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PA(iE 3
|Highway Convention Wishes
Constitutional Change Put
Before People Early.
IThose Failing to Maintain Roads
Built by State Aid to
Be Penalized.
P.eeolutions exiling upon the Gen
leia: Assembly to pasrs a bill perrn.tting
11ho people to vote on a constitutional
I amendment, providing for issuance of
(.State bonds for road construction.
1 withholding the State funds from any
[county which does not maintain roads
euilt v. ith State help, and the elcc
Uion of C. C. Vaughan as president.
1 featured the closing tensions of the
I annual convention of the \ irgin;a
^ood Koada Association yesterday.
A tsccond resolution cails upon the
I rotate to uuumc the same attitude to -
Iward the county in the matter of
| maintenance of Highways after con
struction as the federal government
? loea toward the State. Ih.s attitude
? id that utter the KeUeral government
liias made appropriations for road con
struction anil tno Stale has'fined to
Ikeep litem in proper repair, no more
I appropriations will be made oy tne
i.nitud States government.
Lrgri. Aurqunte (luurlfrs.
? Recommendation was alto made that
I?lcp9- be taken to provide adequate
1 .iilB.rte.rs in It.chraond for the .-:iatc
Highway Commissioner and a place
where records can t>e sa:ely stored.
Complete survey of a.l State high
ways and county roads shoulu he
, made by the Highway Commissioner
before any considerable sum of money
s appropriated and expended thereon.
Uaya another resolution. Agreements
should be also entered Into with local
I' thc.alo in regard to county roads, in
Iorder that all roads shall tie properly
I .fr ated before actuil construction
I begins. . , ^
J A recommendation was also made
It hit theie be national legislation
I which would require the War Depart
I'.mnt to immediately distribute to the
' cveral States all material a'ld ecxuip
i'nent not needed by them which can
] 1,0 used in road construction and
<;i?c Local Officials Mere Power.
Numerous other resolutions _ we1r.9
passed, among them one which will
utve local olUcials the same power to
)bt.?in rights of way for county roads
us are now lodged with the Highway
1'."onini.ssioner to securo State hign
Ucaffirmation was made of the reso
?utions adopted in 1017 and 15IS for a
wh'd tax on horse-drawn vehicle*,
funds from such tax to be added to
the annua, appropriations made l>> the
Legislature lor State aid to county
'JAn5'appeal will bo made to the Vir
gin.a repreeeptatlon in < onpr.^h
make adequate flnanriai provWon or
equipment of proper kind and sufficient
? iiiantllv to move road material, due to
the return of railroads to private
ownership on March 1.
Recommendation was a.so mad th
the jjtate ll>ghway Commission formu
'it- some financial plan whereby the
State highway system can be spced
Uv buiit. ... . ..
Small Attendance at Mnnl Sleellnc.
The executive committee met in Hie
afternoon, but due to the small nuin
l..-r present they could do nothing, and
o place for the convention next year
? is selected. There was some diseus
on of a system of eigua on highways
iroughout the State for the guidance
? f the traveler, but it did not get bc
ond that point.
Oflicere elected arc as follows. C. C.
Vaughan. Franklin, president: R. II.
\nccll. ltoanoke. first vice-president,
itorer A. James, Danville. second vice
president; George F. A da m s. 01 d Po * ?"> * ?
?hlrd vice-president; D. E>. u.\n?na,
i.vnchburg. secretary and treapurer.
Executive Body ne-FJe.rtrd.
Members of the executive committee
Whose term expires April 1. 102?. and
who wem re-clectcd ar*. \\ . i%.
i*ntrs Hampton, S. Johnson. Isl<' of
Wight; George Coleman. Williams
burg; J. A. Hardy. Ulackstone: T. II.
Self. Martinsville; <>. ... ^ *? ,r,a w '
Lynchburg; R. H. Wood, Charlottes
ville: George F. Harrison, llerndon. 1..
S. Finney. Lebanon; J. F. Harper.
Waynesboro. ,
Members whose term expires April
1. 1921. some of whom were re-elected,
and others new, are: C. O'Conor i,ooi
rlck, Fredericksburg; Ashton 1- leteller.
Jenkins Bridge; W. C. Saunders. Glen
Allen; Lucius Gregory, Chase City: Hr.
S. S. Guerrant, Callaway; John L.
Walker. Salem: H. C. Klliott. Roanoke;
S. L. Lupton, Winchester; D. A. Slaugh
ter. Mitchells; Henry Roberts. Bristol;
Professor D. C. Humphries. Lexington.
Two speeches were, scheduled for the
afternoon, but the speakers were un
able to be present, and after the ex
ecutive committee, meeting, the con
vention adjourned.
