
ft ^ 11
' I ??'ininltt . . 1 ft
Tot a Is
3; 0 S
. ..15 1: 1 . ..irti.s
Malt*.I for 1,1 li. 1.1 in luiitli
S. ore l? innn.n R
Wastiiiici. il .... . ft ft ft n ft 0 I n I
St !<nuls ... i| (1 0 0 0 D 0 0 i? ? 0
Suinniiiry. T*.vo-t?ase lilts?Chxrrlty. Piei
nieh Tht". -bii hit li'-rner. H-nn rui.s?
Judge. Jwnvrln Saerlllet hiti Pieinieh.
t!n|...in Ii'.ii'.;. flax .ie'.ri, lerber and
.liteobson I"..?.?? r. I.oonaril and .1 mitre. I.elt
? ?n bill.-! \\ iishlliKt'in. ^. St Mollis. 11
M.iseji 111, I all- < ;i hiiry, 4. ofi I.i Ifiebl.
lilts?on her in > lilt lo nlteh.-r
? by '/ I 'li.irv 111 bv l.ii'lUld ? I*ii 1 ?
ni.'hl J-'rii. . oil l.> /.a- bury. -; by .lolin
?ii - . by I.I. : I. 1 Wtnnirie pitchfr, j
<?rimd I irenit I nrd >)iim? 'I'lvpuly-Tivo
IliriilH fur Week at
Ho*.ton Track.
P.i i>Ti i.v Aijku.-i -I Th< < ? 1.111 f I fMr
cm: 1 :? ? . m... t in,;, w 11,<? 11 opens tomor
row 1 ?!.. lb ad, ill.- track for live days*,
v .V d? . id. t^ ' lily-! wo events, leu of
tiiem ' irly ? 'o..nin stakes. Three 'II
\isioi:.. of the American Horse Breed
ers' l-'ut ii it y x ill be di cifb d, among
t lietn th t for iviri e ye.ir-old irotlers.
W- .1 . i d;, \ ha In-en named "t.'ox
1' '? > ." in l.'.tmr f Wttller "l.ongshoi"
Neu I-; 1 >. -land"; b-aditiK race
Cox h.. . made ?' double entry
of the trottr? Mignola and Mctiregor
tin tlr-vit. t lo ison'n greatest money
wiiiiiintr troii. r. the Massachusetts
vent, j'.nd Kruik l?e\vey. Iiigh
?V \;im. amonur the pacers,
:i the N'ej,onset *:t,'?fif' event on thai
? iriv
t 11!
\\ ins li> I'll III ol Second.
lit A ...? |.I. .1 I'M ss 1
''11 P 'A' J1 1. August '' I -Mlks Char
lotte H'i\ le <if .New York, won the
National A. A. I' i.enlor long distance
iiwiin for women, the first tune the
' \ en! ev r had been held, from Miss
Ib'.elda Hlelblrey, also of New York,
by one-fifth of a ne.ond yesterday.
Mts?. I'oyle'n 1 Mne was 1:32:3 3-5 for
the distance, about two mtlen.
Wou. J.oht. I'll.
Cincinnati K 34 .I1IM5
New York ?s :??
Cliicaxo tin IK .ftiStl
!iru?kt> n .. .13 ;>:< .IHH
Pittsburgh . ft:! ftft .ISO
If<?tmi -10 <53 .;<8X
St. J.oul.s 39 07 .:?5H
Philadelphia ;t* fit; .yiift
New York. I; ritlshiirch, 0.
llmokl.i ii, 10; St. Louis. I.
Chicago al lloslon.
St. LiiiiIk at llrookiyn.
PillMiurch at New York.
Cincinnati at Philadelphia.
w?n. J.Oht. Prt.
Chicago Ti :t!l .010
Detroit lift It
< le\eland 153 lit ..">77
SI. I.miift ftH ft)
New York .17 ft I ,5r{H
llosloii ."id ftfi .150
W u.okincton 43 <57 .391
Pliiliidrlphln ?'& ,?;(!>
Cleveland. Philadelphia, 1.
Chicago. I: New York. 1.
\\.i-.litni;|<iii. ft; St. l.ouis, 0.
Uostou, 8; Detroit, 7.
Now York ?t ClilrsiEO.
ushingtun at SI. Colli*.
liostnu at Detroit.
Philadelphia nt Cleveland.
