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***** the BeMcvuu High School of Bedford
County, and at the University of Vlr
" Viola, where ho graduated in a num
bor of academic schools, and later wras
, > *8fiocIated with Professor F. P. Brent.
5n the conduct of a high school at
Onaticock. Accomac County, Va.
. Returning to the university, he bc
(Tin his professional studios in the fall
of 18SJ. and received tho degree of
_?tv bachelor of law In Juno. 1S82. In
the sumnrer of that year ho opened a
law office In Rocky Mount. Franklin
County, and continuously practiced his
profession at that point until he was
elected judge of the Fourth Virginia
e? Circuit.
Ownrs to Hons? of Delegate*.
( in 1SS7 he was elected to the House
J- of Delegates. and re-elected t-ucces
i.. Bfvely for seven terms. He served as
{*'1 chairman of the Committee on Prlvi
'- leges and Elections and Courts of Jus
1 tlce in that body. !n JS9D he was
y elected Speaker of the House. ?nd re
tained that position until elected judge
Fourth circuit c^urt in 1?0!.
i Under the operationl of tho new Con-'
v stitution of Virginia he became judge j
t* of the Seventh circuit, and while serv- i
; tag in that position was elected to I
l:j til I the vacancy in the Fifty-ninth Con- ;
. ;?r*ss caused by the resignation of |
? Senator Claude A. Swanson.
He was elected to the Sixtieth, Sixty- ;
[' tlr^u Sixty-second. Sixty-third. Sixty-j
fourth and Sixty-fifth Congresses, and ;
j ; re-elected to the Sixty-sixth Congress. ;
I anders6n~points~
(Continued Frorn First Pago.)
ing to do both at the same time might ;
, make confusion in the minds of the
M people, and the work of the associa- I
[? ? tion would come to naught,
f.; George. A. Richer, former lirft I
t deputy of New Vork State highway
??' department, spoke on "Road Building: ;
un Engineer's Function." He dec.ared j
that between tho State Highway Com- i
? ^ mission and the county supervisor j
^ there should ?bo tho closest, most ;
: sympathetic ro-operation. County
highway officials should bo. in a largo j
measure responsible to tho State High
; way Commission and should welcome
aid from them.
Care of the improved roads by th<*
county Is unsatisfactory, he said. In '
I; XewPTork State the^raveler at one time
i knew when he went from one county [
into atiothrr by the difference in the
r' surface of the road, but since the.State
ha6 taken over the supervision of the
maintenance of roads, that condition
i has been eliminated. Such a condition
I', will eventually confront Virginia, is
*? his opinion, and the method used in
' j Xffw York will be the most suiisfac
lory solution.
Work of Morning Session,
j*: .. At the morning session V. M. Pierce,
of the United State Office of Public
Uoads. expressed his opinion that the
concrete road, when properly con
? structed. is far euperJor to the maoi
' ' u-tlam or any other surface, and advo
cated that the permanent system which
??. is to be built In Virginia should be
I of this material.
a - A resolution was offered by Henry i
3K Roberts, of the Bristol Chamber of j
Commerce, urging that the tax on au- 1
r*-vtomobiles be raised to ?1.00 per horse
Si >iower. The income from Mils source
S<1 the one mil! tax on property
tf . juld he used to maintain the hijrh
>'? way commission and construct roads.
tj He estimates that ?5,000,000 will be
raised annually from these sources,
which, with the Federal appropriations ,
r of >2.000.000, will give the State J9-.- J
?jOO.OOO in the six years after January i
*. 1021, for the building of permanent
He favors a bond icsuo, not more ;
than $60.000,000 to be outstanding at
any one time. The plan suggested will i
be continuous until the present State (
highways and nuch of the principal
highways of the State as the General |
Assembly may deem proper, arc in- .
eluded in and constructed as a part of !
the State, highway system.
Naval Secretary Declares lln-American
fnfloenc^n Doiulnatr Srna(f's
I Treaty Stand.
[Hi A?s:>?ciutcd PreMii.)