Xevr Jersey Town Wildly Kxellrd Over
Humor of Outpouring of
/ Iloor.r.
fBy Universal Service. 1
NEWARK, N J.. Jan. 10.?There was
xvild excitement here today due to the
circulation of a report that Fiegcnspan
Brewery was going to dump all the
larger beer In its vats into the l'asalc
River as treat for the fishes. Chris
tian W. Fiegenspan. head of the brew
ing company, was deluged with pleas
to nave a heart and remember Ills fel
low citizens, but he said the report was
Tiio beer now on hand will slmplv
be put through a process to extract
thf . urplus alcohol and put on the mar
fcet. with a rating of one-half of l
?()er ccnt.
lirmisr of John Barleycorn Illprhly
Pleasing to (?r?pe Juice
TBy TTniverBHl Service.I
WASHINGTON. Jan. 16.?"Peace be
unto h's aahes." said William Jen
nings Bryan today in speaking of the
demise of John Barleycorn. "But." |
added the apostle of grape juice, "T
cannot follow the injunction to speak
only Rood of tho dead In this case."
Four ftohberk Gel 930,000.
OIRATfD, ALA.. Jan. 16.?Four
masked robbers held up officials and
customers of the Phenix-Glrard Bank
here today and escaped with about
30,000 in cash and securities.
: %
Billy Sunday Kicks Corpse
Into Grave Without Honor
(By Associated Prrsa.]
MIIlKOLIv, VA., .Jail. 10.?Tea
thousand persons, 'who allrrualr!j
cheered mid tvtpl this altrrnuuu.
heard Hilly Sunday prrucb his last
sermon ngnlnnl lliiuur an an ally
of Hir de\ll mid t crlinlly kick I lie
deceased "John llurleycorn" Into a
;mtr of slinhie and dishonor.
'I'lirrp uai little of tlir huiaorons
In the dcrmuiii (lntiiKlt the crrfniony
which preceded It nan ludicrously
funny. l'"or linlf nn hour the cvan
K^lUt recounted, with the ?createst
show of feeling' hr has rilill>ilrd
since his campaign he mm here, the
rvlln that accoinpuiilcil llijnnr mid
thi> happiness that will lullotv Its
"(ioud-liy, John," he said, "you
were God's norit enemy; ;nu were
lirll'n best friend.
"I hale you with a perfect hatred.
I lo\e to hate you."
The ceremony hesenn with the ar
rival of "the corpse" at the L'nlon
Station, on a "?pn\nl train from
.*>1 llwauUce." The cntllii was twenty
feet loni(.
The dc*II himself, was escort, and
twenty pallbearer* lifted the casket
Into the hear**-, in which It nan
conveyed throuKh the streets to
the tabernacle.
Sunday wns not In the precession,
lie met the "corpse" at the taller-,
naele nnd Rrluned with delight as'
the buKe casket was placed In the
tabernacle at his feet. .The devil,
masked and dejected in appearance,
sat clone by the corpse during the
entire ceremony.
White I.lelit District Holds "Wake"
Willi TluBuxands of ">louriurr?"
Drowning Grief.
IBy Associated Prcaa.)
I NEW YUllK, Jan. 1C.?Demon Hum
wax declared an outlaw in Now York
at midnimit tonight, and the declara
tion was received hi two widely dif
ferent modes by New Yorkers. While
many thousands gathered in the
churches of the metropolis to greet
witli prayer atid praise the oiticial
, passing of the Demon, many more
I thousands expressed their ft-clings in
a desperate attempt to consume an
much of llie forbidden iiquor as their
! systems and pockelbooks would per
j rr.it.
! The scencs of revelry In the white
light district surpassed, by common
consent, anything previously known in
the. city. In fc^airy cafe, restaurant
and hotel in the brilliantly lighted
heart of Manhattan "mourners" gath
ered for the "wake" in a spirit of
hilarity that suggested a christening
Instead of a funeral. The evidences
of mourning seemed to be entirely
contincd to the numerous coffins which
decorated the centers of most of the
cafes and resorts.
As the hour of midnight approached
j numerous funeral processions were
iorined nnd the various cottina wore
carried Irom place to place on the
j shoulders of such mourners whose
grief had nut incapacitated them from
j acting as pallbearers.
No attempt was made to interfere
with she wake by the official prohibi
tion enforcers.
Alderman he Hey Re-Elected,
While Lord Mayor of Dub
lin Gets Record Vole.
[Dy As/o^iated Press.)
! DUBLIN, Jan. 16.?Preliminary re
j turns in the municipal election in Dub
I lin show successes for the Sinn Fein j
I candidates. Three Sinn Fein Common
| ers wore elected on the lirst count, in
I eluding Alderman Tom Kelly, now in i
! prison in London.
i Lord Mayor O'Neill, whose term ex
I pired. although running as an inde
i pendent candidate, scored a record poll,
: due to the fact, it was said, that ho
? supported Sinn Fein candidates in other
{ sections.
Kesults from the country districts of
Ireland indicate that the preponderance '
' of the vote went to the Sinn Fein as
i pirants, and K is considered certain j
I that the Party, together with labor, j
' will have a cot.siderable majority out- |
' side cf Ulster
j Contests in Ulster between Unionists ?
; and Nationalists, were close in all see- j
i tion?. These parties united to oppose t
: the Sinn Feiners, several of whom, i
neverthelers, were elected.
