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Product Is Best Immediately After Harvested?Must
Not Be Left in Piles and Should Be Shelled Soon.
Many Tasteful Dishes Can Be Prepared.
(Copyright, 191?. by Mrs. M. A. Wilson.) .
Lima beans arc flat kidney-shaped
beans an<l arc sometimes called butter
beans. They are very popular ami
they form a splendid addition to she
winter menu. cither tianned or dried
The lima bean Ih a member of the
family group of four vegetables, which
arj the hardest to keep for future
use. namely, asparagus?, peas, corn and :
lima beans.
The moisture content of the lima ,
beans is In the form of a vegetable
milk and It will develop luetic acid
ferment, called thcrtnophyle. This fer
ment does not spoil the appearance of
the vegetables and It ran only be de- !
tieted when the Jar is opened The
beans have a flat, sour taste and they
becoyu?'soft and mushy when turned
from' the Jar Now it is quite neces
sary to prevent this trouble. When
canning beans
First. .tlue beans freshly harvested;
this means not over six hours old.
Second. Do not let them lie in piles:
they will heat; do not lay them in the;
sun or any other warm place.
Third. Shell at once, in a cool p!a<-e,
and grade for size, nrvmely. small,
medium and lar?e. Can only the small
and medium sizes. Dry the lrirge beans, j
Kourth. Blanch in boiliriK water for
fifteen minutes ar.d then remove and
dip at once into cold running water.
Drain, pack quickly into Jars and fill
the jars to overflowing with boiling
salt water. Adjust the rubber and lid
and partially Lighten. Place at once
in a hot water bath and process for
three and one-half hours.
Fifh. The temperature of the water
in the bath should be from 165 to 17.r?
degrcs Fahrenheit when Jars are
laced In bath. Hotter than this will
e apt to track the Jars.
Sixth- After the Jars ar" in the hot
water bath bring th?>ni quickly to a
boll and allow the water to boil two
minu'es. then count the time from this
on. The water must be at least two
inches deep over the tops of th<? jary
and must boll continually. At flic
er.d of the period for prore?sin;?. re
mdve the jars, seal at once and remove
lo a cool room, free frotn drafts, jo
''OOL The four pe.ri.ods when -flat sour
may attack the beans >re.
First. Whtie the beans are lylnc
tn a warm room or in piles or In the
Second. Too slow in flllinp Into jar*
and delay io quickly bringing hot
water bath to tiie hotline point.
Third. Allowing the jars to cool )>*
standing in the hot \*?t.r bath, or In a
hot kitchcn after processing.
1-ourth Storage in a warm p!a<-e.
To Dry Mnm Hen nit.
There are two methods that are
used for drying lima beans. Roth are
srood. The second method Is stid to
pre\ent insects from bein;, attracted
ro the beans, ano It is used chietV- i. ??
those living in warm climates Hear.:?
may be dried in the sun or with an
electric fan -or in th? various driers
that are on the market.
First method?Cover a wire tray
with cheesecloth and then spread the
hfane in a single layer and place them
in tn* sun or in the dr'er to dry. Turn
them frequently during the drying
Second method ? Plic the beans fn
a piece of cheesecloth and dip in boil
in* witer for ten minutes. then dip in
cold wat?r. Spread on a cloth to d.-a;r*
for a few minutes. Now cover ;ra>s
with cheesecloth and spread the bear.*
in single layers and dry, ui-itig either
the sun or the evaporator.
When the beans art thoroughly dry
they must be tempered or conditioned,
for tJ they were, to l>e scaled riffht
after drying, quite frequently th y
would sweat and then tnold. To do
thin. place the beans In a wire basket
or cheesecloth bug aiul hang In a cool,
dry place-. Umpty and turn every day
for one week. They may then bo
stored in a cool. ?Jry place.
To store the lima beans, pack them
Into tins or ulass containers and
covor, then wrap In a newspaper to
prevent insect*, etc., front being at
tracted to them.
It is Important to ko"P the beans
covered either with mosquito netting
or cheeseelo;h while dtylni? them to
prevent insects from Jayii.g their eggs
among and on the beans.