NEW YORK. Jan. 15.?Charging that j
"hyphenated and un-Amcriean influ
ences" have dominated the Senate in
its consideration of the peace, treaty 1
and the league of nations covenant,
Secretary Daniels, in an address to- i
night at the Holland Socicty dinner (
here, declared the nation face3 the
danger of having the fate of the cove- ,
nant decided, not upon considerations |
of merit;, but through "fear of a tor- t
oign-cOntrolled vote." |
Voicing a p.ea for an expression of ,
solid, independent Americanism in the
determination of all political issues,
Mr. Daniels asserted that reappeurat.-e
of "hyphenated politics" when t:.
league covenant was laid before t
Senate was the first time "this snake
has crawled out of its hole since tho
armistice was signed."
Xltg Helen Taft Says Professors Mtonld j
WalUont Together Itathrr Than
Quit Individually.
[I5y Associated Pre-oS.) |
NEW YORK. Jan. 15.?It would be I
better for college professors to strike i
in a body for higher pay man to strike I
individually4* ny jnaving their prof<?s- j
sion, doclaro<J Miss. Helen Taft, acting |
president of Hryn Mawr College, in an >
address here tonight at a meeting held j
at the Bryn Mawr Club in behalf of j
the college's endowment fund cam- ?
"The discrimination against tho
teacher in contrast with those who will I
follow other professions has been
marked." she continued. "The public |
will pay Babe Iluth $20,000 for half a
7'ear, and Jack Dempsey $100,000 or
S300.000 for a single fight, but they will
not pay their collegc professors enough I
10 live on."
enjoTn federal reserve !
t?eorg1a Jitatr Hankers Win First
Point far Clenr
I My Assoclht.'ii I'rpKa.J
ATLANTA. Jan. 15.?An injunction |
redlraining the Federal Best rv.. P.unk
" uf Atlanta from putting jiiio ofl'eot
* the par clearance order us applied to
i (banks not members of th?> Federal
j Vreserve system in Georgia was granted
today by Judge W. D. Ellis in the ?
.Vulton County Superior Court to the
; -Oeorgia Country Rankers' Association.
iJ ^Arguments will be heard January 24. ,
j " The order against which the coun- .
t.ry bankers complained requires that
no exchange <*
checks which
hank handles.
\ War Department \s?lgns '?lilps <?
Carry C/.eelu?-sio* ak? I'rurn
Mberla to lluinri,
a IF>y Awaot'iatrd Pr'v .v |
ship Kdellyn, which 1er* New \ ork
I yesterday for Vladivostok, and which
4 ?Will be joined shortly hy the Aim-.r- '
? icAn and the President Grant, will
J be used only for the repatriation of
> Creeho-Hlovak troops from Vladivostok
( to Trieste, the War Department an
nounccJ tonight. United rta:? - Armv .
* transports will assist in th* evalua
tion of the American forces. :* .3 un
* uerstood.
Allies Demand for Jforrrnder of Knrmtr
frerman Emperor Will tio For
ward Saturday.
Itiy Ar,i?oclat?<l J'rers J
'J: PABIS, Jan. 15.?The supreme coun
011 has drafted a note to the Dutch
^ government asking for the extradition
of the former German Emperor. It
will prCbably be sent Saturday.
The note refers to artichs 227 n? the
- "treaty of Versailles and invlter. Holland
to Join the allied powcre In the ac
complishment of this act.
Reservists to Train.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 15.--No increase
in the personnel nf the navy over that
authorised for the present fiscal year
will be asked by the Navy Department
' for 1921. Rear-Admlral Koonti. chief
of naval operations, today told the
Honee Naval Affairs Commtttee. The
department, however, will ask author
ity to order 27,000 naval reservist# to
active duty .for training during tho
coming fiscal year. The authorized
" Vtrangth for 10S0 was 143,000, including
}{ ?o exchange charges' collected or
i checks which the Federal YeVcrve
i Manhattan Begins 48-Hour Celebration of Demise of
! King Booze?Hysteria and Recklessness Characterize
Conduct of Crowds?Sleep Off Final Spree Sunday.
XKW YORK. Jan. 15.?At midnight
tonight John Barleycorn, reeling up and
down Proxil vay, 'hiccoughed to the
vv!iol?? world that the news regarding
his death tonight had been again pre
maturely announced and greatly ex
When all the lights in one famous
Broadway liostetry hud been extin
guished save the tall tapers ilaring at
the head anil foot of a silver-mounted
casket reposing on a dais in the center
of the huge ballroom: when every head
of his devotees was bnved in solemn
meditation upon the demise of tho
merry old gentleman ho sat up sudden
ly in his coffin and shrieked a peal of
wild laughter.
