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Manager of Swift's Commercial He
hcnreh Dopnrtincut Criticizes
Ppo|t?ht*d Law.
Wold Claims Packers Control Jx'ss
Than Half of 11 left* Husimvss.
<*han;es l-'ctlrnil Commission's H<*
jiort Hatiirated Willi Inaccuracies.
(!lv ArtQClult'tl I rrn. *
WASHINGTON. August -">??Further I
? inflation ot foodstuft .prices would :
result from the pasture of the ICru- j
yon bill to regulate a imI 1 ioo ????? tin-;
packing indu?tr>, 1.. I>. M. Weld, man- ,
iifrr ol tin- commercial research de
partment of Swift Co. testified to
dav befor. the Si nalo Agriculture Com
mittee wlicrv i h< hill is under con
aid era lion.
"The main objection t<> the bill." Mr.
\Vcld said, "is in i In fart that it
was based upon reports of the Kederal
Trudi .Commission, which arc saturated
with glaring iiiitci">.n'ies and mis
btwtemeiuts. This would bo vcrious
enough, .hut tin? inaitcr docs not rest |
there. bftuitiKr the bill, if passed, will
further intluto the already high cost
of living."
"Kloincntal fiicts in the meat busi
ness." Mr. Weld said, proved that the
packer profit on meat transactions
v as about " ernts on a dollar.
Hit* One or lh?< Other.
"The Kenyon bill must either inter
fere Wlih the inrmerc end of meat
production, or with dark'Ts' part
? of the business if designed to aitect
the high cost of living." ho said. "If
the farmer is hit, lu " II cut dow n
production, which will hring high
stock prices It" the packer is hit at.d .
his business crippled, the result will
be higher mutiut.u-. 1 - " c is'.-- and
those loo will hare t ? passed on.'
Mr. Weld paid his - ts ta C t:i
anissioner Colver. f t!u f. do . .mv.i is
?ion. a previous witi.es.- r- t" K
that "many of his statements here
wore nacecrntO'l r. '.tttac '.:r.it<
Swift & Co owned n retail .-tores
in England ar.d V.r W? d said h had
been unab> fr. '. that ar.; ther
American packer d' } sc
"Mr. Colver came in here apd told ?
tpu penile ire:- * it t-,ve lar-e
of the" business >> he
tir.ued, "They hand o less than SO per
cent. and 1 assurt ya\: t he re is the
keenest competition between ail of
tfc* m.
F.\plaln< t'oh rr'? riciirf.
"He toid you the packers handled
"00 com mod i'. es !,? * ?? reveal ;?> you
some of the proc-sfi > by wi h he
reached this figure. Ho mentio od as
neparat? itbutvr :je oleo an !
oltomarc.ir: :io A'.! tlir.o "he same.
He took twenty-three cuts of beef, and
listed then-, as tw( t ? y-three items. He
gave 1!"' iter: -? as a list of by-products i
of cattle dressing Ho mentioned
thirty-seven it? nis of sausage
"Mr. Colver made the flat statement
thai the raekers have not put any
new capita) into the business from ?
outside sources since 1 f?04. Swift ?<? ' '
Co. alone has added $s5.oC'0."00 now i
cash capita! from sales ?>f shares. Mr.
Colver persistently ignored the num- !
ber of packing concern* in business
in this country. Some concerns
are engage) in interstate business
besides the big puckers, and moreover,
several hundred concerns do a bic local
and intrastate business.
Declares Ml Will Fie Hurt.
"If the Kenyon bill is passed the
splendid and elaborate service given
the country at large by the big packers
will be interfered with in a way that
will hurt e\erybody concerned?pro-!
dueers. packers and consumers."
Mr. Weld said the constant attacks i
of tho trade commission, and attacks;
from other source^ had forced !'>e ,
packer}! "to defend the industry," TTy
organising the American Institute of j
Meat Packers.
Mr. Weld's statement as to Swift &
Co.'s }>ro|i's on meat drew general tire
tram the committee.
