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for ChrtKtmfin I'rrlod Given
?i 902.801.BtM?ClKlirr 'lhnn
In 1018.
Bank clearings for laat week'showed 1
a stump of approximately $20,000,000 i
under those for the previous week, al- i
though tho llgures indlicato an lit- !
creaso of $13,000,000 over tho clearings \
for the corresponding week In 1918.
Figure* given out In tho weekly
.statement of the Klchmond Clearing
liouso AKHOoJntlon are $62,861,591 com
pared to >49,507,087 for 1918.
It. was stated at tho ? Richmond
Clearing Houbo Association that the
slump in last week's clearing* was
probably because of tho Intervening
holiday. t
Following is tho weekly statement
?" the Federal Reserve JJank oC Rich
tJOld coin and certlllcatcH -',-102,000 |
Col<* settlement fund?F. It. _
. Hoartl 25.152,000 |
Cold with foroign. agencies 6,082.000
Total gold hold by bank.$ 34,136,000 1
Cold with F. R. agent ... 41,036.000 |
Cold redemption fund 6.371,000
Total gold reserves ....$ 81,513,000)
Legal tender notes, silver,
etc, 1SS.OOO !
Total reserves * 81.731.000
Hills discounted ? 'Secured
by government war
obligations 87,901.000
Bills discounted?All otlier 20.760,000
Hills bought in open mar
ket 16,031.000
Total bills on hand *121.092.000 <
1.". ft. government bonds .. 1.234.000
l". S. certiiicates of indebt
edness . 12.260,000 i
Total earning assets ...S13S.1S6.000:
Hank premises 519,000 '
I'ncollected items and other
deductions from cro#?
deposits 90.284.000 '
Five, per cent redemption
fund against F. K. bank
notes 4 4 3,000
All other resources 1.505.000
Total resources $312,668,000 |
?Capital paid in 4.192.000
Surplus 3.800,000
Total capital $ -8,192.000
< lovernment deposits 8,319,000
One to members?Reserve
account 61.OSC.0OO
Deferred availability items OS.364,000
Ail other deposits 3,611.000
Total ktoss deposit? .. .S141.374.000
1-'. R. notes in actual circu
lation 14?.69X000 1
I*.- n. bank notes In circu
lation?net liability 12.050,000
All other liabilities 2.359.000
Total liabilities J312.66S.000 ?
l*eder?l Hexrrve XotM OatntniwUnp; and
. In Aotunl ("Irenlntlon. ?
F. R. notes outstanding .. 155,232,000
!*. P., notes held by bank 6.540.000
V R. notes in actual circu
lation 1H.692,ooo
Total amount of bills dis
counted and bought for
the week ending Decem
ber 26. 1919 79.693.000
i'tie (.*. S. Treasurer by
, member depositary
banks i? 706.000
Malrmrnt SIkihh Oold Coin and Cer
tlHcalrM Amnnntlne to
I By AMOvlatKl Pn>n.l
WASHINGTON. Dec. 27.?The week
ly iiutemcnt of tho combined re-.
sources und liabilities of the twelve
federal Reserve Banks follows: ?
Gold coin and certificates. $ 229.445.000
Gold settlement fund. K. II.
. Board 302.785,000
Gold with foreign agen
cies 134.320.000
Total {fold held by
banks $ 716,550,000
Gold with Federal Re
serve agents 1,210.032.00>)
Gold redemption fund...*. 121.850,000
Total gold reserves $2,078,432,000
U'kuI tender notes, ?il
ver, etc 57.104.000
Total reserves ?2.130,530,000
IIIUs discounted (secured
by government war ob
ligations) l.."?l 0,304.000
All others 6H4.5H.000
Bills l?ouj?ht in of/on
market 585.212,000
Total bills on hand... .52,7SO!090,00?
IT. govcrmni-nt bond*..' 2C.S34.000
IJ. S. Victory notes 04.000
U. S. cot tlflen !??? of m
debtedness 273,507,000
Total earning assets ... $3,080,495,000 1
Hank premises 13.OO2.0<>0
I'ncolk U'd items and
other deductions from
gros.s deposits 1.075,100,000 !
5 iter cent redemption
fund against F. R. Bank
nates 13.237,000
All other resources 8,062.000
Total resources 16,325,432.000 j
Capital paid in ? S7,339,000 !