There was hysteria, recklessness, In
finity e.'en and fear?yes, fear?in that
echoing outburst of merriment. Tho
puffy face of the "dead man" was pale
as the cerements that swathed him;
his hand trembted as he seized a t'agon
renr his bier and drained it at a gulp,
but his eyes were twin caverns of flam
ing defiance. Then he bounced out of
his casket, flung the black velvet nail
swaggeringly about his fat old shoulders
and staggered out of the room, his
I bloated body shaking with his screams
i of crazy lauKhter.
The iiKhts went up; the orchestra
began jazzing Chopin's "Funeral
March." and the seared New Yorkers,
pale t<"uomselves, despite tho evening
of vinous revelry, forced a laugh and
[ drank apain ? drank to tomorrow
;*nitrlit and the second night of King
I Barleycorn's wake and funeral?drank
.deeply, for-nil New York knows that
i at 12:01 A. M., January 17, 1020, the
j lving will bo dead, the prohibit ion i.-'tic
| heir to all his realm and little
I eighteenth aniendmont will be born.
| And so it came to pass that all Man
| hattan, yea, even llarlom and the
| Bronx, realizing that King Booze was.
indeed, about to die, began its wake
and-funerai celobration tonight, with
the intention of continuing it tomorrow
night, hangover or no hanger, and
those worshipers of the ruddy soul of
the grape who have private collars in
?tend to carry on the festivities far into
Saturday ntyrht. Cynical, case-hardened
New York?alt-hough a case of anything
save 2.7-j cannol he had under $200 ?
announces it "can sleep it all olT on
8unUa>\ "
n:\rtl.Ttls m lie Hrsrd nt Trial of Five
*ocInll.?it AisfitiMj.
[ I!y Associated rresw. j
NKW YORK. Jan. 15.?Subpoenas fo
fifty witnesses who will be called at
the triii! <>r' (he live suspended Social
ist Assemblymen were brought to New
York tonight by Attorney-General
Charles D. Newton. The lifty are said
to include a. number of well-known
Socialists and radicals, some of whom
were examined before the Busk Icgis
lative committee. The subpoenas will
be served tomorrow by a dozen agents
from the Attorney-General's otlice.
The committee of seventeen, which
was appointed at a mass-meeting: of
labor and social organisations here last
Monday, to aid in the defense of the
five Assemblymen, announced tonight
that a State convention of labor, farm
er and civic organizations would be
called in Albany within a. few d.nvs to
take action on the suspension of the
MIAMI, FU\., Jan. 15.?'The United
States training ship Sturgeon Bav. hard
aground off Hlliott's Key. twelve miles
south of Miami, with 2i>0 naval re
cruits on board, is in little danger, ac
cording to crews of wrecking vessels,
which returned today. Several boats
are standing by.
MOBIL.IJ. AI. Jan. 15.?Three
United States Shipping Hoard steamers
being operated by the Munson Steam
ship Bine were tied up today when fiftv
longshoremen, tnembers c? the local
union, refused to work until back pav.
raid to amount to $20,000, is pa:J them.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15.?Investiga
tion by the Interstate Commerce Com
mission of the railroad warehouse fa
cilities at portjs on the Atlantic. Pa
cific and Gulf Coasts to ascertain if
they are ample te handle grain ship
ments. would be ordered by a bill in
troduced today by Representative An
derson (Republican), of Minnesota.
MIAMI, F"L?A., Jan. 15.?The Shipping
Board steamer Quoque, which struck
the reef at Carysfoot Bight Tuesday
and ran hard aground, is rapidly
breaking to pieces in a high sea. ac
cording to word brought here late to
day by Submarine Chaser 205.
NEW YORK, Jan. 15.?"Be a good
sport," was the advice given tonight
to thirsty souls by William II. Ander
son, superintendent of the Anti
Saloon league. His advice was ad
dressed to those who tomorrow at
midnight will climb unwillingly aboard
the national water wagon. He as
sured them Uncle Sam will supply tho
glue to hold them on.
^ BO.STON, Jan. 15.??Dr. Richard
CocUburn MacBaurin, -who enjoyed an
international reputation as a mathe
matician, physicist, jurist and educa
tor. an<. who had been president of the
?Massachusetts Institute of Technology
?inc.; 190S. died of pneumonia at his
home here today.
