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Brings in Verdict of Voluntary
Manslaughter After Hour
and Half.
Williams Is Remanded to Jail.
Pending Furnishing Bond.
New Trial Asked For.
Joseph Williams was convicted by a
jury of voluntary manslaughter and
given four years in the penitentiary
In Hustings Court. Saturday a.ternoon.
Williams was on trla.. fur the murder
of his w.fe last September. The Jury
brought in a vcrdict of guilty at 4.6<> !
O'clock, after It had been out for an
hour and tlve minutes.
Attorney bouts WeiiJenburg, for the
defense. Immediately made a motion
to set aside ttie verdict on the grounds
that ihe4 prosequi.on had not proven I
the coipus delicti, irregularities in j
choosing the juri. ana tliat the ver
dict was not in accoi dance wuh the [
evidence, lly mutual agreement all of i
the argument was o.spoused with and!
the cuse sent to toe Jury immediate.y ;
after the last evidence was presented
la liemandrd te JalL
Motion tor jaii w ,m maae by Attor
ney Wenoenburg. who asked that It
he reduced to instead ui Jj.uuo,
as set formerly oy the court. This
motion Was re! used, and Williams went
back to Ja.l uuUi friends cuu.d raise
the necessary amount.
After consideiatloii of the motion to
Bet aside the verdict. Judge I>. C. .
Kicharuson agr?;ed to hoar the argu- i
menl in the case. On the request of '
Attorney Wendenburg. the hearing of '
the argument was postponed until j
February 14.
This postponement wai made over '
the object ion of Attorney Harry M.
Smith, Jr.. who .a assisting the prose-j
cutlon. Rebuttal testimony wis given :
yesterday morning by Dr. S. W. budd,
pathcologiat of the Medical College of '
Virginia; Coroner J. M. Whitfield, K. ?
W. Irish and Mrs. G W. Bebout and
her daughter Viola, mother and sister
?f the dead woman.
Heard Angry Voirtt,
Nothing r.ew was brought out In thin
testimony. It was testified that Daisy
L.ou1bq Wlll.ama. the wife of the pris
oner. and WilllaniH were closeied In i
the rear room of the home of Mrs.
WUlUais* Lather, George \V. Itebout, j
or Friday, September 12, three days]
before her death, and that Miss Bo
bout heard angry vo ces and noises j
which ed her to believe that Mrs.
Williams bad been (Struck by her hus
Dr. Whitfield testified that Mrs. Wil
liams died from a iiiood clot on the
brain, and that he had asked that a
warrant be Issued because of his,sun-,
plcion that Mrs, Williams died of'vio
lence. He testified that h's opin on i
concerning the cause of death had been I
reached lef< e talking with Williams.!
Hlnori Apparently Healthy.
In answer to the testimony of ex
perts that, in their opinion, the blood
clo? founc1 on the brain was caused by
disease, the prosecution summoned Dr.
Budd to tertify. Dr. Budd made an j
exam nation of the blood of the dead,
womm for <1 sra^e symptoms.
He testified that he h'id found nr>th- i
ing to lead him to believe that Mrs.]
Williams' blo"><' had b??en diseased, and j
that her blo<-> l was apparently healthy.
Trial Coimumed Week.
Trial of l.e case started Monday ?
evening with the selection of a jury, :
and the fir?t witness was placed on >
the Ftand Tuesday morning at 11;
o'clock court was in ses.-lon hearing ,
the evidence alcne for twenty-seven j
and a half linii'.t.
Befor? leavlrg court Williams kissed |
Ills little golden-haired son. "Pete," |
Kood-bv. The t oy, who la not yet four i
years of fige was In court practically!
throughout the entire trial. As W"- I
llams follow, d the oftic als out on r>is :
way to the city jail, his mother, Mrs.
J'.hn Jones, of" Newport News, broke i
down anil betran to cry softly. Attor- i
ney \\ endi^Tlurc declared last night!
that Williams would be able to furnish j
bail l.y .Monda\.
Texnn Aennitted Over Three Ye?ra ,
After Slaying Wife and Army
r By Aasoclat'-U Press J
Three and a half years under the cloud j
of a murder charge. Harry J. Spanell,
a former Texas music teacher, wa-s
free tonight by action of a district t
court Jury.
His third trial in connection with i
the shooting lo death of his wife. Mrs. j
"Crystal Spanell, and Colonel M C. ]
Butier. at Alpine. Texas. July 20. 1H16. !
ended late today In his acquittal.
Spanell was not in the courtroom !
JUI"y announced its verdict i
at -:o0 P. M? after two hours delibera
Hobher* Slag Memphis Plant's Watch-;
man and Then Set Tire to flulld
InR to Cmrr Crime.