Surplus SI.087,000
Government deposits .... 72.357.000 j
Duo to members?reserve
iiecnunt 1,7Sfi.874,000
D ? f e r r ? d availability '
ptatementK S22.680.000
Other deposits, including
foreign .government
credits 97.C59.000
Total Krosa deposits ..$2,779,570,000
!?'. it notes in actual
circulation 3,057.646.000
F. U. Hank notes in cir
culation?net liability.. 1 261.039.001
All othi-r liabilities 5S.751.000
Total liabilities *6.325,432,000
Ratio of total reserves to net de
posit run] F. It. note liabilities com
bined 44.S per cent.
nrt*.io of gold reserves *o F. Tt. notes
in circulation after setting aside' 35
per con', against net deposit liabilities,
51).3 per cent.
Mydter.r of Ihf Kltic'n Tllrfh" t'(
Itr I'rfurntfd Tomorrow
' and Tn**diijr.
Members of the Idttie Theater
Wapuf will present "The Mystery of
1 lie King's Birth," a miracle play by
tlie late Adair Archer, in Belvldcre
Hall tomorrow and Tuesday night at'
,S:30 o'clock. '
ThP first performance will be pri- ,
vnte, but cards of admission have been
given out for Tuesday nisrht.
The plav is under the direction of ;
Miss l^iuise IJnrleigh. of Boston. The
ratting of the nlay is *aid to lie artis
t>c and beautiful.
.loin, l'owell will play the I,iszt Bj
Minor Sonata us a prelude, and he lias
n lected a harp accompaniment to the'
Among the men who will take part i
i.rc: 8. T. Clover. Norman John. K(l- ;
iiviml Minor Archer. Croxlon Gordon'
ar?i Hugh Pabney. Mrs. Hichard Kly !
is general chairman of arrangement^. j
No one will be admitted to BMvldere
Hnii after S:30 o'clock on either night'
"i the presentation of th? play.
Southside Brick Works, Inc.
2119 Moore Bid*., iavi ~x, JflBtk St
Phone IladUon 1.431
Dalljr Capacity. 50.00*.
' Julilirrx Sny Their Slock* An- I,our mid
Hoarding ('nnnuinrrt Ar*>
"While -400.nOO pounds of beet sugar i
! are in trans)! from Idaho letlnerles
to tli?i Kiiualixatlou Doard warehouse
in Richmond, the supply of sugar tn
| tin- waroltouxe on <!ary Street lias
! reached such :i low cbli that unless one I
| of Die three Idaho shipments arrive
(by Tuesday thjj present .shortage here!
may become a famine.
1 Since IJecomber 15 Ij. II. Ilarwoo'!. I
; distributor of 8Ugt(i' hern for the1
i Initialization Hoard, has received and
distributed ;? 11 sai-ks. each eontnli)-!
i fii^ 100 pounds. Jobber?, in turn, have
J sold the suwr to retailers in this audi
I other cities. Over a half-million i
? pounds of sugar hav?. been placed >n I
[the hands of wholesalers of Kichmon-I, I
[?Petersburg and Ch irlutlnsville wuh:;>
the past thirteen .jav-:. yet the deini i.l]
| for the liftusehold necessity is as gre.n
i as it was two weeks ago. Hence, p'-o
I pie are asking, where has the sugar
.lol?l>erx Arc Shorl.
W. II. Harris, ol the Harris Grocery;
Company, stated last night that lei1
[did not have a pound of siiuar in his
' store. C. W. Antrim. ar'Otti'jr jobber,
j said he did not possess more than ten
bags of sugar in his warehouse. Not
I until the Federal restrictions are re
! moved will the supply be sometkiiiK
I like normal, Mr. Antrim declared. 11
I alilrmed there was 'a belief amoiiK job
j bers that the sugar shortage is due
j to sending of the staple to Kurope in
large quantities, at a higher price.
? than that obtained in thev United
j All of the Richmond wholesale
j dealers had to content themselves with
I r,0 and CO per cent of the amount of
sugar they had paid for, when the-"dis
Electric Vacuum
Now being demon
strated, or ? phou^
call will bring one to
your home for a dem
Cleaner ?5U.rii?
Attnehnienl ... 10.00
The lie g ilia
vacuum clean
er cleans and
sweeps ' you;
floors, carpets,
rugs, mattress
es, draperies,
etc., most thor
oughly, with
out causing n
jury to the
most delicate
?4UU West llruuil.
i trlbutlon was made liere two wpeks
ago. The Equalization Hoard director !
had received only half of the ship- j
ment guaranteed thin territory. As 1
soon as the remainder of the 1,000.000- !
l?ound allotment reaches Richmond, ]
! the Jobbers will be supplied the lots of
! fuear thin' them.