. rBAN TA. G.\? Jun. 15.?Young
Chaney, c.f Baltimore, and J"ack Law
.tr. of Omaha, fought ten rounds to
a draw in their featherweight bout
hero tonight, according to tho decision
of the referee.
COBUMBIA. s. c.. Jan. 15.?After a
conference here today of officials of
? to American Cotton Association, it
wa- announced that it had been de
cider!_to attempt to obtain options on
300.too bales of low-grade cotton in
ordfir to effect the sale of this class
oi tne staple in foreign countries .
JACKSON. MISS., Jan. 15.?The Mis
sissippi legislature today passed a
??*' i.rifl**!*" c ' ,i,yt?rnors salary from
1-ith t i Important Icgis
ntlor, Incjjded a bill passed by the
lloj^amaking it a felony for any one
au.lo?no??5!c in which the
en*'Ine* been erased 'from the
Jn'Nvr,?->"- ^an-?Sentence of death
!rnP?pctl on enemies of the
-v. usslan S?vefnment hereafter
only when approved by the all-Russian
t M t-^r. a.!;y corn")fshion. according to
?PI\'rn,c,Mi fi,?nul^h from Moscow today.
Hte Bolshevist announcement asserts
U'm i/ur? to of terrorism
wi.l be made necessary only bv re
newal of attempts on the part of the
entente to hinder the workers and peas
ants in establishing a system of Social
ist economics.
I'l.Bl.lx, Jan. 15.?A mob attacked
motor irs in which James McMahon.
yniler-secretary Tor Ireland, and ;i
it I.van were riding on A bra Rend
toJay r.t noon. The chauffeur of Sec
re ary McMnhon's <-ar was sllRiitlv
iajUitd In tho scuffle
\|Ol:i:iS I'BAINS, X. .1. Jan IB
l'r Brit ton l> l>vans, <51, noted" alien
Jit and superintendent of the State
hospital, died here U,sr night. Hi
irstinionv was the basis for tho "bruin
"xM.iV'o! V;,-rJ],'^n KuhjViM? .r^'v'u
z'/ ?i to !>:0lr '"rtnvr homes most
<? '!? < m desertjr-> from the Gcrmuii
army during the war. Is notleeahl"
r?i r ' if?wlng th< recent enaetn<
of the amnesty law :ri Ge"man'- ' "
.,ti:avkrhk nty. Mirn..0
.-..-ores or northern Michigan 'town*
ki'.IC , lo,1av hy <h"- v.-or.st
i'l v*r'? V Rlve>'' 'his section
r. y,, Zero temperature and Im.
pnseabb> snowdrifts have nut ,i num
ber of communities in a serlour. nre.
'??nV:TX\ to shortage of coal
wood. V ? furmers l" hrln3 la
Save? MaWarkand
Saves Dad Money
both good
Tfnnc?stf Synod I'nvor* Tmnnffr of
I nlvfrnlljr I'rom Clarknvfllr
(o >loniphiN.
[Ity Associated Press. 1
N" A Si IVI L*Li K. T10XN.. Jan. 15.?The
Tennessee Synod, Southern" Presby
terian Church, voted almost unani
mously today to authorize the trustees
of Southwestern Presbyterian Univer
sity t o take sucih legal action as might j
be. necessary to remove the university
from ?'larksville to .Memphis, should
the trustet-.s deem it advisable.
A delegation from Olarksville ap
peared before the. synod to urge tlioi
retention of the institution in Clarks
Anfmcintlon 'render* VUsilanee Commit-!
tee to llelu Itun Ponii Profiteer*
iu Kootwrur.
BOSTON. Jan. lb.?A vigilance com-!
mittee, national in scopc, to police the I
retail shoe business as an aid to the!
Department of Justice in running ?lo\vti
profiteers, will Vie offered to the gov
ernment by the National Shoe Retailers'!
Association, it was decided today.
The shoo men at tbe last, session of
their annual convention, approved
unanimously tho proposals of their res
olutions cotnmittec that they show in
this manner a "spirit of co-operation
instead of fight," in the government's j
efforts to reduce the cost of shoes and!
other commodities.