Shell a sufficient amount of heans
to measure three quarts. and then par
boil t'.iem for twenty minutes. Drain
.in 1 rinse in plenty of cold water. Now
blanch and cold-dip one dozen large
ears of corn, and then score the corn
with a corn scraper, and finally scrape
the corn from the cob. Add to the
beans and mix thoroughly. Add to
0;.o cup of boiling water.
Two teaspoons of salt.
Ono teaspoon of granulated sugar.
Stir to thoroughly dissolve Halt and
sugar. and then add to the corn. Now
add the beans itid stir again to thor
oughly mix. Fill into sterilized iare.
adjust the rubber and lid, partially
tighten and then process In a hot
water bath Ifor three and one-half
hours. Remove and seal at once.
P'.aee in a cool room free from drafts
to cool.
Indian Cliarl.
Scald on* dozen large tomatoes and
the-ii -"old-dip and remove the skins
and cores and cut into small piece?.
P!are in a lari'f bowl and squeeze
between the hands Into pulp. Now
prepare the beans and corn as for
succotash and then add the prepared
beans and corn to the tomatoes. Now
One and one-half teaspoons of salt,
fine teaspoon of sugar.
Stir to thoroughly blend and then
fill iiit-i sterilized jars. Adjust the
rtjM>?r and lid arid partly seal Place
a? once tit a hot-water baf.i and pro
cess for three and one-half hours.
Note?r>o not add the cup of water
tha' is used 'hi the succotash recipe
in 'he ahwri. Pint and quart size Jars
may be used. The same length of time
to be used to process both.
Country Hrlish.
Blanch one dozen large ears of corn
and tl'<n cold-dip. <'ut from the cob
and place In a preserving kettle and
Six sweet red peppers.
Six green peppers.
?"'hop fine
Three pin's of lima beans, cooked
twerty minutes.
Two pint* of finely chopped cab
ba ge
Two pints of string beans, cut in
one-inch piects, cooked twenty min
u t es.
One pint of chopped onions,
f'tit quart of vinegar.
>lx taolespoons of salt.
I'n-e cup of brown sugar.
Two tablespoons of celery eeed.
Four tablespoons of mustard seed,
<>::?> cup of cold water
Bring to a boil and cook for twenty
minutes, then add
One-half cup of flour,
iine-half cup of musard,
?*>ne tablespoon of paprika.
One and one-half cups of water
Dissolve the tlour. mustard and pap
rika lsi the water and add to the boil
ing relish and cuoi; for ten minutes.
Cool arid then fill" into all glass jars.
Adjust the rubber and lid Seal. Pro
cess in hot water bath thirty-five
minutes. Cool and then store in a cool,
dry place.
<?nf morning when the sun was thin
i:.r warm and bright on the duck pond
a Itraponfiy sat on a Iraf nf a bush
which overhung the pond.
He was buzzinp lazily to himself
that he was not peine to do a thing
that dav but sit in the sun and l??
i-omfortable when he saw a fiock of
?lucks sailing toward liirti.
"Ruzz. buzz." he lauphed. "Those
s-iM>* ducks won't catch me today for
J shall take go^d rare to stay out of
th*ir rea<-h."
?\Vhe:} the ducks sailed alontr to the
bush where the Dragonfly sat they
Mopped to rest in the warm sun and
catch any fly or bus that happened to
be within reach.
Iiown one duck would dive and then
Puzzle Picture
A great from Kankakee.
Draw from t to 2 and no on to the end
It seems to be a universal thing
with most milliners so far this season
that veils draped over the hats and
made a pert of the hat itself are to be
i very large item. Particularly do thoy
ipeak of the Chantilly and the Bonna:
embroidered, mesh veil, not only in
)lack and brown, which has hud quite
t little mention, but even in other coi
The French have done so many In
teresting things with the veils for tho
icw Wats that there is likely to h?
tuite a little done In this line. They
?xtend In hugo drapes to tho knees or
?uat to tho shoulders and thqn again
lometimes only In a little curtain oft
ho brim edge.