Require l.nrgr Suppl}.
It has been estimated that,the sugar!
' consumption per capita is soven and '
'one-half pounds each month. lllch-1
iikiiuI has a population of nearly
? 1:00,000. including territory iidjaceut.
, This would Indicate that 1.600,00"
1 pounds of sugar per month is neces
I sury to supply the family table here. 1
That individuals are buying- sugar ;
: from retailers and loarilLn^ it in .--mall 1
I lots is the belief of men familiar with
1 the sugar situation. A merchant <ji.
| Hast Franklin Street said one woman !
[ came into his store twelve different ;
| times and asked for sugar. .She bought
' more than one lot before the mer- '
chant recalled Iter previous purelutsi s. (
I <)r:e Jobber announces that he sap'- :
1 plie.-> s.i>00 ctiHtomers with sugar, send- :
1 ing the staple lo other cities in Yir- ;
I glnia and North Carolina. This, ho.
i stated, accounts for the disappearance
(of '.he r.0(1.MOO' pounds of sugar dis- !
1 tributcd here since December l."?.
Ilurilimi Nonror of Slock.
Why Richmond's second allotment of
1 40{?.000 pounds iH being .shipped from ,
Idaho instead of from iHiiterfes in i
the Kast or Middle West, is a ques- I
tlon being debated by consumers, On ;
! I ?ccentbe'r 5 i.O^O sacks were shipped 1
1 Irom Idaho. On December 8 1,40?? I
I sacks were placed on freight cars ;
; consigned to the Richmond ware-I
| house. The third shipment left Idaho 1
ion December 10 anil amount to tiOO j
wacks. of 100* pounds each. I'ntil the
j entire allotment is stored in the ware-I
I house and ready for distribution,
I Richmond will feel the pinch of th>?
suitar scarcity. It is declared. Jobbers
are UKi'cod that the outlook Is brighter
for JitliUHry and ^?Vliru;%r>\
Man of IO'kM v-l'Nmr ami Woman of
KlfChty-Tlirer lte<|ulre An
Hislnitt'r llrrc.
Approximately three-fourths o:' tlie
amount a>lta?l for the aired couple,
known as <'ase No. 13, has been raised
'.>v* The Times-Dispatch Itelioi' Fund,
contributions yesterday making a total
of $142.50.
These.'old people !i\V In two rooms,
'having spent their lives together. out
livjnH: their children and all other re
litivoi?. The husband is M .i!i>i his
wife- is SO. . -v
Kven in their-old as1' they would
ordinarily not be able to assist each
other. but in addition the husband is
a cripple. At times, however, the apod
woman attempts to add to t.ieir scanty
resources by taking in washing. She.
receives but small remuneration for
this, and their expenses constantly in
crease as prices advance.
Contributions for this case have
c mo from ail parts o? tho State, In
dicating the wide interest taken hi
tht- ea,se by subscribers. There is still
opportunity to respond to this appeal
In that ? >T.."iO i.-- still needed to make
the amount of $20y complete.
Address all communications to. The
X "The Store That 1'Ieases." ^
4-Piece Walnut Suite,
$275.00 value
Lovers of good Furniture will open their eyes with
delight when they see this beautiful Walnut Suite. Four
pieces? Dresser, 4-poster Bed, Chiffonier and Dressing
Table. Come "in tomorrow and seo this unusual value.
Order Your Sellers' See Our
Kitchen Cabinet >'cw Process
Now! Gas Kan go.
Jones Bros. & Co., Inc.
1418-20 East Main Street.
Times-Dispatch Relief Fund, Case N'u.
Following are tho contribution#
acknowledged yesterday:
w h. i?.; south mil. v.? t i on
A frlond ?. - 00
C.'a?l? 1 Oo
Alvin It. 11 u tiller 0 00
Cash "O" l 00
A sympathizer ... 1
10 ? a oo
Ij. K. K. 5 00
Casl: ft 00
Mrs. K. S. II 2 r?0
Airs. If- I>. N .-.o
Cash.^J'eteraburg. V*u 1 00
Kliz.-nxt'i K 1 0?)
J. I!. ' \\* ' 'J 00
.i. s. oo
Cash < Oi)
M. I". I'd11unl r, no
$ 00
Previously ai-knotvlcds?tl .... 5 !ui f?0
*142 50
Will Not Mnkr Srnatr Hun.
