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llrnr* Hold In 'Frfdcrlcli <;nimlyf III"
Kcllvu Chailni; Irulu Rhodes,
of OrindB,
| Special to The Tlmes-Dispat<h. I ,
CM A UUOTTtSSV 1 LI<13, Juii. 17.?Dr.' I
Kdwin A. Alderman, president, and im-o- j
t'< ssur K. H. Dabney, ilwin of the cradu
nte department of the I'nivorsity of
Virginia, have boon appointed electors
of the hall of fame, an institution
founded at New York I "nlvcrsity in.
1 !?00 to honor the names of great Amcr-I
The hall of fame contains 110 panels, i
to ho inHcribeil with the names of ureal !
Americans. Fifty names were inscribed
?it the time of the foundation, and there
is a provision that five names are to;
ho added at the close of every live years, j
Nominations are accepted from the pub- j
lie in icencral and the electors select
the live representatives.
At the present there are two men's j
names Inscribed in (tie hail of fame who!
have been intimately associated with'
the University of Virginia. They are
Thomas Jefferson and Kdgar Allan 1'oe. j
llrrxk Into Two Stores.
hAWRhJNCKVn.1,10, Jan. 17.?On]
Tuesday night Sledge & Harkle.v Co. j
and Thomas Hardware Company, two of j
the largest stores in l,awrenceville, I
were broken into. Kntry was made |
into the Thomas Hardware Company
through the rear door. The outer door 1
of Hie safe was opened, hut no further I
"ntry was made and no booty taken
from either it or the cash drawer nor
tiie store. Kntry was made through
?he front door by hre-king the glass.
While several of the drawers in the
office were opened, nothing as far as
ascertainable was taken, and here also
the cash register was undisturbed. It
is thought that a few boxes <>f ?un
shells were missing, but even thin is,
A telegram was sent to Suffolk for
Branch's bloodhound", and they ar
rived about 1 o'clock. They tool< tiie
trail from the rear of the Thomas Hard
ware Company, carrying it down the
railway tracks: thence up the tracks
to the residence of J. It. Young a dis
tance of about three-quarters of a
mile where plain evidence wis that
an automobile had be?*n run to the ,sld<
of the road and was doubtless waiting
for the robber.
Itrfune* to llrnr llonnn \dincMfrn.
LYNCIIKUIt?; Jan. 17.?The executive
committee of the Lynchburg I'ont.
American Iwgioti. has declined to in
dorse the request of It. T. Marmion
and C. S. Stanto that they be permitted
ti> make an address here on a soldiers'
bonus bill under the auspices of the
local post. Tiie committee took the
stand that the national convention re
fused to indorse a bonus for former
service men. and the loyal posts ^hould
abide by that decision. Itefusal was
also made to indorse tin- Stars and
Stripes as a successor to the original
Stars and Stripes, printed in tin- army.
Virgin In I'liih \anim IIITlerr*.
?'irARI,OTTESVILLK. Jan. 17.?The
Virginia Club, the most Influential or
ganization amonc the student body at
the I'nivorsity of Virginia. ha? "'eel^d
ofli.-ers lor tiie ensuing year as fol
lows: President, Arthur Kyle flavin.
Jr.. of 1'ctersburg. Ya.: seeretary,
l-'rancis II. Harrison, of Danville, v i
M'-mbers of the executive council are
liernard P. Chamberlain, of Charlottes
\ ille. and Arthur Lee Kinsolving. of
Baltimore. These men, with Virginlus
l>ubticy, of the university, and M. 11.
l.avciiatein, of Petersburg, Vi?., com
pose the executive council for this
year's work. Dr. J. L. Manahan is the
faculty adviser.
Hears llrcouilujc llold.
WIXCllKSTUR, VA? Jan. IV.?I'artlcs J
of veteran hunters have been scouring j
Hie mountains near Strasburg. Uhuiian- 1
doah County, tills week for several J
elusive hears which have been seen,
but not close enough to be bilggod.