Won. 1.05t. Pet.
Richmond 'it I? .KM
Norfolk l!ti -?'0 . ft lift
I'urtMiioiitli '43 '."J .35 1
Newport News '?!! * 'ir> .Ift7
I'eterxburc '.'I "Jft .tft7
Suffolk IK U7 .too
Richmond at Norfolk.
Portsmouth at Newport News.
Peterbourc at Suffolk.
Most Suwesht a I Yet Season to DrRln
CIon 1 lip; \\ itli Forest 11111>
t 'iintcntN.
I My Akj-oii.i led rre.-r '
NEW YORK. August 24.?When the I
thirty-eighth annual tournament of the
I'nited Status Lawn Tennis Assocla-1
lion starts tomorrow at the West Side;
Tennis Club's courts, Korest Hills. Long!
Island, ii will mark tiie beginning o(
the linaio of probably the most suc
cessful season that I tie net game has
mi joyed in this country.
The l!'l? national championship
singles competition has attracted an
international lleld ?>f tennis stars.
Australia. Jiireat Britain and Japan
having representatives entered against'
the very best players, both old an<l
young. that the l.'niu 1 States has ever
sent into such a. contest.
!ii the opening match, which will
besin at I o'clock in the. afternoon,!
Maurice 10. MeLoughtin. the Los An
gelea comet, will have the distinction!
of beginning the tourney, and his op
ponents will be \rthur Oraigin. of this
city. Another feature match will "re,
played later in the day when Gerald
I.. Patterson, of Australia, who won
the world's singles championship at
Wimbledon, Kngianil, a few weeks ago.
will meet Frederick B. Alexander, of
this city. In another match Conrad B.
Doyle, of Washington, and S. Howard j
Vosholl, of Broonlyn, arc expected to
furnish a. spectacular contest.
Among tii,: foreign players who will
b<* seen in competitior. are Brookes,
Thomas and l.vcett, of Australia;'
Kumagae arid K&shio, of Japan; while
the home contingent includes Wash-1
burn, Grlfltn. C*arlan<jL Davis. Muthey. '?
Williams. Johnson, Murray, Richard's.!
Tilden and many other prominent
raequet wielders from all parts of the
Nine Two-Year-Old* of McClelland
Stable Will <;<? I nder Hammer
at Saratoga.
gust 21.? The scarcity of horses, with
race meetings impending in Kentucky
rttni Maryland that will be character
ized h\ the runni'ig of overnight races
ranging in value from J>1.000 to $2.00(1,
and stakes that will be worth al! the;
way fronj $3,000 to $50,000, has put '
h.ir.-i-njeu ??r all sorts on their toes at
.-'a ra t oga.
Selling platers change hands after!
? wry !?,?..? in which t!i?:v a chime
for bidding, or the owners of winning !
;?Iat*-rs have to protect them
It is with interest, therefore, that,
horsemen are scanning the lists of the
names or horses that are to be sold by
auction later in the meeting. One of
the most important sales to l?e held iti ;
the near future will be that of James
W Model land.
Mr. McClelland probably has more
t w o-y?j?> r-olds in his bani than any
other horseman in the I'nited States,
and he is the owner of manv vearlings
that require attention. Pp'ward of
thirty brilliantly bred budding racers
that are to hear the McClelland silks
next season have come up from Ken- ?
lucky for breaking.
_ Because of this congestion. Mr. Me- '
I'lellatnl will dispose of nine two-year
olds that Iihv been ill training pretty
nit.eh all season.
These youngsters are Far Last. a
bay colt by Delhi-Off; St Germain,
b:*y c? dt by S?a King out of Queen j
Dixon; Dintv Moore, bay colt by Mc
1 lee out of Polly (Irani: Penelope, boy
lill.v by Sweep out of .lusie Cohen; I
Nancy Ann. bay filly by Plaudit out of
Mary Moris; Camalote, bay colt by >
Haurbon Beau out of Gold Maid; Glen j
Well, brown colt by Dick l-Mntiel out I
? f Paradise Won; l*'air Clarity, a bay
!i'ly hy liorron out of Klizaheth Gil- I
'?ert. and Gray Gables, a bay colt by ;
Assegai out of Busy Lady.
Joe l.eonnrd Thinks He Cun Defeat'
I hnmpion mid Uantii
Joe Leonard, sensational feather- !
weight, is hot on the trail of Johnny
Kilbane. Silvey Burns, Leonard's |
manager, announces that he knows of i
a club that will guarantee Kilbane!