CARTS.' Dee. 27.?Marshal Koch luis
informed the republican committee ot*
l-'inlsterre that he will decline the
offer of a candidacy to tho Senate,
which was recently offered hirn. at>
curding to the Matin.
TIiom. Tnbb Jeffrie*. Wcll-Kiiov*u Itivh
iii o ii il rbarmaeUt, l>i?coverer of
\ nlnnlile l-'orraula?..Vow Ivnonu j
n* Jeffrie*' \o. I CoiikIi
Mixture. 1
Richmond is again in the limelight j
nationally. A few years ago Thos. j
Tabb Jeffries. Druggist, of Kast Uroad i
Street, perfected a formula for coughs)
which now seems to bo destined to be
come nationally tho most important I
discovery asid remedy of its kind in a.
decade. The remedy is trude-marke?t, j
and is known as Jeffries' No. 1 Cougrh j
Mixture. At llrst Dr. Jeffries solti it
only in Richmond. but the merit of the I
product was such an improvement over j
the ordinary remedies that the demand"
(jrew so great that people were calling
for it from all parts of the United
Slates. '
During the "Flu" epidemic Jfeffrles'
No. 1 Cough Mixture was used exten
sively and successfully. This prepa-,
ration is liquid and antiseptic, there-j
fore relieves the cough promptly andi
heals the irirlatlon, tickling and sore
ness in tho throat and chest. It has
the advantage over the ordinary rem-j
edies in thot it is antiseptic, soothing
and healing. '
.left"lies' Xo, 1 Cough Mixture is for
sale by all druggists. Clip this ad.
take it to your druggist, get a bottln
and keep it in tho houao for u.so when
needed. Three sizes, 30c. COc and $l.lo.
Tlioa. Tabb Jeffries. Mfg. l*hariuacist, |
Richmond, Va.?Adv.
Old Tires Made New
#00 "West. Hroa<l Street.
Distributors Miller Tires.
? ?% h
'? i ?'
Don't Humiliate
Voursclf by Asking
Your Friends
We will let you have the.
amount you. need, and on
strictly confidential terras.
No lied Tape--no waiting.
713-15 East Main Street.
"The South'* Groat Loan Broker"
% ? ?
1 to 11r/c
per tnonlh.
"Those Terrible Ear
Stopped "
"Those ??rribt'? Kar
N'ois"s hav.' stopped."
Is what letter after
li-ttfr Is sayinjr. You
remember that sotri<
linie si so Tr'^'nums
: for NoIsm w<*re
i>norf<l Free to nieh
[ inond Tlmes-l.llspu tch
l readers. Miiiiy peopb*
took advantage "t' tliaV
1 olfer. snw ih?- Method
ami put themselves
under Its onre.
Head Noise* Whit a picture of stifferlri*r
tli'-se words bring l" mind. But if vou have
llrail XoIm.i vou urn tlm one to anpr?clu.tn .
th>- blessed relief In the worils. "My H4a?t
(Noises hnve slopped." and tChcnc a re the
Avnrdu which tin- mull Iu-Ihks Specialise
Sproule'* otllce.
Tin.' Joy anil Knitltude of many people
vrho have used the. Sproulo Method has been
so srent thiit ibis I tit rod uotory olfer .is
made ascain.
4-Day Treatments Free :
This mean.'* tii.it. to show vou. ri'cht in .
your own home the many a*l vantages of this
Jlethod. you can luv< a four-day treatment*:-"?
Free l?y just writing for K. Think what'M-*
would nwxn to no lonctr suffer with thet*'
roarinc noi.-*?.??the whistling?the ei<caplnc .
steam?the hum of insects?ill" buzzinc?ajl '
th^ wary catalogue of sounds. Perhaps
ton. your hearing is bcglnninc to fall, bur
whether it has or not. you knoir In yotit
heart of hearts that it may go and the'
voire of science warns you in immigtnUa.bi<;
terms. If you have Head Noiser. sooner ,yr
lat'-r you may he deaf.
llere la your opportunity. Secid for on* ut '
Ch'-se Free Trentiin-nts and see tile Method
which has done so much for hundreds of\"
sufferers from fclar troubles, .lust drop 8rb?.,
claliKt Snroule-3 oflleo a not* or a postcard",
glvinc your full name and axldress.