Fedetil Anthorlties Take Steps to :
l/<icnUr.c Disease but Expect
1.It tic Trouble.
[15y Associated I'ross.]
WASHINGTON. Jan. 1C.?The out
break of influenza in Chicago should
not he the occasion of any alarm, the
Public Health Service said tonight in ,
announcing that steps had been taken J
I to localize the disease.
Admitting that so little is known
about influenza that it was impossible j
I to make a forecast with any degree of J
i certainty, the health service expressed I
' conlldeneo that there would not be a
serious recurrence of the disease be
cause the malady ran its course a year
ago ami left millions immune, move
ment of large bodies of troops have
ceased, doctors and nurses have re
turned to civilian wotk. there are no
reports of serious outbreaks in foreign
countries and because of the few cases
in the United States, there being only
7,t!S0 reported from September 1. H'l!?,
to January 10, 1020, in comparison with
r..000,000 during the same period a year
linker filves House Dntn on lloosts j
for Army Officer* Following
tRy Associated Press.)
' WASHINGTON. Jan. 1Secretary j
f&aker, replying to a House resolution. |
reported today that since the signing >
of the armistice 17,354 promotions had
been made in the army. Including !&.- ;
4T.0 in the A. 15. F.. and 1004 in the >
forces in this country.
Irish Kile Protest.
PAUIS, Jan. 10.?The council of the .
league of nations received the first j
formal protest to bo presented to it al
most beforo It came Into being with
today's initial sessions. The protest
was from "the envoys of the lectcd
government of the Irish republic"
againet "the unreal English slmulacre
of an international league of pcacc."
I Nation-Wide Prohibition lOft'cctivc at'
i-iost by Decision of Foitv-Si.v
?Sovereign States.
| Federal Autfiorities Prepared to (.'ope
With Illegitimate Liquor Dealers'
and Will Assist Munic ipal Au- I
thorities Holding Down Lid.
i WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 r,.-Nation- !
wide prohibition by constitutional
amendment?the dream for yearn of ,
those opposed to the sale of liquor?
became effective at midnight with the
Department o." Justice and IJurcau of
Internal llevet.uc, the two government i
agencies intrusted with enforcement
of the new basic la**, ready to take i
drastic action against all violators.
The final step in the work of cn- j
forcing the new form or prohibition
was taken tonight when Secretary !
Glass unproved linally the regulation's'
to be observed by agents of the Fed
eral government.
Mute ConuitiMfcioner* Named.
John I". Kramer. General i'rohibition !
Commissioner, announced that h?j prac- j
tically had completed selection of nis
corps of .State commissioners and local
agents, and had been notified by them
that they ivr-rc prepared to start to
morrow morning on the task of en
forcing the amendment as provided in
the Volstead < nforcoment act.
i There was little notice taken by gov
I ernment officials ot the end of all
Uecneed sales of liquor except at the i
Treasury Department. where much ac- '
tivity was shown at tiie offices of otli- i
ciais connected with prohibition en
forcement Their task, however, was ?
conUi.cil to the linking up of detailed
Plans :or ald.ng local authorities in '
driving out the Illegitimate dealer in
Intoxicants. Ofliclals said thev ex
pected a multiplicity of legal and les
ser tangi. s to ensue, but they were
making an effort to avoid as manv .jf
these o.- possible.
.StniT of I..100 Mm Heady.
Commissioner Kramer sa.d he had a !
staH of nearly 1,500 m?-n ready to be
feV'r! duties at midnight." About >
.500 of tjuse will work under the di- ?
rectson of the State prohibition en
forcement ortlcers, while the others
!'p ?K r.i'. n!U(;h ns 'ntcrntl revenue
agents did before war-time prohibi- i
lion went into ?fleet. hi a few
Mates the State directors have not
| been named, but Mr. Kramer has dele
' ? , P"*'er.i to internal Mvontc
oOicials, so the organixatJpa ? 'Wtis re-I
i g.trd. d hp complete. Mr. Kramer's
"i?8 i-'0!'0'000 Wth Which to
I ronduct lis work until July J. I
1 r.MEury oflict als anticipate -some i
trouble in handling the distilled
I.quors in bonded warehouses. It has
been disclosed that in several cities I
large quantities of bottled goods have
disappeared from bonded storage des- !
PKe the vigilance of revenue officer's '
Mr. Kramer's !
staff aas been Instructed to guard such
Ihjunra with extra care.
lll.Mcrv ,,f Trnfllr.
Ttecords compiled show that aboii
. first sought back
souirhr'' t! that li:n?, ,n?dcration was
sought. Ten years later a brouder
movement for abstinence was put un
totralWaaH??in IS<0, r camPa,Sn against
total abstinence trom all alcoholic
beverages was launched. ll-ouojic
Agitation for abolition of the nrac- !
tlce ot licensing the sale of lienors
vf-ars?la to "Tn U?'i''' " r,>!,|,1ti?y four
years later in the enactment of prohi- 1
bition laws in Maine, the first State
to put prohibition into effect. Kan?-t?i
?niss" 'm0' wn??x??h Dakota
tfiird in isS.'. Meanwhile, the move
ment had .grown to such proportion
th.n a national prohibition partv was 1
iormed at a convention in Chicago
September 1, 1S69. Ro?'