another and come up with something
thtj- had seen, either a worm or some
small creature and the Dragonfly
v.ould laugh each time. "Buzz, buzz,
they caught a silly worm; how wise
am 1 that I stay here out of their
By and by along came some of
Dragonfly's relations and alighted on
the pund. "Snap. snap, snap." went
the ducks and three of the fliee were
"Buzz, buzz," laughed Dragonfly
again. "How wise am I to stay out
of reach while my silly relatives are
cau g!it." ,
The ducks sailed away and Dragon
fly wont sleep, but when he awoke
the ducks were under tiie bush again
catching flies, and afrain Dragonfly
laughed. "Buzz, buzz, how silly are
all my cousin flies; iiiere they go on
tlie pond and let the ducks catch them,
while I ant the very biggest fly of all
and no one can reach me because I
am so wise "
"Buzz, buzz, how funny they all look
flying down on the pond and being
gobbled up. Buzz, buzz."
It was Dragonfly's last buzz, for he
laughed so hard he tumbled off the
leaf where he sat, right on the pond
in front of a duck, who gobbled him
up before he knew \shat had happened
to him.
Those who laugh at the misfortunes
of others often come to grief them
selves.?(Copyright, 1010. by the
McOlure Newspaper Syndicate, New
York City.)
Tomorrow"* sfory?"The Four-footed
Club.**?1'nrt I.
At the Movies
fllJOl?Dorothy I.Uh, In u\oliody
III ? 1/K111 it I)?UI inm IJtmnuiiii, In
"ttiire-Klftted <?? timelier."
llltOA it\VA ^ ?K. K. Iilncoln, in
irtuoutt Mra.'1
COLOMA1.?frelghton Hnle nnrl
June Cnprlce, In "The l.ove Client."
IMS?Vllcp Joyce mid (ilndilon
JQmfIn "The Third Ueiereo."
,.J?WKOX ? Msidlnlne Trnvfru, In
'The I?ote Thut Dnrm."
It UX?Variety.
yiCTOIl? Norma Taltnadge. In
The forbidden Clty."
"The .Vmisrlity Wife" Till* Week.
The farce, "The Naughty Wife."
I written by l-'red Jackson, will bo the
attraction a*. the Academy of Music for
! two days, beginning Friday. August
; vvitii Saturday matinee, us present
, eii by Suiwyn & Company. who, it will
be remembered, were also responsible
for the production of -Twin Heds."
"I-'air and Warmer" an-1 other farcical
Plays of the same nature. It was pro
j duced in New Vork City at the Harris
heater, where It had a Ions run, and
nas aiso bcfn fcr.CR jn ,.htcaKO amJ
Boston, being well received in cach of
these cities. I,ike its companion p ays.
if _ - - ? will j<U tl JU.I
.u,WI" Be<ls." ?n>i "i-'air and Warmer "
Jj.cot The Naughty Wife" .Jcais
.oV*,^ .!.ro"^a ''f - married
?couple. in this case iliilVy KaVring
un? novcliMt. ha* tak-u unto
himself a pretty young wife. but. ho.
m-c engrossed his work, ho has be
wifev w8r tCl Ul' *?' !l makes
",J x,r> strongly resentful Th..
young husband i,. ,,f course, hope!,K
ortful i?uV.Ct .he11 hlS Ur"U- b??
?i V/.VjJ'u "?" S'1 and it comes us
;t . -"h0'* to nlm When )., disc.v
?nr,?v, - safl ls a0uUt to elope with
h?ve h*?n'U" < 1,0,'c tbal hf- ?>av
j hnve b?en mistaken is ?wcnt iw-.