Sfrrlfp Will Br K>tnbli?hed netnees
York nntl \\ ent Com?t of
South America.
fTSKOj.I pajr;no*sv jCiT 1
X'KW YOKK. Jan. 15.?Inauguration i
of a fortnightly passenger servico of I
American fitijr steamers between New I
York and the west coast of South!
America was announced here today by
\Y. It. Grace & Co., to become effective
this spring.
The steamers Santa Tar**?a and Santa i
KlixA, recently released from govern- j
ment service, are being reconditioned to j
join the steamers Santa Ana and Santa
I Laisa, now malting: monthly trips. }
To Cm ? Cold hi One Dfiy
?"Tablets). It stops the Cough and I
Headache and work.n off the Cold. R '
W. OROVE'S signature on each box. I
You'll exclaim
when you see
in its new
TheC. B.HaynesCo.Jnc.
to and 21 W. Broad Street.
1 rnrta>, f^nmnantl
New Victor
Dance Records
for January
"I Minht Be Your 'Once-iti-a
While," medley fox trot; (and)
"ratchet," rox trot; both by _
Snitth'.i Orchestra; 8&c. ? a
"Oht "What a Pal W*s Mary." |i
medley wait7. (arid) "Nobody
Knows." medley one-ate'p, both
by Smith's Orchestra; 86c.
"My llaby'a Arms," medley fox
trot f&rid) "Ami He'd Say, Oo*
I,a-La! Wee-Wee!" medley f)nt
Hiep, both by IMetro (accordeon);
\ urfttorlum, Jnnnary 'Jl.
Sea In flcrr?Jii.no to WM.
V. ThefiHleufiomam J
The House That Made niehiaom)
Aulomnbllm Killed With 1'nnhlonnhlc
Ilcllett nnd Cluhmrii Cmnd m
Mccne oC lied KJiccullonii.
lily Universal Scrvlcc. 1
BUDAPEST. Jan. 15.?Society women,
attired in evening dress and richly be
Jcwclcd,- flocked to witness the execu
tion of Communist* here, against
which the supreme council h;ts pro
When it was decided to hang the
lirst batch of condemned radicals, ppr
tnlui were sent out by the authorities
to local socletv leaders and members
of foreign missions. As dawn broke,
automobiles drove up bearing", tho ellto
of Budapest's soclcty belles and fash
ionable clubmen, who had conic dlreet
Jy from late supper parties and calmly
watched the grucsomo spectacle.
Similar scones marked tho executions
of the second batch of nine, among
whom was Otto lvorvln Klein. the Com
munist chief of police, described by his
friends ay a man of noble character
and high ideals who had sacrificed his
future as the son of a wealthy banker
by his dovotion,to tho Communist prin
The prisoners were not allowed to
choose their counsel, the latter being
selected by the court. One of tho law
yers opened up the defense by saying:
"I have been asked to defend this
prisoner. I can only say ho Is a rogue
and a criminal."
One hundred and twonty-nlne men
and women, many of good families, are
still awaiting trial.
l.cnillne lixnonent of Spiritualism A*
nertw Knitli. Strengthen* nnd
SnpporN lteligton.
[ Hy Associated Press. ]
X K %Y YORK, Jan. 15.?Sir Oliver
Lodge, noted Itrlt-isli scientist nnd lead
ing exponent of spiritualism, declared
on his arrival hero today that ?vpirit
uxilism is not opposed to religion, but!
on the contrary strengthens and sup
ports it. "The survival of man can
be proven." he said, "and that percep
tion will strengthen the hands of true
religion. I have no new religioti to
preach. All 1 say ;s that the essential
(?arts of the old religion are all
strengthened and supported by the new
evidence. The result of accepting the
facts tinder investigation is to
strengthen faith and overthrow purely
maetrialistic conceptions on the nega
tive side."
IleiiTjr frighting Reported In the l.ine
llehlnd the Akail
\ Rlrfr.
LONDON", Jan. 15.?The British mili
tary mission with General Denikine at
the latter's "headquarters in ISkateri
nodar reports under today's date that
Caucasus in tho line hehind the Aksai
Hiver repulsed in heavy fighting tive
frontal attacks and an utteinpt to turn
its left llank.
The report of the British mission
Fays the advance of the Bolshevists on
Odessa has been stoppc-d. It also states
that the report tht General Oenlkine
has been superseded by General Wrangel
or any other commander is untrue.
