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Value of SyHtcmiilli' (expenditures Alio
to lie Nh<?*\n .Nation's
Celebrating the b.rthday of the coun
try's greatest exponent of thrift and
economical living, Ucnjam.n Kranklin,
the national thrift week drive opens
today, and will continue through next
.Saturday for the purpose of teaching
the American people the value of it !
more systematic expend.ture of their'
earning.** and to make 1 yjij mean a year j
Ot plenty.
Kichmond headquarters will be '
opened thin morning at 'J 10 Hast .Main '
Street, and speakers will be sent to
manufacturing plants, shops, factories j
and other establishments to preach the
gospel of thrift.
Two-color c.irtf.on exhibits also will
be placed h? forty different locatiohs
toilay to supplement the work of the
four-miriute speakers, who will include
in their program the theaters of the
city. .Motion picture houses will show
cducat.on slides during the week,
bearing on the varied subjects on which
the attunt.ou of the nation will be
iuii.iy has been designated "National
Thrift," or "Dank Day," for the pur
pose of emphasizing the service a bank
renders the community, and the im
portance of every one doing business \
witn a banking Institution, which must
finance all commercial projects ami
1?Uk.tiess expansions.
The R.chmoml national thrift com
mittee is composed of:
J. P. Junoy. ihairmin.
John .\l. Viii?*r. Jr.. chairman of the
tni*n< ?? committee.
K. Mcivt-i-. recordir?c secretary.
<>i. Tuv?or. Jr.. tr^iduror.
Ilun.doii ('.try. chairman of the socali
em? corrindtte'-'.
C. W. I'ai". executive secretary.
It. M?:C Mullinitt n S .l.ihriHtons
W. Li t>uL? W. S It'n -nil
N i:-..iKI?l O.ivrr .1 Sun.l-i
K. i*. Il.irrl-on W. M S<-hwarzsclilld
ii A 11jwklr.s -N. 1?. iSi!!*
A. >1. Hill
The <-x?r utl\c committee Includes:
I*. Jo-ies Hunsdoc C&rv
y K. MrK'e o. .1 5v?"n?U?
?<}. Tavlor. Jr. O. A. liaurldne
.'fiha M M11 > r
Tli*? ???>wil:?r?* co-omlt tee la mad? uo of:
UtiriMlnn Carv. chairman.
11. r. M < ??)? It C. ItarrklnM. Jr.
H. V Harrison Jacob Umlaiif
K J-* P-h'nidt P.. Ftov Du<l .;t Jr.
n. Kav Richardson T n McAdains
I> H AmU'-sun K I> Fo?ler
.! }t TlinforJ V.". I., Austin
a. S John*?one A. M. Smith
Harrv ninswancer
Morion Rondr Announces He In 5ot |
Sffklnc In Surrerd I.nte
\\ niter WaUnn.
fSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.!
l'ETKRSJlUUO, VA, Jan. I*.?With
1 he announcement today of Morton (J.
floode. Commonwealths attorney of
Dlnwidd ? County, that he would not
be a candidate to succeed the lHte
Walter A Watson a Representative of
'he Four tli District In the House of
Iloj.re entatlvos, State Senator Patrick
II. Drewry. of this city, is left un
opposed In the race. Sir. Goode for
Home time h<s been mentioned as a
??o.?sible candidate for the ofiiee, and
li s announce:' i.I today is the first to
come from Mm regarding the matter.
Oct* Thlrt y-\enr Sentence.
One of the longest sentences ever
given a prisoner in the courts of this
city was meted out by Judge Mullen
in the Hustings Court this mornlnp
to James Jackson, a negro, after he
plemled gu ltv to the churcc of enter
ing and robbing si* homes in var ous
ptirts of the city The n?-k*ro was sen
t r need to thirty years In the State
IV nltc nt lary.
Six t'nnd Idntew In Hnif.