?Jlc? sl'< Mivc.y toils i,|m hers-1- 'of
her Intention to run away. Of cour?o
; tbwa^Ue^n'J 'hto work lo
tiSfc'SX&.'Sl S care" a'^d" with
fir .V ?Vh" ' v- s ?,a,d to ?- ?? Nto 1
i i ilp Naughty Wife" ? ....
dnijbi.fjjy ;i -.veil-written plav and ha
lo^ irSHKr":i'S a"'1 "no'u"'?it both
j?M to be adequate In evVrv re'ae1't
among those who will appear be;,,
W^ r, -Mre<l- Heeva Greenwood. Irma
and others.*? Wa,lherR' "wr/lcSS
Canning Tomatoes
!nTa0r^al??? Can I>r?ha-bly be prepared
.J1 greater number of uavs than
!>h^Lcf"r:",?" vegetable "They fonn
he basb of many soups and a*r*
:n sauces for fish or oysters ?
w.v:*bftn,^ $?*}
ti? in fb? work
be,<l methods of "ann're
K"SSa VSS, fn-iS i
:Vat" ,f?r ,?bo?t if minu\es or untd
L?.^wskins, ,0^ri?n- Remove skins and
with a slender-pointer knife cut out"
e5n?C?rH?vih?Ul culJ}"& ",l?' the seed |
reus Ma\? in readiness Jars which
? whrfi T?n !minutes, rack the
iv a tomatoes into the Jnrs as rapid
Jy #ar* Add on? levol
' aH'oon of surar and one-half tr-i
spoo. Of sa!t to each quart Put on
*i^:'.ea-n"l ruhhpf which has been
v bi ? h k"c .0t SOv:t ,va!er fop
J. hich has been boiled 15 min?itA?.
hi - h lhe , ,op" u liot - w at er
dLkh canner, cither comn^^rciiil or ?
honic -made. i? user!, place Jir on faNe I
bottom with sufficient water to pro-!
ce>t the jars. Boil 30 minutes a'ter 1
n/'.n?V;UY starf!,u boiling vigorous!v
list u,r iiaL'- l'5h,*? 'ops. invert to
ilry pla e a' s:tore "> a cool. dark.
Another procedure which is more
?sJ)-H,cr is to fill quart jars
no'ur in .M L e tomatoes and then
pout :n .1 thick tomato sauce. Ka- li
Jnr will have whole v-mato.-s for sa'
a.j.s or baking and a tomato puree for
soups or sauces. This sauce Is made
by cooking the small or broken toma
toes unti.1 tender. Ttie seeds are thou
removed and the pulp concentrated bv
hol.mg to about tiie consistency of
utes roc?^s quart jar* for oO 'niin- .
If desired, all of the tomatoes mav
be cooked to a pulp and a more eco*
nomical utilization of space within the
jar will he obtained.?United States
I->eparl:nent of Agriculture.
To Darken Hair.?Equal part3 of
claret and water is recommended for i
darkening the hair.
Kor Sensitive Nails?If your nails
are unduly sensitive rub them oca- i
sionally with t little wax and a um. ?
1"or Acne. Kathe the face frequentlv !
and thoroughly, using a soft neutral ?
soap, then massage it with absorbent !
cotton an-1 ice cold water.
For Tired Byes.? Hathe eves that
have been severely strained with a lo- 1
tion consisting of one dram of boric
acid and six ounces of rosewater.
How to Be Healthy
Allrr "Kill" Precaution*.
After iniluenz>v whn'.It is a ques
tion evry one should ask theint>elves
dally for the next few months. Warm
weather has wiped out the dancer of
active cases of the "tlu." but It ha.s
not entirely removed the danger of the
after effects.
Influenza itself greatly reduces one's
physical vitality. Canes frequently were
followed l?y other sickness, especially
pneumonia.' which still further reduced
the victim's resistance to disease. This
lowered resistance opens the way for
ftlvc tuberculosis, which is a disease
of the weakened.
Most people are Infected with, germs
of tuberculosis in childhood. Provided
one's general health remains good, such
Infection may never develop into active
disease. In f-.ot, the person appears to
be entirely well, but when bodily vital
ity is lowered by a sickness such as
influenza or pneumonia, these tubercu
losis germs lying in wait may launch
a sudden attack -von months after and
make rapid headway.
Those who luvd influenza during the
winter epidemic should take out
"health insurance" by having a doctor
make a thorough examination to sec
If nay signs of tuberculosis ar? pres
ent. Vou cannot tell without an expert
e:;aminat Ion.
If you tlnd yourself free from any
t !-?<"?<? of tuberculosis, keep so by sufll
' ci?nt rest and careful living.