To Maintain statu. Uuo Would Hove I
Draivn Country Into Innd
* liable Enterprise.
WASniN'GTON?ClVan P"V-R^ '
the decision ?>?
?V ,u c.'?v ,fs government to with
hav-T v Siheri,an expeditionary force
have been set forth in a note*to th*
Japanese government. The note, which ?
Is reply to a communication of the
fh?5oveTn'nent, transmitted to ?
mid?'?Alj?Tor?,|T-h?t ?? ?">? j
maintain the status quo. or to p?o?eed
i??. ? / oru l>s,,rt,nl withdrawal of it"
troops. or whether it w...s readv to sei.n
re-enforcements in ease of need
In replying that under existincr eir.
cumstances it was deemed atlvisihir>
ih? ^r?l'i?r?Wc! ,ho expeditionary force :
^ States asserts that re-en- ?
fer,eierent ,U*?V 1,e impractical. and >
that to maintain the status quo "mleht i
qr'a?^.et government of the UniTeVl
States ln an undertaking of ^uch in !
able!" character as to be inadvisl |
John A. Johnnion Im Anrvolr._ ?
I'rewident ll?on to I>tersl>urR '* j
[By A.vsuelated l'res.J
WASHINGTON. Jan. 16.?John A i
Johnsion. was appointed postmaster
at Petersburg. Va.. today. l'""stcr
made?: rca?P0,???nent8 were
niohl/i"? r.P'-, Smayer. Birmingham: T
I'ordnpy Introducen lllll rnrry?,,K om i
I ropo.su! to Dvfeml 9I50,0<K),(HKI '
of CrrdllK.
f rty Associated I*r>>es 1
, WASHINGTON. Jan. 10.??The bill :
dratted by the Treasury Department I
to authorise credits of fl60.O00.o0ii for i
food rellei in Kurope was Introduced i
today by Chairman Kordney, of the
Ve.'wn V'-V"? an<1 Mennfi Commit tea!
Action on the measure by die com
mittee is planned for next Monday. '
Indinnn Mnkm 'l'urnty-!)it(li to Adont i
IVdrrnl SufTrnKe Amend
I n>* Associated Press. J
IN*r>TANAPOI.IS. Jan. IC.?The Fc<l
eral amendment for women's suffrage
was ratitled by both houses of the In
diana Legislature, meeting In speciil
session here today. In the Senate the
vote was 4.1 to :{ and in the House ?0
to 0. Indiana i? the twenty-sixth State,
to ratify the amendment.
Appear Ilcfore Senute Investigator.-*
at San Antonio and Recite
Promises of Authorities Fail Because
of Frequent Changes in Atlininis-j
t rat ion of Alleged Justice in
Southern Republic.
[liy Associated Press.1
Miss Anita Wliatley, whose lingers and
toes a bandit threatened to cut off; |
Mrs. All if; II. McCain, whose husband!
was murdered by another Mexican;
1'aui Metzentin, whose mother and sis- ?
ter were made permanent invalids hv '
nrutal treatment by raiders, and ten!
other victims of Mexico's revolutions
were witnesses today before the Sen- :
fite subcommittee investigating the:
Mexican situation.
Inquiry by Chairman Kail developed'
that a majority of litem had consid- ;
ered rtparat:on so improbable that they I
had not tiled with the State Depart- '
mcnt statements of their losses. A |
few of them had been in Mexico on sal
aries. but most of them were property
tovrr* I.nnp: Period of CbnoN.
.The greater part of the testimony
was of the earlier years of Carranza's!
administration, and much of it of the ?
period in which Francisco Madero was
fighting for power and during his rule.)
It was in 1011 that Anita AVhatley,,
2'J and now modern language super-i
visor of the State Department of Kdu- 1
ration of Texas, had her adventure
with bandits in Par rat, Chihuahua. Her
father owned a dairy there. He was j
/iot at home one night when the ban
dlts appeared and demanded $5,000. t
There was no money in the house, and ,
the girl so told them.
Their insistence falling to obtain |
money, they took her and her sister in i
the court of the house, where Anita;
was stood against tho wall to be shot, j
A tiring squad was ranged in front of ,
them, and the leader raised his arm. Itn i
fall would b<* tho signal to tire. Again i
he received the same answer, "\Vc have ,
no money here."
Adopt* Other Tictlr*.
"You g-ringoes certainly love money ;
better than your life," was his com-}
nient, ?and he adopted other tactics. He
drew the blade of a hunting knlfoj
across her throat, and then told her J
he would cut ofT her toes and fingers!
if she did not tell him whore the mono- t
was. He removed one of her bedroom j
slippers and did slffuli her foot, but by 1
that time ho appeared convinced the!
money could not be obtained and left j
them. 1
He was later arrested, and the judge
assured the Whatleys he would be con
"But they changed judges," said the
witness, "and lie was released."