As a result of the sp'lt between the
('??nlrnl l-,abor Council of this city with
the Young Rus pens Men's Club, six
candidates are now in the field for the
posit ion of commissioners in the new
torm of city government, which takes
r (Tect in September. At a meeting of
the labor men in the Academy last
n'ght. Krr.est ft. Wilson, a prominent
brick mason, was plnoed in the runn ne
l?y the tr.'ides union as their candidate
(ien-rnl Vf?? Vote*.
The csmp.'?isin to raise funds for
th.. Y. W C. A., in proRress here
The Weather
(Purnlibed by D. 8. Weather lltrMl.)
ns-.A Forecast: Virginia?
lr<V?gVt-J y ICaln fulurdnr In
* , / mlii ?r kiiuw north txir
tiom warmer central
unit northeast oortloiw.
/ / Sunduy fair.
^ North CurulLna?Ilaln
enxt: clearing wtwt por
tion Saturday: blixlitlv
colder near LI 10 count.
Stinduy (air.
Loral Temoeruture 1'oMerday.
3 I*. M. 'cmiifriiturn "7
Maximum tcmperaturo to 8 I*. M 30
Minimum temperature to 8 P. M 26
Mean tcmperatnuro yesterday "is
Normal temperature for this date.... 38
Deficiency yesterday JO
deficiency since March 1 76
IJullciency since January 1...... 30
. , , I.ocol llulnfall.
Rainfall 12 houra endlnj; & I'. M . .02
Rainfall 24 hours ending 8 I'. M 02
i Deficiency since March 1 .
Deficiency t>ince January 1.
I.oral OhxrrvnlionH at 8 r. M. Yesterdnv.
Wind direction, northwest: wind velocity.
4. Weather at 8 I*. Al.. rain.
Special Data.
Temperature, dry bulb. 8 A. M SO
Temperature drv bull*. 1 I*. M 27
Temperature, dry bulb. & P. M 28
Temperature, wot l>ulb. S A. M -7
Temperature, wet liulli. 1 I?. M -7
Temperature, wet bulb. 8 P. M........ -8
ReJalivo humidity. X A. M 74
Helatlvo humidity. ) P. >t
Relative humidity. 8 P. M 100
S P.M. Hich. Dow. Weather.
AnbevlU? 46 46 36 Rain
Atlanta 50 f>4 44 CloudT
Kos-ton It; 1 li -1 Cloudy
liuffalo 8 1<) -5 Snow
Charleston 58 62 52 Rain
ChltaR'i 24 18 Snnw
Denver 4'i 60 2t Clear
'talvexton 61 66 66 Clear
llatteras 64 &4 4 4 tlalri
Havre 24 28 21 Know
Jacksonville 7^ 72 .*>0 Kaln
Kani-a* City 36 4K 35 Clear
MonlK'-mery .... C.4 02 64 Rain
New Orleans 5S 70 G6 Rain
N - v.- York 16 Ik t; Snow
Norfolk 42 42 34 Haln
Oklahoma L>i 66 34 Claar
Pittsburgh 36 30 J*? Kttln
Raleigh "6 36 3i Rain
Ft I<ouiB 40 42 26 Cloudy
Pan Francisco.... 66 7? 42 Clear
Savannah G2 61 60 Cloudy
Tamna 66 7 4 4* Clear
Wa*hlnctin 18 32 22 Fnow
Wytheville 32 33 32 Rata
Stin rlers 7:24 Mornlnr 1 MS
bun sets S:17 Bvenlnc 3:05
for the past throe day?, proYed a big
taccees. More than $20,000 waa raised
by the lady workers.
The ctces of Detectives C. B. Wor
rell and M. T. Aldridge and Qeorge
Wright. Morgan Knight and Robert
Jones, business men. all facing m ade
mc.anor charges as a result of the sen
gat.onal investigation by a special
grand Jury, have been continued to
the February term of the Hustings
Court. All the men are at liberty under
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Prince George County
Hank yesterday the following officers
I were elected for the enduing year:
I President, J. J. Temple; vice-pres dent,
j ft. C. Burrow; caehicr. \V. D. Meredith.