( By Associated Press.1
MEMPHIS. TKN.V. Jan. 17.?Regain
ing consciousness for a few moments
this afternoon, W. E. ICaale, a watch
man, related how he fired three shots
from his revolver at a trio of rob
bers in the Memphis plant of Keed &
Duecker. manufacturers of mill sup
plies, before I hey slugged him In the
back of the head, and started a fire
In the building, which did J100.000
damaee. and nearly resulted In his
The watchman, lying unconscious in
a pool of blood on the fir^t floor of the
building, was found by firemen at 2
o'clock this morning. Flames had al
ready scorched his hands.
Blood discovered on the rear porch
of the damaged building indicated that
one of the watchman's bullets had
struck one of his assailants.
Man Chnrcfd With Wife Murder at
Jnmp KiiMtl* (o lluve Trlnl in
Federal Court.
[By Aft^oe.t.tted Press 1
NKWPOBT NF,WS, Jnn 17.?Wilson
II. Brokaw. Sr., was arrnlgnod before
a United States Commissioner today
:it Camp Rtifltis on a charge of killing
his wife and ??????* sent to Norfolk to
await trial In ^'eral Court, the case
having been t ansferred from , the
Warwick County Court.
lieutenant Wilson H. Brokaw, Jr
was not In attendance, having rofusel
to take the stand. Officials decl.irod,
however, the son must teatlfy when
his father goes on trial..
Mrs. Brokaw was killed with a
,* .
Booze I ss Lif H p Ijss
Sj N.yv Yorker Uses
Illy I'niveraal Service.]
MOW VllliK, Jan. 17 kife vrlth
uut buotr m unthinkable, acvurdiuK
lu Krita Ulunlrr, ?JU, of .%rn 1 urk.
II niK hiird rnuusli t<i atrlkr au
orn hiliiicc lirltvrrn llfe'a nurru??
and It* couipntaa tlunn nkrn Ibr)
wfrt in 11 Ik at ill Muiuruhai rvn If
not droit tied liy the eup that cheer*,
according to liia iibiloiuplijr. lint
ivltb llir ndieiit today of protilul
llon, ilie u ric Ma of hla Imlniii'r
Mcale* all alld over (o one nldr, to
hr inrnrd on Ibr can and prepared
lo arrk hnpplnriu in another norld.
Alua for bin plana! Some one
ainrlJrd Ibr eat-aplng con and hr
?im rrarurd brforr (lie (umca could
have a fatal e IT cot.
"I am Juaf alek of living," ei
plalned Klonter, tvhu neglected to
ollrr tbauka lo hla reacuern. "iidJ
now that Ihej have Inken the boote
? naj I don't want to live any
KloMier'a wife dlrd four yenra
ago, alnce which time be had hren
Claim of Seward Trunk and Das Co.
I^ead* to I nrovery of Wholeaule
Fraud Through .Mall.
CLEVELAND. OHIO, Jan. 17.?Claim
for J3.5UU of the ricvvjujI Trunk and
Hug Co.. Petersburg, led to arrest of
Martin SI. Bailey lato today, uncover
ing what police #"iy is an extensive
Ualiey is held for the Federal grand
Jury charged with using the mails to
defraud. Postal authorities alleged
that by means of elaborate o^ler
blanks, patterned after those of some
of the largest stores in the country,
he wan able to get thousands of dol
lars* worth of merchandise on credit.
These were In the name of the M. M.
Ualley Co.. which, authority's say, con
sisted of Bailey only. The arrest fol
lowed complaints by firms that the
"company" refused to pay for goods
delivered. Authorities say they now
have claims from other firms which
total $75,000. Detectives brieve this
?may climb to a quarter million.
Postal author.ties charge the "com
pany" merely main tanerl an office at
an address given on order blanks and
goods were sold by Bailey through a
leather store which he conducted un
der a di(T<-rent name ir? a different lo
cality. Search of the store revealed
thousands of dollars' worth of leather
goods and novelties.
When arrested. Bailey had a lux
urious suite In a iead'V* hotel, living
there with Miss Jacqueline Larue, paid
by police to have been his bookkeeper.
Similar activities alleged In hair a
dor.en cities during la.st six years.
Bailey was held In t!0.000 ball. Miss
Larue, held as material witness, fs.000
I. , II
Fir at Day of Constitutional
Prohibition Difficult One
for Officials.
{By Associated Press ]
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.?With the
appointment today of the ten u? part
ment commissioners for prohibition
enforcement, the government's ma
chinery to be created under the eigh
teenth amendment to the Constitution
was practically completed. A few
State directors havo not been named,
but their duties are being performed
by internal revenue officers.
Prohibition Commissioner Kramer's
office had an Inkling in its first day of
operation of the multiplicity of prob
lems it will have to face until the
public becomes acquainted with the
law. Telegrams and telephone cnlls
poured Into ?ne various members of
the enforcement staff, and there were
almost as many different subjects to
be discussed as there were messages.
Officials believed when Secretary
Glass approved the fin^I draft of the
enforcement regulations they could
meet any controversy with a detinite
answer through those rulings. But
It was admitted freely the first day of
prohibition under the nation's basic
law had proved there still were tech
nicalities to be interpreted.