Paul Metzentin's* story was that of1
Yt qui Indian outrages. His father
and mother, a sister and two brothers '
were living there on a farm when the
raiders, captained by an otiieer of Car- [
ranza's army, appeared.
Their Health Ilrokrn.
The brothers were stood for fivo
hours against a wall, the Yaquis hold- j
ng knives at their throats, while their
mother and sister were being brutally:
bullied bv the leader of the gang. Since |
the* mother's health has been
broken, and the sister, he testified, "lias ?
not been normal."
Accused of Using Dynamite,
Gun and Clu'j to Kill Four
Including Baby.
[By Associated Pres.".]
Charles Marshall, charged with mur- I
der in connection with tho killing last ;
night near Amory, of Robert Miller, I
47, a farme.r; Leonard Miller, 16, his j
eon; Annie Green Miller, 17, his
daughter. and Burlcy Miller, 10
months old, was held in the county
jail here tonight under a strong guard.
Public feeling is intense and precau- !
tlons have been taken to guard against j
possible attempts at mob violence. j
Pearl May Miller. 13, the only sur- ?
vivor of the family, is said to have
witnessed the crime from the loft of;
the Miller farmhouse and. according;
to Sheriff J. B. Lewis, has charged j
Marshall with the quadruple killing. !
Marshall was indicted about a year'
ago of a statutory offense against the
young woman killed, and was at lib-1
ertv on bond pending an appeal. The i
baby is alleged to have been his son.!
Pearl Miller is quoted by the sheriff j
as accusing Marshall of first throwing!
a stick of dynamite on the roof of
the. house, the explosion tearing a
large hole in the roof, but failing to
injure any of the family. Then he
entered the house, the girl is said to
have told the sheriff, shot her father,
brother and sister, and clubbed tho
baby with a piece of wood, after which
he is alleged to have poured oil on
the floor from a lamp and set the
building atire. Seeing her. fhe glrl|
stated, the man started climbing toi
the loft where she was in hiding, but I
she escaped through the hole torn by j
the dynamite on the roof and fled to 1
the home of a neighbor.
The charred bodies of Miller and
members of his family were found to
day in the ruins of the farmhouse.
I.oftor Will lie Hend nt Dinner Given !
.Monday .\ighl in Honor of
fl'.y Associated t'res.s. ]
NEW YOKK, ,lan. l?.~A letter from ;
Senator Henry Cabot l.odge, of M issa- '
chusetts, in reply to President Wilson's |
Jackson Day message, will he read, it 1
was announced tonight, at a dinner to j
he given in the Hotel Astor next Mon- '
day night in honor of I'nited St ties
Senators Hiram \V. Johnson, of Call-!
fornin; William 12. Borah, of Idaho, and j
James A. Reed, of Missouri. Senator )
Lodge is expected to outline in hi* j
letter his views as to the future of the j
peace treaty.
Cirl Geltlns: ?1- Salary Avernur* ?.s(> t
a W eek Krom Tips, She
| fty Associated Press. J
NEW* YOIIK, Jan. lti.?Sophie Ho- !
desky. a waitress who testified that I
she received a salary of $12 a week, j
was fined t2 today after she had j
pleaded guilty to violation of traffic ;
rules, while driving her $1,500 auto- j
mobile. She told the court she aver
aged $S0 a week in tips.
Commander of Fleet Overseas Sa.v.s
Morale of Service Has Been
Shot to Picccs.
Tells Senate Probers Whole System
Is Wronp and Favors Wiping Out
Awards and Making Entire New
IHy UnivtTKXl Serrice. I
W ASIIINUTON, .Ian. 16.?Sharp criti
cism of Secretary Daniels' policies in
the conduct of the navy was uttereo
today at the opening of the Senate sub
committee's investigation 0f the man
ner in which awards for distinguished
service in the war were made.
Admlial Sims, who was supreme
commander of the American naval op
erations abroad, declared that the
hafl i!"11'" '-baracterized by ex
trtme favoritism to olhcers who per
formed no real ?ervice of a dlstin
oleretary Vnicl3n,0thO,Ja ad?IHe,l b-v
teJ r?un?h,".,i?ralfrtfmtcd. to th,i corn,n it
ice nunim.is ot eases in which oflief>r<*
Sen- ?SXSifT'!
srsi SrF fc-SMTSSs
Wanted Definite Pullcv.
by him /T ,J;inie,s llu<l been advised
[>> him to announce a definite nollev
\"rf~T\ \? V,u award of n.edalL, bu^
??if ih 1 k J?, ? SOt Admiral Siins said
If this had been done, the trouble juiii
unpleasant publlclly growing out of
bv Secre'iarl^n0/ |l|lC roc!,,nn*?n<l?tion
wSat3vyh.Da!HS K?"u' "?'?
Throughout his testimony. Admiral
|-'ms spoke with absolute frankness in
/"Vs'I1iSr s 0'lin'?" of what Seere
At tln r L h ,lld rnaklnP the awards.