On the charge of stealing bae^rage
I from the Norfolk and Western depot.
Charlie Scott, a negro ex-convict, was
, today convicted h>- a jury in the Hus
i tings Court and sentenced to four years
1 in the State Penitentiary. The negro
; maintained his innocence.
i James A. Kerr, one of the most prom
1 ncnt citizens of Petersburg, died early
i this morning at his residence at 555
ilf.gh Street after a protracted Illness.
fltTlval Meetings Planned.
! Pine Street Baptist Church will be
i gin a series of evange.istic meetings
! tomorrow. The pastor. Rev Inland
i Jerome Powell, will be assisted by
: an evangelistic party of four. The
evangelist Is Rev. F. J. HarrelL, of
Waco. Tex. He will bring with hint
! Paul Montgomery, his chorister, and
I Mrs. Paul Montgomery, pianist and
I soloist. - *?
Senate Bills
Hy Mr. Mitchell?No, 42: A bill to amend
! and re-enact bfctlon 5154 of th? Code of
I Vlrr'nla. whlrh waa Mken uo. ordered to
The Motorist who
does not stop to put on Weed
Tire Chains before driving over
wet-slippery-skiddy streets gambles
with his life and the lives of others.
Don't tOt the dice-box with Fate?don't pit your skill
against the Skid that lurks at every torn o? the wheel,
when streets are wet and treacherous.
No matter how skillfully and carefully yon may drive,
yon and your passengers are in imminent danger when the
rain whips streets into black deadly skidways unless your
wheels are equipped with
Weed Anfrskjd Chains
For Dependable Security
Give your Weed Tire Chains a chance to perform their
mission. Don't leave them in the garage or tool box?put *
them on the tires. Only a moment of your time and their
steel forged protection will be securely chaining your car
to safety.
Weed Chains are also made to meet the demand for
an efficient traction and anti-slad device for trucks
equipped with tingle and dual solid tires or with
the very larae pneumatic tires* They arc to
rnents of heavy
e require
or snow.
American Chain Company, Inc.
Largest Cham Manufacturers In the World
n' ***? - AO TBpm, AO 8Um. Alt Pln^he* -
Pvm ?wnW Safety Chain to Ship*" Anchor Chain
OA** < Gr*m4 CmUmI Terminal. New CUy
District 8?1m OfficMI
fltufcwg FtrtUaJ.ON. BmFmiiUw
be printed and referred to tho Committee |
tor Courta of Justice. I
By Mr. Heulrifc?No. 42: A bill to pro
hibit any officer In administering an uMh
from rcoutrtnic or rcuue?itnic the uvrnon
taking the oath to klsa the Uolv Illblo. or
auy book or book* thereof, which was tak
en ui>. ordered to be printed and referred
to the Committee for Courts of Justlco.
Hy Mr. J. ISrad lleverlcv-j-No. 44: A bill
to provide for tho umsirui ti/n. use and euro
of ?? pavilion for the cure and exhibition
of livo Block brouzht to the State Fair for
I exhibition and lo make an aupruprialloti
therefor, which wan tak?ti ut>. ordered to
So printed and referred to the Committee
on Kinauce.
I Hy Mr. J. Brad. Heverlev?No. 4&: A bill
10 appropriate niorivv to the Virginia Aurl
cultural iinil M-chanlcal College and Poly
technic IiisiIujio for the ourcha.se and
| mulutenance of certain pure-bred cattle,
and to ucuuire land neceasurv for the pur
pose, which wan taken up. ordered to be
printed and rtferrcd to tho Committee on
My Mr. Booker?No. 41: A bill to amend
jnd re-enact miction ir.O.'j of tho Cod.' of
| Virginia and to repeal an act entitled "An
act to provide for the payment out of th"
State Treasury of the attorneys for the
| Commonwealth of th" counties and cities
I of the State, certain fees In fclonv and mis
demeanor cafe* and to lix the maximum
amount that the attorneys for the Com
monwealth of th" respective counties arid
| cities of the State shall be paid In fee* out
of the Stale Treasury, and to fix for them
and to prov tie for the taxlnir and oavm-nt
| of cert ill* fec:i in scire facias and other
proceeding# upon forfeited recognizance*,
and to amend and re-enact an aet onllt'ed
'An act to amend and re-enact f-eotlon .1?>28
of the Code of Virginia." as heretofore
I amended, approved March 22. 101??. nnd to
I repeal all oth'r acts and part? of net* In
I conflict with this* act." approved March
16. 131*. which was taken up. ordered to
be printed and referred to the Committee
on Finance.