Tnro More Victim* of I'olaon Olive* Die
While Serum In Bring Hushed
to Their Aid.
[By Associated Press.]
NEW YOKK, Jan. 17.?Death won a
double victory In u grim race with an
ex pi ess train and a government mall
airplane tonight when two more mem
bers of the I'aul Delbene family, pois
oned from eating olives, died In Ford
ham Hospital, owing to the late ar
rival of the special serum necessarv
to save their .Ives. Hospital physi
cians, however, hope to save the life
of the only surviving member of tlie
family of seven, a 10-year-old girl,
with serum received from Washing
Another package of serum, which
was be.ng rushed eastward from Chi
cago by mail airplane, failed to ar
rive. the machine having been disabled
and forced to land at Black Oak. Ind.
The fluid was reported to have been
transferred to a mall train, and is ex
pected to arrive early tomorrow.
li.nd it not been, for delays caused
by storms, it is believed the serum
brought by train from Washington
would have arrived In time to sive the
ife of Angelo Delhene. who died to
night before the fluid could be admin
istered. His brother. Dominlck. who
also died, received one injection an'l
rallied slightly His Illness, however,
was too far advanced, and he lived
only two hours after being treated.
Mian Virginia Kl*rr, of North Caro
lina, Iteeover* in Suit Against
c Mr*. Floyd l? Knight.
LYNCHT3URO. Jan. 17?The Jury In
the suit of Miss Virginia Klser, of
North Carolina, ngainst Mrs. Floyd L.
Knight, formorly Mrs. P. A. K ise. to
day returned a verdict for $35,000 for
Miss Kiser. the Jury holding that Mr3.
Knight, before her second marriage,
undertook to fulfill a. contract made by
her husband during the life of his first
The suit was for $40,000 Mrs. Knight
secured an estate from he- first Inn
band which netted J70C.OOO several
voarB ago. ?
P'e* After Week'* Ulnex*.
INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 17.?William
A. Uoach. 45. Secretary of State of
Indiana, died at hid homo hero lat
*5'? a?*?fnoon of uremic .poisoning.
????? Wn III ? wa?u
Partial Lifting ??f lilot-kudc Regarded
us First Step Tuuurd Peace
\\ illi Soviets.
Is ndon liaily Mail Declares Most of
Russians Who Would Have Co
Operated With Allies Have Met
Death at Hands of Lenine.
[ fir As bTiU?J I'rMt]
LONDON, Jan. 17.? Relations be
tween the allies and Soviet Russia will
111! a great deal of sp.ice in th.a morn
ing's newspapers. A remarkable siato
? meiit. Issued it. Parts yesterday, and
j a.-crtbetl to the British mission there,
l practically contt adlcting Thursday'a
| semiolheial announcement In this City,
which accompanied the Information that
, Winston Speucer Churchill and hla co!- j
j leagues had yone to Paris, Is printed
in news columns, but 1b not a subject
of comment.
Dispatches from Parts show a strange
conflict of views regarding the hur
ried journey to that city on Thursday
of ministers and chiefs of the army
and navy. Some advices assert they
were summoned there to consider the
danger from Bolshevism, while othera
' declare that they were cailed for a
I general discuss.on of the European
i situation.
I.lu;d Grorjrr Offers Idra.
Premier l.loyd George proposed the j
measure seemingly to conciliate the i
labor forces of England. Premier N.tti
supported Lloyd (If-orge, explaining j
j that the decision would ha-ve a good j
) effect upon political opinion In Italy, j
where a good deal of Bolshevist agita
i tlon is reported. Premier Clemence-au I
! opposed any dealings with Bolshevist
i Russia, but finally said wearily that ?
1 he would agree to ruch measure of :
! trade af- that finally announced He in- t
i stated, however, upon writing the final ?
paragraph, affirming that the allies had j
not changed their attitude toward the !
i Representatives here of Russian co- j
j operative organizations tiro eagerly:
i .i waiting advices as to how the allied |
decision t# partially raise the Russian j
i blockade will be made effective. Al- '
! though the official statement. Betting i
t forth the allied decision. Indicates '
! trading between private firms and in-!
! dtvlduals is still under the bar., the
I importance of the ruling may be ap
i preciated when it is stated th3t the
I co-operative societies, which alone are
j affected. In recent years have becomc
! the chief medium for the distribution
! of goods to the Russlaq peasants.
) Ten of the.^e organisations, ha ring
I ofHce.- in London, claim to represent
I the interests of upwards of 50,000,000
; peasants.
What Country firr&?.
It is believed in some quarters the
j lifting of the ban on the vast sccu
i mutation of Russian produce market
i ing export may have a far-reaching
i effect c>n prices in the world's mar
j kets. The agent of the central Russian
I Flax Association declared today the
| latest advices from his principal?
j stated that upward of t0,000 tons of
j flax was ready for export In exchange
I for sorely needed manufactured goods.