(ttiOKtloiis \? 111 I'relit .IukkHiik,
"The iiackers. com rolling the bv
product jiru i s. would tind it possible
to switch the figures around in between
the accounts, w ouldn't ih> v ." Senator
K?'tidri^l< asked.
It would 1 ? e possible, if wo wore
to jviggi-' t:i> aci utiii: s ind fool <iur
selves. * Mr. Welti answered.
Henry \ . . d> r general counsel for
swift a- c,., interrupted to say the
compaify would gladly open its hooks'
to t , inspe.-t if.ri of any accountants
the committee minht name.
Otflcinl^ Art \\*Vrn Womnn Uefudfj to
t.ivr t.irl to i.rnnil
? mother.
fiS-iocirtl WiThi; 1Jimes-T>ispatch.l
C1jKVRI<AN4>, -inicnx August L'5.?
Coutn.y? t""i:rk Kduiuu* B. Haseroat and
other eburt othrials had to wrest seven- (
year-ol2l CijAdys tlruhaugli from her \
motheHs clutches alter .ludce I>an H.
full had ordered the ehiltl restored to J
its grandparents, .fostmi patetits by
adoption in t'otnsnon IVias Court.
Two weeks ,m ? i fliadys. who has
lived a! her grandparents' home In |
?St. John.-', Mich., since she. was ten
dayH old. was taken to Cleveland h>
her father ano mottier wit'a the knowl
? dK* of the grantlfather and grand
.ludgrt Cttli made his ruling aftei
learning that Mrs Kmlly (Jrubaugh.
the gr^ndtn "her. had cared for th<
child aiinnv: .sne'e its birth, and that
the Adoption, hat! be? n legalized with
the (??iris-,;: ' o' the ch.".d:> parents, who
live at i;..;.t f>ne llunder I and
Twen; y- eiu )i t h St r? > :.
iHut \yhen Mrs Oruhnugh elder went
to get the ehi'.d from her mother's
'.ap at'rei the jud?*o protiotinci d th
order, the younger Mrs. i'.rtilintigh h-Id
to til'.t'lys. crying. "Hon"! lake Glatlvs
away? 1 won't ?iv< !u-r up'"
(.crtimnj Declines to Permit I'orelgti
Trouppi in Slleittn I mil l.\
ehaiiKe Papers.
fBy A? 1 IT
PARIH, August (Sermati> has de
clined to in. ???? ? ? ?? tr ?
Sije.-ia 'i-r .i'. ? . hav? ' m r - tr
unde.r the t r. : . Which stipulates that
they are . .' y ..trd ih? po- ? ? ? it?
there. Tt,- ? -:an s t uat ion l iin
sat isfacfor. i.r.i tiio '".ermarib are re
ported t<i he ^.n.1 aboii' a rear i
tieseetK'e t.f * :? i ?. ??!'.! reigu of terror
in tlirr' pro' a ?
The (fi'.- ? r. I ?? riTiefi t r"?:
to Siletia i ? ? f ? ? r ?. tin -?ipren.e
council Sn'u- in" ' sp ? s ? .1 it ?
that <lerm.i! v ic noun n <| an
her willi:., ' i. -n
troops to e; i.
]?urposi)s"- hefti; t|u ?r?-at ? i..id h< en
I at it'ied
>lnJiinK lta|iid l'roi;rc?? In Vontli I ou
trttry to Incendhir> I iterance--*.
Sat* 11yrn p >.
I B\ A | a ?
ancaKonlfltp over th< due to
"lriCet^iiary utterance* would-be
leaders of the race i,>,v. . ,;u# iron
iaJted through negro >.< ? ; a ? -s tid
mairazines," Kej?iesei.- ?t \i. 1;>? r:.? .
Iiernoerat. of South Car 1 :ia. <!. l.red
today in ,v,.e Houi-.e
Behind (his projiaganda he nal, \tf-r.
/let.?r? i of sciit.' pojiticiai.- ? . .1. .. . ,?
tlic* numDer ?<( negro voter- at d< -
H-.^i.. by inie capatnlisti
negroes as ? r > '.live strih? 1 < .. -
and lever* *./ keep down win;. ;?