At times h*s was drawn into tilts with
^risL'p ss's
^ >r">
?" '-.'-rr
^ awards was based en
V upon his desire to see iuetire
done to the men In the service who
had earned distinctive recognition Ha
said ho believed it his dutv to pr'esent
IdbltedWbv? i hi? 0fl?Cera' " h? P?'
rJ , ? tl,c rules of the service
own'part S any statement upon their
ruFVr"? P'^PP^Vd Action*.
T.ie admiral expressed bitte- disan
proval of ,he action of Secretary Dan
pi" r^K i rev,owlng board headed ' by
th^ V ra K?icht in setting aside
i-nin^ ni"men<latio"s made bv "the
r?nr^.0";rr"ai"d!'0 w"e in <=???>
IS ' wrongk lhif C?hIG*ystcm of awards
wine oV.t #hl ? government could
wipe out the entire system anri Anil
vSVT, & '.'If
only man under him "?
the P. S. M he VHh waa Slven
who did noth'lng excen't t^h an ofnc?r
by the enemy cxcePl to b? captured
Cheek Klaxher.
J,1.5;', Associated Prr?.j
SI00.OOO damigesafor Verdlct of I
cut ion was awarded Ea,!flouS n-oso
Court here lodav to 'S"prer?e
cauley, a m artn? eV, e?nndfcrT'' A,a* 1
2tgainst Theodore "f "st'^rr rlW.''
Avenue jeweler t . ?'1 I* I * t Ii
for "Christmas'' KeolTgh a ^'a.ca,,jloy
forger, nnd had hi? S notorious
passer of a frV.d , ^,arrefit,c<1 ??
vas later arrested ? *w,Cck- Keouffh
r>t ^er eharpM u '?> Altoona. I'a.. on'
H,.,w in tffecWck e!i "i* prl""i
?"vine. ?rm intarr;;isr?datnj"o"i,^!
Macaill i3. Passed on the jeweler
himself, he f est I lied? *oft-?n? (? clear
Allies to Permit Iniportutlon of r,rm
I>npleme>i?M. fooriN ?ml Uril
tenl .Supplies.
T>.vr?fc '?y "nlyoi-sa. Service. J
'houVio vrtii:,
> S'lM'SlMn V*"
rn -
frnn, a?B?ioSl
,ZiLn"'/'r''''"t'- ">">""?? ami
toward the l|olH?evl^ Is unchangeJh '
FILE $3,000,000 SUIT
AlisMisstppl Lumber .Man Sam 11^. n- i
Option ?? Hnrnllion l7ninber Ia"
t'onipniiy. ;
[Oy .U?>ilat?d I'rcjs.]
I.ARUL MISS. Jan. 16.?The1
Marathon Lumber (.ompany, of Laurel
today was n.-rved with an attaohr ent
Involving more than $n.000.000 Tho
"Ctlon was nied Hi the Chancery Court >
of Smith County by A. J. May, local
lumber man. who .Malms he has an
option on all of the assets of the
Marathon Company.
.Marlon llnnk Dentroyed.
v 'AR'ON; V.A-. J?n. 1 ?>.?The Marion!
National Hank was destroyed bv fir*
which stnrtod in fh^ baprnionl of thr!
i1:ental,,ns an ?8ttmatod loss
or $30,000. I
W. C. T. U. to Carry Dry
Fight to All Wet Nations
[By Associated I'rc.vi.]
cinc\<;o, Jan. h;.?with consti
tutional prohibition In offer 1 at
>11 lil night tonlKlit! (ho Women'*
Christian Temperance Inlon, whleh
hns Its national headquarters Hi
i:\nnston, will liranclt Into other
reform movements, nml nlnn will
carry on the nnr on lli|iior In every
pnrt of the glolie where Its use l.i
Mill legal. according to nunounce
111 en I (on iKht.
Other reforms In ll?e \V. C. T. U?
creed Ineluile world prohibition.
A merieuiiixalion, improvement of
industrial conditions for women,
child welfare nml inornl eilnentIon.
Branches of tlie union in Krnnee,
r.iiKlnini nml forty other eoniitrlcfi
where nuilntlon acalust liquor In
now being carried on lire to ho
strengthened by workers sent from
this eoiintry.
The farewell to wet (roods nun
oelelirated mildly In Chicago to
nlifht. t>nly one of the larjje cafe*
put on nn nnnounreil wake for
John llarlcyeorn.
Krench Premier Declare* He Will Not
Accept Presidency Now lOven
If He Is ICIected.
[Br Associated Press.]
PARIS, Jan. l?>-?Premier Clemen
ceau tonight sent a lettc:- to Leon
Bourgeois, formally withdrawing front
Die contest for the presidency. The
letter says:
"1 take the liberty of informing
you that J withdraw from my friends
authority to offer my candidacy for
the presidency of the republic, and
that if they disregard my withdrawal
and ohuuri for nie a majority of votes,
I will refuse tho mandate so con
Replying to a group of ministers
who brought the result of the caucus
vote to M. Clemenceau. but ctsked htm
to remain a candidate for tho Presi
dency, the Premier sa'.d:
"My resolution is definitely made,
and nothing can change it. I declared
from tiie firs that 1 did not wish to
be a candidate, but could not resist the
pressure of my friends. Besides, I
dreamed that if elected I would be a
link between the government of yes
terday and that of tomorrow, for which
tank general consent Is necessary.