If. however, your "cold" has hung on
despite the coming of warm weather, or
if other indications of tuberculosis are
found. begin medical treatment with
out a moment's delay.
Those who have had the "flu" should
not assume, however, that they are
going to get tuberculosis nor should
those w ho do develop the disease as
sume that they cannot be cured. Tu
berculosis. as modern science has
proved, is preventable, and it is cur
? ble, provided treatment is begun
Advice to Lovelorn
it v iiu.vrmc'12 fairkax.
Dear Mis* Fairfax.?Sin'" rhlldhood I
l:?vo Known a buy thre' yarn elder than 1
?*ni -He whs among lho?e who vent to
? irht for uur country. All the time h<- ?is
?>way w?? . orrespond-d. In fact, hla li-ttera
wi-r- written to sunk* me understand h?
really i*r<d f'?r m? Now. throuch a eirl
tri'-n'J. I hear thai he has been home for
two n?'ks Should I boiler about meeting
liltr.. a- !??? h.is ii'-v'-r l'-t m? know that l.o
home" '1 I love htm deaitV. 1
ha iu vor showed him that T cared. If t
in.i'lo any attempt t>> tneet hin>. would ho
th iik I was running after him?
A great many girls have written to
r.ie about similar experiences with
young soldiers. And one can only
judge, while in France, they probably
forgot their American sweethearts. 1
do not think I would go out of my way
to meet this young man. as it is up to
him to let you knuw of his return. If
you happen to meet him, however, L
should act cordially.
D'-ar Mies Fairfax,?My sweetheart wae &
soldier when 1 n.et him at camp, where 1
us?-d to sine When he left for France I
told h!:n 1 would be "tru-- blue." which I
was '.Vher. he returned, after eielit months,
he teemed pleased to b( with me again.
He A s discharged. ar.d went to his home
in ih<- Weal I heard from him every day
iint.! three weeks aco Sine* then l ha\e
h?ard nothlnir. I wrote to him. but have
had no answer, <>?nt!emen nr" asklns? me
to co to places, but 1 refute them. I am
\.-ry attractive and am known widely for
my sinclne. ANXIOUS.
If you have written to the young sol
dier and he has declined to answer your
letters. 1 cannot see how you can be
hound by mutual promises that he has
failed to keep.
ONANCOCK. August 24.? Mise Rebecca
Jane Andrews, daughter of Captain U-iorsu
R Andrews, of < "him ot'uitue. and Jacob
Frederick jjecnulP r. of Altoona. Pa., were
married at thy brlde't home Saturday.
l.'HARLOTTKSVI I.I.E. August 24?Em
mrtt K I'owill and M!sa Ethel Mav Nor
v?ll. both of th'- county, wer. married at 10
o'clock Saturday at .in uptown department
Mere, the ? -eremonv It-!n: performed bv L>r.
James K. .loll'tl. pautor of the Flrji Metho
dist ? 'hurch Th" groom !>? a vouhk larme.r ,
or the N')rth Harden neighborhood. while
the bride it- from Covesville. |
WINCIIBSTER. August 24.?Godfrey Mil-j
Ir Coeper arid Mitt Ada May Ha>?. the
Witter o! Carlisle, j'a . were married ouietly ,
in Chr-st Protestant Epli-copai Church by
the R-v. \V. 1>. Smith. Th<- bride came |
here recently on a visit. They expect lo
ine in Baltimore.
I.VNCHBUP.G. Aurust 24.?Harry T. I
Blanks and Mis? l.illie Rowsev. l">ih of
i.ynf-hburg. were married Thursday evening ,
at the Rtvermonl Avenue Baptist parsonuca. I
th- i ?astor. Rev. It A McFarUnd, o&ciattni;. !
"I li?*v will reside here
W INCHESTER. Aufi.-' 21. ? Announce- i
ne nt Ii** I" "ii tna I" ? the marriase of Ml?.i |
Marion M. Poor, of Raitlniore, to Charles j
\\"<>r: hinfftcn, fortn*r!v of Winchester, whien
look place August In in Balltiuure. 'I he |
brideffroiiii is associated with his lather.