Negroes in the P.-juth are a !<?:?.?!
be ID-treated :> nes said, win :?
"HouUiurii ne.;iu is ataaily
rap|d prvp'e?f,, a -umuUtinfiir i.
buying property ana educating
Telegraph Flashes
from H. C L. Fight
Eight Boston Corpora
tions Indictcd for Hold
ing Fish a Year.
IHy Amrinlril I'rca 1
I.O.ST ON" Ailsu.-U 1!. -Kifiht corpora* !
tions have been indicted bj t !icount*
Lratwl Jury fur keeping (u , ,?j,i sinracf ?
more than om? year a total of t :i?5. s 17
pounds of fresh fish. ill..15n pounds ,.i
jresh moat and ep;c products. The ills
i i nttornej announced that some
Ue.ilci.s had mad,- It a practice to keep
foodstuffs In cold storage In oho State
for a year. then move them t<> anotln r |
a tale for t hr lejfitl period and transfer
Ihem attain elsewhere.
1 >A VTOX, OHIO. August 2.'. ? ISlchl
looai milk dealers were indicted toduv
on charges of boostintr prices an J
operating in restraint of trade jiv i
special (fraud jury which has been
Investigating high cost of living for
tho past in out li. ImmediHtftlv upon
tieing served with a copy of 'the in
ilntrnent .1. L. haynion, treasurer of
.lie I ayton Ice Cream and I>airv Coin
i'any. entered a plea of guilty! Sen
tence was deferred.
,. IXCITO.V, August 25.?Pub
iK'.i> rojcariiiiiK retail food jirian<)
s.ocks lit food in Storage would tend
.o reduce high prices, the House Ap
propriations Committee was t<>ld to
by olllclals of the Department of
Auri< tilturo. who nppoarcd to uri;e an
appropriation of $502,000 for this nur
ska rn.H, WASH. August r.~. Ten
fo/lnv18^0" n,u'n ? WOr" ;lirested here i
O'laj .harcred with hoarding several
? i.tnlred thousand pounds of potatoes i
the 1 ten^were !"apauese.PrU'CS" K?Ur 1
American Med fro,, Kxplnlm. Trnn.i.
at tlon.s liecnuse of Iteeent lnae- '
curate Iteporli Circulated.
^ : 55>' A>--.Tiatid ProAs.1
Wj,r.\ni,V i< "f.'S'i1 ?,n a statement
?r:?nv inV-vf;? :s l,"-?use of'
""-?e - ^ . r?P"r?-? concerning
11 ; 1.'?. ross merchandise, I
4.u A.i.or.an ked irc>ss explains -hat1
J' ' - 'materials which ha v.. be.n
' porishab', . ,,y< i
V^i minu. ?-,tl";i>ment. surp.'n ?
anil a.tii log wha n are no !?? ,r
a.i> use in direct relief work ?, , ,? ,
pr I*astern 10urope *
1 he torn! sales of such i i i ? ? .'w*
?n r.urop.- the statement s .vs. 'a^Wrel
c f' th. wJfc,,e tho value
Ku rope during I ii e" :i io'n thV '"d i ' J \ i'! v' 'a n II
oortfoooVr7incs.,,t,n! ,nor? 1?0.- J
rne'-'i0 v !,'cri, 'u' l!od Cross, the state
mem adds u'rr' auuJorlzj'd In 'pr-wc I
'\"iieri .'In i.ce," ,rOM,'ueted through' the >
?i '-r"ss li i| ii ill i Hon board.
-isinf lo Depe.ideney Are 1 K|?..