"1 submitted to M. Millerand (.Alex
andre Mlllerand, former Cabinet mom-'
her prominently mentioned as succes
sor to Premier Clcmenceau) the names
of three of you. It was understood
that it was not a question of imposing
a choice on him. In fact. I warned
him that I did not wish to know his
opinion on those three names, leaving
him entirely free. Now, my role is
finished. 1 am going to write M.
Bourgeois a letter to let him know I
am not a candidate."
Attempt to Hold Up Institution
on Scenc of JSotaulc
Crime Fails.
[By Associated I'resa.]
NKW YOUK, Jan. 11>.?Tho Manhattan
Savings institution at Broadway and
Bleecker Street, scenc of a famous
robbery in ls7* when "Jimmy" Hope
and his gang stole $1,200,000 worth of
securities, was the target today of a
lone bandit who made an unsuccess
ful attempt to rob it of $5,000 after
engaging in a revolver battle with
several officers and employees.
Captured at the point of a pistol
held by Constant liird, president of
the Institution, the bandit was turned
over to the police to whom ho gave
tho name of James Stratton. 217J
Washington Boulevard. Chicago. He
also gave a Brooklyn address and
said he came hero from Hammond,
Stratton walked into the bank at
11 o'clock this morning, ordered David
Sands, a paying teller, to hand over
$5,000 and tired tour shots, all of which
embedded themselves in the wall.
When Sands ducked under the counter
i he called to his fellow employees,
I "Get your gum!"
| More than a dozen shots were fired
by the tellers, but all went wild.
, In the lsTS holdup. Hope and scv
eral professional cracksmen broke into
tho bank janitor's bedroom at nlglit,
[ shackled him and his w.fe and then,
under threat of death, compelled the
janitor to give up tho conihinations of
tl'.e safes and vaults in the bank. The
loot was virtually all in registered
government securities, most of which
were later recovered.
Hope, who previously robbed a Phila
delphia bank of $100.0(10, was convicted
of the bank theft here and sent to
Sing Sing.
?'Hound Table'* Discussions Continue,
but SuccesH of .Move to Break
Deadlock Is Doubted.
| ' y Associated Pre**. 1
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 rt.?Prelimi
nary to the second conference tomor
row of tin! bipartisan committee of
Senate leaders, discussing compromise
of the peace treaty deadlocTc, Senator
Lodge, of Massachusetts. Republican
leader, and two of his colleagues.
Senators Lenroot, of Wisconsin, and
Kellogg, of Minnesota, conferred late
today regarding the proposals re
ceived from the Democrats.
There was less optimism expressed
today either by the Republican or
Democratic leaders for success of the
present movement although the
"round table" discussions arc expected
to continue for some time.
t'lvillnns and Military t'insh In Indus
trial City of Ithenlsh
IHv I'tiivptsal Sorvloe.l
RERUN. Jan. 1 ?">.?A serious rlo! oc
curred today in tho neutral zone near
Kssen, the big industrial city In Rhen
i?ii Prussia and home of the famous
Krupp plant. Civilians and military
clashed, there was much firing and
severs* wore killed.
The German government Immediate
ly sought and obtained tho permission
iif the Belgian occupation authorities
to send reinforcements to the affected
dlst ri:-:.
Four Burned to Death.
HAMMOND. IND.. Jan. 1 ??.?Four men
were burned to de:ith and nine others
were fatnllv burned when a still at
the Sinclair Oil Refining Company
plant In 13ast Chicago exploded to
Open Fight to Eliminate Dry De
partment and Office of
Measure Introduced to Legalize
Boxing?$125,000 for Pure
Bred Herds at V. P. I.
With Delegate Kenneth I* GTtpin.
avowed advocate of the abolition of
the State Prohibition Department, as
the leading' patron, a biil was Intro
! duced into the House of Delegates of
Virginia, yesterday which provides for
the abolition of the department and
t of tho offico of Prohibition Commls
j sionor.
; There were fifteen co-patrons of the
i measure, among them two members of
j the Richmond delegation, Albert O.
j Boschen and George L. Wilcox,
i Mr. Gilpin opposed Richard B.
' Brewer, Jr., of N'ansemond, for the
; .speakership of the House, announcing
: on several occasions that he favored
I the abolition of the Prohibition De
j partmont. Because of failure to sc
, on re pledges of suilicient votes to sc
l cure his election, Mr. Gilpin withdrew
; his name in the Democratic House
caucus Tuesday night, and Mr. Brewer
was elccted Speaker without opposi
! thin.
Lint of Co-l'atrons.