By Mr. Hooker?No. 47: A bill to nmend
and re-enact i-cctlon 1U4S of the Cod* of
Virginia, which was taken un. ordered to
be printed and ref rred to the Committee
on General Uw.\
By Mr. Holt?No. 48: A bill to amend
and re-enact f.ection 3112 of the Code of
Virginia, relative to lists of lurors. which
was taken up. ordered to be printed and
referred lo the Committee for Courts of
1 Justice.
I By Mr. G-arrett?No. 13: A bill to nro
| vide for tho inspection ol' jraj-ollni;. naotha.
I benzine and other liuuids and fluids u*ed
for heating and power purposes, which wiui
| taken tip. ordered to l>e printed and re
ferred to th'- Comrnitto- o*i 'J-'neral
! By Mr. Molt?No. 60: A bill to amend
section 1645 of the Code of Virginia. which
I was taker, pp. ordered to he printed nnd
[referred to the Committee on General l.aws.
I By Mr. Holt?No :>S; A bill to amend
land re-enact section 1') of an act entitled
I "An act to raise revenue for the support of
I the government arid public free schools, and
I to pay the Interen on the public debt, and
to provide a special tn for nensions a* au
thorized by rection *. SS of tho Constitution."
approved Apr!! 16. 190*. aj heretofore
amended, which ww t.-vken up. ordered to
b*i printed and r*ferr?d to the Committee
on Public Institutions and education.
By Mr. CTruw?A Wll to amend and rc?
enact ee^tlotui 4 J34 of th- Code of Vlr
By Mr. Bcmchwn?A bill concemtnr ths
sale and contract for the sale of roods,
wares and mcrchandl&e to Infants on
I credit.
I By Mr. Boe?chen?A bill to amend and r*
' enact section 482 0 of the Code of Vlr
! By Mr. -Bowcben?A btll to amend and rs
! emct section SJiS of the Code of VI r
i glnla
By Mr. Boschen?A htl: to amend and re
I enact section 440! of the Code of Vlr
i ITin1a_
By Mr. Boffti?i>? A hill to amend and re.
I ?*>act section S422 of the Code ef Virginia
COLDS breed and
Standard cold remedy for 80 year*
?in tablet form?safe, sure, no
opiate*?break* up a cold in 24
hours?relieves crip in 3 dayi.
Money back if it fail*. The
renuine box has a Red
k top with Mr. Hill'a
At AllDrvg 5r*r*?
and (o repeal an act entitled "An act to
amend and re-enact sectlou 3194 of the
Code of Virginia, as heretofore amended
In relation to the practice of law without
a license." approved March 9. 191S.
By Mr. Boechen?A bill to prohibit cor
porations and voluntary associations from
Fractlclnsc law or furnishlmc or offe.-ln* to
ufnlsh IckuI advice or services.
tU*ttl*tL etlhi.u. t JJ.U \ij. CUUUIUT 4tl, lit
I |>U Hit UflllVllta dL'tliOUIUcf ?>. liij. UiU.liCi
j aji avi uvUu.u^ luiu a..a I c ?.
, lilt kuo blUlalic tor iviiu. lilUllUtUK lltli*!