$3,5mu if be will risk his title in a deci
sion bout with Leonard. Not only'
this, hut numerous oilier clubs have
offered Kilbane as high as $1,500 to
meet Leonard in a no-<iecision battle.
Although .only boxing a little over
three years Leonard lias held hi\ own
with some of the best in the game.
Among them Joe Lynch. Krankie Burns,
I >ick Loadiiiau, Jack Sharkey, Al Shu
bert. L'ddie Morgan, of Kngland; Joe
Tiplitz, Ualph Brady, Johnny Mahoney
and many others.
Leonard is an Italian-American, born
on New York's Kast Side. In action
.1 oe resembles Terry McGovern and is
a lighting bearcat. All Joe knows is
to tight every second.
A. !?:. !?'. Ilovlng Slnr Coming Home.
Aunie llalner. former amateur cham
pion boxer, who gained considerable
attention through his bouts abroad
during the war, is on the seas, bound
lor home. Rattier saw sixteen months'
service willi the A. 10. and competed
in a number of bouts for the lighting
doughboys. Ife recently boxed a draw
with Johnny Lasham, Knglish middle
weight champion. His showing in this
bout gained liim international atten
tion. The former amateur champion
plans to seek a match willi Mike
o'Dowd. of St. Paul, for the middle
weight title oil his return home.
I'red .Moll wit a Iteleused.
( Hv Associated Pretts.V'
NKW YORK, aiji;ust ^4 ?The release of
I'tr-,1 l'.a?om.ni Kr<"d Mollwltz to the I.ouls
vllle American Association team wan an
nounced lore toitay hy the I'lttiihurch Na
tional tMuh. Mollwltz canie. Into the Na
tional League In I9M and played alto with
the Chicago and Cincinnati teams.
itlmmrrinan'.i Twu-nniir Kit nnd Carl
son's Ilud Throw Decide
Svore of 1 to 0.
<Bv Asto< lated I'rcj- >
NKW yoKK. August 24.?After a
, desperate pitching duol bet ween Toney
i anil Carlson witii lionors cvoli. the Pi
rates lost. 1 to 0. in the tenth, when
| Zimmerman, who made a two-base hit,
scored vn Carlson's had throw to first
I on Frisch's sncrilicc. Score:
Pittsburgh. New Yorh.
Tliebee. If... I 0 1 o Hurl)?. If... 4 0 2 0
Carey. el.. . . toll Youiik. rf.. 4001
Siiuiliw'h. i f toi'i l'|.'ii'h'r, s* t o no
Whit ted. III. I I' '? o '/tmmn'n. lib I I 2 0
Hat'b* r- . r.l<. I (? ft <i l-'ri . It. 2b.. ".010
I'Utshaw. 2b I n (1 li Kiiulf. ef... " n 0 il
Terrv. 4 ?' I I Kellv. Iti... 0 ? o
Schmidt. i-.. :: o i n . ;..n-/ulert. <?. r. <? n o
l.'tirlsin. P.. 2 II t J Toney. p. ?, n n 0
Totals ...3:i 0 t? 3 Totals ...31 1 5 0
Si'uri' l?v iiiuiiM! : IC.
Pllt.sburRh i? 'i 0 '? ? 0 n 0 <i???
Xpiv Vurli ?? 11 11 11 ii ii n 11 1
Simimary: Tivn-inifi hit-- Zimmerman
Stolen l'!?.se.-Ti-rry S.i?rit:r? hits Prlsrl
..... mice mis?l"rlH?'li
t2i. Carlson. iJoubh play-?Hurim and
Krlfi'h. I.ef? Oil l.a ?? K- New York. 5: Pllt:'
burirh. ,V liases on halls? "It Toney. 1
Stru> k out ? t'V Toney. ... b\ I'arlsm.
(I?V Associated Press 1
BROOK LYN, August 21.? Brooklyn
got I wen ty-onc hits off Doak and Tuero
today ami mad.-. iwo straight from
Kl. [,nuls, 10 to 1. Johnston led in
the batting with four hits, hut Griffith
did the hcavi.v t slugging. with a home
run. a double and a single.
SI. Iannis. ItrookH ii.