Tliis ofl'or and talk la for YOU. Perhabs
you have tried irtlier tliltvss ami become dis*
couruRed. Perhaps you are carelessly ngt-i
lectins your caiic from day to day thinking
It will K>-t well ol' Its.-If. ;v>
Make Just tills small effort. Send for one
of these Free Treatment*. It won't cost ydU
a penny. See thlo new treatment and the*
method whirli has rid many, many people
of Head Noises.
Write today for l-Veo He.ad Notses Trext-.
ft 7 Trade Buildlnr. *? ? Host on. Mjiijir
150,000 Acres of Georgia's Richest Farm, Game,
Timber and Cattle-Raising Land
All these properties situated on the main line of the Seaboard Air Line Railway, directly between Savannah and Jacksonville; also partly
traversed by the A. C. L. main line, and by the Quebec-Miami highway; big river frontage and deep water transportation facilities.
+ * ? .
To Go to the Highest Bidder at Sale in front of the Hicks Hotel in Savannah, Beginning at 11 a.m.,Thur., Jan.29
An unparalleled investment opportunity to acquire rich timber holdings, extensive cattle-raising lands, fertile farm acreage or abundantly stocked game preserves.
These tracts are in part improved properties, and can be made to yield
big returns on the investment. Contain heavy timber acreage and wide graz
ing pastures. Portions already in profitable cultivation of cotton, corn, pota
toes, peanuts, grain and vegetables. Situated right in the heart of the great
turpentine, cattle-raising and farming section of South Georgia, one of the
mpst fertile regions in America.
Game preserves that are unsurpassed in Eastern United States make some of these tracts
a sportsmen's paradise. Well stocked with game of all kinds, including quail in abundance,
wild duck, turkeys and deer. Splendid fishing in the many rivers and creeks.
Miles of salt water and river froiflage increases the fertility of those lands, and gives
water facilities that add tremendously to their desirability.
Proximity to rail, water and auto transprtatin makes theft especially available as the
location for desirable all-the-year or winter home. Fine old colonial mansions and modern
residences already stand on some of these tracts.
Artesian Wells Throughout'Whole Property?Full Nine Months' Grazing Season
Lands splendidly adapted for successful and profitable cultivation of long and short
staple cotton, potatoes, oats, corn, velvet beans, peanuts and other grain and vegetables.
Cheaper to raise hogs, cattle and sheep here than any other place in America. Ready mar
ket for cattle and hogs, because within 75 miles of great Armour plant at Jacksonville.
Japanese cane grows to perfection, and will produce from 4 0 to 50 tons of splendid
ensilage per a<;re?planted once in seven years. Yields from 400 to 500 gallons of syrup
to the acre. Weather is ideal and health conditions unsurpassed. ' /\
Sale Made for Division of Assets
TERMS:?One-Fourth Cash; balance, one, two and .three years
\ 6% Interest on Deferred Payments ' ? ,
Arrpaop anrl Titlp t0 a11 tliese tract8 guaranteed. Ample time allowed to permit interested
/Acreage dllu I lue parties to inspect these properties in person. Abundant accommodation
/at Townsend for those desiring to make a personal trip.
American National Bank, of Richmond, Virginia, and the Savannah Bank and Trust Company, of Sa
vannah, Ga., and the Oglethorpe Savings and Trust Company, Savannah, Georgia.
Adjoining sketch shows splendid location ot' these properties .lying on the direct line of the Sea
board Air Line between Savannah and Jacksonville. Within less than 75 miles of three greatest ports
in the Southeast?Savannah, Jacksonville and Brunswick. Read the detailed description of each tract
printed below: ? ' '?
'I'riM't I?1.391 no res near Bery's Station. Effingham CouMy.
l.ios on tli?> S. A. L.. -10 miles north of Savannah. Both \*nter
iind rail fae'lities. Some 7.000,01") ot 8,000,000 feet of timber.
Especially adapted to prowlh of tobacco, cotton, corn, peanuts,
potatoes, early vegetables.
Tract "?5,700 acres near Townsend. Estimated to have 20,
OoO.OOO feet of timber. Fronts for many miles on t\vo public
roads. Especially adapted for raising' of cotton, corn.' velvet
beans, cow peas ctc.
Triict :t?1,355 acres near Townsend. Estimated to cut 5,000,000
ft. of lonp leaf timber. Especially adapted for growth of
bright tobacco, potatoes, corn, cotton, velvet beans, cow peas
and early vegetables.
Trnef 4?1,894 acres near Townsend. Estimated to cut 0.000.000
ft. of long and short leaf pine timber. Already fenced in and
equipped with eight tobacco barns, several tenant houses and
a six-room dwelling. Bright tobacco already successfully
grown. Will also grow corn, cotton, peanuts and other crops.