? U.-.1 lUf ViV.?>lVil *..<1 blutlulu4 dU Iiv
j tiikii'liiiuuu ioi iu?: ua. tuu prutrmiun*
; ul iliU dVL, lull lu II'HI.4. auiu'lil <w ol c.l.a
I utniiutiu ?>uwlt;iuti?.r J. ]J1D.
. ny jui. uus^at'ti?.v iii.i to pi u vtdo for
lU'j in.ifciuoii ana miiiuliuii ui luo lwa
{ eup|>.ica, tfiuiakvo. kkliiviij. UluiUk luu.uo,
ii i.e.i u*u? auu outer p.av.us Wuviu Ivuu li
nciii, pivymol or tcfuu lit. uuiiiaiui;
otnuuitt, cvuuiiaa. UUtvclsiliud. ja..a. uuuub>>.
uutcuikou liviiivs or reiotiikaiui'ics. auio
iii>.i|jii.ii?, county aud vuy poor iwusm una
?miuu inoi. i uoons. i
l?y uir. iioscitcli?A bill to amend on?l re
enact Sitliun.1 l.U, lJili ami 1-ii ot ttio
v*uue ol v uuiuia.
liy Mr. ?A biil to umcud and re*
enact .section iisJ ol I no Coue (Jl Virginia.
My .Mr. uuacllun?A uiil tu KKUiats ton
?sale ot oaivcry pruOu<-is. tu t>ianaaiu./.e ini:
.Ytu;(i u> ul or.-uU and fl.vintt pviralUlU lor
violations "f tit*; provisions thereof
il> .Mr. ISomcIiuii ? A oili proniuituiK proll
I tcemm. hoiiruinu. waste ?r resale ot i.ecea
] sarics. ana uciiuiiik tlio term necessaries
to uo inarKtid luurcoii. and Ujciiik penalties
lor a vtoiutioii uf lh<> act: au?o. uuKIuk
an appropriation for enforcing tne act.
liy Messrs. Husihcn. .Norris. Cherry. Dod*
son and Wilcox?A Pill (.ataoilshliiK a Stato
aib.'iic coniinl.idl'in and rcKU.aOntc kusliix,
i .iparrlng and wrvsUlnic exhibition* or per
' formancos in this State ami imposing a tax
tbereon; ai*._>, providing for tho payment
j of the compensation and txpenaca author*
! tiled by this act.
liy .Mr. lioiiclcn?A bill to amend and re
! cn?' t fjctlon uki of tin? I'odn of Vlrelnla.
; l)y Mr. lloechen?A bill to amend and re?
, enact section 45"'J of tho Code of Virginia,
i Uj Mr. Bosch- !i?A bl'l concerning tie
:tal?? of commodities bv the ton.
, liy Mr. B?achen?A bill to amend and rc
? enact section 1197 of tiio Code of Virginia.
| liy Mr. lioschMi?A !?).! to amend and re
enact fiction 4ij(5 of the Code of Virginia.
JJy Mr. Boschen?A bill regulating thu
! transfer of .??harey of ftock of domestic cor
; pora lions a ii< 1 providing for cert tin rooorts
? to be inadu by the secretaries of such cor*
? poralioiis.
Uy Messrp. Roiiifers and Brown. of
Lynchburg?A bill regulating tho tturchasc
: and sale of tir-arms and ammunition,
i By Mr. Voung?A bill to ainend and re
enact fiction 1 of an :?rt entitled "An act
1 t<? amend nnd re-enact an act approve,!
March 21. lf'lC. reiatlnir t^ Confederate
pensions." approved February IS. 191S.
t By Mr. Dod?nn?A bill to amend and re
i enact section r?T0 vf the Code of Virclnla.
fly Mr. Tiff <r\\?A bill to provide for the
It's Easy?If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
*Fke secret of keeping young is to fe?l
young?to do this you must watch your
liver and bowels?there's no need of
having a sallow complexion?dark rings
under your eyes?pimples?a bilious
look in your face?dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent of all sickness comes
from inactive bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
In Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act oa
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action yet always effective. They brink
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by tonine up the liver and
clearing the system of impurities.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are known
by their olive color. 10c and 25c.
construction, u*? and ctr? of a pavilion
(or the c?.re and exhibition of llv? stock j
brought to the State Fair for exhibition. I
and to make an appropriation therefor.