A large one chased * Irwin Rhodes near
Oraiut.i a few nighta ago, and others
have reported meeting the roaming
beasts along country roads at night.
Unless the bears are chased further
back into the mountains, efforts to kill [
t In-ill will lie redoubled. It is believed j
tin- bears have come out in searcii of ?
water, wh.eh is very scarce in the <
mountain districts.
ill I'rrwrnt One-Act I'luj*.
r *i l.\ ItijOTTKSV11,1.10, JaJu. 17.?The
Dramatic ('tub of the University of,
Virginia lias resumed work on Its se- i
r.i'H of one-aet plays, which will be
presented in Charlottesville, .Staunton,
Winchester, Koanokc and other Vir- 1
ginia cities. The four plays under j
preparation are sea stories with the j
iollow:iig titles: "The L.ong Voyage," t
"In t!ie Zone," "lluund Hast for j
Cardiff" and "In 1'ort." Tiie first ;
three are by Kugene O'Neill, and the :
fourth by I jr. Cary Jacob, Who, until ;
talking up his position at William and
Mary College, took such an active in
terest in tiie Dramatic Club. These
plays are unl(|tie in thai they are
separate stories having the same chief
characters and together lorininc a
coni|ilelc narrative.
Iiiter-Miilr I'nir Director* .Vnmcd. |
I jYNCilHUKCj, VA.. Jan. 17.?The!
! board of directors for the 19"0 exhi- .
1 bition of the Kynchburg lnter-Statc
Fair has been elected as fol.ows:
It. <j. Robertson. I?. It. Ryland, K. If.
Martin, l-J. II. Brockenbrough, H. W. ?
Anderson, W. W. Mauley, C.'S. Adams,
I?. I,. Taylor, Fred Harper, J. 1'. Me- j
? 'arron, R. W. Callaham. Carter Glass. |
! S. ??. tloggin, O. C. Frost, II R. Millar,
,1. !?'. I'iikIi and William King. The !
I directors Thursday night elected tiie
I olllcers for the year as follows: prcs- j
! ident. ic. Robertson; vice-president, j
: William King; secretary-treasurer. F.
A. Uovelbck. The dates for the fair i
are .September -8 to October 1.
City Adnptn Stall* Uquor I.aw.
PANVIbl.i-;, Jan. 17.?The first move j
j was made here tonight towards having
! incorporated in the city ordinances
! the full State liquor law. in order that
? the municipality may derive some of
the revenue from the application of
the statute This took place in the
Hoard of Aide-men in monthly tess:on
whrn a resolution was offered that
such an ordinance 'be adopted.
Connciitncn in favor of the plan
maintain that the records of tiie police
department last month showed that
oii?* person was arrested here for vio
i lating the Mapp act every day, and
' that the fines imposed amounted to
this going to the State.
^mnllpox Srnrr (lo'ni (.'hnrrhr*.
IjVN('11RCRCJ. .Ian. 17.?Ministers of
some of the churches in north Bedford
County have given notice that services
t will be omitted Sunday on account of j
the smallpox scare in thnt section. The
\ county authorities have now taken hold
' of the situation vigorously and it is
hoped that it will soon be well in
*cll (livn Ment Without I,lrrn*e.
1 ?AN'VILIjK. Jan. 1 ".--Farmers who
have home-raised fresh meats for salo.
piieh us .ire available at hog-kil.intr
' time, rnav bring them to this city and
Bell them without paying license tax. i
under a decision handed down by i
Judge K. W- Brown. This question ]
has boon agitated for weeks, over
since a local butcher, complain!rk of |
the right of farmers to destroy his 1
business by selling without pay inn i
tax. brought the mutter into the !