I Prevailing prices will make this accu
| mulation worth upward of fl2,000.000,
! in addition to which ther?? are hurnper j
I crops of other commodities awaiting!
export, representing enormous buying
| The protracted disorganization of
' Russian industry has rendered millions1
of Russians dependent entirelv on Im
portation of manufactured articles. The
country's rno = t urgent needs are cloth
ing. drugs, chemicals, agr.cultural im
plements and railway supplies. There
are also pressing requirements for
itardware. tools and machinery other
, than agricultural and household uten
sils, and for some food products, and
i it is pointed out the United Slates la
ill a position to supply all these needs.
Think* It Itninea 11 lock a dp.
London newspapers ehoofc for prom
inence the development in the Rum- i
i s:an situation most suited to their re- I
| spective views. Thus, the Daily News, j
' which advocates peace with the TJol- I
1 shevists, describes the announcement |
| of the reopening of trade relations as :
i "momentous ne\v=, which on the face of j
! t means the raisinr of the blockade " |
' The Dail" Mail, which is strongly hos- i
; tile to the Bolshevists, says the new
I trade decision is a remarlo^Ie one. am' :
I may have unexpected results, addinr: ]
i "We believe that Russians who would
I co-operate have for the most part beer.
! killed by Lenine."
The Morning Post bitterly attacks
Premier Lloyd George for withdrawing
supnort from the anti-Bolshevist forces j
:n Russia, and says the British pol <?> |
in this particular has been marked by
?'almost inconceivable treachery."
The Teletrraph declares the Rolshev- J
1st aim to be "purely and simply the .
destruction of British power."
Cnllfomln PnvnrUr Son May Contest :
With BardittR in Home State
|Py Associated Press. 1
COLUMBUS. OHIO. Jan. 17.?Senator
Hiram Johnson, of California, today
Indicated he may contest with Senator
Warren G. llnrd.ng, of Ohio, for Ohio's
support for the Republican presiden
tial nomination. In h telegram to Sec
retary of State Smith today, he said:
"What is tia?l date for candidates
to qualify in the president al primary
elections in your State? Please out
line what requirements, such as tiling
petitions, must be fulfil ed by candi
dates in order to get place on pres
dential primary ballots."
Smith answered him that all neces
sary is to (lie declaration of candidacy
himself or through an authorized agent
before midnight February 27.
Scarcity of Weriil Stnrtn Itlot In Spnin,
In Which l-ilRht Are
(.By Associated Press.)
MURC1A. SPAIN' J.in 17.?Three
gendarmes and five civilians were
wounded in the course of deinonstta
tlons here today over the shortage of
tobacco. Tobicco stores were attack
ed by the populace and when gen
darmes appeared there was fighting
which was subdued only after the ar
rival of reinforcements.
.liiry. Out Thirty-Two nnd n llnlf
hours, PnltM to Convict John <i.
Phillips at Maron.
I By Associated I'reos )
MACON. OA., Jan. 17.?A mistrial
was declared in the case of John Q
Phillips. charged with the murder of
\V A. Fendt. late toniglit. after the
iury had been o\B tldrtv-two hours
and thirty minutes i'iil lips shot
Fendt w th n parlor rltle on May 4,
lbl&. according to the charges.
Secret Session.* Planned a* Means of
Protecting Wiuiesses From
Below Kio (iraiido.
Investigators Art: Given More Infor-!
tinti i?>ii lU-laiivc to Kohbcries, Out
raj;e.s uml Oppressions Lnilictcd
Lpou Am erica u Cilixutu,
[Ry AaHoeliled Prtao.]
SAN AN'TON'iU, Jan. 17.?Mexico's
objections to Mexicans teatlfyinu be
fore the Sen ale subcommittee inves
t.^uiuio Mexican &tfa.r.\ and a denial
by aenatdr Kail on the Bland that he
had heavy interests in Mexico, were
developments today in connection with
the frall committee hearings here.
Mexico's objection* will result. It la
said. In an increased number of Its
executive sessions. The improbability
that *jny effort will be made to compel
any Mexican to testify was made clear
11 l? committee today, but Mexicans
will be a.-.ked to testify and in cases
where the witnesses (car the results,
fcuch protection as a secret hearing
can aflord will be offered. Mont of
today s testimony was taken In execu
tive fcseBsion. and at least one witness
was a Mexican.
Secret Amenta at Hearing*.