By Mr. Tiffany?A bill to aoorourlat-!
money to tho Virginia Agricultural arid Me
chanical College and Polytechnic Institute
for the purchase and maintenance of cer
tain pure-bred cattle and to atuulre land
for the purpose.
By Air. Uoachon?A bill to orovlde for
tliu puruhan' ot service medals for the soi-I
iller*. suitor* and m.irlucw from Virginia
A lio served in tti<- wor.il nir, and to make |
an approbation therefor.
By Mr. Prince?a ui.l to empower the
Council of the town of Wakefield, in 111*?
County of Sussex, to i.-sue and .-"-n bonds
to the amount of and not cxcccdlng JL'U.
000 for the purpose of borrowing inoiifv
1 to erect, fiiulu vim] operate a plant for the
manufacture, m*trit>uuon and sale of elec
tricity. or to contract for the manufacture,
distribution and sale of electricity, or to
contract for the manufacture of same. pro
vlded that the uuestlon of ?uch bond Issue
for the purpose named h- ilrxt submitted l
to the iitla'.iflcd voters of eai?l town, ami '
lo authorize .?'aid Council to .-ill j.n e!ec- I
tlon for tho submission of -.he ?am? to the
By Mr. Prince?A bill, to amend and re.
enact section 12 of an art entitle*! "An net
to Ineornorate the town of Wakefield." at?
proved April ". l'JO'J
By Mr. Hurt?A bill to authorize Amelia
County lo Issue bonds for tlv purpose of
ra'sinrr money lo build a rnurtho'ise.
By Messrs. Bopchcn. Prie*. || i<|i)on. Wil
cox and Fuller?A bill to refund :non"V
Improperly collected from the Hotel Uleb
mond Corporation. Jefferson P.e:iHv f'orti -
ration, I.cxlncton Hotel romtmnv, Itieorpe
rated: Murphy's Hotel, incorporated. .1 I
Hotel Stumpf. B. A. Stumpf propriety*
t>ald Into tho treasury of the St*!<\
Ttv Mr. IJoschen?A hill to authorize the
Circuit and Corporation fourth. anH in t!i
cut of Kichmond. the Chancerv Court f
sild city, or the Judges In said courts. In
vacation, to appoint delinquent lanrl com.
mlRsloners in the several eountie?- r?n?i cor
porations in Virginia nnrl authnrlnnc a-.'l
empowering said delinquent land eommis
1 ion<T* n' the Severn I fountb-v :md corpo.
rntloTw of Vlr-h'.i fo ln"Mt'tt?? =uif ind ??!'
To ibort a cold
and prevent com'
plications, take
The ourified and refined
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Medicinal virtues retain*
ec1 and unproved. Sold
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Price 35c*
. real estate for the outmost- of collecting
; Uul i ouwnt UlDii. Uvi*s uud assessments duo
i tn-j C(..i miiiwta.ili it id .Hi- soveja. covin
I uv? ami ccrMjuuimn ta.iciof.
I 11/ ilc* ?!??? ltK.-wn. <..i l?viichburc: Ozlln
| ami Gale wood?A bill to ? xiejdlto the col
I i?itllun of uxt i and levies on lund aud Iota.
I which have not utoti o.u.J prior to the .
port of UoiiiKiuciilrt 1 rr iinv >? ar. lis cjuntv
uud city treasurer*; dellnl ic such I'jtlos of
-such treasurers xr d luakjt. c cuiiit".':ualioti
klii' ref<ir.