Schultz. rf . f> 1 ?' <i i*il*nn ss. . "> 2 'J 0
Heaihc'e. (f 0 1 # .lohiw'n. 2b a I I 1
Steel:. 2b. . I fi I fi Crl'lltll. rf . - ? 0
Itornshv. :sb :i n i n ?/. whf.it. Mil in
MeH*nrv. If :( /? o n.\tyers. cf... > <"i
Clemens. c . | o 0 n Konet'v, lb ? 1 .".0
.' Miller, lb.:: n 1 0 Ward. 3b... ".nil
l.?alle. lb . . t i> 1 n ii Miller, < n l !
l.avan, ss.. 10^1 Smith. t>... 1 o i n
I'llHk, P ... 2 0 I I
Tue ro. i>.... ii <i n H
?Sh'itton ... 1 'inn
ICalrd 1 n i n
Totals ...TX 1 fi 2 Totals P.' 10 21 2
"Halted for Donk in seventh. ^
? Hatted for Tuno in ninth
See re l>y innings ft
Rror.|,!vti 0 I 2 1 1 1 n 4 ? ?10
St l.ouis - . 1 o ii o i) ii o n n i
Sumnurv. r?''-bisi' hit* Johnston. ?J r ? f
tlth. Sniiib Jim.n run ? tirintin Siob'n
bnscr ? S'. hulls i. i. Johnston double play
?Stock, l-avmi and .1 Miller, l.eft on
bases?^t. I.ouls. II. Brooklyn, in H.i>?b
oil hrtllS--"fT Smith. ^ "lit.- ??If |lO;,'n. l.r>
m ?; innnitrs Hit by pitcher Do.tl; <Ko
netehy*. by Tu'rn tWheati Struck out
by Turo. 1 by Smith. Wild pltih ?
Tu'-ro. L.'>?ini: idtch'r. Hoal:
Trunin Mar* of Antipodes. W 111 Meet
American* nt l-'orest If 111a in
NKW Y? ?RI<! Aukum 24. -Details of
tlie team inauli to b played hetwo- n
Australia an<l the t'niti I State.- have
been arranged bv Julian S Myrick. r<*p
resentinjf the United States National
Lawn Tenni:-, Association, am? Norman
K. Hrool<<.icttng for the team of tfv
Australian lmperi.il Forces, now in !Hs
countr>-. The maii'h will take place
after the national championship and
will be held at the West S de Tennis
Club. Forest Hills. I.. I.
Particular int' rest attaches to !':,ei
event because of the fact tit.it tb.ct
Fnit*-d States w'11 not l>e entered in
the Davis cup contest to lo; played
later in the year in Australia. Kng
land has already u on th?? lif t pro
l:mi!iar\- 1 ie?asainst South Af1-1
i nd w .11 tne< i the winner of the ti?
between France ami Belclum Th
winner of that match will ??hallentje
?he Austral.nt who now hold the D:i\|
The Australia-Fnited St.tie- match
will have no h'arirsr o-. the D'tvi.-: ?" j;?
contest, of course, hut seeinjr ti;at some
of the good Au.-'-raii.m lilav.-r,- are her,-.
Ihe\ wire willing to try ttonciusion
witli ili.- United Stales, ju.si for the
sporthie interest of ,-u -h a convst As
I ne players now in this country repre
sent tin Imperial Forces, it may be i
that thev are not the sir iiives* <???ni
bination Australia cm m;i:ter. but thtt
cannot be known ilctimtely uniil the
triilj. for theii* team take place after
their return home
The personnel ? : the \meriean team
is pot knov.n. but it certainly in-4
i dud i- I he Ins- the I'n;'?d States c.mi
muster. Some of the California play
ers who are in the Kust for the cham
pionship will be named, but the selec
tion. cannot br completed Until afte
tbe championship. The Australian team
w:|l be F.rookes, Patterson. Uyoctt and
Th<- uiHicliwill start on Thursday.
September fourth tifth 3nd sixth
Double events will be played, so that
n fair test of the beam's relative
st r< nst ii will be secured and splendid (
competitioii is assured.
As tb<- Australian players will have ,
been playing for three weeks by the
time the match takes -place, they will
have had opportunity io become ar
climated and will a No have secured
tiie practice of which they were woe-,
fully nhrirt in the first matches here.
Under the circumstances, therefore, thip
event will arouse much intere.-t amont;'
the tennis public, and its outcome will
lie awiiited with keen interest.