Mexican secret service amenta have
appeared h>-re in greater numbers since
the hearings began. and not. one ses
sion has been held at which the Mcxi
aftho?^hCrfn^,enl waa ""represented,
although the representative was un
announced. and was present merely as
a spectator. It lis known the Mexican
consul has counselled his nationals
M, kTf before th- committee.
c?JI"ch of the testimony at the closed
session related to robberies, outrages
and oppressions Inflicted upon Ameri
cans in Mexico especially in the fnu'h
ern and eastern part. Those testifv
Jf,, asked t a secret hearing so that
in Mexico!* r6tUrn t0 thftir ho^lntfs
Senator rail'. Denial. 1
Replying ?o charges bv a T?ias
MexicoP,?h,.lhal h? llad JnteresTa ?ni
i i- ? ,,hal Prevent him from beinir
' K-aM llilt investigator. Senator
hr'flL ,7' Wf>nt on lho witness stand
before iho committee In vestfea tinir
hneM ?an aLTalrs' and stated his onlv
i ar* J"r?.000 of mlnlns
( stock arqulrod yenrs figo. j
1 Hf v?" taii""?^?
; Jisir s?
! iVrests1 there 1 * V ^
>ron* - returning only to ex
i .1-. . ln, ^ ruljustinent of that ?Xf.
! ????'?'?1d
! "'SSTS..P. J
formation contain^ fd h?fore it in
"s"""' ?? "?.????!
I'ion had reached \nTf^a"d a,nn?unl-J
; ports, wher.< it In, 5 ? r.rom Pacilic
? shipment cam' from l?m,arkfdi Th*
paper added another o and the'
contractedfor bv had bern!
was com I n s-Trdm Spa^n "* Thi ^u!hlr|
or the shipment was Rl'ven m,p
I n^ilVlon*'cart rfdges.
Owner of Car Used in Phoenix
Oirard Ra id La ruled
I *n JaiL
! Associated Press. 1
| COLUMBUS, GA., Jan. 17 While
i search continued today t hroughout!
i be"?^ who^heM fder eou2ll?,? f?r roh
PheonirriJV? n? "V and loo,?l1 Oio
it neonix-Olrard Bank, of PheonK Ala
| opposite here, two men were arrested
near Glrard and brought to jail her<v
bile lnUVi.<rh- ?,wmr of the automo
V* , wh?ch the robbers escaped,
and a negro employed bv him %vero
the men arrested. Kord was held oS
^Yarrn"t charging robbery, police al
th^'rnh! n L,Wa-S an accomplice of
j suspension Th? "eer? Waa he,d on !
Ford entered the bank just before
the robbery was committed and left
his automobile outside with the entrine
running. police said, thus enabling the
robbers as they left to get a flying
t-,8 C r Mii'mn'1 <"lt.,1hey needed thi?.
% ' j -*? ullin. president ot the bank
rushed out and tired Ave shots at them
; they disappeared.
Kord was arranging to open an ac
count at the bank. of which he hud
not previously been a customer, po
lice said, and had just ofTorod a de
posit of J.uO as the robbers flred a
shot "f w truing and ordered every one
to throw up their hands. The robbers
took the J200. The automobile was
wos't of he^e urlfarmed, several miles
nouncedX;V,'da^ a't ^27.028.^ an"
Fifth Member of Kninlly flies, IJut
Physician* May Save l.one
[Oy A.sto? iatfd
M.W VOftK Jan 17.?Serum neces
sary to save the llve? of two poison
olive victims arrived here shortly
ifter 7 oclock tonight from Wish
ington. It wiis rushed by ambulance
to I- ordham Hospital, where the pa
tients. Angelo and Oominick Delbene
the two surviving members of a family
? ?f six. are in a critical condition. Four
of the family died from enting the
poisonous olives.
The serum arrived at the hospital
too late to save the life of Angelo
who died shortlv after S o'clock ^lJ
though he was aiive when It reached
the institution he wa? dead before an
injection could be given
Physicians snid they hoped to nave
the life of the other victim by ad
ministering the serum at once.
IJIrnilPirhnin Womnn Sn>?* She Im Just
t.'et ting Itendy for Coming
"'.v AKsneluimi Press.!
RlTtMIVOITAM. AI.A., Jan 17?Mrs
Tl K. Pearce social worker and club
leader, of Hirmtngham. is the llrs*
woman to |my poll tax in Alabama*.
Mrs Pearce anpeared before the county
collector today and tendered $1,50
"I'm getting ready." she said.
"Women will be voting everywhere in
a year or ao. and 1 wunt to bo auall
Statesman and Author, Long Deputies'
Chief, Succeeds I'olncare In
High Ollice.
Jonnart Polls 00 and Clcmenceau 30.
Eitvu live-Elect Whs Lioru hi
liruasels in 1857, During Exile
There of ills Father.