Trnrr. !??1,800 acres at Daniels Siding, on the A. <"*. I... 20 miles
south of Savannah. 200 acres of farm lands now under culti
vation and fenced in; couipped with tobacco barns, dwelling.
artcH'.an well-, cabins. Considerable timber on tills tract.
.Miami and Quebec highway goes through this property.
Trnei tj?15,000 acres near Belfast Station, on S. A. 1,. Both
water and rail transportation. Main line.-- of S. A. L. and A.
?L. ran through tn's tract for miles. Fronts for miles on
Mefhv.ty Tliver. Partly traversed by .Miami-Quebec highway.
800 acres of open land. 500 acres of this land us rich as any in
Valley ot* tljo Nile. Highly desrrable for tbUrying. Pastures
will graze from 2.000 to 3,000 head of cattle and hogs. Con
siderable timber and wood. One of tho finest game preserves
in Georgia. Some of the most famous ante-bellum plantations
in th's tract. Subdivided if requested and sold in narcels to
stilt the purchaser. Under fence and has several dwellings, a
good many tobacco barns and cotton gin.
Trnel 7?10,000 ncres midway bet ween Rleeboro, on tho S. A. L.
and Mcintosh Station, on the A. O. I,. Surrounded on all sides
by public roads. Sevorul hundred acres under cultivation.
Already under fence, and will graze from 1,500 to 2,000 head
of cattlo and hogs.
Trnet 8?0,000 acres near Rlcehoro. This embraces what were
throe of finest farms in Liberty County in ante-bellum days.
Several hundred acres under cultivation and property is fenced
In. Splendid farm for subdivision. .Will graze froip 50i? to
1,000 head of cattle and bogs.
Tract 11?11,305 -acres. widely known as the Kilkenny Planta
tion. One of the most beautiful and desirable places in Geor
gia. Old colonial mansion in good condition. Splendid out
barns and tenant houses. Entire property under fence. Ten
artesian wells. Will graze 1,000 head of cattlc and hogs.
l.OnO acres under cultivation. Splendid tract for subdivision,
iind will be subdivided if requested. Salt water on thrco sides.
One of tho bvst game preserves in the State:
'I'rnet to ?1,077 acres near Townsend. Several hundred acres
that could easily be cultivated. Considerable timber and tur
All the above propertied *vlll be shown by
F. A. MelXTOSlI or ?!. I.. TUCK151I, of Townsr-nd.
Tract ll?800 acres near Woodbine. Splendid land, with con
siderable timber and turpentine.
Tract IS?2,200 acres near Woodbine. Considerable tlmbor and
turpentine. Easily raised to line state of cultivat'on.
Tract i:t?1,700 acres near Burnt Fort. This lias pine and
cypress timber. Splendid hog and cattle range.
Tract 14?5C.0OO acres near Woodbine. Extends from S. A. L
stat'nn through to Cumberland Uiver. Hounded on three sides
by navigable watrtv Splendid cattle and hog range. Plnent
game preserve In state- r,f Georgia. Well timbered and espe
cially adapted for growth of tobacco, corn, potatoes, oats vel
vet beans, cow peas and early vegetables. One of the most
tracts of undcvcl)Sucd layrl in State.
Tract !."??5.000 acres
near Woodlvno. on Sacilla Uiver. 610
acres made average of mote than 50 bushels of rlcc for period
of lo years. Irrigated aiM&dykcd. GOO acres of upland splendid
for all crops. Wonderfully fertile tract. Already fenced in
Already fenced In.
i >td colonial, house, barns, outbuildings, etc. Two nubile roads
run through tract. Wonderful old shade trees, ~
immediate possession and occupancy*.
In shape-for
All the above properties will he nIioivu by
Or. I,. H. SWIFT or J. 11. (iOni.KV, Of Woodbine.
Tract 10?8,007 acres in Colleton Coiuftv. S. C., on tho SAL
between Savannah and Charleston. Highest elovatlon betweoii
these two clt'es. Only 15 miles from Charleston ahd SO miles
from Savannah. Between the Chcbaw and Ashepoo llivers ami
canals, bolng entirely surrounded by water. In tho vorv
center of the great S. O. trucking seotWn. and already, partly
in cultivation. Adapted to truck and general furm'ntr i
mnut de?lrnble . location In a richly fertile territory. Wfll
shown by IJ. M, Tuten, of .lucknonlioro, S. C.
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