Fifteen Old Football Men Available at,
W est \ irsinin 1 ni*er?lf? During
(4 outing Season.
MORUANTOVVN. \Y. August 2-i.? i
?Flattering prospects for strong
athletic teams at West Virginia l'ni-1
versity next year re not con lined to
football. Milch has been said of the j
fact that from twelve to fifteen!
"W. V." men on th<- gridiron will br
available and much. too. has been said j
of the tine new material as well as the;
"subs" from the IMK. P.ilT and litis,
teams who will lie back, but h;iscball. ]
baskctali and track have flattering,
prospects, too.
When the Mountaineers' new floor
conch calls oui his men next December!
to get them in shape for the game i
with Yale he will have live letter men |
from last, year?Captain Martin, Kiger,
Dawson, Mill and Alleman. In addi
tion he will have Clay llite. who has j
played three years here before going{
ii to the service, as well as new men.
old with basketball experience, who!
have not played on the varsity here. j
When Coach Sheltou calls for base
hall candidates next spring he. will ;
have at least ten veterans in Captain
Armstrong. Martin. Turkovieh. Lein
lev. Garden. Dawson, liar rick, Dorsey.
Netlien and Widmyer. and many others
who show promise and who are known
to he good material who will enroll
with the freshmen class tills fall.
Prospects for the track are not so
definitely good as liiey are for other
sports, because no team has been sup
l>i rted here in three years, but it is
known four or live men with varsity
experience, including Kay. Harry An
derson and iiowlcy, will lie back.
I.onger Seuhim for Texas.
DA I,I.AS. TUX.. A UKusl 21.?Action of
the Texas l.easue club owners in extending
the season two weeks, briiiplng the m-coih1 |
half to a close September 2!. has stirre.I
fresh Interest In the race, for pr.n tlcallv all
the e I k h i clubs ihiuk ibey now have a
chance to win tho second half uti>; thus I
play off with Shreveport for the !fi|9 tico
n.nit. The league directors at their meet- I
Intr arraiiReil tlntuils for ibis >eries.
The series will follow the tdan used In
the world's series, .with the leant winning
four sanies declared the winner. Players j
of ih'- competing tennis win receive Ml per |
cent of i hi- receipts, of the lirst four cairn's
and divide the money iW and 40. Admls- |
sion prices alto were llxe.l t>> the league
for the series, raiigini; troni .'?O cents to
II ."A
Hcport liirdM Plciitifill.
ONANCOCK, VA , August 21.?Tho |
game season has openeri and birds arc (
plentiful. For the first time for ser- !
oral years fat bucks are running in 1
large quantities. I
In Kvrnt n( llelmont Tivflvr
Started In ISiON I 'hit and LlKhl
Slmrfd .Moiif}.
PillLADttDPHI a| August 24 ?There
arc many trainers of trotters and
: pacers who arc under the linnrcssloD
that It i.s useless to try and beat Mur
phy, Gterti. Cos. McDonald and a few
j others who only race on the Grand
Circuit, but a careful study of sum
maries should p.o a long way to change
, their minds. There were more than
! the usual number of horses started
from the lialf-inlle track circuits and
tfie majority made good in high so
A mile in 2:00 or 2:07 on una of the
bit; tracks sounds awful fast, while
- M?) or 2:11 <">n Mie twice arounris does
not even arouse coinmcni. ilnnc
| Direct had to puce a ha if-mile traclt
i around 2:0t> to win a small purse, and
at Cleveland threo heals in 2:05 l-S
I -:04 1-1. 2:05 1-1 added JS25 to her
: credit.
| According to time allowance she
j "iicht to have paced Cleveland in
I 2:(?2 1-4. and might if it had been her
e.ssary. but there was nothinu to make
the m-'.K- to that fast even if capable.
There were seven starters in the
j race, three from the half-mile tracks,
t which finished second, fourth*and llfth.
the others classed as regulars linish
' tug third, sixth and distanced.
Ilalf->liler* Won .Hone)'.
In the Kd wards 2:03 $3,000 pacing
stake ;-.ll the money was won bv ban
mile tra>k pePf-.it niers. The 2:07 trot
was won in 2:0S 1-2. 2:07 1-2 bv Hoyal
Mac the tlm? of the Ust heat being
"tily a quarter of a second faster than
Charley Penn trotted when h?; won the
' 51,500 2:12 trot for Tommy Berrv, who
had tried several times to win a race
on the Ohio circuit with the same hor.se.