* IgoroiiM Prnpngsmln. '
fU>* Ahjfo^iatiil Prrs-vl
T l Auuiki *ir* v ,v__
Ver11ey "' Ho'veu.'''\vho"' hJld^H
important positions in the lndta-i m
-riunent in the course of tesUnfonv '
1? fore the committee of the govern
[J-ent which is considering- tho Ind?a
He said the extremists were in
i h??afr rapidly and were usin J aga'ist ^
I- Vn i< -i ? rn.'11 ?11' a vigorous p.opit
L; , <on,l,;,live and nationalist and
backed by slander and misrepresent". |
rr.;\, Rtr,on? wns needed from
Police r f- , r. .. ai;compl!?heA. A
? rndurtion "i16
with . ' ii maJ"re ho"'? rule
1" ??nd disorder, he said.
ir?VT?.7viUli"<' C^1',,ur<'s ToCvn.
l/r?.VI)ii.N, August 25.?General Peril
nine, conimander of the anti-Holshevist
forces ln p?lllh Russia, has coDtuVcd
thei town of lJerislav, In ihe ?M,iepe
according w? of Kherson.
rr.. K a dispatch today from
I again og. in the Don Cossack terri
tory. on the Se;i 0f Azov. C 1
Obdier Trnylor, Wlio Resides at
Xo. 40! I Linvton Strret,
South Kielutiond
Claims Hr Has Only I'scd Hie
Medicine a Short Time and
Is Feeling- Like New.
It used to he considered that only
ndi^i.-tion and dyt>tiepsia were to be
traced to the Btuinueh, but iti this aire
or enlightenment modern -M;lencc
proves l hat many diseases have their
?fginning in the derangement of this
most important organ.
Therefore, when your stomach is out
or oivier j..u can understanl hou
Milcl.l;. >??!! entire body is affeced
t he/ f 'iiaff'< l "?h.-r orgawhich
.i'n, ,/ Perform their proper func
tions. If you are suiYering from any
t.ie s> ?uptoins of s(r.ma> h trouble
iiidigesi ion. dyspepsia. g;iS on t!l(.
Momach. headache, backache, coated
ton tree, constipation, it iH then time
?; -cin ilu. use of Plant Juice, the !
't- hk V. i renic-dy. whid, '
.'u *yt of any Preparation
market, because its re
iiiark.tble eurativi
powers have been
? "."I in thousands of eases where
.'her r<niei?es have failed to t,v, re
according to the signed state
! peopb who have beet,
fs '? r ? ? ? 1 to health after veurs of ?uf
lieeeiitly. Mr Obdier Trnylor, who
y?- ''"1! '-??wMon Street. South
n. ??"'?.Joyed as a Kuard
? ?1,? l -'ini. and has a wide ac
ipia in i a nee in thi .?ity, stated
"Kor the
f, ml V,\ ,V'!,r , ' ,mvo K"f
' with i out lip >11011 anil Rabtrltlj
' ' u,i- aeeuinuliite in ,,,\
isonacb and pie around my heart.
' ??'.? in . ?..:.s!ai:t aKo;,v Th?
lightest kind of foo,i would '.ii.?^..
ir.e and ! was weak and nervous
couI<1 not sic
o .tke I'l;.m .hu e aiid now I can
hones11y vay ,h.,t j, roli- ved mv co?
siipaiio,, ,id i ain not troubled with
I MS a li.\ more 1 ,,, ,
j ..r,:: v. j/rrz;
me so much good " 1
Plant Juice c],.;,.lv(.? ^. _
"h"r'C\he"br "V?? n
slllirpenv tp, ... , ,
.'Ml.,! Sleep.
I hi. 1 lant Juico Ma? is at the Tra-le
^utf coiiipanv .store I' leh.n .
w here )jf? jv? j.,. . ' -ntnoiul
"f l* """> ni? e|| lljr ,,u. , ,
?tmpies Ki\' n -ad.
lluro/uterulh 111 nIni (ii)vcritmrnt .Sliuulil
Kclitlti X 11 *?lie Hum In
( lilnor 'IVrrltorj.
f Ity Aimodatuil I'resu.l
T<"?KVv\ August A quiet 1 >tit de
termined struggle now is under \vuy
:ii Japan l-?*t wri'ii the military ami re
.ti lionaiy fotces ?? ? t!i<' empire ami
the liberals over the geiierul question
of Chili.i The burcain rats insist that
Japan -lion, I retain all the special
preferential rights idle has hitherto
gained in <*h!na ami oppose conces
sions ur^ed by croups \vlii?'h seek t<>
?aim H'uri ; iv.nlon concern 1:iJapun'H
.til* ged ,iui: rcssi* > :ii-- .