Bruce W'orthinctoit. in ih* manufacture <?f
fruit products in Maryland and West Vir- ]
ONANCOCK. August 24 ?Miss Ha'iei Tir- :
i.-inif. Hunting, dauchter of Mrs Mattte
Hunting, "f Chincotea cue. and Much Idrls
I.umley. of New Mexico, were marriad at
t ride's home Thursday. The groom has
been radio operator at the ChincOleague I
station for two years. I
When blankets have become too thin j
for ordinary use they can be pressed i
into further service in the following j
way: Put two or three together and I
cover them with pretty sateen to make |
nuilts. To keep them in proper shape I
they should Vie buttoned down here and j
there like matresges. A frill of I
sateen makes a nice finish.
mu _ ? -*&<?
Give The Children
A Good foundation
?) , ***** ^
There's nothing that contributes
more to sturdy physical development
than the full nourishment of
A delicious blend of wheat and bar
ley, with their vital mineral salts.
Comes ready to eat. No Waste.
"There's a Reason "
.Now York Kent I'njcr Kxpeete<I (o
rind Swapping Houses Costly
Operators, Kxpecting Reduction ?n
Volume of Changes Because of
High Rents, Move to Keep .\pgre
Kute, Retnrn to Maximum.
NEW YORK, August 24 ?Tile rent
paying New Vorkcr is being; squeezed
in the pincers handled by tho butcher,
the baker, the candlestick Quaker, un
. til lie feels like shying at. one and all
j of them the "rotten pertatcr" made
famous in rhyme. All tho above and
j more, including aniotiR the chief the
'landlord, have beet) taking: a crack?
land a Rood, husky crack, too?at the
rent payer's pocket book.
.tdvRnr? All Alone I.Inc.
The latest squeeze is from the van
drivers and those who assist thcui in
carry I tip the family rocking: chair from
apartment to lint ami flat to apartment.
The llliiiuffcurii. Teamsters and
Helpers' Cnion lias submitted demands-*
for advances of pay .-ill along the. line,
and Charles .Morris, president of the
\an Owners* Association. admitted
yesterday that some advance would
have to be paid the men.
At present the van drivers and
workers are iceflincr. from $21.50 to $JS
a week, according to their skill. While
neither side would say what their de
mands are. both admit that the in
crease will have to be a substantial
one. Conferences are now under way
and the result will be known shortly.
The men know that 110 one is going
to move thid tall who doesn't have tn.
because the man who moves is certain
to face a huge increase of rent in his
new quarters, provided they are like
his old. and the man who stays stands
; some chance of holding the present
quarters at the old rate, or something
near it.
Seeing the volume of busin? 0. thus
diminishing, the men want to keep up
their returns on what they do.
Decrease Not Hrvralrd.
The van men are not yet able to
estimate what the in !novi!i'v
will be on October 1. but real estare
men say that only about one lease in
1,10 is being surrendered this vea"
where the former rate was well over
llfty in a hundred.
j - Th.c Persons w ho are driven out In
| October hy some catastrophe which '
j compels them to move will not only
have to pay increased rents and ii'
crr-ased pay for the huskies on the
trucks. I he owners of the. vans thein
, selves say that they will have to add
.to their profit this year on account
of the soaring prices of feed for their
! mobiles ?f rPr>airs for amo
! DoivnTTiird Tendency Clifelted Dnrlnir
Meekly Extensive lieallzUig
on Short Side.
fBv A-*oriated r:ci> 1
NTCW ORLEANS. August L't.?The
net results of the trading in cottr?n
last week were advances of to ."itt
j points. At tiie lowest levels tho trad- \
ing month? were at net declines of 55 1
: to 02 points, from which they rose to'
net advances of S2 to 1(10 points It
Wa?r<not a weck of w i,1r fluctuations.
While new low levels lor tho re
j act son following tho wide advances of
1 a month ago were reached, the down
ward tendency was checkcd by the
m.dd.e of the week by extensive realiz
ing 011 the short side. For a while
: the market was prevented from gain
nig much recuperative power, because
. of the slumps in foreign exchange hut
. during the second half of the week !
| it had a fairly good undertone.