'-?ti 1V a fw important meetings stick
to the thr?e-in-tiv.- style r>f r;?.-?ng. as
?-a< h ve;ir >|miw> further adv.itHages of
the three-heat plan.
line of the most pronounced is the
equitable division of the purse, five m
more starters generally shar:nj; Hi*
: money. In several . vents eight horses
?von some part and a f./ir example
was th? 2.0.S pace w'th twelve starters
fur i nurse ,,f $3,000 divider) as fol
low-.; !? rrt t*k \\ e wey, ? & S 5; D.1 r v e s t e r
St;7.'.; < ?. l\ C., 14,*i0Kerf Hearer
Kathleen rjale. ; [i.tn ll.'dgewuod!
#1S0; John II. iintden. 5135; Peter
Maurer, $!<o.
It is possible for twelve starters to
uet money < n a ra-e on the three-lie.i ?
as the first four in each heat would
have to meet with accident or get
distanced to accomplish th;>.
Kstahllsh l'nii|iie Itrrord.
The Winoga Stock Farm J5.000
ntjrBc for 2.11 clasa trotters
: was the feature race of the
1'lnladclphia fi. C. mc tings and otilv
one starter (Bonnie Del. who threw a
shoe atind was distanced rlrst heat in
1M 7 ? has been outside the tnonev ;n
either event. This is a unique record
Half a dozen of those named have wo:i
rac.es or heats in time troni J.'J4 1-;
to 2.07 3-4. and by the time they ar
rive at Belmont will be ready to race'
arounij 2.04.
There is no locally-owned trotter ir.
th'..i class, the"best known in ibis sec
tion being l-'enester. Mk. in., bv San
Krati"' sco. owned by W II Robinsoi.
Norfolk. \'a . a:.d camp i g tied la.-t y-.ir
throigh Delaware and Maryland. where
.she wot all her races und a record of ;
?.14 1-4. reduced at North Randall by
Thomas W. Muphy to 2.0t? 3-4 iti a
winnltisr ra? e
Another San Francisco youngster e n
tered that created a sensation was Ah- ;
bit Futney, a three-year-old filly, who
defeated last seas* n's fastest colt Bru- !
iloff. 2.OS in J OS 1-J. u.'.m; \-2.
driven by one <>! the Kreatest drivers
<<f all titr.es. "Billy" Andrews, who is
staging a woudcrful comel^tck after1
an enforced absence by sickness f;r
tour yrars.
I.eadius; Stnlile* llnlered In Kvrntu for
Heneflt of Soldiers Illludrd
in Wattle.
NKWPOICT, R. I . August 24. ?Kn- i
t ries tor the iluee-day Newport Horse1
Show, opt-tiiiik at the Casino next Wed - t
nesday aft' rnoon. for the benefit of
soldiers blinded hi battle, have been
completed, and include many leading
show stables.
They are sufll' iently numerous to
make a highly interesting show, from
the ring point. The boxes and seats
have been largely disposed of, and the
outlook Is pleasing to tl\e executive
?ommittee, consisting of Henry F
Kldridge, Reginald G. Vanderbilt, and
1 >r. Thomas ti. Ashton.
The complete list of entries follows;
Robert Almy and William Altny, .lr
Boston, saddle and harness classes; J.
W. Atkinson, Merchantsv :lle, N. .1..
harness and saddle cliisses; N". A. Bar
rows, Pi tie Point, Me., saddle classes;
.logeph t'lark Baldwin, .'id. Mount Kis-co,
N'. V.. hunter classes; Baron O. Brug-.
t;en, Boston, .saddle and hunter classes;
? 'aalis Farms, New Marlborough. Mass-,
pony classes; I.eonard I'hasc, Tiverton,
pony classes; Isaac 11. Clothier, Jr.,
Philadelphia, hunter classes.
Belchester Farms. Dr. Thomas G.
Ashton. Kdgemont Park, Penn., liar- ,
ness. pony and hunter classcs; Miss
Mildred U'ood, Overbrook, Penn.. pony '
classes; Countess Holhusteln, Ktlgehill,
T'etin.. saddle classes.; Frank Donovan, j
Brookline. Mass.. saddle classes; the
Misses Field. Boston, saddle classes;
Mrs. Francis P. Garvin, New York, pony |
classes: Charles l.anier, Greenwich,
Conn., hunter classes; R. 11affenraffer.