IJy Mr. Dean??A bill to ninond aid re
enact an aci to amend and ru-enacl sec
tlou I ot an act utillticd "An act to crcato
a commission to consider the eomoensa
' lion of court clerks, examiners of records,
treasurer*. commissioners of th" revenue.
| ehortlfs. hlxh constabi< s and citv serer'ann.
i aiul until ictlou uuon th" report of the
I commissioners, lo tlx the maximum amount
of the compensation of t>aiii olllcers." ap
proved March 21. 1'Jll. a* amended bv an
act approved M trch ~i. 1 i? 1 >J. am! as
| amended by an act approved March 9. 191S.
ily Mr. Taylor-?A bill to amend and r?
l enact an net entitled "An act to orovlde
I for the use of probation and the susoen
slon of sentence In criminal and luvenile
courts, proviilinr for the appointment of
probation ollicers and deftninir tlwir pow
ers and duties." ioprovi-d March 1 ?>. 191><.
My Mr Fulton?A bill to amend section
*027 of the Code of Virginia ami to repeal
?n act entitled "An -act to amend and re
enact an act entitled an act to provide in
cltie* containing 40.000 Inhabtans or more
for the appointment of matron fr>r the (all
and to tlx their compensation nnd nrovlde
how the s.tni" shall be mid." approved
March 12. 190*. approved Mar-h 15. 191S.
Hy Messrs. Olloln. Hunter Huford. Gor
don. l.tinKhorne. Carpenter. Cherrr. Sin
clalr, llodcUtn. Wltcox. Norrl*. HuodUr.
itrvcn ami t uiton?A mil to r- i.<cAl ?etitloas
o'J, U uml It ill ill 4CI I'llllUtil "An act u
Ut.Uii"i iriUul xtMrn.v unU to oroaioit th*
nianutaciuro. ujii', uaie. "ftcritiu for Ml*.
ii aiuwuruiiuii. k? limit fur sin' tnj Civintf
away ut ariiunt xuirluf. i?r ilr'Kf. .13 heroin
Uvtlnml. except su- provided herein; declax*
uiK certain .iru?nt spin's contraband ati J
tirc.tcribiiiK urwewour* for search thoteiar
.111U forfeiture ill'-.if tu t'oaiuit advwrtu
nit; of sui-ti ardent Kplrlt*: l>? preucrlbo t_h?
jurisdiction f>r irui and appeal* of exj
.viis.iiK uad'sr mm act. to presents tho
turcr ami miwt of certain cvul*iic? aniJ
pru.iecutloim for vUi.atum of thw act; to
create the olllce of Coinimstoncr of Prohi
bition and to d'ltne hi* duties *.r.a pvatn
.inii compensu Uon.?. detinius lutoKleatioa
unci who ia a imt'oii of intemperate fcAblt*
wutilia the meaninir of thui act: or?nartb>
inn a penalty for Intoxication: ornacrlbianr
c-rtaln rUlca of ovidom;* >n certain oroco'
cutlona under this ho:. tledninr 110ft drinks)
piovidlnR how thi-v may b>- soli: recitation
of the sale of totiet. antiseptic ureuaratlonti.
patent und proprietary snidlcinM And tlar
orinn extract*. exempting certain ;ountle<j
and cities from certain provisions of thin
act and authorlzlni: additional restriction*
.?nd limitations b?*yond the provisions of this
act as to sale. manufacture or delivery of
ardent spirits In certain counties and cities:
to urov'.de for tho enforcement of thin act
and to prescribe penalties for tho violation
of this act; to appropriate out of tha troos
urv of the State neci-nsirv monevs foe tho
enforcement of this act and to repeal chao
ter M6 of Acts of Ass"mb!v. J316." ap
proved March 10. ID!6. and all other acts
or parts of acts tn conflict with this a*-t.
approved March 13. 101S. snd to abolish
the oIlW. of Commlwiont-r of Prohibition.
Stylish French Kid Gloves, of fine
quality, offered mostly in black,
that you will easily recognize as
being much out of the ordinary.
Included at this price is also a lot
of Brown Cape Glbves.