Patrons of the bill for the abolition
of the Prohibition Department, in ad
dition to Messrs. Gilp.n, Boschen and
Wilcox, are Delegates Thomas Bomax
Hunter, K. P. But'ord. R. Lindsay Gor
! don. Jr., \V. H. Langhnrne, E. A. Car
j punter, John \V. Cherry, A. A. Sin
clair. R. O. Norrls, Jr., Deane Hundley,
! Charles Green, R. F. Fulton, Horace
i l~ .Smith and James W. Barnes. No
I similar bill has yet been Introduced
I in the Senate, but it ia understood
i that one has been prepared which will .
be offered there.
Yesterday at 12:50 o'clock both the
House and the Senate adjourned Until
noon Tuesday, Monday being observed- '
as_a..holIday as tfcfc'anniversary of the
birth of General Robert 13. Dee. Sen
ator James B. Cannon, of Richmond,
.moved th^t when tho Senate adjourn
it do so in memory of Gonernl Lee
and General Thomas J. Jackson. Tho
] motion was unanimously carried. The
( House adjourned out of respect to the
Into Senator Thomas S. Martin and
uongressman Walter A. Watson.
will nay Pnre-llred Herd*.
Bflls were introduced in both
branches of the Legislature provid
i ing for an appropriation of $125,000
ror the Virginia Polytechnic institute
? for the purchase and maintenance o'
I equal herds of pure-bred Aberdeen
j Angus. Hereford ami Shorthorn cat
j tie The herds will 'bo used for cx
| peri mental purposes to determine the
I brood best suited to Virginia, and tho
i i"Icr<'.a'!0 of th<5 herds will be sold to
\ Irginia tarmcrs. tho bill provides.
A bill was also introduced in both
i find the TIousq fipnropriat
ing Sio.000 for tiie erection of a live
Fair pavilion at ihe Virginia State
Provide Athletic Commission.
Creation of a state athletic commis
s.on, composed of three members, to
appointed 'by the Governor, to rcg
"*? sparrlnK arid wrestling
exhibitions or performances in Vlr
g.nia is proposed in a bill which has
as its - patrons Delegates Albort O
Boschen. George L. Wilcox. R. o
Dodson. ' J?hn W" Cherr>' E. g!
t!2? proposed eommle
Jg to appointed five
k i1 act K?ea ,nto effect,
are to be named, one for one year, one
and 0ne for thre6 T?*rs.
Ihereafter they are to be appointed
for tour years. ^
?nT!,mn);r,nlssi?n1 wln b* empowered
to impose a minimum tax of $35 on
a^ifhifC organisation. Xo bouts
ti,',? be. (?r more than ten rounds.
! TrnftS 7\ n <s to reP?rt to the Gov
' at the end of each two years
-and on December 1 Immediately pre
| oral Aosembly*' COnven,?* the Gen
Would Permit nosing nontw.
' ,A companion bill to the measure ere-"
I hv &?? ? ?X commission, introduced
t h.?Iu^V Boschen. also would amend
0 . Pri'vule that boxing
, matches may be held under the aus
pices of a reputable athletic club or
commission, provided the consent of
the sheriff of the county or the Miyor
? , kCU"T w.h,ch, th0 Proposed bout
? ??? held, is obtained. A tax of
$-00 would be imposed for each such
' niaccn.
! A bill introduced by Delegate Bos
? enen would amend section 4670 of the
t f tVf:.?*lK?atlnrt th0 j,lry rathei'
????,, i ll,,P ?J a court to determine
I what i t work of necessity on Sunday.
I Appropriation of $25,000. with which
to purchase service medals for Virginia
?;l?lors in hie world war. is provided
' t.L Jil* introduced by Delegate
I Loxclven. The measure also provides
i tor the creation of a commission of
I Jv-f, om thft Houso *"'1 two
! ?i . Senate?to agree on a suit
'? hie design.
Honor Memories of Martin and Watvon.
| A resolution memorializing the late
i ? nited States Senator Thomas S. Mar
tin aijd Representative Walter A. Wat
son, who have died since the last ses
sion of the Legislature, was adopted by
?.?..!lo,,se and roa<l *?>* Clerk John W.
\\ illlams.
I T!ie House session was opened with
i nrayer by Rev. James V. Fair, pastor
?of Westminster Presbyterian Church,
j A list of Ihe new standing committees
I appointed by Speaker Richard L Brew.
1 ?.r, wns rea<' to tiie members by Clerk
j W i 11 hims. General satisfaction wn.-*
? expressed on tho distribution of hon
ors by the new pre?idimr officer.
I Chairmanship of the House Finance
Committee went to Hdward R. Fuller,
ot" Rlchr.tond. Thl? is regarded as ono
of the most important of the standing
; committees, hiving to do with taxes
j and other llnancial questions.
Deo cue Boschen. of Richmond, was
, appointed chairman of the Committee
. on Special. Private and Loral Legisla
tion. Places on several of the Impor
tant committees were awarded to mem
bers of the Richmond delegation.
Work of CanrQi Ratified.
State officers nominated at the Joint
Democratic caucus Thursday night
were eleoted by concurrent action of
'both houses.
Delegate Roland Chase introduced a
hill to amend section 4926 of the Cod?\
which has an Important bearing on
criminal cases not brousht to trial
within a reasonable time. The bill
provides that "every person against

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