Till' diplomatic advisory council jes
terdn.v discussed t It o Slia^itung anil
consort ill in iiucst ions. According to
I ho iicwsii i po s s. si umI members criti
cised iho I'otcii-U i ?Ilice for undcrtaU
inu to ahai:r!on an exclusive Japaiic>e
settlement .?!' tin Shantung mat tor
without consulting the council, which
is supposed to advise tin: govcriiiucut
in such matters.
\ci r.linu to ihi' A?nhl Sliimbnn.
Majo: -i:? ? ni*.?! Tan.tka. .Minister of
War. advocate! tin- exclusion ot' Man
i linri.i :*::?l Mongolia from tin- run. or
t'umi. eve :i if that stop iih ant thai.
Japan rhould not join the Joan group,
consisting ot" the Unite.-! Stales. tSreat
llrit.iin and France besides this coun
try. Il?' is said to have il. wtared it was
necessary to guard Japanese preferen
tial rights and her privilege of oco
ii"\i:c emigration lor military* reasons,
including national defense. Another
member is reported to have ironically
remarked that if "Japan continued
making concessions to other powers
she would eventually be obliged to
abandon even Korea."
\ on IIucIotv ton tributes His Opinion
ns to CatiM* of orlil
IRy As'irH'latod Pipfs.1
15KKL1X, August -5.? Prince Bern
iiard von Bneiow, former Herman
Chancellor, has, in a rather belated
manner. entered the list of those
making revelations concerning the out
break o: the war. by writing to the
Kremdenbl.it t. of Hamburg, regarding
the statement made by Dr. Theobold
von Rethniann-i lollwesr, Chancellor in
1014, that the declaration of war was
Prince von P.uelow sketches his long
years as Chancellor, tells how he was
able to avoid war. and admits that
peace was desired by llethmann
Hollweg. who, ho says, however,
"lacked pr>!-:;.-al art."
"Durintr the grave weeks before the
war." writes Prince von Rtielow.
"serious psychological, diplomatic and
political mistakes were made by Ger
many's political leaders, which were
unjustly ascribed to the people's re
Amerienn I-'oree \V 111 He nt l.nw I0bl?
by September "><), Sn.v.i War
fRv Associated Pros?. 7
w a s n l x< '.TOX, August 25.?The
present rate of demobilization makes
it certain that the artny will be re
duced to 22.~>.<"'u"i by September C!0, the
War Department announced today. The
estimated strength vf the army of Au
mist K> was ICl.nrtn oflieers and men.
Hwo\cr t.'lo&ci* I'uris Olllrp mid Willi
Snll for Hump nt Karl)'
I By AksucIhtoil Prcjo.1
PARIS. August 25.?The American!
Relief Administration dosed it& I'uris j
olllco today, formally ending its -work I
in I'hirope. Herbert Jloover, who has j
supervised the distribution of supplies!
valued at hundreds of millions, will I
sail for the United States within ten!
days. *"
'I'ho feeding of 4,000.000 children in!
various parts of liSurope. undertaken1
l>y the administration, \V^1I be eon-1
tinned by a charitable organization he |
has formed wit n lis main oltlco in!
New York.
The American Relief Association dur- t
lng the six months ending May 31.'
I !? Idistributed supplies valued all
?t?30.l7fs000 to seventeen countries no- ?
cording to .Mr. Hoover's report to tliuj
supreme economic couneil. These sup
plies represented .%I'S ship loads, j
weighing S.ISOi.L1:!") metric tons.
llucU-to-.\'nl urr Movement May Fol
low Is* periiiicul with I.li|iii^r
n.\l/ri.MORi:. MO.. August ?A
"h.?ck-lo-niiture" movement may be ex
peeled In tiic l'nilod States if a drink
prepared by Maryland scientists as a
substitute for "booze" is everything
they claim It to lie. This drink, the
?hief ingredients of which arc limes!
and wild honey, was tested by experts
and found to be invigorating and con
taining a genuine "kick," it is said.