Iteinove* I'rimury Olmtirlr.
hYNCHKUIUt. Jan. 17.?One of the j
bars t'> the primary here April j tor 1
the nomination of live candidates for
the new City Council hits been r<?- j
moved by a decision of !?'. \V. Whltaker.
chairman '>f the *'ity Democratic Com
mittee. who holds that, inasmuch as
the salary for the ollice lias not been
fixed, the posit.on is an unsalaried
one, and. therefore, candidates will
not be required to pay 12 per cent of
their first year's .-alary In order to
tile notices of their candidacy.
AeeeptN ( till Co <. rn m out r I'nrlah
l<A WIIKXCKV IMjK, Jan. 17.?Kev.
1*\ Bland Tucker. son of Hishop II. I >.
Tucker, of the iJiocese of Southern.
Virginia, h;>s accepted the rail tender
ed him l?v the vestry of Crjimmar
Parish, and will hold services in St.
Andrew's Kplscopal Church hero at 11
o'eloek Sunday morning. Two ser
vices will be held monthly at St. An
drew's until some time in June, when
Mr. Tii'-ker will come here to reside
permanently and t ike charge f the
parish. At present lie Is at the lipis
copal Seminary, near Alexandria, Mu
lshing his divinity course, and expects
to graduate in June. .Mr. Tucker was
ordained to the priesthood on Janu
ary H. at the Seminary.
Sellno I llnrn* In Frederick.
W1XOH KSTKIJ. Jan. 17.- A graded
school building near Stephenson, this
i county, was dcntroycil liy fire <1 urine;
the high winds* of Wednesday after
; noon, it siinrk from the chimney hav
? inn ignited the root". About sixty pu
, nils marched out u few minutes before
the roof feel in. Norn; of the personal
' cifects were saved. Tlio los.i was about
? -,000. partly insured
Start Work tin Nrw Mill.
DANVIIjLK, Jan. I".?Work started
j Kriday on preparing the foundations
I for the new weaving mill which is to
be built by tlie ban lliver Mills on the
i banks of the <?311:1! in the heart of the
jelly. An Atlanta llrm, which has the
I contract, is importing "s own labor,
i The miil will be in operation, it is k ?:-1.
1 by the |;ist of this year. It is to be
! \00 feet long, concrete and steel stru
tture, and indestructible by lire.
I<? Hi Id for Kedeml Court.
. I'A-VV1 IjI^K. Jan. IT.?(Jeorge Wash*
: ington IJarber. who was arrested here
1 several ilayn ago after the police had
found the integral parts of four stills
j at liis home, on <*ol?|Uhoun Street, w is
j held for the Federal ^r.ind jury after
' a preliminary hearing before t'nited
'States Commissioner M. It. Klynn.
Wheeler Speak* in Diintille.
j DANVll-Lli. Jan. 17.?Wayne. 15.
; Wheeler, reiieral counsel for the pr?>.
I hibition forces, will on Sunday after
, noon make an address at the Municipal
Hall, on the methods which will be re
j sorted t<_? in enforcing national prohi
bition. The mcetiiiK is under the- aus
pices of the local prohibition leaders.
Wnltrr I'nrkm Vfltcb.
i Walter l'arks Veltch. nf "nestabit.
in Pianon Heights, was buried In
?Crepe de Chines
Waists that arc different.
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Washington Kriihiy, Mr. Witch wast
st>emlini; the Ohrlstmis holidays in
Washington when h?? was taktn sud
denly ill. He died on Wt?dno*>day. Ku
iK't'al tii rvlccs took i?*i?? ? ? ? at tin* home
of his sister. Mrs. ' >!ln II. Uray, 1 1 it?
ICii;iUh Street. X. W.
Mr. Witch had h"'cn a contractor In
Richmond- for twenty-live years. He
was |?urtleularly interested in the de
velopment of suburban property.
Me Is survive! I? y two dumhters.
Miss Iriiia X o r w Voitch nnil Miss
Luelllc !':irks Vrilcli,
Thiuuam 11II lit |??l o it MM.
Thonia;. 11.1 in;Ml<-n Stiff die! at
yesterday afternoon at his residence,
1 1 at 1 )i'i';it nr St ret t.