1 Br Aaaocla.tod preum. 1
Jan- *'??i'aul Des
thane! was elected President of Kranw
by tho national assembly hero today
UcoTEM^'ie ?34; Ch^lea Jonnart
r ??m,?n.ceau' i6; iiour
scattering. 3. Q ?? ?*<!???? ^Uoai. 1;
A numoor of the Senators and Denu
bera ofrVarMCa,,aUnB *mone m?m
fer ilhin u a ^solution to con
oV-pL^r^ Srfr^V^ pro!
thftf title 'oiliclaL ena"bJlui; ?? 10 mako
,, A*w of Frinrr
^owa one^of
&VT.a-ru~? ?i
M37'fadthernCE^riftCT>ie Ln "KKK ot
cS.cr?rfin?L" wHl" IF
x ^dptrl^-?v
said- accepUnC "*> oitloe. m. Doschanol
I Uona instuS-'
I ai\edLOrUio^r?^t?ej?|ftli^1 a u pollenens
| guardian of tho ^rv ?'Lbful
j ^t^rthoVolhrr^ lnatVu/tione i
I national' a^emblv^ eTpressTon of
: spcakabJe Kratitude. I b? DT 8
2m! & ??" ??5S-VC *"?*?o&'ilSS'.
?.S?S^rESSi,'??? by
sgrgss swag ?S
qn~.^"y S??*tator* Arrive.
ai began to Haunter In earlv
m"IiM?u?o,JptK"?cS V "l? ??
tels lipro r T.,5 k chat*a" ?-?d at ho
HUft'a0U8anCr^S ^ar'? hostel"??. wkh
marts and trucks loaded with food*
and wines were amonj the first arriv
women of tho staire ? m;iny notalj^
' chateau? thr^C!lLs f(,r "P^tatora at tho
i.naieau, three-quarters were
ftSSSi TSr"^
u&%rs,r^\r ,r""$ w"r?
ProereMM to Made on Minor !>..?ea. but,
I'*r*e !rob,eni? Remain I
LiuiolvecL |
[By Associated IWl
WASHINGTON Jan 17 ir 1
Heque'nt negotlatto^^wUh^th.^ "-Ul>J
;'osr i-p""?1"1'"" ?srtss
today and considerable Drnrrrcmi
>v"af;?"?rroS"u ?? m""?r?v,yt,io';;
dH::-* assa
Uttleton tad SlanrhflHi (? Oppose
Klvf Suspended .tiirm
[By A?s>oclated Pttjcv]
KETW TtUtK. Jan. 17.?State Attor
ney-General Newton announced to
night that he had selected John U.
ritunchflt'ld and Martin VV. Littleton to
act as special counsel to the Judiciary
Committee at the trial of?the five sus
pended Social let Assemblymen.
The Attorney-General added that "it
ran be safely said that both will ac
c?pt." Compensation for their ser
vices. he said, would be determined
upon later. Ho denied a r?>i?ort that
Ludwig C. A. K. Martens. "Soviet am
bassador." would iippear as a witness
either at Albiny or again before thu
legislative investigating coinmittce.
Former Dran of Drntnl Drpnrlmrnl of '
Vanderhilt L'nlvemlty I'nmeii
A way*
[My Aauociikivd 1'rcna. J
NASHVILLE, TBNN., Jan. 17.?lir.
Henry Will.am Morgan, C6, formor
dpan of the dontal department of Van
drrbllt University, and one of tho
most prominent dent ?ls of the coun
try. died hero this afternoon.
Ho began tho pract.co of dentistry
nearly forty-five years ago. and hn<i j
bnen connected with the denta depart
ment of VandcrbUt for thirty-five j
.years, having been made dean In 1911.
Ills faillnK health canned him to ro? I
flik'n that position In June. 1919.
Railway Wage Question
to W.i. P.wate Control
(ltjr Amivrlalrd l*re*?.l
WASIIl.\UTUft. Jnn. IT.?Itnli
roud uiJ niluK? rn t ion otilcini* Indi
culrd (heir belief loilnj Ibat uutit
demand* of Ibr rulinny brother
hoods and nhopmen probably uuu.d
remuia qulrxvrui unlit (lie terml
niii.on of Federal i-uulrul.
A rnotoid of the Kcncral nitua
lion nu? nnltl lo *lio\v n nentlment
milling (hr union membership to
? ?ull thr return of (he roads (o
tlirlr unnrm before huIiiiiI 11 ing de
?11 11Ufur revision of (be nxKC con
I met*.
Il hh? drrlirrd thn( none of (he
w?ce i|iic?(lonn tvnuld be prcRMcd
upon (he ruilroad nil m i nin t rn( Ion
Immediate! y, although Nome may
yet Kfi before the wage board*.
Secretary Olnaa Selected to Preside
Over Second Anuual Financial
WASHINGTON. Jan. 17?Dive discus
sion among delegates rather than pon
derous addresses will characterize tl??
second l-'au-American Financial
Conference. This decision was made
at an organization meeting held today
and waa regarded by the high olilclals
of the i'an-Amorican governments
present as a big step toward putting
ginger into the deliberations.
The Minlater* of Finance were elect
ed honorary presidents of the confer
ence and tho chairman of the various
delegations were chosen vice-presi
Secretary Glass was elected unani
mously president of the conference and
the following were chosen to preside
over the general sessions:
Dr. Carlow Manuel Cespedes, minis
ter from Cuba; William G. McAdoo,
former Secretary of the Treasury; Dr.