' German I'rl.inrnr* lONcnpr.
OHIO. August 25.?Their drcantii of
escape from the (lerman prison camp
here blasted, nineteen of the tw.enty
one German prisoners who made a
getaway last night during a severe
electrical storm were held In close con
finement today. Two of the prisoners,
Johann Kck land, twenty-two, and \V11
helm lilnke, had not been captured up
to a late hour this nftrnmnn
Vnlmril.T mid )''.u|irn Dlutrlcli 1'ahh
Acnln lo (tovrrflKuly ?f
ItriiMNclK' (iovfrninrnt.
1 My Associated I
VABlii, August -6.? Belgian authori?
t ies today look ofliclal possession of
? In; district of Malmedy which was
ceded to Belgium by (.Scrinany under
Article ?I of the peace treaty.
The Malmedy district is a small atrip
of territory near lite southern end of
boundary between Belgium. and Uhen
Ish Prussia, witli its western extrem
ity forming an indentation in the Bel
gian province bt Ijlege.
The peace treaty provided for the
renunciation by (Jcrniuiiy of all rights
and title to litis territory, as weli ad
lo the district of lOupen, further norlii
along the l*i usslau-Bolginu boundary.
The treaty stipulates that during the
six inuntlis after the document eoiiies
into force the Belgian authorities at
Kupen and Malnu-dy shall open regis
ters in which tho inhabitants of th??
territories hi question will be entitled
to record m writing a desire lo see
the whole or part of them remain
under tJerman sovereignty.
The league ol nations is to review
this public expression of opinion and
decide as to the disposition of Die
dlst ricts.
The territories of Malmedy and
ISupcn were separated from Belgium
in 1811-15, and were- assigned lo
?Negroes SerklitK Mueli I'ondrr and
.Shot Say Spaniard Hired
(Hy Associated Press.]
K1SY WEST, FLA., August -5.?Two
local negroes were tuken In custody
here today for Investigation of their
alleged attempts to buy 4.00ft rounds
of ammunition from Key West dealers.
OlTicers say they believe the ammuni
tion was intended to he smuggled into
Mexico via Cuba and that the negroes
confessed that a strange Spaniard had
employed Ihemto do the buying. The
men lielil are" AVill lam and Leonard
Kemp, brothers.
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Dodson's Diver Tone, becausc it is per- j son's Diver Tone acts better than bor
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Calomel is a dangerous drug. It Is , fur you.?Adv.
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is a Tonic
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surface get out in a present day Chalmers?and
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but sweet, silent motion beneath you!
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gear to gear as it got under way, the whine, the creaks
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One ride on this present day Chalmers will mark
for you a New Epoch in Motoring, whether you.drive
two blocks or 200 miles.
$1685 f. o. b. Detroit
111 West Broad Street.
On Both Sides of the
Miles Per Tire
As far apart as the distance that separates
them are the road conditions in Central Cali
fornia and Massachusetts.
And yet, with all the diversity of road
changes and stiff grades, Goodrich De Luxe
Truck Tires on Trucks in these States have
amassed the incredible mileage of 52,0C0 miles
per tire and arc still serving.
In Massachusetts this splendid record was
made on a 6^2-ton coal truck operated by the
Lajoie Coal Co., of Lowell. The very name
of the commodity hauled and the size of the
truck gives evidence of the bruising character
of the service.
Out West, in Oakland, Cal., these Good
rich De Luxe Tires mastered equally severe
conditions. The truck was a 5-ton unit, the
operator, the Shell (iasoline Company.
Such magnificent service achievements
under radically different conditions testify
vividly to the mighty durability and economy
of these De Luxe Tires. The very apparent
possibilities in these tires should, for econ
omy's sake, induce you to try them.
10,000 Miles
We Sell and Apply De Luxe Tires
Virginia Auto Supply Co.,
601 West Broad Street

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