Knvor Sam tlrownf Melt.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.?The Sam
Browne belt, discarded reluctantly by
American otlicers returning from over
seas duty, where it was required, may
be added to the regulation uniform of
the United States Army and other im
portant chun?es made if the recom
mendations of the division commanders
and general staff in session here, are
adopted by the War Department.
.N'fw Pnrcel 1'oitt Sale Cunlomtrii
t'hnnoe to Sre
Pu rolt nam.
Another ?alo of surplus army goods
in Richmond will begin in a few days,
Postmaster* ltay T. Thornton an
nounced yestorday. This will be con
ducted differently from the tlrnt sale,
tn that ut sonic central point, prob
ably Station "O," tho Roods for sale
I will bo shown to customers, who will
J be free*to examine them. Stores are
? in Newport News Instead of (Wash
ington, and are said to be sufficient fori
all needs.
Prices are much lower Chan are
asked in the rota 11 trade. It is stated.
Goods are also subject to a 10 per cent
discount on community orders. Pur
chases will be sent to the customer
by parcel post, diaries paid in Vir
ginia. If the order In of value or
over It will bo Insured by the govorn
ment. The sale will Includo nearly all
commodities, and will bo shipped In
almost any quantity.
I l-'amoun filiation IMonlnt Refnven to
I Appear l iilfnn Uuariin teed Twelve
Hot ties of ilrew.
I liv UnlVcrn&l Service. 1
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 16.?Wanted, twelve ,
bottles of beer?nono but tho genuine |
pre-war kind with a. kick will do.
Uachinaninotf. the famous Russian i
I composer and t?ianist, who is booked to
appear at a concert here, has refused;
j to appear unless he is guaranteed the :
| said (WHlve bottles.
The concert managers are* at their!
wits' end. There's nothing doing at'
the local breweries, the final liquid'
j dividends having been declared and i
"near beer," or the ono-half of 1 perl
1 cent variety are not deemed fitting ;
I drafts to be offered tho eminent
Russian to wash down bis caviar.
hil* Yot SatlNflfd With citeaant.
Thinka It Heat to Titke It,
I Uy Associated Press. 1
THi: HAGUE. Jan. tO.?The Cabinet
I presented a bill in Parliament today
proposing the entrance of Holland into
I t'ae league of nations. In a memorial
explaining the government's position,
the Cabinet said tho league was far
from what was expected, but that it
I seemed advisable for Holland to be a
part of it.
Tohnevo Market Clow* Vnt Month.
DANVILliB. VA., Jan. 15?The Dan
ville tobacco market will close for tho
season February 27, according to the
decision reached by the sales commit
tee of the Danville Tobacco Associa
tion. This is the earliest date In the
history of the market that operations
have ceased, and Is attributable to the
rapid manner In which the crop has
been marketed. The season usually
closes on April 1. !,ittlo tobacco re
mains In tho hands of the farmers
and tlie sales continue light. It Is ex
pected that 30.000.000 pounds will have
been sold here this season when the
final tailey is made.
Kire In Candler Mountain.
TjTNCHBURO, VA., Jan. 15.?A fire
of considerable extent baa been raging
over Candler's Mountain, southeast of
Lynchburg, since. Wednesday after
noon. thousands of acrcs being "burned
over. Quite a number of families llvo
on the spurs of the mountain, but
these houses arc located In clearings,
so that none of them has been touched
by the fire.
Gentlemen of the General
Assembly of Virginia
It would be a long story
to give you all the details
of the variety, value and
, virtue of our Sijits and
Overcoats, so we'll cut it
short by saying that you'll
see here the best of Suits,
the finest of Fur Coats,
the best of Storm. Coats,
reliable Raincoats, desir
able Business Coats, the
warmest of Winter Coats,
fashionable Dress Coats
and Tuxedos.
Extreme models for
young men, conservative
designs for conventional
Everything in Suits and
Overcoats from $40 to $85.
Everything else men wear as well as
Main and Eleventh Streets
Both Cars Are in Good Condition,
Mechanically and Otherwise. MX>'
Leather - v With
Upholstered, Winter Tdp.