1 Toward the end of the week rains 1
1 in Tosa?- wc.re the main influence, and j
; the continued downpour in manv lo- ,
? calities in that .State, brought out manv'
| crop complaints and predictions of ex- 1
j cessive damage by insects.
I It is proha.ble that on the opening of
the market this week the wenther in
the Western belt will be the. mai l ;
| thing the trade will look at. although '
1 111 beginning to pay attention to
I xv 11 at ( dn^ress will *Jo to amendments ;
putting clothing under the provisions .
[ of the food-control act. Jn some qua- - |
ters it is thought that this bill will
, have much to do with the course of
j prices during the next few sessions.
I The movement of the new crop to '
market will have t.o be given more |
consideration this week. New bales
have shown up in many localities in
I the southern, half of the cotton region
and there is every evidence that pick'
inf? will increase in several Stutea.
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"The South'* Great Florl?t.M
Cimffrrnce of Ntnfc Atfrlrulturnl J)(
liurtmrnt < lirnil>i(K (ilvr Cun
slderntiou Co tfulijeet.
(Hv Universal Service >
IIARFUSUUUC, I "A.. August 24.?
When Is ait fresh? This ?iuestion j
was decided tit a conference of the i
StHtf* AK<*tvu!turni Department's chem- j
ists for the purpose <? C determining at
problem whoso sottloment is necessary'
f?r tlie enforcement vf a law enacted I
by the last session of the Legislature, j
prohibiting; the .sale of eggs as fresh |
when they are not fresh. The chem- j
Nts* finding was:
An egg lb fresh wh'-u its white is i
c.ipable wf whipping well. In cook
ing. ii can be satisfactorily poached
or soft-boiled; It has not absorbed!
foreign, disagreeable odors; its em
bryo shall not li.ivc developed apprc- i
ciably; the yolk should be fairly stiff |
and well rounded; the white should not
ho watery; the chalazu shall be wo!i
d?' fined.
The tests were made individually and
Hip results ohecked wonderfully, ac
cording to the Secretary of Agricul
UnoBrlcN.t Monti:; Knv .\rre*<*.
HARKISHirRij. r'A.. August! 24.?The
lirgt month of war-time prohibition in
Ilarrlsburg resulted in 50 per cent less
arrests than there were made in the
mouth of June, the records of the po
lice department show. The number of
arrests during July totaled sixty-live.
Only eiKht of these e.irfe* , were the
result of intoxication. During June
tlin'r times thin number of persons
v/ere caught in the police net for being
IMwm Hrnrrvrtl for Crrmnn \ntlonnl
llltcl Independent .Socio for
t'prnuony l'no?cu|ilrd.
(By Assocluttd Pr^ss 1
WEIMAR, August -4.?Krodartch
Ebert took the u.ith as impcrl.il presi
dent at the National Theater the other
day. A large crowd had gaUiered In
the square before tiic theater, where a
guard of honor was drawn up with
t!ii! landjaeger band playing-.
Herr Kbort arrived in an automobile
at 5 o'clock in tho afternoon, and was
received at the main entrance of the
theater by the vice-presidents and sec
retaries. who conducted him to where
Konstantin Kehrnbach, president of
the National Assembly, was awaiting
The organ played at. Herr Fohren
bach led the president to the couter
of the. tlower-bedockcd hall, whero the
presiil -.nt'? tribunal Is situated. The
member of the imperial council and
assembly rose to welcome Herr Ebert,
but the places reserved for tho Ger
man national and independent social
ists were empty.
Herr l-'ehrenbach handed the presf
dent the document containing the oath,
the formula of which President Ebert
recited with a firm voice.
Presidunt Ebert said: /"This must
remain to us If we desire to rebuild
the l-'athe.riand?deep love for the
homeland and the tribe out of which,
each of us sprang and to this niuat
he joined sacred labor for tho whole
and the plnc-ins of one's self in th<>
empire".?> service. Every contradiction
between the. whole and the individual
States vanishes there."
Our standard of quality is
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prices absolutely right?in
fact, much lower than they
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Better August
? - ~'7j
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\ UiSS. GaBeski ^f??^ Opticas Co.
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