.Mr. Stiff lc;iv.s i widow, wito was
Miss Carrie \V Nottingham. Mowl
Inu fjreon, Va.; one brother. Rev. J.
W. Stiff, of S>iu;li Hill, and three
The sisters are Miss Julia StifT, of
Kichntotwl; Mr?. Oiin Nottingham, of
Matthews County, and Mr<. t'ary Jett.
of Xorthumberland County. Kuneral
arrangements will t>e anticani-ed to
il a y.
Mr*. I'.lien P. I.miilian.
Funeral services for Mre-\ K.l?>n !?*.
l.ouihan. "G, widow of John K. Louthan,
who died yesterday morning in St
liUkc's Hospital, will take place at
llerryvllle this afiornoon.
Mrs. I.outhan is surt.vi ! In four
sons. They* are Cather II l.outiiin, of
Perkley. Gal.: f!c-nton ft. l.outhan, of <
Tonop&h, Nov!*, tho l(t)V, Blljah M. i
l.outiiau. of lilade SpririK. Washington ,
County, ami Kr.ink 15. l.outhan, well- j
known ynunK lawyer ?>f Uii'limoiiO. and '
two lirot hot's. Hiram <). Williams** of
Tunuelisvtllc. Hid WheeP-r Wil
liams. <>i Mount Williams, )'"rederick
('on n t y.
I-:. I.eli rntitf Tliornhill.
I.Y Ni'111H:1?' 7 V.\ . Jan. 17 ?10 I.O
Cratui Thornhitl. .ii. died Thursday)
niKht :ii l is hwoc, Warwick l.auc.
put'union Ui I?? ? i11 ^ tho . ;iusc of Ills
doath. ilo w.i- ,i native or Appomat
tox County. He is survived Py two
;mall children.
I.rivl* II, Well**
I.YXClHJl'lPi. V.\ . .Ian. 17 l,fuis i
II. Well"!. died Thursday afternoon
a. his homo near I.yriehburj;. Another'
hr? ther died two weeks agOi
Snnuiel >1. J?lianer.
l.YX< "111:i'ic<v.\ . Jan. 17.?Samuel
M. Shanor died Thursdav afternoon at
the l.vnehhurK Hospital. He is tur
vived by two daughters.
W illinm It. Vnut;lin.
SOl-'TM UOSTOX. VA . Jan. 17.?The
ftim-ra' of William It. VauRtin took
place here today, and interment was
m:-fl<- in Oa*l< kid ire Cemetery. Mr.
V;i'.mhii was a prominent young hus
ines:-- man. For several years ho arte 1
ns secretary <>f the Commercial As
snclntlon of this place. H'e vvni th%
HOTi of Mrs. Kv;t \aUKhn the
Kd ward Vaimlui. Mo is aurv 1\cd b>
his wli>.
M rx, rimnir> ? I nilor.
r.YN*? l!?i It'I. VA., Jm. IT.?Mr?.
I* innio Taylor, t'v widow of l>. K.
'L*:i.v!or. died Thursday evenlntr at her
home in -\la.lisou I!*? ivrtits*.. She id sur
vived t>v t!i" fo lowing t?ona and dauxh
l<>r.--.: J. K.. 1". I), and T X Taylor.
Mrs. C. 1'J. Wicker, Mrn. p. D. l>oson
and Mrs. UiHlo Thompson, all of Mad
ison Heights.
Wheeler SpciiU- in ltnn>lllr.
D\.\villi:, y.v. jan. 17 ?Wayne B.
Wheeler. counsel for the prohibition
forces In America, who spoke at Mar
tlnsvlllo last night. addr?\ssed an audi*
once in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium
lonijrht under the auspices of the !>> al
tfliniKTiince orKanlzat ion ,.nd deline
ated the problems which now face
iliose whose duty st is to enforce th<s
stal itte.
Southside Brick Works, Inc.
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