Fall River, harness classes; W. 11. Han
ley. Providence, saddle classes; R. S. |
Moore, providence, pony classes; Mrs.
A. R. Mollitt, New Hamburg, N. Y., pony
classes; Miss Helen Moller. New York,
saddle classes: M. F. Murphy. Well.
Farms. West Roxbury. Mass.. hunter;
Miss Verona D. Murphy. New York,
hunter classes; Miss M. Newborg, New
York, hunter classes: Mrs. Joseph S.
Sylvester, Hanover, Mass., harness and
Sandy Point Farm. Portsmouth. R. I..
(Reginald ?.!. Vanrtrrbllt)/ hackneys;
Miss Fleanora Sears. Beverly Farms.
Mass., harness saddle hunters, and
pony stallion classes: Miss Constance
Yauolain, R ?semont. Penn.. hackneys,
harness, saddle and hunter classes;
.Miss Isabella Wannatnaker. Marion.
Wannainaker. Newport, harness classes;
Penn.. harness classes; Mrs. Rodman
Thomas B. Wannamaker. Jr., Narra
gansett Pier, pony classes.
| The show, opening next Wednesday
! afternoon at 2:15, will begin with sin
| gle harness novice horses, with the
I last class callcd at 5:30, jumpers, open
I to all.
The- hands from Fort Adams and
| Newport Naval Training Station will
| piay?
New Orleans-Mobile, rain.
.Memphis. .1; Chattanooga. 2.
Dittle Rock. 5-7; Nashville, 1-0.
Columbus, >i; Toledo. S.
T.ouisvllle, f>-10: Indianapolis. I1-5.
Milwaukee. 4: Kansas City, 3.
Minneapolis, S; St. Paul, 5.
Binnhamton. 2: Jersey City, I.
Buffalo, a-3; Reading. ? 0-3.
Newark. 9; Rochester. I.
(Only three scheduled >
Helen St Sirs .MhKIiiu <>ood.
Charley Mooroheail. Biltlor. Pa.. rein>
mail. liHit been winiilnK over Pennsylvinila
trarloi with the trnttliiK nmre. Helen Stiles.
":W4. that must l>e eleven or twelve years
old tills season. 'I'lie dauchter of Sidney
Dillon Is, Koort and able to trot the half
mile tracks, fast enough to win or he the
contender. Moorehead alto has a coo J trot
ter In Belgian, ::15'i. by Blngara.
am 5ms n ram
I'onnant" Chances of Giants Havo
Reached Stage of Speculative
Cincinnati ("luh Has Set Record In
Rj> Smashing Series of Victories
and Faculty of Overcoming HI3
in WIIXIA.M nil. I.MAN.
i NKW YOHK. August 24?The pen
inni chalices of the New York Giants
has reached th' stHjje of (speculative
mathematics. Which Is 10 say, tho
Giants can still win?on paper.
' iitit in Cincinnati it is said that
morbid tans lay awake nights figuring
out huw soon she Reds can cinch tho
pennant. The race lias not yet reachcd
; that stage <?f tho game when the
, chanci'S can bo narrowed down to tho
i question of a few sanies.
lle.-ei however, are sonic interesting
' statistics:
The standing- tonight is: Cincin
ina'i?seventy-eight won and thirty
four lost. 1 .riantk?sixty-seven won and
1 thirty-nino lost.
Barring postponements. Cincinnati,
to complete her schedule, has twentv.
] eight games more to play and tho
Glante thirty-four.
\\ hnl if Iteda Sluinpf
Assuming that the Reds slump and
win only ."<0 per rent of their remain
inc games, thr r;iants In order to beat
out Cincinnati will have to win 73
per cent of their games, and th?n
I'ome out ahead hy one game only.
? >r. to win. the OlantB cannot afford
to lose more than eight games of t!i
remaining t hirt y-four.
If the Reds, on the other hand, win
'?> per cent of their games. as it is
reasonable to suppose thev will. the
i Giants will have to take ihlrty-thre??.
of their thirty-four games to win the
pt'fltia !lt.