Rlcardo Veclno, Minister of Finance,
Uruguay; Dr. itafaci 11. Kilzalde, Min
ister from Ecuador, and General Juan
?3. Paredes, chairman of tho Honduras
Dr. Gernando C. Fuchs,' Minister of
Finance, Peru, Issued a statement to
night expressing the opinion that the
question of transportation waa the
most Important problem before the
conference. This applied, he said, to
Internal railway development as well
an to the establishment of regular and
adequate steamship lines, because
shlpii now are some times kept waiting
at ports for weeks to 'receive cargoes.
Citing what his country waa doing
to develop transportation. Dr. Fuchs
?ald Peru had set aside the tax on to
i bacco, a government monopoly amount
ing to -4.000,000 sol.-us annually, as se
curity for a loan with which It is pro
posed to build il.OOO kilometers of
The selection of Dr. I* S. HowM, head
of the State Department Datin-Amerl
oan division, to bo secretary-general of
i the conference, was afilrmed.
I The delegates will visit Mount V?r
i non tomorrow morning.
i Chicago Delegation Leaves for
j Washington to .4sk
Congress for Relief.
[l?y Associated Press.]
CHICAGO, Jan. 17.?Klght cities will
Join Chicago In sending delegations to
Washington to seek passage of fur
ther legislation to aid in the light on
food protlteers, it was iuinounced to
The Citv Council Committee on
health is planning the trip of the Chi
caso delegation, and has received let
ters from city otlicials of Newark,
Milwaukee, New York, Louisville,
I Baltimore, Washington, Cleveland and
, liuifalo pledging co-operation.
The Chicago committee will le-avo j
next week, and will meet with other
delegations tri Washington, where a
program will he arranged for presen
tation to Congress.
Congress will bo asked to pa^s a
bill giving States tho right to institute
proceedings against profiteers, and
amendments to tho cold storage bill
now pending, will bo offered. The
Chicago delegation al.<*o will ask that
I certain features of tho Lever act be
! embodied in a permanent law directed
| against food protHeors.
shooti?g"affray follows
AlNbnmn Physician Piren l<oad of Itack
? hot Into Head of Premi
um ( Citizen.
[Uy Associated Presa)
DOT HAN, ALA., Jan. 17.?Thomas W.
Cummlngs. prominent citizen of Henry
County, Is at a local infirmary in a
desperate condition as the result of a
shooting scrape at Abbeville this
morning, when It is alleged l>r. J. B.
Long, a well-known physician, tired j
upon him with a shotgun loaded with
While Cummings is still alive, one or I
two of the buckshot entered his brain
and little hope 1m held out for his re
covery. The affray occurred at Dr.
Dong's ofllce, after a short altercation
between the two men, concerning an
old lawsuit.
Cummings, It Is said, drew a pistol i
and IIred at tho physician one or two
times without efTect as Dr. Dong open-I
ed tire on him.
Chicago Health OflirlitlM Iteport Total
of lOU I'liNen With Thirty
Four Dentin*.
[Ry Associated Proas.]
CHICAGO, Jan. 17 -r-Twelre deaths
were cai?~?d In Chicago today by In
tluenza. and 102 new cases wore re
ported to the City Health Commis
sioner Pneumonia cases numbered
15'.! with thirty-four, deaths.
Comparison of the figures with those
of the 191S opidemic. show that the
disease is spreading more rapidly thin
It did a year ago, but the death rate
Is smaller.
"The situation In serious, but not
alarming." Health Commissioner eaid
Rxcitialon H'.ll fteferred to Special
Subcommittee for
fl'y ARSoo.latnd Press.1
WASHINGTON. Jan 17.?Sonator
Phelan's bill for tho absolute exclu
sion of Japanese was today referred
to a subcommittee of ihe Senate Im
migration Committee, as also was his
bill to appropriate $50t?.000 for more
elllclent guarding of boundaries and1
more rigid enforcement of immigration
Admiral Was Told America
Would as Soon Fight Britain
as Germany.
For Months After War's Declara
tion U. S. Naval Support of
Allies but Nominal.
[By Associated 1
nesa heard so far, laid beforiwl wU"
mitteo a lone Oefore th? com.
navaj lessons of the /reat ?Tertain
ten 'by him to SeerefcTrv Writ'
^aru^nT-raoud^cf ft
L?ack of full OL war.
communtler of A^VicanU^n *!lth U,?
overseas, the post mw?? u^Va' forces
k^ms throughout t ,o wa Admiral
era! critic.sm made b?? 'l. tho, *
contained also a etatom.L ,elU;r
bo tore he loft for i!'?' th?" Just
Sirna was told "not to ln ?h AdralraJ
}>ull the wool over vnn! he ?r^l3h.
that tho United States a,ld
fleht tho British as ?h? #" 1 ** 60?n
Who issued these
not brought, out duriiic ,h k'3 w'as
but Admiral Sims said ?fVl hear'i'K.
statement had been ^ ,?'^'1 tbe
a b'ffh ofllclaL" to hl,n by
| Dd?,r?'?r 2^HtT"T'
cided plan of action uf.m ? any d&"
after he arrived In J^ndin e? moDth"
! He adde?*that ^1t^w"? J3*'"***.