Fabric Gloves $1.69";
Beautifully made with silk orer ehasn
oisette. Wearing quality ideal, very
dressy appearance, in brown or gray.
Two-clasp style,.
Baritz Gloves
Choice of either Baritz Kid
or Cape Gloves, with strap at
the wrist, in black, brown or
gray. Price $3.95
12-Button Gloves
A lot of 12-Button French
Kid Gloves, comprised mostly
of white, but wonderful
values for ?......$3.75
Cape Gloves
Imported Cape Gloves in Ba
ritz Style, with large gaunt
lets and strap at wrist, to be
featured Saturday at... $(>.50
16-Button Gloves
Beautiful Kid Gloves in th?
desired length for wear with
evening dresses, are prioed
special at $5.00 and $6.00
Heat all rooms
with one fire
Protects your home forever
New IDEAL-Arcola Radiator-Boiler
This new and wonderful outfit delivers the pleas an test, health-pro
tecting warmth throughout all your rooms, day and night, all winter
long. If freezing days at home have shown you how comfortless
and fuel-wasteful your present heating is, consider at once these
unequaled benefits and economics guaranteed by IDEAL-Arcola
UNIFORM WARMTH?The IDEAL-Arcola is hoUow-watled, and the space
between is filled with water. This water absorbs the excess heat of the fuel and
automatically circulates through piping to AMERICAN Radiators set in other
rooms, warming all alike. The same water is used over and over for years.
HEALTHFUL?Unlike stoves, there are no coal-gas leaks into the living rooms.
There are no drafty halls or chill spots.
ECONOMICAL?The IDEAL-Arcola bums hard or soft coal and brings cost of
1? ating down to lowest notch. The outfit does not rust out or wear out?is a
genuine, permanent investment
SAFE?With the IDEAL-Arcola there is no fire-risk to build
ing?no danger to children.
EASILY PUT IN?IDEAL-Areola Outfit is easily put in
OLD or new buildingp, without disturbing the household.
No cellar is needed.
Catalog showing open views of houses, Indi
vidual flats, stores, offices, etc., with the
IDEAL-Arcola Boiler in position will be
mailed (free). Protect your home forever
and save at the coal-bin?write today
SmajAe way of hearting a S-roora ccflaftw oottMte by IDBAL
ArcoU Radiator-Boiler and 4 AMERICAN Radiator*.
Aiy Row wUllTui uhfc k to svit roonw and climatic eoadStMoa.
No. 1-B Sua IDEAL-Areola with 100 M). K. of RadUbo* $118
- 2"i ? - 1 ^ 150 - - 147
- 2:2 - m Z Z 200 Z Z 177
4-B 2BO ? in
M S-B ~ - " - 300 - - 242
N?- *-A Six a TDEAL-Areala with 13S *?. ft. Ka<Bafi? $1SS
2-A - 200 " " 172
" 2 SS 2 Z >10
" 330 " " 2SO
?hipped complete f. o. b. our nearest warehouse ? at Boaton. Providence.
Worcester, Springfield (Mom.), Albany. New York. Philadelphia. Hsrrisbur*.
Baltimore. Washington, Richmond. Buffalo, Cinninati, Birmmiham. Detroit.
Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, or St. Lot**.
Said by *11 dealers
No exduahre agents
Americas Fadiator rojipany
Write Department R4
American Bank Bide.
, Worcester, Philadelphia. Herrisbarg, Newark.
Chicago, New York, Boetoo, SprtnificM, PrerVUocc, .
aor, Syracuse, Roc heat**, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Detroit, Oraiid Rapids. Indianapolis
MUaraukaa, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, DtLooia, Kansas City, Dm Moines, Omaha, Denver
sbcrf, Newark. Reading. WUfcesberra, Salttacrc. Waehhsgten, _
polls, Cincinnati, LouWillc, Atlanta, Birmingham. New OriutL
. Sao Frandeco. Loe Angeles, Seattle. Spokane. Portland. Toronto

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