Rut. of course. there is always tho
possibility th:?t th* Reds will fall he
low tbe .*i0 t<er 1 ? nt mark. Possibility,
mind you. not probability. If Cincin
nati should win only to per cent of
her games the Giants. Iti order to win.
will have to go a li!ib> better than fil
per cent And ,?o "'? ur| Infinitum,
i which is T.atln for rldlculotisnesp.
Mathematically, the < Rants can win.
Physically and actually, they cannot.
Cincinnati needs only to win a little
more than half of her remaining games
to beat out the Giants at their present
; gait.
Some Are Misguided.
And those who count on the Reds
taking 1 tumble at this stage of tho
game .ire- w. 11 ? misguided.
The P.eds have just completed a road
record une'i tailed by any other National
l.ejgue c'ub this war. Having lorn
four out of six from the Giants, three
f four from I).*.
.. -- - .1.111 m. mri"
out of four from the Robins, extermi
natlng tiic liravet. they .ire now
their wa- to flatten out the Phillies
Ring and KP.er and Satin.. ?
i-.:ng titwi KRer and Sa I lee and
Reuthei" have never heen in better
shape than they are at present.
The team Is fighting like an aggre
gation of fiends, coming from behind
in each game after being outdistanced
at the s: 1 rt
Yes. the Giants can win.
Ma theniat; rally speaking.
Make Vntlonnl fitinrd niflr Group
Without llnxlng find Any
Former experience.
r.YNCHBCRCi. v.\, August 21 ?
Three of the twelve members of the
Virginia National Guard Rifle Team at
Cadweil, N. J., for the National slioot
are ky nchburirers. these men having
muilf the State team without former
i-xpet leiice. They are Serg<s?iiitK 1.. !'.
Kllt<>tt, who stood first; .lobn l.?.
Walker, who stood fifth, and R A
Cody, who stood eighth. The men are
I \pectod to return here week after
II e v t. Nothing has been heard from
their work so far st the National shoot.
Tir! Kby. the i~hi ag" flyr who won th?
i'"-liif|rr da-h in th' !:i!' illled u.im" !n
I'aris. h* ait mil' ??! lie wt'! ? liter the t"n
'. ? r-ity "f }"'i:r; yl'. j:.: 1 lr. th' tali to cum
j!ei< his course
It t? und?r-tnnd 'hat TVnn l? ?\'ll
Miil?tu-d wi:|i .t >. W: ght. 'he ('aliadlan
1 ffw onrti tha' lie will !? t?ildereil *a two
or tlir-e-J.-ar contract Wright has made
rowing 1 boom >t?or: at I'enn Rts present
? '..itiii t ex;<ii?, : h:.- ye.11 Icirlug his tlr.-t
jt.ti with th- lt?-l iiti"l Mlue o.ir.-n-.'n Wrlshl
i 1' Ii'? -i f<ir l"ith:tie
I*rt.f. ? .>r .T r>nneaii Spaeth, of Princeton,
and Prof?.">?r Mather A Abbott, of ? Tale.
?*h? ' oach'-d tin crew's of their respetrtls *
nitl vert-it ir-> 1 li: - >nr have demonstrated
that the i,if.--nt day "prof knows some
tb'.ng more than mere hooks.
The main races at !!i? next Penn relay
carnival may lie timed by an electrical.
iIhi-'", tri? timing has been tried out
W'es-t with lOindderable success.
tt'ine Miller will he hack at Penn this
f.t I t'ir his f.turth j'ar <tf rollegtatn foot
ball. Tills will If th? Ia>-t year that the
university will allow an athlete to compete
more than four years.
Jack DonaMson, world's professional
sprinting c hampion, with records of !?3-3
second> for K*o yards, and '.1 l-'i seconds for
r 'U yard./ i^ i:i this country seeking a < oaeh
tnK Jol>. 11ai vard is >aid to want him as
truck coacli. Honaldson .says ho Is anxious
to meet American professional aprinters.
Ted Meredith .-avs his two hardest races
were ihe vXi-meter rac? in the lfir.' Olympic
gain's, when he made a world's record,
ai.d llie 15M A. A L'. UO-yard champion
^hlfi. at Haltlmore. when he beat Tom
Hatpin and Van Wlllcle, in M I-5 second.-.
Il<- i a ii blind th** last tifty yards in the
latter race.
ARB ; i
Ht, FVnlsh and Kabrlc Ouar%%?
te?d or Money Cheerfully i
Mortoa C. Stout & Co.
fM Kart Main 3tint. '?* ' I'

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