; ?Ptor?, we really came months
tho allies or acted on "?>. a'd ?f
i mendationa." their recom
for hatteemptrin^TVo,*admln??.fdepart?Cnt
tails of action by the imf^r tho dc~
forces overseas and ai^ . naval
department demand** ?*e,ed, that the
mitted to pasa fully on ati ro* bo por"
enemy. "*ard*?
he Uaiad rwterred ut JL, ? w ? 8 ?ald
munioations directed con*"
war." concorni"ff Uio iWon"
a culdft^V" fufuCrerwara VhP?rtant "
estimate be made of fhl #t "a
Policy, tactical K^*rrora of
tration that %er? V^T???ld..adm,n'*P A
navy," and add* that 7? i d#by o"*4
Purpose "tha mn?t ' \l 13 for that
errors" are summarised. 0t Uloas
R<^te* "nmerouj, Fnllnr**.
cer ?e^Si|nmTntthtS ?.? th' ??
Marchf'^17 W? '
Si"Briff hi'\ ,nstructltfns^ re"
ver bally "n ^a?>h?n?ton''VCvCd to ma
Instructions or staum, !; ?.?L formal
department's plans or n?n? e Navy
ceived at that Mm, or po'^y wore re*
the following cxpli'cn ! 1. ['calved
1,1ThStVVI. ".rm'ifnsW"
words and* was'written m,ora tha" 7,000
! miral Sims road It ti^vJanufrjr 7- Ad
of Chairman Hale Th? i a.? t,ie re(iuest
I Admiral S'ims' it'nlil- IcUer reviewed
I that at tho time ho ^ ,and sa?d
hp had no idea that h? Europo
I rnarid American nnv.fi * as to com
I ev??, Of wiC^nh,n?aTS;po0?rdClC?Va,'">',4 ">
; .uUld Comprehend M?ice,
! '^tl.^fud.^d^r^Vsin,111 Lo"d?n. the
I the Navy Depa?tm*n^ lift rea,llzed ??at
( ? (fuo ' ?t o8" h8e
S,'/ ^P>V?n" * *irn.T.'l,? t'
was very HerfcmsT and'Vhat'^ha11"11'10"
wa? rapidly winning e 6n<?niy
destruction ' fPAho ?'ar by the
Throughout the following .?ilipplntf'
mcrous cables anrt il.. s.5e,1r nu
urpent possible charnoff of tho moHt
with the object of imni were sent
flcpnrtnicnt tho vftii on the
maximum efTort h?lL^Cesslty of ?**
ropean waters with fh/X.erted 'n E"
delay, but without nr?H, ?PS| foible
sired result." oducing tho de
adly toid?%t^he^Vt'ter"sald Th't r?peat
a matter of s mnfl % thaJ lt ***
culation to determfnr, J{,o7ie.IcaI cal"
must lose the war 'if . allies
loss continued. f tho rate ot ?hlp
Knlled fo Support Alllr, Prompny.
t some reason whi/?>? l
been explained." Ad'mirTl never
??the Navy Department 2 .,V""18 Wrot?.
the first six months of ?^r'nfr at least
t<? Put into actual nrJ-nZ W"ar' 'alled
hearted pollcv of PX a whol?5S
the allies a. noif^ co"?Peration with v
"Inp the 'war with thftUired. f?T w,n- '
delay." r *un tf,f3 >?ast possible
??my? 19^it!?di<fhtkh|rcvaJ.yatn "0t untn
outline a policy of DePartment
with the allies aval c?-?Peratlon
tinted, ""thr policy Cw,CaSM-"^ U con
sound. but that It ur? academlcaltjr - j
or was not understood b?v ou^
ment Is shown l.v t L th,?T"
ten months after !ts P(v. !f r hat for
pentlv recommendinc ^? P. 1 Was ul^
forces stin f.vin,, , Increaso of
niirtmont thit' fh? ? conv'nce tho
sfates Ccojiat.**and not ofr the? United
waV'muc'h 'embarrassed .
reason"of'tS^iTef "St
?in allied naval conference lt?Ui5a R^ter
nmmended on July 21 1917 Jfec" ;
roMSno""0,"!c'J???" n?Wit 5S. :
In \CtiT, C<>me" ,n November.
'V'VC been saved, Admlrar^m/0^'1
ommentTatlong P t0 h,a cab,ed roc
rnVI^A",'? .5?;j Jssf.^a
Ur axJd- a?d characterUed U?e

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