AMOUNT TO $27,401,585
Tran.mctloiu< More Than Double Total
for I DIM. In Spite of
Real estate transactions for 1019
amounted to $27,401 .&&&, or inoro than
twice as much as the transactions Cor
1918. This was brought out hi the
annual report of 10. Kay Richardson,
secretary of tho Richmond Ileal Ins
tate Exchange, who stated that the
transactions for 1&1S amounted to
$12,968,073, showing an increase of
$14,433,51".43 during 1919.
Itrucc Dowo became president of
the exchange at the annual meeting
yesterday evening. JL?. \V. AloVelgli,
was elected tlrst vice-president; John
\V. IJates. second vice-president, and
B. llay Richardson, socretary-trean
u re r.
Four changes wore made In the
board of managers, in that 11. Seldon
Taylor, Jr., VV. S. Robinson, A. L.
Adatusou and l**rank L*. tSpps were ap
pointed to take tho place of four re
tiring members. Other members of
tho board ru-elected last night aro:
15. S. Schmidt. Alfred H. fJodrtln. Wil- |
llatn I'. ltcdd, WlllJain L. Tyler. J. I
Pope Nash, Berhard M. Jones and John
Report of the secretary Indicated
that 35,000 transfers of property had i
been made during the year. In spite
of the obstacles and detriments which
I ho real estate man faced during tho
year in the housing problems and un
precedented demands as result of
these problems.
Hank Declare* III* Dividend.
DANVIM..E, VA., Jan. 15.-? Planters'!
n.mk at Chatham haa declared a div- !
idend of 45 per cont to stockholders, i
this having been decided upon by the I
directors. The. bank's phenomenal I
growth is ascribed to tho reopening
of the Chatham tobacco market this
seaton. <
Danville Irectlon Klreu Office ra.
UANVlUiK. VA., Jan. lo.?The Dan-,
ville Post, of the American Legion, he'.d ,
a lar&rl yattonded meeting last night i
for tlie purpose of electing olllcers for !
the year. II. A. Wiseman, who served !
with the rank of captain in tho med- I
leal corps during the war. after liav- '
Ing recruited Dattery "E," On? Hud*
drcd and Klovcnth Field Artillery, ????
named president; Waverly Cousins,
vice-president. unci George Reamy, sue
rotary and treasurer.
Hurry Williams Hur-ard.
Funeral service* for Harry A'llllams
Hazard. 03, who died at Stuart Circle
Hospital WednHMluy, will be conducted
this morning from Ills residence, 10
West Franklin Street, at 11 o'clock, tlir
Hov. J. Y. Downman. ot All Saints'
Kplscopal Church, otllvsatlng. Burial
will be in Hollywood.
Honorary pallbearors wilT bo;
Charles Davenport, Dr. Joseph White,
Kevin Joynes, John Cocke, Jr.. Dr. Man
fred Call. Dr. H. IX-C. Maclachlan. Wil
liam II. Palmer. Murrav MacGuirt,
Frederick Valentine, II. Watkins 151
l<<rson. Coleman Wortham and William
W ood.
Mr. Hazard was born in 1S56. near
Wilmington, D?l.. only son of the late
Albert Marnes Hazard and Mrs. Mary
Weet Hazard. He graduated from the
Stevens Institute of Technology in
1X7S. going Into the iron and steel bus
iness. He came to Richmond in ISO.*..
, upon his retirement. He Is survived
I by one daughter and three sons.
Samuel I'rjjer.
Samuel L'rger, 67. who died Mondk.v
at Petersburg. will he burled here in
j the Hebrew Cemetery t^day. Dr. Ed
ward 31. Callsch will go to Petersburg
today to hold funeral services, and the
1 body will be brought here for Intel
inent this afternoon.
Mr. l'rger was a Petersburg mer
chant, and is survived by three daugh
tors, his widow and two sons. The sur
vivlng daughters are Mrs. H. Ouggcn
'iclmor, of Richmond, and Minnie and
Helen L'rger. of Petersburg. Morrhi
and Sidney l'rger, of Petersburg, an
his surviving sons.
Tbama* H. llaillB?.
Thomas H. Halllnan died yesterday
morning at 7:S0 o'clock, at the r<si
dence of Kugen> Brauer, 1106 Wes;
Main Street. Funeral ?ervlee? wli:
take place tomorrow morning at le
o'clock from Sacred Heart Cathedra
with inlTinent In Mount Calvary Com
etery. He >s survived by one brother
Dave Halllnan.
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